Film Theory: Is Deadpool Trolling Us? (Deadpool 2)


  1. Someone

    Someone3 months ago

    Theory: MatPat gets every theory correct, and movies change the script, plot, re render everything after his video.

  2. Sophie Lamond

    Sophie Lamond5 days ago

    That's a long shot😂

  3. Chris CaBal

    Chris CaBal15 days ago

    Someone well except Fortnites theory about where the meteor will strike but yeah.... Although its a game theory...

  4. Samara Koehn

    Samara Koehn16 days ago

    Yeah did u enjoy how he was in the movie for about 10 minutes and then died.

  5. Koro Gorotsuki

    Koro Gorotsuki24 days ago

    Yeah i really think so too, i mean look at the bendy theories, after he covered the game, the meatly suddenly made changes around the game......isn't that suspicious...?

  6. Angel Ma

    Angel Ma25 days ago

    Someone y'know what? your probably right.

  7. Jake Harney

    Jake Harney5 hours ago

    i havent seen dp2 yet, which is correct?

  8. Cataru Moore

    Cataru Moore10 hours ago

    I hope peter W is in the deadpool 3 or whatever dp's next film is.

  9. v78designer

    v78designer14 hours ago

    when you watch the movie then watch this. ... peter. is dead. from acid vomit.

  10. v78designer

    v78designer10 hours ago

    jack oh i didnt watch the credits. thx

  11. Jack Admirand

    Jack Admirand10 hours ago

    v78designer hes brought back alive in thr end credits

  12. Butts 69

    Butts 6921 hour ago

    sorry bro, peter gets fucking destroyed after being in the movie for like; 5 minutes

  13. LucklessCurve 231

    LucklessCurve 23122 hours ago


  14. Millie The Mouse-bat

    Millie The Mouse-bat23 hours ago

    *doesn't even watch video* Yeah probably knowing him. Also I felt like dead pool should've been in this video.

  15. Antoni Haupt

    Antoni HauptDay ago


  16. King Gio

    King GioDay ago

    how narcissistic do you have to be to think that a random 2 dimensional character is being used to make fun of you

  17. MAURICIO565

    MAURICIO565Day ago

    MatPat, you were right the only time you didn't take your prediction seriously xD . . . . . Peter dies right after the parachute scene.

  18. skylar bargo

    skylar bargoDay ago

    good try

  19. SHARKMINER 123

    SHARKMINER 123Day ago

    Deadpool 2 is out

  20. KonohasEdge

    KonohasEdgeDay ago

    Dude. Thats the real DP prank. Mr. Pool: ''And they really thought the x-force were part of the plot.''

  21. Jess Lloyde

    Jess LloydeDay ago

    well he got this theory right. peter is a nobody and he dies in the first relatively threatening scenario XD

  22. Justin Nelson

    Justin NelsonDay ago

    He was correct lol

  23. Corwin Flores

    Corwin FloresDay ago

    If everyone in the world had the same personality of adorable Mr Peter, we'd probably be a lot better off. Or we'd just start a war over photoshopped tigers.

  24. GalaxyGirl24

    GalaxyGirl243 days ago

    I freaked out when I saw Sherlock, I love Sherlock. 😂💓

  25. Danny Cantillon

    Danny Cantillon3 days ago

    Easy peter issssssss captain diabetes

  26. Dylan Schor

    Dylan Schor3 days ago

    Matpat was kinda right... the trailer was trolling us with x force... just not cable

  27. Zoenna z

    Zoenna z3 days ago

    He was right lol

  28. Jake Guarini

    Jake Guarini3 days ago

    Oh wow I he really got this one wrong Peter died within like 10 seconds

  29. The G.O.A.T

    The G.O.A.T4 days ago

    Hey this theory was right

  30. Coopserser

    Coopserser4 days ago

    I think the whole xforce was just there for a joke. (Except domino)

  31. Coopserser

    Coopserser4 days ago

    Peter- **dies**

  32. Coopserser

    Coopserser3 days ago

    he does zeitgeist kills him when hes stuck in the wood chipper.

  33. Joshua Caguioa

    Joshua Caguioa4 days ago

    he doesnt

  34. Samantha

    Samantha4 days ago


  35. Aqib.A.C

    Aqib.A.C4 days ago

    Hahahaha, Matpat really wasn't expecting them to kill off the majority of X-Force so quick.

