Falcon Heavy & Starman


  1. Ryan Grange

    Ryan GrangeDay ago

    This makes me happy

  2. Mark Grant

    Mark GrantDay ago


  3. Michael F

    Michael FDay ago

    I looked up this songs lyrics and holy crap are they weird

  4. Pan Cytryna

    Pan CytrynaDay ago

    *they are

  5. Andrey

    AndreyDay ago


  6. lazer tag

    lazer tag2 days ago

    if only the 3rd one landed too.. it would have been epic

  7. Pan Cytryna

    Pan Cytryna2 days ago

    It's not 3rd but 1st

  8. DUCKSQUADWatchvlogs

    DUCKSQUADWatchvlogs2 days ago


  9. That One Rebel

    That One Rebel3 days ago

    What song is this?

  10. Pan Cytryna

    Pan Cytryna2 days ago

    Life on Mars

  11. Robert Astbury

    Robert Astbury3 days ago

    I love this video so much!

  12. Efe Boymul

    Efe Boymul3 days ago

    I really congratulate Spacex because they don't hide the mistakes they've made, and they're showing it, just like the falcon heavy.

  13. Sam Erwin

    Sam Erwin4 days ago

    Whats the song?

  14. jay muir

    jay muir4 days ago

    I hope Elon can see Nasa and the space shuttle program should never have abandoned an escape system. Good on Russia cfor bringing those 2 Heros Back to try to fly .again.

  15. DarthMeme

    DarthMeme4 days ago

    The 2.1K likes are probably flat earthers XD.

  16. King Wewuz

    King Wewuz4 days ago

    Goes to show the power of Human ingenuity, perseverance and dedication. Watch out universe, the children of earth are coming!

  17. Spectator

    Spectator4 days ago


  18. ZeNoNClipZ

    ZeNoNClipZ4 days ago

    awesome Glad i get to experience living at the same time with Elon musk, thank you

  19. The Dragon

    The Dragon4 days ago

    I wonder if they changed the speedometer to Km/s And yes I know it wouldn’t work

  20. HooK

    HooK4 days ago

    This video brings a tear to my eye. @0:52 that little girl getting excited OMG

  21. hatinggodot

    hatinggodot4 days ago

    I find myself keep coming back to this video whenever I’m too depressed to go on.

  22. BatsOne

    BatsOne5 days ago

    2018. The year Elon Musk took a rocket ship, put an electric car inside, launched it into space, released the car, bought the rocket ship back to Earth and left the car into orbit with the sun. You can complain about whatever aspects of life that you wish. Made on Earth by humans. We're all a part of this. Thanks SpaceX

  23. Can we hit 2k subs without any videos?

    Can we hit 2k subs without any videos?5 days ago

    1:11 262/10 landing skills

  24. Spotify MX

    Spotify MX6 days ago

    hey Space X yo quiero participar en ir a Marte estoy con todas las ganas de representar a México Es mi mayor sueño que me gustaría lograr


    THAILAND DREAMS6 days ago

    Amazing we are living this time, great luck.

  26. TheEmeraldDogo101 FrenchBullDogo

    TheEmeraldDogo101 FrenchBullDogo6 days ago

    Spacex, even though it has been 7 months, forget about all your failures, think about the present and the future

  27. jus random shi

    jus random shi6 days ago

    and where is the made on earth by humans plac

  28. jus random shi

    jus random shi6 days ago

    also the earth looks like the moon

  29. jus random shi

    jus random shi6 days ago

    pretty high like to dislike ratio.

  30. bendeko

    bendeko7 days ago

    im glad i am alive to see this,kinda like people at kitty hawk,just a small peak at what the future brings.cool

  31. Leo Feik

    Leo Feik7 days ago

    Hermoso ♥

  32. curious life

    curious life7 days ago

    Thanks to Elon Musk for spending his Tesla to perform the greatest show I have seen in my life.

  33. Robert B

    Robert B7 days ago

    This is my favorite video on MReporter right now. I drove 480 miles round trip yesterday just to watch the Falcon 9 launch and booster landing from Lompoc, CA. It was SO worth it!

  34. thelolmaster1997

    thelolmaster19977 days ago

    My eyes seem to have become misted

  35. sle

    sle7 days ago

    Whenever i feel down i watch this

  36. alvWTF

    alvWTF7 days ago

    This make me cry. I love this, we can.

  37. Damp potato #36

    Damp potato #367 days ago

    Even though this happened at practically the beginning of the year, I still come back to this video and just gawk at the accomplishment this is. I hope I can work for SpaceX someday!


