Falcon Heavy Demo | Static Fire


  1. DEATH !

    DEATH !28 days ago

    im happy this was on my birthday

  2. Matthew Johnson

    Matthew Johnson5 months ago

    We get it.. You vape.

  3. Anirudh rao

    Anirudh rao7 months ago

    So? Rocket rev.....will Be like this??..

  4. Y.C Y.C

    Y.C Y.C7 months ago

    crazy but you always show how the journey to mars looks like you can do an animation how the people there the colonies will build when they landed? PLIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE S😢😢😢😢😢😢😂

  5. Mateusz

    Mateusz7 months ago

    Watching at 2x speed

  6. memethan

    memethan7 months ago

    Elon Musk himself just came to my house and stabbed my ears.

  7. stock fish

    stock fish7 months ago

    my two cents. those who thumbs down , never truly understands static fire test :( it's pity :(

  8. Andreas Taraldsen

    Andreas Taraldsen8 months ago

    FakeX - When LSC Concave Earth is revealed you will not be very popular. You are cursed for lying to the public.

  9. BOOMA

    BOOMA8 months ago

    Please upload with 3D sound! SmarterEveryDay shows how amazing it is, would make your videos 100x better

  10. Barnabas Igari

    Barnabas Igari8 months ago

    man... that bird got scared 0:15

  11. Abhilash S

    Abhilash S8 months ago

    Barnabas Igari nice

  12. Ð ҿ α ɖ ƙ ɳ ɨ ǥ ђ ϯ

    Ð ҿ α ɖ ƙ ɳ ɨ ǥ ђ ϯ8 months ago

    "5 million pounds" WTF is this potato? This is how you measure the thrust of this rocket? in potato? really?

  13. Creeperboy and friends

    Creeperboy and friends8 months ago

    Dang, this thing maxed out the microphone! Probably explains how powerful it is. I wonder what a nuclear ICBM missile powered by a falcon 9 engine would do.

  14. Twistefire

    Twistefire8 months ago

    que boludes

  15. Axlliie L0ve xx

    Axlliie L0ve xx8 months ago

    i watched the launch live from australia

  16. Omegle Monster

    Omegle Monster8 months ago

    The flatulence of God.

  17. filipo erikssso

    filipo erikssso8 months ago

    Im afraid about the core is hurt can anybody answer is it alive ???

  18. filipo erikssso

    filipo erikssso8 months ago

    i want to see pictures on it before i believe its dead. its alive untill proven dead

  19. Son Combine

    Son Combine8 months ago

    Pretty much certainly gone. They would have been able to confirm it and if it was alive they would have announced that. They are probably waiting for tomorrow to reveal it officially so publications don't focus on that. The failure of the most difficult and untested part of the Falcon Heavy shouldn't be so surprising and doesn't detract from everything else that worked perfectly.

  20. asd assd

    asd assd8 months ago

    turbo charged? its disturbing the piece.

  21. Jadin Andrews

    Jadin Andrews8 months ago

    I've eaten curry with similar results

  22. Kelson Ball

    Kelson Ball8 months ago


  23. Mafiapau

    Mafiapau8 months ago

    WOW! that power!

  24. Daniel K

    Daniel K8 months ago

    when everyone at Embry Riddle is skipping class to go see the launch at the Cape


    VIESTURS MARTS8 months ago

    Get it rollin

  26. Ultimo D

    Ultimo D8 months ago

    Who's ready for the show tomorrow? However this goes, it's going to be one for the books.

  27. AA BD

    AA BD8 months ago


  28. VideoGamesVideoGames

    VideoGamesVideoGames8 months ago

    Good luck on the day SpaceX.

  29. Planetfall

    Planetfall8 months ago

    0:15 play in quarter speed

  30. Planetfall

    Planetfall8 months ago

    is it a superman? is it a plane?

  31. Skotom CS

    Skotom CS8 months ago

    GO GO GO

  32. TweetY

    TweetY8 months ago

    That power!

  33. Michel Nix

    Michel Nix8 months ago

    On earth you have a small delay to get your Tesla Model 3. What about the guy on Mars, he has been waiting for 10 years to get his roadster. Did anyone tell him that there no super chargers over there. Maybe something for the next flight. Have a good flight tomorrow. Don’t forget your flamethrower, can be cold out there.

  34. sea white

    sea white8 months ago


  35. LittleAthan

    LittleAthan8 months ago

    @ 0:15 is there any lightning in the rocket gasses or is just my imagination?

  36. Alex Siemers

    Alex Siemers8 months ago

    That's probably just light from the flame of the engine.

  37. RiPPAN

    RiPPAN8 months ago

    Just one day guys... ONE FREAKING DAY!

  38. ananta bhat

    ananta bhat8 months ago

    My uncle farts like that...

