Film Theory: Ant Man's GIANT Problem (Marvel's Ant-Man)


  1. Buff_Castle

    Buff_CastleHour ago

    He weighs the same when he shrinks so why would he weigh more

  2. Ava Helana

    Ava Helana2 hours ago

    is anyone sad that he died in escape the night cause I was

  3. Kawaii_Cookiez05

    Kawaii_Cookiez053 hours ago

    Matpat comes In handy when it comes to solving theories, I will try to find some more questions to ask him. Lol

  4. Zachariah Baird

    Zachariah Baird5 hours ago

    13:00 that's why he is called ant man and not elephant man

  5. Zachariah Baird

    Zachariah Baird5 hours ago

    I thought ant man stayed the same weight.

  6. Zachariah Baird

    Zachariah Baird5 hours ago

    ant man's black hole would instantly dispensary.

  7. manicmuffin

    manicmuffin5 hours ago

    Wasn't it a point in Ant-Man that the mass of the object remains the same, Pym Particles merely shrink or expand the space between the molecules?

  8. Darth Revan 2552

    Darth Revan 25525 hours ago

    You left out the fact that a living thing that large has to consume a tremendous amount energy just to function, things like oxygen and food that we all need to move and survive at all, thats why larger animals need to consume so much food and why more atmospheric oxygen means bigger creatures, and why after he fell over as a giant ant-man was about to pass out.

  9. Joey Lin

    Joey Lin6 hours ago

    “Antman’s GIANT porblem” ..... PunPat?!!!!!

  10. Hamy Gaming

    Hamy Gaming6 hours ago

    Yess finaly im level 10

  11. Steamy Sulixx

    Steamy Sulixx6 hours ago

    Proof matpat goes through his comments

  12. Gaming.Gecko

    Gaming.Gecko6 hours ago

    wouldn't he also cook himself being so big and being warm blooded

  13. death

    death7 hours ago

    With some ROBLOX tycoons literally makes it so he can’t die

  14. Sulaiman Al.

    Sulaiman Al.7 hours ago

    In the cartoon it hurts his heart

  15. Dave Robson

    Dave Robson8 hours ago

    I don't care about your ego. I'm just dismayed that you would put anything as disgusting as that certain diet cola in your body. I'd rather drink turpentine.

  16. Saai258

    Saai2588 hours ago

    Love the nerdcubed reference xD

  17. Kaiser Moser

    Kaiser Moser9 hours ago

    MatPat when you change your size with the pym particle it only changes the density of the particles in your body. This is stated when Henry says that shrinking decreases the distance between your atoms. Scott Lang would still be the same mass.

  18. ליאור סימיונוביץ'

    ליאור סימיונוביץ'9 hours ago

    Shouldn't his mass stay the same because he is only changing the distance between atoms?

  19. fire expert128

    fire expert1289 hours ago

    I like ant man

  20. The Artist

    The Artist9 hours ago

    Hope and hank ;) enough said

  21. MegaDomcraft

    MegaDomcraft9 hours ago

    i have someone insulting me too matpat

  22. PhoenixStudiosUnlimited LEGENDS

    PhoenixStudiosUnlimited LEGENDS10 hours ago

    If scot was there, he could just climb up into thanos’s butthole and expand...

  23. Jo King

    Jo King11 hours ago

    Points system would actually be a smart way to give people more incentive to watch all your videos...

  24. Jo King

    Jo King11 hours ago

    Being self-aware of that attempt to address comments about your ego, does not excuse them. Gotem'

  25. kayshaun adkins

    kayshaun adkins11 hours ago

    Hey Mat Pat you should do an episode on Janet Van Dyne and how she is an mutant

  26. Bachoo Avi

    Bachoo Avi11 hours ago

    But according to newton's law ho can u change the mass of anything?

  27. ouchythathurt

    ouchythathurt12 hours ago

    Upvote for NerdCubed

  28. Megagolddragon Joel

    Megagolddragon Joel14 hours ago

    Maybe it was tense ness of him fighting

  29. Tristan Mcguigan

    Tristan Mcguigan15 hours ago

    we could just watch the animated avengers movies.

  30. Lucky Teh Wolfie

    Lucky Teh Wolfie15 hours ago

    I cringed every time you used the bone breaking sound

  31. 3rd World Garage

    3rd World Garage17 hours ago

    If he is shrunk to the size of an ant, then how does he breathe? He may have shrunk proportionately, but the oxygen, nitrogen, etc. molecules in the atmosphere have not. Therefore, he would suffocate.

  32. Aurora R

    Aurora R17 hours ago

    Strangth through its langth

  33. Isabella Schaumburg

    Isabella Schaumburg18 hours ago

    Sometimes i feel like matt patt will say random stuff sounding like math because we probabaly wont notife😂😅

  34. Yhiwbagah Wedded

    Yhiwbagah Wedded19 hours ago

    Hulk is sad. A like for Hulk?

