Finally... WILL SMITH!


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory7 months ago

    Thank you once again to all of you who left comments on his channel, you guys made this possible and we can't wait to share with you guys the rest of our journey with the Fresh Prince, much love

  2. LilHype Lean

    LilHype Lean3 months ago

    I love what you guys do I have been chasing my dream of being a robotic engineer I am so close to having it in my grasp being a 9th grader an watching your vids have taught me a lot the biggest one is never give up an keep seeking

  3. Esha Bhardwaj

    Esha Bhardwaj5 months ago

    Thank you!!! I love Will Smith.

  4. Quaza Gaming

    Quaza Gaming5 months ago

    Yes Theory This was ABSOLUTELY Ãwëšòmę

  5. Tunes4Life

    Tunes4Life6 months ago

    +Yes Theory So can't wait for this! Love from the island of Mauritius!!!

  6. Ron Blox

    Ron Blox7 hours ago

    9:34 they're listening soooo hard xd

  7. Sam Roberts

    Sam Roberts22 hours ago

    Ahhh that’s hot

  8. Dunild

    DunildDay ago


  9. Aiden Sorabji

    Aiden SorabjiDay ago


  10. Jesse McFarland-Ward

    Jesse McFarland-WardDay ago

    8:08 that’s hot that’s hot

  11. Jesse McFarland-Ward

    Jesse McFarland-WardDay ago

    7:25 it’s rewind time


    NOAH GRATIL3 days ago

    I dare you to fly to alaska for no reason

  13. Itz_ Zcord

    Itz_ Zcord3 days ago

    Yoo that hott

  14. SamPro

    SamPro5 days ago

    I don't know why, but one of the best things in the world (to me anyway) is seeing grown men just turn back into children. This video is the embodiment of that.

  15. SamPro

    SamPro5 days ago

    3:28 Matt can't keep a straight face! XD

  16. Adam Woods

    Adam Woods5 days ago

    8:09 hmmmmm

  17. lmm Mack

    lmm Mack8 days ago

    Aaa that’s hot

  18. ZenixPK

    ZenixPK10 days ago

    Will smith is the best actor ever in my opinion a hard worker

  19. Kenny Jones aka relientkenny

    Kenny Jones aka relientkenny10 days ago

    turns out this film he was filming was Aladdin

  20. Sticky Tones

    Sticky Tones11 days ago

    This is so cool

  21. Nikki

    Nikki12 days ago

    8:08 foreshadowing rewind 2018?

  22. STOP Operation Blackout Officer Lvl 45 Boss

    STOP Operation Blackout Officer Lvl 45 Boss13 days ago

    Yaaaaaa if would control rewind Oooh Daz Hod Daz Hod

  23. Jonathan Duenas

    Jonathan Duenas14 days ago

    8:08 Ooh thats hot thats hot

  24. Hunter Kanthakhiao

    Hunter Kanthakhiao15 days ago

    I love your channel, man! It's like hanging out with friends.

  25. Toryn Batte

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  26. Aguilasaurus

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  27. VaPoRiSaTiOnZ

    VaPoRiSaTiOnZ16 days ago

    Ahaha das hawt, das hawt!

  28. Garrett Leute

    Garrett Leute17 days ago

    Come up to Colorado

  29. Knvasion

    Knvasion18 days ago

    Ahhh, That's Hot

  30. Simon Edward

    Simon Edward19 days ago

    Woah Will Smith is a nice guy!

  31. Karimunjawa Explore

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  32. Justin y. Sister

    Justin y. Sister22 days ago

    Wassup dudes

  33. zeko1950

    zeko195023 days ago

    8:07 Will Smith:Ooooo that's hot

  34. Tindra

    Tindra23 days ago

    why do I always cry when I watch your videos lol

  35. Raff lol

    Raff lol25 days ago

    Aaahh... Thats hot!

  36. Yhanes Diones143

    Yhanes Diones14325 days ago

    Will Smith is the coolest guy!!! Nice

  37. GameTogether

    GameTogether26 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  38. STOP Operation Blackout Officer Lvl 45 Boss

    STOP Operation Blackout Officer Lvl 45 Boss13 days ago

    GameTogether whate where is your maximilianmus profile pic * Swedish Accent*

  39. Michael Brito Diaz

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  40. Alexprogaming 2 ._.

    Alexprogaming 2 ._.27 days ago

    Oh thats hot, thats hot

  41. Minestars Dnr

    Minestars Dnr28 days ago

    Let’s go bungee jumping Will Smith

  42. STOP Operation Blackout Officer Lvl 45 Boss

    STOP Operation Blackout Officer Lvl 45 Boss13 days ago

    Minestars Dnr oh yeah yeah

  43. Brothers Foundation

    Brothers Foundation28 days ago


  44. Lee Morris

    Lee Morris29 days ago

    Love Will Smith ✌️

  45. Adrian Dorfsmith

    Adrian DorfsmithMonth ago

    Ooh that's hot, that's hot

  46. Simon Steffensen

    Simon SteffensenMonth ago

    What's the song that starts from 6:28 named?

  47. yos doggo

    yos doggo6 hours ago


  48. Joshua Stein

    Joshua SteinMonth ago

    8:08 is why rewind was what it was

  49. Degoye666

    Degoye666Month ago

    Oo thats hot

  50. Tortenschlacht

    TortenschlachtMonth ago

    That's hot

  51. xXSelfishSanta xX

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  52. EcLiPsE _97

    EcLiPsE _97Month ago

    It rewind time

  53. Simon Blaženić

    Simon BlaženićMonth ago

    8:09 ThATs H0t

  54. Lemon7020

    Lemon7020Month ago

    gaah it's rewind time

  55. aaron tee

    aaron teeMonth ago

    stay strong ammar

  56. Devitya

    DevityaMonth ago

    Russian men at 4:57 =)

  57. SamuelWayne

    SamuelWayneMonth ago

    OMG, and I had not watched this video, it's awesome

  58. Grace McNally

    Grace McNallyMonth ago

    I love Will Smith's laugh!!!!