  39. Barberi Andy

    Barberi Andy8 months ago

    T- 1 Day and 11 hours until lift-off 😆 Can‘t wait to see it roaring threw the sky ❤️🚀

  40. Blazej Talarowski

    Blazej Talarowski8 months ago

    Tomorow the Launch

  41. Gaby Ordoñez

    Gaby Ordoñez8 months ago


  42. Arrowlog Productions

    Arrowlog Productions8 months ago


  43. David Cairns

    David Cairns8 months ago

    Dear SpaceX team I am only 14 years old but what you have achieved is remarkable in fact it's revolutionary. But what you are lacking is humanity, I personally believe you should represent not the USA but all of Earth so I suggest that you use the flag of Earth (www.flagofearth.com) instead of USA, reach for the stars do it for humanity, sincerely David, Scotland, UK

  44. Evolution Inc.

    Evolution Inc.8 months ago

    Agreed. Though Americans put humanity on the moon, it was 200,000 years of Human advancement that got us there, and it will get us to Mars and beyond!

  45. 100k subs without video

    100k subs without video8 months ago

    Snoop dogg's dream. 0:12

  46. 100k subs without video

    100k subs without video8 months ago

    I cant wait whrn it will be launched!!

  47. EVIL Co.

    EVIL Co.8 months ago

    Outer Space Is Fiction. I do not know what Spacex is doing, but they are not going into space.

  48. Thijs Snijder

    Thijs Snijder8 months ago

    "i do not know what SpaceX is doing", well said.

  49. ItzAtomic

    ItzAtomic8 months ago

    The 6th February will be one of those days everyone remembers. For the first private company to launch out of Earth’s orbit and into a solar orbit.

  50. KepleroGT

    KepleroGT8 months ago

    0:11 When ya going to nut but she keeps sucking

  51. Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex

    Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex8 months ago

    *FEBRUARY 6th 2018*

  52. s0012823

    s00128238 months ago

    3 days till launch, I am very excited, I tell my children and my wife. My 2 sons (6 and 10) are aware that it is being launced. I want them to know that this is the greatest thing since the Apollo rockets. Elon Musk, I would like to have 3 tickets for me and my 2 sons and 1 for my wife to the US to witness the launch. Maybe it's possible, Thumbs up!

  53. XlimZ

    XlimZ8 months ago

    G O O S E B U M P S

  54. Damorte

    Damorte8 months ago

    a one big joint!

  55. Mr.FreakQuid !

    Mr.FreakQuid !8 months ago

    Feb 6th.... My most awaited day!!!

  56. Sir D

    Sir D8 months ago

    It's alive!

  57. Frank Booth

    Frank Booth8 months ago

    Oh goody gumdrops! I can't wait till we go to Mars! I'm so excited! It will be the most coolest thing ever! The red planet will be stupendous! I volunteer to go! I'll put my life on the line because I know SpaceX is the leader in space technology and will not fail! It will be glorious!

  58. O Zero

    O Zero8 months ago


  59. oker59

    oker598 months ago

    I could just sit here and replay this for the next six or days!

  60. oker59

    oker598 months ago

    Can't wait for the BFR, or whatever they call it!

  61. Aurora

    Aurora8 months ago

    Bird UFO at 0:16, obviously conspiracies are afoot here! (Still really looking forward to the launch on February 6th)

  62. Zazo Nf

    Zazo Nf8 months ago


  63. Nayunis

    Nayunis8 months ago

    Are you going to build a base on the moon first? Because lift off from the moon would be way easier than lift off from earth, right? So you could have more cargo in a rocket launching directly from the moon. So it might be easier to go from the moon to mars instead of directly from earth to mars. But for this you'd need a moon base first and then rebuild the rockets on the moon, once they flew from earth to moon. (With rebuild I mean add the parts that are dropped off during launch again)

  64. Pintuxo

    Pintuxo8 months ago

    In case you (SpaceX) read this, SpaceX didn't give much importance to the last launch of the Falcon 9 (GovSat-1 / SES-16). The live broadcast appeared on screen only a few hours from the launch and no video on SpaceX channel. So it was not important but... if it blew up to pieces in a great fireball then it would be important, wouldn't it? So, after all it was important because every launch counts and it increases SpaceX good reputation. Agree? Let's watch now the beautiful new (but made of old pieces) Falcon Heavy!!!

  65. MassiveNigthmare

    MassiveNigthmare8 months ago

    Can somebody please explain to me, how do they keep the rocket in place while the engines are lit? I would think something as powerfull would fly away even if it was strapped to the tower, but obviously, that is not the case.

  66. Joachim Voldseth

    Joachim Voldseth8 months ago

    Eight big hold down clamps is at the base of the rocket and holds it down. During an actualy launch the engines will fire, and when the computer determines that everything is ready and ok it will send the command to release the vehicle and off it goes :)

  67. The Ultimate Reductionist

    The Ultimate Reductionist8 months ago

    My prediction for February 2018: Trump will kick Elon Musk out of the USA for being an immigrant from one of those "shithole" countries (South Africa).

  68. Stephen Bray

    Stephen Bray8 months ago

    I've spray painted everything you can imagine, but I've never painted a space ship. I need it for my bucket lists.

