Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)


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    Urinetown is the bomb

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    Thanks to Thanos My city don't get traffic jam anymore

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    I’m so sad exapecaly the way spider man went so young 😞and groot poor groot also I can’t fricken snap!!!!

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    Why don't you just make more resources with the glove?

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    No worries, we will all be replaced with Islamic people. They have something like 9 kids per couple.

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    yes but the avenger stop him because they just dont want to die they just want to live so thanos is right to do that

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    Facho culiao matpatt yo creía en ti hasta que hiciste lo de black panther

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    Yay! Black death!

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    What's the music he used in the background at 5:10

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    Simple solution. Turn every country into a first world country and reduce number of children as the need for children will be low

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    Ok so I’m glad I clicked on this video so that we couldn’t talk about anything avengers.... click bait. Waste of time

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    I think your pro-Death-Star video you made on this channel would have benefited from a similar ending to this one. That one messed up by ignoring the pretty hard-to-ignore elephant in the room that the Death Star was deliberately designed to threaten the subjects of the empire, not protect it from outside threats, and thus was less equivalent to destroying a military base than it was to destroying a bunch of Nazi gas chambers. I was suspecting this would take a similar route of glossing over huge, kind-of-obvious details for the sake of playing devil's advocate, but you actually near did the opposite here with those final thoughts (ha ha, remember when those were regularly announced in Game Theory?). Good point about the Infinity Gauntlet probably having more uses than just extermination.

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    *I* personally like your urinetown reference

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    What if theres an odd amount of life forms?

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    Loving Steph as Thanos

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    But what if he killed of all of the young people and only like 90 year old were left?

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    But, if today our population is linear instead of exponential doesn't that mean that Thanos was wrong? Because the growth of population wasn't the problem, it was the lack of sustainable resources/overuse of resources.

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    Nah, economic conflict would resume as soon as the property was redistributed, This planet has plenty of resources to distribute it is a matter of who controls them.

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    Actually thats 7.6 5:55

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    "No... "they all had second channels!!"

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    8.8/10 Is what I give the movie.

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    Lmfao I would like if Ali-A fades into dust.

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    2:54 “THATS YOUR THANOS!?”

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    Genocide Yay

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    But you dont have 2 kids, you and someone have 2 kids

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    but the infinity stones in the gauntlet are not in the same order as in the comics

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    Get rid of Jake Paul's channel-- DANG IT YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!

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    My personal theory is that Gamora herself is inside the infinity stone and all the people who faded away are in there too. Part of the movie would follow the Avengers and Gamora in the stone and the other part would follow Captain Marvel and the remaining heroes.

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    What are even the chances that Thanos WOULD kill anyone when he snaps his fingers? with the incredible amount of micro organisms, plants, animals and etc., isn't it highly unlikely that a person would ever die?

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    Wait u got busy

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    I just wanted to note that historicaly the economie often relies on the population (obviously) the black plague was an anomaly lets look at justinian's plague where one in four people died (in the major cities atleast), it had a devastating effect on the economie, militairy and government.

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    I would be lucky if I had the gauntlet I can only snap my fingers on my left hand

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    Look at any motorway in any country and you'll agree with thanos

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    "Humanity was a mistake "~ Jacksepticeye

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    I haven’t even watched the movie and I know that Thanos does not sound like that matpat

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    Why didn't his bitch ass just quadruple the universes resources?? Dumb fuck

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    that is why thanos create a parallel universe , those who survived are actually the ones who died and vice versa

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    I would only be okay with this if all the extras died. I don't want any of the main characters like us to die.

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    The reason half the universe's population was wiped out was because Thanos was being stupid and or stubborn. He decided to erase half of all life rather than doubling all resources because he believes there is a set amount of stuff in the universe. He was actually being kind of selfish now that I think about because he put his beliefs before everyone else. That's kind of how a lot of conflicts start isn't it? People will follow a set of beliefs which results in others getting hurt.

