Fallout 76 Trailer - E3 2018


  1. wonder world

    wonder worldHour ago

    i use m1050.。。。

  2. ShaDHP23

    ShaDHP236 hours ago

    I wonder if Martinsburg or Shepherdstown will be there. It would make perfect sense if they were, Shepherd is one of the oldest towns in America and Martinsburg is crawling with drug addicted creeps.

  3. Eino Makinen

    Eino Makinen7 hours ago

    Respectively steal reliable culture Catholic rather Israeli carbohydrate president one display canvas.

  4. PugMasta115

    PugMasta1158 hours ago

    Legend says Country roads 2 will play over the Battle Royale mode

  5. Zèta

    Zèta9 hours ago

    looks awesome nice work

  6. nuggit boy

    nuggit boy10 hours ago

    Wait, why is it that in fallout 76, just 25 years after the bombs, there are trees and grass, but in fallout 4, 200 years after the bombs, everything is dead?

  7. Chloe Marstiller

    Chloe Marstiller11 hours ago

    I wonder if since it’s set in WV that Morgantown will be featured. I don’t live there anymore but i grew up there

  8. uliek potato

    uliek potato12 hours ago


  9. Astrocat2374

    Astrocat237413 hours ago

    It's fallout 76 because its west Virginia and the US was started in 1776

  10. paul ___

    paul ___14 hours ago

    I've played the last three fallout games and really enjoyed them but this online only has put me off so I'm going to give it a miss

  11. General Oliver Von Bismarck

    General Oliver Von Bismarck14 hours ago

    I got an add For fallout 76

  12. Willow Productions

    Willow Productions17 hours ago


  13. Trent Coones

    Trent Coones18 hours ago

    "Almost Heaven, West Virginia" my favourite line with "Country Roads take me home"

  14. Rabid Rabbit

    Rabid Rabbit21 hour ago

    put some Respek on John Denvers name what is this trash

  15. Forza_0ne

    Forza_0ne22 hours ago

    So I decided to play some classic Fallout 3 when this trailer came out. During my time in Washington DC I went to The Citidel where all the B.O.S are at and I found something related to Fallout 76 if you go in the building where there there's a big conference table if you go to your right you will find a bunch of scribes and two terminals. One of them is a Vault-Tec terminal and if you go on it you will find a list of vaults and the first on is Vault 76 and if you click on it you can see the goal of the vault and it was to release the vault dwellers after 20 years when the bombs dropped and they let them out to do research. So my question is. Was this planned or not? Give me your opinions on this.

  16. Hypennik

    Hypennik19 hours ago

    Maybe it's just a piece of leftover lore, Maybe they just dug it back out as a game idea.

  17. Tommy Jarvis

    Tommy JarvisDay ago

    You must rebuild not just walls not just buildings but hearts and alternately Canada it’s self fallout 150

  18. y y u neeed dis

    y y u neeed disDay ago

    If sernando made fallout

  19. YipuTheDerp

    YipuTheDerpDay ago


  20. Jul L

    Jul L2 days ago

    "Voice ... Voice never changes" the vault overseer voice actor is the same as the fallout3 and Fallout NV intro. War never changes my friends

  21. Jul L

    Jul L8 hours ago

    Jaime Moyano I mentionned only Fallout's 3 and NV. I googled it up and it seems Fallout 1 throught Fallout NV was Ron Perlman in the intro voice, so you're off my friend. Fallout 4 isn't the same tough, so they really went back to a winning choice in Fallout 76 ;)

  22. Jaime Moyano

    Jaime MoyanoDay ago

    Jul L but not the same as fallout 1 and 2, so, it technically changed?

  23. Tuna Gaming

    Tuna Gaming2 days ago

    Take me Hoooooooooooooooooooome. Country roooooooooooads

  24. Sam Poff

    Sam Poff2 days ago

    I live in West Virginia and I will riot if moth man is not the final boss , blood will spill and tears will be shed .

