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Florence + The Machine - Sky Full Of Song


  1. Michael M

    Michael M14 days ago

    She released this while I had to let go of two very toxic friends. I was so tired of the disrespect, so i had to make a decision for what was best for me. Florence always a song to help me through a troubling time. That is truly a blessing. I cannot thank this person enough for being so brave in vulnerability.

  2. Matt Rock

    Matt Rock16 days ago

    What a voice! Refreshing to hear such a talent and to hear arrangements that showcase such vocals

  3. TannerG

    TannerG17 days ago

    I accept Florence as my personal savior

  4. Alexandra Lobataya

    Alexandra Lobataya22 days ago

    why I always find myself in her songs?

  5. Vinny

    Vinny25 days ago

    Fuck Adele, go Florence!

  6. Yerousalem Getoo

    Yerousalem Getoo28 days ago


  7. sunshineforce

    sunshineforce29 days ago

    I go for long periods of my time feeling completely numb. Then I listen to her voice and my rotten little heart feels almost wrapped in a hug.

  8. Violetreetz 2266

    Violetreetz 2266Month ago

    Florence is god and this song is the most serene thing ever but I had headphones in and it was turned up a lot and I swear I heard a partially cut out throat clear noise for a split second after the end of the second chorus 😂❤️

  9. Gabriella

    GabriellaMonth ago

    So much beauty in this song.

  10. mark p

    mark pMonth ago

    If you hold your breath while you watch this it has a mescline like effect and in certain spots you swear that you could just go through the screen try it or for as long as you can then take another breath and keep holding it soon enough your gonna think the thing got ya...

  11. Kira Nichole

    Kira NicholeMonth ago

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  12. Fabián R C

    Fabián R CMonth ago

    La última y ya "esta vez si es verdad"... 4 minutos después: escuchar de nuevo.

  13. James Hutchison

    James HutchisonMonth ago

    "dont worry about it, youre forgiven"

  14. Kamil Wawrzyniak

    Kamil WawrzyniakMonth ago

    I love it




  16. Jake Cooper

    Jake CooperMonth ago


  17. razrv3lc

    razrv3lcMonth ago

    It's so funny. The first time I heard this, I was so disappointed because I was hope for more music in the same vein as Lungs. Now this is one of my favorite Florence songs. The entire album is so different from everything else she's done up to this that it's easily on par with Lungs for me but for different reasons. This album isn't crazy young Florence. This is adult Florence who's gained wisdom through experience.

  18. Cleber Petit

    Cleber PetitMonth ago

    amo esse versículo 💛

  19. Luke Dean

    Luke DeanMonth ago

    My personal favourite from the album. A shame she never played it live!

  20. ot juli

    ot juliMonth ago

    I'd love the minus to this, too. Those background vocals at the very end sound like actual cries of anguish. And they are also beautiful.

  21. sittin fat down south

    sittin fat down southMonth ago

    Naw we dont save these hoes

  22. lauura fei

    lauura feiMonth ago


  23. Larry parker

    Larry parkerMonth ago

    I witnessed absolute fabulousness last night at River Stage Brisbane Australia, Florence & the Machine A HUGE THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. t_r_a_v_e_l_l_e_r

    t_r_a_v_e_l_l_e_rMonth ago

    I could imagine myself walking on a rope with my hands in the air whenever I listen to this song...

  25. Lacy Gorman

    Lacy Gorman2 months ago


  26. Lacy Gorman

    Lacy Gorman2 months ago

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  27. Lacy Gorman

    Lacy Gorman2 months ago

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  28. Linzy Nadratowski

    Linzy Nadratowski2 months ago

    I know angels are real because Florence is real ✨

  29. Shilo Button

    Shilo Button2 months ago

    How could anyone thumbs this down? What a gorgeous voice

  30. Sarah Thomson

    Sarah Thomson2 months ago

    In need of self care. Self nurturing.. The art isn't precious, you are precious.

  31. Ayu Roti

    Ayu Roti2 months ago

    I like this song 💯💜

  32. Miriam Boyd

    Miriam Boyd2 months ago

    Free download it play music.

  33. Miriam Boyd

    Miriam Boyd2 months ago

    Free download it play music.

  34. mycenth22

    mycenth222 months ago

    Florence, how on earth do you make such beautiful songs. Surely it is not earthly, but divine. One of the muses. On a random note, I really, really, really badly want to hear Annie Lennox perform a cover of this song or even possibly duet with Florence on the song. Please universe make it happen.

  35. José Augusto dos Santos

    José Augusto dos Santos2 months ago


  36. mark p

    mark p2 months ago

    This album will forevermore be a metric of how here I am.

  37. Bohdan K

    Bohdan K2 months ago

    "Hold me down I am so tired" so simply to say you are so right and needing to hear something!

