Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)


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    If matpat Got the gauntlet he would propaly

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    4:30 when I ate your Doritos

  4. LivsLife Vlogs

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    if he killed half of all life equally, not discriminating, and this includes plants and animals, then the ratio stays the same more or less. it wasn’t smart now there are just less people who now have less food

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    ok but urinetown is a fantastic musical

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    ok now i want half of my roommates out

  7. Shadowpastcool

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    4:30 Ah! Kill him with fire!

  8. Clip Boss

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    Why didn't Thanos make more resources? Because then there would be more population. Overpopulation in fact. More people to eat, and fight over the resources. More resources to kill each other with.

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  10. Emil Georgiev

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    It's good to know that so many people are all up for genocide. One more reason to be rooting for the aliens when they finally show up on Earth and wipe out humanity.

  11. Reece Samuel

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    Thanos for president

  12. Shyan Ang

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    I just thought about it and like if there were only half of the planet wouldn’t there only be half the planet to grow and make and collect resources for that half the planet so the current resources will keep them ok for a while but after a while it’ll just run out and back to square 1 ? Does that make sense idk

  13. Lawrence Mercurio

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    And thor kill him

  14. Lawrence Mercurio

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    Thanos snap his finger

  15. Farron Wong

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    Clickbait title. The title says Thanos was right, but in the end game theory says Thanos isn’t right.

  16. Who really Cares

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    I just have to say, Quill screwed everyone over. Not that I mind, Quill is amazing :D

  17. Shih Town

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    His reaction is much more understandable than Thanos's

  18. Maria Cecilia

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    Thanos halved twice some populations he already halved before the snap... and surely doomed some species to extinction. There's no balance on that.

  19. Jonny Maddrell

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    75 million people died during the Black Death

  20. Zach 101

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    Couldn’t thanos just make infinite recourses

  21. V Lad Gaming

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    Superman and Batman could kill thanos like nothing thanos is weak just like marvel hero’s beside, Spider-Man, punisher Darkseid is a stronger then thanos and he’s a god

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    Thanos the mad grape

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    Thanos car

  24. mo owot

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    the russo brothers did confirm that ALL life forms were affected by the snap, so if that includes plants and animals, thanos technically did nothing for us

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    Holy shit her thanos voice is so shit why did you let her do it beta-male cuck

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    But every second don’t someone die

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    Funny how when I was young I didn't know wat mat was saying and now I'm in highschool and now I know wats he talking about

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    Sooo you want to do the same thing that thanos did?

  30. Vappilo

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    I just fucking screamed yes when logan was erased, No when Jake wasn't erased and Yes when Ali-a was erased.

  31. İsmail Cem İzgi

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    Here is the thing. He could take away reproduce out of existence. In 50 years half of the population are going to die randomly just like he won't. Then he snaps again we can reproduce again. He doesn't have to be a killer. And Nobody will argue this action with him.

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    Yeah why did He not kill Jack Paul

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    Your lucky thanos spared your channel But minecraft you tubers are dusted

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    Y couldn’t use the infinite gauntlet to created more resources

  35. desertbon

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    wait is thanos real becuse then maybe all of us will die but half of us are alive

  36. carson simpson

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    I'd be far more ambitious to get the infinity stones than Thanos, i'd literally steal the gauntlet and snap my fingers just to kill myself.

  37. carson simpson

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    He wiped out half of ALL life, leaving everybody still starving.

  38. A1dox

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    Thanos vs Hitler

  39. Ryku Isaigana

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    Amazing role playing, you two. XD

  40. Cai Chi

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    Honestly this would have to be the most grim topic that we would have to unfortunately think about in the future. Countries like China limit you to having one baby because population is too high but it's much more reasonable. I've read a book that was about that Amoung the Hidden which people can only have two kids (I think, I was in middle school) that's why I think it's important that we make other planners close to use more livable maybe even our moon (though at least building we often in it because it would be impossible to plant things on it) and move some of our population in them, granted volunteers

  41. Mert

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    wait if it's random than thanos could accidentally kill himself

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    Well duh you have three channels

  44. Shahnawaz Islam

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    Why didn't Thanos convert more of CO2 to O2 and landfill waste to gold and salt water to fresh water?

