Falcon Heavy Test Flight


  1. Jeremiah Mullikin

    Jeremiah Mullikin4 hours ago

    There's so much hope for humanity in this.

  2. 인천토지금고

    인천토지금고12 hours ago

    Wow perfect good👍

  3. Edwin Robert

    Edwin Robert14 hours ago

    Moar boosters always works

  4. Николай Чудаков

    Николай Чудаков15 hours ago

    это просто ахуенно

  5. Gar

    GarDay ago

    Little bit excitable you Americans. ...

  6. How Does it Really Work

    How Does it Really WorkHour ago

    You should excuse them -- they are young, and they have made this rocket with their own hands. So they are *really happy* to see it finally fly, and fly so well.

  7. Brian Sauer

    Brian SauerDay ago

    13K Flat Earthers disliked this video.

  8. Mrrallyracer11 Productions! !

    Mrrallyracer11 Productions! !Day ago

    I still don't understand why rockets smoke before launch

  9. How Does it Really Work

    How Does it Really WorkHour ago

    It is true. But oxygen, is, of course, transparent. What we really see is the moisture condensing out of the air and making fog -- because the oxygen that is venting is *really cold.* The sides of the rocket also "smoke" even when nothing is venting, simply because they are so cold. We may see fog when when it is humid and we open a freezer for exactly the same reason. (Or use dry ice to make fog.) Cold + moisture in the air make fog.

  10. Francesca Rossi

    Francesca RossiDay ago

    Oxygen venting

  11. TheCakeMuffinCrew

    TheCakeMuffinCrewDay ago

    nice job spacex

  12. Caius Octavius

    Caius OctaviusDay ago

    At 31:58 when they say "check out Starman," something is flying seemingly above the clouds, about halfway between starman and the top of the Earth, from left to right. Any ideas what that is? Just some LEO junk?

  13. Evan Perrine

    Evan Perrine2 days ago

    If we would just make 2100's technology now then it wouldn't be 2100's technology, it would be 2010's/2020's technology. Anyway I know now that I am going to be a big follower of spaceX.

  14. Clay Bennett

    Clay Bennett2 days ago

    I was right at the gate to the Vehicle Assembly Building entrance, near Playalinda Beach. It was like getting punching in the face by the biggest guy you know. What an incredible experience that I was there for.

  15. TexasUSMCVet

    TexasUSMCVet2 days ago

    I don't care how many times I watch this I just get such an incredible rush EVERY TIME I SEE IT! The same feeling when I watched the moon landing on TV when I was a kid. I just wish I could attend a launch in person. Really, I wish I could go up on one!

  16. roy zwerus

    roy zwerus3 days ago

    Did he just say spacex fucking heavy at 21:37

  17. Kita Roos

    Kita Roos3 days ago

    Future CGI

  18. AAA GGG

    AAA GGG3 days ago

    I love this and I still get goose bumps every time I watch this damb we have come a long way Elon Musk for president

  19. Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy4 days ago

    Music vids: have milliards of views This: just 22 million

  20. Jack

    Jack5 days ago

    I literally can't stop watching this video

  21. Renato Amara Deus

    Renato Amara Deus5 days ago

    You is the best guy . Iron men

  22. VI VI

    VI VI6 days ago


  23. Hr Gott

    Hr Gott6 days ago

    hysterical screaming in the back? You watch something from US.

  24. shameem ibrahim

    shameem ibrahim6 days ago


  25. saxboi

    saxboi8 days ago

    When he said "Falcon Heavy, go for launch" it sounded like he said "Fuckin' Heavy, go for launch" And I would have been completely okay with that

  26. Heartbeat Storm

    Heartbeat Storm8 days ago

    Why are you broadcasting people screaming when you are inside.. And who exactly is screaming.? This is what i don't understand,, why are you constantly sending crap to mars,, you have barly scratched the moon... Just seems very odd...

