fedex delivery


  1. Tuutti

    Tuutti20 days ago

    "I've literally being standing outside my front door waiting for this package." So you were NOT home!

  2. pcodymatt

    pcodymatt21 day ago

    I just got a UPS ad! 😂

  3. Fantasy Fan

    Fantasy Fan28 days ago

    This is more UPS than Fedex to be honest.

  4. Find My Profile Pic

    Find My Profile PicMonth ago

    Got a UPS ad right before this

  5. seanyproductions

    seanyproductionsMonth ago

    I got a UPS ad on this video.

  6. sciencesyfy

    sciencesyfyMonth ago

    So one time I was driving home, drove into my neighborhood and passed a house where I shit you not the fedex guy runs to the door, drops the package from waist height and runs back smh

  7. tom mullen

    tom mullenMonth ago

    FedEx employees are just professional "Ding Dong Ditchers"

  8. Taylor Rose

    Taylor RoseMonth ago

    I once spent $20 for express shipping because I needed something immediately for a costume. Fedex lost it in shipping and it was delayed for three days and then they refused to refund me the cost of the overnight shipping.

  9. David Divad

    David DivadMonth ago

    Hello yes, I got a UPS ad on this video

  10. Dragooman14

    Dragooman14Month ago

    Got a UPS ad before the video lol


    MUSTANGDUDE16Month ago

    Just happen to me not too long ago

  12. bobby burchenal

    bobby burchenalMonth ago

    New phone, who dis?

  13. UfoLoche

    UfoLocheMonth ago

    This happened to me a few times, I got really pissed off. I'd ordered a figure that I hold near and dear to my heart(Basically, the first mecha anime I ever watched, said mecha only got one good figure ever, and it's pretty rare these days, I got it for a good price). Basically, we have 3 dogs, all of which go ballistic if someone taps on the door, the slightest unknown sound makes them go crazy. So, I know they never knocked, they never left a slip, tracker said it was out for delivery for 4 days. It was only when I called and checked in that I found out that the package was about to get returned to fucking Japan. Another time was when I pre-ordered Kamen Rider Climax Fighters and was sick at home with the flu, fuckers never knocked and I had to go up there while I was sick. Also Super Robot Wars V, where the fucking thing required a signature, and the guy, too assed to walk 5 steps up to the door, just signed the address(incorrectly mind you) where it required a name, and shoved it in the mailbox.

  14. WitheredChica

    WitheredChicaMonth ago

    MReporter freaked because it that I was going to buy shit from FedEx and showed me a UPS ad

  15. Pixle

    PixleMonth ago

    I got a UPS ad before watching this.

  16. Conner Ray Harrison

    Conner Ray HarrisonMonth ago

    Just got an UPS ad

  17. Reptil, Prince of lizard people

    Reptil, Prince of lizard peopleMonth ago

    I got a ups ad

  18. Kel C

    Kel C2 months ago


  19. anima099

    anima0992 months ago

    The sad thing is, this literally happened to me just a few months back for a credit card I got for being loyal to a bank. The delivery guy noted I wasn't home the three times he went there despite me working full-time at home for the last four years. Then, when I finally called the bank to ask what I can do, they told me I'll need to pay for replacement because the card has been decommissioned or shredded or something. So, fuck no.

  20. Vseslav Botkin

    Vseslav Botkin2 months ago

    this gets me every time

  21. Ms Bunny

    Ms Bunny2 months ago

    True story bro. True story.

  22. Batu Başaran

    Batu Başaran2 months ago

    This video is sponsored by UPS delivery

  23. Luis Alfaro

    Luis Alfaro2 months ago

    *"New phone, who dis?"*

  24. Lauren Mcdaniel

    Lauren Mcdaniel2 months ago

    Meanwhile at amazon, " We are already inside your home..."

  25. Shendue

    Shendue2 months ago

    Be thankful you don't live in Italy. Many ebay sellers explicitly state they refuse to ship in third world african countries AND Italy, no joke. I basically receive 80% of the packages damaged. The custom fees for imports are insanely, and I mean insanely high, and most of the time they overcharge for no reason. If they lose your tracked package, you may ask for a refund, but it may take up to a year to receive it. Couriers are not much better, often they either pretend you are not home, leave the package outside or damage it somehow. An acquaintance of mine received a broken package with a FOOTPRINT on it. Good luck if you collect geek stuff like collector's editions of videogames or Funko Pops. It's like playing russian roulette.

  26. Communist Loli

    Communist Loli2 months ago

    UPS > everything even Amazon drones.

  27. Raynaldi Sutedjo

    Raynaldi Sutedjo2 months ago

    jne delivery

  28. Tikkon Galak

    Tikkon Galak2 months ago

    Yeah it's bullshit when it says 'delivered' but nothing there. They didn't even try.

  29. Garrett Davis

    Garrett Davis2 months ago

    This is my luck with fedex




  31. Tattoo Dave

    Tattoo Dave2 months ago

    This shit is unbelievable. First it will be there by the 4th... no weight the 5th... I ment the 7th. Why the fuck would I ever use FedEx again ?

