Film Theory: Is Deadpool Trolling Us? (Deadpool 2)


  1. Someone

    Someone8 months ago

    Theory: MatPat gets every theory correct, and movies change the script, plot, re render everything after his video.

  2. Rhythm Sheehan

    Rhythm SheehanMonth ago

    Yeah exactly what I was thinking.

  3. MasterBeast Studios

    MasterBeast Studios2 months ago

    Oh! Wow!

  4. Samichha Chouwan

    Samichha Chouwan2 months ago


  5. Samuel Beale

    Samuel Beale3 months ago

    This time they only watched a little so woohoo go mat

  6. Susan Rodriguez

    Susan Rodriguez3 months ago

    But thats just a theory A FILM THEORY!!

  7. Skottmotion

    Skottmotion6 hours ago

    They should have done this for once upon a deadpool

  8. Atticus Van

    Atticus Van17 hours ago

    I saw the movie before this video so up it's ft

  9. Margarita Marrero

    Margarita MarreroDay ago

    Scotland Yard?....Yep it's Sherlock Holmes for Peter Wilson's dad

  10. LegoCharlie T

    LegoCharlie TDay ago

    no, peter was just a throw away joke

  11. Ghislaine Theodora BingoBlitz

    Ghislaine Theodora BingoBlitzDay ago

    You are dumb

  12. Javier A. Méndez

    Javier A. Méndez2 days ago

    Peter W. = Peter Parker

  13. AB LEGO

    AB LEGO3 days ago


  14. shades entertainment Philippines

    shades entertainment Philippines4 days ago

    well, it will be terrible casting

  15. Cruz Eklund

    Cruz Eklund5 days ago

    Until he died to acid

  16. ltwagner 7

    ltwagner 76 days ago

    This video aged well

  17. Gekke DorKip

    Gekke DorKip7 days ago

    You make this video and then peter dies

  18. Madeline Carragher

    Madeline Carragher7 days ago

    9:54 Live action “Gus” is from Psych, a funny TV show.

  19. Sophia Dragneel

    Sophia Dragneel7 days ago

    Imma Peter W irl...

  20. Yellow BananaGO!!

    Yellow BananaGO!!7 days ago

    Wooh, I'm glad he's just an average jos

  21. Yellow BananaGO!!

    Yellow BananaGO!!7 days ago


  22. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker8 days ago

    He probably is you know he could break the 4th wall

  23. saad khan

    saad khan8 days ago

    DP2 probably saw this vid and was like: PROVE HIM WRONG CANT BE RIGHT

  24. Manubibi Walsh

    Manubibi Walsh9 days ago

    i would ABSOLUTELY watch Infinity War with Deadpool's commentary.

  25. Ciara Clancy

    Ciara Clancy11 days ago

    Best film theory ever

  26. Lazy Potato

    Lazy Potato12 days ago

    Why ya gotta use a picture of Gus from Psyche?

  27. henry lu

    henry lu13 days ago

    MatPat:There maybe something more to Peter. *dies in the first 10 minute*

  28. Graham Oldfield

    Graham Oldfield14 days ago

    Dude, you were half right about peter w during horribly

  29. Google gamer

    Google gamer14 days ago

    Oh how wrong you were

  30. Freya Russell

    Freya Russell15 days ago

    MatPat: It's clear this movie will be mainly about the x force Movie: All but one die within 10 minutes of being created

  31. Freya Russell

    Freya Russell15 days ago

    Also, Domino is just really lucky, no manipulating there.

  32. Madison Kopp

    Madison Kopp15 days ago

    Wow. He was completely correct. Wow.

  33. Creativity Ink

    Creativity Ink16 days ago

    If matpat gets the most subs, it would be making him very well known so making it more likely for marvel/dc/anyone to watch.

  34. Jason Philippe

    Jason Philippe17 days ago

    I thought that was Steve Harvey in the thumbnail

  35. The CrazyFoxGirl

    The CrazyFoxGirl17 days ago

    3:09 this actors last name is my first name XD

  36. Noelle Trinidad

    Noelle Trinidad18 days ago

    9:06 "So glad I stayed up til 3am editing" 😂😂😂😂😂😂


    BODE LAWRIE19 days ago

    Wow matpats theory actually kinda came true

  38. Digital Raven

    Digital Raven21 day ago

    Literally dies in the parachute scene😂

  39. Abnoxios Fruit comics

    Abnoxios Fruit comics21 day ago

    When He

  40. Redilita Dalangin

    Redilita Dalangin23 days ago

    Peter W died tho

  41. favcustoms

    favcustoms23 days ago

    how many people got the subtle Psych reference (#GeeButtersnaps)

  42. GayBoi03

    GayBoi0324 days ago

    Wow you got it right matpat :D

  43. Eliasdoge Gamer

    Eliasdoge Gamer25 days ago

    At the end of the video the box at the right is did Deadpool write Deadpool not how to kill deadpool

  44. Capt740 Yuriar

    Capt740 Yuriar26 days ago

    Matpat - "knowing how Deadpool tends to operate, Peter's likely to get killed in the first dangerous situation he comes across." Movie scene - Peter tries to help acid-spit-guy and gets barfed on thus dissolving and killing him. YOU GOT IT RIGHT MATPAT!!!

