Finally... WILL SMITH!


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory9 days ago

    Thank you once again to all of you who left comments on his channel, you guys made this possible and we can't wait to share with you guys the rest of our journey with the Fresh Prince, much love

  2. beast 101385

    beast 1013857 hours ago

    Yes Theory I can't fuckin wait to see this

  3. Dan Ross

    Dan Ross16 hours ago

    If you would ask me. "Hey do you would like to join us jumping out of an helicopter?" I would think...never ever. But I would do it even I'm scared about this..."

  4. Blake Woods

    Blake Woods18 hours ago

    Yes Theory, no problamo. This video is so inspiring, it makes me want to seek discomfort. And that’s what I love doing. Love you guys.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Dan Ross

    Dan RossDay ago

    Yes Theory this week no video? :)

  6. Hallie Sobiecki

    Hallie Sobiecki2 days ago

    Omg me and will Smith have the same birthday, maybe I should bungee jump too

  7. Joel Deakin

    Joel Deakin40 minutes ago

    Can't wait

  8. MineBrine2343

    MineBrine2343Hour ago

    Will Smith launched his MReporter channel on my BIRTHDAY 😍😍❤️👌🏾

  9. The 5th King

    The 5th KingHour ago

    The ending gave me chills and smiles that I haven't felt in a long time!

  10. The 5th King

    The 5th KingHour ago

    3:38 lmaooo I fucking love you guys

  11. Chubbs

    ChubbsHour ago

    Amir is preserving his feeling s because he's Egyptian ahhhh see what you did there

  12. Tere Headaega

    Tere HeadaegaHour ago

    I only smiled while watching ittt

  13. Rebecca Busch

    Rebecca BuschHour ago

    Okay but why does this video have dislikes???

  14. Elen Atanesyan

    Elen AtanesyanHour ago

    Ammar looks like Elvis Presley in this video,, looks cool

  15. Roboticfalcon21 Main Channel

    Roboticfalcon21 Main ChannelHour ago

    I haven't seen this yet but I know you're gonna jump from a helicopter in my state. I'll be sure to try and go to the Grand Canyon to see you guys.

  16. mobzillaboy gaming

    mobzillaboy gaming2 hours ago

    Bounces up into the helli blades

  17. pau

    pau2 hours ago


  18. Random Guy

    Random Guy2 hours ago

    That reaction was priceless

  19. Dr. Flames

    Dr. Flames2 hours ago

    I wanna meet you guys so bad I also live in Montreal and you guys seem like pretty cool people.

  20. rowz1612

    rowz16123 hours ago

    If will smith was to doe during this stunt....

  21. VibesGoddess

    VibesGoddess3 hours ago


  22. SanjFX

    SanjFX3 hours ago


  23. focus oO

    focus oO4 hours ago

    Video was sh*t untill will Smith appeared☺

  24. Moto fiuza

    Moto fiuza5 hours ago


  25. Ethan Kaban

    Ethan Kaban5 hours ago

    2.1 mil i remember 75k


    GUUD KELLY5 hours ago

    Will for President!!!

  27. kt btw

    kt btw5 hours ago

    Goosebumps watching this!!

  28. tvrynx

    tvrynx5 hours ago


  29. Samone Talley

    Samone Talley6 hours ago

    NO JADA!!

  30. Faizan Kazmi

    Faizan Kazmi6 hours ago

    whats the song in the start called ??

  31. Pancho Master Garcia

    Pancho Master Garcia6 hours ago

    You should do this live

  32. Jackie Lowrey

    Jackie Lowrey6 hours ago

    Wow excited to see this happen!

  33. CIA

    CIA7 hours ago

    ....and started making trouble in the neighbourhood..

  34. Madison Reid

    Madison Reid7 hours ago

    You guys deserve more subs than pewdiepie

  35. Joe Peeler

    Joe Peeler7 hours ago

    Anyone else remember I am legend that was a great movie

  36. Do Bo

    Do Bo8 hours ago

    I've been watching Yes Theory since 5k subs a few years ago. I knew they would make it big.

  37. Do Bo

    Do Bo8 hours ago

    You would think that Will Smith would have left a comment here..

  38. Riccardo Bunyo

    Riccardo Bunyo8 hours ago

    4:58 привет

  39. Миша Гусев

    Миша Гусев8 hours ago

    What will smiths fav logo?

  40. Justine Malang

    Justine Malang8 hours ago

    Love YesTheory's purpose! You guys are awesome asf!

