Fixing Our Terrible WiFi 💀


  1. Splash

    SplashDay ago

    Camera Guy: My thumb was in the shot for some of that Austin: BAHAHABAJABBHBAHBAAHABSUDHSHBAAHHAUAAAUBAHAABAHABUABAHABAAHHAHAHABAHAAB Me: ..... it was not that funny relax

  2. Sneaky Sloth

    Sneaky Sloth2 days ago

    What app did he use to check his thing

  3. Muhammad Faiz Mohd Yunus

    Muhammad Faiz Mohd Yunus2 days ago

    Here in Malaysia, my internet is at 500Mbps download and 500Mbps upload for only RM139/month = $34USD approx.

  4. KH Metallic

    KH Metallic4 days ago

    I get 3000+ ping

  5. Rifat Ramadhan

    Rifat Ramadhan6 days ago

    Where can I buy that?

  6. Andrew Syde

    Andrew Syde10 days ago

    What if your average is 5 mbps next to the wifi

  7. Stach Jansen

    Stach Jansen11 days ago

    I am getting 20 MB max you literally have 10 times that wtf

  8. TSW Phantom

    TSW Phantom12 days ago

    My WiFi is only 725 kbs

  9. son Goku Uzumaki

    son Goku Uzumaki13 days ago

    Mine is a fucking abomination

  10. Emir Ahrezoğulları

    Emir Ahrezoğulları13 days ago

    My WiFi speed is 30 mbps but my ping doesn’t go under 170 why?

  11. Master Billy

    Master Billy18 days ago

    RIPs in the chat for that thumb

  12. Be Wu

    Be Wu18 days ago

    In Poland 2MB/s is a normal download speed 😥

  13. Zachary Herbst

    Zachary Herbst20 days ago

    his face when he laughs creeps me the fuck out... anyone else?

  14. FuzionGamerHD

    FuzionGamerHD21 day ago

    Dude ur WiFi is good I have less than 1 MBPS

  15. Monore

    Monore23 days ago

    do a fast gaming router

  16. jeryl benjamin

    jeryl benjamin24 days ago

    just download wifi duuh stupid channel

  17. Samuel Reddy

    Samuel Reddy25 days ago

    Here in Australia the WiFi is so slow it feels like it runs on a potato

  18. scorpio

    scorpio26 days ago

    "Bad wifi" try 5 megabits EVERYWHERE u go, not just in your office. Damm complainers

  19. Not your Boi

    Not your Boi26 days ago

    What is the difference from this and the google wifi

  20. RedKatanaPlayz

    RedKatanaPlayz26 days ago

    2:05 when I'm the camera man for anything

  21. Liam Brem

    Liam Brem27 days ago

    Google wifi

  22. gnome gang

    gnome gang27 days ago

    plz shut up i have 1 mb per second instaling gta 5 mmmmm 3 days!!

  23. Connor Naude

    Connor Naude27 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  24. tabzoogamer567

    tabzoogamer56727 days ago

    I only have max of 20 mb per second


    RICHARD CHAI28 days ago

    *Just Download more Megabits!* (computer spontaneously combusts) me: aw shit

  26. the odd 3s out

    the odd 3s outMonth ago

    my wifi is at 1 mbps

  27. MarioNumberTwo

    MarioNumberTwoMonth ago

    Mine is horrible

  28. LiamjjG

    LiamjjGMonth ago

    Sucks... yeah try around 500-600kb ! I understand you run an office but I would die for 1mb or so

  29. Maxy_Boy0

    Maxy_Boy0Month ago

    Guess what, i get 300kb/s

  30. The last Person you hope to die

    The last Person you hope to dieMonth ago

    Can it fix spectrum WiFi

  31. metty 214

    metty 214Month ago

    My internet is like 24mbs down and it is uselly even slower that’s why my videos take forever to upload

  32. Jack Cabadas

    Jack CabadasMonth ago

    Yeah can I please use your Pokémon snap machine

  33. Temmie gaming and memes

    Temmie gaming and memesMonth ago

    Wait do you live with Linus tech tips

  34. kevin krebs

    kevin krebsMonth ago

    only 300 Mbps? i have 1 Gbps up and down

  35. V Krutaghya Kothari

    V Krutaghya KothariMonth ago

    Indian people: Mom: I am so happy that we have a fast Wi - Fi... I can download 1 ebook of 1000 mb in 15 mins... Husband: Nah, I don't agree... Our wifi is shity... US has min: 1gbps Mom: Faints...

