1. Yessenia Torres

    Yessenia TorresHour ago

    I like how Lena shared some of her money. Makes me happy I would definitely do the same

  2. Yessenia Torres

    Yessenia TorresHour ago

    For some strange reason I wanted Dom or Taylor to win.

  3. Sierra Rayne

    Sierra Rayne2 hours ago

    LENAAAAAA!!!! Been you since day one

  4. Sabina Wiebe

    Sabina Wiebe3 hours ago

    I cried to. Such a good series and such a great final

  5. Chelsea E

    Chelsea E4 hours ago

    why am i crying

  6. Rick Russo

    Rick Russo5 hours ago

    Much loveee

  7. gaming girl 200

    gaming girl 2006 hours ago

    What if they had a fan be in one of the series

  8. Rachel Perez-Puello

    Rachel Perez-Puello8 hours ago

    Thank you SeatGeek!

  9. michele estes

    michele estes16 hours ago

    been rootin for lena since the beginning!!! love her sooo muchh!!!!!

  10. are you choking

    are you choking18 hours ago

    im just glad dom didnt win

  11. Rhf ,Hsn.

    Rhf ,Hsn.19 hours ago

    I literally exploded in tears when jc shoutout to kian

  12. aliya

    aliya22 hours ago

    Lena really deserved it no questions asked. To everyone feeling bad for Taylor, of course its unfortunate that she lost but this is what she signed up for and she really shouldn’t have been so rude and obnoxious from the beginning. Really didn’t root for her at all through out the show. But that doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge her strength and perseverance. She really smashed many of the challenges and kept going despite having everyone against her (which is her own fault but oh well). Kian&Jc y’all did an amazing job with this season. I’m throughly impressed and rooting for a season 3 already! So well executed and an upgrade from season 1. Y’all are amazing.

  13. JazVaughn

    JazVaughnDay ago

    I honestly really thought Taylor was gonna win

  14. Alanys Calzada

    Alanys CalzadaDay ago

    this was definitely the best ending🥺

  15. Alanys Calzada

    Alanys CalzadaDay ago

    Lena is an amazing human being

  16. Alanys Calzada

    Alanys CalzadaDay ago

    im so proud of Lena 🥺

  17. Willow Hallback

    Willow HallbackDay ago

    bruh why am i crying like a fricking BABY

  18. Mika

    MikaDay ago

    i’m so glad lena won!! she’s an amazing person and the sweetest 🥺♥️

  19. noe lani

    noe laniDay ago

    well done

  20. Tia Lipscomb

    Tia LipscombDay ago

    Thank You Seatgeek!

  21. Arianaromerro

    ArianaromerroDay ago


  22. SabrinaChic

    SabrinaChic2 days ago

    Lena sharing the money is exactly why they call her Lena the Plug

  23. Rafsan Jany

    Rafsan Jany2 days ago

    everyone: stressed , pissed etc manny: awww , yes dora

  24. lillie

    lillie2 days ago


  25. Daniii

    Daniii2 days ago

    Lena is so kind and genuine she deserves it so much 👏🏼 I cried when jc gave kian a shoutout and called him partner in crime like bitch i love them so muuchh!! 😭😍 congrats guys!! Ps Harrison better bring his ass back in S3 and win it

  26. M. A.

    M. A.2 days ago

    Literally cried with them at the end! Love ya guys, you really did do something big❣️

  27. M. A.

    M. A.2 days ago

    Thank you Andy!!!

  28. M. A.

    M. A.2 days ago

    I was rooting for ya Lena🤗

  29. Mindy

    Mindy2 days ago

    Thank you seatgeek! And thank you JC and kian! You guys are the greatest! Can't wait to see season 3!! LET'S GOOOOO!!!!!!!