  32. Balian

    Balian2 months ago

    "New phone who this"

  33. Shine 3535

    Shine 35352 months ago

    So true i lost my new 700dollar phone from FedEx

  34. Drkirby

    Drkirby2 months ago

    FedEx actually leaving the package? Totally unrealistic.

  35. Skylar Stravinsky

    Skylar Stravinsky2 months ago


  36. blarblablarblar

    blarblablarblar2 months ago

    Some guy mistyped the address and got the apartment number wrong. The delivery guy sent it to my house, which had the apartment number, except we lived two blocks down. I don't know how you think it's better to deliver the package to the right apartment number on the wrong street, instead of the wrong apartment on the right street.

  37. I Want Boba

    I Want Boba2 months ago

    uuuuugh, and when it requires a signature, you have to jump through hoops just to prevent it from getting return-to-sender'd.

  38. iidk

    iidk2 months ago

    *New phone who dis*

  39. Enibel

    Enibel2 months ago

    Hermes , same shit , different country

  40. Monkeh King

    Monkeh King2 months ago

    ‘New phone who dis’

  41. Christopher Bridges

    Christopher Bridges2 months ago

    yeah fedex people don't even fucking try half the time. The last package I was supposed to get from them had the tracking updated saying they left a slip because the business was closed. I live in a house in a residential area and there was no slip b/c that dipshit just decided he didn't feel like coming by my house.

  42. GiniroTsuki

    GiniroTsuki2 months ago

    Fedex sucks.

  43. Random Randy

    Random Randy2 months ago

    What did I just watch prozd😂😂😂😂😂😂

  44. Morgan McCauley

    Morgan McCauley2 months ago


  45. Jennifer DeBaun

    Jennifer DeBaun2 months ago

    This is too relatable 😂 My brother’s TV got stolen by the FedEx delivery guy, and FedEx didn’t even want to honor the insurance he bought!

  46. HelikaonIX

    HelikaonIX2 months ago

    Fedex fucking sucks

  47. Everyone'sFavoriteCritic

    Everyone'sFavoriteCritic2 months ago

    It was a cold and snowy day when I was expecting my FedEx package. 10:30 slipped by unnoticed, then 11:30, then 12:00. When I finally grew aware of the hour, I checked the status on FedEx's page. "Delivery refused, resident not home" they wrote. How could that be? I peeked out my window. The snow was completely untouched.

  48. AlphaChocolateTruffle

    AlphaChocolateTruffle2 months ago

    I remember my uncle had real valuable shit stolen because Fedex apparently never heard of a fucking doorbell. Or even knocking for that matter. But anyways, the whole neighborhood we live in was suffering from stolen packages and the perp was caught via security cams... oh yeah, isn’t stealing people’s mail a literal federal offense?

  49. vissova

    vissova2 months ago

    One time a delivery guy knocked on my door and _immediately_ went back to his truck to leave. It took me literally just 6 seconds to get to and open the door and he was already climbing into his truck. Like, what the fuck.

  50. PBJelly

    PBJelly2 months ago

    Not enough PSP

  51. Xzetzplin

    Xzetzplin2 months ago

    The delivery dude brought one of my packages to a different house 🤦‍♂️

  52. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith2 months ago

    Amazons in house delivery service has gone up a level and legit has a GPS on their unmarked white vans. So sketchy as he'll, but mighty convenient as you can actually guess how much time till your delivery rather than that by the end of the day nonsense. Buts that only where the service is available

  53. Paris Marino

    Paris Marino2 months ago

    This happened with my 1000 pc and I want to cry

  54. Nathaniel Anderson

    Nathaniel Anderson2 months ago

    this literally happened to me last week, with fedex

  55. Geo G

    Geo G2 months ago

    FUCK FEDEX fucking lowlife failed company!!.Always a day late and sloppy....Will never use them again!

  56. Hylian Fell Dragon

    Hylian Fell Dragon2 months ago

    I seriously hope this doesn't happen with me for my package of Fire Emblem Fates Conquest.

  57. Melissa Contero

    Melissa Contero2 months ago

    The phone guy is an asshole🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  58. commander JS

    commander JS3 months ago

    100% accurate

  59. hahahahahatimes5

    hahahahahatimes53 months ago

    I actually had an amazon package get marked as delivered by USPS, amazon's FAQ legit says wait 36 hours because it happens sometimes

  60. Cluck

    Cluck3 months ago

    pls sing midsummer madness in your goofy voice

  61. Kane Obscurum

    Kane Obscurum3 months ago

    Sums up my exerience with Fed Ex as well. We have a lengthy driveway and the house isn't visible from the road. Anything that gets shipped through FedEx winds up literally just sitting either in the entrance of the driveway, or in the ditch next to the driveway... even when it's raining. UPS Meanwhile at the very least brings it up the driveway to the porch, and even knocks on the door maybe 1/3 of the time. Aaaand USPS uses either the mailbox or brings it up for signatures. Never had a package just sitting around with them.