    PAPACHULO8 days ago

    ANGGUN "LIFE on Mars"

  39. Isaiah Spivey

    Isaiah Spivey8 days ago

    Who else thinks the guy that made Space x and Tesla is the most advanced human being

  40. Rgb Rides

    Rgb Rides8 days ago

    he has the scar.. from the future!

  41. Carly Bg

    Carly Bg8 days ago

    Something more important than that I put a trackmaster thomas on hotnby

  42. Mesner096

    Mesner0969 days ago

    Wish the center core could’ve landed as well, but the rocket launched, boosters separated, the payload was launched and two out of 3 of the sections landed successfully! I’d call that a win!

  43. ZacKros

    ZacKros9 days ago

    Spaceflight Simulator, 10 of fucking 10

  44. Shiva S

    Shiva S9 days ago

    God, this shit music

  45. Jardel Elias

    Jardel Elias9 days ago

    To me, the most appropriate line in the song is not "Is there life on Mars?" but "Look at those caveman go." Look where we are now, man... That's awesome, and it's only gonna get better!

  46. папаибактиР рафимжанав

    папаибактиР рафимжанав10 days ago

    Wait 4 BFR, it will be pure orgazm...

  47. Pan Cytryna

    Pan Cytryna2 days ago


  48. Skeletorspimpcane

    Skeletorspimpcane10 days ago

    When I’m feeling down I watch this video...

  49. 화이트브릭

    화이트브릭11 days ago

    why am i crying?

  50. Justin Gray

    Justin Gray11 days ago

    Amazing Truly Amazing wish I worked for these guys

  51. AstroLegnoBirra

    AstroLegnoBirra11 days ago


  52. Alexandria Wallace

    Alexandria Wallace12 days ago

    Wow that is crazy. Elon is a fuckn genius

  53. MeenMan 777

    MeenMan 77712 days ago

    *Life On Mars*

  54. Adrián Laco

    Adrián Laco12 days ago

    What is name of that song

  55. DanTheMan_FPV

    DanTheMan_FPV13 days ago

    I cried during all of this. It's just so inspiring and beautiful to see all this hard work, a dream, that succeed so perfectly. It brings me so much joy to see everyone cheering when those boosters landed... it marks a huge milestone. I just wish I could have been a part of it

  56. Ponty Sunny

    Ponty Sunny13 days ago

    Love you Elon

  57. Peter Nagy

    Peter Nagy13 days ago

    F**king amazing... No words to this...

  58. Vlad Miralles

    Vlad Miralles13 days ago

    Imagine if their's a alien and it took the starman

  59. Hunter Morgan

    Hunter Morgan14 days ago

    If anyone who is reading this disliked the video, please reply to me why. Just curious.

  60. Space X Mission Control

    Space X Mission Control14 days ago

    We're actually living future in present time. 🚀 Just enjoy your life.

  61. M Hafizh Haekal

    M Hafizh Haekal14 days ago

    Where is starman now?

  62. Amir A

    Amir A14 days ago


  63. Chris Genovese

    Chris Genovese14 days ago

    Makes me cry every time.

  64. Gonzalo Jonch

    Gonzalo Jonch15 days ago

    ELON is the new Telsa!!!.

  65. Whatsman90

    Whatsman9015 days ago


  66. spaceflight channel

    spaceflight channel16 days ago

    The most impressive rocket

  67. T7gt7g

    T7gt7g16 days ago

    Can I like this a thousand times? For a while I thought I had a severe problem feeling emotion... I cry every time watching this and the webcast. Elon, you've truly inspired an innumerable amount of people. I can't possibly thank you enough.

  68. EvRGrN EvRGrN

    EvRGrN EvRGrN16 days ago

    "Space" is just staged fiction for the sheeple. What a bunch of Garbage.

  69. EvRGrN EvRGrN

    EvRGrN EvRGrN6 days ago

    Lensflare Deviant ... Label me what you want. Still yet, TRUTH always wins.

  70. Lensflare Deviant

    Lensflare Deviant6 days ago

    So says the lunatic fringe...

  71. Dylan Hoffman

    Dylan Hoffman16 days ago

    RIP Center Core

  72. Lolrainbowcat

    Lolrainbowcat16 days ago

    When the car pops out, I can't just help but burst out in laughter.

  73. Nike Jun Talaroc

    Nike Jun Talaroc16 days ago

    SpaceX always gives me something to look forward to. I can't wait for the #dearmoon mission and Mars project. :)

  74. iinRez

    iinRez17 days ago

    Never delete this.

