Food Review Cringe Compilation 2


  1. The Straight Up Reviews

    The Straight Up Reviews8 months ago

    LOL wow bro lol i haven't done a food review on that channel for awhile, lol one of my subscribers told me just about this video and thats whats up man lol lol check me out haaaaaaaa lol @Kringe and i just subscribed to your channel

  2. Javier Perez

    Javier Perez11 hours ago

    All of these videos are getting mad cuz they chewing with their mouths open 😶😶

  3. Jack Rebell

    Jack Rebell7 days ago


  4. LeBron James

    LeBron James2 months ago


  5. Mega Man

    Mega Man2 months ago

    you are a good fucking sport man

  6. ProCookieMateYT

    ProCookieMateYT2 hours ago

    0:31 my diet

  7. Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin6 hours ago

    The first one I mean it’s cringe but not fully it’s tolerable

  8. Cotton Butterfly

    Cotton Butterfly6 hours ago

    1:58 ..................................*Why didn't I know this existed..?*.....................

  9. basic b!tch

    basic b!tch6 hours ago

    Eat with your mouth closed. 😣

  10. Marty Johnston

    Marty Johnston7 hours ago


  11. Unknownx007

    Unknownx0079 hours ago

    Frut lewps

  12. Lord Gunther

    Lord Gunther10 hours ago

    Appa jacsh

  13. Fellexy

    Fellexy12 hours ago

    All of these people are low life social rejects.

  14. Kayla Kay

    Kayla Kay13 hours ago

    Not 1 not 2 but 3 pigglets. Tf

  15. casperp 05

    casperp 0515 hours ago

    Mashshshshsh patstatosss

  16. Hazza GamingYT

    Hazza GamingYT17 hours ago

    Ye 3 pigglets requests a food review u eat like a pig


    TRIPZENDay ago

    Second one wasn't bad 😕🤔


    DARKCHOAS X70Day ago

    0:40 I bet it tastes like Froot Loops I was right

  19. ThatOneDoge

    ThatOneDogeDay ago

    RIP headphone users who have volume on high because of a silent video before this. FUCKIN BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

  20. Bob Ross lover

    Bob Ross loverDay ago

    You dirty cupcake whore

  21. ThatOneKidLuke

    ThatOneKidLukeDay ago

    3:20 what’s more cringe, the guy with the maga hat or the food review

  22. ThatOneKidLuke

    ThatOneKidLukeDay ago

    Damn joeys got foot fungus apparently

  23. Mrs. Ender Mage

    Mrs. Ender MageDay ago

    “ chicken brest “ 😆

  24. King Savage

    King SavageDay ago

    I dont care what people say joyes gross

  25. YoungN3lli

    YoungN3lliDay ago

    food reviews are just an excuse for fat people to eat more fast food

  26. Muhammad  Khairul Ahsan

    Muhammad Khairul AhsanDay ago

    That tacobell guy looks like doug demuro

  27. Steve S.

    Steve S.Day ago

    Do people know they can breathe through their nose when they eat?

  28. Darro Sav

    Darro Sav2 days ago

    Didn't stop cringing threw this whole video

  29. Just a wild majestic creature

    Just a wild majestic creature2 days ago

    The second guy eating the Shrek cereal. I honestly feel bad for him. He looks like a really nice guy, and I seriously wish the best for him. edit: the fourth guy. I felt bad for the dog in the back like "please feed me, I haven't eaten in 4 days and I've watched you eat 17 big mac's now"

  30. Lerzoos Lercoos

    Lerzoos Lercoos2 days ago

    3:17 one more reason why trump supporters are idiots

  31. Lerzoos Lercoos

    Lerzoos Lercoos2 days ago

    The second one looks funny

  32. Mike Draven

    Mike Draven2 days ago

    WhY DO ThEyyy Eet In Thhhee CaR

  33. Slit 18

    Slit 182 days ago

    *Wow.....* *I* *might* *Nerf* *myself*

  34. Storytime Tay

    Storytime Tay2 days ago

    0:30 may I have the loops brother

  35. Ebola Gang

    Ebola Gang2 days ago

    3:20 lmao is that a make america great again hat

  36. henry guillen

    henry guillen2 days ago

    they are all fat and moan when they eat because they get tired to move the mouth

  37. Walter White

    Walter White2 days ago

    I like ginger John c. Reily

  38. metalmoshingmad777

    metalmoshingmad7772 days ago

    Just fat people having an excuse to be fat people.

