Fixing Our Terrible WiFi 💀



    TALHA JUBAYER14 hours ago

    yeah ur wifi sucks ! iamusing 1 mbps all way around

  2. speedynerd

    speedynerd2 days ago

    Here I am in Australia struggling on 0.75mb/s

  3. Taku

    Taku3 days ago

    you think your WiFi sucks, go to Australia.

  4. Spencer - Gaming!

    Spencer - Gaming!3 days ago

    Weird thumbnail

  5. Im Kyle

    Im Kyle4 days ago

    And here I am sitting with 100kb/s

  6. Kanga

    Kanga5 days ago

    1:28 thats my internet

  7. XDMitch

    XDMitch5 days ago

    In Australia I get 10 MPs at its best

  8. SnowLeaf

    SnowLeaf5 days ago

    Every australian watching: "you have 300mbps. Well, I'm lucky if mine gets over 2mbps"

  9. Jey The Youtuber

    Jey The Youtuber5 days ago

    300 Mbps I have just max 50 mbps

  10. El Crunchero

    El Crunchero5 days ago

    $260 😶😐😑

  11. El Crunchero

    El Crunchero5 days ago

    My pc has 2mb speed for both :(

  12. MR Outro

    MR Outro8 days ago

    You wouldn't like it in the UK then as we are paying £65 just for 80mbps so i can only imagine how much we would have to pay for 300 !!


    KING KNIGHT8 days ago


  14. Menino Afonso

    Menino Afonso8 days ago

    hi guys this is Austin and our wifi SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  15. Cosmickiller 109

    Cosmickiller 10910 days ago

    I have asus cromebook

  16. David Pelaez

    David Pelaez10 days ago

    Your WiFi’s sucks my stongest connection was 0.30

  17. D KingdoM

    D KingdoM12 days ago

    I have an 2mbps internet & I downloaded many big games like GTA 5 on it you don't know how terrible experience was that & my father won't speed it up 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  18. odysseas. sanji

    odysseas. sanji12 days ago

    There's no way his wifi sucks.Austin has a lot of money since he is getting so many views.With the money he has he can easily afford a perfect internet connection,this video is clearly for views since slow connections are a common problem and asus sponsors him.

  19. JugheadJones67

    JugheadJones6712 days ago

    Its sponsored. Fuck. That means it isnt his honest word.

  20. Drunk Splinter

    Drunk Splinter12 days ago

    _From WiFi to FiWiFi 👌_

  21. Anders Ballegaard

    Anders Ballegaard12 days ago

    Ask Cisco for a solution

  22. Deltasource

    Deltasource13 days ago

    All aussies here cry as “fast speed” in aus is the same as his second room 1mbps speed

  23. Usman Khan

    Usman Khan13 days ago

    LOL I am using a 2 Mbps of internet speed for free of my neighbor and I am pretty happy

  24. Colton Galbraith

    Colton Galbraith13 days ago

    i have a normal 5 mbps a second i would kill for 300 mbps

  25. Jagger

    Jagger13 days ago

    500mbps, France baby and like 40km away from Paris hehe


    DOOMLORD14 days ago

    Who uses wifi nowadays when 10GB symmetrical connections exist?

  27. BenjaminLee2009

    BenjaminLee200914 days ago

    @AustinEvans I'm getting no more than 28mbps on my smartphone and I thought that was fast. At least it seemed to me

  28. e2016ogel

    e2016ogel14 days ago

    I only have to wait a whole 24 hours for a 1 gig update

  29. Y NobxdyLikesMe

    Y NobxdyLikesMe14 days ago

    You guys should invest in gigabyte internet

  30. Miggybanana GT

    Miggybanana GT15 days ago

    Damn mine is 50mbps screw u PLDT!!

