Falling Back to Earth | HD Footage From Space


  1. Josue Almendares

    Josue Almendares4 days ago

    I have to close my eyes when the sun appears on the screen.

  2. Anne Amador

    Anne Amador5 days ago

    *Video proves that earth is round and not flat*

  3. Aidan Salt

    Aidan Salt6 days ago


  4. Raghu Ambre

    Raghu Ambre14 days ago


  5. Jack Bryan

    Jack Bryan21 day ago

    would be interesting to know how they insulated/protected the camera

  6. Justin Martell

    Justin Martell25 days ago

    there the falcon 9 stage 2 plume on the background

  7. Maura Alessandra

    Maura Alessandra26 days ago


  8. Nine Hundred Dollar Luxury Yacht

    Nine Hundred Dollar Luxury YachtMonth ago

    The parachute they use to recover these things reminds me of a paraglider. By tugging on handles attached to some of the shroud lines, you can steer and even reshape the wing to flare at landing like the flaps on a cessna would let you slow way down and still fly. It seems like a a couple of little radio controlled servos from a big model airplane would let someone on the recovery ship actually steer the parachute to aim it at the ship during the final part of the descent. I think a normal model airplane setup works a mile or more away. Even that would be really helpful. Between the maneuvering of the catcher boat and a guy on the boat steering the parachute by remote control, I'd be amazed if catches didn't outnumber misses.

  9. jzizzles

    jzizzlesMonth ago

    @1:09 Proof earth is flat. The "curvature" we see are lens distortion / fish eye effects!

  10. David

    DavidMonth ago


  11. Ewan Robertson

    Ewan RobertsonMonth ago

    If you pause at 1:31 you can see the rocket plume in the background...

  12. Rickil

    RickilMonth ago

    wooow we can see mars and saturn very well with a lambda camera.

  13. ciloty

    ciloty2 months ago

    *aS YoU caN sEE tHw eARth iS cuuuUURveD* lol

  14. Christian

    Christian2 months ago

    Why the fisheye lens?

  15. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_3216 days ago

    Christian Because they’re extremely wide angled so you can get more in the shot.

  16. Jeff

    Jeff2 months ago

    bUt ThE eArTh Is FlAt

  17. Sanjith321

    Sanjith3212 months ago

    How to get instant cool points tutorial

  18. Komandor Bentus

    Komandor Bentus2 months ago

    Hey! Maybe it is possible to get GoPro recording until re-entry? Just need to store somewhere video on live, maybe by using streaming technology or something? :D

  19. Gourav kumar Shaw

    Gourav kumar Shaw2 months ago

    Mozart and space ..

  20. Marco celo Apilado

    Marco celo Apilado2 months ago

    ohh i love that song and the views from earth so beautiful this song make me dance a balley 😅😅😂😂

  21. Frevo AM

    Frevo AM2 months ago

    Donde están los terraplanistas?

  22. Daiki Cipolloni

    Daiki Cipolloni2 months ago

    Did you send half a rocket to space?

  23. Carlos_A_M

    Carlos_A_M2 months ago

    No. Its the fairing

  24. Gena Satria

    Gena Satria3 months ago

    Space X are realy funny...

  25. Elon Musk Fan

    Elon Musk Fan3 months ago

    1:12 There's MVAC lit up

  26. katmanduxo 1991

    katmanduxo 19913 months ago

    Why i find this satisfying idk 😂

  27. Twitch GOD

    Twitch GOD3 months ago

    biggest lie in human history the earth is flat

  28. Carlos_A_M

    Carlos_A_M2 months ago


  29. theravedaddy

    theravedaddy3 months ago

    Yet again they cut the video before it crashes into the dome........

  30. Carlos_A_M

    Carlos_A_M2 months ago

    You do realize its falling. right

  31. mankeez

    mankeez3 months ago

    I hope you're joking.

  32. DJ Max-Q

    DJ Max-Q3 months ago

    Why wasn't this uploaded with a VR option!?!?

  33. Shannon Scott

    Shannon Scott3 months ago

    Ain't Hollywood great?

  34. mankeez

    mankeez3 months ago

    I hope you're joking.

  35. Robert Ortega

    Robert Ortega3 months ago

    hilarious. just hilarious. brainwashed af

  36. SableSasquatch Productions

    SableSasquatch Productions2 months ago

    Stop talking about yourself

  37. Conner H

    Conner H3 months ago

    What mankeez said

  38. mankeez

    mankeez3 months ago

    I hope you're joking.

