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Falcon Heavy & Starman


  1. 孙越

    孙越28 minutes ago

    Elon Musk 加油~! SpaceX 加油~!

  2. boogie man

    boogie man3 hours ago

    I want to become like Elon Musk in future

  3. Van's Videos

    Van's Videos15 hours ago

    NASA: You can’t land an OCR booster and reuse it. Elon: WHAT’D YOU SAY TO ME YA LITTLE SHIT

  4. NinoM4ster

    NinoM4ster16 hours ago

    Awesome footage, bad music.

  5. NinoM4ster

    NinoM4ster15 hours ago

    +Fear certainly, since I never heard this name before. What I actually meant is that the music is a bit weird and out of rhythm on the beginning. but it ends up ok.

  6. Fear

    Fear15 hours ago

    Wtf men it's an awesome music you're to young to know Bowie

  7. Abhinandan Malhotra

    Abhinandan Malhotra19 hours ago


  8. Kaleb Bruwer

    Kaleb Bruwer20 hours ago

    We're approaching the 1 year anniversary of this launch, has it really been that long?

  9. Johnny Darko

    Johnny Darko2 days ago

    Elon does it right!! Love this shit🙌🏼🙌🏼

  10. Buğra Yazıcı

    Buğra Yazıcı2 days ago

    *Hitchhiker s galaxy guide ;)*

  11. Mike Jansen

    Mike Jansen2 days ago

    one of the only few things good that happened in 2018, still good enough to make me say: this was the best year of my life

  12. Snakewind

    Snakewind2 days ago

    "2018 sucked." ... Wait a minute...

  13. Stratoleft

    Stratoleft3 days ago

    If this guy convinces an incredibly ignorant public this pathetic trash is real, there really isn't anything stopping them now.

  14. Justin Jones

    Justin Jones3 days ago

    Should this make you tear up? I mean.. I a man. This is amazing!

  15. Naenae Gaming

    Naenae Gaming5 days ago

    I remember watching the live stream after school. The launch and dual booster landing was amazing.

  16. DaBest 81

    DaBest 815 days ago

    1:12 **fail**

  17. no one 23

    no one 235 days ago

    Who dislike hates humanity

  18. blogfiles

    blogfiles6 days ago

    Still getting shivers watching this. It was (almost) like the first Space Shuttle launch.

  19. ghostly Gamer

    ghostly Gamer6 days ago


  20. Florian Gladis

    Florian Gladis6 days ago

    one of the single greatest videos ever produced

  21. nesracProductions

    nesracProductions7 days ago

    Coolest video all time?

  22. Bagus Sri Adji Pamekas

    Bagus Sri Adji Pamekas7 days ago

    *made on earth by human*

  23. Justin Goyvaerts

    Justin Goyvaerts7 days ago

    The first flying car

  24. Wan Farnell

    Wan Farnell7 days ago

    This is insane :-)

  25. Pengu Game

    Pengu Game8 days ago

    *Flying cars don't exi-* **Shows picture of StarMan in space in his Tesla**

  26. Mega Raph

    Mega Raph8 days ago

    I summon the flat earthers. Flat earthers rise!!!

  27. shawn murphy

    shawn murphy8 days ago

    Anyone know if they are using electro magnetic landing pads for extra stability on the re landing of the reusable boosters?

  28. Kaleb Bruwer

    Kaleb Bruwer20 hours ago

    That would be way too expensive, it's just a matter of loads of Newtonian physics and engines that can be controlled very precisely.

  29. Jack Keville

    Jack Keville6 days ago

    No, they're quite stable once grounded.

  30. Abhishekh Jeyadev

    Abhishekh Jeyadev8 days ago

    Literally cried

  31. DjTruchas

    DjTruchas8 days ago

    The most inspiring video in history!!!

  32. Diamond Dinosaurs

    Diamond Dinosaurs8 days ago

    Gives me tears every time Favorite video ever

  33. Alex Romanov

    Alex Romanov8 days ago

    Круто. Очень. 1:26 - откуда снимали? И эта сгоревшая сигара второй раз взлетит? Тафай, тафай, Илон Маск. Руби бабло на всей земле, руби бабло себе во благо... :)

  34. Anders Wilhelm

    Anders Wilhelm8 days ago

    I still can't watch this without starting to cry.

  35. My Tesla Adventure

    My Tesla Adventure8 days ago

    Why did they active ad's on this video?

