Flau'jae: 14-Year-Old Rapper Earns Golden Buzzer From Chris Hardwick - America's Got Talent 2018


  1. Another Gymnast

    Another Gymnast2 hours ago

    My first time watching her and from the intro she was so confident i couldnt believe it happened to her father. God bless her and her family RIP. Her dad must be so proud of her i love this girl shes so strong she'll become something very great

  2. Imani Grant

    Imani Grant3 hours ago

    You are the best❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍🍦🍦🍦🍦

  3. Akhop

    Akhop7 hours ago

    Brought a tear to my eye. Ok.... several tears...

  4. Kaylnn Watkins

    Kaylnn Watkins7 hours ago

    Wasn’t she from the rap game

  5. Much Sunshine

    Much Sunshine9 hours ago

    Is this a song?

  6. Blue 1967

    Blue 19679 hours ago

    All this black talent! But they'll sign Danielle Bregoli

  7. livi ray

    livi ray10 hours ago

    Hey she's from Rap game.😂

  8. JayBoogie

    JayBoogie11 hours ago

    She from the rap game

  9. Isabel Vazquez

    Isabel Vazquez11 hours ago


  10. Ariana McCray

    Ariana McCray11 hours ago

    omg so good :( make me cry

  11. Spartan Gamer

    Spartan Gamer11 hours ago

    She got bars

  12. Leena Sfar

    Leena Sfar12 hours ago

    She must win

  13. Baker Girlz

    Baker Girlz12 hours ago

    honestly the people that disliked this video i hate them well i dont even know them but i dislike them the people who disliked this video got no heart

  14. Sophie Newman

    Sophie Newman13 hours ago

    I think she is going to finish her fathers Legacy

  15. trend waters

    trend waters13 hours ago

    Look up her father Camouflage in Savannah he was a legend. He died around the same time as Soulja Slim. Her talent is truly genetic.

  16. B Brenda

    B Brenda14 hours ago


  17. Tina Eveline

    Tina Eveline15 hours ago

    I am crying

  18. amandine pluchet

    amandine pluchet15 hours ago


  19. Brianna Brower

    Brianna Brower15 hours ago

    I literally felt heartbreak for her as soon as she said her dad was murdered.

  20. GiaShivaniLal 13

    GiaShivaniLal 1315 hours ago

    I really hope she wins❤️😭

  21. D K S

    D K S16 hours ago

    I loved her on the rap game she did so good

  22. Destiny Monáe

    Destiny Monáe17 hours ago

    When she raps i get chills

  23. Nijah’sPlayhouse

    Nijah’sPlayhouse17 hours ago

    This made me cry😂😂😂

  24. Melissa Anderson

    Melissa Anderson18 hours ago

    I crying I am 9 years old now I saw her on the rap game my dad is in jail when I heard this song I was thinking about my daddy I love I crying I really love you

  25. Megan Michelle Amesbury

    Megan Michelle Amesbury18 hours ago

    Amazing! People never realize how hard it is to say these things so eloquently. She is super talented!

  26. Once Upon A Fangirl

    Once Upon A Fangirl19 hours ago

    yasss queen💗

  27. B G

    B G19 hours ago

    Tears of absolute JOY everytime I watch this! I am soooooOoOo happy for her!!!

  28. AJ DRAMA

    AJ DRAMA19 hours ago

    I cried 😩

  29. Ramus Wilson

    Ramus Wilson19 hours ago

    How hit the thumbs down... You need to see this act again just saying

  30. Cleolikesoreos

    Cleolikesoreos20 hours ago

    Ok y'all she slays. Like the song, outfit and everything like yasss gurl

  31. NYA Christian Sena

    NYA Christian Sena23 hours ago

    good jod

  32. Gian Kyle

    Gian Kyle23 hours ago

    Is it only me that hears the cupcakke in her song at the beginning esp with the pencil pronounciation lol

  33. Saniah Eady

    Saniah EadyDay ago

    I'm sorry for your lost he is proud for what you have done for him

  34. Renz Pascua

    Renz PascuaDay ago

    She's giving me goosebums...I love her

  35. Ladymaryann Sou

    Ladymaryann SouDay ago

    She good she need do a song with Eminem for real

  36. Jessica Jo

    Jessica JoDay ago

    My dad was murdered 2 weeks after my birthday and my mom died 3 weeks after him in my freshmen year :(

  37. Yahya Durrani

    Yahya DurraniDay ago

    Got me crying the lyrics were like a arrow through the chest

  38. Fadxi mousaa

    Fadxi mousaaDay ago

    Am suppert her man

  39. mabotja sg

    mabotja sgDay ago

    she on some Meek Mill Tip... Fireee Fireee!

