Film Theory: Wall-E's SECRET Villain (Disney Pixar's Wall-E)


  1. Derpy Derper

    Derpy DerperDay ago

    Hey here in 2019 what happened to all the Wally's whatever they're called

  2. brishen1000

    brishen10002 days ago

    I just want to know where the other ships went

  3. Sito Dieme

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  4. Czech Mate

    Czech Mate3 days ago

    I'm the trashman!!!

  5. andrew the animator

    andrew the animator3 days ago

    Your water bottle example don't apply exactly the glass bottles were cleaned and used again the second step stays the same

  6. Josey Hicks

    Josey Hicks3 days ago

    anyone see the hint to how bad the new fantastic 4 is

  7. ultra gamer undertale

    ultra gamer undertale3 days ago

    Does it count as recycling if my parents don't recycle paper so I eat it?

  8. Kory St. Aoro

    Kory St. Aoro4 days ago

    Glass is more environmentally friendly then plastic, because plastic uses all kinds of chemicals and doesn't break down as fast as glass. Glass just needs to be crushed and recycled or crushed and left to break down naturally.

  9. AntMan 2000

    AntMan 20004 days ago

    11:51 And held an entire species captive. BnL Destroyed an entire planet and held the entire human race captive. That is far worse than killing a few people.

  10. Sinless Hornet

    Sinless Hornet4 days ago

    Why would a multinational company send people to space for money when in that society... money is practically useless? In what would the big fishes working for Buy-n-Large spend their money?

  11. The Troll

    The Troll4 days ago

    i use thinkpad computer too LOL

  12. Wolf Sisters

    Wolf Sisters4 days ago

    Me before: oh I love Wall - E so much I will buy a shirt of Wall-E !!! Me after: oh no Wall-E is evil!! I am going to throw my Wall -E shirt away!!!!

  13. HighBrow Customs

    HighBrow Customs4 days ago

    RIP shirt

  14. itsmetyphoon 999

    itsmetyphoon 9994 days ago

    Lol! Twinkle still fresh after 700 years!

  15. Darkness pizza

    Darkness pizza5 days ago

    Here the problem the people are all fatties so its everyone was eating 20 mac chicken every minute

  16. Oof Oof

    Oof Oof5 days ago

    I’ve been watching this movie since I was 4~5

  17. Floomper Collada

    Floomper Collada5 days ago

    Hey matpat awnser this question if your in a time machine and go back time did you really used the time machine

  18. JJ & Aiden

    JJ & Aiden6 days ago

    2:13 holy Wall-E I was opening an amazon order during this XD perfection 👌🏻

  19. Gabe knotts

    Gabe knotts6 days ago

    Why did they not leave the big wall-es and not the small wall-es

  20. ᴄᴏʟᴅ ʟᴀsᴀɢɴᴀ

    ᴄᴏʟᴅ ʟᴀsᴀɢɴᴀ6 days ago


  21. Vesna Juric

    Vesna Juric7 days ago

    But matpat money is made from trees: MORE MONEY LESS TREES!!! Think about trees matpat Think about them

  22. Ender & Kitty Gaming

    Ender & Kitty Gaming7 days ago

    Iron + star = dead star. The basic star life cycle steadily produces heavier and heavier elements something along the lines of hyxrogen and helium leading to carbon and eventually iron which absorbs energy from the star and is the basic end point of a star's fusion capacity while still being stable. After a time so much iron is created in a star that it becomes unstable and begins the process of active star death. If we launched trash into the sun we would shorten the sun's life as well as start losing mass of earth as we sent that mass off planet, at least by keeping our trash on earth we can eventually process everything back into useable resources.

  23. Timothy Dunaway

    Timothy Dunaway7 days ago

    Actually people have been working on making a virus that eats plastic so it further proves that we'll fine

  24. Richard Cibi

    Richard Cibi7 days ago

    Dr. William Rathjie looks somewhat similar to Mark Ruffalo

  25. Andrew W

    Andrew W8 days ago

    You suck film theorists stop ruining good movies

  26. ethanlolcat3

    ethanlolcat38 days ago

    But if you think about it, those holes would end up covering quite a bit of the world... 🕳

  27. Bubble Gumchan

    Bubble Gumchan8 days ago

    All we can say issay is #NewWorldProblems and what about global warming

  28. Jacob Dwyer

    Jacob Dwyer8 days ago

    BnL wouldn't gain anything from having people on their ships. They don't work, the robots do everything for them. And money would be worthless if there is nothing BnL can spend it on.

  29. Abbie D

    Abbie D8 days ago


  30. The Doctor

    The Doctor9 days ago

    So what you’re saying is everyone Hass to become a garbage man or lady and we get lots of money and lots of power?

  31. I am Jeff and This Is Me

    I am Jeff and This Is Me9 days ago

    Wait... Why were the Garbage bags put over Long Island what the what mang what did we do ??? Ding Dang lol

  32. Bee Bee

    Bee Bee9 days ago

    Why dont you just put all your sh*t in Delaware?

