Flau'jae: 14-Year-Old Rapper Earns Golden Buzzer From Chris Hardwick - America's Got Talent 2018


  1. Mark Elliot

    Mark ElliotHour ago

    again she just keep reminding me of j cole

  2. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith3 hours ago

    This is so lovely she is so amazing I know every word to the song I listen to this song like 100 times a day

  3. Nyny T

    Nyny T4 hours ago

    That made my heart break at the end it was cute😭

  4. Guido Fawkes

    Guido Fawkes5 hours ago

    My mom wasn't shot but she passed away from a heart attack in her sleep I'm on my dad's phone I'm Kyle day

  5. Can U Can't?

    Can U Can't?5 hours ago

    This girl has a *whole* future ahead of her.

  6. Cute girls for Life

    Cute girls for Life6 hours ago

    She made me cry

  7. oof boss

    oof boss7 hours ago

    My sister name is Savannah

  8. Bryanna Nelson

    Bryanna Nelson7 hours ago

    Tears 😭

  9. Yuneris Mendez

    Yuneris Mendez20 hours ago

    i got chills on my throught and chin

  10. Sheily Delgado

    Sheily DelgadoDay ago

    Nicky has entered the chat

  11. rusbah rayhan

    rusbah rayhanDay ago

    If she was an actual rapper,I would support her proudly!

  12. lizzy joledo

    lizzy joledoDay ago

    I was crying ay the end 😢

  13. Layla Teet

    Layla TeetDay ago


  14. L G

    L GDay ago

    Uumm she can't rap or sing and she too grown...I don't care who don't like it

  15. Maribel Maya

    Maribel MayaDay ago

    She a goooooooooood raper🏆🏅🥇🎖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

  16. Christina Grant

    Christina GrantDay ago

    I am so happy for her and so sad about her dad .

  17. tensay hadgu

    tensay hadguDay ago

    wow this girl is amazing and beatiful love you keep dreaming big!

  18. killa kay

    killa kayDay ago

    I’m so proud of her. Get it boo 😘

  19. Kyle Day

    Kyle DayDay ago

    At school my friend said he hated his mom but my mom passed away and I sat right by him gave him a pat on the back and said chreish bad and good moments because it could be your last

  20. marcon 2DZ6

    marcon 2DZ62 days ago

    No not another ksi

  21. Aylin Lara

    Aylin Lara2 days ago

    Thank God the Lord , that she is a star

  22. Love Bienemer

    Love Bienemer2 days ago

    I cried watching this we love u your unreplacable

  23. moses johnson

    moses johnson2 days ago

    she put fire on song

  24. DeZi tHe RaT

    DeZi tHe RaT2 days ago

    *chills has entered chat*

  25. Destinee Chapman

    Destinee Chapman2 days ago

    I tried not to cry but I did

  26. Kyla's Videos

    Kyla's Videos2 days ago

    She has a great personality that's really good! Not every rapper has that personality

  27. Sharon Kenye

    Sharon Kenye2 days ago

    She's got braces. I've got braces😁.....

  28. Drancoexperience

    Drancoexperience3 days ago

    Im her age and she on TV mean while im watching SpongeBob eating cereal sitting on the floor looking up to the TV like im dumb and she on TV💀 *bruh i need a life* *who got a life for sell*

  29. Indiana Newsome

    Indiana Newsome3 days ago

    God bless this girl

  30. Ana Hernandez

    Ana Hernandez3 days ago

    Damn this made me cry

  31. Desi’s Pets

    Desi’s Pets3 days ago

    I remember you from last time and I love her and god bless her father and just take a moment ❤️!!!

  32. David Lemon

    David Lemon3 days ago


  33. TeAirra Moore

    TeAirra Moore3 days ago

    I jus got chills

  34. Sarah Lynn

    Sarah Lynn3 days ago

    This isn’t talent. She’s literally talking.

  35. Kylee Scheel

    Kylee Scheel3 days ago

    My brother knows her

  36. Delilah L

    Delilah L3 days ago

    She reminds me of Domo Willson! 😍😍

  37. Kyle Day

    Kyle Day3 days ago

    I'm practicing to go up there I lost my mom when I'm 10 now I'm 11 and I didn't write it but it was made by when I see you again

  38. Stacey Dillon

    Stacey Dillon3 days ago

    Flaujae is so good

  39. krimo_jay Temitope

    krimo_jay Temitope4 days ago

    Dis rili gave goosebumps

  40. GalaxyGirl

    GalaxyGirl4 days ago

    i love her it almost made me cry it is so good

  41. positive1

    positive14 days ago

    She's grown a lot since the rap game

  42. Momma Cita

    Momma Cita4 days ago


  43. Jisoo’s water bottle

    Jisoo’s water bottle4 days ago

    Now this people... this is a legend! I bet that her father is very proud.

  44. Moonshine

    Moonshine4 days ago

    Why am I thinking of X🤧

  45. Raven Bryant

    Raven Bryant4 days ago

    I’m doing the same thing she’s doing I’m trying to continue my fathers legacy and this video made me cry 😭😭😭R.I.P to her dad and too mine❤️💔😭

  46. pinapple lovergirl2

    pinapple lovergirl25 days ago

    Tell them gurl

  47. When u hear nicki manaj Speat nicki manaj wrote it

    When u hear nicki manaj Speat nicki manaj wrote it5 days ago

    She just amazing

  48. Afeni Rubio

    Afeni Rubio5 days ago


  49. Afeni Rubio

    Afeni Rubio5 days ago

    I fell bad for what happened to her dad but your dreams will come true

  50. I I

    I I5 days ago

    I'm not crying you are !