  27. Heartbeat Storm

    Heartbeat Storm5 days ago

    Thijs Snijder .. Sorry but my comment remains in tack.. And yes i seen all those people cheering,, not... It seemed like those shows where it says applause,, but without people actually doing the applauding.. I only heard it and didn't see anyone... But yea putting that car in the video was a stroke of genius,, added to the realism..

  28. Thijs Snijder

    Thijs Snijder7 days ago

    Those people are the engineers who have worked on the falcon heavy, they have every right to be excited. as for the car, it isn't going to mars, it is in a heliocentric orbit with its furthest point beyond mars. whereisroadster.com

  29. JimMcTavish

    JimMcTavish8 days ago

    Six months later this is still an awesome moment :)

  30. ʇๅɐɹǝꓨ

    ʇๅɐɹǝꓨ8 days ago

    Is it just me or does it look like a giant penis?

  31. AtomicPrimeo

    AtomicPrimeo4 days ago

    Your not alone. That’s why I call it “Space penis”

  32. Swedish Marcus Viking

    Swedish Marcus Viking8 days ago

    Nice fakery.....Elon Musk💩🔫😷😂😂😂

  33. AtomicPrimeo

    AtomicPrimeo4 days ago

    Stop shooting a turd. What did that ever do to you.

  34. Phoenix Private

    Phoenix Private8 days ago

    The future is fucking now. Thanks spaceX.

  35. ConsLife - F

    ConsLife - F8 days ago

    No imperial lol.. all metric

  36. KiwisFlying

    KiwisFlying9 days ago

    Thank you Elon, very cool!

  37. TheMissArianne Arianne

    TheMissArianne Arianne9 days ago

    Gives me chills every time.

  38. Blazko

    Blazko9 days ago

    Wow. I'm very happy just by watching this. I can't even imagine how happy the people that worked with the falcon heavy are after seeing it fly.

  39. Not MaximilianMus

    Not MaximilianMus10 days ago

    lol 13k flat earther's disliked the video.

  40. Quinn Von Kerman

    Quinn Von Kerman10 days ago

    Falcon Thicc

  41. Quinn Von Kerman

    Quinn Von Kerman10 days ago

    13k people should be spaced

  42. Evelyn Hammer

    Evelyn Hammer11 days ago

    K I'm being trolled by the live feed so I'll say it here, it sounds like they're saying F***king heavy, not my fault I'm not the one who came up with that. I think it was intentional. Also censorship is nazi stuff so knock it off.

  43. Knedlik MCPE

    Knedlik MCPE11 days ago

    Moar boosters!

  44. Knedlik MCPE

    Knedlik MCPE11 days ago

    Just... WOW!

  45. Ed Jones

    Ed Jones12 days ago

    Great video, thank you. An incredible launch :) But terrible audio - the constant screaming from the crowd got irritating, and the sound levels such that the crowd drowned out the engines at launch :(

  46. SpGamer 8

    SpGamer 812 days ago

    Whens the next one?

  47. Fred Cink

    Fred Cink6 days ago

    Sorry about that... it's fixed now.

  48. SpGamer 8

    SpGamer 86 days ago

    Fred Cink it doesnt say anything about july 29, or am I blind

  49. Fred Cink

    Fred Cink7 days ago

    Next Falcon 9 is July 22... next Falcon Heavy is late October or early November. spaceflightnow.com/launch-schedule/

  50. Daniel Evans

    Daniel Evans12 days ago

    At 30:35 you can hear the commentator say "we lost the center core"

  51. Justin Martell

    Justin Martell13 days ago


  52. Chris J

    Chris J13 days ago

    That is fucking fantastic.

  53. Dart Familiar

    Dart Familiar13 days ago

    I hope Anon does something bout this. .

  54. Gaming Studio

    Gaming Studio14 days ago


  55. Billybob

    Billybob14 days ago

    Oh man, you science fanatics are hilarious! They show you a cartoon and you all go goo-goo ga-ga over it like a bunch of 6 year olds. I like how they can control a metal tube through the air without wings and land it on a dime. I guess I'm the only person left who still knows that movies aren't real...