  25. Falconmist

    Falconmist2 days ago

    wow they fixed DayZ

  26. Why Me?

    Why Me?2 days ago

    I gotta play this game

  27. Naseem Tissire

    Naseem Tissire2 days ago


  28. Çamaşır Suyu

    Çamaşır Suyu2 days ago

    Ranger with the big iron>West virginia

  29. Kate F

    Kate F2 days ago

    Power armor shoulders are different

  30. Scooter Aviation

    Scooter Aviation2 days ago

    Watching this I got the short trailer as the add at the start

  31. Awakening Generation

    Awakening Generation2 days ago

    love that country music, reminds me of John Franklin Kennedy

  32. Falcon13377

    Falcon133773 days ago

    I got a fallout 76 ad

  33. George Niotis

    George Niotis3 days ago

    it just works

  34. Toby Ruiz

    Toby Ruiz3 days ago

    Im just hear this beatiful music

  35. Nathan Onions

    Nathan Onions3 days ago

    I had the trailer come on. Before the trailer. (The ad was this trailer)

  36. Daddy Pineapple

    Daddy Pineapple3 days ago

    The song reminds me of kingsman

  37. aperture AI#2020

    aperture AI#20203 days ago

    This is not a wasteland at all, it's just present day west Virginia. At best it's slightly dirty.

  38. Hypennik

    HypennikDay ago

    Yall got Deathclaws in Virginia?

  39. Salemchevy Gaming

    Salemchevy Gaming3 days ago

    Wonder how many bugs will be in this one. C.A.M.P failing to load or “dog meat” getting in your way

  40. XxJay GamerxX

    XxJay GamerxX3 days ago


  41. SSJDog

    SSJDog3 days ago

    They should do this thing where Bethesda holds a competition to whoever has the biggest most organized and established raider tribe they will become canon to the fallout lore during the time of 76, since you know us players are the ones creating the story

  42. Slaba

    Slaba3 days ago

    Can’t wait to “accidentally “ launch a nuke on my team

  43. NBG RageDevil

    NBG RageDevil3 days ago

    Best part is the music

  44. Connor Wiggins

    Connor Wiggins3 days ago

    The music is great for this trailer

  45. ctrl shift X

    ctrl shift X3 days ago

    Apple: we went from iPhone 8 to 10, we skipped 9 Fallout: hold my nuka cola

  46. XxRerun06xX

    XxRerun06xX4 days ago

    I’ve watched this like 20 times lol

  47. Hillbilly Stormtrooper

    Hillbilly Stormtrooper4 days ago

    Fallout 66 was better

  48. MaxAmus :

    MaxAmus :4 days ago

    It's so sad

  49. Toxic Ramen

    Toxic Ramen4 days ago

    West Virginia

  50. AriesNoMaik

    AriesNoMaik4 days ago

    we need to be able to ride radstags, make it crazy dangerous to catch one and they just trow you down if you keep it too long

  51. bubsterro22

    bubsterro224 days ago

    Elder scrolls 76: Fallout

  52. Minter Mind

    Minter Mind4 days ago

    A settlement needs your help ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  53. Minter Mind

    Minter Mind4 days ago

    Ad Victoriam!

  54. Jay Dee

    Jay Dee4 days ago

    Okay okay that was... cooooool i mean l love fallout I've been playing all the games i cant wait for this one 😀😮😈👾✌👌👌💛💛💛💛

  55. Rafa Macansantos

    Rafa Macansantos4 days ago

    Goddamn protectron stepping on the flowers again!

  56. Jay Brava

    Jay Brava4 days ago

    Good song choice

  57. Gliks Typ

    Gliks Typ4 days ago

    This soldier boi tho.

  58. Samuel Rutty

    Samuel Rutty4 days ago

    Guarantee 90% of the people watching this never heard country roads before

  59. Jesus Rodriguez

    Jesus Rodriguez4 days ago

    So if it's 20 years after will there be a pre war military faction of soldiers that survived kinda like the brotherhood of steel

  60. Rouge Nargacuga - Gaming & More!

    Rouge Nargacuga - Gaming & More!5 days ago


  61. Javier m

    Javier m5 days ago

    yes! we will rebuild america! we will give birth to this nation again! we will secure a future for our race and our white children, free of marxism, degeneracy, and multiculturalism and kikery.



    Its so good they didnt stop at the 57 game

  63. TysonVids

    TysonVids5 days ago


  64. Nelly

    Nelly5 days ago

    Oh muyyy goshh! *screams* 😂

  65. World Truth

    World Truth5 days ago

    I hope it runs better than fallout 4

  66. Yee Yee Outdoors

    Yee Yee Outdoors5 days ago

    Its kind of cary because this could happen in real life

  67. Flaming Jester

    Flaming Jester5 days ago

    Is this BattleToads?

  68. Kaelen Roberts

    Kaelen Roberts5 days ago

    shoulda stuck with the older music

  69. Ryan Robinette

    Ryan Robinette5 days ago

    It's so good! haha

  70. Skywalking Studios

    Skywalking Studios5 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the classic style vault door when the guy is on TV

  71. sirfluffy kitty

    sirfluffy kitty5 days ago

    wooooooooooooooooo i soooooo hypedd # 2 hyped 4 u

  72. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin5 days ago

    sirfluffy kitty millennial

  73. Canadaboy9966

    Canadaboy99665 days ago

    Co op: no thanks, Multi player: no thanks, keep the franchise the way it was.