  35. Peacock Life

    Peacock Life19 hours ago

    Oml....this...was a lot of math in this brain...cannot...OOOOOAF **Gets dusted from An Alternate Thanos Snap from Ma-Thanos**

  36. Low Boon

    Low Boon21 hour ago

    of course his whole body changes if not in his small size his body would have ripped out

  37. Official Semen Productions

    Official Semen Productions21 hour ago

    Never mind that when he grows that big his internal temperature would skyrocket and he would immediately explode…

  38. Laurent de Gery

    Laurent de Gery22 hours ago

    actually the entire point of ant-man one was that when you changed size you maintained the same mass. so basically he would be the same exact weight and therefore if he grew that big his bone density would be that of packaging peanuts, he would be blown over by a gust of wind (weight to mass ratio), and his entire body structure would collapse like a house of card.

  39. Coffeebean Productions

    Coffeebean Productions22 hours ago

    what about the stain on ant man's heart? My dad's friend has giantism, where his body never stops growing, and his life expectancy is shorter since his height puts strain on the rest of his body. Especially on his heart.

  40. Declan Ellis

    Declan Ellis22 hours ago

    if it's fictional, it can absorb gases! ~ okay, this descent into bad logic has gone too far. but it can absorb gases is a good explanation if it can turn said gases into solids… also 9:11 is the scariest scene ever. Screw Godzilla, Ant-manzilla is the new super beast ( doesn't that just flow off the tongue?)

  41. Dragon KING

    Dragon KING23 hours ago

    You did it with Luigi’s and know do it with him and find out the size of his large ant in his particle ant normal and giant form

  42. Sam theirongolem

    Sam theirongolem23 hours ago

    *What a waste of tacos.*

  43. Matthew Luciani

    Matthew Luciani23 hours ago

    This happens in Ant-man and the wasp

  44. MariChat Harper

    MariChat HarperDay ago

    Star Wars is always in Marvel movies

  45. Jason Munley

    Jason MunleyDay ago

    Did u even see the credit scenes

  46. Samrux

    SamruxDay ago

    You could have explained the square cube law in 20 seconds, but you took 3 painful minutes to do it. Do you believe your audience is stupid now, or has the show really gotten than much worse since you started years ago?

  47. Shevar Robinson

    Shevar RobinsonDay ago

    Oh boi I was fighting so hard to stay awake in the math part

  48. Tin

    TinDay ago

    this really reminds of the film theory on god zilla

  49. Creeper Pie

    Creeper PieDay ago

    so what about a tiny saitama(one punch man) or a tiny hulk? would that increase the strength tremendously or would it be different?

  50. Arrow8D

    Arrow8DDay ago

    loved the nerdcubed refrence

  51. Sans The Skeleton

    Sans The SkeletonDay ago

    Yo, Vanguard is becoming a more popular word.

  52. J P

    J PDay ago

    I thought we already established that only the space between atoms- not the mass or number of atoms, is affected by Pym particle transformation. Remember in the last video when you talked about the cracking of the bathtub or the tank keychain in Ant Man? Whatever happened to that?

  53. KUZER2

    KUZER2Day ago

    When is Coca Cola gonna start sponsoring you already XD

  54. Conner Israel

    Conner IsraelDay ago

    Netflix “the hollow” theory

  55. Yaretzi Olivare

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  56. Rose and commanderwolf Animate

    Rose and commanderwolf AnimateDay ago

    In the ant man movie he claims after civil war and turning gaint he slept for 3 days and then when he does it again he falls asleep almost immediately

  57. lil cunter

    lil cunterDay ago

    Don't use marvel movies to get views

  58. Evelyn Deyonke

    Evelyn DeyonkeDay ago

    *get this man an orange slice*

  59. Kid Of Minecraft

    Kid Of MinecraftDay ago

    I’m pretty sure Hawkeye and ant man couldn’t show up because they were both filming other movies ( Ant Man 2 And Tag)

  60. Maddison Pierson

    Maddison PiersonDay ago

    Is there a way to have a human like body but be giant because clearly humans are meant to be small but what parts of are human design have to can to still be just as agile at average

  61. Maddison Pierson

    Maddison PiersonDay ago

    Mind my horrible grammar

  62. Andrew

    AndrewDay ago

    Mind if I mention that ant man supposedly changes the space of his atoms and should not be able to change his weight or strength no matter what size he is?

  63. Jannes Planting

    Jannes PlantingDay ago

    I hate to break it to you but i'm gonna do it anyway, the Pym Particle works by de- or increasing the amount of space between atoms. so shrinking or growing shouldn't affect his weight or strength

  64. James Walls

    James WallsDay ago

    Congrats on the baby

  65. The firing Gamer

    The firing GamerDay ago

    Universal law of maths ..... #mat is a big no a huge nerd Sorry

  66. Dutchdude74

    Dutchdude74Day ago

    7:15 Matpat, you spelled "thick" wrong. It should be "thicc ".