  33. Sakudo Legend

    Sakudo Legend9 days ago

    What are the techniques I need to charge up my qi/chi

  34. Sakudo Legend

    Sakudo Legend9 days ago

    How do I charge up my qi/chi

  35. Sakudo Legend

    Sakudo Legend9 days ago

    How do I charge up my qi

  36. Sakudo Legend

    Sakudo Legend9 days ago

    Show me how to charge up my (qi) now

  37. Seán J

    Seán J9 days ago

    BnL is Pixar’s version of Disney. It’s showing how Disney is taking over the world and this will be our future. Don’t trust the mouse!!

  38. scree scree mc. E

    scree scree mc. E9 days ago

    WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT THAT THERE WOULD BE A TWIST THAT THIS CAN HAPPEN!?!? Noooo no way his videos are formulaic and just made for clickbait.

  39. Audrey Carissa _22X

    Audrey Carissa _22X10 days ago

    I Have One Question? *IS THERE ANY WIFI IN SPACE* Xd

  40. BG Gaming Studios

    BG Gaming Studios10 days ago

    3:36 still using the good ol FNaF references huh Matpat? Good on ya! 👍👍👍

  41. Pass the Chips

    Pass the Chips11 days ago

    Buy and Large could be the Vault-Tech of WALL-E? think about it. planet broken? come live a life of luxury with BnL. We will take care of you.😏👿

  42. Hueh Mungus what?

    Hueh Mungus what?11 days ago

    sure i dont read books. its for the enviroment

  43. Alpin Art

    Alpin Art12 days ago

    says you with your diet coke addiction

  44. Kshitij padghan

    Kshitij padghan12 days ago

    Still the reason is same HUMAN

  45. jeraldo comandante

    jeraldo comandante12 days ago

    Well what happend to the rest of humanity?

  46. Andrea Reyes

    Andrea Reyes12 days ago

    Wait, if the NBL company did the whole thing on purpose, then the cannibalism video is proven wrong because the NBL knew the humans would be in space for hundreds of years. SO, they would know to keep enough food in storage. SO THEY AREN'T DRIKING EACH OTHER. >~< But, it could be true because you mentioned there was no signs of human remains. BUT HEY, that's just me being addicted to your channel! THE FILM THEORY CHANNEL!

  47. Lee Everett

    Lee Everett12 days ago

    Please do a jigsaw theory

  48. Electron 2000

    Electron 200013 days ago

    I watched this movie and now thinking about it this is true it may happen dude

  49. Electron 2000

    Electron 200013 days ago

    Ummm ok wall-e as its called but ima go watch up this movie

  50. TheTwinPanda115 Roy Desjardins

    TheTwinPanda115 Roy Desjardins13 days ago

    Can you do a theory on how Obi-Wan's body was able to keep up with General Grievous attacks please

  51. Hells Bells

    Hells Bells13 days ago

    So your saying the free market is good

  52. Green Bluep

    Green Bluep13 days ago

    We need to talk about how the human population manages to reproduce on that ship? Am I the only one who wonders?

  53. Wosedav Josedav

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  54. MACHO MAN004

    MACHO MAN00414 days ago

    Dammit Arthur Morgan why did u have to litter those dam baked beans

  55. Alec Kushmerek

    Alec Kushmerek14 days ago

    Not in Boston, we just burn it!

  56. Sweaty spaghetti 21

    Sweaty spaghetti 2115 days ago

    You deserve a trophy

  57. Matthew Jones

    Matthew Jones15 days ago

    Yet here I am being judged by society for using straws. XD

  58. Fakhry the world

    Fakhry the world15 days ago

    Hello life noggin (btw life noggin is watching)

  59. Sadhik Riswan

    Sadhik Riswan15 days ago

    All are good work go ahead... Keep it up Thanks for the hard works..

  60. Nicholas Machado

    Nicholas Machado16 days ago

    4:53 (sees BFDI mouth asset) Do you know BFDI? If so, can you make a theory on it PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE?

  61. Joseph Hoover

    Joseph Hoover16 days ago

    please don't swear

  62. Dr Goodspeed

    Dr Goodspeed16 days ago

    Subscribe to General Flamingo and PEWDIEPIE!!!

  63. Bryce Ritchey

    Bryce Ritchey16 days ago

    They have been out in space for 700 years, what cash do they have left and where would you use it?

  64. Me Was here

    Me Was here17 days ago

    Oh meh gersh

  65. Dinostorm55

    Dinostorm5517 days ago

    1:50 and that is why we need communism

  66. Lord Icebear

    Lord Icebear17 days ago

    You did video about how much trash we produce

  67. SyphonEXP

    SyphonEXP17 days ago

    I love when he turns science to lore

  68. Angelic Alien333

    Angelic Alien33317 days ago

    The only thing that will happen, on a long enough timeline is HUMANITY WILL BE RECYCLED.

  69. MSTS33

    MSTS3317 days ago

    Actually going from glass to plastic was the worst idea possible... Because you (usually) didn't trash glass : you turned it back and got back the deposit you paid while buying the product. But too expansive for the manufacturers still so they passed the cost down to taxpayers by making plastic. The profit motive isn't going to save us.