  36. M Viv

    M VivMonth ago

    Just use a old router as a repeater.


    ZDEX TANCHOMonth ago

    what the speed test app?

  38. abadi

    abadi2 months ago

    your camera is shit . the frame rate is so low

  39. Jose Papanah

    Jose Papanah2 months ago

    My isp advertises my internet at 1gigabit per minute meanwhile I’m getting about 7.1 mbps which is really slow what should I do

  40. Splattty 101

    Splattty 1012 months ago

    I get 1 mbps at my house

  41. yesisthebest

    yesisthebest2 months ago

    we fixed ours with Netgear Orbi RBK22 with RBS20 satellite

  42. Dandezor '

    Dandezor '2 months ago

    This would be a terrible name for the greek market


    CRAZY DAYZ2 months ago

    what you guys prolly have some bomb wifi compared to mine

  44. Mark Holloway

    Mark Holloway2 months ago

    I just brought a ethernet over power adaptor. Installed one in the main house and the other in the granny flat and stuck a router which I no longer use for my niece (Jess) It fixed her wifi issues.👍

  45. Andron MacBeton

    Andron MacBeton2 months ago

    Who's paying for that retarded gay shit?

  46. SwitchGamer 10

    SwitchGamer 102 months ago

    You don't even want to try my internet! Windstream. Welcome back to Georgia 😆

  47. 清水ケビン

    清水ケビン2 months ago

    From the thumbnail I thought it was an iron XD

  48. Pablo Felipe

    Pablo Felipe2 months ago

    So you connect it to the wall outlet and then connect it via an app?

  49. Pickle Pickles

    Pickle Pickles2 months ago

    At less he has wi if I don’t 😭

  50. Mr. Njcoolguy

    Mr. Njcoolguy2 months ago

    im so poor i only have 3mbps

  51. Ricardo Laranjeira

    Ricardo Laranjeira3 months ago

    7mb gang where you are?

  52. Jет кхпg

    Jет кхпg3 months ago

    Try to fix TDS wifi.... Its impossible.

  53. Markavoid Yt

    Markavoid Yt3 months ago

    My wifi speed is 20 megs

  54. Crimson Karma

    Crimson Karma3 months ago

    everyone knows that to get better wifi you need to download more wifi off the internet

  55. DarkDragonus

    DarkDragonus3 months ago

    How many times did Austin say "Straightforward"?

  56. Tek24

    Tek243 months ago

    Is 72mbps good?

  57. Ryan Gordon

    Ryan Gordon3 months ago

    What app was that...

  58. Pewdiepie Channel

    Pewdiepie Channel3 months ago

    Mines is fucking trash

  59. Tony DNY

    Tony DNY3 months ago

    Why not use moca

  60. SortLight

    SortLight3 months ago

    I have a 10 mbps internet connection and I get 100 ms on asian servers and 200 after 8 pm till 11am (it feels good when ping drops under 100) I live in a place which contains no servers in for example fortnite there are servers all around my country but not in it. Sad

  61. Amv TV

    Amv TV3 months ago

    When you see triangles it's always the illuminati that your thinking😂😂

  62. Aldri

    Aldri3 months ago

    Can i just say that asus is aweasome Edit:gramatical correction

  63. Super Sandro

    Super Sandro3 months ago

    Where can i download a new router?

  64. Syntax plays

    Syntax plays3 months ago

    Hey guys!, this is exhausting

  65. Ranjan Biswas

    Ranjan Biswas3 months ago

    And I have 12Mbps :)

  66. MINER PLAYZ974

    MINER PLAYZ9743 months ago


  67. Nathan Sagum

    Nathan Sagum4 months ago

    When I’m on my video game console, my download speed is around 20 mb/s and it makes me laugh all the time.