  45. Lucy Levicky

    Lucy Levicky27 days ago

    Wouldn't it be funny if the Peter theory was right and his joke (the real theory) was wrong

  46. Simon Hansen

    Simon Hansen28 days ago

    Hey, how about making an afterthoughty video seeing as how all your theories in this one were incorrect except that Peter IS an absolute nobody.

  47. The Baka Network

    The Baka Network28 days ago

    i cant imagine matpats reaction seeing deadpool 2 and seeing peter die

  48. fliper day

    fliper day29 days ago


  49. Seth the Sloth

    Seth the SlothMonth ago

    He kinda right

  50. Lids _

    Lids _Month ago

    I'm laughing so hard right now, you was RIGHT! *MATPAT WAS RIGHT!!!*

  51. Hornox The Kingslayer

    Hornox The KingslayerMonth ago

    The only part thats wrong is him dying, hes the only one who lives. lol

  52. Nico Colarusso

    Nico ColarussoMonth ago

    This is so much better if you've seen Deadpool 2. He pretty much nailed it

  53. Amber Weller

    Amber WellerMonth ago

    I saw badgemore up there and I shit myself I literally live in that town

  54. can we get 50k subs with no videos

    can we get 50k subs with no videosMonth ago

    Little do he know.............

  55. Dimi Fatela

    Dimi FatelaMonth ago

    U were right

  56. Dimi Fatela

    Dimi FatelaMonth ago


  57. Garrett McDuffee

    Garrett McDuffeeMonth ago

    Wow he just predicted the whole movie

  58. chickeneda hoco loco and dogy

    chickeneda hoco loco and dogyMonth ago

    Nope wrong he just gets his arm choped off by the acid guy

  59. ClarkRedstone

    ClarkRedstoneMonth ago

    well he has both type a and type b diabetes... that's a superpower right?

  60. Kylan M

    Kylan MMonth ago

    Nah he’s a spy, 😂

  61. PuppyPlayer 100

    PuppyPlayer 100Month ago

    Mat you got the death in the first danger scene right XD

  62. Rando Lambo

    Rando LamboMonth ago

    *Matpat* Peter is the key to everthing! *MOVIE* (sees video) yeah okay just kill him off for now

  63. Fiona Boylan

    Fiona BoylanMonth ago

    The only thing I don’t like about your Chanel is when you say BUT HAY THATS JUST A THREY A FILM THREY 😡😠👺 at the end of your vids

  64. Darren Van De Mark

    Darren Van De MarkMonth ago

    What the fuck is dubstep

  65. Garrett Skolaski

    Garrett SkolaskiMonth ago

    Wow. It’s crazy how much Matpat actually gets right

  66. Michael Hughes

    Michael HughesMonth ago


  67. KING K00PA

    KING K00PAMonth ago

    right concept, wrong about the details but still impressive. DP2 totally trolled us with the trailers which included “X-Force” heroes fighting along side DP when they really didn’t even make it to the fight scenes, the footage was shot just for the trailers to throw us off and it WORKED LIKE A CHARM! Totally M Night Shamalala.....-oh fuck it. Ok, yeah DP, u got me. You got us..

  68. Cecilia Vega-Johnson

    Cecilia Vega-JohnsonMonth ago

    It’s just so funny because Peter LITERALLY dies

  69. landlloard

    landlloardMonth ago

    Mat it hapond

  70. Mario Gamer12345

    Mario Gamer12345Month ago

    Conglaturation. A winner is you. But you didn't get the exact quip. -1 point. You now have 1985 Theorist Points. You can get a bad keychain with the GT logo slapped on it.

  71. Anthony Naranjo

    Anthony NaranjoMonth ago

    Mr. MatPat. I know you and your team are very, very busy. Putting out videos like this for two channels, streaming most of the week, and doing so much at all times. But, I have a request. For predictions theories about the plots of movies/games, I wish you would, in some official capacity, respond when the movie/game comes out. Maybe a stream on Fridays?

