Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)


  1. 《Mìrąçləş ü》

    《Mìrąçləş ü》2 hours ago

    *Why Liza....* *Why not Jake Paul.....*

  2. Fred Jensen

    Fred Jensen3 hours ago

    Thanos, think outside the Tesseract

  3. Nicholas Madison

    Nicholas Madison10 hours ago

    He could just double the resources and land

  4. xxlily kirwanxx

    xxlily kirwanxx12 hours ago

    I kinda always knew he might be right but I still hated him and hate him, because at the back of my mind I hoped there was another way.but as Dumbledore said " we are all faced with the choice of what is right and what is easy" and it isn't easy wiping out half the universe, but it isn't right...but it helpsssss idkkkk. *still hate that stupid grape*

  5. Cameron Fischer

    Cameron Fischer13 hours ago

    13:52 Dyson Sphere... just not around a star.

  6. Mode Faaland Solvang

    Mode Faaland SolvangDay ago

    wtf jake paul must dead

  7. Hussam Malik

    Hussam MalikDay ago

    Thanos has wiped out half of more than just gamora's planet aka "once." He killed half of Drax's planet and countless others

  8. Mrs. Adina

    Mrs. AdinaDay ago

    I am scared for the future what if I die? I am to young!

  9. Kendra Calhoon

    Kendra CalhoonDay ago

    If he killed all living things than he could have killed most plants and less humans so the humans couldn't have the resources. Also he could kill like all of a planet and like not kill a whole other planets and they would die.

  10. naz five

    naz fiveDay ago

    NO SHIT THANOS IS RIGHT!... IF WE KILLED HALF THE PEOPLE ON EARTH WE WOULD SURVIVE FOR MORE THAN 1000+ years right now we strugglin we get more kids than people die and thats not good....

  11. Galimeer5

    Galimeer5Day ago

    There's one big flaw in your reasoning that you only touched on, but after events where lots of people die, the population tends to bounce back faster. If a baby monkey falls out of the tree and dies, what's the mother's best course of action? Try again. As for people, think about WWII. Once the war was over, many of the young men who survived the fighting came home and started having families, resulting in the Baby Boomer generation. Surviving one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history was life-affirming and people, for lack of a better term, got horny. If half of all the people you knew spontaneously turned to ash one day but, by sheer chance, you and your partner didn't, what would happen?

  12. Leeann hell yeah man

    Leeann hell yeah man2 days ago

    Killing half the population is possible

  13. Leeann hell yeah man

    Leeann hell yeah man2 days ago

    Who's the chick she your girlfriend lucky bastard

  14. Gigi Ochoa

    Gigi Ochoa2 days ago

    no not logan paul my name is logan logan is my senapie

  15. dj Garcia

    dj Garcia2 days ago

    He got rid of Logan’s channel but not jakes wow but I’m fan of jake


    TRASH OPS2 days ago

    Why can’t he just double the recorces?

  17. Novus

    Novus2 days ago

    What did it cost? Everything...


    FIRE GLAZE2 days ago

    what the fuck get rid of both the paul brothers not just one

  19. Matteo Soldo

    Matteo Soldo2 days ago

    I tried to clean the dots on the top right from my screen twice so far.

  20. Gaming Central FC

    Gaming Central FC2 days ago

    That ‘plot hole’ that you mention at the end has been widely talked about on social media in the past 6 months. It says that if the resources double in the universe it will just postpone the problem. It states that if there are more resources then the population will continue to grow exponentially and then just create the same problem that thanos is trying to prevent in maybe and couple centuries

  21. Joey Taylor

    Joey Taylor3 days ago

    What about wabajuice

  22. Jackie Cohen

    Jackie Cohen3 days ago

    Why didn’t Thanos just make more food or planets or whatever. He didn’t have to kill half the universe’s population.

  23. Aidan

    Aidan3 days ago

    ok is it just me or did anyone else think of the clothes and items people were holding that also were snapped out of existence? like spiderman's suit probably costed billions of dollars and thanos just destroyed it in like 3 seconds. what happened to those resources?

  24. Karen Chungas

    Karen Chungas3 days ago


  25. Katiekk Orlinsky

    Katiekk Orlinsky3 days ago

    Nice play u got there

  26. My Portrait Channel with Roger Cross

    My Portrait Channel with Roger Cross3 days ago

    I have done zero research, didn't do my due diligence but, in times of financial blessings there is typically a baby boom isn't there. Just a question. I have so many questions. What if the remaining people have half of their gut bacteria culled. So on and so on.