  36. Harry Popote

    Harry Popote8 days ago

    volveremos a las estrellas, de donde provenimos

  37. Gabe Jersey

    Gabe Jersey8 days ago

    Neil Armstrong would be proud

  38. The Thing

    The Thing9 days ago

    "Only governments have enough money to launch large objects into orbit" Elon: "Hold my beer"

  39. Trapacord Games

    Trapacord Games9 days ago

    2.2 thousand flat earthers have watched this video

  40. Flavio do Rosário Chaves Colaço

    Flavio do Rosário Chaves Colaço9 days ago

    Por mais eu ter acabado de ser adolescente

  41. Flavio do Rosário Chaves Colaço

    Flavio do Rosário Chaves Colaço9 days ago

    Eu amo espaço

  42. Flavio do Rosário Chaves Colaço

    Flavio do Rosário Chaves Colaço9 days ago

    Tá tão bom o vídeo que até um Brasileiro ta vendo

  43. Bostieandres

    Bostieandres9 days ago

    Video of the year

  44. PixelSoloQ

    PixelSoloQ9 days ago

    This is my most favorite video on MReporter!

  45. MStreppelhoff

    MStreppelhoff9 days ago

    we dont need stupid weapons...we need humans in space !

  46. AugmentedGravity

    AugmentedGravity9 days ago

    That double landing legit made me cry.

  47. 엄태호

    엄태호10 days ago

    뭔 영화찍나.....진짜 보는 내가 다 짜릿하다. 저런다양한 도전을 하는 미국이 대단하고 부럽게여겨진다

  48. Colton Berger

    Colton Berger10 days ago

    Still here in 2019 because we all so inspired

  49. XxAlexGamerxX XD

    XxAlexGamerxX XD10 days ago

    1940: In the future we will have flying cars....

  50. mansuy adrien

    mansuy adrien8 days ago

    Well it's not entirely false...

  51. Junseok Oh

    Junseok Oh11 days ago

    Fightings... I am on Elon's side no matter what so keep pushing as far as you want

  52. Jesse Adair

    Jesse Adair11 days ago

    One day, mankind will take it's first steps on Mars.

  53. No Reasons

    No Reasons11 days ago

    Most expensive MReporter video.

  54. TimeFTWest

    TimeFTWest11 days ago

    Could watch this on a daily basis...

  55. Siddhesh Borse

    Siddhesh Borse12 days ago

    Spacex: 2M subscribers Pewds: 80M subscribers Mr.Musk : He’s not allowed on mars

  56. Mike Orzel

    Mike Orzel13 days ago

    Awesome video. I've watched the Falcon Heavy launch video dozens of times, and I'm glad I finally found this one. As cool as the Falcon 9 has been, I think the Falcon Heavy is what has finally gotten America genuinely EXCITED about space exploration again. I can't wait to see the Starship fly.

  57. Руслан Калашников

    Руслан Калашников13 days ago

    **engineering intensifies**

  58. Red Yumi

    Red Yumi13 days ago

    Incredible times!

  59. stainlesssteelfox1

    stainlesssteelfox113 days ago

    That quote always makes me tear up.

  60. GoldenTV3

    GoldenTV313 days ago

    One man started this all. One man, just by simply creating a website all those years ago. Never underestimate the man with a vision.

  61. The Weird Dudes

    The Weird Dudes13 days ago

    Hey Elon I have an idea for landing the falcon heavy's side boosters. you can dock the 2 side boosters together! and pretty much just land one big booster! reply to me if you like the idea or not.🤗

  62. XPO Studios

    XPO Studios13 days ago

    To boldly go where no man has gone before.

  63. İdris Cinar

    İdris Cinar13 days ago

    Hello spacex's big falcon spaceship prototype , when is it starting ??

  64. Beba Derci

    Beba Derci14 days ago

    Love Elon's humble way.

  65. Erik Johnson

    Erik Johnson14 days ago

    When I'm looking for inspiration now I watch this video. Brings a tear of joy to my eye every time.

  66. Kirill Chilingarashvili

    Kirill Chilingarashvili14 days ago

    This is the best video on youtube

  67. Andy Borisov

    Andy Borisov14 days ago

    Dear Sirs in SpaceХ! I would like to offer you a technology that will send all modern cosmonautics to the Museum. Waiting for contacts. With respect.

  68. Coleen West

    Coleen West15 days ago

    So did that guy just volunteer to die in space? He wouldn't be able to live more than I week up there. I can't believe that they allowed this (although I guess free choice is free choice).