  41. Justin Coleman

    Justin Coleman8 hours ago

    Hey guys, I know this may sound a little silly, but I would like to meet you guys sometime in the near future. I live in Texas, so I would like to know how we can go about making this happen. Since you guys made a bold bet to meet one of the most popular movie stars in the world, I figured it would be easy to meet you guys. Let me know please.

  42. Maz

    Maz8 hours ago

    This is why l love Will Smith. Very humble and down to earth.

  43. Amirkhan Shavkatov

    Amirkhan Shavkatov9 hours ago

    couldve made video way shorter tbh but congrats

  44. Paul Wilson

    Paul Wilson9 hours ago

    This Is amazing

  45. Alfriandi MO

    Alfriandi MO9 hours ago

    Go to Indonesia

  46. Hassam Ali

    Hassam Ali9 hours ago

    These guys

  47. Isaac Mclane

    Isaac Mclane10 hours ago


  48. Nadia Skid

    Nadia Skid10 hours ago

    4:55 that guy says "hello" in russian

  49. winnie kariuki

    winnie kariuki10 hours ago

    This video made me smile

  50. clarice tat

    clarice tat11 hours ago

    Lol ‘I’ll cry in that corner..’

  51. Subbu Meyya

    Subbu Meyya11 hours ago

    August 25th - LP vs KSI September 25th- Yes theory and Big Will

  52. Mister Bolticus

    Mister Bolticus11 hours ago

    This video is pure good vibes

  53. Matt Wilson

    Matt Wilson12 hours ago

    He is so humble, what an awesome guy

  54. Xavier Michael

    Xavier Michael12 hours ago

    So, is Tom piloting or naw? Askin' for a friend. :)

  55. Max Cedergren

    Max Cedergren12 hours ago

    Song at 06:27?

  56. TaleOfA Ghost

    TaleOfA Ghost13 hours ago

    My birthday is on September 26th at 12:01 AM,if it was just two minutes earlier,me and Will would share the same birthday

  57. Vona Talks

    Vona Talks14 hours ago

    It’s so hard to be as bold as y’all :/

  58. Black Crusader

    Black Crusader14 hours ago

    This'll sure get them to 5m quick LMAO

  59. Leo Peink

    Leo Peink14 hours ago

    Maaaaaan! I'm SO looking foward to September!

  60. Nora Risicaris

    Nora Risicaris15 hours ago

    sep 25th is also my bd!!

  61. Oliver matthews

    Oliver matthews15 hours ago

    What kind of shoe is Amars pink ones??

  62. Gabor Varadi

    Gabor Varadi15 hours ago

    Good to see those 2 channel creating something special in youtube, something different then we used to get. These geezers were chasing that huge star to make it happen and clearly he is down for whatever they made up. However i live in Budapest i wish i had a chance to meet with either one of them. Big mans big time💪🏽 cant wait to see wag1

  63. Jared Eram

    Jared Eram15 hours ago

    What does it feel like to have pushed so hard for this channel and to now have a video on the top trending page and it just happens to include Will flipping Smith? It's got to feel great. Love you guys

  64. Diamond Latchison

    Diamond Latchison15 hours ago

    Wait Will is gonna be 50?! Damn lol that I keep thinkin when he first started DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince & then the show he was around my age (24) 🤯 made me feel a tad bit old lol wow

  65. Diamond Latchison

    Diamond Latchison15 hours ago

    That’s real tho. He is the Beyoncé if MReporter & Instagram 😂this has been amazing to see

  66. Alejandro Cortez

    Alejandro Cortez16 hours ago

    I challenge will Smith to meet me in person :)

  67. JaredSVX

    JaredSVX17 hours ago

    The next big question we need answered is....Will Tom Cruise be flying the helicopter?

  68. Patrick Stafford

    Patrick Stafford17 hours ago

    @YesTheory I know it's a little far out but you guys are always saying ask even if you think the answer will be no and to at least try. I've watched nearly every video if you're and I love the support you give to everyone, especially your fan base. So my question is, would there be any way I could come with you guys to this or anything thay you guys do?? I'd love to go and help build houses or something, just the only thing between me and that is the funding. However, I'm 18, and I just enlisisted in the Air Force, I'd really love to do something before I left for BMT in a couple months. Much love from Colorado 💜💜

  69. Rabi Ahmed

    Rabi Ahmed17 hours ago

    Yes theory, I challenge you to post or hijack another youtubers youtube or instagram account and post content for one week on their account ,I dont know if you ppl are going to read this or not, but people reading this ,plzz help me get their attention

  70. Pyluk Lockyer

    Pyluk Lockyer18 hours ago

    Love this!