  56. Billybob

    Billybob7 days ago

    How is the method he used to make his $$$$ relevant? Why are you science heads so obtuse and simple? Oh right...

  57. HTSSTR

    HTSSTR7 days ago

    How did Elon Musk make all those money ? He stole any penny from you ? Who started Zip-2, then X.com, then SpaceX, Tesla, Boring company ... ? Learn what are the truth before posting dumb posts.

  58. Billybob

    Billybob7 days ago

    The difference between Elon Musk and an idiot is Elon Musk has loads of $$$$ and idiots relate that to power, knowledge and truth. The expression "money is the root of all evil" is not an accident...

  59. HTSSTR

    HTSSTR7 days ago

    The difference between Elon Musk and an idiot is Elon Musk launches and lands orbital class rockets and Idiots keeps saying: "HOW?" , "IMPOSSIBLE" ...

  60. Billybob

    Billybob7 days ago

    Why the need for smoke and mirrors? I far as I know, that's only used to hide something...

  61. radu ciocan

    radu ciocan15 days ago

    i cry every time

  62. Duck Goose

    Duck Goose15 days ago

    At 31:57 is that debris from the falcon or is that something else?

  63. AtomicPrimeo

    AtomicPrimeo4 days ago


  64. renegade_ace

    renegade_ace16 days ago

    Courtesy of the American taxpayers, thank you man with 19.6 billion dollars.

  65. HTSSTR

    HTSSTR7 days ago

    @renegade_ace - "the falcon heavy was paid for by subsidizes" You are a Liar. "The Falcon Heavy was developed with private capital with Musk stating that the cost was more than $500 million. No government financing was provided for its development." Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falcon_Heavy

  66. HTSSTR

    HTSSTR7 days ago

    Where did you find "the falcon heavy was paid for by subsidizes" ? Are you a federal accounting officer ? Why lying ?

  67. renegade_ace

    renegade_ace8 days ago

    the falcon heavy was paid for by subsidizes

  68. Kramyful2109

    Kramyful21098 days ago

    SpaceX is a private company...

  69. Majin Perez

    Majin Perez16 days ago


  70. Larry Roberts

    Larry Roberts16 days ago

    OK------- Fantastic! Good. i have an idea for a new more efficient Engine that would enable the Falcon 9 to lift what the Falcon Heave can. --- That is the Accelerated Flow Combustion engine that does away with the restrictive Combustion Chamber entirely, increasing the Specific Impulse above the chemical 360-SPI (11,000 ft/sec exhaust velocity) it has now. The new engine increases the SPI by using the Fuel pumps to accelerate the fuel and Oxygen to some 7,000 feet/second, before the fuel is ignited with Fuel's fixed never to exceed Chemical expansion velocity. If the fuel and oxidizer is already above the speed of sound before it is ignited, it does not need a restriction throat for combustion.The Accelerated Flow combustion engine could easily beat Hydrogen fuel. Hell, it could get up to a SPI of some 1,000+ (Single Stage to Orbit relm) in just a few years as new materials allow the pumps to increase the pressure pushing the liquid fuel/oxy mix out the specially designed Nozzle and down a carefully designed long combustion tube as it burns before entering the expansion bell.---------------- But that means someone is going to have to prove the new engine design actually works as it is a Wildly Eccentric propulsal and could not be built before this without modern technology. I hope it is Space-X. It would not take much to rebuild one of your Falcon's Merlin engines to this configuration. --- The Raptor engine using this tech would enable the BFR booster to be half the size it's design is now using the metals we now have.

  71. caav56

    caav567 days ago

    Make a blueprint of it and send them to SpaceX. If it works, then awesome. If it doesn't... tough luck, but you've at least tried.

