Falcon Heavy Test Flight


  1. Alejandro Basaldúa

    Alejandro Basaldúa34 minutes ago

    If there were pussy in the moon we would have been there by 1500 AD

  2. Cuppa Tea

    Cuppa TeaHour ago

    Poor Centre Core.

  3. bateu 350 likes

    bateu 350 likes5 hours ago

    Emoção de ver

  4. Gaming Jack

    Gaming Jack5 hours ago


  5. Nahemy thomson

    Nahemy thomson6 hours ago

    Earth is not flat OK round Earth has win

  6. Olander H. aka Unknown

    Olander H. aka Unknown7 hours ago


  7. Javier Vazquez

    Javier Vazquez11 hours ago

    “Liftoff of the Falcon Heavy” and “The Falcons have landed” are my favorite lines 👏🏻

  8. Tuna Fish

    Tuna FishDay ago

    Looks like a science fiction movie

  9. Ritesh Patel

    Ritesh PatelDay ago

    And NASA says "we are better than SpaceX".

  10. Ritesh Patel

    Ritesh PatelDay ago

    And NASA says "we are better than SpaceX".

  11. Sourabh Singh

    Sourabh SinghDay ago

    This is SPACE X It will be a perfect gift for my birthday or the perfect gift from anything till happened in my life if I am able to talk Elon Musk and able to view SPACE X launches and visit sir's companies SPACE X , TESLA

  12. Claude LeBel

    Claude LeBelDay ago


  13. Gabini

    GabiniDay ago

    engineers: jshbjfijaloxji*@*jjajnskoj8/jk(k me: uh huh sure...

  14. James the blob

    James the blobDay ago

    Thank you Elon Musk, very cool

  15. Sheila Morrison

    Sheila MorrisonDay ago

    Whooing Yanks after every announcement. Annoying.

  16. Sonny Johnson

    Sonny Johnson2 days ago

    At 31:40 you can actually see another satellite

  17. DEATH !

    DEATH !2 days ago

    3 years ago space x landed their first rocket, almost a year from now they landed the falcon heavy. What can they do in another 4 years.

  18. jacob cothran

    jacob cothran2 days ago

    DEATH ! I know I keep wondering this whenever I watch this or the other launches they have I am always amazed by what humans can achieve if we just set our minds to it

  19. Krid Adounsattapong

    Krid Adounsattapong2 days ago

    TCs me, please

  20. Happy Fox

    Happy Fox2 days ago

    show us your BFR

  21. Happy Fox

    Happy Fox2 days ago

    I know, but it's always good to see at least some progress...even if the U.S president doesn't think government needs to be involved

  22. jacob cothran

    jacob cothran2 days ago

    Happy Fox it really seems like they may not have a solid idea of what it will look like they said there were big changes even today

  23. rakib hossain

    rakib hossain2 days ago

    People are bigger than their dreams.

  24. MinecraftBoy4237

    MinecraftBoy42372 days ago

    It makes me happy to see this has 23 million views. Shows a lot of people care about space travel!

  25. Benjamin Thomas

    Benjamin Thomas2 days ago

    Just realised how much Falcon Heavy sounds like Fucking Heavy. Elon Musk is such a joker

  26. DIM EletroEletronica

    DIM EletroEletronica2 days ago

    NASA Sucks!

  27. 木强

    木强2 days ago


  28. Lucas Swiatek

    Lucas Swiatek2 days ago

    31:58 is that a UFO

  29. Gustavo Cobian

    Gustavo Cobian2 days ago

    Who has been to space? Russia United States China SpaceX Who has sent a car to space with a Starman on it? Russia hasn't United States hasn't China hasn't *SPACEX HAS*

  30. L4U _ 688

    L4U _ 6882 days ago

    Let's bring back the wonders space.

  31. rbspider

    rbspider3 days ago

    The aliens are laugh their giant heads off.

  32. lipzi

    lipzi3 days ago

    I wonder which planet you can reach with 3 BFRs strapped together AND being launched from mars

  33. Yung Crwdkllr

    Yung Crwdkllr3 days ago

    The last seconds when you see the car in space, with the music is going to be iconic

  34. charlesvan13

    charlesvan133 days ago

    It would be more tasteful if they didn't hype it like a WWE event. People weren't yelling at the rocket during an Apollo launch.