  39. Alex Ganz

    Alex Ganz3 months ago

    checkmate flat-earthers..

  40. Zizo Star

    Zizo Star4 months ago

    Did i only see when in the beginning it comes on Earth it's showing flat then its shows round or anybody else there? . İ always said the earth is round but i got doubts seeing this video. İts edited by them i think, because its not normal showing . 🤔

  41. Flat Out Hero

    Flat Out Hero4 months ago

    Where’s the fire from re entry???? FAIL

  42. Carlos_A_M

    Carlos_A_M2 months ago

    Its too high up. Go learn some basic science.

  43. life Changer

    life Changer4 months ago

    I m muslim Earth is flate in quraan Quran is right this is fack video earth is flate no round

  44. obi_dank_kenobi

    obi_dank_kenobi4 months ago

    If we could send an old timey camera which took physical film and projected the images onto it, and brought it to space to take pictures with, maybe flat earthers would stop being.. “intellectuals”

  45. YMG Keezo

    YMG Keezo4 months ago

    0:06 fisheye lens making that curvature


    MALE_ PRIVILEGE4 months ago

    YMG Keezo no, it’s camera distortion because the metal would appear bent as well

  47. Ronald Haleluya Puji Tuan

    Ronald Haleluya Puji Tuan4 months ago


  48. Snake Pliskin

    Snake Pliskin5 months ago

    How come the curve is inverted? And how are there visible stars I thought that's impossible to see outside the atmosphere


    MALE_ PRIVILEGE4 months ago

    And the curve is inverted because of camera distortion


    MALE_ PRIVILEGE4 months ago

    No it’s to do with the camera exposure

  51. Claudio Castro

    Claudio Castro5 months ago

    Fisheye lens earth is flat stupid video...

  52. SableSasquatch Productions

    SableSasquatch Productions2 months ago

    Retard alert lol

  53. mankeez

    mankeez3 months ago

    I hope you're joking.

  54. Brothers In Arms

    Brothers In Arms5 months ago

    Well this was a disappointment..... I wanted to actually see you fall back to earth

  55. Айгерим Тобыкбаева

    Айгерим Тобыкбаева5 months ago


  56. Nadz

    Nadz6 months ago

    a shame i have a fear of space, otherwise you'd see me floating around with enough food and oxygen for 3 years

  57. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud6 months ago

    Somebody care to explain at the 1:31 position how the sun is "literally turned off" long before the pic of it leaves the view in this video? I find that ....odd. Keep on lying to us SpaceEx.

  58. SableSasquatch Productions

    SableSasquatch Productions2 months ago

    The ship blocked the sun, are you retarded?

  59. Soul Fox32

    Soul Fox325 months ago

    It's a camera inside of a space ship part, and those things are pretty big. Not to mention you can still see the glare of the sun as it turns and tumbles about

  60. Metaphorphosis Fantalities

    Metaphorphosis Fantalities6 months ago

    why is it dark in space shouldn't it be really bright

  61. boboprime2000

    boboprime20002 months ago

    +Metaphorphosis Fantalities to see light it need to hit matter, vacuum isn't matter

  62. Metaphorphosis Fantalities

    Metaphorphosis Fantalities5 months ago

    dash I miss you where did u go? didn't fall off the edge did u?

  63. Metaphorphosis Fantalities

    Metaphorphosis Fantalities5 months ago

    oh dash when Apollo had to perfectly time entry and re-entry of the atmosphere it's pretty cool how a meteor can just randomly fly through at any time isn't is. no calcuations just nothin but net.

  64. Metaphorphosis Fantalities

    Metaphorphosis Fantalities5 months ago

    oh dash did you pause the video you sent around 1:04 the curve disappears

  65. Metaphorphosis Fantalities

    Metaphorphosis Fantalities5 months ago

    have you ever seen a lighthouse? do you think that light is only visible to selected ships or does that light illuminate everything in it's path?

  66. Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela6 months ago

    are those 2 shiny objects at 1:13 really what stars look like in space?