  59. superdoge Mclean

    superdoge McleanMonth ago

    Will is a legend

  60. Liam Mangisel

    Liam MangiselMonth ago

    im late to everything, so i wont get a chance to see the live stream

  61. Random Stuff

    Random StuffMonth ago

    4 fully grown men squealing together in a bed

  62. Storm Justin

    Storm JustinMonth ago

    That hot only 2019 will know

  63. Marshall Warner

    Marshall WarnerMonth ago

    this has aged even better after rewind 2018

  64. Jason Yong Xuan

    Jason Yong XuanMonth ago

    That's hot

  65. Talesis

    TalesisMonth ago

    8:08 Will repeating his ligns for the 2018's rewind

  66. E.M 14

    E.M 14Month ago

    You were the ones who dared him! I didn't know! This was on dutch news😂😂😂

  67. Mason Dueck

    Mason DueckMonth ago

    8:08 Will: oooooo that’s hot FORSHADOWING THE DARK AGE OF MReporter

  68. Luke Marooney

    Luke MarooneyMonth ago

    4:08 that sound is so funny!

  69. AfkAlpha

    AfkAlphaMonth ago

    8:08 Thats hot.. thats hot

  70. Kai Samman

    Kai SammanMonth ago

    Rewind time

  71. EverythingOverwatch

    EverythingOverwatchMonth ago

    Marqass Brownie

  72. DomexKW

    DomexKWMonth ago

    EverythingOverwatch Markass brownie

  73. KandiesKane

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    Ahaha Its rewind time

  75. Ethan Yepiz-Foat

    Ethan Yepiz-FoatMonth ago

    yaaaah its rewind time

  76. Guess Idk

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  77. Ali Khan

    Ali Khan2 months ago

    It's rewind time

  78. EventSolutions

    EventSolutions2 months ago

    Oooooh, this is hot!

  79. Stefanos Nikolaou

    Stefanos Nikolaou2 months ago

    aaaaaaaaaugh that's hot

  80. WolfyFox Brother

    WolfyFox Brother2 months ago

    OMG dude Will Smith's birthday is on the same day as my birthday, September 25th. I wish I was there I'm always so bored Lol.

  81. LΞTMΞX

    LΞTMΞX2 months ago

    "That's hot." Will Smith 2018

  82. Lizzie Rowe

    Lizzie Rowe2 months ago

    Mannnnn will smith better than Beyoncé

  83. SirCommoner

    SirCommoner2 months ago

    8:08 Oh wow, he memed before Rewind

  84. VidGameDunk

    VidGameDunk2 months ago

    That's hot, that's hot. MReporter rewind 2018 sucked

  85. dough boy

    dough boy2 months ago

    Who else cringed a little at 7:28


    TROUVAILLE2 months ago


  87. Ben Anter

    Ben Anter2 months ago

    if you actually listen to will smith, you will get to meet will smith

  88. ayesha wali

    ayesha wali2 months ago

    WILL he ever age, SMITHings up guys.

  89. Squid Burger

    Squid Burger2 months ago

    Holy shit, my birthday is 3 days away from will smith's

  90. Sinead Rose

    Sinead Rose2 months ago

    I love the guy at 4:57 saying hello in Russian 😂😂

  91. Ray Cusack

    Ray Cusack2 months ago


  92. QueenNiya

    QueenNiya2 months ago

    Aww Sep 25 is 5 days after my bday

  93. zaden Redding

    zaden Redding2 months ago

    Omg he’s so pure and amazing this is why I love him because hes not stuck up or trying to be someone else like a lot of celebs at his level of fame and him with yes theory could cure the world of all of its problems

  94. catelyn ciru

    catelyn ciru2 months ago

    I don't know why I keep coming back to watch this... Thank you guys... Loads of love from Kenya 🇰🇪

  95. Haylee littig

    Haylee littig2 months ago

    Will looks damn good for his age😎

  96. Kevin

    Kevin2 months ago

    Ffs cant believe i was in budapest at the same time

  97. KitKat

    KitKat2 months ago

    Will Smith For President!!!

  98. Aisha Upmanyu

    Aisha Upmanyu2 months ago

    My favourite MReporter channel

  99. Egg Deception

    Egg Deception2 months ago

    I subbed

  100. Diyaiscool12

    Diyaiscool122 months ago

    Well I guess I have the same bday as will smith

  101. Ice

    Ice2 months ago

    I waited 8 months for this

  102. Gage Borntrager

    Gage Borntrager2 months ago

    Sep 25 is my bday😂😂😂

  103. Michael Gentilella

    Michael Gentilella2 months ago

    Jim Carrey and will are my favorite actors and motivation awoken speakers lovem

  104. Thomas Wilson

    Thomas Wilson2 months ago

    is that ben fucking stiller

  105. Vlad Petre

    Vlad Petre2 months ago

    You guys are the best!

  106. Fernanda Rodriguez

    Fernanda Rodriguez2 months ago

    so i waited 11 minutes to not see it happen.. smh but its ok love u guys

  107. Just_Rinesa

    Just_Rinesa2 months ago

    No fking way my bd is on 23 sept and you’re telling me now that Will smith’s is 2 days after my birthday No fking way!

  108. joe Lewis

    joe Lewis3 months ago

    I was actually just the 3 millionth sub