  62. Immortal Pharaoh

    Immortal Pharaoh3 months ago

    New phone who diss🤣

  63. The Wooly Cthulu

    The Wooly Cthulu3 months ago

    I honestly hate FedEx because in 5th grade one of their delivery trucks hit my bus sending glass shards all over the place

  64. Warrior Man

    Warrior Man3 months ago


  65. Danny Cam

    Danny Cam3 months ago

    this is prolly why terrorists don't mail bombs/anthrax to ppl anymore lol

  66. tee kay

    tee kay3 months ago

    i've had one package i ordered get stolen bc it was left right in front of my door. where literally anyone could see. my patio is like 2 ft from my door. delivery person couldn't even put it in there. too bad for the asshole that stole it bc it was a 3 dollar programming textbook. i was just annoyed that i had to order and wait (again) for a new one. fuck them nuts.

  67. Twitchy DC

    Twitchy DC3 months ago

    New phone who dis?

  68. Project Monz Gaming

    Project Monz Gaming3 months ago

    Sometimes Booraagarg makes a Boo boo.

  69. Black Mask

    Black Mask3 months ago

    If you have ever been a package handler loading the trucks at a hub 0:20 *THIS IS YOUR EXACT MENTALITY WHEN BUILDING TIERS*

  70. Samantha Crevellari

    Samantha Crevellari3 months ago

    And I thought this only happened in Mexico...

  71. 10,000 Subscribers with no videos?

    10,000 Subscribers with no videos?3 months ago

    *hi is this bob evans?*

  72. Nect

    Nect3 months ago

    It really do be like that sometimes

  73. Leonard Feuerstein

    Leonard Feuerstein3 months ago

    Thats so genius

  74. Simon Carlile

    Simon Carlile3 months ago

    Did something happen?

  75. Steve Spencer

    Steve Spencer3 months ago

    Am I glad we have Royal Mail, an actual quality company.

  76. Andrew Weaver

    Andrew Weaver3 months ago

    0:22 Lysanderoth strikes again

  77. Cherry Pie

    Cherry Pie3 months ago


  78. Bo Harris

    Bo Harris3 months ago

    Who hurt you

  79. e r

    e r3 months ago

    I typed in "how to waste life", and it brought me here and told me to hit the repeat button.

  80. armydj2016/armydj2003 DDW

    armydj2016/armydj2003 DDW3 months ago

    e r its not a waste

  81. Salt Sniffer

    Salt Sniffer3 months ago

    My mom

  82. Crackly Bøi

    Crackly Bøi3 months ago

    New phone who dis? 😂

  83. Agustin Munoz

    Agustin Munoz3 months ago

    Asian andy #2

  84. The Wild Colonial Boy

    The Wild Colonial Boy3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure this happened to me with UPS recently.

  85. Luna Freeman

    Luna Freeman3 months ago

    lmmfaoooooooo 😂😂😂😂 BOOO-REGARD

  86. Christian Bauer

    Christian Bauer3 months ago

    I guess I should feel lucky that I even get my packages from fedex. Two weeks after the latest delivery date.

  87. Nate Tuo

    Nate Tuo3 months ago


  88. Olga Castillo

    Olga Castillo3 months ago

    Ahora no me han dicho y me lo dijeron yo descubri pq el ni me los los amigos.

  89. Olga Castillo

    Olga Castillo3 months ago

    Ahi van 3 todas las mentira q no me han dicho .

  90. Olga Castillo

    Olga Castillo3 months ago

    Ahi me dijo q me casdo y no pq no me acuerdo.

  91. Olga Castillo

    Olga Castillo3 months ago

    La prmera mentira era q el era viudo y segunda era No me habia csado.

  92. Olga Castillo

    Olga Castillo3 months ago

    Yo dije para mis adentros estos me van a meter mentiras. Asi mismo fue.

  93. I is Anfrew

    I is Anfrew3 months ago

    You should work for college humor!!! it would be awesome

  94. Olga Castillo

    Olga Castillo3 months ago

    Si yo llego saber esto desde el primero yo no caigo en esto. Me acuerdo q tu me preguntaste si yo tenia experiencia esto de buscar novio por i,nternet y yo le dije + no es prmera vez.

  95. Olga Castillo

    Olga Castillo3 months ago

    A mi nunca he sido " plato de de segunda Mesa". Acepte hacerlo pq nO SABIA NADA .Y AHO RA Q SE ERA TIEMPO.

  96. Sahil Pethe

    Sahil Pethe3 months ago

    Do these guys even know how to use Google Maps?

  97. lilyeet

    lilyeet3 months ago


  98. TheOfficialHisham

    TheOfficialHisham3 months ago


  99. DEN

    DEN3 months ago

    Американское топопвое говоно

  100. DEN

    DEN3 months ago

    И нне говори )

  101. Celestial Seasoning

    Celestial Seasoning3 months ago

    You look like my brother's friend so I used to think that he was you

  102. sbtweeds

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