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    Good thing mine wasent dusted, I have no back up!

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    People are 900 billion people

  49. TheMinecraft Haven

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    5:55 that's 7.6 biliion...

  50. i like fish bro

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    People aren't priceless we are all worthless but because people have feelings they think that everyone deserves to live a long and happy life...unless you have different political views then boom die...remember thats what WAR is.

  51. i like fish bro

    i like fish bro3 days ago if there are only half as many people that means you mean 2 times more to other people...meaning your more valuable

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    suht põnev

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  54. S0larSystemWolf

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    Thanos cannot create infinite resources because the glove cannot create nor destroy matter, when people got dusted that is what they did, they turned to dust, not completely disappear. When he changes reality, he is just changing what your eyes see, not the real thing.

  55. Gfan2016

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    Mattpat for the role Gamora 2019

  56. GoldenTitan Gaming

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    Could've just literally taken the ability to die from hunger I mean limitless options man,

  57. Arguinghen JIP

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    Thanks mat, this makes me feel safe

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    I am watching it right now ame cried

  60. Live, Love,SING Kline

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    Urine town people had to pay to use the restroom there’s political curroption when people defecate in other places and ledgends are told they go to a jail worse than urine town but actually get thrown of a roof

  61. stanz3x

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    Remember all the studies in the 1950 how by the 1980 we will have no food ...

  62. thesatanic6

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    if you have infinite resources then you destroy the whole supply and demand system the places in that universe have, and create weak humans

  63. Jake Kobe

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    T H A N O S C A R

  64. Mr. Llama

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    Thanos could've snapped his fingers and doubled the resources instead of killing half the universe So he is a murderer and not right

  65. ganerus

    ganerus3 days ago

    The reason thanos didnt do the obvious thing because he didnt want to be wrong

  66. ori FERARU

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    Kingsman vives from his plan...

  67. G-Force

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    We found out in science while growing bacteria, that the outlet switches had a decent amount of Salmonella on them. *DISGUSTANG*

  68. hammde 12345

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    kids might lose their parents or parents might lose their kids making them pretty dead inside

  69. Logan Contreras

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    He's wrong. First off, that's just the human species. Not just that but you also need to consider it might kill too many people. For example, half of pilots would die resulting in even more deaths. Also surgeons would fail to cure someone if they died themselves.

  70. Caitlin R

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    matt, i loved urinetown

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  72. Robert Maske

    Robert Maske4 days ago

    Well, tell the poeple who died it was the right decision, was only half of the universe+ a whole bunch more because of the consequences...

  73. Lane Cannon

    Lane Cannon4 days ago

    I don’t think there was ever a question about the logic behind it. I think there was mostly a moral dilemma.

  74. BL4CK KN1G8T

    BL4CK KN1G8T4 days ago

    Someone tell this fool that we don't do asexual reproduction. If people just had two kids their would be a population decline.

  75. BL4CK KN1G8T

    BL4CK KN1G8T4 days ago

    Yes Thanos was right. Too many people. Kill half of the world population and the world will be better. Got to control that African birth rate. 40 years ago it was 400 million Today it is 1.2 billion 2050 it will be 2.5 billion 2100 it will be 5 billion Thanos is not the Hero we want, but he is the Hero we need.

