Film Theory: Ant Man's GIANT Problem (Marvel's Ant-Man)


  1. Sat SSAT

    Sat SSAT2 hours ago

    Shouldn’t he explode when he sizes up? His surface area aka skins shouldn’t be able to contain all the mass as state in kurzgesagt-everything in a nutshell’s the size of life videos.

  2. Brandon Smith

    Brandon Smith4 days ago

    I assumed this video would be about how in his enlarged form he should only be as strong as when he's normal size. If I'm remembering correctly the way he shrinks is by moving his atoms or molecules closer together, which is why he's still strong in ant form. So if you do the opposite and move them apart to increase his size then he should be weak and fragile for his size. I'm no rock scientist....I'm just spitballing here

  3. Instantout

    Instantout5 days ago

    I’m new at this... Wouldn’t “Equivalent exchange” or Atomic Expansion (The space between Atoms) play a role here? But... ehh probably overthinking this.

  4. Anna Snek

    Anna Snek5 days ago

    Square cube law?

  5. Anna Snek

    Anna Snek5 days ago

    Yep I was right

  6. Karone Vega

    Karone Vega5 days ago

    I lost it at the All Might reference at 10:12

  7. LsRandomsplays :3

    LsRandomsplays :36 days ago

    I wish you were my teacher i would’ve studied for the tests. Also i love ur vids keep up the gud work :)

  8. Bryson iordanoff

    Bryson iordanoff6 days ago

    Hidden Mickey 4:27

  9. Bane Gaming

    Bane Gaming6 days ago

    I think the reason of why he is moving slower. Is because it takes longer for the brains singnals to reach a specific part of the body as a result the increaced distance the signals meed to travel

  10. vincent salt

    vincent salt7 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'll just believe the MCU because its cooler lol

  11. Absolutely Aiden Gaming

    Absolutely Aiden Gaming7 days ago

    Pym particles increase the distance between the users atoms, so wouldn't he be the same weight?

  12. Cutter Babcock

    Cutter Babcock7 days ago

    I'm curious! What about the pin particles? In another video about ant man you said that the bigger the object grows the farther apart the particles get, making them less dense. Its why when he shrinks he has the ability to create a black hole, the particles become so close and so dense they form a black hole. with this in mind, wouldn't it make him so light that he would actually fly away? like you claimed with Thomas the train in a previous video about Ant-man? Just asking, and you may be ignoring that on purpose for the sake of this video. Love your videos btw.

  13. Curtis

    Curtis7 days ago

    6 months later - still no purge episode

  14. Nicole F.

    Nicole F.7 days ago

    The "walking thingies" line actually makes the friendship between Peter P and Ned much better because it means Peter isn't actually a big fan of Star Wars but by evidence of the Lego death star he still tries to like it because Ned likes it.

  15. littleboy23

    littleboy237 days ago

    THICC ness

  16. Mister Messenger

    Mister Messenger7 days ago

    But wouldn't ant man just die if he shrunk because of how the body is designed. I remember a teacher told us we couldn't shrink ourselves because our bodies wouldn't be able to get enough and properly use oxygen. And not only that wouldn't he be unable to control body temperature correctly either, suffering from hypothermia or hyperthermia? No? Just me?

  17. Marco Vinicio Chavarria Brenes

    Marco Vinicio Chavarria Brenes7 days ago

    Hmmm where is that purge video?

  18. Rüzgar Özyaşar

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  19. Dustin Blankenship

    Dustin Blankenship8 days ago

    I recall a statement, in the first Ant-Man movie. Paraphrasing: "When you shrink, you retain your mass/weight. So he is like a 200lb bullet." (Or something along those lines. ) That being said, wouldn't the opposite happen? If he had grown to 65 ft, he would still retain the same mass/weight as a 200 lb person? In that case, he would just become a large parade balloon.

  20. Nick Amarit

    Nick Amarit9 days ago

    Larger size = much less aerodynamic too.

