FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: The Grand Finale with Raja and Manila Luzon


  1. Jade Lee

    Jade Lee2 days ago

    Really? A toot for that atrocity Karbdashian was wearing?

  2. Erik Tamer

    Erik Tamer2 days ago

    Raja’s fashion aesthetic since winning RPDR is definitely a boot

  3. CallMe4drian

    CallMe4drian4 days ago

    Asia O'Hara new firelord confirmed

  4. joeli fische

    joeli fische4 days ago

    Raja. Your hair looks very amazing. Well done 👍🏾

  5. Mizu Astrum

    Mizu Astrum5 days ago

    3:23 How is no one clocking the Penis Runway?

  6. Princess C

    Princess C5 days ago

    Raja looks so good here

  7. Hola

    Hola5 days ago

    No hate on Eureka, but its the f i n a l e. It wasn't really a bad look, but it was really boring ESPECIALLY the ruveal. Monique Hearts look was an amazing reveal and both the outfits were completely different but still tied together. Thats what i expect for a reveal not just a diffrent skirt underneath a hoop skirt. Its just boring? Dont kill me this is just what i think:')

  8. queen bunny

    queen bunny7 days ago

    ok but dusty's look was one of the best of the night

  9. A Ng

    A Ng8 days ago

    did vangie forget to shave her chest??

  10. Sunlight Metal

    Sunlight Metal8 days ago

    8:49 It's a mega-thworp

  11. Jonathan Jay Genis

    Jonathan Jay Genis8 days ago

    Raja looks amazing I love her look

  12. n2kois

    n2kois8 days ago

    I love love Manila. She is hilarious

  13. Ainsley Lane

    Ainsley Lane8 days ago

    OBSESSED with Raja's jacket !!!

  14. Max Bingham

    Max Bingham9 days ago

    Raja: Glam Rock Superstar Manilla: Serving Glenn Close Cruella Devil Realness

  15. Dustin

    Dustin10 days ago

    Only watching for Manila. Raja makes it really hard to watch though shes so obviously over doing this you can see how miserable she is.

  16. aseel naseer

    aseel naseer10 days ago

    I love Manila's royal look 😱😍😍😍😍

  17. Mila Solomon

    Mila Solomon10 days ago

    The dots don’t connect

  18. Alieza Renee'

    Alieza Renee'12 days ago

    Karolie’s look is definitely a boot. Dusty was a toot. My dear sister Vixen needed to either have her bottom part start higher or lower and maybe a little bit of padding. Vanjie came to slay!

  19. Grant Bubnack

    Grant Bubnack12 days ago

    Really they had to have Manilla ugh

  20. whataboutredlorry

    whataboutredlorry12 days ago

    You did dusty dirty... she looked cool... and you booted her, yet Mayhem miller looked like a snoozefest and you tooted it? bisshhh please.

  21. lemon Boiye

    lemon Boiye12 days ago

    Raja you’re getting a little orange babe

  22. Mao Kido

    Mao Kido12 days ago

    But now, let's talk about your looks girls. BOTH OF YOU LOOK STUNNING IN THIS VIDEO. Ugh love it!

  23. Skye C

    Skye C12 days ago

    They did dusty dirty

  24. Laura Kiernan

    Laura Kiernan13 days ago

    Can someone tell Raja it's Blair ST CLAIR and not Blair SINCLAIR? K thx bye.

  25. Hush Spider

    Hush Spider13 days ago

    Manila! I adore your Hogfather look. SHOOT!

  26. Jimmy Zehnle

    Jimmy Zehnle13 days ago

    I cannot believe they booted Dusty, but Vixen’s drop waist ball gown with matchy matchy hair gets a boot? .... gurl bye

  27. JM Manganti

    JM Manganti13 days ago

    Miz Cracker is Uhhhh Stunning! 💙

  28. Andrea Estrella

    Andrea Estrella13 days ago

    trend alert shouldve been either gold or black

  29. DanFieldingistheMan

    DanFieldingistheMan13 days ago

    Manila with that style gives me 18th century French realness. Loving that look! Raja, I love you my Queen but that look makes you look like you have a hunchback.