  51. saliou  samb

    saliou samb5 days ago

    U greattttt

  52. Ella jade Roe

    Ella jade Roe5 days ago

    This made me so sad 😞

  53. Meghan Jones

    Meghan Jones6 days ago

    I watch this over and over again that’s how good she is

  54. Kaylee Pinder

    Kaylee Pinder6 days ago

    This girl is talented

  55. Tanya Ori

    Tanya Ori6 days ago

    this girl is gonna be famous I feel it

  56. Liam Mitchell

    Liam Mitchell7 days ago

    She’s gunna be big rappers don’t win agt but trust me she will be amazing she will be a name you here

  57. Destinee Ellis

    Destinee Ellis7 days ago

    See im really from Savannah GA so when she said "I'm from Savannah it's a crab and a bucket effect the will stab u in the back"that is so true

  58. Brad Lewis

    Brad Lewis7 days ago

    She was knocked out too early :(

  59. Raffy Dibansa

    Raffy Dibansa7 days ago

    Excellent performance.

  60. Tia olamide Omolosho

    Tia olamide Omolosho7 days ago

    Woow! Pure talent..... Mel b loved her Right from the start......

  61. April Jones

    April Jones8 days ago

    Omg she's amazing

  62. Brittany Lake

    Brittany Lake8 days ago


  63. Aesthetics _ii

    Aesthetics _ii8 days ago

    I am crying

  64. Rosesyourposes Corridor

    Rosesyourposes Corridor8 days ago

    She deserves this golden buzzer

  65. Amani Peace

    Amani Peace8 days ago

    She's right this is real life I can't lose💪💪👈

  66. Liam Mitchell

    Liam Mitchell8 days ago

    Good flow she’s got really really good flow

  67. Human001 Human002

    Human001 Human0028 days ago

    Dad inkarnate in his baby.


    DM NATION8 days ago

    This had me tearing up

  69. booty eater

    booty eater9 days ago

    When she was in the rap game she would run out of breath now she got better controlling it

  70. Steven King

    Steven King9 days ago

    I am sadden at some of the things that children have to live with,we were all children at one time.

  71. Jump Start

    Jump Start9 days ago

    Google jobbbbbb!!!!!!!

  72. 1 1

    1 19 days ago

    I fell her so much when I was about 6 months old my mom died from murder I know what she is going through

  73. woodnixie

    woodnixie9 days ago

    The ppl who disliked are just jealous she has a better vocie than them 😂❤❤❤

  74. David Lemon

    David Lemon9 days ago

    You're on fire

  75. wolly k

    wolly k9 days ago

    When are you getting that record deal? This is smooth stuff. And real lyrics

  76. Brandon Brandon

    Brandon Brandon9 days ago

    Is Chris Hardwick her father 😱

  77. Aditya Singh

    Aditya Singh10 days ago

    No homage to camoflauge, man that would have been dope. But nice for a 14 yo

  78. Do U kNoW dA wAy

    Do U kNoW dA wAy11 days ago

    And the history moves on

  79. Khiara Charm Aquino

    Khiara Charm Aquino11 days ago

    Why am I crying?

  80. HeyAva Girl

    HeyAva Girl11 days ago

    Yass gurl you better rap

  81. Franko 3000

    Franko 300011 days ago

    Still good people left in this world

  82. Siyah Boyd

    Siyah Boyd11 days ago

    4:00 gave me goosebumps the entire way

  83. B_ Iamosas

    B_ Iamosas11 days ago

    I could sing to save my life when I was 14yrs old. She needs to be given a chance Y'all and by the way she more than deserve the Golden Buzzer

  84. MakaylaLovely: Live life as you not somebody else

    MakaylaLovely: Live life as you not somebody else11 days ago


  85. jackson adams

    jackson adams13 days ago

    Spit fire about the troubles of life this is a future rapper

  86. Ysabel Alacce

    Ysabel Alacce13 days ago


  87. Adrianna Radil

    Adrianna Radil13 days ago

    YASSS she awesome and sad

  88. Unknown Ender

    Unknown Ender13 days ago

    Dude, the ones who disliked doesn’t have a heart

  89. Hayriye Nur Cömert

    Hayriye Nur Cömert13 days ago

    Whats the name of the melodi

  90. nise Charles

    nise Charles13 days ago

    Girl you got me crying😔

  91. thomas fullmore

    thomas fullmore13 days ago


  92. Roshunda Bell

    Roshunda Bell14 days ago

    You are beautiful


    MICHAELA REYES14 days ago

    She reminds me of Domo Wilson Like if you agree

  94. CuteViralTrends

    CuteViralTrends2 days ago


  95. Jennifer Haines

    Jennifer Haines5 days ago


  96. Omar Williams

    Omar Williams15 days ago

    Your dad is already proud of you

  97. Prince Touray

    Prince Touray15 days ago

    I'm happy for herte she gonna make it one day I just can't waltI Love Her

  98. OFfIciAL. DAij

    OFfIciAL. DAij15 days ago

    She should make this an actual song

  99. KEA'S Korner

    KEA'S Korner15 days ago

    i started crying when she said she didnt meet her father even though i know her frome the rap game

  100. Betiel Desta

    Betiel Desta15 days ago

    This is her 2nd time getting the golden buzzer. Well if I was a judge that would’ve happened

  101. enana J

    enana J16 days ago

    Did y’all peep the way that lady looked at her mom when she was cryin in 3:37

  102. Alicia Lopez

    Alicia Lopez16 days ago

    Sooo emotional