Fixing Our Terrible WiFi 💀


  1. Ricardo Laranjeira

    Ricardo Laranjeira2 days ago

    7mb gang where you are?

  2. Jет кхпg

    Jет кхпg2 days ago

    Try to fix TDS wifi.... Its impossible.

  3. Markavoid

    Markavoid3 days ago

    My wifi speed is 20 megs

  4. Crimson Karma

    Crimson Karma5 days ago

    everyone knows that to get better wifi you need to download more wifi off the internet

  5. DarkDragonus

    DarkDragonus14 days ago

    How many times did Austin say "Straightforward"?

  6. Tek24

    Tek2415 days ago

    Is 72mbps good?

  7. Ryan Gordon

    Ryan Gordon15 days ago

    What app was that...

  8. Pewdiepie Channel

    Pewdiepie Channel16 days ago

    Mines is fucking trash

  9. Tony DNY

    Tony DNY16 days ago

    Why not use moca

  10. SortLight

    SortLight17 days ago

    I have a 10 mbps internet connection and I get 100 ms on asian servers and 200 after 8 pm till 11am (it feels good when ping drops under 100) I live in a place which contains no servers in for example fortnite there are servers all around my country but not in it. Sad

  11. Amv TV

    Amv TV18 days ago

    When you see triangles it's always the illuminati that your thinking😂😂

  12. Aldri

    Aldri18 days ago

    Can i just say that asus is aweasome Edit:gramatical correction

  13. Super Sandro

    Super Sandro21 day ago

    Where can i download a new router?


    SAIMAX GAME23 days ago

    Hey guys!, this is exhausting

  15. Ranjan Biswas

    Ranjan Biswas24 days ago

    And I have 12Mbps :)

  16. MINER PLAYZ974

    MINER PLAYZ97425 days ago


  17. Nathan Sagum

    Nathan Sagum28 days ago

    When I’m on my video game console, my download speed is around 20 mb/s and it makes me laugh all the time.

  18. Stephen Hints

    Stephen Hints28 days ago

    I got 2MB with like 15 devices on it. Please send help.

  19. Farmer Jim

    Farmer Jim29 days ago

    that system is so ugly.

  20. JyeThePieGuy

    JyeThePieGuy29 days ago

    Australia: 10 mbs any other country: 999 mbs

  21. Weep Gaming

    Weep GamingMonth ago

    0:02 Thats me *gets 0.34 mbps*

  22. Yes

    YesMonth ago

    Here I am, barely able to break 190 kbps down

  23. Asian Rice Farmer

    Asian Rice FarmerMonth ago

    My WiFi is so bad it doesn’t even work. :(

  24. Metallic 64

    Metallic 64Month ago


  25. Supreme Gaming

    Supreme GamingMonth ago

    If you go to India you will die on the spot seeing our 400 kbps at peak Internet.

  26. Supreme Gaming

    Supreme GamingMonth ago

    See linus's internet

  27. ian Di

    ian DiMonth ago

    My phone is asus you should check them out there cool

  28. مو مهم

    مو مهمMonth ago

    Iraq 250/k not / m

  29. InitiateBoss 172

    InitiateBoss 172Month ago

    Imposoble task

  30. Narz

    NarzMonth ago

    my wifi is usualy 5.7 mb/s but then at one moment it will turn into like 50 kb/s XD

  31. StrayCatBat

    StrayCatBatMonth ago

    Mine is 30.00 KB/s MAX!

  32. MA S

    MA SMonth ago

    i have 259kpbs 😁

  33. dank meme anonymous

    dank meme anonymousMonth ago

    Lol I can’t get 10mbps

  34. Michael Chen

    Michael ChenMonth ago

    2mbps is my wifi speed .

  35. CasualAmar

    CasualAmarMonth ago

    my wifi barley goes about 10kbs gta took 2 weeks to download and i opened up box and tweaked it and got 178 mbs

  36. 500 subs no vids!

