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Florence + The Machine - Sky Full Of Song


  1. Space ace

    Space ace6 hours ago

    *summons a storm*

  2. sandomen123

    sandomen1234 days ago

    That thumbnail dead reminds me of my immortal

  3. Harris Rodríguez

    Harris Rodríguez5 days ago


  4. Celestial Alchemy Health Spa

    Celestial Alchemy Health Spa5 days ago

    Those lyrics "I want you so badly but you could be anyone..." Love to Florence. This must be the flip side of 'Big God.'

  5. tarsis sousa

    tarsis sousa7 days ago

    Bassani, bora se pegar?

  6. That1 Blaquekid

    That1 Blaquekid7 days ago

    Her live performances is insane it’s so electrifying 😊😊😊

  7. Laurel Clark

    Laurel Clark9 days ago

    I feel like the sky of song is the mind/mental illness and the thunder is anxiety. So she's describing an anxiety attack she can't prevent even though she knows it's coming

  8. Waterbaby

    Waterbaby9 days ago

    Homeless children in Everett call 425.530.5308. Help and support.

  9. Toom Slet

    Toom Slet10 days ago

    Essa música é tão delicada e relaxante... Uma das coisas mais lindas que já ouvi na vida 😍

  10. DjCaçula Stifler

    DjCaçula Stifler13 days ago


  11. donnie darko

    donnie darko15 days ago

    i felt that

  12. Derpy PotatoFox

    Derpy PotatoFox16 days ago

    This song, this made me cry tears of joy

  13. Sammie Hopkins

    Sammie Hopkins17 days ago

    Holy shit.

  14. symphony of destruction

    symphony of destruction18 days ago

    Help me

  15. chasergrzes1

    chasergrzes121 day ago


  16. And the Machine

    And the Machine21 day ago

    Happy Birthday Florence!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Kelly Gower

    Kelly Gower27 days ago

    Love this song this was played at my dad's funeral xx

  18. Kelly Gower

    Kelly Gower18 days ago

    +Comrade Trump Putins bitch thank you x

  19. Comrade Trump Putins bitch

    Comrade Trump Putins bitch19 days ago

    Kelly Gower ...My heart goes out to you and your family...What a great song to play.

  20. Michael D. Williams III

    Michael D. Williams III26 days ago

    Kelly Gower My sincere condolences to you and your family on the loss of your dad...✨🙏🏽✨

  21. Media Minds

    Media MindsMonth ago

    @little_flo_tweet I heard you EVERY TIME...was flying and dying in a ward full of silence, and malice. It will never be the End of Love.

  22. Media Minds

    Media MindsMonth ago

    So used to talking to myself...might as well... :-)

  23. Rocketing

    RocketingMonth ago

    Linda. Que da criar patos com cães?

  24. arcticmonkeyzzz

    arcticmonkeyzzzMonth ago

    I love the paradox "I couldn't hide from the thunder in a sky full of song" because dwelling in the pain to make art and chasing that cathartic rush hardly means actually breaking away from the pain

  25. Cecilia k

    Cecilia kMonth ago

    How can over 3000 people dislike this song?? She is forever changing and yet unchanged. Just beautiful.

  26. mark p

    mark pMonth ago

    Yo other thanks for catching us.

  27. Andex G

    Andex GMonth ago

    April mood

  28. Paul Driver

    Paul DriverMonth ago

    Amazing flow on all levels!

  29. Mr Koost

    Mr KoostMonth ago

    omg same


    DLA MNIE BOMBAMonth ago

    Thank you Florence, one more time you gave me hope and understanding

  31. Stephanie

    StephanieMonth ago

    This song is glorious with earbuds

  32. Aislinlikesmusic

    AislinlikesmusicMonth ago

    My mom watched this and was crying. So beautiful. Touches the soul

  33. Daryn Herrick

    Daryn HerrickMonth ago

    Thats a great song

  34. View

    ViewMonth ago


  35. Fernanda Soto

    Fernanda SotoMonth ago

    I was listening this song while my dog was dying in the vet and i was hugging him and I swear I never cried harder. 😞

  36. Yvonne Turner

    Yvonne TurnerMonth ago


  37. Marina Montes

    Marina MontesMonth ago

  38. Donna Hudson

    Donna HudsonMonth ago


  39. T Leigh

    T LeighMonth ago

    I think this is one of her best songs. So many small details that are huge. I can't stop listening to it

  40. sophsie b

    sophsie bMonth ago

    literally an apple ad about her came on before this

  41. squallypokadum

    squallypokadumMonth ago

    I like this

  42. Derpy PotatoFox

    Derpy PotatoFoxMonth ago

    Best. Song. Ever.

