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Falcon Heavy & Starman


  1. TryStyle 4ever

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  2. Matthew Bufton

    Matthew Bufton12 hours ago

    With all of the shrapnel humans have put into orbit do you not think it’s a bit irresponsible launching a fucking car into space?

  3. Jonathan Dee

    Jonathan Dee12 hours ago

    Essential test flight that every rocket goes through. The car is not staying in low or even high earth orbit. Most of the rocket is reused instead of the usual arrangement of like 40% of the rocket still in space.

  4. Tyneil Guidry

    Tyneil GuidryDay ago

    1:44 Only True SFS Fans will get it. Edit: It also really got me.

  5. Darrell Gross

    Darrell Gross2 days ago

    Hey SpaceX I have an idea for an upgraded form of mail delivery service I'd be a a way to deliver mail sub-orbital e in order to and get it from point to point on the map quicker then traditional Air flight and would that be possible for sub-orbital class Rockets to deliver packages from one nation to another quickly and much faster then Express or Priority Mail?

  6. cody price

    cody price3 days ago

    anybody that hasnt watch with headphones in fullscreen with no distractions... for some reason ... tears to be had.

  7. Abishek Girish

    Abishek Girish3 days ago

    Watching this after more than a year still gives me goosebumps!

  8. BT 7274

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  9. Иван Венчаков

    Иван Венчаков3 days ago

    Это Будущее и я живу в нем.

  10. Addon Armor

    Addon Armor3 days ago

    Elon Musk is the hero we desperately need, but not the one we deserve.

  11. John Campbell

    John Campbell4 days ago

    Why can we not put a station in orbit then grab dead sats and use them to expand the station and grab more dead sat ect ect ect

  12. 周杰伦

    周杰伦5 days ago

    发句中文 支持马斯克 支持梦想 这不仅是科技 这是梦想 震撼人心

  13. Swegatty Swooty

    Swegatty Swooty5 days ago

    1:13 once again they showed us that failure is nothing to ashamed of .

  14. Electrics Nut

    Electrics Nut5 days ago

    Thank you for making life exciting

  15. Alexandra kaidan-Berry

    Alexandra kaidan-Berry6 days ago

    Hi. Went to the courthouse today, annoying, the resource office was closed due to someone being ill! I'll go tomorrow, before the launch!

  16. Alexandra kaidan-Berry

    Alexandra kaidan-Berry5 days ago

    Also want to adopt an older child from India, you know the ones with the broken arms! My ex husband calls them street urchins!

  17. Alexandra kaidan-Berry

    Alexandra kaidan-Berry5 days ago

    Didn't go today. I am doing the forms online with a shelter advocate!

  18. ARealCasual

    ARealCasual7 days ago

    01:43 A picture that truly speaks for itself. We live in a great time.

  19. Hisham Hanif

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  20. Alexandra kaidan-Berry

    Alexandra kaidan-Berry7 days ago

    Mr.Unsworth ??? Was that your diver?????? That was when I went on that awful trip with Sam!!!!!! Weird......

  21. ckicken strips

    ckicken strips8 days ago

    Me and the boys going fishing on Mars’s underwater ocean be like

  22. Tom Major

    Tom Major8 days ago

    why there are so many dislike?

  23. Billi

    Billi9 days ago

    I could watch this Video over and over again. Just imagine if all Humans in this World came together regardless of the country, religion or race. We could achieve so much but instead we fight and disagree and never look at the bigger goals until its to late.

  24. GoofiPlays - ROBLOX

    GoofiPlays - ROBLOX9 days ago

    Rip central core. Can we get some Fs in the replies?

  25. Diego Rojas

    Diego Rojas6 days ago

    GoofiPlays - ROBLOX f

  26. Erik Uden

    Erik Uden10 days ago

    I wont ever be able to express through words what love I feel for Elon Musk. Please just stay the way you are Elon!

  27. ? anonymous ?

    ? anonymous ?10 days ago

    Very good animation and special effects ;)

  28. Zeph Horror

    Zeph Horror8 days ago

    You mean very good recording?

  29. DeathClaw13

    DeathClaw1310 days ago

    Thank you was getting pretty freaking boring. So thank you for saving us all.

  30. Knedlik MCPE

    Knedlik MCPE11 days ago

    I’m super glad for being born as part of this. Thank you SpaceX for awaking space exploration! Thanks Elon!

  31. Toni Soares

    Toni Soares12 days ago

    I get excited every time I see this video // T_T.b

  32. Marvin Villena

    Marvin Villena12 days ago

    Amazingly awesome.😍😍😍

  33. Adam Bratvold

    Adam Bratvold13 days ago

    Call me weird but how cool would it have been to put some of David Bowie’s ashes on board?

  34. Owczak_Animated

    Owczak_Animated13 days ago

    "Yeah, let's launch a fooking car into space!"