  35. Hans Hansmann

    Hans Hansmann3 days ago

    You know when astronauts went to the moon, some of them had snuck in "toys" to mess around with once on the Moon. I hope when humans go to Mars, one of them just gonna tow that Tesla to the surface of Mars and drive around with.

  36. Dave A

    Dave A3 days ago

    cheering idiots

  37. LikeendRRRea

    LikeendRRRea3 days ago

    OMG, Lord, if you had given at least a little UMA to the heads of the leaders of Russia and the United States, how much tension the armed conflict would have subsided. Vladimir Putin, Mr. President, well, do you really not understand that hundreds of millions of people are waiting for countries to become friends .. Our little planet is so fragile, and you are seriously preparing to deprive us of our future. The responsibility - and even better - GOOD WILL - is salvation. Remember Samantha Smith - she is remembered in Russia today. Do not allow war!

  38. Jadav Sahajadav

    Jadav Sahajadav3 days ago


  39. aussie survival

    aussie survival3 days ago

    NASA is so last year all the cool rockets come from spaceX now

  40. j marston

    j marston3 days ago

    WHAT A VIDEO, the way the rocket boosters both land at the same time!!!!! my mind is blown

  41. j marston

    j marston3 days ago

    real or not, one of the most fascinating vids ive ever seen - and all of a sudden a car appears with a bit of Bowie - that blagged my head - f**king amazing

  42. person who likes tech

    person who likes tech3 days ago

    I wish I could watch this for the first time again

  43. Oscar Gade-Frimann

    Oscar Gade-Frimann3 days ago

    Right now a Tesla is floating in an orbit around the sun.

  44. trailblazermc

    trailblazermc4 days ago

    Really people? You really think this was real? This rocket lands somewhere in the ocean and you applaud at cgi?

  45. 002o

    002o3 days ago

    So they calculateed, designed and manufactured all these monstrous lifting equipment, facilities, overhead cranes, transporters just for fun? Or for what reason?

  46. Lukáš Šaradin

    Lukáš Šaradin4 days ago

    Today it's my 27th view of the test flight. You know, a waiting for the BFS test flight it's shorter with this.

  47. Mr Fox

    Mr Fox4 days ago

    How is everyone falling for this bullshit? People have lost the ability to think critically & identify such obvious fraud. Frightening times ahead.

  48. FromNorway

    FromNorway3 days ago

    YOU are a good example of that!

  49. David Butler

    David Butler4 days ago

    This was a monumental achievement in private space efforts. Fantastic PR event using the car.

  50. trashmail8

    trashmail84 days ago

    Did John Insprucker say "Icing on the Cape" @ 32:36 ? :-D

  51. Denny Law

    Denny Law4 days ago

    Yes....Elon is different, and does some things we wish he had no part of,....... but.....he's a world class hero to me and everyday of our lives he does what our lying, thieving, governments and crooked politicians and the corporate thugs that run our companies FAIL AT every second of their lives while getting filthy rich at that failing. He does it 90% cheaper and more accurately on time than any corporations that rob us all of TRILLIONS of dollars and deliver NOTHING like they promise. He makes me proud once more to be a human being. I wish we could vote him in as president of this country of ours. May God bless and keep him.

  52. Anh Hoai Nam Nguyen (Ben)

    Anh Hoai Nam Nguyen (Ben)4 days ago

    Anyone reminded of Fortnite season 4 launch

  53. James B

    James B4 days ago

    The world probably thought we just launched a nuke

  54. IR16471

    IR164714 days ago

    Thanks Elon...the most beautiful thing i ever saw, Very Emotional

  55. FSX737Pilot X

    FSX737Pilot X5 days ago


  56. B35TSH00T3R

    B35TSH00T3R5 days ago

    Keep adding as time goes on. 1969 - The Eagles have landed 2018 - The Falcons have landed ____ - The Dragon has landed ____ - The BFR has landed

  57. Unstoppable

    Unstoppable5 days ago

    This is the next step to space revolution and futher our space exploration

  58. Marc Gabbidon

    Marc Gabbidon5 days ago

    There's a question I like to ask you Mr Elon Musk when are you gonna visit outer space lol??