    500 subs no vids!Month ago

    My WiFi is 4 meg and it doesn't even run at that

  37. TheEnderWarrior- Gaming

    TheEnderWarrior- GamingMonth ago

    300mbps Me: how I have 20mbps right next to the router

  38. Halo

    HaloMonth ago

    That 2megabytes per second is fast mate. We have 900bytes per second here in Australia (that’s for the rich)

  39. Halo

    HaloMonth ago

    bob dylan, r/whooooosh

  40. bob dylan

    bob dylanMonth ago

    Not true liar

  41. vono360

    vono360Month ago


  42. Cazan Delureanu Sorin Manuel

    Cazan Delureanu Sorin ManuelMonth ago


  43. Cazan Delureanu Sorin Manuel

    Cazan Delureanu Sorin ManuelMonth ago


  44. Grosvy Ramirez

    Grosvy RamirezMonth ago

    I only have 150 mbps and he had 300 wtf

  45. Alex Lopez

    Alex LopezMonth ago

    you should make a video of getting internet speed up to 2gb to 2gb down from comcast

  46. Noober - ROBLOX

    Noober - ROBLOXMonth ago

    im happy when i get an upload or download speed of 1mbps i dont know how internet can get that bad

  47. Levi Tate

    Levi TateMonth ago

    Will a better modem help

  48. Levi Tate

    Levi TateMonth ago


  49. Mac Pinwheel

    Mac PinwheelMonth ago

    that is 3x the speed of my wifi (100mbps)

  50. Kollapz

    KollapzMonth ago

    Looks like you fix bad things, is it possible if you could fix my wifi and my country and the people on it?

  51. GodTierAnime

    GodTierAnimeMonth ago

    Now this was helpful we need more internet speed in my house since i play alot on the switch and my family members stop by and visit my internet speed drops down i cant access to the eshop

  52. Domagoj Gašparić

    Domagoj GašparićMonth ago

    It this trio available in Croatia 🇭🇷?

  53. Minion Gaming

    Minion GamingMonth ago

    You can tell that is scripted

  54. FireMqster

    FireMqsterMonth ago

    Just use xfinity and your eyes will be opened

  55. Kyler Cannizzaro

    Kyler CannizzaroMonth ago

    Get eero. It also has tri band.

  56. MrCrimeScene 1225

    MrCrimeScene 1225Month ago

    My download speed is amazing, while my upload speed is so shit

  57. Thotslayer 58

    Thotslayer 58Month ago

    I get 17 mbps download speed

  58. oof im stuck with console

    oof im stuck with consoleMonth ago

    I have 75mbps when i get a pc i want ethernet but i need to make holes and run wires reeeeee

  59. not jonny

    not jonnyMonth ago

    Why didn't they just run Ethernet to the machines doing the video editing?

  60. Party

    PartyMonth ago

    Come to my house.. I gotta fix my extender all the time since I live right upstairs from the modem and the extender is about to die being like 5 years old



    300 wow I have 2 mbps

  62. ESPYCOOLGUY Ethan Munroe

    ESPYCOOLGUY Ethan MunroeMonth ago

    if you have wired eithernet where does it go ?

  63. SwooshGamer VN

    SwooshGamer VNMonth ago

    Really? I have a 5GHz wifi and i can't even get into 75% of speed in Speedtest

  64. Da4k-_Maxsing

    Da4k-_MaxsingMonth ago

    Hahahaha 200+mb a sec that will make me the happiest person ever Now you guess how much mb/s I get (I watch every vid on 144p

  65. Misaki

    MisakiMonth ago

    Nice i can barely get 2mbps on pc. Console my internet was fine 50-100mbps isnt good but decent compare to my speed on pc

  66. Woid - Gota

    Woid - GotaMonth ago

    bruh i have 50mbps

  67. Chris Rowlison

    Chris RowlisonMonth ago

    super like for the ethernet backhaul

  68. Tech

    TechMonth ago

    My WiFi is bad too :( it does also cut out sometimes. Sometimes I have to reboot it.

  69. AlecPanic

    AlecPanicMonth ago

    When he took out his phone in the second office i was half expecting his slow Wi-Fi speeds to still be over 100 mbps

  70. Stefan Timbur

    Stefan Timbur2 months ago

    and i thought 100up/100 down is not enough...


    TALHA JUBAYER2 months ago

    yeah ur wifi sucks ! iamusing 1 mbps all way around

  72. speedynerd

    speedynerd2 months ago

    Here I am in Australia struggling on 0.75mb/s

  73. Taku

    Taku2 months ago

    you think your WiFi sucks, go to Australia.