  40. Tbabtz Tbabtz

    Tbabtz TbabtzDay ago

    Actually I felt emotional after that golden buzzer 😍😘

  41. Flowergirlunicornlover90835 MelanieMartinez Fan

    Flowergirlunicornlover90835 MelanieMartinez FanDay ago

    The new teen Cardi B

  42. iiOmqits_Nana games

    iiOmqits_Nana gamesDay ago

    She came a long way I know her daddy is proud and he's smiling above 💜💛💚💙🕊🕊🕊

  43. Alvin Gordon

    Alvin GordonDay ago


  44. Emily Williams

    Emily WilliamsDay ago

    Gave me goosebumps definitely didn't expect that 🤩

  45. Harry

    HarryDay ago


  46. Abby C

    Abby CDay ago

    Simon “I’m not an expert”

  47. Leeya !!

    Leeya !!Day ago

    Love you Flau’jae monae

  48. Austin Jones

    Austin JonesDay ago

    Bro wtf why'd I cry

  49. Jeyven Galvez

    Jeyven GalvezDay ago

    hope u will be a good rapper im proud of you bro

  50. Maisy Jean

    Maisy JeanDay ago

    Simon likes her and sees something in her

  51. Galaxfied Diys

    Galaxfied DiysDay ago

    Who else agrees this is the next Eminem

  52. Dan Latham

    Dan LathamDay ago


  53. If I were u I hate me 2

    If I were u I hate me 2Day ago

    i hate to say it, but that name tho😬

  54. Wrestler X

    Wrestler XDay ago

    She looks older than 14. And why in the world does she have a hair weave at 14? Jesus Christ. I grew up in a black neighborhood and I never understood why so many people would want fake hair when it damages your real hair. My cousin keeps getting her head shaved and is nearly bald because of this. Also I have a pic from a few years ago when I was around 24 just before a cancer diagnosis, and I had lost a lot of weight but everyone thought I looked so much younger. In fact I think it is the profile picture that I have right now on youtube! Look at my picture in the circle.

  55. Xaniyah Price

    Xaniyah PriceDay ago

    That's good jd need to see she making big moves

  56. Lady P Dreah Kay Designs

    Lady P Dreah Kay DesignsDay ago

    Get it flaugae

  57. xxxtentacion editz

    xxxtentacion editzDay ago

    *AGT = America's got tears*

  58. Isaac Davidson

    Isaac DavidsonDay ago

    Finally a kid rapper on agt that doesn’t have me cringing.

  59. xxxtentacion editz

    xxxtentacion editzDay ago


  60. njmhk

    njmhkDay ago

    Ok, so keeping it real, this is not someone with talent, fun, exciting, or uplifting!! This is a perfect example of mainly WHITE judges being ''politically correct'' and totally scared of being called racists because it's a black person!! PERIOD!! Sad

  61. Jeliana’s World

    Jeliana’s WorldDay ago

    She is amazing, I was crying when I saw her performance, her mother has to be so proud of her, singing straight from her heart

  62. 6ix9ine Tekashi

    6ix9ine TekashiDay ago

    I like this

  63. Melina Rodriguez

    Melina RodriguezDay ago

    Shes the kind of rappers we need tbh

  64. Noorendes Noorendes

    Noorendes NoorendesDay ago


  65. the technicstechnishion

    the technicstechnishionDay ago

    Can’t help but feel this is her 15 minutes. Too many rappers out there who are a lot better

  66. Koumadi Scott

    Koumadi ScottDay ago

    I didn't care if she was good or bad dat story do

  67. Charlie Johnson_02

    Charlie Johnson_02Day ago

    "Hey Guys, Flau'jae came from in The Rap Game on season 3. I'm very proud of Flau'jae."