  27. Henry Royster

    Henry Royster3 days ago

    A lot of the black deaths economy rising is because more poor people died


    REESATTACK243 days ago

    Noooooooooooo! They all had second CHANNELS!!!!

  29. Theodore Weinberg

    Theodore Weinberg3 days ago

    2:52-3:47 I was dying laughing.

  30. mary's world

    mary's world3 days ago

    So, instead of cutting the population, why don't we just kill each other? Ya know? *purge* ?

  31. The Real Gif Gød

    The Real Gif Gød3 days ago

    But how do you know other planets and galaxies were similar to earth in that there was a population stunt in growth. For all we know the amount of people on all other planets are way higher than that on earths.

  32. Otis Thomas

    Otis Thomas3 days ago

    Why didn't he just supply resources for struggling planets instead of killing half of the population?

  33. Ches L

    Ches L4 days ago

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but I haven't seen anyone else point this out. If every has two children assuming monogamy, that is an equally proportional increase as each person only reproduces 1 whole child. Since we don't die after having children the population would grow slowly, however depending on the mortality rate they could easily cancel each other out. Two kids is a pretty safe bet

  34. Jared Gohier

    Jared Gohier4 days ago

    Thanos was wrong ! Instead of murdering half the universe why not just double its resources and for places like earth where most free space is water create more land !!!

  35. Benen Keough

    Benen Keough4 days ago

    He should’ve doubled the recourses

  36. abdo mohamed

    abdo mohamed4 days ago

    1:45 baby Groot is the best

  37. Nathan Languerand

    Nathan Languerand4 days ago

    So he couldn’t make things infinite but you can’t get something from nothing, but he could destroy non needed planets and use those resources to expand ours or give another one for people to live on

  38. theoneandonly 0

    theoneandonly 04 days ago

    Well now we know how stupid he is. He actually killed half of ALL LIFE on Planet earth including animals and plants. So no food = all humans die GG Thanos


    RANDUMZ4 days ago

    Why didn’t Thanos give the universe infinite resources :/

  40. Subscribe to Pewdiepie

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    RANDUMZ the Infinity stones only manipulate preexisting matter and space

  41. Goj Tyraxyz

    Goj Tyraxyz4 days ago

    Thanos should have just made more of everything. Make a new earth and move half the population there. But that is just a theory. A fan theory

  42. Demonwolf Dragon501

    Demonwolf Dragon5015 days ago

    0:23 infinity stones placed in incorrect order and thumb stone looks gray

  43. Joanna

    Joanna5 days ago

    If Thanos didn't kill Spider-man i wouldn't hate him so much

  44. Demonwolf Dragon501

    Demonwolf Dragon5015 days ago

    I thought thanos was a hero

  45. MemesR Gud

    MemesR Gud5 days ago


  46. hobii our sunshine

    hobii our sunshine5 days ago

    Thanos was a kpop fan but didn't know how to do a proper finger heart (he uses the middle finger not his index finger)

  47. Lilac Diamant

    Lilac Diamant5 days ago

    Isn't there a way of creating another world. Like with flash and those other earth's (I know DC) and send half there?

  48. SBnemisis T

    SBnemisis T5 days ago

    We need a purge

  49. Jake Turner

    Jake Turner5 days ago

    However, increasing the amount of resources, or more specifically making resources unlimited, would cause total disaster. There was an experiment done on rats examining pretty much everything, like their eating habits, behaviors, relationships, etc, and when given unlimited resources, eventually, their society broke down. The most influencing problem was a lack of space. Once there wasn't enough space, the rats completely lost all behavior and just started eating their children, and killing others. Later, when many had been killed off and space was no longer a problem, the rats were still insane and kept on murdering each other. They never bounced back.

  50. Rushi Patel

    Rushi Patel5 days ago

    u forgot jake paul

  51. xXSOLDIER01Xx XD

    xXSOLDIER01Xx XD5 days ago

    LMAO I lost it at 1:30

  52. division 2.0

    division 2.05 days ago

    your having a kid congratulations.

  53. Hallows Journey

    Hallows Journey5 days ago

    Now we know That thanos is a jake Paul not Logan Paul.

  54. G&K Brand

    G&K Brand5 days ago

    2:01 he's purple. Not blue or pink.