  30. ryan dennison

    ryan dennison3 days ago

    i kinda ship dom and lena😂

  31. Travis Bailey

    Travis Bailey3 days ago

    Really wanted dom to win, thought he played the villain really well

  32. Skye_2609

    Skye_26093 days ago

    I shed a tear when kian and Jc hugged😕their friendship is incredible and the love they have for eachother is shown in every video, the most genuine, humble, kindest youtubers I’ve watched ❤️

  33. Arlis Fernandez

    Arlis Fernandez3 days ago

    21:38... they’re literally bout to announce the winner and I want it to be lena so bad but I feel like it’s taylor; i’ll be back IT’S LENA HAHAHAHAHA YES PERIOD

  34. Molly Marie

    Molly Marie3 days ago

    Taylor I was rooting for you girl.

  35. Savannah Clare

    Savannah Clare3 days ago

    They all showed extremely great sportsmanship when the winner was announced it was so sweet!!!

  36. Samantha XX

    Samantha XX3 days ago rewatching it and im just out here crying all over again!!!!! wtfff IM SO FKING PROUD WHAT EVENDHSKCHWH

  37. P. Haus

    P. Haus3 days ago

    Kian crying is my fave part

  38. Lana Fan Forever

    Lana Fan Forever3 days ago

    I just finished watching this omg I’m like 😭

  39. ____

    ____3 days ago

    Kian and Jc - make a reality show. Also kian and Jc - messy sauce shower

  40. Lizzy B.

    Lizzy B.4 days ago

    The ending had meeee cryinggggg 😩😩

  41. Lizzy B.

    Lizzy B.4 days ago

    I fucking love the ending 😭😭

  42. Brianna Baker

    Brianna Baker4 days ago

    I was voting for Lena since the season started. I didn’t even know who she was but I could tell she had a sweet soul. Also JC and Kian have the sweetest hearts too, y’all are the best and by far my favorite youtubers I don’t even get on MReporter much but just to watch your channel! ❤️

  43. Yesenia Campos

    Yesenia Campos4 days ago

    Lena is the one I related to the most, I was rooting for her, and I’m glad it ended the way it did

  44. Stephanie Snider

    Stephanie Snider4 days ago

    I love Kians shirt! #3

  45. Rø Kami

    Rø Kami4 days ago

    ok is it just me or does dom kinda look like a heavier zac efron

  46. heather thérèse

    heather thérèse4 days ago

    I cried so much at the end. So proud of you guys. All the love to u. All you do is improve in every video !! You both are amazing and the bond you have is so strong. And no don't worry I didn't skip till the end , I watched all 11 .love U!!!! Sponsored by seatgeeeek

  47. LeineahCx

    LeineahCx4 days ago

    i cried when k&j hugged at the end OMG

  48. Hayden 1234

    Hayden 12344 days ago

    This season was so good! Can’t wait for season 3! (Other people drop other MReporterr suggestions) People I think would be interesting to watch in this would be those are all MReporterrs Nicolette gray, Dolan twins , David dobrik, Maddie Lambert (she is 16 but is a single mom), Alana arbucci.

  49. LaurensDesigns

    LaurensDesigns4 days ago

    I'm honestly shocked, she was annoying but..she was sooo good at everything!!

  50. Mandi Ma

    Mandi Ma4 days ago

    awww i love you guys

  51. LaurensDesigns

    LaurensDesigns4 days ago

    I Love the puzzle challenge. !

  52. Nina Morales

    Nina Morales4 days ago

    I’m sorry taylor was so annoying

  53. Amy Gonzalez

    Amy Gonzalez4 days ago

    So proud of you guys💗

  54. Bry Marcogliese

    Bry Marcogliese4 days ago

    Lena is a HARD 13/10. Dream girl.

  55. isabella G

    isabella G4 days ago


  56. Sabrina Bel

    Sabrina Bel4 days ago

    can we have the ppl on the reality house be regular ass normal people cause I WANNA DO THIS! lmao, i love knj

  57. cris aguiar

    cris aguiar4 days ago

    Jc's shoutout to Kian was a total proposal I cried

  58. Andrue Olivas

    Andrue Olivas4 days ago

    Lena is actually so hot

  59. cris aguiar

    cris aguiar4 days ago

    Kian: How much do we get? Lena: All the SeatGeek money. HAHAHAHAHAHA I cant breathe I just lost it

  60. Makenzie White

    Makenzie White4 days ago

    taylor ain’t nobody proud of you smh