  69. Coleen West

    Coleen West14 days ago

    +Welyum I don't get what you are upset about. We have free choice in America and people can do what they want, I guess. Even Elon Musk is doing all of this Mars stuff to fulfill his death dream of dying on Mars. Not for me and not for your - I do get that. But "live and let live" is how my generation is being raised. So we let people make up their OWN minds on these difficult issues. Maybe the guy was dying of cancer or something and wanted to go out with a bang? Did you ever consider that? Did you?? Don't disrespect other people's choices just because you don't agree with them.

  70. Welyum

    Welyum14 days ago

    +Coleen West i just dont know if this is a joke or if you are just dumb

  71. Coleen West

    Coleen West14 days ago

    +Welyum you mean the "free choice" issue? Well for the most part I would agree that you should be free to do really risky things. But this seems so obviously dangerous that I don't see how he could survive it. It is just like suicide. That's my opinion anyway and I totally understand that he had a different opinion and I respect that. Just really weird tbh. I guess the good news is that he will, in a sense, "live forever" in outer space. I know that Elon Musk wants to die on Mars so that is probably why he allowed this - he "understands" that desire I guess.

  72. Welyum

    Welyum14 days ago

    are you serious?

  73. David Tabib

    David Tabib15 days ago

    Who sings the music?

  74. MissionAnimation

    MissionAnimation14 days ago

    David Tabib David Bowie, is there life on Mars :)

  75. Norbert de Varenne

    Norbert de Varenne16 days ago

    hey, isn't that Stig in the sky?

  76. Servet Ç

    Servet Ç16 days ago

    Astronot olursam inşallah spaceX de çalışmak isterim 😊

  77. Servet Ç

    Servet Ç16 days ago

    İnşallah amacına ulaşırsın ELON MUSK ...

  78. Andrew Garber

    Andrew Garber16 days ago

    What is up with the 2.7 dislikes plz explain.

  79. Jack Keville

    Jack Keville6 days ago

    Jeff who?

  80. MissionAnimation

    MissionAnimation14 days ago

    Jeff basos employees

  81. Customwinder 1

    Customwinder 115 days ago

    Flattards 😂 😂

  82. Hoang Quan Nguyen

    Hoang Quan Nguyen16 days ago

    Flat earthers

  83. Starman

    Starman17 days ago

    Is that made on earth by humans on the Tesla’s PCB or the guidance PCBs? If it’s on the Tesla one I wonder if it’s anywhere on other ones, same question actually applies to falcon itself

  84. Patrick Shanahan

    Patrick Shanahan17 days ago

    Still brings tears from the get go. Thank you, Elon, and the rest of us independent thinking pains in the asses. The future belongs to those in the wind at the front.

  85. Jayyysuun Sss

    Jayyysuun Sss17 days ago

    Feel like im watching an Guardians of the galaxy cinematic fight scene

  86. Nate Wylie

    Nate Wylie18 days ago

    How can you not love this

  87. Kay Uwe Böhm

    Kay Uwe Böhm18 days ago

    Space ship near speed of light simply realistic using Li-7 Th HTR light version and new turbines efficiency near 100℅ not condensing using CF compressor etc. so no cooling in space needed electricity for accelerating lead steam in ring stopped in linear accelerator is moving ship without wasting mass and super conductivity usable without cooling in space and without weight after 1 year like fast motorcycle 0-100 near c. Also space rocket airplane for normal airport possible not melting with TiB2 outside 3230°C 4.52g/ccm and less oxidizing isolation inside, size big A320, CH4+O2 pressure tanks 700bar also inside 4 wings front higher attached outside turnable with 1MN rocket engines using also cone inlet air swifeld in rocket cone bottom no other engines needed in space flying as high and fast as possible before going out of air also vertical starter for mars with 38℅ gravity etc. Rocket engine also optimal for military with less weight of 700bar CH4 0.4kg/l an excellent rocket fuel starting or boosting with tank O2 saving high speed with air cone inlet like MBDA Meteor air air 200km far official german WP with 185 or from ground with 700-1500kg. originator

  88. SamF

    SamF18 days ago


  89. Dwight K. Schrute

    Dwight K. Schrute15 days ago

    You have been reported to Emperor Elon for blasphemy.

  90. Lars_ krw

    Lars_ krw18 days ago


  91. Javier Rodriguez

    Javier Rodriguez18 days ago


  92. Javier Rodriguez

    Javier Rodriguez18 days ago

    Luka thanks!

  93. Luka

    Luka18 days ago

    Javier Rodriguez ‘Life on Mars’, David Bowie


    GUNSnSTUFF18 days ago

    I could watch those candle sticks land all day and not get bored. Well done.