  59. Niteesh Yadav

    Niteesh Yadav6 days ago

    they have changed the video. this is different from the launch day footage that was broadcast!!!!

  60. krinord

    krinord5 days ago

    Yeah, because someone who was in control of the cameras screwed up the view from both of the boosters while switching between cameras. So during the broadcast there was a duplicate of one of the booster cameras playing twice. It got edited to show the camera view from both boosters. Cheaper to edit it than launch another Falcon Heavy just to get the broadcast right.

  61. Django Freeman

    Django Freeman6 days ago

    I just have found this video yesterday on Pornhub with the title "Giant Mechanical Cock pentetrates the Atmosphere and drops a load in space"

  62. Janderson

    Janderson6 days ago


  63. Donald Pump

    Donald Pump6 days ago

    99.9% of people will forget they read this comment.

  64. Wanger

    Wanger6 days ago

    Whenever the FH clears the tower or when the 2 falcons land synchronized, I always rewatch them cus holy shit it looks like something from a movie.

  65. Skillop

    Skillop6 days ago

    The most beautiful thing I have seen in my life. Elon Musk and the entire team on the Falcon should be very damn proud of accomplishment they have made. Can't way for Dragon, and good luck SpaceX on that mission! :)

  66. Moses ainsz

    Moses ainsz6 days ago

    the most beautiful thing i ever saw

  67. Kanazawaカエルちゃん

    Kanazawaカエルちゃん6 days ago


  68. Ethan Abernathy

    Ethan Abernathy7 days ago

    In 50 years ppl will claim this never happened, in the comments of a “space-x hoax” video on MReporter, while on a trip to the moon for a tour, in a NAS-X space vehicle.

  69. Ethan Abernathy

    Ethan Abernathy7 days ago

    Look at that thing go. I was doing other stuff through most of the video, so not sure of the power bs weight compared to the moon missions, or if it was even gone over. But that thing got up WAY faster.

  70. FromNorway

    FromNorway3 days ago

    Yes, the Falcon Heavy's thrust to weight ratio at lift-off is about 1.6 while the Saturn V's was only 1.2. The Saturn V was also larger, making it look even slower than it really was.

  71. rasemvi

    rasemvi8 days ago

    I cried

  72. Константин Корниенко

    Константин Корниенко8 days ago

    Elon Mask is prophet of Omnishijah!

  73. Soldado Coquete

    Soldado Coquete8 days ago

    Please, SpaceX, Help me, rescue me of This horrible life, and take me to study astronomy, i promiss learn english, but please, i love space more my life, i need study the universe. Thank

  74. Len H

    Len H4 days ago

    Study everything online for free. Build something amazing at home. Show the world. Then join SpaceX. Do all of these things, and your life will be worth living.

  75. Chaz Dude

    Chaz Dude8 days ago

    If im ever depressed this is the pwefect video to make me happy

  76. piet skiet

    piet skiet9 days ago

    dont panic , mostly harmless ,,, so long and thanks for all the fish, elon ! ! !

  77. Alexander Cao

    Alexander Cao9 days ago

    The boosters landing is an amazing advance. Boosters could now be reused

  78. Düsseldorfつくば

    Düsseldorfつくば9 days ago

    The car up there is just a simple gimmick, but something inside me just loves to see the reveal of Starman with Bowies "Life on Mars". Its just incredible uplifting...

  79. Sambuddha Ranabhat

    Sambuddha Ranabhat9 days ago

    Its sad people dont care about space

  80. James Sempy

    James Sempy10 days ago

    could someone tell me what for are these metallic grids we see deployed at bottom of rocket when landing back ??

  81. Luka

    Luka9 days ago

    James Sempy Those are gridfins. They help guide the rocket towards the landing pad, as well as create drag :)

  82. Tommy Payne

    Tommy Payne10 days ago

    This is my favourite video on MReporter. It has everything, technology, future, excitement and a bunch of people celebrating hard work, teamwork and achievement. Not to mention Bowie :)

  83. Lewis Johnson

    Lewis Johnson10 days ago

    I wish I worked for SpaceX

  84. Egg

    Egg10 days ago

    well earth surely isn't flat!

  85. Egg

    Egg10 days ago


  86. Hus 9

    Hus 910 days ago

    World Record fastest car in human history...

