Film Theory: Wall-E's SECRET Villain (Disney Pixar's Wall-E)


  1. Nicholas Keogh

    Nicholas Keogh6 hours ago

    well that video was a waste of time

  2. IsisWard1

    IsisWard19 hours ago

    My only complaint is that archaeologists don't study dinosaur bones. Paleontologists do.

  3. Kids Steinorth

    Kids Steinorth14 hours ago

    I live in Arizona. Few it’s hot well not right now it cold

  4. Mattpats De best

    Mattpats De best16 hours ago

    Take a compliment

  5. As below, so above

    As below, so above18 hours ago

    This is so sad. Can we commit cannibalism?

  6. Foxy Gekkerson

    Foxy GekkersonDay ago

    Let’s not forget that this is pretty much exactly what’s happening in the real world. People like to advocate that we need to do stuff like go vegan and recycle more, but that will never save us when we consider the fact that just 100 corporations are responsible for over 70% of the world’s pollution. In terms of garbage, food waste is another major problem that starts long before the food has an opportunity to spoil in your fridge. Supermarkets and restaurants throw out copious amounts of unsold food on a regular basis rather than give it to soup kitchens or directly to the homeless, pretty much taking the Louis Vuitton approach that they would rather see their products destroyed than in the hands of poor people (And I’m not even exaggerating at all on that metaphor. Louis Vuitton literally burns the handbags that they can’t sell to keep poor people from getting them at a discount.) Farmers are also complicit in food waste. Just as an example, nearly 40% of bananas are left to rot in the fields because they don’t meet supermarket aesthetic standards. If a banana is too long, too short, too bent, too straight, or too discolored, grocery stores won’t buy them simply because don’t like to sell ugly produce. Scientists have determined that we have just over 10 years to stop global warming before it becomes irreversible and dooms humanity. The people are not nearly as responsible for pollution as corporations are. Corporate greed is what’s killing our planet, and corporate greed is an inextricable part of capitalism. Capitalism requires infinite growth to sustain itself, which is unsustainable in a system of finite resources. The solution is simple: If humanity is to survive into the next century, we must destroy capitalism before it destroys us.

  7. hilding paaso

    hilding paasoDay ago

    in sweden you get cash for recycling plastic bottles and tin cans

  8. Joshua Cobey

    Joshua CobeyDay ago

    Hey they said that the robots brought back all the humans on the ship they launched a bunch of ships Almost all of the humans are still in space because they the robots only got back one ship

  9. Joshua Cobey

    Joshua CobeyDay ago

    I knew that BUY IN large is evil

  10. ღDawn Drawsღ

    ღDawn DrawsღDay ago

    wait twinkies.... 700-year-old twinkies?

  11. Fusion Flara

    Fusion FlaraDay ago

    Ahh MatPat...ruining childhoods with an adorable robot friend who learned how to love...

  12. Alexandru Arghian

    Alexandru ArghianDay ago


  13. Ethan

    Ethan2 days ago

    Not to mention that B&L then made the people eat each other. B&L is probably the most monstrous villain in any animated movie.

  14. Spider-man

    Spider-man2 days ago

    3:30 XD

  15. F e s t i v e B l e u

    F e s t i v e B l e u2 days ago

    You think Wall-E is cute? Give up. He is ok with people eating Humans and picks up trash which When you think about it he Will become basically trash because He will eventually finish and will Not be needed. Welp yeah. It’s ok. It’s just a theory. A film theory. And cut! By the way this is sponsored by a Every recycling company ever.

  16. TheMeme Factrory

    TheMeme Factrory2 days ago

    Garbologist 😐

  17. Wolfie dose gacha!

    Wolfie dose gacha!3 days ago

    Who else at 10:30 saw Ireland and Brazil 2 of my favourite countries 😊🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  18. Hexagone Player

    Hexagone Player3 days ago

    But humans in the cruisers don't earn money

  19. Sadra Saharkhiz

    Sadra Saharkhiz3 days ago

    He forgot about trash decomposing

  20. Tigris The Tiger Animatronic

    Tigris The Tiger Animatronic3 days ago

    If the intro was true, who would be surprised anymore?

  21. koopacamander

    koopacamander4 days ago

    1:30 seconds in {looks down at the tub of popcorn on my lap. and to my right a can of coca-cola" FUUUUUUuuuuuu

  22. Princessivie6666

    Princessivie66664 days ago

    What if the president if BnL became the president of the United States? Think about it, Trump a business man was able to do it so could this guy. And since it's in the future it would be a more accepted idea. As president he would be able to accomplish this alot faster

  23. arkade /

    arkade /4 days ago

    Duh duh DUH!

