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FIFA certified football turf -- testing procedure


  1. Jesus Fabian Medina

    Jesus Fabian Medina18 days ago

    windows xp? lol

  2. Rahul Hossain

    Rahul Hossain20 days ago


  3. olivier .mortagne

    olivier .mortagne23 days ago

    as far as i can remember,i always wanted to be a gangster,to me being a gangster was better than being president of the united states.....THEN AGAIN.....fifa synthetic grass lab researcher is right up there too....good dentalplan.....

  4. Don't Miss Ltd.

    Don't Miss Ltd.Month ago

    Nice.. engineering

  5. Andrea Shay

    Andrea ShayMonth ago

    Coolest 😎

  6. Fernando Herrera

    Fernando HerreraMonth ago

    vayan a villa fiorito haber si la pelota pica igual

  7. Nisstyaa somunya

    Nisstyaa somunyaMonth ago

    ez life hha

  8. Hasnain Askari

    Hasnain AskariMonth ago

    fool people just for game

  9. pparker

    pparkerMonth ago

    The most boring job on planet earth

  10. เรณุวัฒิณ์ กันหาเขียว

    เรณุวัฒิณ์ กันหาเขียวMonth ago


  11. Teofilo Trujillo Asencios

    Teofilo Trujillo AsenciosMonth ago

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  12. Thor

    ThorMonth ago

    In south asia , harvest of crops are over , now football grounds are ready,

  13. kaz9781

    kaz9781Month ago

    Just use grass. :/

  14. Tom Mirakulix

    Tom MirakulixMonth ago


  15. Zahid Shakeel

    Zahid ShakeelMonth ago

    What a typical technology We Make FOOTBALL'S NOT PLAYER'S

  16. Ahammad tholicode

    Ahammad tholicodeMonth ago

    Which course leds to the test engineer?

  17. Suciu2 Daniela2

    Suciu2 Daniela2Month ago

    Win XP ;))

  18. Mr Yasir

    Mr YasirMonth ago

    This football is made in Sialkot ( Paksiatn) this is my city... I hope Brazil win the title 2018

  19. Airzae 3RD

    Airzae 3RDMonth ago

    All this work just for some grassy fiend..

  20. Airzae 3RD

    Airzae 3RDMonth ago


  21. Croatian Guy

    Croatian GuyMonth ago

    seems very unnescessary.

  22. enyongbae yaa

    enyongbae yaaMonth ago

    Hahaha Indonesian Football... Pagi buat angon kambing sorenya buat tanding bola, sekali sleeding dengkul lodoh kena krikil :))

  23. enyongbae yaa

    enyongbae yaaMonth ago

    Raimu bisa tekan kene

  24. Mamoon Khan

    Mamoon KhanMonth ago

    enyongbae yaa

  25. Mamoon Khan

    Mamoon KhanMonth ago

    enyongbae yaa

  26. MarcSkeetMarc

    MarcSkeetMarcMonth ago

    Making sure it's soft and supple for neymar

  27. BOB Marley

    BOB MarleyMonth ago

    crazy idiot's:(

  28. Anton Matić

    Anton MatićMonth ago

    Fifa from sport (fotball) made gay pride hahahahhaha

  29. Hakim Veste

    Hakim VesteMonth ago

    fuck VAR is Bulshite FIFA = Football Isn´t For Arabe

  30. Dallol App

    Dallol AppMonth ago

    You forgot the most important test: Bring a sheep and see if it tries to eat the grass.

  31. Mamoon Khan

    Mamoon KhanMonth ago

    Dallol App for you

  32. Tukaraq channel

    Tukaraq channelMonth ago

    FIFA means F=football I=is not F=for A=africa

  33. Xxx Concussion

    Xxx ConcussionMonth ago

    Just wow

  34. Jordan Papadelis

    Jordan PapadelisMonth ago

    R u.... serious...

  35. Raul Mechanical

    Raul MechanicalMonth ago

    How pathetic just grow grass n play f sakes

  36. Raul Mechanical

    Raul MechanicalMonth ago

    iRELOAD MyCLiPZz now thats even more pathetic lol 😅😂

  37. iRELOAD MyCLiPZz

    iRELOAD MyCLiPZzMonth ago

    Raul Mechanical yup u pathetic to. Try grow grass in countries that doesn’t have the soil for it

  38. Tech Intelligent

    Tech IntelligentMonth ago

    bhai saab !! YAHA toh ham kichad me khel lete hain aaram se XD

  39. dangster boi

    dangster boiMonth ago

    This is done only so player can slide for celebrating without being cut

  40. Anuj Kumar

    Anuj KumarMonth ago

    What am i doing with my life?