  36. Zombie Cat

    Zombie Cat4 days ago

    There’s more to Peter then you know. Of course there is

  37. Arctic Gorilla

    Arctic Gorilla4 days ago

    Peter dies, tho.

  38. Poxlez

    Poxlez4 days ago

    Peter W, what’s his power? It’s lacking powers.

  39. The A Master

    The A Master4 days ago

    Wow ti's all wrait

  40. Sam Patton

    Sam Patton4 days ago


  41. Aliyah Cerbins

    Aliyah Cerbins4 days ago

    this cant be more wrong

  42. XxbuzzxX YT

    XxbuzzxX YT5 days ago

    Sorry but he died in the movie

  43. Maggie Rose

    Maggie Rose5 days ago

    this is completely not related to the video but it would be kinda cool(and also make marvel a shit-ton of money) if they made a spider-verse movie with Tom Holland, Toby Maguire, and Andrew Garfield... just saying

  44. Thomas Goff

    Thomas Goff5 days ago

    Matpat actually got one right!!

  45. Pilot Unready

    Pilot Unready6 days ago

    He actually got this right

  46. gingerninga

    gingerninga6 days ago

    I love how he got the death of Peter totally right

  47. Ryan Carlson

    Ryan Carlson6 days ago

    Omg did you not watch Deadpool he dead Peter w

  48. Sophie Lamond

    Sophie Lamond5 days ago

    Ryan Carlson no he's not

  49. TreCyLog

    TreCyLog7 days ago

    He was right it was all a lie

  50. charlz

    charlz7 days ago

    papa can you hear me?

  51. Sonja Lagator

    Sonja Lagator7 days ago

    2:09 witch you aren't he dies grousamly

  52. Sonja Lagator

    Sonja Lagator7 days ago

    Well it's actually kinda sad. And funny

  53. The Muffin Production

    The Muffin Production7 days ago

    SPOILERS: I'm laughing the entire time cuz Peter just died on his first jump

  54. Everyday Otaku

    Everyday Otaku8 days ago

    You were right

  55. Delta

    Delta8 days ago

    Wow he is 100% right! That NEVER happens

  56. john gamer221

    john gamer2218 days ago

    this is SO WRONG XD

  57. Rigoberto Munoz

    Rigoberto Munoz8 days ago

    He got it right

  58. Hellsinger222

    Hellsinger2228 days ago

    I haven't gone to the theaters in a little bit more than three years. I just wait until it comes out on DVD/digital release and buy it that way. Edit forgot a period.

  59. Georgia VanScoy

    Georgia VanScoy9 days ago

    Welcome to Deadpool. Peter is literally just peter and that’s it.

  60. pokedexinja 801

    pokedexinja 8019 days ago

    MatPat, as much as I love you and everyone and everything in it, you are right

  61. Huntrex

    Huntrex9 days ago

    Lol, you got the theory right, Peter does die in the first dangerous situation

  62. Wujeeta

    Wujeeta9 days ago

    Holy Shit you were right for once.

  63. Percy Jackson For Life

    Percy Jackson For Life9 days ago

    Just pointing out the one who controls probably: ability to win, 100

  64. one hell of a deer

    one hell of a deer10 days ago

    Psych *S P O T T E D*

  65. Jonny Cinco

    Jonny Cinco10 days ago

    So wrong

  66. Agamer playz

    Agamer playz11 days ago

    Deadpool 3 should say and dont even try to make a theory about any of this mat pat

  67. Storm Breaker

    Storm Breaker11 days ago

    Captin Britain is better than captain America he should get a movie he is awesome

  68. Ender Pig102

    Ender Pig10213 days ago

    Now if try to find meaning in every little story and every little thing, you’ll just drive yourself crazy trying to find an answer. But there isn’t always an answer, sometimes a story is just a story -not exact words but pretty close quote from Mr. Hippo

  69. David Bickham

    David Bickham13 days ago

    Looks like you actually were right this time, Peter did die a horrific death like almost instantly

  70. RedGamer ThePvPG

    RedGamer ThePvPG14 days ago

    He died(peter,kinda)

  71. Aleph Null

    Aleph Null14 days ago

    Almost there Mat, almost there.