  21. all Might

    all Might9 days ago


  22. catbug :3

    catbug :39 days ago

    5:07 put on subtitles its funny and 5:35

  23. dinocraft

    dinocraft9 days ago

    it was sad when i went on google to see if that poster was a real thing

  24. Jacktheripper2000 pro gamer

    Jacktheripper2000 pro gamer10 days ago

    Um if when he shrinks if he keeps the same strength shouldn't he when he grows?

  25. wyatt goodwin

    wyatt goodwin10 days ago

    you're so smart

  26. Shoe Knight

    Shoe Knight10 days ago

    When he explained the tesseract my mind goes blank and when he said if only AP calc exam was THIS EASY My mind blew.... Is it me or am I having too low IQ to understand this

  27. Jane

    Jane11 days ago

    Do a theory on my channel


    JAGI JAGI11 days ago

    Ant-man would actually explode becouse there is way to much mass in relation to his skin, but hey that's just a theory, a comment theory, thanks for reading.

  29. Vozbunak

    Vozbunak11 days ago

    i completely understand

  30. Martinoss Lp

    Martinoss Lp11 days ago

    6:35 conglaturation?? :):):):)

  31. non popular Kid

    non popular Kid12 days ago

    Dude tony stark has no kids but he watches spongebob So inspirational lol

  32. Maddux PHILLIPS

    Maddux PHILLIPS12 days ago

    Could ant man defeat thanos by going inside of him and gigantifing

  33. Sachin Kohli

    Sachin Kohli12 days ago

    Wait don't you say in the black hole video that his mass doesn't change because of the way the particles work? so how does his mass still change if he grows to size, when you claimed the tommy the tank engine should have flown away in the sky! Just curios

  34. Mariana Bjeletich

    Mariana Bjeletich13 days ago

    matpats jokes just arnt funny and the never will be

  35. Mariana Bjeletich

    Mariana Bjeletich13 days ago

    an im nly 1:47 in so yeah

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    THAT WAS AMAZING.☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😆😅😄😄😃😂😊☺☺👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    Maalik Rahim15 days ago

    this is dope I like it!!! sub? 🤨

  38. David Milliard

    David Milliard16 days ago

    He becom big He becom small But most importantly he kills all

  39. Brad Kenneth

    Brad Kenneth16 days ago

    Matpat never did his Purge episode. What's up with that?

  40. Lisa tobin

    Lisa tobin16 days ago

    Durre what does that mean

  41. Dominator 348

    Dominator 34817 days ago

    6:35 conglaturations?

  42. Yang Yang

    Yang Yang17 days ago

    watch this

  43. Misa Misaa

    Misa Misaa18 days ago

    Hey Mat, could you put links to sites/names of books where you found the information from physics and other fields of study in the description? At my school we have to do a lot of presentations and sometimes they let us chose our topics as long as we explain how something (like square cube law) works & I wanted to do something inspired by your & Austin's videos (namely why they're not building 10m tall robots), but the teachers want the source material for pretty much everything, so I couldn't just be "a guy from the internet said that this law works like this" and they refuse to take wikipedia as a source (lol). Like you said some numbers are a pain to find and having some sources that you used would help greatly when looking for insignificant details ;)

  44. Prior2Popular

    Prior2Popular18 days ago

    2:34 LOL YOUR SO RIGHT, I didn’t think about that lol

  45. Vex99 Khemkar

    Vex99 Khemkar20 days ago

    0:15 it said 1 hour ago even though he grew a few seconds ago

  46. kcmommy23

    kcmommy2320 days ago

    His weight wouldn't be any different because pym particles just modify the space between atoms

  47. Victor Meneses

    Victor Meneses20 days ago

    4:48 mattpat talking about how he is making us feel like slackers but mattpat has millions of fans and smarter than all of my teacher combined

  48. Clarissa Cao

    Clarissa Cao20 days ago

    When he did the square cube thing, i I just had a mind plank.

  49. IvyTruong

    IvyTruong20 days ago

    Ft. Deadpool (turn on the subtitle)

  50. Night Ryder

    Night Ryder21 day ago

    Actually if ant man was giant he would just melt from the intense heat of his cells. Shrinking would make him freeze to death from his cells not producing enough heat.