  67. Lucky Lawrs

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  68. värdelös inc

    värdelös incDay ago

    is it just me, or do matpat have split personalitys?

  69. WolfBoyG Animations

    WolfBoyG AnimationsDay ago

    in the comics ant man loses volume when he gets bigger

  70. 2bitornot2bit

    2bitornot2bitDay ago

    Mat, didn't you say that the only thing that actually changes due to pym particles is the space between atoms which means that the mass will still be the same? You said that in your last video. This would mean that the space between atoms would increase in Scott's body.

  71. Sammy J

    Sammy JDay ago

    I got my ticket to Ant Man and The Wasp but on the ticket it said "Ant and Wasp" and I was like when you put it like that it sounds like the next The Bee movie.

  72. GodIronman100

    GodIronman100Day ago

    In the new movie Ant-Man was under house arrest so he could not participate in infinity war without getting thrown in prison again

  73. Konstantina Ntala

    Konstantina NtalaDay ago

    But how could you forget the original science of antman? He doesn't gain mass when he gets bigger, his mass stays the same, the space between his atoms changes.

  74. Slender123T

    Slender123TDay ago

    I saw that keyblade :)

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  76. Rajesh Koovarjee

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  78. The Sherlock Gamer

    The Sherlock GamerDay ago

    your forgetting that the pim particle keeps the mass the same as the normal mass

  79. Rayquaoxys3846

    Rayquaoxys3846Day ago

    Does this mean that Mount Lady is secretly a cripple?



    Wow imagen that hulk is 1/2 inches

  81. CheapTactics

    CheapTacticsDay ago

    The wrong part is that ant man supposedly retains his mass when he shrinks or grows. Don't you remember the previous video where you say that he could create a black hole when he shrinks? Disappointed, matpat, I'm disappointed. PS: when are you going to change that cringey, loud and obnoxious intro song? I have to skip it every time.

  82. Harrison MarschallHarrisonM

    Harrison MarschallHarrisonMDay ago

    wow i wish I knew this for my end year homework

  83. ItsMoyo Fam

    ItsMoyo FamDay ago

    How big would his dic be? Sorry I'm curious like or reply if you want

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  85. JJ Cluless

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  86. JJ Cluless

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  87. Jack Burger

    Jack BurgerDay ago

    Oh also it kinda adds up like what if his leg was swinging fast...eeeer kinda faster ya know but that’s like getting hit with a truck right or at least a hundy pound foot

  88. Jack Burger

    Jack BurgerDay ago

    This makes me feel like a newborn balayage listening to somebody talk it’s just like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  89. Cristopher Cardona

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    *ANT* ony

  90. Aiden Games Again

    Aiden Games AgainDay ago

    Matpat have seen the new ant man he was under house arrest

  91. Tyler Harper

    Tyler HarperDay ago

    His atoms become less dense when he is big and he becomes more dense when he shrinks

  92. penguin wombat

    penguin wombatDay ago

    Was that the (nerdcubed 3)?

  93. Zanden Daggett

    Zanden DaggettDay ago

    Mat I'm sorry you burst your bubble but in the first movie says he dosent lose or gain weight when he shrinks he still a 200 pound man but yes his strength will increase due to the mass gain when he shrink he will do what you said but he's only 200 pounds big and small there for he would be able to move as normal while he is enlaged

  94. ella bashara

    ella basharaDay ago

    Congrats on being a father Matpat

  95. Hyper

    HyperDay ago

    um actually ant man doesn’t gain weight its not mass increase, but increase in distance between particles

  96. M3L0619

    M3L0619Day ago

    You will never look at Godzilla or Kong the same. And we get it, the density for Antman changes, not the mass, so we all know he was wrong and there’s no need to hate him. Jesus Christ, he’s got two vulnerable baby’s to look after right now.

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  98. D3ADL7 h00d1n1

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    Noah Keniston y teh old logo?

  99. StarBlasterPlayz

    StarBlasterPlayzDay ago

    Do a theory on ant man and the wasp end credit scene

  100. Count Chocula

    Count ChoculaDay ago

    Antman would probably die if he was 5 times bigger and/or 5 times smaller. Assuming he also has 125 times more blood to push and 125 times longer veins he probably would die from lack of oxygen to his cells. Also because cellular respiration generates heat he would be cooked to death. See the kerzgesat in a nutshell video about sizes of life for a more in-depth explanation why.

  101. Conner Perrault

    Conner PerraultDay ago

    But where's the atoms that make him bigger or does he make bigger atoms

  102. Alec Willey

    Alec WilleyDay ago

    The problem with Ant-Man is that the physics in the movie are inconsistent. In fact, it was you who pointed that out. That the physics in Ant-Man suggests that the number of atoms (the mass of the object) doesn't change.

  103. Laine Eary

    Laine EaryDay ago

    It’s pronounced pime not pim