  30. Christine Perez

    Christine Perez13 days ago

    You two always make me laugh. What a season toots all across from me. On a side note I wanted to share what I’ve learned from those struggling with being gay. For any homosexual person that is having trouble with their family or faith, just understand that most parents really love their children so they are trying to do what they think is best for their child. They don’t understand that some things you can’t change. For those struggling with their faith, God’s creation is full of diversity. We are not all clones of another person and God made it this way for a reason. You are a natural human (unless you were born an alien from another planet) so don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not natural. If you’re Christian then know that the Bible has many contributions from many different humans over many hundreds of years until it was publicly released. Many pastors, rabbis and clerics still argue today about which parts are divinely inspired or relevant today and which parts are not. I encourage you to read the Bible yourself before letting someone else tell you what it says or means. There is an interesting contradiction within the Bible and that is the reality that the VAST majority of people who ever lived probably went to heaven without ever being exposed to the ‘word of God’. The Bible says for those who have not been exposed to it then God judges their worthiness of heaven based on how they lived. Morality in the Bible can in large part be summarized by the Golden Rule which is “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you”. Unfortunately many faith based leaders are NOT content with that moral principal. They have their own agendas and they will shamelessly invoke religion to lead people to do hateful, violent or oppressive things to other humans. May God help us heal each other’s wounds! Remember that anyone may posses the seed of hope that can heal their community as long as they can find the strength to cultivate it and courage to share it. Martin Luther King once said, “only in the darkness can you see the stars.”

  31. Archiduc De Belgrade

    Archiduc De Belgrade14 days ago

    Comment section. 1. Dusty a boot and Kalorie a toot?! 2. Editors needs to show refferences. 3. No Queen Sasha grand finale look ruview?!!!!

  32. stancexpunks

    stancexpunks14 days ago

    I feel like rupaul wanted to choose miz cracker for top 4 but didn’t want top 4 being all white so they had to throw in at least 1 POC. The black queens this season are very underwhelming and it took almost the whole season to learn their names because they look so similar to each other with same meh looks

  33. s y

    s y14 days ago

    Manila's such a pro,omg

  34. Siân McLaughlin

    Siân McLaughlin14 days ago

    I am the only one that hated the vixens dress??

  35. Mary Ratliff

    Mary Ratliff14 days ago

    There is nothing feminine about a drag queen. The words "shallow" and "clown" come to mind. Have you ever heard one talk about anything...meaningful? Worship of the self. Totally absorbed by ego. It's so sad.

  36. yall can't be serious

    yall can't be serious3 days ago

    Mary Ratliff whatever


    SHIRT SWOON15 days ago

    Who will be the first to reveal their soul, though?

  38. Burgerbitch.

    Burgerbitch.15 days ago

    Idk who was my personal top Toot, it’s between The Vixen, Blair, Yuhua, and Sasha Velour tbh

  39. LibraryTalk

    LibraryTalk15 days ago

    Those shoulder pads. lol. I love you Raja, but the shoulder pads are a boot.

  40. Chey Lin

    Chey Lin15 days ago

    Why did Eureka get a toot? It’s so basic.

  41. Ilove Corpseparty

    Ilove Corpseparty15 days ago

    Sees maww

  42. sonia rodriguez

    sonia rodriguez15 days ago

    can raja please retire from this show

  43. THEE Lovely

    THEE Lovely15 days ago

    Yesssss Blair!

  44. LloydPlayz - fortnite

    LloydPlayz - fortnite15 days ago

    Last video trending

  45. lp.

    lp.15 days ago

    Is raja ok

  46. Matt L

    Matt L16 days ago

    Wizard looking mofos

  47. leedle

    leedle16 days ago

    raja and manila are my spirit queens

  48. BLuD Ordained

    BLuD Ordained16 days ago

    F’ing disgusting

  49. Leticia Constantine

    Leticia Constantine16 days ago

    Raja's shoulders are my level of tension during Asia's lipsynch

  50. Lara Bohórquez

    Lara Bohórquez16 days ago

    boot the vixen and eureka's look

  51. stan loona

    stan loona16 days ago

    Kameron's was an easy shoot.