  51. Nawaf gamer 360

    Nawaf gamer 36021 day ago

    1:11 lies I checked every posters and I didn’t find any the you said

  52. ACTemo 40

    ACTemo 4022 days ago

    He wouldn’t be able to breathe because the air couldn’t fill his body given his large size and there would not be enough air for him

  53. Inigo Guevara

    Inigo Guevara22 days ago

    Who uses google slide to do theory stuff

  54. John Morales Leiva

    John Morales Leiva23 days ago

    This episode was awesome!!! Thanks MATPAT!!!

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    bill nye"s pupil matpat

  56. NEO

    NEO23 days ago

    What did you say? Next week? More like next year...

  57. STW

    STW24 days ago

    It only spaces the space between the atoms so he would weigh the same

  58. Ako-nee

    Ako-nee24 days ago

    Maybe "giant man's problem"

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    What dose big ego mean?

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    Thinkink youre a good person

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    is jakuu and nabuu there are a tons of clues like when reys in the ship the ship were they fighted in nabuu

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    I’m a vanguard theorist

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    Now he frickin' ELEPHANT MAN

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    Big ego......isn't that familiar?(Guardians Of The Galaxy vol.2)

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    Do one about which ghost got his dna mixed with danny phantom??

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    Somebody nerf mat-pat's ego

  67. Egcart 1357

    Egcart 135729 days ago

    Ok I’m just rewatching this for fun and I’m here when the 2nd arg is going on. Did MatPat plant a hint before his arg even started. 6:35

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    The achievement says “you mathed”

  69. Melinda Lee

    Melinda LeeMonth ago

    1:25 dang you're making Hawkeye and Ant-Man feel guilty.

  70. Brand C.

    Brand C.Month ago

    Hold on, if the only thing that changes is the distance between the atoms, then why would he get more mass

  71. Nish Jha

    Nish JhaMonth ago

    How could his mass increase ?

  72. Scorched Rose Arts

    Scorched Rose ArtsMonth ago

    A trailer for Ant man and the Wasp came up in the middle of this video.

  73. Fk jl

    Fk jlMonth ago

    Man, Man ...Wait. YOU ARE WRONG. Suit does works in another way... Mass of ANT-man does NOT Grow at All. IT is atomic lines increasing in size. He s body Not growing it is atomic Stretch.

  74. Unhelpful Revelations

    Unhelpful Revelations10 days ago

    The made-up science of the Ant-Man movies is really shitty tho. Like so full of holes even a normie can spot them easily. tbh MatPat does a better job of explaining the technicality and functionality of the Ant-Man suit than the MCU did. He should get a job with them or something

  75. whatish thishshiz

    whatish thishshizMonth ago

    He is effectively working under 11 G

  76. Jonathan Wadey

    Jonathan WadeyMonth ago

    Uh, sorry to burst your bubble MatPat, but you've just gone back on EVERYTHING you said in your last antman video. In Ant man video #1 you said his mass DOESNT increase, and now in Ant man video#2 you are saying it does. But heyy, thats just a theory

  77. Marcos Beni

    Marcos BeniMonth ago

    The movie is completely inconsistent with its own science. According to the movie's own explanation, ant-man changes size by changing the space between his atoms, which means that no matter the size, ant-man should always have the same mass. Yet, he stands on people's shoulders and gun barrels when small without them noticing, and doesn't float away like a balloon due to his lower density when big. Analyzing this movie's "science" is a waste of time.

  78. Plushy Studios

    Plushy StudiosMonth ago

    The tesaract did make it more fun

  79. Adam Filali

    Adam FilaliMonth ago

    Did you forget he just gets less dense so he's the same weight and everything

  80. THE DERP KING Kings

    THE DERP KING KingsMonth ago

    I’m in Brazil and I bought the cd so after the movie, it showed a aftercredits scene that show Scott getting a sample of something in the quantum real and when tried to go back, hank and his wife and doughter where space dust.