  39. Helix TKD

    Helix TKD2 days ago

    This makes me wanna do a 100 push ups ☹

  40. Tionah Baker

    Tionah Baker2 days ago

    The dog is like what the heck ._.

  41. Tionah Baker

    Tionah Baker2 days ago

    Omg what people make this is nasty why people do this?

  42. The Dead Man's Sonnet

    The Dead Man's Sonnet2 days ago

    4:12 John c. reilly really fell off :c

  43. James Metz

    James Metz2 days ago

    4:00 Who does a food review of a popsicle like wtf?

  44. James Metz

    James Metz2 days ago

    1:32 He looks like a fat Kanye

  45. Leroy Sinclair

    Leroy Sinclair3 days ago

    Russell Crowe took a turn for the worst @1:38

  46. Tiger 844

    Tiger 8443 days ago

    the guy spelled chicken breast as brest XD

  47. Tyler

    Tyler3 days ago

    Are those dwight's glasses at 0:36? looooooooool

  48. Monolisa

    Monolisa3 days ago

    Mom : *Enters room* Me : *Switches to porn*


    RANDOM VLOGGERZ2 days ago


  50. TheBakedDonut20

    TheBakedDonut203 days ago

    All i understood from that kid was "Microwave, & Pretty good"

  51. Alexander Schmidt

    Alexander Schmidt3 days ago

    Leave garry alone he obviously has a disability fucking cunts burn in hell

  52. Ushuene Quandt

    Ushuene Quandt3 days ago


  53. MC Cartoonz

    MC Cartoonz3 days ago

    *sniff* ahhhh *sniff* ahhhh *sniff* ahhhh

  54. Tae Beach

    Tae Beach3 days ago


  55. Mohammed Demba

    Mohammed Demba3 days ago

    Why is nearly everyone on this morbidly obese

  56. Joseph Gomez

    Joseph Gomez4 days ago

    Shrek cereal..

  57. Laura Chalabi

    Laura Chalabi4 days ago

    2:09...overlysized toes ya got 😐

  58. SolarPlayz

    SolarPlayz4 days ago

    You know it just tastes like ice its cold and gas some orange in it

  59. Levi Dee

    Levi Dee4 days ago

    Of course a black man does fried chicken review

  60. NamjoOns WiFu

    NamjoOns WiFu4 days ago

    3:45 ghost was like Bitch if u don’t stfu

  61. NamjoOns WiFu

    NamjoOns WiFu4 days ago

    Man just eat the pizza and stfu

  62. NamjoOns WiFu

    NamjoOns WiFu4 days ago

    Why does that pizza look like toes like wtf

  63. NamjoOns WiFu

    NamjoOns WiFu4 days ago

    Str8 cooking channel was lit honestly

  64. Evan

    Evan4 days ago

    Love me a nice BREST

  65. pýcññ -

    pýcññ -4 days ago

    0:54 best intro ever

  66. Mizuxe ༄

    Mizuxe ༄5 hours ago

    im laughing so hard right now 😂

  67. SHERRIFF_5689 ____

    SHERRIFF_5689 ____5 days ago

    2:39 is that peter griffin when he was 12?

  68. Bull Head

    Bull Head5 days ago

    they should put this instead in torture interrogations... cuz this is very painful to watch

  69. Karl Kash

    Karl Kash5 days ago

    5:18 eriktheelectric in 10 years


    STALKABLE NINJA5 days ago

    The teens with the trump hat was making me want to smack his life away


    SUPER COBRA MAN GUY5 days ago


  72. Semos

    Semos6 days ago

    Nice tits my dude!

