Falcon Heavy & Starman


  1. TWOandTWOmakes5

    TWOandTWOmakes5Day ago

    This video always makes me so emotional on what we can do as humans when we put our minds together

  2. maxime buhl

    maxime buhl2 days ago

    Jai beau la regarder des dizaines de fois, j'ai toujours autant d'émotions. Passionné depuis le plus jeune âge, j'ai toujours rêver de voir ce genre de chose s'accomplir. Kennedy, été fou dans ses projets, maintenant Mr musk ! Le rêve d un petit garçon devenu grand, qui, une fois riche, nous fait rêver en accomplissant de grandes choses . Bravo!

  3. Bush Trash

    Bush Trash2 days ago

    Honestly Its been a long time since this launch began, watching the booster rockets come back down in such a controlled way just brings a smile to my face every time, well done Space X, you guys make me smile.

  4. Wiz_ Nerd

    Wiz_ Nerd2 days ago

    Elon Musk has motivated me emotionally and physically. I am 13 and now that Elon has motivated me I am studying astronautics and physics and I'd like to help the process in which humans are an interplanetary species. See you in a couple years.

  5. Ellyas Prajasa

    Ellyas Prajasa2 days ago

    Humanity increased to level 999

  6. Janderson

    Janderson3 days ago

    ainda me emociona assistindo isso

  7. Matmar Space

    Matmar Space3 days ago

    Can u please lend me a rocket to prove flat earthers that they are wrong?

  8. Georgi Simov

    Georgi Simov3 days ago

    I just can't help myself coming back and re-watching this video every once in a while. Just for the sake of getting the some dose of adrenaline and joy it brought me during the live webcast

  9. Hot Shame

    Hot Shame3 days ago

    When Nasa went to the moon it planted an american flag. Elon Musk launched a car into space and tagged it with "Made on Earth by Humans". This how it should be done!

  10. would have..

    would have..3 days ago


  11. funny moment 191

    funny moment 1913 days ago

    I see a lot of carbon fiber

  12. Meme E

    Meme E2 days ago

    funny moment 191 the rocket is aluminium

  13. ticiusarakan

    ticiusarakan4 days ago

    made on earth. very funny)

  14. Fábio Corniani

    Fábio Corniani4 days ago

    I am flying to my fate into the depth of the space with a heavy burden, fly away like a falcon with his prey Destined to fly, to reach to mars In the shoulders of giants I'm standing to find that dreams don't die dreams won't die Rushing into the unknown a red roadster to a red dot goes But In the void, there still glows the dreams of the Blues grows Destined to fly, to reach to mars In the shoulders of giants I'm standing to find that dreams don't die dreams won't die "I'm dreaming with a future that is inspiring an appealing, being out there among the stars, a multiplanetary species. I'm not trying to be a savior, I'm just thinking about or fate and I don’t want to be sad about it". Elon Musk Destined to fly, to reach to mars In the shoulders of giants I'm standing to find that dreams don't die dreams won't die

  15. SAGAR panchal

    SAGAR panchal4 days ago

    I love this seen so much

  16. james cortejo

    james cortejo4 days ago

    Who da heck dislikes this video?! This is history

  17. N E

    N E5 days ago

    2K aliens disliked this video and yet nasa lies to us 😒

  18. itsnotcow itsbeef

    itsnotcow itsbeef5 days ago

    never gets old !

  19. anOnimus 1

    anOnimus 15 days ago

    Thank you, Elon Musk!

  20. Lord of the Memes REEE

    Lord of the Memes REEE5 days ago

    Whats the music?

  21. biscotte 13

    biscotte 134 days ago

    Lord of the Memes REEE David Bowie

  22. sp00ky b0i

    sp00ky b0i6 days ago

    can we get a rip for core booster

  23. Hashim

    Hashim5 days ago

    rip indeed

  24. buzurgmehr sharipov

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  25. F.B.I

    F.B.I6 days ago


  26. chook100

    chook1006 days ago

    1:11 press f to pay respect. :(

  27. True or False universes

    True or False universes6 days ago


  28. 《REÐJIVE》

    《REÐJIVE》6 days ago

    Elon you Madlad

  29. Garrett The Nerd

    Garrett The Nerd6 days ago

    I know I’m late, but I told my teacher about this and we played it live in class. Go SpaceX!!!