  55. Archer Walters

    Archer Walters5 days ago

    Matt remember “Friday send him home OH COME ON

  56. Henry Davis

    Henry Davis5 days ago

    I’d like to point out that according to the UN the world will only hit about 10 Billion people also, the gdp per capita is higher than any other point in history, in other words life is better than it has ever been, humans have found ways to discover and maximise resources. This video shows a huge ignorance of history and of the world in general. Also Malthus was completely wrong with his predictions. By a long shot. Also evidence shows as people become richer they have less kids. Also a greater number of people means a greater amount ingenuity and human advancement.

  57. tgfyyg gthfyb

    tgfyyg gthfyb6 days ago

    Man i hope Obama gets wiped

  58. GoldenPanda3x3

    GoldenPanda3x36 days ago

    We passed our carrying capacity already, when tons of ecosystems are being demolished and climate change.

  59. Bee Bee

    Bee Bee6 days ago

    Why not all the bad MReporter channels? 75%??

  60. NoahJKPlays

    NoahJKPlays6 days ago

    Thanos 🌂 🥼 👟

  61. Shi_ Galaxy

    Shi_ Galaxy6 days ago

    Another example you probably could have used was the purge...I think 🤔

  62. Ahren Dayal

    Ahren Dayal7 days ago

    They deleted sauce 2

  63. Oh yeah yeah Sub2pewds

    Oh yeah yeah Sub2pewds7 days ago

    2019 anyone plz ??

  64. kiriakos reggis

    kiriakos reggis7 days ago

    He could just make everyone able to live without food or water. Problem solved.

  65. NightStorm

    NightStorm6 days ago

    That’s beyond the power of the snap

  66. Ultra instinct Shaggy

    Ultra instinct Shaggy7 days ago

    Dread it Run from it Destiny still arrives And it’s here Or should I say I am

  67. Ultra instinct Shaggy

    Ultra instinct Shaggy3 days ago


  68. Draco Bahamut

    Draco Bahamut4 days ago

    Ultra instinct Shaggy I am your biggest fan your meme lord I mean meme god I feel unworthy looking at your profile pic

  69. Better Bricks Studios

    Better Bricks Studios7 days ago

    If Thanos killed half of all life and plants and animals are living then he killed half the plants and animals that feed humans And if you say plants don't count then how did groot die he is technically a plant

  70. NightStorm

    NightStorm6 days ago

    Well groot was once human so...

  71. Theze Gamer

    Theze Gamer7 days ago

    *_so Thanos was a good guy?_*

  72. NightStorm

    NightStorm6 days ago

    Yes technically.

  73. Kellen Walker

    Kellen Walker7 days ago

    now it's on Netflix

  74. Ayda

    Ayda7 days ago

    I guess the Weasleys are to blame.

  75. Nicodemus Edwards

    Nicodemus Edwards7 days ago

    No he isn’t. He’s just... no. He’s not. Thanos’s viewpoint considers the sentient beings of the universe to be only consumers, not innovators. I’m not saying we can build our way out of everything... but when push comes to shove, sentient life typically finds a way. But let’s say Thanos is right. That those are the rules of the universe. He can change the rules.

  76. Not Tha Reel Satoshi

    Not Tha Reel Satoshi8 days ago

    In theory half the life would be half the crops and half the livestock so half of all cows half of all trees half of all marijuana plants, gone. Your analysis of the Black Death is historically accurate but your theory about the snap is likely incorrect. What we really need to get rid of is money, people will either learn to be moralistic and help their fellow human or they will snuff themselves out. Also remember that there is a difference between Society collapsing and the world ending. Eff society! ... why am I bothering censoring myself when you're literally talking about half the world dying? O right violence is okay but golly Marvel cut it too close with Jackson in the post credit scene

  77. BlueBellBen

    BlueBellBen8 days ago

    Urintown was a great play just sayin

  78. TwoBears Highfiving

    TwoBears Highfiving8 days ago

    Only thing wrong is the randomness, should've got rid of all the bad genetics. For the greater good.

  79. Kiel Robinson

    Kiel Robinson8 days ago

    Urine town is amazing

  80. Pigaroo 0000

    Pigaroo 00008 days ago

    1.6 children...