  74. Spencer

    Spencer2 months ago

    Weird thumbnail

  75. Im Kyle

    Im Kyle2 months ago

    And here I am sitting with 100kb/s

  76. Mitch

    Mitch2 months ago

    In Australia I get 10 MPs at its best

  77. SnowLeaf

    SnowLeaf2 months ago

    Every australian watching: "you have 300mbps. Well, I'm lucky if mine gets over 2mbps"

  78. Jey The Youtuber

    Jey The Youtuber2 months ago

    300 Mbps I have just max 50 mbps

  79. El Crunchero

    El Crunchero2 months ago

    $260 😶😐😑

  80. El Crunchero

    El Crunchero2 months ago

    My pc has 2mb speed for both :(

  81. MR Outro

    MR Outro2 months ago

    You wouldn't like it in the UK then as we are paying £65 just for 80mbps so i can only imagine how much we would have to pay for 300 !!

  82. Charmap 19

    Charmap 192 months ago

    hi guys this is Austin and our wifi SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  83. Cosmickiller 109

    Cosmickiller 1092 months ago

    I have asus cromebook

  84. David Pelaez

    David Pelaez2 months ago

    Your WiFi’s sucks my stongest connection was 0.30

  85. D KingdoM

    D KingdoM2 months ago

    I have an 2mbps internet & I downloaded many big games like GTA 5 on it you don't know how terrible experience was that & my father won't speed it up 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  86. odysseas. sanji

    odysseas. sanji2 months ago

    There's no way his wifi sucks.Austin has a lot of money since he is getting so many views.With the money he has he can easily afford a perfect internet connection,this video is clearly for views since slow connections are a common problem and asus sponsors him.

  87. JugheadJones67

    JugheadJones672 months ago

    Its sponsored. Fuck. That means it isnt his honest word.

  88. Drunk Splinter

    Drunk Splinter2 months ago

    _From WiFi to FiWiFi 👌_

  89. Anders Ballegaard

    Anders Ballegaard2 months ago

    Ask Cisco for a solution

  90. Deltasource

    Deltasource2 months ago

    All aussies here cry as “fast speed” in aus is the same as his second room 1mbps speed

  91. Usman Khan

    Usman Khan2 months ago

    LOL I am using a 2 Mbps of internet speed for free of my neighbor and I am pretty happy

  92. Colton Galbraith

    Colton Galbraith2 months ago

    i have a normal 5 mbps a second i would kill for 300 mbps

  93. Jagger

    Jagger2 months ago

    500mbps, France baby and like 40km away from Paris hehe

  94. BenjaminLee2009

    BenjaminLee20092 months ago

    @AustinEvans I'm getting no more than 28mbps on my smartphone and I thought that was fast. At least it seemed to me

  95. e2016ogel

    e2016ogel2 months ago

    I only have to wait a whole 24 hours for a 1 gig update

  96. Y NobxdyLikesMe

    Y NobxdyLikesMe2 months ago

    You guys should invest in gigabyte internet

  97. Miggybanana GT

    Miggybanana GT2 months ago

    Damn mine is 50mbps screw u PLDT!!

  98. Natedog223

    Natedog2232 months ago

    Mine is only 3 megabits

  99. Harry Kenny

    Harry Kenny2 months ago

    I uh tried the wifi app and my WiFi is 4 on a regular basis when I’m home alone and normally there’s 4 of us home 😯

  100. Per K Petersen

    Per K Petersen2 months ago

    Nice video 🙂👍. Love you Videos😊. Cheers from Denmark

  101. Pidgin Geometry Dash

    Pidgin Geometry Dash2 months ago

    and here i am getting 8mb/s

  102. hjcool331-Gaming

    hjcool331-Gaming2 months ago

    I get 2mbits every time

  103. ruby apple gameing

    ruby apple gameing2 months ago

    their second office wifi is better than mine at home :( :( mine goes to 100kb/s :(

  104. Robbie Mott

    Robbie Mott2 months ago

    FYI when using mesh wifi networking every device that links after the base point looses around %50 speed ish ;) still good to use tho is dark spots