  52. Stephen A

    Stephen A16 days ago

    Please do a review of drag race alum. I want to hear your opinions of Akasha and Rebecca Glasscock

  53. Alex Ferguson

    Alex Ferguson16 days ago

    Kalorie is the ultimate forgettable queen, I'm sorry

  54. PinkyChiChi

    PinkyChiChi16 days ago

    Not to mention, Raja Toot, tootie, toot and Manila Toooo oooh ooot! ( I get gothic Scarlet O’Hara from Miz Cracker)

  55. Wrd VnT

    Wrd VnT16 days ago

    Monique was serving up some BROWN COW STUNNING! wig

  56. KuroDokueki

    KuroDokueki16 days ago

    The Vixen looks like she's maybe Laila height in that dress. She looks too small there, it's a bit odd.

  57. Jakrit Muangkiaw

    Jakrit Muangkiaw16 days ago

    Raja is becoming more and more lazy with her looks she should join Delano's house for that matter. It's annoying and borderline disrespectful to her co-hoes, the audiences and the queens she's there to critique basically. Rude!!!

  58. Emmanuel franco

    Emmanuel franco16 days ago

    Raja hates Fashion Photo Ruview.

  59. Thinking big

    Thinking big16 days ago

    Being born a man and one wanting to be a woman because you don’t fit is called mental illness. These people are ruining our society and making you people numb to everything. They are coming for your kids next. Just wait till the pedos want equality

  60. ham jisung

    ham jisung15 days ago

    they don't want to be women. it's a hobby.

  61. Ruben Ortega

    Ruben Ortega16 days ago

    I love Raja but I feel like she needs to give us more energy and personality. If it weren't for Manilas awesome personality and engaging facial expressions I probably would have not watched the whole thing.

  62. Not Peanut butter

    Not Peanut butter17 days ago

    I’m confused on how there’s no comments about the stupid spelling mistake......

  63. yall can't be serious

    yall can't be serious3 days ago

    Not Peanut butter you dumbass ruview is suppose to be spelled like that

  64. RogueMUA

    RogueMUA17 days ago

    Blair St. Clair looks more feminine than me. I swear it’s a real woman hiding there. Her lol was my fave

  65. Nemo Andrade

    Nemo Andrade17 days ago

    “Why are we holding to each other’s hands?” 😂

  66. lacuentadealexis

    lacuentadealexis17 days ago

    WTF! Kalorie looked like the bride in a redneck wedding

  67. Aidan Collins

    Aidan Collins17 days ago

    Why is this on trending? This has not even 500k in 5 days. Steven crowder gets a million in 2-3 days yet he is never on the trending page. MReporter, stop pushing your agenda. Plus why was this in my recommended? I don’t even watch this shit

  68. Aline Vilela

    Aline Vilela17 days ago

    Living for Raja’s hair and makeup!!!!

  69. T U R K - 1 8 2

    T U R K - 1 8 217 days ago

    Why does MReporter push all this gay shit? They look disgusting

  70. ham jisung

    ham jisung15 days ago

    they look gorgeous.

  71. Ne Re

    Ne Re17 days ago

    You should also react to the looks of season 1 queens

  72. Roy Snowpaw

    Roy Snowpaw17 days ago

    Ok 2 things: 1. How dare you not say Dusty Ray Bottoms look wasn't "connecting the dots" for you 2. WHAT DID YOU THINK OF SASHA'S EGG LOOK DAMMIT?! 3. I love you 4. I'm not good at counting.

  73. samantha beck

    samantha beck17 days ago

    I cant wait for miss vanjie on all stars 4 😍 she killed that look

  74. spencer reid

    spencer reid17 days ago

    At least the trend alert wasn't season 10 finale realness

  75. toot toot

    toot toot17 days ago

    I loooooved aquarias look with the slicked back part but i wish it was longer

  76. Okiyuko -

    Okiyuko -17 days ago

    why is this trending

  77. Laurenm_27

    Laurenm_2717 days ago

    Raja looks fucking stunning

  78. Mckallum Malanowski

    Mckallum Malanowski17 days ago


  79. Green Life

    Green Life17 days ago

    WTF am I watching ? Grossssss

  80. Clemente Herrera

    Clemente Herrera17 days ago

    I love that you can tell Manila is a big and true Drag Race fan

  81. rodney holmes

    rodney holmes17 days ago

    a boot for dusty

  82. mlzanercik

    mlzanercik17 days ago

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  83. yall can't be serious

    yall can't be serious3 days ago

    mlzanercik you really don't have a life do you

  84. ok werk

    ok werk17 days ago

    mlzanercik ain’t nobody reading this bull shit

  85. Maura Johnston

    Maura Johnston17 days ago

    the vixens face was STUNNING and idc that she doesnt pad her boobs....but that dress is a booot. Its gorg but the waist is so low???