  41. Christeddy Parapat

    Christeddy ParapatMonth ago

    measurement was so complicated.

  42. Zaza Pipe

    Zaza PipeMonth ago

    Go to the savana in Africa...look for a wild giraffe and try your BEST explaining this video to her! Good luck! :)

  43. Rommie Kamzols

    Rommie KamzolsMonth ago

    each year you have to add tens of tons of old tire rubber granules, because whoever plays on these pitches gets his boots full of that crap and out in the nature it goes. Nature-unfriendly solution, unnecessary as well, but a profitable business for those who came up with this.

  44. Christopher Morales

    Christopher MoralesMonth ago

    im suprised they didnt test the grass for HIV and give it an HPV vaccination.... jesus talk about overkill

  45. miftah farid

    miftah faridMonth ago

    So perfect. I play football with lamb beside me lol

  46. Grumpy Cat

    Grumpy CatMonth ago

    do these guys works only every 4 years? when FIFA world champ take place?

  47. skoski79

    skoski79Month ago

    amazing the money time and effort that goes into making fake grass!!

  48. mayas dz

    mayas dzMonth ago

    wow this is hard

  49. Victor Velesvilla

    Victor VelesvillaMonth ago

    tanta webada para un pasto

  50. Moisés Rivas

    Moisés RivasMonth ago


  51. Hanif Saputra

    Hanif SaputraMonth ago

    Anjayyyy smpe segitunya 😅

  52. Jane K

    Jane KMonth ago

    We live in error crazy times in these world

  53. SuperHan

    SuperHanMonth ago

    Kiddos playing with sand. Pfff...

  54. Sphinx 3301

    Sphinx 3301Month ago

    I like how it's just one guy testing it in his garage.

  55. yj j

    yj jMonth ago


  56. Barbara Maj

    Barbara MajMonth ago

    Talk about "taking the sport out" of a game... That is what you get when you allow sports to become politicized and lost to the unredeemable lawyer types. End "professional" sports and leave it for the children.

  57. Bảo Nguyễn

    Bảo Nguyễn2 months ago

    I mean.. It's just a field, we can play on the tar road instead

  58. thabiso banda

    thabiso banda2 months ago

    White people things

  59. napz999

    napz9992 months ago

    This is PS job..

  60. Vivek S

    Vivek S2 months ago

    And they spit on it


    RISE BEFORE ENDING2 months ago

    Actually they act like smart doing stupid thing

  62. Kevin Baird

    Kevin Baird2 months ago

    This is what happens when the middle classes get involved in a working class game.

  63. Thortouse my mane

    Thortouse my mane2 months ago

    no more real grass??

  64. Nassim Naimi

    Nassim NaimiMonth ago

    Thortouse my mane Is hard to play on a real grass.

  65. Anh Nguyen

    Anh Nguyen2 months ago

    Phim matp

  66. ahmad khazali

    ahmad khazali2 months ago

    i cant explain how boring this video was

  67. santo jose

    santo jose2 months ago

    while there are people dying of hunger in the world.

  68. peter raymund

    peter raymund2 months ago

    crazy what a waste of money real grass ?

  69. iRELOAD MyCLiPZz

    iRELOAD MyCLiPZzMonth ago

    peter raymund real grass cost more to maintain

  70. Cisco A

    Cisco A2 months ago

    I just played on dirt fields lol

  71. Nazmul hossain Tahsin

    Nazmul hossain Tahsin2 months ago

    Windows XP

  72. Dimitris Tripakis

    Dimitris Tripakis2 months ago

    What a nice way to obscurely spend millions

  73. lartiev Qays

    lartiev Qays2 months ago

    That why rusian team wins an opening games..the team already get the sample and drink eat sleep with that artificial grass..