  43. Marvel is AMAZING

    Marvel is AMAZINGMonth ago


  44. James PL

    James PLMonth ago

    This song makes me revlective. It's one of the best songs I've ever listened.

  45. Ighsaan Latief

    Ighsaan LatiefMonth ago

    "Be careful my darling, be careful what it takes. From what I've seen so far, the good ones always seem to break..." - :'(

  46. webnet15

    webnet15Month ago


  47. Kanwar Anand

    Kanwar AnandMonth ago

    Dear goosebumps, relax dear, this is the seventh time you're hearing this song, you should be used to it by now.

  48. Zbigniew Młodawski

    Zbigniew Młodawski2 months ago

    KOCHANA Jesteś FLORENCE jesteś wspaniała -I love you Florence -from POLAND

  49. ThePiddy44

    ThePiddy442 months ago

    Because my life's been on hold, experiencing a tragic loss 10 days ago, I have really been able to sit down now and listen to my Queen. She never disappoints. There is not one, close to her, literally in the music world. A quiet spoken wonderous woman, who with her voice and lyrics slay and yet comforts as well. There is no artist today, that has released albums that grow in power; each song, each album is great! That is unheard of! I love My Queen. May she never let me go. I will continue to fly with her, Fab One of England.

  50. Christina ]

    Christina ]2 months ago

    no song has ever helped me visualize my bipolar disorder like this has. dont know or think that was intentional. but thank you

  51. Abdellaui Abderrahmane

    Abdellaui Abderrahmane2 months ago

    You are wonderful and I love you a lot

  52. Beatriz Alejandra Betancourt Fiore

    Beatriz Alejandra Betancourt Fiore2 months ago

    Such a great artist! Such a wonderful song!

  53. • kk •

    • kk •2 months ago


  54. Summer Khan

    Summer Khan2 months ago

    Honestly her songs take me to where I've never been. You are legend Florence

  55. Lyrel AJ

    Lyrel AJ2 months ago

    Florence's music makes me feel so calm and strong. Its so beautiful and makes me smile so much. Her voice is literally... well I have no words. I could listen to her songs all day. I basically already do though ahaha

  56. Brenno Almeida

    Brenno Almeida2 months ago

    Como eu amo essa música ❤❤

  57. jennifer wilson

    jennifer wilson2 months ago

    So. Much. Love.

  58. Gillian Baxter

    Gillian Baxter2 months ago

    Someone save me pls

  59. arva11 saw

    arva11 saw2 months ago

    1:43 that note!

  60. Ines Nystrand

    Ines Nystrand2 months ago

    PLEASE watch my fanmade "SKY FULL OF SONG" music video!

  61. Kirit Rana

    Kirit Rana2 months ago

    And I can hear the sirens but I cannot walk away - How very profound!

  62. Darren Wells

    Darren Wells2 months ago

    She makes the prettiest melancholy

  63. Macdonald Thobang

    Macdonald Thobang2 months ago

    My number one favorite band in the world. when is this band working with Hans Zimmer to score a film? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  64. carolyn s

    carolyn s2 months ago

    queen of making songs that make me start crying for no reason at 12:30 am!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Nancy Spungen

    Nancy Spungen2 months ago

    carolyn s - oh wow. i didn't realize my name was carolyn and that i apparently leave comments and then develop amnesia

  66. Ana Flávia

    Ana Flávia2 months ago

    I love you

  67. Ifeanyi Wordsworth

    Ifeanyi Wordsworth2 months ago

    Never have I seen a woman radiate this much big dick energy.

  68. Akwany

    AkwanyMonth ago

    Ifeanyi Wordsworth more like big SIREN energy

  69. TheBurnside1

    TheBurnside12 months ago

    Amazing song but anyone notice the Saturn Cube Kabbala worship at 1:20 with the duality colors?

  70. Tanner Boeckmann

    Tanner Boeckmann2 months ago

    “ I thought I was flying, but maybe I’m dying tonight”. I don’t know why, but something about that line really hits me. I love it!!

  71. Luis Romero

    Luis Romero2 months ago

    Ven a Bogota- Colombia 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙❤❤❤❤💕

  72. Linsey

    Linsey2 months ago


  73. brawodlamnie

    brawodlamnie2 months ago

    Florence we are waiting for you in March in Poland!

  74. Vibe Addicts

    Vibe Addicts2 months ago

    Here vocals can make a caffeine driven lunatic sleep for 14 hours. Listen to the album review here!!

