Flau'jae: 14-Year-Old Rapper Earns Golden Buzzer From Chris Hardwick - America's Got Talent 2018


  1. Superkajka 613

    Superkajka 6133 hours ago

    i cried

  2. Cats duts

    Cats duts3 hours ago

    here thing for her dad is so sweet

  3. Little Smartie

    Little Smartie6 hours ago

    I’m on a crying spree today

  4. alina fresh

    alina fresh18 hours ago

    SHE GOT BARS!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍

  5. Keyonica Smith

    Keyonica Smith20 hours ago

    Who disliked this y'all must don't recognize talent

  6. Barbara Martinez

    Barbara Martinez21 hour ago

    Omg i feel you im so sorry for your loss girl

  7. Journeeshi Jackson

    Journeeshi JacksonDay ago

    I heard about your dad songs they're really good

  8. Mariama Trawally

    Mariama TrawallyDay ago

    U the best❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Jojo Blanchard

    Jojo BlanchardDay ago

    "That Second place trophy, is going to turn into a Oscar” YESS GO GURL!!‼️‼️✨

  10. Godly Superior

    Godly SuperiorDay ago

    Who els cried

  11. Galaxy_Kitty Cat

    Galaxy_Kitty CatDay ago

    *One like=* Respect to her father and a stab in the back for the one who murdered him😞😥😭

  12. Lion King

    Lion KingDay ago

    She will be good in the industry....she's unique

  13. Gabriel Deleon

    Gabriel DeleonDay ago

    Flau’jae from rap game

  14. Brian Parrott

    Brian ParrottDay ago

    I almost crieddd

  15. Janette Roman

    Janette RomanDay ago

    Im crying i feel so damn bad bro

  16. Ty Carter

    Ty Carter2 days ago

    If your an OG you know she is from the rap game

  17. Gabriela Gómez

    Gabriela Gómez2 days ago


  18. Cali Holdridge

    Cali Holdridge3 days ago

    That made me cry that was alsome

  19. your mi favorite actress Bailey

    your mi favorite actress Bailey4 days ago

    Y'all stop hatin on the girl

  20. Breanna Stewart

    Breanna Stewart4 days ago

    Love that talk

  21. rezajustin45

    rezajustin454 days ago

    dam she changed after the rap game

  22. shelley Cox

    shelley Cox4 days ago

    I never see my dad it's hard but her dad is looking down and crying say wow that's my daughter

  23. Filimon Kiflay

    Filimon Kiflay4 days ago

    Congratulations the best one !!!

  24. Tajmattie Ramlall

    Tajmattie Ramlall4 days ago

    The best rapper...

  25. yolo lemon

    yolo lemon4 days ago

    Mad respect for hardwick

  26. Jessica Diggs

    Jessica Diggs5 days ago

    I am so sorry you are amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  27. LIL JAY

    LIL JAY5 days ago

    Now I'm gonna exposed my rapping career

  28. ام ناصر

    ام ناصر5 days ago

    I love you so much And you are Beautiful i’m impressed that you never give up . I am only 10 years old and I am a singe. I’ve always dreamed to go on America’s got talent but with me watching it makes me happy ❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻🥰😭😭🤟🏿🤟🏿

  29. shosho

    shosho5 days ago

    She is a vans lover

  30. Kingsley Yusufu

    Kingsley Yusufu5 days ago

    She got some bars men

  31. Isabella Hughes

    Isabella Hughes5 days ago

    gurl, I know your father is in a better place he is watching you keep your dreams up I see a future for you we need more people like you in our world thankyou

  32. Izzy

    Izzy5 days ago

    Whats crazy is im one of camouflage biggest fans and i didnt realize this was his daughter til now

  33. Mary Wairimu

    Mary Wairimu6 days ago

    I want to assume the 5.6k thumb down r frm those who dont understand where to press to like, she is gorgeous, original, unique, at age 14 i must say she is a star n going far, kuddos!