  31. Natedog223

    Natedog22315 days ago

    Mine is only 3 megabits

  32. Harry Kenny

    Harry Kenny16 days ago

    I uh tried the wifi app and my WiFi is 4 on a regular basis when I’m home alone and normally there’s 4 of us home 😯

  33. Per K Petersen

    Per K Petersen16 days ago

    Nice video 🙂👍. Love you Videos😊. Cheers from Denmark

  34. Pidgin Geometry Dash

    Pidgin Geometry Dash16 days ago

    and here i am getting 8mb/s

  35. hjcool331-Minecraft & Roblox and More

    hjcool331-Minecraft & Roblox and More16 days ago

    I get 2mbits every time

  36. ruby apple gameing

    ruby apple gameing17 days ago

    their second office wifi is better than mine at home :( :( mine goes to 100kb/s :(

  37. Robbie Mott

    Robbie Mott17 days ago

    FYI when using mesh wifi networking every device that links after the base point looses around %50 speed ish ;) still good to use tho is dark spots

  38. Zeus HD 2018

    Zeus HD 201817 days ago

    Great another tool that we dont need in the upcoming months

  39. Moustafa El-Moghazi

    Moustafa El-Moghazi17 days ago

    Will this work with adsl

  40. Lewmanade F-EIGHT

    Lewmanade F-EIGHT17 days ago

    jeez i have like only 14 megabytes per second

  41. Irandom Guy

    Irandom Guy17 days ago

    Use Ethernet problem solved

  42. Reverie_

    Reverie_17 days ago

    "300 mbps is decent" while i'm here stuck with what is pretty much a 10 year old national network system that can only reach 20 mbps and even that is still impressive over here

  43. Noah Garcia

    Noah Garcia17 days ago

    Just me or this nigga ugly AF😂

  44. Manraj Pabla

    Manraj Pabla17 days ago

    The wifi in your 2nd office is faster than mine....

  45. kolop1

    kolop118 days ago

    If only things like range extenders existed.

  46. Nutellah

    Nutellah18 days ago

    i know someone with 420mbps upload

  47. SUM

    SUM18 days ago

    i got 500 up and down welp

  48. Cool Guy's World

    Cool Guy's World18 days ago

    5 mb/s that's pretty fast in my country D:

  49. Fistom

    Fistom18 days ago

    Can we copyright strike UrAvgConsumer?

  50. The blazing trail

    The blazing trail18 days ago

    yeah for 300 bucks no way

  51. Sia

    Sia18 days ago

    I love how the video started buffering when you said "Our Wi-Fi sucks" I have 10mbps Wi-Fi is that good enough?

  52. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya18 days ago

    Hey man I have the same freaking number but its kilobits per sec

  53. swag gamer 403

    swag gamer 40318 days ago

    I only get 5mbs

  54. Burning Diamond

    Burning Diamond18 days ago

    $250 thats a rip

  55. Aayush Production

    Aayush Production19 days ago

    *sponsored *

  56. ben r

    ben r19 days ago

    300 megabits 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱boi my WiFi 20 magabits

  57. MrLenlandG // The Trido Community

    MrLenlandG // The Trido Community19 days ago

    My Internet router was made in 2001 and keeps crashing randomly

  58. LegacyGameplays

    LegacyGameplays19 days ago

    i have 6mbps of upload and connection of 25mbps

  59. Victor Ji

    Victor Ji19 days ago

    oof my wifi is like 500 mbps lol

  60. LiveBomb Gaming

    LiveBomb Gaming20 days ago

    Believe it or not my average wifi speed is 800mbps ,maximum speed is 1.2gbps and lowest is 300mbps

  61. ᖻᕠ ᘉᓮ

    ᖻᕠ ᘉᓮ20 days ago

    MY internet speed max out at 120kb/s so does YOUR wifi sucks that much ?

  62. ᖻᕠ ᘉᓮ

    ᖻᕠ ᘉᓮ20 days ago

    MY internet speed max out at 120kb/s so does YOUR wifi sucks that much ?

  63. CrazyAlien Gaming

    CrazyAlien Gaming21 day ago

    in croatia, getting 10 mbps is comparable to the second comming of christ

  64. Stealthy-_ Knight

    Stealthy-_ Knight21 day ago

    my wifis fastest is 5 Mbps now i gonna cry in the conner

  65. Aidan Richardson

    Aidan Richardson21 day ago

    Bombing fruit fire difficult strike closely step presentation poverty.