  70. TritanicWolf

    TritanicWolf18 days ago

    There is no competition. B.N.L is the only company on the planet.

  71. Sean J

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  72. Mia Rushford

    Mia Rushford18 days ago

    Film Theory cured my depression

  73. Mia Rushford

    Mia Rushford18 days ago

    Dang, we got Mat to save the world.

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  76. Hippity hoppity your child Is OUR property

    Hippity hoppity your child Is OUR property18 days ago

    How to save the earth Step 1. Kill your self Step 2. Profit

  77. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon Slayer18 days ago

    -_- determination

  78. Louie Horwood

    Louie Horwood18 days ago

    What killed all the other wall-e robots, I find it hard to believe that only one and exactly one survive

  79. Sam Farewell

    Sam Farewell18 days ago

    I only have one issue with this theory: If BnL wanted people off of earth to use their products and their products only, why would they make a search party sending robots to find plants so that they can finally go back to earth

  80. Meme lord

    Meme lord19 days ago

    But, if it is a monopoly, then what is the value of money... and what would bnl use the money for?

  81. Billz

    Billz19 days ago

    11:59 but hey, that’s just a theory, a GREEN theory, thanks for watching

  82. FSK

    FSK19 days ago

    Mat Pat: They suction up all their money Me: But literally NO ONE works in this universe. How can they suction up money when there's nothing to suction up? That's like being one of those annoying customers in a restaurant and sipping on the smallest drops of drink left in their cup.

  83. SoMario64

    SoMario6419 days ago

    I think It'd be pretty cool to have a VR game were you play as Wall-E in his day-to-day life, it'd be a time-waster and maybe fun! (hopefully) Is it just me or does Wall-E deserve to be in Smash? I-I mean have a Netflix series?

  84. Galaxyjelly99

    Galaxyjelly9920 days ago

    When I was 7 and watched it I thought buy and large was fishy

  85. Walther Wortmann

    Walther Wortmann20 days ago

    My favorite too

  86. kebabian empire

    kebabian empire20 days ago

    We need a sequel of wall e,Disney *WE NEED IT*

  87. Prideful Gaming

    Prideful Gaming20 days ago

    Why dont i remember this video?_?

  88. طريق التوبه

    طريق التوبه20 days ago😘😍🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍😘🤗😍

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  90. HomieAndAntiPinkShee TheFireBalls of Roblox

    HomieAndAntiPinkShee TheFireBalls of Roblox20 days ago

    BnL had a captive audience as it was

  91. HomieAndAntiPinkShee TheFireBalls of Roblox

    HomieAndAntiPinkShee TheFireBalls of Roblox20 days ago

    And also, wouldn't BnL eventually have all the money but then they could'nt spend it

  92. Gavin Hauser

    Gavin Hauser21 day ago

    Matt Patt you should do a therory of peter pans age including paints after ever after 3

  93. koolest kid

    koolest kid21 day ago

    I was bored, decided to watch a random Film Theory vid, NOT DISAPPOINTED

  94. mergy101 Dalmatians

    mergy101 Dalmatians21 day ago

    Hey why u throw all the trash in Texas

  95. Sofie Johansen

    Sofie Johansen21 day ago

    ok but why would the people at buy and large want money? if they've destroyed earth and all of humanity is on their ship without jobs, where are they getting their money from? and why do they need if it means nothing without a functioning economy?

  96. Alfonso Rodriguez

    Alfonso Rodriguez22 days ago

    What if amazon becomes BnL?


    NOAH DEVER22 days ago

    You could save even more by using the trash good enough for building into walls to dump more trash inside big boxes so you can make bigger piles that won’t fall over.

  98. Galactic Dragon :v

    Galactic Dragon :v22 days ago

    Just asking but how much space would it take to contain the whole world´s trash?

  99. that one Battlefield fan _

    that one Battlefield fan _22 days ago

    You'll get views if you also include Davito Dorito

  100. FrostbiteCove

    FrostbiteCove22 days ago

    at 2:50 ya should have done: "bud um ching"

  101. Nodar Miminoshvili

    Nodar Miminoshvili23 days ago

    idk man, people on spaceship don't have any jobs at all,they don't have to pay for any products. first thing that comes to mind is that company needed all earth resources without population on it, but earth seems pretty much forgotten and underutilized... in matrix universe people are getting ''perfect lifes'' but act as a batteries , i think something similar is happening here but i don't know what company gets from these fat population. (sorry for terrible English

  102. jocking3

    jocking323 days ago

    So a company caused that... Company means working with money, which is usually a work for jews. So the bottom line is evil company = evil jews. I knew Walt Disney was antisemite, but Pixar is literally Hitler. :DD

  103. jacob Hundevadt

    jacob Hundevadt23 days ago

    MATPAT IS GONNA CAUSE THIS HE DRINKS TOO MUCH DIET COKE!!!!!!!!! I cant be result My belly dies if i get this diet poop ;((((((((((