  30. Drk Kioli

    Drk Kioli6 days ago

    it was a dream

  31. Kerosene Madenss

    Kerosene Madenss6 days ago

    It should have a vacuum base boost. Otherwise, Ziggy Stardust won't be able to come back to Earth.

  32. Bananayy

    Bananayy6 days ago

    song name?

  33. Nived Nambiar

    Nived Nambiar6 days ago

    @1:23 - "Don't PANIC"

  34. Church_boi Playz

    Church_boi Playz6 days ago

    Crazy history, they may be the next known company! (Even tho they already are very known)

  35. Allan Sagahon

    Allan Sagahon6 days ago

    Elon let's put a rail guns in space.

  36. Cosmonaut Billy

    Cosmonaut Billy7 days ago

    Tears running down my face, this touched something deep inside me

  37. Gyarados

    Gyarados7 days ago

    hermoso ❤❤❤

  38. Harry

    Harry7 days ago

    I'm sorry but the center core missing the drone ship is absolutely hilarious. Good to see SpaceX have such great humour

  39. M. Fariz Akbar Hutasuhut

    M. Fariz Akbar Hutasuhut7 days ago

    Dat synchronized booster landing, tho.

  40. Gold of The Hawk

    Gold of The Hawk7 days ago

    0:30 Thats Tmartns footage and 0:01

  41. josh hofmann

    josh hofmann7 days ago

    thanks for including 1:15 "failure aids improvement".... watching a system fail that leads to destruction, as an engineer is like having your heart ripped.

  42. Hindi Bangla Music station

    Hindi Bangla Music station7 days ago

    wow!! excellent job!! spacex is hero also his all employers. Great Job! I am from Bangladesh. Thank you So much SpaceX!

  43. Sam rockx

    Sam rockx7 days ago

    This still puts a smile on my face everytime I watch this.

  44. Leo AW

    Leo AW8 days ago

    Cars with top speed of 300 MPH ELON MUSK : HOLD MY BEER

  45. TP Leon

    TP Leon8 days ago

    imagine when we get to mars we just see some alien driving this car. lmao

  46. Pito VH

    Pito VH8 days ago


  47. Danskheart

    Danskheart8 days ago

    This makes me Goddamn proud to be an American.

  48. Ramgopal Yadav

    Ramgopal Yadav9 days ago

    Lyrics... It's a God-awful small affair To the girl with the mousy hair But her mummy is yelling no And her daddy has told her to go But her friend is nowhere to be seen Now she walks through her sunken dream To the seat with the clearest view And she's hooked to the silver screen But the film is a saddening bore For she's lived it ten times or more She could spit in the eyes of fools As they ask her to focus on Sailors fighting in the dance hall Oh man, look at those cavemen go It's the freakiest show Take a look at the lawman Beating up the wrong guy Oh man, wonder if he'll ever know He's in the best selling show Is there life on Mars?

  49. Ramgopal Yadav

    Ramgopal Yadav9 days ago

    It would be great if subtitles could be added in this video

  50. Alberto Requena Cano

    Alberto Requena Cano9 days ago

    🌍🌎🌏i luego los que fumamos marihuana debemos desintoxicarnos

  51. Alberto Requena Cano

    Alberto Requena Cano9 days ago

    Que es la gravedad te contratan a un negro accctoor haciéndose pasar por algo que no es i deja caer un micrófono i te dice esto es gravedad es como si me lo preguntan a mi i cojo una piedra i cuando una piedra plana la arojjjas al agua porque hace botes i no se hunde al tocar el agua jo creo que por ser un abuson no hace falta .mentir tanto primero nos hacen creer en los reyes magos lego la tierra esférica la gravedad decían que la isglesia era una secta pero en realidad todo lo que hemos odiado es lo bueno de la vida i lo que vivimos es una especie de mentira bien montada como una película más o menos creo que necesitaría echarme a dormir pensar i Alo mejor me corto el cuello ya que vengo de ese planeta i si vengo de este planeta porque has de intentar tomar el pelo alguien de su misma familia

  52. Alberto Requena Cano

    Alberto Requena Cano9 days ago

    Entonces si llamo a un amigo en el hemisferio de abajo i le digo nos suicidamos juntos desde un edificio uno caería i el otro que caería o no ? 🌍🌎🌏

  53. Alberto Requena Cano

    Alberto Requena Cano9 days ago

    I donde están los continentes en el planeta

  54. Alberto Requena Cano

    Alberto Requena Cano9 days ago

    Hoy me suicidare en nombre de la 666nasa por que me obligaron a tirarme por la curvatura inexistente

  55. Lily Marlie

    Lily Marlie10 days ago

    I wonder what starman is at right now

  56. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_329 days ago

    Lily Marlie Approximately 90 million miles away, almost the distance between earth and the sun.