  66. lil_dog _321

    lil_dog _32121 day ago

    Chill out my internet's like that everyday dude and that's the good and sometimes I've kilobytes

  67. Diego Arota

    Diego Arota22 days ago

    When first looking at the thumbnail, I thought this would have sucked

  68. Gaby Mckenner

    Gaby Mckenner22 days ago

    *i was busy thinkin bout*

  69. Χρήστος Παγκόπουλος

    Χρήστος Παγκόπουλος23 days ago

    My WiFi is rocking usually around 0.5 mbps so be grateful :)

  70. Jackabm

    Jackabm23 days ago

    try aussie internet

  71. LiL Tripppy

    LiL Tripppy23 days ago

    Literally I have 11 mbps download with 3 mbps upload speed 😔, feels bad man

  72. Ethan H

    Ethan H23 days ago

    What app is that

  73. Sabir Uddin

    Sabir Uddin23 days ago

    I have the BThub6 (one of the strongest WiFi) and it’s slow as hell (gets less than 5mbps)

  74. Adam Hussain

    Adam Hussain24 days ago

    I got 5mbps

  75. sung Earl

    sung Earl24 days ago

    That ken getting fired?ㅠㅠ

  76. omran panda

    omran panda24 days ago

    and for a second i was happy that i have 50mb :(

  77. Renson Nicor

    Renson Nicor24 days ago

    Our internet connecting here in the philippines really sucks. My fastest connection is only 4.5Mbps. :/

  78. Team Pascal

    Team Pascal24 days ago

    Don’t conplain! I only have 100mbps at home. My dad ordered 500mbps for a year though

  79. ApexPredator_

    ApexPredator_24 days ago

    Errrmmm... really guys? Just get a cisco wireless controller and set of APs. =_=)

  80. BigBoy Raccoon

    BigBoy Raccoon24 days ago

    Jeezus dude your veins are popping out. Do you work out? If so what kind of exercises? I know this is a weird comment

  81. Raeed Haque

    Raeed Haque24 days ago

    Trust me,if you own my router you'll know what bad WiFi is.

  82. Light Records Entertainment

    Light Records Entertainment25 days ago

    I have 10Mb and unifi equipment

  83. YCE Young Car Enthusiast

    YCE Young Car Enthusiast25 days ago

    My WiFi is really bad, can’t get fibre obtic, channels don’t work, can’t load up images. My internet is gone and will never be better. My internet is about to cut off again, goodbye guys.

  84. MoON Aurahh

    MoON Aurahh25 days ago

    Talking about TERRIBLE WIFI? TERRIBLE?!?!? I don't even have Wifi. I use LTE Data

  85. BlueJAY

    BlueJAY26 days ago

    the highest speed I've ever got is 1.2mb/s, but on average I get about 200kb/s

  86. MLGDumpTruck

    MLGDumpTruck26 days ago

    In Australia we get 5MBits/s 😢😢

  87. Slavik Babcuck

    Slavik Babcuck26 days ago

    Google WiFi is better

  88. Nani ondabeat

    Nani ondabeat26 days ago

    Your WiFi is trash, mine is always at 3.06

  89. gaming lols

    gaming lols27 days ago

    I've been watching MReporter for about a 1½h but the one vid that's on about WiFi it is really laggy

  90. Xx Kings xX

    Xx Kings xX27 days ago

    Lol my speed is 123kb that's good. Also teleport every 5 seconds in a game

  91. Tharsan J

    Tharsan J27 days ago

    Wavy ep

  92. peacekkqmark

    peacekkqmark27 days ago

    0:15 - What...?

  93. Sir Noodle

    Sir Noodle27 days ago

    I get 5mb download :|

  94. Sugar2000galaxy

    Sugar2000galaxy27 days ago

    What an odd way to say ASUS

  95. T- Smooth

    T- Smooth27 days ago

    That laugh was cringy asf.

  96. Waffle

    Waffle27 days ago


  97. AE Puppet

    AE Puppet27 days ago

    Can you add more than 3?

  98. Pavit Banerjee

    Pavit Banerjee27 days ago


  99. Daan Van Den Doel

    Daan Van Den Doel27 days ago

    Hi Austin what was the app you where using to see your mbits so i can see what i have

  100. Andrew

    Andrew27 days ago

    There’s my internet right there