  67. Soul Fox32

    Soul Fox325 months ago

    1 looks like a comet passing by, the other is the moon

  68. Mazinga

    Mazinga6 months ago

    Was a fish eye lens used? Looks like it to me, there is a light distortion of the earth and the clouds on the edges of the image

  69. Albert A. Alvarez

    Albert A. Alvarez6 months ago

    Falling back to Flat 🌎

  70. Ggigi Djdjdjd

    Ggigi Djdjdjd6 months ago

    You can watch it when the camera goes upside down everything curves with it

  71. Ggigi Djdjdjd

    Ggigi Djdjdjd6 months ago

    Fish eye linse makes the curvature

  72. Kurt Collins

    Kurt Collins6 months ago

    1:30 pause it once the sun is block u can see it hovering over earth

  73. SableSasquatch Productions

    SableSasquatch Productions2 months ago

    Wtf are u on? lol

  74. Safia Zad

    Safia Zad7 months ago

    When I saw this video I believe that the earth is flat ! Just look at the first seconds ، its the camera effects

  75. Leonardo Bertoni

    Leonardo Bertoni7 months ago

    0:28 I'M BLIND!

  76. - Korean Goth Owo

    - Korean Goth Owo7 months ago

    pause at 1:35 you can see some land there

  77. Виктор Крюгер

    Виктор Крюгер7 months ago

    Guys! I need your help! Please, tell me coordinates where it was. I want to know where is it was and what was filmed on earth, which areas on earth was filmed. Sorry, my english is bad. I could not find data on this specific launch. When it was? Thanks for your attention.

  78. iiCoxzy Rlx_ii

    iiCoxzy Rlx_ii7 months ago

    The earth is round like u saw

  79. Wobif 256

    Wobif 2567 months ago

    *How did the human go to the moon if it has no doors?*

  80. Brian Baldino

    Brian Baldino7 months ago

    It's clear now that earth is flat

  81. saad 3

    saad 37 months ago

    سبحان الله فرق وخلق

  82. Victim Castrate 222 Tips Snitch Rapist

    Victim Castrate 222 Tips Snitch Rapist8 months ago

    Sad that y'all still BALLieve! Like Why So spherious?

  83. Marvier Jeudy

    Marvier Jeudy8 months ago

    I love that Earth curves Inward too So Concave Beautiful honestly.

  84. Christopher Baran

    Christopher Baran8 months ago

    Even though the lens makes it seem a lot rounder than it actually is, you can still see the curve. When the line of the earth goes in the middle of the camera, pause and see the curve. The line only becomes flat when the line is off to the side

  85. Michael Anderson

    Michael Anderson8 months ago

    why does the edge of the earth bend the opposite way when it goes out of shot??

  86. San D.R.O

    San D.R.O8 months ago

    What's up with that local sun hotspot , isn't the sun supposed to be 93,000,000 miles away from Earth ?

  87. San D.R.O

    San D.R.O8 months ago

    You can clearly see the GoPro making the curvature when moving away from earth and coming back in , deceiving jews since 29 juli 1958


    THUNDERTURTLE8 months ago

    SpaceX is the best

  89. tintman831

    tintman8318 months ago

    That's weird the earth goes from round to convex? Maybe a fish eye lens there?

  90. Kaushik C

    Kaushik C8 months ago

    What useless video wasted 2 mins

  91. Biography Queen

    Biography Queen8 months ago


  92. Netty Voyager

    Netty Voyager8 months ago

    40 seconds in it looks like the earth flips as a disk would that is very strange

  93. MixablePlayz あら//

    MixablePlayz あら//8 months ago

    The earth is not flat its INVERTED!!!!


    YUNG GWALLA8 months ago

    Yo the earth is clearly flat

  95. Dennis

    Dennis8 months ago

    I've always wanted to see Johann Strauss' reaction to the 1867 Blue Danube forever associated with space flight. I'll bet he'd flip!

  96. timemachine_194

    timemachine_1949 months ago

    Coming back here over and over again, still amazing :-)

  97. Peaches

    Peaches9 months ago

    Really wanted to see the re-entry

  98. sam

    sam9 months ago

    Stop using fish eye lens camera's! GRRRRR

  99. Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness

    Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness9 months ago

    Wow look at all those tiny moons the Earth has!

  100. GodReazomPlayz Cylito

    GodReazomPlayz Cylito9 months ago

    Soo now earth flat believers? how you even say earth is flat thats dumb go to school

  101. mankeez

    mankeez3 months ago

    +Nicolás I hope you're joking.

  102. Nicolás

    Nicolás5 months ago

    satan is deceiving you, this is vfx

  103. Simon Frank

    Simon Frank9 months ago

    would like to see the same action again, but WITHOUT fu***ng optical distortion...!!