  35. Subhajeet Das

    Subhajeet Das13 days ago

    Plz say how astronaut in space x . Plz reply me I am waiting

  36. Mr Eduardo

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  37. Noah Joseph FENECH

    Noah Joseph FENECH14 days ago

    It must be lonely up there, ridin the elliptical highway withnobody, just a starman and his starcar

  38. Matt Calascibetta

    Matt Calascibetta15 days ago

    This is the most inspirational video on the internet

  39. space nerd for real

    space nerd for real5 days ago

    Yes it is

  40. Clever Enigma

    Clever Enigma16 days ago

    Clearly bullshit. The rubber tires would NEVER remain intact in "the vacuum of space" !

  41. tgstudio85

    tgstudio8516 days ago

    Clearly you are an idiot;)

  42. rainmind

    rainmind16 days ago

    I still don't understand why this video doesn't have a billion views.

  43. agapitos dovles

    agapitos dovles17 days ago

    I can't show this to my friends because I always end up in tears

  44. INSOFT

    INSOFT16 days ago

    I have just shared this video with a friend and I'm in tears too!

  45. Locosiap 41

    Locosiap 4118 days ago

    Aww I though the rocket who scammer always cuts of made it, but no it missed the platform and went in to the water

  46. Lee Soo

    Lee Soo18 days ago

    Amazing, good time to be alive.

  47. Fontaine Digital Marketing

    Fontaine Digital Marketing19 days ago

    A good company? Puts out a GREAT video. A GREAT company? One the puts out a video showing a failure....and still inspires a generation. BRAVO to those "higher ups" who approved this video....#priceless

  48. HeeSub Song

    HeeSub Song19 days ago

    so like , when the rocket touches down , the wider upper pArt of the net becomes more nArrow . . . shrinking like A cAble tie . . . so thAt , it could hold the rocket still , of course

  49. HeeSub Song

    HeeSub Song19 days ago

    And , it should be the # NET # thAt should be cAtching it . cylinder style ( wider top ) like V

  50. roblox in a chinese restaurant

    roblox in a chinese restaurant19 days ago

    *made in earth by humans* idk what that shit make me cry

  51. Ney_TV

    Ney_TV19 days ago

    Can I fly to the Mars ?😂🤣

  52. Fioletoviy

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  53. burak şeker

    burak şeker21 day ago

    you will compete with states not companies.

  54. GG2K7AU05

    GG2K7AU0521 day ago

    "Made on Earth by humans" Space exploration is about reunification and end of nationalism. Einstein was right.

  55. I am Nat

    I am Nat22 days ago

    and now we have christmass lights circling our globe 😅

  56. Leandro Castro

    Leandro Castro22 days ago

    Feito na Terra por humanos. Somos todos parte disso. Obrigado SpaceX

  57. DanTheMan FPV

    DanTheMan FPV22 days ago

    who else is crying?

  58. Yann Le Bars

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  59. Fuad Hasan

    Fuad Hasan22 days ago

    1:12 is it failed landing of the third rocket booster?

  60. Tomáš Kozelek

    Tomáš Kozelek21 day ago

    It's central core of the rocket... :)

  61. Johan Madetski

    Johan Madetski23 days ago

    Those boosters landing is the most powerful feat of technology I've ever witnessed.

  62. David Dzien

    David Dzien23 days ago

    At the end of days: Aliens: "So what was YOUR species' high point?" Us: "We put a sportscar into space" Aliens: *disgusted look* Us: "...because we could." Aliens: *clinks our beer can*

  63. Rajesh G

    Rajesh G23 days ago

    One of the good invention ..... Soon India also do one like this ......

  64. Jordan Stone

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  65. SageD360

    SageD36024 days ago

    Ahhh i heard this song before, it sounds familiar. Does anyone know what the songs name is?

  66. Pan Cytryna

    Pan Cytryna23 days ago

    Life on Mars

  67. Михаил Орлов

    Михаил Орлов24 days ago

    Команда SpaceX, вы красавчики!!!!

  68. Work Shop

    Work Shop24 days ago

    are my farts still in the air or do they go out in space?

  69. CodyGames BigBoy

    CodyGames BigBoy24 days ago

    Starman flexing on 'em Martians XD

  70. 額田阿平

    額田阿平25 days ago

    勇気が溢れてくる映像。 100年後のアメリカ人に見て欲しい。

  71. THE hawks

    THE hawks25 days ago

    Actually this is made on earth but not by humans 🙂

  72. Official ANSAR KHAN

    Official ANSAR KHAN25 days ago

    Can i meet elon musk

  73. Zane Zaferes

    Zane Zaferes26 days ago

    Who tf dislikes this

  74. tgstudio85

    tgstudio8516 days ago

    @GodMade TheGlobe you mean idiots flatearthe4s;)

  75. GodMade TheGlobe

    GodMade TheGlobe23 days ago

    Normal people.

  76. Ali F S

    Ali F S26 days ago

    how's what for starlink like

  77. Coleen West

    Coleen West27 days ago

    So did that guy just volunteer to die in space? He wouldn't be able to live more than I week up there. I can't believe that they allowed this (although I guess free choice is free choice).

  78. Pan Cytryna

    Pan Cytryna23 days ago

    @Tin Of Butter Lies, deception

  79. Tin Of Butter

    Tin Of Butter26 days ago

    @Coleen West I dont know what is real anymore

  80. Coleen West

    Coleen West26 days ago

    @Tin Of Butter ....what is "woooshed"?? No idea what that means...