  24. Watson Hubble

    Watson Hubble4 days ago

    But still run out of money

  25. ThatLittleKitten

    ThatLittleKitten5 days ago

    Cool! I never knew this!!

  26. eggs eggs

    eggs eggs5 days ago


  27. eggs eggs

    eggs eggs5 days ago

    6:02 I go to that mall

  28. Blizzic

    Blizzic5 days ago

    The true culprit... was corporate greed all along! Who could have guessed?!

  29. Gino Werwolf

    Gino Werwolf5 days ago

    Matpat:cars me:hahahahhahahahahahahahaha

  30. Owen Edgson

    Owen Edgson6 days ago

    but what good would it be for bnl to have loads of money, if there is nothing for them to spend it on?

  31. jobob 43219

    jobob 432196 days ago

    Unless people were being payed people wouldn't have money to give BnL in space because people have been up in space for 700 years without working because of the robot crew

  32. jobob 43219

    jobob 432196 days ago

    So in the end BnL is actually losing money

  33. Hector Delgado

    Hector Delgado6 days ago

    Alright, B & L got all that money, but unless B & L is planning on establishing a kind of monarchy after their return to the Earth, there are 2 main problems (I see) with this theory: A) People aboard the Axiom do not seem to have a means to work, so they do not really produce any money whatsoever. They are comfortably sitting on a floating chair all day (not working nor generating money) buying stuff ... That does not seem like a feasible economic system right? B) Alright, B & L got all the money from everybody ... now what? How do the B & L managers or owners enjoy their money if there is literally no Earth to enjoy it on or anything. What are they going to buy? Their own products? Where are they going to travel? Other Axioms? What are they going to invest on? What is that money worth if everything you could possibly spend it on is gone? Because realistically speaking, the average person wants money to maintain a lifestyle (home, car, education, luxury, etc.) and the few richer think about investments in properties, businesses, etc. But all that is gone along with the Earth. What is left for B & L to buy?

  34. Chiqui Dionisio

    Chiqui Dionisio6 days ago



    NOBISEC6 days ago

    Let's collaborate!

  36. Zakari Azhari

    Zakari Azhari6 days ago

    'Send the rubbish into space they said.' What if the humans are the rubbish 😮😮😮😮😮 If anyone sees this, it was just a thought. I don't have any evidence.

  37. Kosmos

    Kosmos7 days ago

    I'm pretty sure this was blatantly obvious to almost everyone

  38. Kaitlyn Sutcliffe

    Kaitlyn Sutcliffe7 days ago

    We're here for a good time, not a long time.

  39. NoNeed2Pay

    NoNeed2Pay7 days ago

    LoL, u tell them! Do u have a video about the truth of "Paperless" paperless is BAD for the economy.

  40. Mr Sesh

    Mr Sesh7 days ago


  41. Spider-man

    Spider-man2 days ago


  42. Paloma HB

    Paloma HB8 days ago

    There's grownups and babies, but where are the CHILDREN?!

  43. Narelle Hyndes

    Narelle Hyndes8 days ago

    Go green keep blue SO IS IT BLUE OR GREEN TELL MEEEEEEE!!!!!

  44. Kat is Typing.

    Kat is Typing.7 days ago


  45. Narelle Hyndes

    Narelle Hyndes8 days ago

    What am I doing I should just delete this

  46. Narelle Hyndes

    Narelle Hyndes8 days ago

    Don’t say I’m odd I know I’m odd

  47. Narelle Hyndes

    Narelle Hyndes8 days ago

    A comment on a comment on a comment

  48. Narelle Hyndes

    Narelle Hyndes8 days ago

    Yeah I just comment on my own comment

  49. Olga Me

    Olga Me8 days ago

    I just realised how do people in the axiom get jobs to get the money off the consumers theory into that one any much