  104. True Lies

    True Lies9 months ago

    Nice shape change 😀

  105. mankeez

    mankeez3 months ago

    I hope you're joking.

  106. Genipsis Space Agency

    Genipsis Space Agency9 months ago

    Blinds my eyes

  107. Mark M

    Mark M9 months ago

    WTF is up with the camera lens???

  108. ll ll

    ll ll9 months ago

    I knew the earth was flat

  109. Jose JG Gonzalez

    Jose JG Gonzalez9 months ago

    Oh my. What a disgusting fish eye lens

  110. San D.R.O

    San D.R.O8 months ago

    still a lense that distorts the video being recorded , going from round earth curvature to a convex and back ?

  111. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_328 months ago

    Jose JG Gonzalez it’s not fisheye it’s just a wide angle lense

  112. xc5647321 xc5647321

    xc5647321 xc56473219 months ago

    I love this stuff.

  113. dicker70

    dicker709 months ago

    You are so Cool man, you bring tears to my eyes!!!

  114. Antraeon Rintokken

    Antraeon Rintokken10 months ago

    Take that, Flat-Earthers.

  115. Curiosity Rover

    Curiosity Rover10 months ago

    Why the earth not donut shaped?

  116. miguel Becerra

    miguel Becerra10 months ago

    Fish eye camera

  117. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_328 months ago

    Miguel Becerra *wide angle

  118. DuaFi el pro

    DuaFi el pro10 months ago


  119. Christian Treber

    Christian Treber10 months ago

    OK, where is the interesting part? Reentry?

  120. Josh Keefe

    Josh Keefe10 months ago

    The beloved fish eye lens! Making a curved line perfectly straighten out just before curving it perfectly in the opposite direction several times. I tried this on a smaller scale and couldn't get the same results. Any pointers? Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Hmmmm lol.

  121. Steve Corr

    Steve Corr8 months ago

    Josh Keefe Here's a good reason why cameras don't offer the most accurate evidence. Most people don't understand enough about how lenses and optics work so this video helps a little. What people frequently refer to as, 'fisheye lenses' is often the result of barreling and distortion from wide angle lenses. mreporter.net/v/video-1hcV_vXCZWU.html

  122. Josh Keefe

    Josh Keefe8 months ago

    Steve Corr Here is similar to what I did mreporter.net/v/video-4cj0gUAqE2Y.html

  123. Steve Corr

    Steve Corr8 months ago

    Josh Keefe What did you try on a smaller scale? All wide angle lenses distort and the distortion appears greater over a greater distance.

  124. EmChronicle

    EmChronicle10 months ago

    Ill believe the earth is a ball when regular people send a go pro or some camera to the moon. And we are able to see a live feed of the ball earth like in the google images. As you can see.. all rockets never leave the earth further than that.. And they just rotate it.

  125. Steve Corr

    Steve Corr8 months ago

    EmChronicle I don't know what lense was used in this shot but it IS a single shot, not composite or digitally enhanced. www.flickr.com/photos/projectapolloarchive/21081863984/in/album-72157659085112111

  126. NPC 69541

    NPC 6954110 months ago

    Look how flat it is!

  127. TheZachary MartinShow

    TheZachary MartinShow10 months ago

    Where the stars at?

  128. Daniel Joseph Chiasson

    Daniel Joseph Chiasson10 months ago

    You will see false stars fall to the earth. The internet bigwigs are not God.

  129. 80's Baby

    80's Baby10 months ago


  130. Matri noxe

    Matri noxe10 months ago

    If you look carefully you can see the dome...

  131. Peter La Anguila

    Peter La Anguila10 months ago

    When will we see another one like this but falling to the claw ship?

  132. clayton davis

    clayton davis10 months ago

    Why is the earth morphing ???

  133. Mike Wade

    Mike Wade8 months ago

    barrel distortion created by wide angle lens.

  134. oiBane

    oiBane10 months ago

    I can’t be the only one that is seeing shit just under the sun as the light goes away idk what it is but it’s definitely there

  135. oiBane

    oiBane10 months ago

    1:31 what the hell is that under the sun??? It’s like a spiral


    FLAT EARTH BROTHERS10 months ago

    First it’s concave, then flat, then round. A fish eye lens can curve a straight line in 2 different directions but it can’t curve a curved line in the opposite direction from this angle.