  87. bluegrassbarry

    bluegrassbarry11 days ago

    Did that scientist just say, "..on a whole nother level."?

  88. Leon Ettey

    Leon Ettey11 days ago

    Nice touch with the Bowie tribute

  89. wildfox1994

    wildfox199411 days ago

    31:58 Flat Earthers were looking for a satelites in spece. I think there's one in the background xd

  90. Leon Ettey

    Leon Ettey11 days ago

    Yea so what, we in England launched a robin reliant quite high.... youtube top gear space ship.

  91. David Barnett

    David Barnett11 days ago

    Go spacex go

  92. David Barnett

    David Barnett11 days ago

    Love ❤️ this video, so 😎, I remember that day, it was awesome 👏. Can’t wait for the next one.

  93. Hunter J. Short

    Hunter J. Short12 days ago

    Besides, another great point is everyone deserves to explore space. it belongs to all of us and none of us at the same time. We all deserve the choice to be able to get on a ship and take a trip to the moon or anywhere else besides the beach, SpaceX is bringing that dream to reality!

  94. Hunter J. Short

    Hunter J. Short12 days ago

    Just to fathom the idea of a privately funded organization being the sole reason for the most important feat in human history is absolutely amazing! Without the dream of Elon Musk and other individuals, this dream of entering the realms of other planets probably wouldnt happen for hundreds of years. The government is slow. SpaceX has done more in 16 years than what NASA did in 40! Not that NASA hasnt made great accomplishments but, i dont recall their boosters landing without water or parachutes 😎


    INTERSTELLAR12 days ago


  96. Dr Neeraj Tripathi

    Dr Neeraj Tripathi12 days ago

    Excellent, Excellent greatest feet for humans, landing safely with lesser cost than space shuttle simply unprecedented __

  97. Derrick Ng

    Derrick Ng12 days ago

    21:35 sounds like fuckin heavy

  98. Gordon BoabingA

    Gordon BoabingA12 days ago

    They should have just shown the core go boom, we wouldn’t have minded

  99. Grzegorz Kapica

    Grzegorz Kapica13 days ago

    You made some history here.

  100. hyzer spawn

    hyzer spawn13 days ago

    MERICA!!!! Fuck yea

  101. Gordon BoabingA

    Gordon BoabingA12 days ago

    hyzer spawn well done America from uk

  102. Lmao Lmfao

    Lmao Lmfao13 days ago

    * Opens Uber app * *Orders uber to mars *

  103. top banana

    top banana13 days ago

    screaming shouting is OTT

  104. Pierce Morgan

    Pierce Morgan13 days ago

    To all you Americans who think Elon musk is “yours” he’s not, he was born in one of our commonwealth country’s so he’s technically ours so back off

  105. Stefan Balint

    Stefan Balint4 days ago

    He made Tesla and set to space, and we could see Tesla again. I don't remember to see anything like this on Tesla, back in the 80-90's. Great.

  106. Gordon BoabingA

    Gordon BoabingA7 days ago

    HT N blah blah America first

  107. HT N

    HT N7 days ago

    @+Gordon BoabingA - Elon Musk is a human so he belongs to the world. But, SpaceX headquarter is in California, America and it employs American citizens and green card holders only so it is an American company.

  108. Gordon BoabingA

    Gordon BoabingA12 days ago

    He’s everyone’s

  109. The Primal Earth

    The Primal Earth13 days ago

    he left your common wealth cause it sux. if it doesn't why'd he come here?

  110. James Gorospe

    James Gorospe13 days ago

    @28:52 Top Left Camera - That debris could have easily destroyed that center core :O

  111. the dude

    the dude14 days ago

    Whos watching this from the vacuum of space?

  112. Дrch angel

    Дrch angel14 days ago

    Rocket launch is at 22:00

  113. Александр Александров

    Александр Александров15 days ago

    I have tears in my eyes

  114. Zyipitoe

    Zyipitoe15 days ago

    LEGENDARY *Flat earthers left the chat*

  115. Known Aim

    Known Aim15 days ago

    Как же это потрясающе! Аж мурашки по коже пошли) Молодцы, SpaceX, браво!

  116. Beryl Firdaus

    Beryl Firdaus15 days ago

    25:46 is the money shot