  68. Prince Lamar

    Prince LamarDay ago

    I can see rap in her DNA... She'll make her father proud... 14years it is.. That's insane 😍

  69. m o o n l i g h t s h i m e r

    m o o n l i g h t s h i m e rDay ago

    My dad had surgery on the same exact day I was born on and he was in a different hospital. That’s how he remembers my birthday 😂

  70. Damn_ Daylan _

    Damn_ Daylan _Day ago

    I think she needs to work on her rapping skills, but her lyrics are amazing and I like her🙂

  71. Cherysh B

    Cherysh BDay ago

    Who else cried for her💕I am 13 and all I do is draw cartoon characters😅

  72. Mae Neighbor

    Mae NeighborDay ago

    I think she’s good but not a winner

  73. Torofootball24

    Torofootball24Day ago

    She’s from the rap game

  74. Aliyah Marc

    Aliyah MarcDay ago

    She was in a show called rap game 😍🔥

  75. Sheniqua Haywood

    Sheniqua HaywoodDay ago

    She was on the rap game

  76. Erica Sunly

    Erica SunlyDay ago

    I cried and that rarely happens.

  77. limelightbeanzlifeline love

    limelightbeanzlifeline loveDay ago

    I've seen her on the rap game

  78. Mama Onyii

    Mama OnyiiDay ago

    Was I crying??? Ohh....my God.

  79. Cerita Willie

    Cerita WillieDay ago

    I have never seen watched a golden buzzer that didn't make me cry! I love seeing people relentlessly go after their dream, its inspiration at its best.

  80. Cerita Willie

    Cerita WillieDay ago

    I have never seen watched a golden buzzer that didn't make me cry! I love seeing people relentlessly go after their dream, its inspiration at its best.

  81. RyanL181095

    RyanL181095Day ago

    Chris's Golden Buzzer choice last year was better than this year.

  82. Mia West

    Mia WestDay ago

    Who's cutting onions 😭

  83. Rui valter Kandimba

    Rui valter Kandimba2 days ago

    Fantástico, não pude conter as lagrimas.

  84. Owen Grosh

    Owen Grosh2 days ago

    Not her fault but women don’t rap and she cannot rap at all cmon now

  85. Oneoftheskull

    Oneoftheskull2 days ago

    Cornbread doesn't have this much corn in it.

  86. Oneoftheskull

    Oneoftheskull2 days ago

    Geesh, this show is corny. I been stop watching mess like this decades ago. For a reason.

  87. Scott VanDerveer

    Scott VanDerveer2 days ago

    Great talent but the contents is a bit hollow. Not because she doesn't feel the words shy raps but because she is to young and lacks the experience to truly know what she has really been through. Life is full of hard knocks and I don't think she really understands what the rest of life can dish out.

  88. Belo Samy Diogo

    Belo Samy Diogo2 days ago

    What??? Your Father is pride. Respect you mother...

  89. shoutout to all the PEAR

    shoutout to all the PEAR2 days ago

    sadder the story the more talent it seems lmao

  90. Danoo!!!

    Danoo!!!2 days ago

    I don’t think that you and we three should’ve been in the same category, you both touched so many people and don’t give up because you have a light about you and you will go far, thank you, thank you

  91. joni grable

    joni grable2 days ago

    Omg girl you're more than fantastic, You're doing great keep it up

  92. TheEssentialLemon

    TheEssentialLemon2 days ago

    I gotta be honest. She like the female Tupac

  93. ᴀᴠᴇʟʏɴ

    ᴀᴠᴇʟʏɴ14 hours ago

    Let's not get ahead of ourselves

  94. TheEssentialLemon

    TheEssentialLemonDay ago

    Yeah she is and its also an opinion so shut up

  95. Billy Hollart

    Billy Hollart2 days ago

    no lol

  96. Izzy Izzerton

    Izzy Izzerton2 days ago

    The white people listen to the lyrics and I don't know how much that says but it says quite a lot.

  97. Trixx Cyro

    Trixx Cyro2 days ago

    Such beautiful lyrics and a beautiful voice!

  98. Centhony Lee

    Centhony Lee2 days ago

    A star

  99. Aladin Roman

    Aladin Roman2 days ago

    Nothing personal but you know see after Americans voted what happen !!!!She didn’t make it through 🙄

  100. Dior Whitfield

    Dior Whitfield2 days ago


  101. Ojany Ramos

    Ojany Ramos2 days ago

    Yo... outta here with them onions, I'm tryna watch a video!

  102. Go Green Lawn care

    Go Green Lawn care2 days ago

    She was ok. She can flow but it was more because her story. Just ratings.

  103. Armani Jones

    Armani Jones2 days ago

    What's the beat