  74. Artur Moreira

    Artur Moreira2 months ago

    Tudo isso mas nao consegue identificar uma falta

  75. andreas moutopoulos

    andreas moutopoulos2 months ago

    It’s just grass tho

  76. René Solis

    René Solis2 months ago


  77. lex jr

    lex jr2 months ago

    On show me a video like this but with marijuana. Lol

  78. I Lőrincz

    I Lőrincz2 months ago

    And that is why you have to pay 180 $ for a ticket to a match. Those scientists don't work for free you know...

  79. Hantu Raya

    Hantu Raya2 months ago

    My brain stop after watching this.

  80. Mickey Tech

    Mickey Tech2 months ago

    Why that music 😁😁

  81. ADAM games

    ADAM games21 day ago

    Mickey Tech H



    grass porn

  83. Ameena Begum

    Ameena Begum2 months ago

    Mickey Tech ی ج ب م مک 7 89ه

  84. MICHAEL Townley

    MICHAEL Townley2 months ago

    Yeah do that to the whole ground.

  85. Tyre Pierce

    Tyre Pierce2 months ago

    so unnecessary and ridiculous. leave it to FIFA to do dumb shit like this.

  86. Luca Chiriac

    Luca Chiriac2 months ago

    The worst pitches are made of artificial turf.

  87. vic

    vic2 months ago

    so cool

  88. Panzer Meyer

    Panzer Meyer2 months ago

    If the grass doesn’t contain a Vitamin A, 5% silica, 17% polymer, it will not pass the test.

  89. DarthDorMouse

    DarthDorMouse2 months ago

    FIFA certified football turf : Translation : They gave us so much money and paid for lots of holidays for our committee, we felt we needed to endorse this shitty system

  90. William J. U.

    William J. U.2 months ago

    y a los árbitro corruptos qué tipo de análisis le hacen?


    PPLAWAK2 months ago

    This is fufa grasaa

  92. s kendell

    s kendell2 months ago

    wtf world gone mad

  93. David Dung

    David DungMonth ago

    You have no idea. They do this often especially in astronomy and scientific fields. Marketing buisness also do these kind of "unecessary" test as well

  94. Oezguer Alkan

    Oezguer Alkan2 months ago

    They earn veeeery much

  95. lacapone600

    lacapone6002 months ago

    s kendell but I bet he's pulling in more money than you would lmao

  96. memeless

    memeless2 months ago

    s kendell I'm sure he's an engineer who does other things as well

  97. Shaka Zulu

    Shaka Zulu2 months ago

    Waste of money!

  98. Shaka Zulu

    Shaka ZuluMonth ago

    Football is a BILLION dollar industry to say they can't afford grass is lack of understanding. In fact the real reason why grass is no longer a preference, is due to its recovery time not affordability.

  99. iRELOAD MyCLiPZz

    iRELOAD MyCLiPZzMonth ago

    You got no clue what you talking about. Real grass are expensive

  100. Jackson Da Vg

    Jackson Da VgMonth ago

    Troy Leslieo

  101. mealex mailex

    mealex mailexMonth ago


  102. Basant Horo

    Basant Horo2 months ago

    Hantu Raya Yes,not yours.

  103. Finado Orkut

    Finado Orkut2 months ago

    aqui no nordeste brasileiro, até essa grama artificial morre.

  104. BaruaKapitalis

    BaruaKapitalis2 months ago

    So, in the UK they use artificial grass too? If yes, why?

  105. Tamonas Chaudhuri

    Tamonas Chaudhuri2 months ago

    Its really a great challenge to maintain all standards. They are doing so sincerely. Congratulations for their effort.

  106. Khalid Hussain

    Khalid Hussain2 months ago

    It's Amazing Football Ground

  107. Dado Naku

    Dado Naku2 months ago

    Thanks to does who have work for us

  108. Tavares Borges Maria

    Tavares Borges MariaMonth ago

    Dado Naku 77îo9iuhgojben 😫😲🤤🤤🤑🤑🤑😲😲😢😲🤤🤤🤤🤤😒😒☹😒🤤🤤😌😌😌😌😌😌😴😒🤤🤤🤑🤑🤑😲🤤😒😒😒🤤😲🤤😲😲🤤🤤🤑😲😲😲😲😲😲😲🤑😤🤑😲😲😲😲😢😲😢😢😲😢😢😢😢

  109. Green EMPIRE

    Green EMPIRE2 months ago

    i like onley grass

  110. Saddam The Positive Boy

    Saddam The Positive Boy2 months ago

    Well done and Great job. Respect from Bangladesh.