  75. Michael D. Williams III

    Michael D. Williams III2 months ago

    Listening to this phenomenal song helps me to regain some sort of hope at a time when I’m feeling pretty broken, sad, and ready to throw in the towel and quit...💔😔💔 Thank you Florence for an incredible song that has become a personal favorite of mine, brings me even to tears listening to this while typing.

  76. Lamini :D

    Lamini :D2 months ago

    Where have you been my whole life?

  77. Yvonne Turner

    Yvonne Turner2 months ago


  78. Mac Christian Gines

    Mac Christian Gines2 months ago

    Sounds like Ready to Question by Gabrielle Aplin

  79. Destiny Lowery

    Destiny Lowery2 months ago

    I would let Florence stab me with a sword

  80. Amanda Hawley

    Amanda Hawley2 months ago


  81. Palo Duong

    Palo Duong2 months ago

    I played this song in my car and it suddenly has been raining so hard O_o this song literally conjured a storm 😂

  82. Ashley Rodriguez

    Ashley Rodriguez2 months ago

    Simply amazing

  83. Justin Cats

    Justin Cats2 months ago

    Her voice is wonderful, also her art. I saw her live and it was great.

  84. Debora Lima

    Debora Lima2 months ago

    Quem está aqui por causa do Matheus Rocha?

  85. lehh 7

    lehh 72 months ago

    Debora Lima Quem é Matheus Rocha?

  86. Patrick Brandon

    Patrick Brandon2 months ago

    I see there's like 2k dislikes...Can't work that out,it's perfect.

  87. Anne-Mart Visser

    Anne-Mart Visser2 months ago

    South Africa, Cape Town, needs you.

  88. Selah Hamilton

    Selah Hamilton2 months ago

    I love how she says LA.

  89. Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson2 months ago

    The cynic in me has been beat.....beautiful.

  90. Helen Bostock

    Helen Bostock2 months ago

    sweet song

  91. Alisa Golder

    Alisa Golder2 months ago

    I just realized that the scene with dirt and a chain in her hand is the same scene she used in Hunger

  92. Ren.White

    Ren.White2 months ago

    Ok, one more time

  93. Trev Laurie

    Trev Laurie2 months ago

    Hi Florence!

  94. Corey Bechtel

    Corey Bechtel2 months ago

    Perfection appears to have been achieved.

  95. Amanda Chetwynd

    Amanda Chetwynd2 months ago

    Love her

  96. Ginger Dog

    Ginger Dog2 months ago

    GMA brought me here

  97. Marysia Kuźnicka

    Marysia Kuźnicka2 months ago

    I love Florence and the machine

  98. Heather Warren

    Heather Warren2 months ago

    She evokes such emotion within me. This song is beautiful, witchy goddess is back ❤❤

  99. Connie-Louise Gourlay

    Connie-Louise Gourlay2 months ago

    album released today I will be out to buy this. I adore her new songs including this one very much so...taking me through the rest of 2018 i shall be listening to this great artist. what's left of this year I hope the new wish I made last night after so much acceptance and relisation I'm changing my life around one more time for a new chapter a good one this time as I'm now ready to turn my back on all the so many bad choices I've made, letting all the wrong people in through my life. I'm gonna step up now. it's long over due 💛🍀

  100. Ares jones

    Ares jones2 months ago

    I have no idea why but I really want Florence to collaborate with Billie Joe Armstrong, their voices and styles would work well together.

  101. Tim Shaffir

    Tim Shaffir2 months ago


  102. pierdoletoo

    pierdoletoo2 months ago

    Maybe it's just my interpretation but I was addicted to morphine and other opiates for about 8 years. I'm clean right now and I'm determined to stay sober. And so far I don't want to go back to this shit. This song screams to me like I was when I was drugged. But this is just my interpretation. That's all; just show yourself some repect, even if everything goes wrong, give youself a chance. You're worth it.

  103. sarah

    sarah2 months ago

    high as hope will be the best album in 2018

  104. burned oils

    burned oils2 months ago

    shouldnt it be sky full of songs??? its realy bugging me o ut

  105. Sarah Garland

    Sarah Garland2 months ago

    Her voice is heavenly. 😍

  106. seheabol

    seheabol2 months ago

    I heard her say this song was about how high she gets just being on stage with the music singing 😉.she needs someone to help her come down. Her music also makes me high. I don’t see any reason to come down though

  107. Lahawili

    Lahawili2 months ago

    She just keeps dropping them hot.