  71. Alex Fields

    Alex Fields18 hours ago

    You guys should go to Las Vegas and do one of those challenges where you have no money or a place to sleep and you have to try to survive for 24 hours

  72. William Ross

    William Ross19 hours ago

    Wiil(give you brother intablet inside info)check on the Thai rescue yada(aside table bet u know what Will & ? Are saying)first to respond make the call( Iron Mike/Pink/Eminem are getting bidding on it)hahaha

  73. lazy bone

    lazy bone19 hours ago

    If yall are ever in houston ill be down for sum crazy cliff diving sky diving just something crazy

  74. William Ross

    William Ross19 hours ago

    Hey family.could you please make time if possible to dial afew followers here(oz)plus other countries?airballoon(hilarious/bonnie&clyde)wow.peace brother

  75. Zak Stone

    Zak Stone20 hours ago

    Will Smith is a legend

  76. Justin  Gutierrez

    Justin Gutierrez20 hours ago

    SOOOO AMAZING!!! A true example of “what if?”

  77. eel1331

    eel133120 hours ago

    Congrats guys, love the music

  78. Melissa Lynn

    Melissa Lynn20 hours ago

    Who dislikes this video ? Are you allergic to goodness?

  79. GV BRO

    GV BRO20 hours ago

    Fuck! Will Smith Is 50 now and now he looks like Lavar Ball

  80. It’sYaBoiiiiiiii

    It’sYaBoiiiiiiii20 hours ago

    The legend has arrived

  81. Magali STL

    Magali STL21 hour ago

    Félicitations les gars .... 👍

  82. Hepi Ghost

    Hepi Ghost21 hour ago

    Good luck guys !! Make it happen.


    LOUDBOY ARK21 hour ago

    i fucking love you guys you have challenged how i precieve life and altered my perspective keep it up long time supporter glad to see all your efforts pay off

  84. Pandora 73

    Pandora 7321 hour ago

    The big 50...word!!!!! Can't wait

  85. Pandora 73

    Pandora 7321 hour ago

    Will Smith is so darn humble.. a true humane human. Luv u guys

  86. K. Anahí Aguilar

    K. Anahí Aguilar21 hour ago

    OMG! i had the chills! sooooo happy for you guys! literally felt the excitement trough the video. I LOVE Will Smith! ♥️🙌🏼😭

  87. As you Were

    As you Were22 hours ago


  88. Niama Cathey

    Niama Cathey22 hours ago

    I deeply love this video y'all guys are definitely on the road to greatness ❤️❤️ ps I love will and we're from Philadelphia 🤗😊❤️❤️

  89. Matias acuña

    Matias acuña22 hours ago

    man i fking love Will... such a fantastic artist and human being

  90. Eric Making Waves

    Eric Making Waves22 hours ago

    I’m not a fanboy of basically anything, but holy crap this video just got me hyped. I can’t wait to see it happen dudes 😁

  91. Flynner2002

    Flynner200222 hours ago

    Stuff like this just makes me happy😊

  92. Will Walker

    Will Walker23 hours ago

    Convincing the Prince earns my Sub... great job!

  93. Toast Malone

    Toast Malone23 hours ago

    Intro song?

  94. Jade Berry

    Jade Berry23 hours ago

    Okay what about Anthony???!

  95. Rochile Khan

    Rochile Khan23 hours ago


  96. BoxesofBones

    BoxesofBones23 hours ago

    I wanna me Will Smith so bad. I was living through yall for this.

  97. Ale Rod

    Ale Rod23 hours ago

    I can’t believe this!!! I’ve beeb watching since 100k and this is a huge milestone. Also congrats on 2mil!!

  98. maria alejandra villanueva

    maria alejandra villanueva23 hours ago

    Great now I have to wait till September

  99. Harsh Vardhan Singh

    Harsh Vardhan Singh23 hours ago

    What's Will's favorite logo?

  100. SyMaxer

    SyMaxerDay ago

    6:25 song???? Heard it long time ago and forgot the name shazam cant find it...

  101. Arave

    AraveDay ago

    The minute i press "The Theory" video i just couldn't stop watching it. You guys have the most humble, cozy & fresh videos. Just lost a job few months ago & felt soo depressed & lost but after watching your videos it just gives me hope & brightens my day.

  102. Nothin

    Nothin6 hours ago

    Arave . wicked

  103. Lee Hatann

    Lee HatannDay ago

    I wonder if Will ever asked Tom Cruise to fly the helicopter as he had stated was a condition in his Challenge Accepted video.

  104. mark Borisov

    mark BorisovDay ago

    How can u even dislike?

  105. Ne1tu

    Ne1tuDay ago




    you guys are so rich in experiences it is crazy!! to me, you guys are as wealthy as millionaires