Food Review Cringe Compilation 2


  1. Straight Up Reviews

    Straight Up Reviews10 months ago

    LOL wow bro lol i haven't done a food review on that channel for awhile, lol one of my subscribers told me just about this video and thats whats up man lol lol check me out haaaaaaaa lol @Kringe and i just subscribed to your channel

  2. sgt Hale107

    sgt Hale1079 days ago

    I think it's the fact that you didn't have a STILL camera, is why you were on here

  3. legendgaming

    legendgamingMonth ago

    I subbed

  4. Ashh

    AshhMonth ago

    lol kill em with kindness

  5. Javier Perez

    Javier Perez2 months ago

    All of these videos are getting mad cuz they chewing with their mouths open 😶😶

  6. Jack Rebell

    Jack Rebell2 months ago


  7. MARK2MAN9473

    MARK2MAN94736 hours ago


  8. Darkfox Slayer

    Darkfox Slayer8 hours ago

    Omg 3 people requested the first guy to eat food he must have so many subs

  9. Imma POTATOE

    Imma POTATOE11 hours ago

    2:27 this dudes crazy But I like how happy he sounds

  10. Cvargas 101

    Cvargas 101Day ago

    Outro song?

  11. Bouja_DeBeast De_1111111

    Bouja_DeBeast De_1111111Day ago

    You dirty cupcake whore lmao

  12. MFPCG2299 Gamer

    MFPCG2299 GamerDay ago

    0:07 this guy needs salad he’s too fat

  13. iiomqlupeii

    iiomqlupeiiDay ago

    What have my eyes watched A CUPCAKE GETTING R**** LMAOOOO

  14. iiomqlupeii

    iiomqlupeiiDay ago

    I don't wanna eat pizza anymore.... FUNGUS PIZZA HAS FUNGUS 😂😂😂😂💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  15. Harvey Link

    Harvey LinkDay ago


  16. Please Stop

    Please StopDay ago

    I do not want to be eaten.

  17. KGF_Mr Gamer

    KGF_Mr Gamer2 days ago

    Joey is going to die very soon..

  18. Vaqct 24

    Vaqct 242 days ago

    Nobody’s talking about how this mans said u like that dirty cupcake but foot fungus

  19. Izzy Merrigold

    Izzy Merrigold2 days ago

    3:44 the ghost that was haunting his room decided "fuck this nasty ass shit im out"

  20. Becan Coleman

    Becan Coleman2 days ago

    3:34 will make your day😂

  21. Neko Is Depressed

    Neko Is Depressed2 days ago

    3:00 i tink it wuld of gun betta if it hadz som mas potetos

  22. x_GlockEllev3n

    x_GlockEllev3n3 days ago

    1:46 “when you first sniff cocaine

  23. donaldthescottishtwin (DTST)

    donaldthescottishtwin (DTST)3 days ago

    Dirty cupcake whore

  24. Ricky T Rock Climbing

    Ricky T Rock Climbing3 days ago

    Da fuq?

  25. clarencep90

    clarencep903 days ago

    0:30 I wanna laugh but damn

  26. 7anan R

    7anan R4 days ago

    The cupcake one was extremely disturbing 🤮🤮

  27. Cthulhu’s Abode

    Cthulhu’s Abode4 days ago

    3:40 though this guy is weird and gross, he’s honestly pretty funny sometimes.

  28. Zach B.

    Zach B.4 days ago

    This makes me need to do a food review on the barrel of a gun

  29. Need of the Overhaul

    Need of the Overhaul4 days ago

    In Soviet Russia food review YOU

  30. Circa1775

    Circa17755 days ago

    Just leave the reviews to Reviewbrah

  31. Nameless Person

    Nameless Person5 days ago

    How is Joey still alive??

  32. Meme Licious

    Meme Licious6 days ago

    They are all fat af or losers

  33. TSM_Gay quan

    TSM_Gay quan6 days ago

    Joey they type of guy to invite some friends over to a super bowl party and no one comes

  34. John Doe

    John Doe6 days ago

    TSM_Gay quan I would show up, probably have all the new snacks up in that bitch

  35. ToXiC_ Exon

    ToXiC_ Exon6 days ago

    4:20 COUNT OLAF???????