  75. It’s Fortie

    It’s Fortie17 days ago

    Imagine trying to sell that car with 80 million miles on it.

  76. TM31

    TM3117 days ago

    Breaking News: SpaceX's latest Falcon Heavy has angered millions of flat-earthers

  77. TM31

    TM3117 days ago

    1:13 lol

  78. stop motion maker and animation

    stop motion maker and animation17 days ago

    *made on earth by human*

  79. Trey

    Trey17 days ago

    Seeing this in person was so unreal.

  80. J McClane

    J McClane17 days ago

    My eyes still well up a little every time I watch this. It brings back all the feelings from that day. Definitely one of the best days of my close to 40 years on this globe. Thank you!


    GOGO MEMES17 days ago

    I cried in the last part

  82. Ricardo Freitas

    Ricardo Freitas17 days ago

    Please see this video with the song - Christopher Tin - Sogno di Volare... amazing

  83. Jun Cheng

    Jun Cheng18 days ago

    i am tearing when i see the text"made on earth by humans" printed on the circuitboard

  84. Nouvel Rouge Investment

    Nouvel Rouge Investment18 days ago

    Humanity eternal dream. It's so very beautiful.

  85. WillHere

    WillHere18 days ago

    Would've been a nice little touch if this was released on the 5th of March.

  86. Daniel Price

    Daniel Price18 days ago

    Soon will have to choose a university course, this launch inspired me to change from mechanical engineering to aerospace engineering so I can be part of these awesome new developments.

  87. Jake Watson

    Jake Watson18 days ago

    Blue origin fan: Yeah I can't wait till new Glenn. Spacex Fan: Can't wait till BFR to Mars. NASA fan: c'mon do something.

  88. Docter Switzerland

    Docter SwitzerlandDay ago

    NASA got an SLS Orion. So cool.

  89. Robert B

    Robert B7 days ago

    To be fair, NASA was key in getting SpaceX up and running.

  90. Chris Beard

    Chris Beard18 days ago

    Nothing like human ingenuity in a unfettered free market to inspire us to achieve greatness! I watched the U.S. & Soviet space race to the Moon and now so many years later....getting to watch Space-X accomplish these things brings back the thrill I felt as a boy in the 60's. Way to go....!!

  91. Aditya Rathod

    Aditya Rathod18 days ago

    Happy tears

  92. Slow281

    Slow28118 days ago

    "Elon Thrust"

  93. Maik S.

    Maik S.19 days ago

    What happens at 1:10?

  94. johnyamahm

    johnyamahm19 days ago

    'Made on Earth by humans' I'm glad SpaceX is going for a human-centric push for space travel, as opposed to corporate space travel. If we travel out into space, it should be united as a species, not under a country or corporation.

  95. Scrap Tech Tips

    Scrap Tech Tips19 days ago

    rip flat-earthers

  96. Rizky Rachardi

    Rizky Rachardi19 days ago


  97. Angus

    Angus19 days ago

    Made on Earth by humans* *Except for Elon Musk, we're not sure what he is yet.

  98. Jayden Yeo

    Jayden Yeo15 days ago

    Angus a god amongst men *Several religious people are typing...*

  99. Nguyen Thien

    Nguyen Thien19 days ago

    1:25 But..... but.... but the earth is flat....

  100. Abdikarim Ali

    Abdikarim Ali19 days ago


  101. Денчик

    Денчик19 days ago

    Ничего лучше , пока что , нет.

  102. wesselmuurling

    wesselmuurling19 days ago

    i almost cry seeing this video. the music the achievement the sounds everything makes me a little bit further away from killing myself.

  103. Wheatley Who Lives In Space

    Wheatley Who Lives In Space19 days ago

    "Look at those cavemen go" indeed! We've come a long way.

  104. Melihhhcn

    Melihhhcn19 days ago

    SpaceX = Nasa, Nasa, Nasa, Nasa

  105. SUCCI BOI

    SUCCI BOI19 days ago

    5years later Elon Musk the Supreme Overlord of the Earth Federation Empire has started plans on conquering the Andromeda galaxy

  106. Gamers Shelter

    Gamers Shelter19 days ago


  107. James Berry

    James Berry20 days ago

    Best song, yes! 👍

  108. Jacob56

    Jacob5620 days ago

    This draws a smile on my face

  109. mlg

    mlg20 days ago

    man you guys are really lucky to do something this amazing

  110. Joshua Upham

    Joshua Upham20 days ago

    Those close up shots of Falcon return are #EPICAF