  72. RK Banjara video

    RK Banjara video16 days ago

    Hii my

  73. Will Burd

    Will Burd17 days ago

    Thats amazing ,, 😃 I was in awe when I saw that...

  74. ashdoglsu

    ashdoglsu17 days ago

    What kind of idiot dislikes this video?

  75. AtomicPrimeo

    AtomicPrimeo4 days ago

    Flat Earthers

  76. TheBurjalalam

    TheBurjalalam18 days ago

    “The Falcons have landed” - one of those quotes we’ll hear about in 50 years

  77. czemu009

    czemu00918 days ago

    space x fuckin heavy 27:37

  78. JeremyWildmanPatton

    JeremyWildmanPatton18 days ago

    Bravo! I cried. The simultaneous landing of the boosters was stunning.

  79. pierre compere

    pierre compere19 days ago

    always elon musk will be the b est for the future of the space x the pointers of the anerican life by p.compere

  80. Jeannie Chapman

    Jeannie Chapman19 days ago

    This makes me want to play KSP

  81. Sprognut

    Sprognut19 days ago

    Glad to see launch pad 39A back in use again kinda

  82. Steve Chisnall

    Steve Chisnall19 days ago

    It's truly sad, that David Bowie couldn't live to witness this.

  83. Alexandr Kovalenko

    Alexandr Kovalenko20 days ago

    "From way faster than the speed of sound to just faster than the speed of sound" (c)

  84. Steven Thomas

    Steven Thomas20 days ago

    It's been nearly five months, I'm still getting chills, just imagine the BFR countdown 🤘👽🤘

  85. malovat nutelu

    malovat nutelu21 day ago

    29:33 future is here

  86. Crushinator192837465

    Crushinator19283746521 day ago

    Goosebumps every time. Amazing. Brilliant.

  87. crystal tovias

    crystal tovias21 day ago


  88. Dungeons Heroes

    Dungeons Heroes21 day ago

    i wonder in what condition is starman now! :D

  89. Shadow

    Shadow22 days ago

    Even this long after the actual event, I'm still crying

  90. A Dogtor

    A Dogtor22 days ago

    *5 years later in a trajectory to mars with crew* "HOLY SHIT THAT TESLA IS GONNA HIT US"

  91. surinder gautam

    surinder gautam23 days ago

    One (two) small step for man but a giant leap(and rocket) for mankind

  92. surinder gautam

    surinder gautam23 days ago


  93. Ricky Downhill

    Ricky Downhill23 days ago

    So awesome. I had to come watch this one more time. What it must be like to work at Space X!!

  94. yoyo

    yoyo23 days ago

    WTF!!!! IT's perfect

  95. Dorrion 4thewin

    Dorrion 4thewin23 days ago

    i remember when i was younger i always thought landing rockets vertically was impossible

  96. Jielyn Sabarez

    Jielyn Sabarez23 days ago

    21:50 is where the takeoff happens

  97. ekaj

    ekaj24 days ago

    Go to the moon

  98. Blue2 Alila

    Blue2 Alila24 days ago

    On 22:48 it kinda makes an illusion of the falcon 9

  99. Spencer Sun

    Spencer Sun24 days ago

    On 30.39, it says:"We lost the center core."

  100. AtomicPrimeo

    AtomicPrimeo4 days ago

    Sadly it didn’t make it.

  101. Abraham Pena

    Abraham Pena24 days ago


  102. WzW351 Gaming

    WzW351 Gaming24 days ago

    After 4 month, 25:50 is still the best for me

  103. SM M

    SM M25 days ago

    It's really great unless why they didn't put a human in the rocket ?? I hope it's real and true .

  104. Murican' Mapper

    Murican' Mapper15 days ago

    Hell yeah its fucking Elon Musk were talking about here

  105. Fred Cink

    Fred Cink19 days ago

    Would YOU want to be a passenger on the very first flight of a rocket that had never been tested before?


    AERO PILOT25 days ago

    What did Elon Musk do?