  36. Ry213ler -_-

    Ry213ler -_-6 days ago

    Looks like he ate more than the microwave 2:50

  37. Snaxol GS

    Snaxol GS6 days ago

    I Cried Of Cringe While Watching This 😂

  38. woah itz just me josh

    woah itz just me josh6 days ago

    3:24 is saw those two kids at a waterpark in florida and hes wearing the same hat i saw him with

  39. F.B.I •

    F.B.I •6 days ago

    Joey you are better than that

  40. The calzone Calzone

    The calzone Calzone7 days ago

    You did not have to earrape me right of the bat

  41. Jamison Montanti

    Jamison Montanti7 days ago

    4:16 favorite quote from step brothers don’t put your balls on my drum set

  42. Dogeplayz 115

    Dogeplayz 1158 days ago

    3:30 OMG ITS GODZILLA.....oh wait never mind

  43. Bali- B

    Bali- B8 days ago

    Joey is the most annoying fat fuck I’ve encountered on youtube

  44. Abhi Pabla

    Abhi Pabla8 days ago

    0:36 Whoa It’s demonetised Harry Potter

  45. That One Cookie

    That One Cookie8 days ago

    chicken "brest"

  46. D M

    D M8 days ago

    The first guy 😂🤮

  47. sgt Hale107

    sgt Hale1079 days ago

    The fourth guy's dog looks so confused

  48. Marcus Bryan

    Marcus Bryan9 days ago

    1:49 that's what I do to my girl's feet.

  49. Arona Sanchez

    Arona Sanchez9 days ago

    2:40, I didn’t even think that was English hahahah

  50. Noah Wright

    Noah Wright13 days ago

    why you gotta do my man Gary dirty like that


    TYLER PYLE13 days ago

    1:37 I feel bad for that dog tbh

  52. Zoicq

    Zoicq14 days ago

    2:36 WOOWOOWOOOwoo

  53. Lightning Cloud

    Lightning Cloud14 days ago

    2:11 tmi joey

  54. World Hunger

    World Hunger14 days ago

    *First it was pretty good than it was amazing*

  55. Congress

    Congress15 days ago

    How are you disrespect my god joey


    XXXLBOI15 days ago

    Yes daddy fried chicken

  57. 4RealBroz _

    4RealBroz _15 days ago

    What's fringes outro

  58. Asif Motala

    Asif Motala16 days ago

    The 2nd one is not even cringie

  59. David Alvis Moreno

    David Alvis Moreno16 days ago


  60. Nachtrevi 82

    Nachtrevi 8216 days ago

    1: 55 russel crowe

  61. Nachtrevi 82

    Nachtrevi 8216 days ago

    1:11 chicken brest

  62. 51 50 Cuz I used to

    51 50 Cuz I used to17 days ago

    I started watching while eating and still haven't swallowed my chewed food i just cant

  63. Destiny Higashi

    Destiny Higashi17 days ago

    First off, this is hurting my eyes Second, stop putting Gary (the cereal guy) in these, he actually has pretty good content

  64. PNTHA Envy

    PNTHA Envy17 days ago

    0:30 don't be dissing my man Gary20O. He's a true OG

  65. Random Lime

    Random Lime17 days ago

    1:53, I think they put cocaine on that....

  66. Wolfie 97

    Wolfie 9718 days ago

    Why Did You Put Gary200 In Here Hes Cool And Isn’t Cringy

  67. SonChame

    SonChame18 days ago

    1:42 Poor dog getting demonetized

  68. Jupiter Rmz

    Jupiter Rmz19 days ago

    1:36 was the best hahahahaha!!! The dog wtf

  69. Deckard Whitecalf

    Deckard Whitecalf19 days ago

    Are we seriously going to ignore the guy with the song intro.

  70. Falerion F

    Falerion F19 days ago

    Almost all food reviewers are fat wonder why....