  81. Danya Lim

    Danya Lim8 days ago

    wait what if Thanos destroyed half of all life doesnt that mean he also destroyed half the plants and animals....I mean they are living things

  82. The fun fox

    The fun fox7 days ago

    not plants he didnt mean living in that way i think so about animals yeah

  83. alex the taki girl ;P

    alex the taki girl ;P8 days ago

    *dUdE tHaNoS GaY!!!*

  84. Alexiutz 11

    Alexiutz 118 days ago


  85. Rekt Son

    Rekt Son8 days ago

    how i see the snap family gone nah freinds gone nahh half the traffic YES

  86. osamar p

    osamar p8 days ago

    It the condom 👹👹

  87. Overseer 101

    Overseer 1019 days ago

    When Thanos snapped he had a 50/50 chance of killing himself in the processes

  88. Aplex RB

    Aplex RB9 days ago

    how do you have 1.6 kids

  89. NightStorm

    NightStorm6 days ago

    dagwood Buster that’s fucked up...

  90. dagwood Buster

    dagwood Buster7 days ago

    1 white and 1 black

  91. the puppet master98

    the puppet master989 days ago

    When Thanos kills half the population instead of making double resources with his gauntlet

  92. MadSorcerer

    MadSorcerer9 days ago

    Gamora is the last of her kind, so how was it when he only killed half of their population and she's the only one left

  93. Aiden Grolemund

    Aiden Grolemund9 days ago

    RIP Taylor swift

  94. Gabriel K

    Gabriel K9 days ago

    Matpat I don't feel so good

  95. Russian Boi

    Russian Boi9 days ago

    If half the world’s population died how would it happen like what would they die from?

  96. kao chat

    kao chat9 days ago

    still miss a potential huge fact, you say that he make half of the pop disapear, so i assume it is random, so what happen to people in plane when the pilote go snapped aways? or people working in a nuclear facility, wouldn t missing people a a critical moment make more death and potentially more damage to the planete ( like there isnt enought people with the correct knowledge to make run all nuclear power plan,)

  97. elmateo77

    elmateo779 days ago

    The problem is in a technological economy if you have a substantial number of deaths it tends to destabilize things. If you killed half the population, systems like energy production and food transportation wouldn't just continue operating but at half capacity because there were half as many workers. There would be chaos and critical systems would grind to a halt, which would result in the deaths of most of the remaining people and probably the loss of most advanced technology in that society.

  98. MegaCalum11

    MegaCalum119 days ago

    Video made of pure cringe.

  99. me

    me9 days ago

    "Oh No They All had second CHANNELS!!" The irony is, "Film Theory" IS a second channel

  100. Popcorn L

    Popcorn L9 days ago

    Actually this all is happening in Hong Kong

  101. Elektro Aziri

    Elektro Aziri9 days ago

    Basicly Thanos Plays A Video Game Named:The Snap And He Rebirths

  102. the second night fury

    the second night fury10 days ago

    RIP aila Rest in pieces

  103. Mateo vazquez

    Mateo vazquez10 days ago

    Problems require common sense to solve them. Randomly killing bad and GOOD people, is not common sense, it's harsh, considering most organisms grow up with the capacity to do good. Sure, there's no guarantee, but is it worth living with regret of taking that life before it had a chance.

  104. Mateo vazquez

    Mateo vazquez10 days ago

    There's always another way.

  105. klaus klaus

    klaus klaus10 days ago

    Oh so it's ok to burn the Jews and turn them into soap yay

  106. OliverClayMusic

    OliverClayMusic10 days ago

    I was in urinetown!!!!!! I like it! You’re not alone!!!!!

  107. Real _steal

    Real _steal10 days ago

    Salad fingers episode 11 came out and its weird

  108. Konto

    Konto10 days ago

    Y is Jake Paul not dead thanos snap him

  109. Scary Robloxian

    Scary Robloxian10 days ago

    This means murderers are needed

  110. USJapan

    USJapan11 days ago

    Was I seriously the only one who when I saw the movie immediately followed his rationale and thought it was highly like to be accurate? I mean, to not take too much from the video or movie, I just thought in basic economic terms. Economics deals with the fact that we only have so much of each resource, be it land, food, water or whatever (pick cell phones for all I care, resources are resources). So when the population is literally cut in half, every person's resource allocation can effectively be doubled. This means more can be experimented with for new technologies, we can take energy in construction and put it to say engineering stronger materials or other areas of cultural and scientific pursuits, and so on. And before anyone goes off on me, I'm not saying he's morally right. Murder is of course bad, and mass murder is of course worse. However, in basic (and of course over-simplified and generalized terms) Thanos has a solid basis for his plan. This is also of course ignoring the idea of populating other planets, which would help to increase certain resources. However since I don't think the Avengers are at that point yet, that's a topic for, I'm gonna guess, Avengers 20: Boy it's Dusty on Mars