  68. Stephen Hints

    Stephen Hints4 months ago

    I got 2MB with like 15 devices on it. Please send help.

  69. Farmer Jim

    Farmer Jim4 months ago

    that system is so ugly.

  70. JyeThePieGuy

    JyeThePieGuy4 months ago

    Australia: 10 mbs any other country: 999 mbs

  71. Weep Gaming

    Weep Gaming4 months ago

    0:02 Thats me *gets 0.34 mbps*

  72. Yes

    Yes4 months ago

    Here I am, barely able to break 190 kbps down

  73. Asian Rice Farmer

    Asian Rice Farmer4 months ago

    My WiFi is so bad it doesn’t even work. :(

  74. KH Metallic

    KH Metallic4 months ago


  75. Supreme Gaming

    Supreme Gaming4 months ago

    If you go to India you will die on the spot seeing our 400 kbps at peak Internet.

  76. Supreme Gaming

    Supreme Gaming4 months ago

    See linus's internet

  77. ian Di

    ian Di4 months ago

    My phone is asus you should check them out there cool

  78. إيهاب فقط

    إيهاب فقط4 months ago

    Iraq 250/k not / m

  79. InitiateBoss 172

    InitiateBoss 1724 months ago

    Imposoble task

  80. Narz

    Narz4 months ago

    my wifi is usualy 5.7 mb/s but then at one moment it will turn into like 50 kb/s XD

  81. StrayCatBat

    StrayCatBat4 months ago

    Mine is 30.00 KB/s MAX!

  82. MA S

    MA S4 months ago

    i have 259kpbs 😁

  83. dank meme anonymous

    dank meme anonymous4 months ago

    Lol I can’t get 10mbps

  84. Michael Chen

    Michael Chen4 months ago

    2mbps is my wifi speed .

  85. CasualAmar

    CasualAmar4 months ago

    my wifi barley goes about 10kbs gta took 2 weeks to download and i opened up box and tweaked it and got 178 mbs

  86. banged mashe

    banged mashe4 months ago

    My WiFi is 4 meg and it doesn't even run at that

  87. TheEnderWarrior- Gaming

    TheEnderWarrior- Gaming4 months ago

    300mbps Me: how I have 20mbps right next to the router

  88. AdBlock

    AdBlock4 months ago

    That 2megabytes per second is fast mate. We have 900bytes per second here in Australia (that’s for the rich)

  89. AdBlock

    AdBlock4 months ago

    bob dylan, r/whooooosh

  90. bob dylan

    bob dylan4 months ago

    Not true liar

  91. vono360

    vono3604 months ago


  92. Cazan Delureanu Sorin Manuel

    Cazan Delureanu Sorin Manuel4 months ago


  93. Cazan Delureanu Sorin Manuel

    Cazan Delureanu Sorin Manuel4 months ago


  94. Grovsy Ramirez

    Grovsy Ramirez4 months ago

    I only have 150 mbps and he had 300 wtf

  95. Alex Lopez

    Alex Lopez4 months ago

    you should make a video of getting internet speed up to 2gb to 2gb down from comcast

  96. Noober - ROBLOX

    Noober - ROBLOX4 months ago

    im happy when i get an upload or download speed of 1mbps i dont know how internet can get that bad

  97. Levi Tate

    Levi Tate4 months ago

    Will a better modem help

  98. Levi Tate

    Levi Tate4 months ago


  99. yesisthebest

    yesisthebest4 months ago

    that is 3x the speed of my wifi (100mbps)

  100. Kollapz

    Kollapz4 months ago

    Looks like you fix bad things, is it possible if you could fix my wifi and my country and the people on it?

  101. GodTierAnime

    GodTierAnime4 months ago

    Now this was helpful we need more internet speed in my house since i play alot on the switch and my family members stop by and visit my internet speed drops down i cant access to the eshop

  102. Domagoj Gašparić

    Domagoj Gašparić4 months ago

    It this trio available in Croatia 🇭🇷?

  103. Matt Parker

    Matt Parker4 months ago

    You can tell that is scripted

  104. Steww fly booster

    Steww fly booster4 months ago

    Just use xfinity and your eyes will be opened