  86. kurikurimix49

    kurikurimix4917 days ago

    All of you can shut up, The Vixen deserved a toot.

  87. Gert Philips

    Gert Philips17 days ago

    Also, can we talk about Sasha's Alien Eve look?

  88. #BananaRepublicUSA.

    #BananaRepublicUSA.17 days ago

    Homosexuality is a mental illness that I do not appreciate being shared with our children. Keep that crap out of our schools and off of family friendly content. It’s as bad as cigarettes smoke or drugs as far as I am concerned. I will not attack a homosexual because when they meet their maker they will be attacked so harshly that I may feel sorry for them.

  89. #BananaRepublicUSA.

    #BananaRepublicUSA.2 days ago

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  90. #BananaRepublicUSA.

    #BananaRepublicUSA.3 days ago

    yall can't be serious . NOT YET!

  91. yall can't be serious

    yall can't be serious3 days ago

    #BananaRepublicUSA. I'm not ok with pedos on the internet but the thing is I don't see any pedos on this video or in the comments so why are you bringing this up

  92. #BananaRepublicUSA.

    #BananaRepublicUSA.3 days ago

    yall can't be serious . Are you ok with pedophilia on MReporter?

  93. yall can't be serious

    yall can't be serious3 days ago

    #BananaRepublicUSA. Family friendly content on MReporter you sir can't be this dumb

  94. Pershawn

    Pershawn17 days ago

    Disgusting creatures

  95. Get Frighten

    Get Frighten17 days ago

    Dusty is my least fav queen of S10 but this look is a *toot*

  96. Get Frighten

    Get Frighten17 days ago

    Kalorie deserved the toot!

  97. missrubykitsune

    missrubykitsune17 days ago

    What is going on with Raja? This face and hair is giving cheap Freddy Mercury impression.

  98. Jeddy Rapper

    Jeddy Rapper17 days ago

    And might I say who are these tanniez

  99. Braden Lucas

    Braden Lucas17 days ago

    Y'all.. Im in the wrong part of MReporter...

  100. Braden Lucas

    Braden Lucas17 days ago

    Real talk... Do these entities want to be called men or women? Or other.. I have no clue

  101. Braden Lucas

    Braden Lucas17 days ago

    ok werk ohh ok thanks

  102. ok werk

    ok werk17 days ago

    Braden Lucas they’re men. They identify as men, it’s just a character they do to have fun and entertain.

  103. Braden Lucas

    Braden Lucas17 days ago

    This shit shouldn't be on trending

  104. Wight Wulf

    Wight Wulf17 days ago

    Wtf is a ruhview you freaks of ugly nature. Fucking ew.

  105. yall can't be serious

    yall can't be serious2 days ago

    Wight Wulf "ShE mALE cUnT"

  106. Wight Wulf

    Wight Wulf2 days ago

    yall can't be serious I spelled it the way it sounds. You she-male cunt.

  107. yall can't be serious

    yall can't be serious3 days ago

    Wight Wulf you didn't even spell ruview right gtfo

  108. Tyler Hwang

    Tyler Hwang17 days ago

    Kalories look is a..... choice

  109. Graham Jefferson

    Graham Jefferson17 days ago

    Monique's reveal had great contrast!

  110. feedot victorov

    feedot victorov18 days ago

    Why is google promoting this crap

  111. BLuD Ordained

    BLuD Ordained18 days ago

    Please quit publicizing these mentally ill men. This is disgusting af

  112. Jose Antonio Bueno Roca

    Jose Antonio Bueno Roca18 days ago

    Raja’s hair is EVERYTHING!

  113. The Age Of Aquaria

    The Age Of Aquaria18 days ago

    *Dusty ray bottoms being attacked by the supreme heathers for one minute straight*

  114. Elmer's World

    Elmer's World18 days ago

    the one on the left is like Caitlyn Jenner meets Michael Jackson

  115. Brian Green

    Brian Green18 days ago

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  116. Pamela Butler

    Pamela Butler18 days ago

    So many laughs. Love love love you.,