  73. Skylar Klebold

    Skylar Klebold6 days ago


  74. trolzilalol

    trolzilalol6 days ago

    2:43 did he have a mini spasm?

  75. PureG15

    PureG156 days ago

    6500th like boii

  76. Tionna C.

    Tionna C.6 days ago

    I love how the *CHICKEN BIG MAC* was 2 chicken sandwiches with the burger sauce (I put presume) *WTF*

  77. Christopher Hoffner

    Christopher Hoffner7 days ago

    The dude doing the fry chicken review his skin is greasyer then that chicken

  78. Christopher Hoffner

    Christopher Hoffner7 days ago

    Lol the dude that did the fruit loop review looks just like sheark

  79. Simple Swede

    Simple Swede7 days ago

    didn't know Gordon Ramsay did food reviews

  80. Having Tea With the Devil

    Having Tea With the Devil7 days ago

    3:45 imagine what he does when the cameras aren’t filming.....

  81. baby girl

    baby girl7 days ago

    Literally a demon trynna join the party at 3:44 lol

  82. TMG N00dows

    TMG N00dows8 days ago

    My cheese cake

  83. Pedro Torres

    Pedro Torres8 days ago

    How is the first one cringe

  84. Emilee Keister

    Emilee Keister8 days ago

    3:16 the first ASMR Video

  85. I'm Ron Burgundy?

    I'm Ron Burgundy?9 days ago

    "Chicken *brest*"

  86. Ciaran Lyall

    Ciaran Lyall9 days ago

    Gotta get me some shrek fruit loops

  87. thisisobdurate

    thisisobdurate9 days ago

    theres a thing called sarcasm

  88. I am here to take your soul To hell

    I am here to take your soul To hell9 days ago

    1:10 (chicken Brest) really bruh🧐

  89. TheRealNerfNerd

    TheRealNerfNerd9 days ago

    The 2nd guy has like retard disease

  90. Dakota Wedin

    Dakota Wedin9 days ago

    The kid: it has 200 cal..blaaahhh

  91. Kristia Tendenilla

    Kristia Tendenilla9 days ago

    Joey. 😂😂 witwiiiiiwwwweeewww

  92. crεεpγ pιητο βεαη

    crεεpγ pιητο βεαη9 days ago

    Can you please shut your fucking mouth when you eat? I don’t want to see your partially digested food. Ugh. 🙃

  93. RicinSauce

    RicinSauce9 days ago

    joey is actually mentally unstable

  94. Atom YH

    Atom YH9 days ago

    why am I watching this, when I have food

  95. one chip boi

    one chip boi10 days ago

    *mAsS PoTatOes*

  96. Ravyn Darksong

    Ravyn Darksong10 days ago

    0:00 RIP my fucking ears.

  97. land2d vang

    land2d vang10 days ago

    3 people want me to review food when 10000000 people want me to end this channels

  98. Cam Animations

    Cam Animations10 days ago

    *This is why I want to go to mars by myself*

  99. Elliott YT

    Elliott YT10 days ago

    everyone of them is super skinny or super fat

  100. Sylv1aN F1R3

    Sylv1aN F1R311 days ago

    Like I said last time how are they always so fat

  101. Hubert4515

    Hubert451511 days ago

    second one looks retarded

  102. pho3nix pls

    pho3nix pls11 days ago

    love how a 11 year old is wearing a racist pigs hat

  103. EmZ2601

    EmZ260111 days ago

    Omg the review of the icy pole had me in tear 😂😂

  104. zombieDEVIL1738

    zombieDEVIL173812 days ago

    It’s all just a bunch of fat people eating fast food like what’s new

  105. Omega66

    Omega6613 days ago

    I feel my heart ventricles clogging up just watching anything.

  106. ShadowSlayerX87

    ShadowSlayerX8714 days ago

    Did Joey really need to mention foot fungus like the fat bastard aint disgusting enough