  34. Audrey Anna

    Audrey Anna6 days ago

    why am i crying

  35. SlimJimLay

    SlimJimLay6 days ago

    OMG I GOT TEARS IN MY EYES!! I wish I had a dad too

  36. Luis Lu

    Luis Lu6 days ago

    The next domo wilson blessed

  37. Abby Elkins

    Abby Elkins6 days ago

    My heart is melting because I have been through the same thing.The same thing happened to me.My dad just wasn’t a rapper

  38. Safa Warsame

    Safa Warsame6 days ago

    I feel like crying and the way she cried but didn’t want it to show was just proof of her actual strength she inspires me to push through all of my problems

  39. Max Mueller

    Max Mueller6 days ago

    Pray for her dad

  40. Tanita Thurmond

    Tanita Thurmond6 days ago


  41. Ja'liyah Morehead-Richard

    Ja'liyah Morehead-Richard6 days ago

    i am proud of her this makes me cry my dad died

  42. Marcus Johnson, Sr.

    Marcus Johnson, Sr.6 days ago

    Damn her father never got a chance to see or hold his baby girl smh, I know he’s PROUD of her 😊

  43. rozette pajibo

    rozette pajibo6 days ago

    Girl you are too good

  44. Tracy

    Tracy6 days ago

    This is what female rap should be not Cardi B take notes

  45. Mariah1243

    Mariah12436 days ago

    I'm so inspired how shes so brave my dad left when I was a baby my mum was left to raise me and my older sister and I know the feeling of not having a father and she is so brave and inspirational

  46. Abigail Scott

    Abigail Scott6 days ago

    I got so many chills

  47. UglyDoge

    UglyDoge6 days ago

    better than sky katz

  48. gaming with sophie

    gaming with sophie7 days ago

    She needs too win to make her dad proud #respect

  49. Kyleigh Tolentino

    Kyleigh Tolentino7 days ago

    This girl is so inspirational

  50. Gatcha_Panda _YT

    Gatcha_Panda _YT7 days ago

    Who the heak disliked?

  51. Big Boy

    Big Boy7 days ago

    *"I made it this far, I can't lose"*

  52. GirlisCcthebaddie Gaming

    GirlisCcthebaddie Gaming7 days ago

    She deserves to meet her father so sad how the world is so Cruel 😭😭❤️

  53. Michelle Huff

    Michelle Huff8 days ago

    😭👏😭👏😭👏😭👏😭👏😭😭 😭😭 😭👏 😭 😭😭👏👏😭

  54. Travis Sabio-Gentilhomme Mobley

    Travis Sabio-Gentilhomme Mobley8 days ago

    That made me cry....and part of it is because I knew your daddy. My cousins grew up with him. And your dad showed alot of love to people....and I know because I use to travel to Savannah to visit family and your dad would come around every now and then. Anyway, its a deep story....but baby girl...I BELIEVE IN YOU....BUT CONTINUE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND KEEP GOD FIRST....AND I KNOW GOD WILL TAKE YOU PLACES IN JESUS NAME, AMEN!

  55. firelord9000

    firelord90008 days ago

    1:22 that’s the “what the jungle is going on?” face

  56. Mariah Lillard

    Mariah Lillard8 days ago

    I know how she feels she is my ideal I live her I feel her

  57. Unicorn Slushie

    Unicorn Slushie9 days ago


  58. Kalele Natalia

    Kalele Natalia9 days ago

    If only her dad was able to see her RIP

  59. Janine Ortega

    Janine Ortega9 days ago

    I never got a relationship with my dad he died when I was only 9months in my mom

  60. I Love Cj So Cool

    I Love Cj So Cool9 days ago

    1 like = 1 prayer

  61. Friend Wars

    Friend Wars9 days ago

    I loved Mel B’s dress

  62. Suesan Grabia

    Suesan Grabia10 days ago

    I can’t believe she didn’t get signed to so so def

  63. Miss G Booker

    Miss G Booker10 days ago

    Savannah's real proud of flies are they even named the club after her and the community has much respect for her father camouflage as well as her she's a kindred spirit

  64. What's up Wolfina

    What's up Wolfina10 days ago


  65. Teagan Snell

    Teagan Snell11 days ago

    That was amazing ❤️


    OLGA NSHUTI11 days ago

    She's amazing and very real😀😊

  67. Trikeshia Newsome

    Trikeshia Newsome11 days ago

    .I feel so bad for her I started to cry a little in God is good who ever thumed that video down forget you who agree ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

  68. ASMR Videos

    ASMR Videos11 days ago

    She’s good ❤️

  69. Jim Hayes

    Jim Hayes12 days ago

    I listened to her dad mucic amazing

  70. Amaiyah’s World of Fun

    Amaiyah’s World of Fun12 days ago

    Everyone pray for her dad

  71. Freja Andersson

    Freja Andersson13 days ago


  72. Naelle camara

    Naelle camara13 days ago


  73. temporary stuff

    temporary stuff13 days ago

    This ain't a game. This the mothafuckin rap game.

