Food Review Cringe Compilation 2


  1. Mr Straight Up Reviews

    Mr Straight Up ReviewsYear ago

    LOL wow bro lol i haven't done a food review on that channel for awhile, lol one of my subscribers told me just about this video and thats whats up man lol lol check me out haaaaaaaa lol @Kringe and i just subscribed to your channel

  2. please do not read my username

    please do not read my username5 days ago

    I subscribed to you bro. Big Respect

  3. GlitteryLife Sparkling

    GlitteryLife Sparkling20 days ago

    next time dont drink the chicken

  4. Orion loves Metal

    Orion loves Metal22 days ago

    Wholesome. Subscribed.

  5. Tim fondiggle

    Tim fondiggle24 days ago

    Fuck u bruh

  6. Lily Furley

    Lily FurleyHour ago

    please end my life

  7. Itz Jai

    Itz Jai3 hours ago

    How ever watches these people I feel sad for them

  8. Harlee Bereznckyj

    Harlee Bereznckyj3 hours ago

    That 3 guy lol


    BACON AND EGGS18 hours ago

    U know a true redneck wen u ser them with a MAGA hat on. That 1 kod was probably beat up 4 it. That how the world is now

  10. MrTrainer1200

    MrTrainer120019 hours ago

    The cupcake one got me so turned on

  11. PokéFanatic !

    PokéFanatic !19 hours ago

    Welcome to my food review! Today we will be trying Red lobsters chicken! *Scarfs it down in less than a second* Very good quality..

  12. All3n Walker

    All3n Walker22 hours ago


  13. JSI Crew

    JSI CrewDay ago

    Thank you I hate it

  14. Vhaen

    VhaenDay ago

    What am I doing with my life

  15. Benjamin Ely

    Benjamin ElyDay ago

    Everybody knows what Fruit Looos taste like Go kill yourself

  16. Fabian Fløtaker

    Fabian FløtakerDay ago

    3:47 i bet ThAts jizz in the cupcake

  17. Fabian Fløtaker

    Fabian FløtakerDay ago

    2:38 this is what autism is

  18. Fabian Fløtaker

    Fabian FløtakerDay ago

    0:34 why in tarnation did he add calorie information

  19. Karmen Fnassah

    Karmen Fnassah2 days ago

    Men do it in their cars so their wives don't know they're cheating and eating something else...

  20. Allen Olczak

    Allen Olczak2 days ago

    That was pretty good. That was pretty good. Uhm, that was pretty good That was amazing. Well, that was AMAZING

  21. Prod.808Caleb

    Prod.808Caleb2 days ago


  22. Tristan Perez

    Tristan Perez2 days ago

    Thanks for this recommended shit MReporter, very cool,

  23. Lol No

    Lol No2 days ago


  24. the gaming goose

    the gaming goose2 days ago

    all but two of them are fat

  25. Moses G.

    Moses G.2 days ago

    1:50 *that dog will be in his next food review*

  26. phloone

    phloone3 days ago

    Homie made his intro and everything. He was hitting them notes

  27. AucosticBagel 21

    AucosticBagel 213 days ago

    Fuck sake, when people do fucking food reviews stop eating like a pig. Fucks sake, i know the food is good but fucks sake.

  28. Laxility

    Laxility3 days ago

    3:40 not my proudest fap

  29. Tanner Drexler

    Tanner Drexler3 days ago

    Pretty sure the Butler kid is retarded so that’s cringey inherently.

  30. That Guy

    That Guy3 days ago

    I barely realized the dog in the back seats at 1:52.

  31. Random gamer dude

    Random gamer dude3 days ago

    3:44 death opens the door to retrieve the cupcake whore..,

  32. The thug life Guy

    The thug life Guy3 days ago

    1:48 you can see the dog in the back of the car

  33. TornadoYT

    TornadoYT3 days ago

    God damn at least the first one had some manners and looked good because he’s not like Joe & Joeys Super Cool Food reviews or whatever the hell his name is lmao

  34. harry vlogs and more

    harry vlogs and more3 days ago

    00:1 go to it and keep double tapping the left side and does it get louder to you?