  81. Tin Of Butter

    Tin Of Butter26 days ago

    @Coleen West did I just get wooooshed?

  82. Coleen West

    Coleen West26 days ago

    @Tin Of Butter doesn't make it less horrible just because he is Mandarin - Chinese are real people too. I know that Elon wants to die on Mars so I get it that he is OK with someone dying like that, but do we know whether this Chinese guy was suffering from some illness or something like Cancer?

  83. Lucas García

    Lucas García27 days ago


  84. Tin Of Butter

    Tin Of Butter26 days ago

    Starman by David Bowie

  85. Tony x

    Tony x27 days ago

    1year later and this video still give me goosebumps... the double landing and the made on Earth....

  86. Mr Human

    Mr Human27 days ago



    PROD. KIROKIMA27 days ago

    The david bowie just fits so well😫🎊

  88. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith27 days ago

    Elon is a fucking legend, surrounded by legends doing legendary shit.

  89. Brandon Wilks

    Brandon Wilks27 days ago

    I never get tired of watching those rockets land back on Earth.

  90. Duy Lê

    Duy Lê27 days ago

    Lmao, and I though Elon Musk is the first one send Kars to space

  91. d4

    d427 days ago

    When you feel like putting a Tesla in space by attaching it to the most powerful rocket ever made, only Elon musk could do that

  92. TuurGamesNL

    TuurGamesNL27 days ago

    Best VID eva

  93. Pearl Williams-Cox

    Pearl Williams-Cox28 days ago

    All I've ever wanted, since I was such a young girl, was to go to space, to explore, to learn, to prosper and help exceed human limitations, I wanted it so bad.. I always looked up to the stars, I taught myself so much, but to no prevail, after hearing my diagnosis of mental illness I know I will never be able to achieve that. It hurts, it hurts so much, but to see other people achieve my dreams are at least a kindling in the cold wake of the truth of my situation for me. SpaceX, and so many other beautiful people achieving their life goals brings so much joy to my heart. I will walk through my sunken dream to a seat with the clearest view, and I will hope for the best as others live out my dream. I love you all, I hope you all achieve everything you want in life, because I know if I ever had the chance I would grasp it hard and never let go.

  94. Carter Netzel

    Carter Netzel28 days ago

    How to make a flying space car: Step 1: Buy a Tesla Step 2: Put it in a rocket and shoot it into space

  95. Chris Cruise

    Chris Cruise28 days ago

    Waste of a Tesla. I want it.

  96. Dj #1

    Dj #128 days ago

    has the car hit the asteroid belt yet? oops

  97. Amy Knott

    Amy Knott28 days ago

    can NASA be replaced by SpaceX please

  98. Pan Cytryna

    Pan Cytryna23 days ago

    Bad idea

  99. Jayesh

    Jayesh28 days ago

    Dislikes are from flat Earthers

  100. DealWithIt

    DealWithIt28 days ago

    Que cebado la concha de la lora

  101. mahnamahnadodoobedodo

    mahnamahnadodoobedodo28 days ago

    Science fiction fed to the masses as reality.

  102. Doggo Say Woof

    Doggo Say Woof28 days ago

    Life on mars? Really?

  103. Arun Mathew

    Arun Mathew28 days ago

    Elon Musk is a Genuis.


    GALAXY LINE STUDIO28 days ago

    Finally something awesome to look forward to for humanity 👍

  105. Pan Cytryna

    Pan Cytryna23 days ago

    What about 2024 Moon landing

  106. Talilo Tarlison

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  107. Brokanglass115

    Brokanglass11528 days ago

    below are a hoard of sheep tards who believe anything

  108. Astro tase

    Astro tase28 days ago

    Thank you spacex

  109. ckicken strips

    ckicken strips28 days ago

    When you want to start a space exploration company but realize spaceX is your competitor

  110. moonlight xo

    moonlight xo29 days ago

    I'm so glad I see these go up right in my own backyard. Titusville born & bred. I will never get tired of watching these launches.

  111. BarDenSe

    BarDenSe29 days ago

    Space x en Marte próximamente y la NASA con presupuesto de una nación va a terraformar la Luna...

  112. Phan Anh Hải

    Phan Anh Hải29 days ago

    Very god

  113. matt

    matt29 days ago

    This is my favourite video on MReporter

  114. Kumo

    Kumo29 days ago

    There's a Starmaaan waiting in the sky

  115. Anton Boludo

    Anton BoludoMonth ago

    👹 Might Satan be lurking at your Chamber Door? 👹

  116. Gibran 1001

    Gibran 1001Month ago

    Fastest car in the world with 26603 KM/H speed ? 😂

  117. Sir Raze

    Sir RazeMonth ago

    Some guy on the future might drive with starman with his roadster in mars

  118. Seven

    SevenMonth ago

    Moral of the story: Privatise everything, watch the world advance and flourish like never before :)

  119. Markfps

    MarkfpsMonth ago

    I'm not crying. You are crying

  120. Bill Beeton

    Bill BeetonMonth ago

    NASA certainly know optimism, but the reality by 2024, that remains to be seen.