  81. Scott Paulding

    Scott PauldingMonth ago

    A non-mathematical explanation: he's not going to grow more fast-twitch muscle fibers, the space between his atoms is just going to get greater. Can you imagine the metabolism required to grow 3x bigger and have all the cells reproduce to fill the required space?

  82. Kevin Besas

    Kevin BesasMonth ago

    Ant Man was absent in Avengers Infinity War "And that's not a case of him being tucked away in some MICROSCOPIC hiding place" Watches Ant Man and Wasp Did you just Predicted that MatPat?



    Nerd 😘

  84. Avelix Music

    Avelix MusicMonth ago

    This video was like, Ant man's GIANT problem: nvm there isnt one 😂

  85. Ry Lanfersieck

    Ry LanfersieckMonth ago

    wait didn't you prove last time, weight doesn't change, just like the distance between particles, so like even it big form, little form he ways the same, thats why you had stated things would float around if they where huge, they suddenly become like 70% air, and like a thomas the train weigh nothing, same with antman going small, he still ways the same, walking on the guys gun or standing on his shoulder would flat out screw everything

  86. Riley Larman

    Riley LarmanMonth ago

    Wow, Matt Patt! That was a really interesting film theory! I mean, now I understand why Ant-Man is so strong! But you know what? At the end of the day, it's just a theorist (wait for it).... The FILM THEORISTS!

  87. Victor Poulsen

    Victor PoulsenMonth ago

    please do one with the purge:(

  88. treiganites xatzivei

    treiganites xatziveiMonth ago

    Actually ant man when he is bigger his mass is the same because as it is explained on the movie he is getting smaller because the spase between his atoms is getting smaller so when he is getting bigger the spase between his atoms is getting bigger so he got the same mass the real problem is that he doesn't have the same density so sinse he got 147 times bigger his density will be less than the air so he will start going upwards

  89. Radstark

    RadstarkMonth ago

    The Pym Particles thing should be retconned. This version makes much more sense scientifically than that atom distance thing.

  90. Stephen Jeffreys

    Stephen JeffreysMonth ago

    So what would happen if u shrink a planit

  91. P M

    P MMonth ago

    What about the speed of the tiny car? I dont know much about physics or the maths that well but it seemed wrong that an ant-sized vehicle didnt have to adjust its speed at all to keep up with a normal sized car... can anyone who actually knows the maths clarify this?

  92. Storm The Assassin

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    I want MatPat to tutor me... Like really I want him to tutor me in all my subjects... Wellllll mainly mathematics biology chemistry physics... Etc...0.0 OK maybe all of my subjects... But it's such a nice way... Like I just explained to my chemistry teacher how to create a Kamehameha and how to be an alchemist... #HowToMakeCollegeFun. Ugh it sucks being a college student especially for an autistic introvert like me... The class called me a nerd but my science teacher got tongue tied and didn't do anything for the period (which is an hour and a half-ish) so the class praises me



    I like the videos you make

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    You spelled congratulations wrong

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    4:42 WRONG! Galileo never had anything to do with that, it was all the work of Aristarcus of Samos and Nicholas Copernicus.,

  98. Limbo Gaming

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    ant-man dosent change his weight when he changes size so if anything his decreased density would fly of like a helium balloon

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    6:27 nice nerd 3 logo😏

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  103. cautionary tale

    cautionary taleMonth ago

    Mat Pat, you're forgetting something Huge. I know this from 8th grade science. the whole premise of the movie, is that Ant man changes size by moving the matter within his very atoms closer together. the Professor dude even says it in the first movie, although he changes size he retains the same amount of mass. the same thing should apply in revers, the matter of his body should become so spaced out when he gets bigger, that he becomes really flimsy and easily breakable. It's the same amount of mass! just more spaced out. its the reason why he shouldn't be able to goe subatomic, cause his mass would be either so packed together he'd turn into a neutron star or something (havent actually done the science for this), or he just would still be too big.

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    Matpat:universal law of mathematics Me:Mat I know you can’t see me but I’m doing my math homework

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    now do his penis size at his tallest