  74. Mag E

    Mag E13 days ago

    She said "he had dreams and things to do,so I'ma do it for him"

  75. 0.2 MØÑÏ

    0.2 MØÑÏ13 days ago

    Rap game

  76. JaMya Anthony

    JaMya Anthony14 days ago

    She deserves it and likeee just pray

  77. mohammed hussein

    mohammed hussein14 days ago

    That is great

  78. Rihanna Henry

    Rihanna Henry14 days ago

    i can not watch this without being emotional

  79. propolis propolis

    propolis propolis14 days ago

    An fascinating mixture. Massive talent, amazing attitude and attractivy,

  80. London Petiote

    London Petiote14 days ago

    Omg you are soooo good I love 😍😍😍 you

  81. Camiya Jeans

    Camiya Jeans14 days ago

    She did something better than the rap game she got on one off the biggest shows in the world and show that she can do more

  82. Alyssa Jada

    Alyssa Jada14 days ago

    i started cring happy tears

  83. Alyssa Jada

    Alyssa Jada14 days ago

    i cant belive this video has dislikes if only her dad saw this god bless you

  84. eva diaz

    eva diaz15 days ago

    I listened to her dad and he's actually really good

  85. Tadine Johnson

    Tadine Johnson15 days ago

    Her lyrics are sick!!!!!

  86. Shanya Alvarez and Mariana Menzynski

    Shanya Alvarez and Mariana Menzynski15 days ago

    So sad but she raps sooooooo gooooodddd

  87. davies mejia

    davies mejia16 days ago

    Her mom raised an amazing and talented young lady

  88. Itzz Gabz duhh

    Itzz Gabz duhh16 days ago

    This whole thing makes me feel soooooo sad hearing her story makes me feel so bad but she's thriving with her dad by her side and God watching over them on their journey to success I pray she has a successful life and career taking what her dad couldn't do himself. That one lyric talking about turning her 2nd place awards to a oscar in my eyes she has. Love you all, and if you're going through this or anything similar remember there is still a way. Trust. Faith. And hope will get you there . Keep dreaming and believing beautiful/ handsome creatures 😇😸😺

  89. Kevin Shop Vapes

    Kevin Shop Vapes17 days ago

    She was amazing her dad was beast too he had the hood buzzing "f $&@ friends" was my ish

  90. Aaliyah Prince

    Aaliyah Prince17 days ago

    Zariyah is a good

  91. Berdy SaintCyr

    Berdy SaintCyr17 days ago

    This is real life I can't lose😪

  92. Romane Drion

    Romane Drion18 days ago

    I love that

  93. Linda Mdunge

    Linda Mdunge18 days ago

    If u not liking this video u simply hater

  94. Vivian Babalola

    Vivian Babalola18 days ago

    Michelle sxe =15###.......qeen💗💗💗💗💗💗💔😭😭

  95. OhItsKaitlyn

    OhItsKaitlyn18 days ago

    Golden buzzer = immediate tears

  96. Cool Bersu

    Cool Bersu19 days ago

    Now that right there is a real powerful young woman now that right there is a girl who didn’t Get a chance but got a chance now

  97. kamel cook

    kamel cook19 days ago

    Flau'jae, I loved you on The Rap Game, and I love you more now. You are incredible and so talented. The sky is the limit. Your father's legacy and gift is living on through you. A job well done. God will open many doors for you. I love your clarity...don't have to wonder what the heck you are trying to say. Those lyrics though......wow!!!!

  98. Pearline Miller

    Pearline Miller19 days ago

    Bless I feel her pain

  99. Randy Le

    Randy Le19 days ago

    Young cardi

  100. Samirah Mumin

    Samirah Mumin20 days ago

    she is amazing