  38. Jonny Smythe

    Jonny Smythe2 months ago

    Just perfect as always. Your one of the best live acts to ever step on stage and the songwriting is superb. You are going to be around for years because u get better every year. Well done

  39. My Own Secret Ceremonials

    My Own Secret Ceremonials2 months ago

    best song of High as Hope album

  40. TheSoraDestiny

    TheSoraDestiny2 months ago


  41. Diego Matias

    Diego Matias2 months ago

    I think about this song and video at least once at day. Such a masterpiece

  42. Paul Ferguson

    Paul Ferguson2 months ago

    This is my favorite from this album, and this album is absolutely stellar. No one song on it beats Dog Days or Shake It Out, but the total product is damn magnificent. It's super refreshing that there are bands out there that still make albums, not just singles.

  43. MirrorRose

    MirrorRose3 months ago

    The first time I heard this on the radio, I had to pull over I was sobbing so hard. It's beautiful. I've read a lot of people's comments who say it captures mental health perfectly and I agree, wholeheartedly. The song you didn't know you needed.

  44. Leo Lima

    Leo Lima3 months ago

    Artist perfect of my life

  45. ot juli

    ot juli3 months ago

    "And I want you so badly but you could be anyone" Shit, this hits so true either when you lack friends and just love in your life OR when you have your mind on particular person but know nothing of them I love that you can understand it in more than one way

  46. KyleMatthew Raven

    KyleMatthew Raven3 months ago

    For a second i thought i was listening to joni Mitchell.

  47. Julie Brackin

    Julie Brackin3 months ago

    Very emotional connection to this artist and this song.

  48. gordon mccarthy

    gordon mccarthy3 months ago

    "And I want you so badly But you could be anyone." Love can be imagined. The possibility of pure love. It lives in the imagination and hope. It could be anyone if you imagine it to be so. But it's not real no matter how sweet it's waters. Love lives in the growing roots of the earth and not the sky full of songs.

  49. Christy Price

    Christy Price3 months ago

    What a beautiful voice!

  50. Liz Ponce

    Liz Ponce3 months ago

    "Take me down, im too tired now. Leave where i lie." I felt that. Im still finding a good reson to live :/

  51. Liz Ponce

    Liz Ponce3 months ago

    +Nadia Peterson Romans 8:18 :)

  52. mark p

    mark p4 months ago

    Jeeeeeezzzzzzzeeeeee you gotta be made of that magic....

  53. Julia Tannus

    Julia Tannus4 months ago


  54. P Falk

    P Falk4 months ago

    Damn this song gives me the chillies

  55. salim zaza

    salim zaza4 months ago

    How deeply are you sleeping Or are you still awake? A good friend told me You've been staying out so late Be careful my darling Be careful of what it takes What I've seen so far The good ones always seems to break I was screaming at my father And you were screaming at me I can feel your anger From way across the sea I was kissing strangers I was causing such a scene Oh the heart it hurts Such and image of unimaginable things Grab me by my ankles I've been flying for too long I couldn't hide from the thunder In the sky full of song And I want you so badly But you could be anyone I couldn't hide from the thunder In the sky full of song Hold me down, I'm so tired now Aim your arrow at the sky Take me down, I'm too tired now Leave me where I lie And I can tell that I'm in trouble When the music starts to play And the cities without seasons It keeps raining in LA I feel like I'm about to fall The room begins to sway And I can hear the sirens But I can't walk away Grab me by my ankles I've been flying for too long I couldn't hide from the thunder In the sky full of song And I want you so badly But you could be anyone I couldn't hide from the thunder In the sky full of song Hold me down, I'm so tired now Aim your arrow at the sky Take me down, I'm too tired now Leave me where I lie I thought that I was flying But maybe I'm dying tonight I thought that I was flying But maybe I'm dying tonight I thought that I was flying But maybe I'm dying tonight I thought that I was flying But maybe I'm dying tonight Hold me down, I'm so tired now Aim your arrow at the sky Take me down, I'm too tired now Leave me where I lie (fire) Hold me down, I'm so tired now Aim your arrow at the sky Take me down, I'm too tired now Leave me where I lie (fire)

  56. Giusy jioy

    Giusy jioy4 months ago

    L astrattismo cosmico. Il mio.

  57. Yvonne Turner

    Yvonne Turner4 months ago


  58. Eli YC

    Eli YC4 months ago

    No puedo evitar llorar cuando intento cantar esta canción, es tremenda.

  59. Derpy PotatoFox

    Derpy PotatoFox4 months ago

    When you been at it for you don't know how many rounds. and you didn't get a break, so you are just lying on the mat drenched in sweat. and it feels like your lungs are burning. I Your legs are jelly and you are bleeding. and your just praying you are done bc you cant stand up let alone take the next guy. Yes, that's what it feels like.

  60. mark p

    mark p4 months ago

    Is it just me or do you see little people in some of those water dye shots?

  61. Bailey Shantz

    Bailey Shantz4 months ago

    thank you so much

  62. LEE Ängus

    LEE Ängus4 months ago

    She's like squidward in thumbnail

  63. Brenda Souza

    Brenda Souza4 months ago

    The best 💜

  64. The One

    The One4 months ago

    I love this whole album.