  69. Taylor Smith

    Taylor Smith8 months ago

    That is a thing of beauty. So beautiful.

  70. Mi Miixed

    Mi Miixed8 months ago

    Anyone I ever talk to about Elon Musk, or SpaceX or even the Falcon 9 or Falcon Heavy, they are always like "huh?.. Whats that?..." This just shows that Im a total nerd😂 I'm so excited for the Falcon Heavy to launch!! Best of luck! 🌎🚀🚗🌌

  71. Eddie Mercury

    Eddie Mercury8 months ago

    The best part was between 0:00 and 0:31

  72. Jakob

    Jakob8 months ago

    Is the test flight on 6th February already going to Mars?

  73. AndyTheSpaceKid

    AndyTheSpaceKid8 months ago

    It's the dawn of a new era. soon the Falcon heavy and Space Launch System will rule the skies picking up where the Space Shuttles left off

  74. René P.

    René P.8 months ago

    4th of february

  75. ThugAssass1n

    ThugAssass1n8 months ago

    I have an app that says that the launch is 6 february

  76. Alexander V. Tihonov

    Alexander V. Tihonov8 months ago


  77. Alexander V. Tihonov

    Alexander V. Tihonov8 months ago

    thx bro

  78. Bob Hob

    Bob Hob8 months ago

    6th February

  79. b1aflatoxin

    b1aflatoxin8 months ago

    Awww how cute, the wittle baby rocket shneezed! :P _Sorry to troll, but the Force was misaligned and needed some balancing._

  80. Tim

    Tim8 months ago

    "How to: Creating an Atmosphere with clouds on Mars"

  81. Yi Xun Tan

    Yi Xun Tan8 months ago

    My fart was louder

  82. Nischal Regmi

    Nischal Regmi8 months ago

    Is it environment friendly??? Just a curiosity🤔

  83. pete martin

    pete martin8 months ago

    Heard thirty times, be so cool to be there

  84. ScreamingMidgit

    ScreamingMidgit8 months ago

    The alarm on Elon Musk's car was probably going off after this.

  85. Priyansh

    Priyansh8 months ago

    7 days to go boiz

  86. gary reece

    gary reece8 months ago

    R.I.P headphone user's.

  87. Santiago Ramos Vargas

    Santiago Ramos Vargas8 months ago

    😗😍😍😍 I love you SpaceX 😚😙😗😍😍😘

  88. F Clarke

    F Clarke8 months ago


  89. Jame M

    Jame M8 months ago

    Okay, She's a monster.

  90. Ben J

    Ben J8 months ago


  91. Demis Cunha

    Demis Cunha8 months ago

    I hope before I die either I see humans on Mars or we find life in another planet. Boring times these ones we are living in.

  92. bey0nd01

    bey0nd018 months ago

    The fruition of years of hard work for the betterment of the human race has 477,058 views..... Sir mix a lot's baby got back, 12 million and we wonder why trump won. FML.

  93. Only Light Matters

    Only Light Matters8 months ago

    Habemus Papam !

  94. RustySpace

    RustySpace8 months ago

    I wanted to hear the beep beep beep from the Tesla's alarm go off :D

  95. Jagtesh Chadha

    Jagtesh Chadha8 months ago

    If they fired all engines, how did they manage to keep the rocket on the ground? That must be a lot of force to withstand for everything surrounding it.

  96. bentbird

    bentbird8 months ago

    Hell yea SpaceX keep pushing forward

  97. Emilis Nelius

    Emilis Nelius8 months ago

    This is just a theatre. They hide the real tech. Gravity mastered 1954

  98. Walt Weiner

    Walt Weiner8 months ago

    These vape mods are getting ridiculous

  99. Riley Mannion

    Riley Mannion8 months ago

    It'll either be awesomely successful or awesomely explosive I'm hoping for option on but option two isn't too bad because I know spacex can recover from it and bring the falcon heavy back

  100. Lancy Pooh

    Lancy Pooh8 months ago

    FINALLY !!!!!!!!

  101. GothixZa

    GothixZa8 months ago

    this is the kind of stuff that should get more money

  102. Cactus of the day

    Cactus of the day8 months ago


  103. 496

    4968 months ago

    I hope the launch will be successful.

  104. The Jasmine Moore Channel

    The Jasmine Moore Channel8 months ago

    Awesome and all of this world and the sky's the limit

  105. Brian Galdo

    Brian Galdo8 months ago

    Is it true Elon will send a Tesla car with it? XD

  106. artlight

    artlight8 months ago

    awesome slow mo at 0:10 if you catch it, might have to play a few times.

  107. RedHead Productions

    RedHead Productions8 months ago

    I've recently became obsessed with Elon Musk's work And I love it

  108. RaGatzo Guitar

    RaGatzo Guitar8 months ago

    This is so exciting already!

  109. Michael Ricardo

    Michael Ricardo8 months ago

    Alguém do Brasil?

  110. ZeddysDad

    ZeddysDad8 months ago

    The Lion Roars! Are they taking bookings for Mars yet?? Was thinking of 2019 for a holiday