  72. Duke Cartier

    Duke Cartier14 days ago

    And he dies

  73. Owengejuice

    Owengejuice15 days ago

    Dude, the entire x force dies besides the lucky person

  74. eli goldman

    eli goldman15 days ago

    How incredibly wrong this video

  75. Adam Yessef

    Adam Yessef16 days ago

    You where right oh my gosh

  76. Ya boi Evan

    Ya boi Evan16 days ago

    Did you know a stunt woman died on the set of deadpool 2. I saw the filming in Vancouver about 2 hours before it happened when I was on holiday... scary, huh!

  77. denis alexandru

    denis alexandru16 days ago

    He died in a minute :D

  78. Shadow Wolf

    Shadow Wolf16 days ago


  79. Samara Koehn

    Samara Koehn16 days ago

    U we're 100% right matpat.

  80. Marcin

    Marcin17 days ago

    I love so much how only the Peter W. survived the landing. :D

  81. J.B. Studios

    J.B. Studios17 days ago

    It was bs

  82. Dlyder13

    Dlyder1317 days ago

    It's sad that he died

  83. love girl7

    love girl717 days ago

    Gus from psych

  84. MCFinalNinja FTW

    MCFinalNinja FTW18 days ago

    What if Peter W IS Peter Wisdom but a CHILD of Peter Wisdom, just a Junior. I dunno.

  85. Rainhard Ravenlaw

    Rainhard Ravenlaw18 days ago

    It's pretty sad that this theory was wrong. It would have been AMAZING

  86. Robert Richardon

    Robert Richardon18 days ago

    Ha ha they all die ha ha

  87. Andrew Farley

    Andrew Farley18 days ago

    you are right

  88. Have some asparagus Please

    Have some asparagus Please19 days ago


  89. AddifirestyleTV

    AddifirestyleTV19 days ago

    He died within the first 45 minutes i QUAKING😂

  90. Glowstone Lion

    Glowstone Lion19 days ago

    I waited 9 minutes for you to tell me you have been wrong

  91. Jadedude 44287

    Jadedude 4428719 days ago

    Peter w died in the movie

  92. Arsh Malhi

    Arsh Malhi21 day ago

    Peter dies

  93. Ethan The SFM Cat

    Ethan The SFM Cat22 days ago

    wow mat actually predicted that peter would die in the first 3 minutes of the movie

  94. Takyra Sampson

    Takyra Sampson22 days ago

    When he said knives I immediately thought Sebastian from Black Butler

  95. Shubhdeep Gill

    Shubhdeep Gill22 days ago

    I'd watch deadpool's commentary on infinity war

  96. BoriKua787

    BoriKua78723 days ago

    Good job you were right

  97. Bombardo 06

    Bombardo 0623 days ago

    Holy crap, you got one of these things right, nice job man

  98. SeaBass M.

    SeaBass M.24 days ago

    Matt patt you should horse gamble do poker or put bets on fights

  99. Caleb Blackmon

    Caleb Blackmon24 days ago

    the power slurp sound though

  100. Sweet Pinky Pie Loves You

    Sweet Pinky Pie Loves You26 days ago

    pinkie pie was also in the movie of deadpool 2 and pinkie pie is from my little pony friendship is magic

  101. Magali Feliu

    Magali Feliu26 days ago

    Matpat it sound likes you have been stalking Peter 🤔. Whatever

  102. Kristina Tully

    Kristina Tully26 days ago

    Lol so much work and facts for him to die in the move

  103. Kurtis Lawler

    Kurtis Lawler27 days ago

    WHERE WAS BOB!!! I thought Petter was going to be Bob from the first movie, but No!

  104. Sean Gilman

    Sean Gilman27 days ago

    On your next film theory do how old is Deadpool😃

  105. Alfie Barker

    Alfie Barker28 days ago

    nation personality rat ride flat queen learning apart.

  106. crazy botz

    crazy botz29 days ago

    SPOILER Peter does not have a secret instead he from acid on his face

  107. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith29 days ago

    Peter kinda reminds me of Ned Flanders

  108. Harshil Doshi

    Harshil Doshi29 days ago

    We Need a new Intro .......!!!!

  109. Paola Poole

    Paola Poole29 days ago

    that's why I love deadpool

  110. Cole Grabitz

    Cole Grabitz29 days ago

    Ha wrong