  50. Kieran Campire

    Kieran Campire9 days ago

    I've not seen the entire video yet but judging by the opening it's got me wanting to comment something already haha Honestly since seeing more environmental messages, going to college for animal care, seeing the effects we have on our Earth, and just generaly becoming more aware, i slightly see how bad the issue is, i won't even pretend to understand it fully, just the parts i see, take something like Kinder eggs, think how many are produced, think how much plastic those things have in them, the plastic shell with the plastic toy, but then there's an "unseen" side of it too, knock offs, think how many knock offs are, think how many are produced daily, the plastics those contain, think of the cheaper cuts made and certain things they bypass, like sustainability, do the same with things like slime, shampoo, razors, clothing, equipment, every product out there, it all meets that, think of how much of it is out there in the world, how much is mass produced, and where it all ends up going, it's crazy we don't see more rubbish, waste, and envrionmental destruction than what we do when you think about it, but even beyond plastic, like the wood needed for the paper or cardboard these products come with, the energy and pollution made while making these things Then i think of myself, a hypocrite, not only do i spend all my time online with electricity, not only do i buy these things, but i mean, when i look around me i see pretty boxes for packaging i like that i don't wanna throw away, cute wrappers, worthless games, needless Christmas decorations, so much more, and i hoard these, but for what purpose and for what cost? I think about all this stuff A LOT :')

  51. Andrea Tammaro

    Andrea Tammaro9 days ago

    How am i supposed to sleep tonight

  52. Cynthia Blankenship

    Cynthia Blankenship9 days ago

    OK wait wait wait throwing banana peels are *not* litter. They're biodegradable. That is all. (I only say that because my lazy butt tossed banana peels on the grass all the time lol)

  53. Janji Jumanji

    Janji Jumanji9 days ago

    Makes me wonder:"does matpat believe in the Pixar theory?".

  54. Batuhan Dere

    Batuhan Dere9 days ago

    but what if the people on earth change? What if we somehow send way more trash then said?

  55. Roon X

    Roon X10 days ago

    Maybe I’m being really ignorant but I don’t see how this level of pollution could even exist. There’s only so much matter on planet earth, and whether it’s above or below ground, it’s not gonna change in amount. Unless you manage to harvest minerals from other planets and moons.

  56. Isaiah shorts

    Isaiah shorts10 days ago

    11:39-11:40 The truth, The True is God, Damn, TERRIFYING!

  57. Snoop Doge

    Snoop Doge10 days ago

    The theory makes sense but what will they do with the money

  58. georgia owens

    georgia owens10 days ago

    mat patt is 🤔 smart

  59. Quinterius Evans

    Quinterius Evans10 days ago

    20% less plastic ....than they get rid of gretchen

  60. ARottweiler Dynasty

    ARottweiler Dynasty10 days ago

    The Wall-E theory about BnL is busted, because if no one is working on the BnL ship, Where is the income/money that they are "sucking" from the populous?

  61. Emily Saunders

    Emily Saunders10 days ago

    Due people even have money in this movie? I haven't watched it in a while but i dont remember there being any exchange of money for goods or services. Just a thought.

  62. Sh4dydude :D

    Sh4dydude :D10 days ago

    There is a problem if bnl wanted money and made people have to go on the space cruise what good is money they cant leave they dont work nothing

  63. Condor man?

    Condor man?11 days ago

    Also known as one pikachu

  64. Alice Liddell

    Alice Liddell12 days ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue Don't take every thing at face value

  65. gracie hale xoxo

    gracie hale xoxo12 days ago

    Pls do poppy again there is some creepy stuff her channel

  66. MikePlaysIt

    MikePlaysIt12 days ago

    And the solution?????? *plays USSR National Anthem* LOL

  67. Aigars R

    Aigars R12 days ago

    Stop white the Overwatch !! Matpat

  68. AnnoyingMoose

    AnnoyingMoose12 days ago

    10:37 Canada offers a better life than the U.S.! This is something that I have known my entire life!

  69. June Cash

    June Cash13 days ago


  70. Peter Hinojosa

    Peter Hinojosa13 days ago

    So BnL is North Korea digitalized Nice

  71. Themadcreeper

    Themadcreeper13 days ago

    Why did you put on the trash Texas

  72. Charlie Solomon

    Charlie Solomon13 days ago

    Well if B&L are literally controlling everything, wouldn't the purpose of money disappear? There's no other producers on the ship, and if they create everything, why are they worried about competition?

  73. Poopy butthole Ricky

    Poopy butthole Ricky13 days ago

    One thing no one makes $$$ on that ship.......

  74. Disquise Altmeri

    Disquise Altmeri13 days ago

    Texans gets mad cause you put trash in their country

  75. Soul The Media Master

    Soul The Media Master13 days ago

    Holy $hit

  76. Jamie Williams

    Jamie Williams14 days ago

    mat they best youutuber

  77. CrunchieCat :3

    CrunchieCat :314 days ago

    I thought wall-e was the true villain.. Sorry please forgive me for my stupidity..