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  77. sk3lt0

    sk3lt04 days ago

    how to deffeat thanos get a second chanel and let thanos snap and then use the second chanel

  78. Michael Daniels

    Michael Daniels4 days ago

    What's funny is the comics current infinity war they are doing had Gamora do the same thing eliminating half the universe but, without killing half the universe by fusing the two halves together so she basically did what he did but, better

  79. James Knorr

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    I just watched all MatPat’s Thanos theories, and I could only think about *thanos car*

  80. Ghost Toast

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    0:34 awww u missed jake paul

  81. So-duhh

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    MatPat forgot to get rid of T-Series!!!

  82. Epicman 1765

    Epicman 17654 days ago

    In Avengers 4, the surviving Avengers go to collect the infinity stones before Thanos does. That way, Thanos never snaps his fingers and all of the universe is alive!

  83. Annie Hendrix

    Annie Hendrix4 days ago

    I'm one of 7 kids my g'ma 11! What about us? Would we effect it at all!! Also really nice to now your prolife!

  84. Noizzer

    Noizzer4 days ago

    Hitler was right

  85. Ryan Kunst

    Ryan Kunst4 days ago

    I fail to see how cutting the population lowers the Carrying Capacity. It would just set us back in getting there. Sure, the carrying capacity theory means we wouldn't repopulate quite as fast, but we still would. If anything the Carrying Capacity means there's less of a reason for him to do it at all.

  86. Minnecraft nguyen

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    Lol! The intro was hillarious!

  87. Deathcrude Commentary

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    I cannot believe you brought up Urinetown I literally thought no one knew that musical existed and it's absolutely hilarious

  88. Drakeson //Drake

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    2 words so Avengers will win. Captain. Marvel.

  89. Siaosi Saafi

    Siaosi Saafi4 days ago

    When we are talking about "taking out half the universe" we're not just talking about the earth. Other planets and species could have a different population growth rates or even fewer resources!

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    Well Groot can regrow himself out of this new hammer handle Thor : I AM THE GOD O *Groot sticks out of handle* Thor : o_o

  92. Marcos_ Atwood

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    Is it the galaxy or the universe??

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    When you switch place you finished faster and lest stoping and lest lahfing and #ripspelling

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    Yay black death!

  95. s. parke

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    why didn't Thanos just use the gauntlet to exponentially increase the amount of available resources in the universe?

  96. AkayCat - EmeraldWire

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    Since we are in the real world, there is no possible way to double resources... so the best thing we can do is to stop making kids... or the consequences in the future will be really big...

  97. Pinkerton97

    Pinkerton972 days ago

    Thank you, all the "why doesn't thanos just double all the resources" comments were getting to me. At the moment, I don't think overpopulation is a huge problem, but give it a few decades and we could have real consequences like you say.

  98. The Triangle Goddess

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    I love urine town

  99. Jinx Dragon

    Jinx Dragon5 days ago

    I am going to change my vote on this, Thanos was mistaken! The problem is the Great Plague itself, sadly our only case study of decreased human birth rates and I can no longer trust it. This plague occurred in the 13th? century, when the only way to deal with child mortality was increased birth rates. After the plague there was nothing preventing people from going back to that 'breed for survival' mentality. It would be centuries later, when we developed the medical technology, that real decreases in birth rates became possible. Thus, I can not truely fathom what ripples would occur if you where to remove half the population in today's Information Era using the Plague as 'the case file.' The shock of losing half of our population could be what forces us back into a 'breed for survival' mentality...what would Thanos do then? Best Answer I could find was this one:- Make half the population infertile, and enforce that decreased birth rate into the genome of every sentient creature. Not only does this prevent systematic collapse of our current technology and systems but rigorously enforces the end goal. People will either accept that a majority of people are born infertile, or those people will become second class citizens... might be a good test, come back and see the 'character' of each race by how they treated those who lost the ability to breed. As an added twist, could tie this decreased birth-rate into the population density somehow... so if they try and 'mass-breed' the rate of infertility goes up... you know, hard limits! But then again, we all know his 'plan' is just an excuse he is telling himself to justify his choice to murder... he has a crush on Death after all!

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    Urinetown is lowkey a really good musical

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