  65. strawcastle

    strawcastle4 months ago

    Another very underrated song

  66. Mohannad Qunaibi

    Mohannad Qunaibi4 months ago

    How to tell you that my heart skips a beat whenever I see or talk to you. SALMA TABARI 🌹God bless you wherever you are

  67. M Ildiko Mester

    M Ildiko Mester4 months ago

    so happy to have discovered you Florence!! Thank you NPR....keep on enlightening us! you are now on my radar along with Eivor & Aurora & Joni.

  68. Death Gypsy

    Death Gypsy5 months ago

    In my 25 years on this earth, I read a lot of books, I saw many movies, I listened to a lot of music and I went to many concerts. But Florence... Florence knows me. All of me. And I'll be forever grateful for Her.

  69. Daniel Oliverio

    Daniel Oliverio5 months ago

    I was in tears last night at your Chicago concert. Spiritual enlightenment. Very powerful messages. Everything was just PERFECT last night. Haven't felt that kind of LOVE at a show ever. Beautiful. I will be more self aware of my own toxic masculinity. We believe in our AMERICAN WOMEN. BLESS OUR MOTHERS, GRANDMOTHERS & AUNTS. You are cherished by American men. Rage ON!!!

  70. Andy Sayers

    Andy Sayers5 months ago

    I don’t know why but this always makes me think of a love I lost...

  71. not a zombie

    not a zombie5 months ago

    "I want you so badly but you could be anyone...."

  72. Gary Gambadora

    Gary Gambadora5 months ago

    beautiful song :)

  73. King Khaalid

    King Khaalid5 months ago

    I've been on this Florence binge for a moment clicking any song that interest me by the title or picture. And her music and voice are just so heavenly. I think I might just cry like I can feel the emotion

  74. m1985dr

    m1985dr5 months ago

    *Me, listening to the song for the first time* "Good, I love this!" *Me, searching for the lyrics* "Wow... this is beautiful!" *starts replaying the song over and over while singing along until every note is learned*

  75. tiago grant

    tiago grant5 months ago

    sem palavras para descrever o quão perfeita essa mulher é

  76. Robbie Reisman

    Robbie Reisman5 months ago

    This song is amazingly beautiful and her voice is breathtaking here


    FOREVER RAIN5 months ago

    in my top 10 favorites songs of all time!! it's so good! her voice sound like heaven😍

  78. gordon mccarthy

    gordon mccarthy5 months ago

    She gives so much to her art and fans I think I get where she's coming from with this song.

  79. Eden Fowler

    Eden Fowler5 months ago

    I covered this song on my channel, I would love it if anyone could please check it out!☺️

  80. Apex Alex

    Apex Alex5 months ago

    This song is still just as amazing to me as the day it came out, all these months later I come back to watch the music video and I find that it makes me sad in a very strange, yet wonderful way.

  81. AJH219

    AJH2195 months ago

    The fact she's paying dust to this incredible song on the tour is just sad :(

  82. Fallyn

    Fallyn5 months ago


  83. tony bryan

    tony bryan5 months ago


  84. William Womacks

    William Womacks5 months ago

    Love this song so I'm bummed that it isn't on any setlists on the tour. 10/5 in DC please...just sayin'!

  85. Melu

    Melu5 months ago

    Florence me salva todo santo dia. Que me transborde ainda mais, anjo. ♥👑

  86. Lynne Heal

    Lynne Heal5 months ago

    #florencemachine is very talented.

  87. Fulvio Paolini

    Fulvio Paolini6 months ago

    She makes silence sound wonderful

  88. Meaghan-Leah Ferris

    Meaghan-Leah Ferris6 months ago

    This song is therapeutic. Amazing. What an angel.

  89. Sassi Bell

    Sassi Bell6 months ago

    This song makes me cry :")

  90. Space ace

    Space ace6 months ago

    *summons a storm*

  91. sandomen123

    sandomen1236 months ago

    That thumbnail dead reminds me of my immortal

  92. Harris Rodríguez

    Harris Rodríguez6 months ago


  93. Celestial Alchemy Health Spa

    Celestial Alchemy Health Spa6 months ago

    Those lyrics "I want you so badly but you could be anyone..." Love to Florence. This must be the flip side of 'Big God.'

  94. tarsis sousa

    tarsis sousa6 months ago

    Bassani, bora se pegar?

  95. That1 Blaquekid

    That1 Blaquekid6 months ago

    Her live performances is insane it’s so electrifying 😊😊😊

  96. Laurel Clark

    Laurel Clark6 months ago

    I feel like the sky of song is the mind/mental illness and the thunder is anxiety. So she's describing an anxiety attack she can't prevent even though she knows it's coming

  97. Waterbaby

    Waterbaby6 months ago

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  98. Katie Zhan

    Katie Zhan6 months ago

    Essa música é tão delicada e relaxante... Uma das coisas mais lindas que já ouvi na vida 😍

  99. DjCaçula Stifler

    DjCaçula Stifler6 months ago


  100. donnie darko

    donnie darko6 months ago

    i felt that

  101. Derpy PotatoFox

    Derpy PotatoFox6 months ago

    This song, this made me cry tears of joy

  102. Sammie Hopkins

    Sammie Hopkins6 months ago

    Holy shit.