  78. Gaming Pro Ayden

    Gaming Pro Ayden14 days ago

    Can you take a look at ashvlogs

  79. Derpy Gaming And KittyPlayz_06

    Derpy Gaming And KittyPlayz_0614 days ago

    Why u put trash in texas

  80. Bud Morr

    Bud Morr14 days ago


  81. Sanaa Hamad

    Sanaa Hamad14 days ago

    If people aren’t working though how do they afford to go on this so bnl doesn’t gain any money

  82. Lou Butternubs

    Lou Butternubs14 days ago

    But how exactly do they benefit from this? I mean no-one is really working on the Axium so they aren't making any money. If anything they are like unpaid baby sitters for literally all of humanity.

  83. Alok Kumar

    Alok Kumar15 days ago


  84. The Ghost Ninja's Beyblade Squad

    The Ghost Ninja's Beyblade Squad15 days ago

    Being green gives u more green 💰 😐....🤣

  85. Gabriel Lees

    Gabriel Lees15 days ago

    That's all well and good but if you're up in space for generations then people will run out of money :/ and even if you can continue pumping out products through means of "recycling the passengers" the grandchildren of the original passengers don't have money, or jobs, or any source of income. After the first gen or maybe even second gen dies out it'd be more profitable to return to earth and have the 3rd return to normal life and work to repay their parents and grandparent's massive debts, right? Otherwise you're just giving out freebies at that point.

  86. Banjax The Ragman

    Banjax The Ragman16 days ago

    I know someone who hates Wall-E because there is no talking in the first 20 minutes(I love it though)

  87. success point

    success point16 days ago

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  88. snail123O

    snail123O16 days ago

    *Recycling rate rises to 100%*

  89. Some One

    Some One16 days ago

    At 2100 we can eat chetos whit their package... Maybe... Am I right fellas ?

  90. I Love Zebras I love snow

    I Love Zebras I love snow16 days ago

    But, global warming would still be here. No good air, no green

  91. XUN ,

    XUN ,16 days ago

    Im not a hatter and sorry if it sond as if i am But every thing on the ship is free

  92. Warren Keller

    Warren Keller17 days ago

    theres only one problem with this theory if bnl wanted money why would they go to space and surve people for free? they made money un vable no one works for anything they sit around all day doing nothing you cant buy new products in space or anything so why would they want money they dont they want power

  93. SprinkleBomb

    SprinkleBomb17 days ago

    Did anyone notice that the thumbnail changed?.... No just me hmmmm

  94. Land Stalker

    Land Stalker17 days ago

    7:35 Kuwait is an extremely wealthy nation though.

  95. Stuart Macleod

    Stuart Macleod17 days ago

    Did anyone see forky from toy stay 4

  96. Annmarie Donzelli

    Annmarie Donzelli17 days ago

    Look at the MReporter. channel top man2.0 you will find a video Disney water park closed. The reason it’s creepy

  97. Bootleg Memes

    Bootleg Memes18 days ago


  98. AndreYB

    AndreYB18 days ago

    i was drinking coke while watching this, maybe mat can see me 1:43

  99. gonFreecs 13

    gonFreecs 1318 days ago

    Stop destroying my childhood please

  100. Sean Peter Fuentes

    Sean Peter Fuentes18 days ago

    MatPat’s Getting Addicted to Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Seeing all those references....

  101. Diego Flores

    Diego Flores18 days ago

    Wow I like that he was able to explain all of that in the last couple of minutes

  102. Brody Rice

    Brody Rice18 days ago

    But wouldn't money be useless if if the whole world is deadand the only people that live around are in buy.n large ships

  103. Aaliyha Fennimore

    Aaliyha Fennimore18 days ago

    With the paper thing, the more paper we buy and use the more trees paper companies will plant to eventually make more paper so in turn we get more trees in the environment

  104. Little - Musìc and Níghtçore

    Little - Musìc and Níghtçore18 days ago

    I get that BNL wants money, but if they move everyone to space, there would be literally no use for the money... so what is the point?

  105. Michael Alameda

    Michael Alameda18 days ago

    So that's why Wall-E-Nator exists on *MAD...*

  106. FinCal RBX

    FinCal RBX19 days ago

    It’s interesting how garbage is being managed in more sophisticated areas of the globe, I have never looked at it like that.

  107. Nick Walsh

    Nick Walsh19 days ago

    Screw the Environment. There are millions of other planets out there.

  108. Duckledoodledo oser

    Duckledoodledo oser19 days ago

    What’s funny is that as any always sunny fan would know, the literally one would be the picture of rob Mcelhenney in the suit as that was what he wore while in the garbage business, albeit with bugs in his teeth, a sun burn, and gull poop on him.