  74. Rhonda Watts

    Rhonda Watts5 days ago

    I’m always super interested in the backstories of video game trailers, but I’ve never had the patience or skill to actually play those games. Can’t they just make this a movie or TV show?

  75. Finn Cross

    Finn Cross5 days ago

    When the John Denver song starts playing it's makes the game look like a family game for the Nintendo Wii

  76. TurtleTroll

    TurtleTroll5 days ago

    IGN: *copy/pastes trailer* *runs ads* *gets profit from others' work* DISLIKE

  77. ¡U F!

    ¡U F!5 days ago

    Doesn't look like fallout

  78. liamplays

    liamplays5 days ago

    my two fav things fallout and mothman its coming out!

  79. Fred Freddy

    Fred Freddy5 days ago

    Wut song?????

  80. Brycen Williams.

    Brycen Williams.5 days ago

    I have watched this so many times

  81. Marijn Veenstra

    Marijn Veenstra5 days ago

    i litteraly got as a ad this trailer. i mean i got the fallout 76 full trailer ad on a fallout 76 trailer. i mean like... seriously?!

  82. Deep fried Cheese

    Deep fried Cheese5 days ago

    I hope it’s multiplayer.

  83. Dr. Zombies

    Dr. Zombies5 days ago

    The next fallout should be set in Arizona

  84. Dwight Shrute

    Dwight Shrute5 days ago

    almost heaven. *WEST VIRGINIA*

  85. Jonathan Tane

    Jonathan Tane6 days ago


  86. Ariel FlintAshery

    Ariel FlintAshery6 days ago

    I got an ad showing the trailer for fallout 76 for this video showing the trailer for fallout 76 :/

  87. Jason

    Jason6 days ago

    That song makes it depressing 9/11 Would bomb again Beautiful graphics

  88. FaZe Brazzer3

    FaZe Brazzer36 days ago

    I N V A U L T 7 6, O U R F U T U R E. . . B E G I N S.

  89. B O I

    B O I6 days ago

    Can’t wait for Fallout 104

  90. Emil Linde

    Emil Linde6 days ago

    I saw a biplane

  91. MLG Man

    MLG Man6 days ago

    What is that song called in the trailer

  92. MLG Man

    MLG Man6 days ago


  93. Brody Sepstead

    Brody Sepstead6 days ago

    Its called Country Roads Fallout 76 version but the original is Country Roads (Take Me Home) by John Denver

  94. Tranks duel God of love

    Tranks duel God of love6 days ago

    this looks great

  95. Mathik

    Mathik6 days ago

    Random killing and bullshit

  96. israel mendoza

    israel mendoza6 days ago

    Can they please release the cover on Spotify and stuff bc I love this cover way more than the original


    ORITE'S PLAYZ NOW6 days ago

    I buy fallout 4 then the trailer to fallout 76 comes out and fallout 4 becoms free on xbox gamepass WTF

  98. Simon the T-Rex

    Simon the T-Rex6 days ago

    Looks like fallout 4 with good graphichs :/

  99. Le Stop that man

    Le Stop that man6 days ago

    Can't wait to play falloutnite 76

  100. SoccerBoi500

    SoccerBoi5006 days ago

    Beautiful trailer and phenomenal song choice, a true classic. I gotta say hearing Country Roads over that breathtaking scenery gave me goosebumps.

  101. Rajesh kharadi kherwara

    Rajesh kharadi kherwara6 days ago

    Nice programme.

  102. Just Ian

    Just Ian6 days ago

    The should’ve had Andy and Dwight sing this smh

  103. Дмитрий Путин

    Дмитрий Путин6 days ago

    Anyone catch the cameo to Jaws?

  104. Shay Cormaic

    Shay Cormaic6 days ago

    Дмитрий Путин no

  105. Dank Memes553

    Dank Memes5536 days ago

    W E S T V I R G I N I A... R3ekt

  106. Corn

    Corn6 days ago

    If I'm correct and this takes place 25 years after the nuclear war, where is the nuclear winter and why are things so mutated already? Didnt the original fallout games take place hundreds of years after the war....


    BLACK-OPS-LADY ON PS46 days ago

    Not going to lie, this looks amazing.

  108. RipDaReaper 152

    RipDaReaper 1526 days ago

    I wonder if there will be modded servers