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    #MatPatProPlauge lol

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    Why didnt doctor strange use the time stone to reverse time after peter messed everything up after getting triggered. Just saying.. Could have ben prevented

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    Thanos is at the beginning of this video is so evil for deleting Liza koshi

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    Child labor laws are ruining this country.

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    The interesting thing is, Thanos' thought process was actually along the same lines as Hitler's. We talked about it in history class. The man was undoubtedly insane and evil, but, as this video says, it ALMOST makes a really twisted sort of sense. At the time, Germany was in extreme poverty and destitution because the treaty that ended WWI placed the blame for the war entirely on Germany (even though they actually had about as much blame as any other country) and was being forced to pay an INSANE amount of money and goods to France in reparations. Far more than the country's ENTIRE value. As a result, the government printed more money to solve the problem, which naturally just caused inflation and put the nation in even worse shape. Which led to Hitler's plan, similar to Thanos', in which much of the population would be killed off and communist regulations would, in theory, maintain the benefits for years to come. When Hitler killed off people, it was less about creating a more superior race (though that was a part of it) and more about choosing to kill off those HE believed to be the most disposable (including Jews, Catholics, gypsies, people with disabilities) for the sake of his economic plan. In fact, Thanos even mimics Hitler in that he tried to bring his idea to other planets in the galaxy, just as Hitler brought his to the various countries Germany grew to occupy, like Poland and Denmark. It is possible that the character Thanos is even derived from Hitler.

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    Am in the only one who agrees with Thanos?

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    Not sure if you guys are aware but, Thomas Malthus was actually completely wrong in his theory. Committing mass genocide in the billions, is not only the most evil thing any individual could ever do (not that dissimilar from The likes of Mao, Stalin, and Alexander the Great.

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    I actually didn't like infinity war much. I felt it was a cheap way to get rid of characters and they could have beaten him in many ways.

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    what if a planet overpopulated again?

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    Do you know how much better this world would be if half the people were adult babies? It would safer, funner, and pretty much better in every way.

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    Nice vid

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    Thank goodness for AP Human Geograpy. I wouldn't understand anything from this. 🙏

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    Don't you know about population cycle after a while the death rate stays in place while the birth rate goes down. Germany is going through that right

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    Why would he need to cut the population in half if as you just said we are reaching zero growth? This video stops making sense around the 10:00 mark, unless I am missing something.

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    Government propaganda

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    Fun video Matt. But you missed a lot of history that disproves this.

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    I like the first part of the movie

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    For the people asking about resources, what about space? Pollution? Crime in larger populations? Culling was simply a better solution.

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    Great episode! You do quality work on here and Game Theory: (THANKS FOR MAKING!). I'm glad your channels are growing and that you are finding new opportunities for content and exposure of your work. I know at this point in the game that you need a staff to make all this awesomeness happen. But, please don't spread yourself too thin. More MatPat is good. Less, but higher quality MatPat is far better. Keep up the great work! Cheers, mate.

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    My sister and me were thinking about this before this video even came out.

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    You were wrong about one thing. It takes two parents to have a kid. Thus, if I had two kids, my significant other would by default have the same two kids. That wouldn't double the population, it'd remain the same. It would theoretically take four kids to double the population of the earth.

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    Ahh.. No.. Watch Marvel's agents of S.H.I.E.L.D especially season 5 and you will understand that Thanos isn't right.. Oh and spoilers.. HE destroyed Earth!

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    Holy shit mat pat, think it through. More resources how? Triple land? Infinite water? 4 times mineral resources? If on our globe, earthquakes and floods and what not would ensue. If Thanos creates another globe close by, it would cause earthquakes as well or would just be waaay to far for us to use them. Holy shit people think this through. We have one earth. Ultimately, the planet is the resource, not the shit you but at the grocery.

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    You're using the concept/term of "carrying capacity" wrong

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    Wow, wait. PIB doesnt prove that one is not at carrying capacity.

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