  35. DT Tripz

    DT Tripz3 days ago

    1:44 .. i have no words

  36. DT Tripz

    DT Tripz3 days ago

    0:35 out off all the things you pick cereal.....

  37. Tube geekstv

    Tube geekstv4 days ago

    2:26 fat ass

  38. The thug life Guy

    The thug life Guy4 days ago

    3:47 who open the door?

  39. spauder

    spauder4 days ago

    i feel so bad for the shrek reveiw dude :(((( hes goin get bullied

  40. Asa Jeffery123 J

    Asa Jeffery123 J4 days ago

    This is actually sad.

  41. Christian Martineau

    Christian Martineau4 days ago

    Aye why you gotta hate on my man Gary

  42. CoolWizard876

    CoolWizard8764 days ago

    0:39 Is that Ricky Berwick's brother?

  43. Michael Mciver

    Michael Mciver5 days ago

    2:48 fat fuck can't even speak. I thought IT was a deaf person

  44. Hey Youoverdare

    Hey Youoverdare5 days ago

    Did John C. Reilly start doing food reviews? 4:25

  45. PanNugget

    PanNugget5 days ago

    3:56 *rlly what does ice taste like* ??

  46. PanNugget

    PanNugget5 days ago

    If we want food reviews we should make Gordon Ramsay do it

  47. B00MCAK3S

    B00MCAK3S5 days ago

    I think that dirty cupcake hor didn't like it.


    DANK CANCER5 days ago

    All these people in this one video is the reason why I take a knife and slit my wrists

  49. Adam West

    Adam West5 days ago

    We humans plain suck.

  50. E Z

    E Z5 days ago

    My dogs are barking

  51. Maddie Bernstein

    Maddie Bernstein5 days ago

    0:56- can I get this as a ring tone plz?!

  52. Michael Feinstein

    Michael Feinstein5 days ago

    my fooooood revirewsssss

  53. The Enclave

    The Enclave5 days ago

    1:50 Dog in back: fucking kill me please

  54. FaKe VLDY

    FaKe VLDY5 days ago


  55. FaKe VLDY

    FaKe VLDY5 days ago


  56. xxxtentacion

    xxxtentacion5 days ago

    That was AMAZING

  57. Carlos G

    Carlos G6 days ago

    4:42 YUMMY!! stomach, pancreatic and colon cancer, ALL IN ONE! LOL

  58. G Mon

    G Mon6 days ago

    We are in so much trouble with God. We are so fat and glutenous. We’re going to hell. Hope y’all know we must get saved and stop this retarded wicked fat filth. I hate us

  59. Juvic Izaguirre

    Juvic Izaguirre6 days ago

    That’s pretty good

  60. Will Da beast 13

    Will Da beast 136 days ago

    Guess what time it is.......It’s time for the sniffity sniff

  61. mz onyx

    mz onyx6 days ago

    Shrek froot loop guy is cheetoo boys dad, you know who I'm talking about 😂

  62. Issac Charre

    Issac Charre6 days ago


  63. Spencer Beckett

    Spencer Beckett6 days ago

    1:50 I feel bad for that dog tho

  64. Benzi

    Benzi6 days ago

    America in a nutshell

  65. Fly

    Fly6 days ago

    1:47 I bet you didn’t see the dog

  66. Orias X

    Orias X7 days ago

    Last one was a relief


    JM BICEPS7 days ago

    You talking shit about australia that man is a legend

  68. Shin Okuno

    Shin Okuno7 days ago


  69. Enduro Ness

    Enduro Ness7 days ago

    Theres alot of autism in this video

  70. Boi singhn

    Boi singhn7 days ago

    how are these cringe

  71. conner anderson

    conner anderson7 days ago

    1:14 basicly asking for racist comments

  72. Eastern Adventures

    Eastern Adventures7 days ago

    1:46 When you see it

  73. CTC 0aty

    CTC 0aty7 days ago

    Bro everyone in this vid just look like lazy fucks sitting on there ass eating everyday

  74. Andrew Sun

    Andrew Sun7 days ago

    America at its finest...