  71. Irrelevant Peach

    Irrelevant Peach19 days ago

    0:38 It disturbs me that I had the same bowl growing up ; - ;

  72. rip under

    rip under20 days ago

    These people in cars are the only reason I’d support universal housing

  73. FBI

    FBI20 days ago

    Most of them are white...

  74. I oof dogz

    I oof dogz20 days ago

    Why did i want to watch but instead beat ma meat to the porn sounds.

  75. Daradajee

    Daradajee20 days ago

    The first guy and the fat Russel Crowe are actually watchable, not cringe worthy.

  76. cooper playz

    cooper playz20 days ago

    I like how the chicken big mac is reviewed by an aussie hahahah


    HASHBROWNBOI21 day ago

    I cringed the whole time, they all eat with their mouths open.

  78. Ethan Spencer

    Ethan Spencer21 day ago

    What in the f***

  79. Maximillian Wolfe

    Maximillian Wolfe21 day ago

    0:12 the ASMR starts

  80. a triggered default

    a triggered default21 day ago

    I'm just happy to see Shrek on the box and not the fruit loops

  81. Crypticalz

    Crypticalz22 days ago

    3:56 sounds about white

  82. Blazer’s Odyssey

    Blazer’s Odyssey22 days ago

    Notice most people (besides Gary20O) reviewing food are obese. Coincidence? I think not

  83. Frio

    Frio22 days ago

    4:13 Looks like the guy from step brothers

  84. Mystic Student

    Mystic Student22 days ago

    “Not 1 not 2 but 3”😂😂

  85. namjoonsaesthetic

    namjoonsaesthetic23 days ago

    sometimes i dont get food reviews b/c its so obvious what they taste like lmao


    INSANE IRL24 days ago

    THEY BE LIKE *looks in fridge* "Oh blue cheese.Time to make a food review."

  87. Greetron / GTC

    Greetron / GTC25 days ago

    The thing about Joey is that he actually seems like a good guy, but the way he eats is vile

  88. kpop nonstop

    kpop nonstop25 days ago

    Bro the first guy is my favorite off this list LMAO HE ISN'T EVEN CRINGEY

  89. ac coolerthafukinfan

    ac coolerthafukinfan26 days ago

    Fat ass ppl are funny

  90. You Take The Moon

    You Take The Moon27 days ago

    They make food look disgusting. e Espically that fatass Joey.

  91. Aaron Olmstead

    Aaron Olmstead28 days ago

    idk why but its so much cringier if thats even a word when kids do food review

  92. Jackson Andreas

    Jackson Andreas29 days ago


  93. Rob Boss

    Rob Boss29 days ago

    3:27 I bet his mom’s so proud

  94. Rob Boss

    Rob Boss29 days ago

    2:50 XD 😂

  95. JSI Crew

    JSI CrewMonth ago

    “You dirty cupcake whore” I’m dead🤣 probably the only funny thing in the video

  96. tiny head

    tiny headMonth ago

    I'm fat as hell and i threw up

  97. Sockmother

    SockmotherMonth ago

    morbidly obese southern Americans

  98. strife legion

    strife legionMonth ago

    0:55 to 1:12 fuud reviews my fuud reviews

  99. Jovan Gnjatovic

    Jovan GnjatovicMonth ago

    4:39, Such A God

  100. I’m Jonathan

    I’m JonathanMonth ago

    1:52 that dog though 😭😭

  101. noFl3xBlu God

    noFl3xBlu GodMonth ago

    1:53 the dog in the back is sad

  102. James Coker

    James CokerMonth ago

    3:30 Do a neck reveal

  103. Milo Howden

    Milo HowdenMonth ago

    When you deep that Chicken conessure does this for a living


    HOAX PATTYMonth ago

    Not 1 not 2 but 3 piglets😁😂 really tuff

  105. Diamondswan gamer

    Diamondswan gamerMonth ago

    4:19, his eyes and forehead looks like gordan ramsey

  106. Something Mysterious

    Something MysteriousMonth ago

    0:42 he is shrek in a disguise