  95. Lance Heckel

    Lance Heckel18 days ago

    Elon is an American. . . . I don't even know what word to use. Hero? Idol? Legend? The man will go down in history. He is writing history as we speak. This time, right now, that he is creating, will be looked back on forever. He is an inspiration

  96. Lance Heckel

    Lance Heckel14 days ago

    +MissionAnimation I'm well aware of his history. The things he is doing now he is doing here. For humans. Where is was born in irrelevant. Many great Americans weren't born here.

  97. MissionAnimation

    MissionAnimation14 days ago

    Lance Heckel no South African, where he grew up, but moved to canada when he was about 20. Would recommend reading his biplography by Ashlee vance

  98. William Bevilaqua

    William Bevilaqua18 days ago

    Moments before the Falcon Heavy launch some SpaceX engineer must have said: "Watch this...."

  99. Mr. White

    Mr. White19 days ago

    I've got to say this. I think, that this is the greatest achievement in spaceflight of this century.

  100. Chaos Studios

    Chaos Studios19 days ago

    By far one of the most inspirational moments in history

  101. fxp

    fxp19 days ago

    Few things amazed me - The booster rockets landing nicely back on the pad. People all working together to send a freaking Tesla electric car into an orbit around the Sun while some other people are blowing others up. Funny how the collective minds of people can be brilliant /scary at times - how group IQ can be very high or very low. And finally "Made on earth by humans". Kinda sick of seeing "Made in China" plastered everywhere by the chinese obsessed with destroying their ecosystem/neighborhood to make everything and stamp with the Made in China logo.

  102. AlmostWins

    AlmostWins19 days ago

    Watching this in new year 2019!!

  103. -_MAESTR0_- [GG]

    -_MAESTR0_- [GG]19 days ago

    NASA:You cant reuse rocket boosters Elon musk:Hold my beer.

  104. Shafie Mukhre

    Shafie Mukhre19 days ago

    Thank you SpaceX for 2018

  105. Caio Souza

    Caio Souza19 days ago

    Enquanto isso milhares de pessoas morrendo de fome na África

  106. j marston

    j marston19 days ago

    did elon musk wake up with a hangover the next day after celebrating the launch and think "where did i leave my car last night" "hic"

  107. bagiggio 63

    bagiggio 6319 days ago

    Simply boia dio

  108. Oliver Sinan

    Oliver Sinan20 days ago

    WHy did they put a car in space?

  109. Vaporeonus

    Vaporeonus13 days ago

    Publicity mainly

  110. sapphiretrain56

    sapphiretrain5620 days ago

    Makes me cry


    KIM STRAWN20 days ago

    I think the point is that Elon Musk can successfully launch a rocket into space! The man’s a genius, like his mentor!


    THENOOSCOPER20 days ago

    the most underrated MReporter channel EVER!

  113. Ashok Kumar Chandra

    Ashok Kumar Chandra21 day ago

    Elon musk is a 20th century nikolan tesla

  114. Astrophysicist

    Astrophysicist21 day ago

    Coolest video ever

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    الكون العظيم22 days ago

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  116. choeso

    choeso22 days ago

    경이롭습니다. 이 영상을 pixabay에 공개하면 훨씬 많은 사람들이 홍보를 해줄것 같습니다.

  117. X-Wing

    X-Wing22 days ago

    Question: Does the Saturn V or Space shuttle have a “theme song” like this?

  118. Paul Hopper

    Paul Hopper21 day ago

    dont think either have an 'theme song' but this for the saturn 5 and this for the shuttle era get the sniffles out of me still lol. both movies, but still, good moments.

  119. Craig Bailey

    Craig Bailey22 days ago


  120. Doug S

    Doug S23 days ago

    Why didn’t nasa come up with this? Took Elon Musk? NASA could have,so why not? I mean obviously electric cars work why not use them and get rid of fuel....BECAUSE OF MONEY. I’m surprised these crazy rich people haven’t taken Musk out. I just hope Elon keeps doing what he’s doing cause he is creating amazing things and saving buyers money! This world is bigger than we think, there’s more life than just us

  121. Willy

    Willy11 days ago

    NASA's a lot like Boeing. They always stick to old 1950's/1960's technology and keep rehashing the same stuff from the Cold War era and when they do try and implement new technology it flops pretty badly. SpaceX = Airbus.

  122. Paul Hopper

    Paul Hopper21 day ago

    nasa's rocket tech has always been trapped in tech invented during the cold war era and it was kept there by financial politicing. it took a private party with more money than he knew what to do with and a bunch of smarts like elon/tesla/spaceX to finally get us out of our cold war era / political era silliness.

  123. Falcon Heavy

    Falcon Heavy23 days ago