  107. Murican' Mapper

    Murican' Mapper15 days ago

    AERO PILOT Be a rocket god

  108. fully charged

    fully charged25 days ago

    How the fuck did they get a rocket to land without using parachutes. Think nasa has some competition.

  109. ed reyes

    ed reyes15 days ago

    Kramyful2109 That's what i was refering to.

  110. Kramyful2109

    Kramyful210915 days ago

    ed reyes it didn't burn up, it crashed into the sea

  111. ed reyes

    ed reyes15 days ago

    fully charged The technology to land without parachutes is still under development. As you probably already know, the center core did not make it, it crashed and burned. But Elon Musk and his team are making incredible advancements with the Maiden Flight of the Big Falcon Rocket in early 2019.

  112. Kramyful2109

    Kramyful210922 days ago

    SpaceX isn't in or will never be in competition with NASA

  113. OneLastHitB4IGo

    OneLastHitB4IGo26 days ago

    In my 65 years I've been fortunate enough to have seen everything from the Mercury program to Gemini to Apollo to the Shuttles to the ISS. I was greatly disappointed at the end of the shuttle program and knowing that we were having to pay out $70 million a shot to have the Russians get our astronauts up to the ISS and back. With all the turmoil today in this country I am very, very proud of all you SpaceX people and the great work you are performing to get us back into space on our own. You have given me hope again for the future. Thank-you all so very much and good luck. Keep shooting for those stars!

  114. Jesse McCree

    Jesse McCree26 days ago

    absolute madlad

  115. Shane Christopher

    Shane Christopher27 days ago

    Amazing! Capitalism drives amazing innovation! USA!!

  116. randomness

    randomness27 days ago

    rip center core

  117. 111danish111

    111danish1119 days ago

    what happened to it ?

  118. E G

    E G28 days ago

    Was in tears at 25:50 outside of mission control in the middle of the crowd, no shame.

  119. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_3225 days ago

    E G you should’ve been ashamed if you weren’t in tears.

  120. FIFA 18

    FIFA 1828 days ago


  121. xXX Creepyrabbitlp XXx

    xXX Creepyrabbitlp XXx28 days ago

    I'm excited to see the BFR launch.

  122. Tmccreight25Gaming

    Tmccreight25Gaming28 days ago

    A very kerbal rocket... but it needs more boosters!

  123. The One and Only Riddle

    The One and Only Riddle26 days ago


  124. trek7291

    trek729128 days ago

    this was so cool to experience in person.

  125. maz3blurrity 78

    maz3blurrity 7828 days ago

    Thank you ELON MUSK,for bringing back the APOLLO ERA feeling and dreams

  126. Chrisbarber Barber

    Chrisbarber Barber29 days ago

    to bad elon musk is deepstate

  127. Luc Longly

    Luc Longly29 days ago

    What happened with the drone ship? 🤔

  128. TheXPeppe99

    TheXPeppe9928 days ago

    Luc Longly the center core crushed into the ocean

  129. AidanPlayz2112

    AidanPlayz211229 days ago

    I’m reading Musk’s Biography right now, by Ashlee Vance

  130. imaGINAtion

    imaGINAtionMonth ago

    We lost a twin after the 9/11; we got another twin back on the historic day Feb 6, 2018. It's like giving us back our hopes and dreams. However, we have to watch out for those Chinese thieves.

  131. DysFUNctional Combat Vet

    DysFUNctional Combat VetMonth ago

    31:58 is that a satellite (little black dot shooting left to right across the view of the earth)?!

  132. Thijs Snijder

    Thijs Snijder29 days ago

    no just some debris coming off of the rocket.

  133. Bastian

    BastianMonth ago

    "And the Falcons have landed" ... a sentence for the history books

  134. P.H. A.T.

    P.H. A.T.Month ago


  135. Jarmo J

    Jarmo JMonth ago

    Engineers you make dreams come true !