  72. Paul Frank

    Paul FrankMonth ago

    Aww, there's my Sugarbear

  73. Absol 11

    Absol 11Month ago

    This video reminded me of a character that gave me personally the most questions- Domino; like how would you kill her or if her luck power takes into account her feelings. For example if she tried to kill herself or sacrifice for someone else would her power let her? I don't know about in the comics maybe it is explained

  74. Manuela Clarin

    Manuela ClarinMonth ago

    I'm just happy that you're right

  75. JS Gaming

    JS GamingMonth ago

    You were right

  76. Hdawg74 Boy

    Hdawg74 BoyMonth ago

    When you watch it now and you watch this and he says the movie is about x force

  77. A Kentish Bell

    A Kentish Bell2 months ago

    This is wrong

  78. Tason Womo #9/82 #OlReliable #Clutch #GOATs

    Tason Womo #9/82 #OlReliable #Clutch #GOATsMonth ago

    A Kentish Bell it’s actually all right

  79. MasterBeast Studios

    MasterBeast Studios2 months ago

    How come Peters always die. First Peter Quill. Then Peter Parker and Now Peter W.

  80. catbug :3

    catbug :32 months ago

    Russel would be great to camp with

  81. catbug :3

    catbug :32 months ago

    My tablet froze but it's fine i gotta watch this 4 ever

  82. Avi Rohilla

    Avi Rohilla2 months ago

    he died just after landing from parachute

  83. Mariana Bjeletich

    Mariana Bjeletich2 months ago

    in 10:34 he says one direction am i the only person who thinks hes reffering to the band and laughed

  84. Alain Daniel

    Alain Daniel2 months ago

    Nope he dies fas5

  85. Griff black

    Griff black2 months ago

    Matpat I love u like but fuck u I stand wie my country which I have to fight to be in cuz I live in Northern Ireland n I’m a prod being either catholic or prod geta ya fucking killed so love ya but also fuck ya 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  86. Kremit The frog

    Kremit The frog2 months ago

    He was right lol

  87. Ronald Ntale

    Ronald Ntale2 months ago

    Oh man, watching this now and laughing my ass off.....

  88. Larry Hegs

    Larry Hegs2 months ago

    Huh....... To bad he died so early in the movie tho.

  89. Tobiasz Rl Rosman

    Tobiasz Rl Rosman2 months ago

    7:32 OK you blew my mind

  90. ozone20rulez

    ozone20rulez2 months ago

    *In the start* Haha lol. I saw the movie. This is all wrong! *At the end* ...Fuck. How much IQ do you have?


    LISNEY RODRIGUEZ2 months ago

    #best intro in youtube

  92. Rrok Daragjati

    Rrok Daragjati2 months ago

    Sorru pat he trolled you hard

  93. Expat Kids

    Expat Kids2 months ago

    Its sad this didn’t happen, it would be so funny. But the start credits are so funny

  94. katelyn hurd

    katelyn hurd2 months ago

    Hahaha peter is just a man who die lol

  95. Olivia's crazy Corner

    Olivia's crazy Corner2 months ago

    40 seconds in, a time stamp-I'm assuming- shows up in the bottom right hand corner. Why is that?

  96. Cunpliy

    Cunpliy2 months ago

    I already watched deadpool 2 before I knew about this video

  97. jerik banzam

    jerik banzam2 months ago

    movies change the details after seeing these theories

  98. GG M8

    GG M82 months ago

    Its funny cause he dies immediately lol

  99. CaseyCo

    CaseyCo2 months ago

    Infinity war with deadpool commentary I need that now

  100. Jennifer Jagdmann

    Jennifer Jagdmann2 months ago

    why did you think deadpool was going to share the spotlight

  101. Penguinee

    Penguinee2 months ago

    No peter died

  102. Mathieson

    Mathieson2 months ago

    I just want them to do "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe" at some point

  103. lel products YT

    lel products YT2 months ago

    Is deadpool from marvel?

  104. Alexander Hadzhiev

    Alexander Hadzhiev2 months ago

    Did anyone notice that the song that gets played when vanessa dies is the same one from the 2002 film 'Van Wilder' when Ryan Renolds gets his heart broken, i think its a pretty cool reference. But its probably a coincidence.

  105. Sway

    Sway2 months ago


  106. ElizaShakiraMassani

    ElizaShakiraMassani2 months ago

    Deadpool trolled us all LOL

  107. Roman Gartelmann

    Roman Gartelmann2 months ago

    I wonder how he reacts to Peter's death

  108. Dude playing Games

    Dude playing Games2 months ago

    Peter dies so fast in the movie im dieng