  57. ATCr

    ATCr11 days ago

    You guys keep up the good work!! Humanity needs it!

  58. Carlyle Smith

    Carlyle Smith11 days ago

    Every now and then I re-watch this video and it nearly chokes me up. Wow! It's so inspirational. It's my favorite of all time!

  59. Karthikeyan Balasubramanian

    Karthikeyan Balasubramanian11 days ago

    Made in Earth by Humans ! I was alive when Elon Musk was there.

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    President Cosmic natural health therapy association11 days ago

    luck you

  62. Scholzy

    Scholzy12 days ago

    Still gives me chills when I watch this.

  63. Mikky W

    Mikky W12 days ago

    I actually ligit cried when this happened. Absolutely beautiful

  64. Ergo Proxy

    Ergo Proxy13 days ago

    Like a poem.

  65. Brad Erickson

    Brad Erickson13 days ago

    Honestly, Mr. Musk should wind down or sell off the auto side of Tesla, and concentrate on SpaceX.

  66. SeafireM 1015

    SeafireM 101513 days ago


  67. SeaGod333

    SeaGod33313 days ago

    It is impossible to watch this without smiling. The things humans are capable of man. And to think this all started with a German LRBM...

  68. Rekoxx

    Rekoxx13 days ago

    "Made on Earth by humans"

  69. a guy

    a guy14 days ago

    I cri evry tim

  70. davs1588

    davs158814 days ago

    No hay palabras para describir la hermosura del proyecto de Elon Musk, a todos quienes les fascina el espacio sin duda tenemos la garganta apretada de ver lo que se hizo!!!!

  71. X00MER

    X00MER15 days ago

    There is still hope for humanity

  72. Derek

    Derek15 days ago

    I find myself returning to this video over and over. Man, the things we humans could accomplish together.

  73. Bishnu Rawal

    Bishnu Rawal16 days ago

    Made on earth by humans...

  74. Azad Korhan

    Azad Korhan16 days ago

    Dünya düzdür

  75. Juncheng Zhang

    Juncheng Zhang17 days ago

    'Made on Earth by humans'

  76. mehmetali kırtaş

    mehmetali kırtaş17 days ago

    o arabanın içine gerçek bir insan da konula bilirdi ve belki arabanın motoru ile uzayda yön de verebilirdi ben 8. sınıfa geçtim ve tanışmak istediğim en ünlü isim elon musk ilk elon musk videonu izlediğimde hayalimden vazgeçme aşamasındaydım sonra siz orada türkler de var diyince en azından yabancı hissetmem amacıyla tekrar heveslendim elon musk ve siz beni her seferinden hayallerimden vazgecme aşamasındayken geri döndürüyorsunuz ama çok çalışıp elime bolca miktar para geçtiğinde ilk içim spacex e gitmek olucak bu yorumu görmeni ve bana instagram hesabımdan geri dönmeni umuyotum sen de elon musk da benim hikayemin baş kahramanlarısınız :) :D

  77. mehmetali kırtaş

    mehmetali kırtaş17 days ago

    @nisa._.kirtas lütfen dönüş yap en azından bu hayalımden döndürme :( :( :) :)

  78. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight18 days ago

    Not to say that Bowie's song is bad or anything. But mute the video and play it with the Interstellar movie main theme by Hans Zimmer, and cry with me

  79. Sarah SOkal

    Sarah SOkal18 days ago

    NEW approach : Using Physics rotational calculations (different examples in crop 3D circles paterns or basic boomerang shape aircraft) Slingshot type propulsion+ othodox conventional fuel,mesured with speed into space atmosphere (for time calculations & realisation). When launched gravitational forces whithin other galactic bodies or star could be used as counter mesures of propulsion in the former of an anti-gravity technology (push) AI automatic recalibration of trajectory could make space travel faster. Fuel could be recycled nuclear waste, hydrogen which is present throughout the universe or pure heat/energy from the sun. We could also maintain stability of an object with a "moon" like weight using a circular shape whithin paterns. The advantage of a sphere is its not resistance factor .There is more to do