  75. watch for my ocean eyes because I have a bellyache

    watch for my ocean eyes because I have a bellyache8 days ago

    I am not gonna lie I love watching these like asmr

  76. watch for my ocean eyes because I have a bellyache

    watch for my ocean eyes because I have a bellyache8 days ago

    Okay the cupcake one was disturbing

  77. DJT Skidmore

    DJT Skidmore8 days ago

    I like food so much

  78. simplymalak

    simplymalak8 days ago

    1:58 *im so creeped out.*

  79. Song Guy

    Song Guy8 days ago

    1:39 4:14 since when did Michael and Trevor do food reviews. 4:10 “it’s cold, obviously because why wouldn’t it be cold” *BECAUSE TEMPERATURE CHANGES MOTHA FUCKA*

  80. Eos Ver'reth

    Eos Ver'reth8 days ago

    Bro, not gonna lie. The dude who did the Popeye's chicken breast review. Is my motherfuckin spirit animal. He had a song in his intro. That's the shit dude.

  81. XxDragon LordxX

    XxDragon LordxX8 days ago

    Big bite eats whole thing

  82. YA BOI CJ !

    YA BOI CJ !8 days ago

    Notice how only the f** people are doing good reviews

  83. Wavyy_Steph

    Wavyy_Steph9 days ago

    In the beginning of the video I had my sound on 100 (EAR RAPEE)!!😂😂

  84. craig shaw

    craig shaw9 days ago

    That last guys fucking got mental issues haha

  85. Mariah Calderon

    Mariah Calderon9 days ago

    I haven’t laughed this hard in awhile!!!

  86. Andrey Panin

    Andrey Panin9 days ago

    I think there's a direct connection between the disgusting fatness of people and their constant consumption of fast food.

  87. Vixen Asmr

    Vixen Asmr9 days ago

    3:27 umm......the mom walks in.....

  88. Vixen Asmr

    Vixen Asmr9 days ago

    1:57 manchild 😞

  89. Vixen Asmr

    Vixen Asmr9 days ago

    This is just giving me aNxIeTy 😂

  90. iimconfused

    iimconfused9 days ago

    *this is a cringe*

  91. CJ Burgos

    CJ Burgos10 days ago

    11:11 can’t spell breast puts *Brest*

  92. itinyet

    itinyet10 days ago

    3:26 Please dont rape me

  93. Hidden Hawaiian

    Hidden Hawaiian10 days ago

    You got to look up the channel (ONR detailing news talk and cologne reviews) funniest cringiest reviews I've ever seen from food reviews.

  94. Maciek Kuznicki

    Maciek Kuznicki11 days ago

    Why are you doing this to us....

  95. Aidas Ale

    Aidas Ale9 days ago

    +Maciek Kuznicki Relatable

  96. Maciek Kuznicki

    Maciek Kuznicki9 days ago

    +Aidas Ale I'm an addict

  97. Aidas Ale

    Aidas Ale9 days ago

    Why do you keep coming back? 😏

  98. D.

    D.12 days ago

    Lol I think these videos are endearing haha

  99. Benjamin Chnip-Shnap

    Benjamin Chnip-Shnap12 days ago

    it remind me Idiocracy

  100. Garry Hanson

    Garry Hanson12 days ago


  101. CrisApple

    CrisApple12 days ago

    4:13 Is that the guy from the Step Brothers Movie

  102. SNPE GDVH1968

    SNPE GDVH196812 days ago

    2:50 such a disappointment

  103. FXTR 3

    FXTR 312 days ago

    why do they eat in there cheap a$$ car

  104. FXTR 3

    FXTR 312 days ago

    3:16 his hat made me die in my heart 😂😂😂

  105. FXTR 3

    FXTR 312 days ago

    the worlds virgins

  106. OofMelia

    OofMelia12 days ago


  107. John Doe

    John Doe13 days ago

    That's not food..

  108. FXTR 3

    FXTR 313 days ago

    poor doggy