  111. Josue Gutierrez

    Josue Gutierrez2 months ago


  112. Josue Gutierrez

    Josue Gutierrez2 months ago

    Saddam The Positive Boy indKkadnanenw

  113. Milind Mehrotra

    Milind Mehrotra2 months ago

    Tell me this unreal!!

  114. sandra dewi ok

    sandra dewi ok2 months ago

    Di eropa pake rumput apa

  115. sandra dewi ok

    sandra dewi ok2 months ago

    In eropo with grass

  116. NJRM CR7

    NJRM CR73 months ago


  117. Kaleem Khan

    Kaleem KhanMonth ago


  118. Kaleem Khan

    Kaleem KhanMonth ago


  119. SapIDoeL BLanK

    SapIDoeL BLanK3 months ago

    Indonesia lapangan nya gakratA jelek

  120. Lukasz Blazejk

    Lukasz Blazejk2 months ago

    SapIDoeL BLanK indog

  121. AllSports JDR

    AllSports JDR9 months ago

    They should be using real grass not fake grass

  122. Harith

    HarithMonth ago

    Same goes to profile picture

  123. Vincent

    Vincent2 months ago

    Some countries dont have aoil for grass, and plus it will be more bad because it can turn yellow, and be really muddy if it's raining. So it's easier to use turf.

  124. melanie acton

    melanie acton10 months ago

    turf burn your knee and gets to hot

  125. 전운자

    전운자Month ago

    Reynaldo Santos 아

  126. Reynaldo Santos

    Reynaldo SantosMonth ago

    Hantu Raya n

  127. Hantu Raya

    Hantu Raya2 months ago

    melanie acton ikr.better backflip.haha

  128. Daniel Silva

    Daniel Silva10 months ago

    Melhor solução para campos de futebol amador ou profissional são os gramados sintéticos aprovados e recomendados FIFA.

  129. TobeAye

    TobeAyeYear ago

    I heard FIFA help Cambodia to build the Artificial field, but did they actually check the quality of the field?

  130. Bikash Bansal

    Bikash Bansal2 months ago

    TobeAye lutah

  131. Hawk Who Knows All

    Hawk Who Knows AllYear ago

    NATURAL GRASS cannot be Replicated by FAKE TURF

  132. iRELOAD MyCLiPZz

    iRELOAD MyCLiPZzMonth ago

    If you know it all as your say then you should know not all countries can grow natural grass.

  133. David Dung

    David DungMonth ago

    Hawk Who Knows All they are not trying to replicate natural grass. They are making artificial ones on purpose

  134. cathy hoang

    cathy hoang2 years ago can just play on grass

  135. javeria imran

    javeria imranMonth ago

    cathy hoang b

  136. lepiee

    lepieeMonth ago

    It's hard maintaining grass

  137. signoaspire

    signoaspire2 months ago

    Real grass is not easy to maintain and replicate. Fake grass u can ensure same quality/consistency everywhere.

  138. superninja252

    superninja2522 months ago

    many places cant have natural grass for many reasons

  139. J. Marie

    J. Marie3 years ago

    Did they do the same inspection for the Women's World Cup?

  140. Malith Perera

    Malith PereraMonth ago

    Are they playing at different grounds?

  141. Julianna Bazile

    Julianna BazileMonth ago

    uke bros 6uu11i I u. I amp pup 00x77z a=,0, rezo

  142. Julianna Bazile

    Julianna BazileMonth ago

    J. Marie wwssa

  143. uke bros

    uke brosMonth ago

    not reallyy.... the tits and ass compensate for it while falling/sliding/collapsing

  144. Rory Birthistle

    Rory BirthistleMonth ago

    Not enough money in womens football thats all it is not gender related

  145. Di Wideo Något 2.0

    Di Wideo Något 2.04 years ago

    Sa se fait ou en France ?

  146. Alexander Meier

    Alexander Meier4 years ago

    And thats Why i want to become an engineer

  147. BlueBeast

    BlueBeastMonth ago

    wuz kaangz Why is that racist you knob

  148. Theoph Jean-Louis

    Theoph Jean-Louis2 months ago

    Alexander Meier If that’s your motivation, maybe you shouldn’t