  80. Sarah SOkal

    Sarah SOkal18 days ago

    Basically if you give a ship a push using gravity of other planets you gain power in speed

  81. David Van Horn

    David Van Horn18 days ago

    Ah I teared up a bit, the wonder of all they're accomplishing

  82. Edwin Robert

    Edwin Robert18 days ago

    I dont care if i missed sputnik, gagarin, apollo or even the space shuttle. I was alive when the Falcon Heavy launched. That makes up for everything

  83. Elon Musk

    Elon Musk18 days ago

    Everytime makes me cry

  84. lee24k

    lee24k18 days ago

    This is amazing. To all the engineers that were involved, to true heroes that made it happen.

  85. Jeriku

    Jeriku18 days ago

    Video of the year

  86. Paul T

    Paul T19 days ago

    Could Space X put a boring machine in the middle section of a Falcon Heavy and could this make it to the Moon so Human's can start building a base and living areas? This would help us with testing and launches for when we go to the Moon and other places in space. It may sound like a impossible idea, but Elon Musk and his company could make it work. Thinking outside of the box is very important, and with some inside the box stuff too.

  87. 111danish111

    111danish11119 days ago

    Your vision will be a reality many decades from now .

  88. Jersey Tom

    Jersey Tom19 days ago

    Oh man, look at those cavemen go

  89. wattouk

    wattouk19 days ago

    Flat Earthers wont watch it because they think it's faked. I could watch this video 10 times a day for the rest of my life and still be staggered every time.

  90. Mondaffe/ UFCT

    Mondaffe/ UFCT19 days ago

    To live in future is amazing, thank you Space X for bringing the future in this time!

  91. Daniel Glus

    Daniel Glus19 days ago

    I almost forgot to watch this today

  92. max berktold

    max berktold20 days ago

    Where do I get this Picture? 1:43

  93. Andrew Bretten

    Andrew Bretten20 days ago

    Elon Musk the real world Tony Stark ! landings those two boosters side by side......amazing time to be alive.

  94. Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS

    Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS21 day ago

    Elon deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, more than anyone I can think of! Give it to him, SWEDEN! Nobel peace Prize for ELON MUSK, NOW!

  95. Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS

    Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS14 days ago

    Thanks, but that is common knowledge (at least in my world ;-)) The question is: Since Elon already has had a great impact on NORWAY, are they contemplating this! He deserves it more than any politician I know! ;-)

  96. Espen Urkedal

    Espen Urkedal19 days ago

    Although Sweden gives out all the other Nobel prizes, the peace prize is given out by Norway

  97. markdelej

    markdelej21 day ago

    Sometimes humans are really really cool

  98. Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith21 day ago

    This is the most inspiring video of the 21st century.

  99. Connor OBrien

    Connor OBrien21 day ago

    I shedded a few tears during this haha Absolutely amazing, these people are the Nikola Tesla of our time. Don’t take this lightly

  100. X Aviation

    X Aviation21 day ago

    I only wish David Bowie was alive. :(

  101. Albert MP

    Albert MP21 day ago

    Felicitats per la feina ben feta i per tenir tants plans meravellosos per al futur. Gràcies.

  102. Apex science

    Apex science22 days ago


  103. Siddharth Deore

    Siddharth Deore22 days ago

    Perhaps this should be anthem of Mars colony!

  104. Luuk Laenen

    Luuk Laenen22 days ago


  105. Cuong Nguyen

    Cuong Nguyen22 days ago

    2k aliens

  106. Dylan

    Dylan23 days ago

    Remember showing this to one of my older teachers. He said one thing that made me realize how much SpaceX has achieved. He said "Rockets aren't supposed to do that" when reacting to the two boosters landing together. Damn right they're not supposed to but here we are. Go Elon, Go SpaceX, and Go Humans.

  107. Другая Америка

    Другая Америка23 days ago

    Keep on returning to watch this inspiring video again and again

  108. tech four9

    tech four923 days ago

    Elon musk is a hero of our generation. All the Wall Street and shallow minded short sellers of all of musk’s ventures deserve to burn in hell, and all those lunatics who fail to see how he genuinely wants the best for humanity.

  109. Natalie Weishuhn

    Natalie Weishuhn23 days ago

    best video on the interwebs .