1. kimberly candeia

    kimberly candeia3 hours ago

    Is sister James forehead sister scorched. Please sister save me.

  2. Makeup ByAlondraa

    Makeup ByAlondraa4 hours ago

    James Your Nails ✨i Love Them!!!

  3. Leslie Hernandez

    Leslie Hernandez5 hours ago

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  4. lisa lui

    lisa lui26 minutes ago

    I love jam too

  5. Munashi Mitsue

    Munashi Mitsue7 hours ago

    “Here we have the be-“ *ad plays* AHHHHH

  6. April Playzz

    April Playzz7 hours ago

    He looks so cute and pure in the thumbnail!!! I can't😍😭

  7. Athena Lopez

    Athena Lopez8 hours ago

    H He Hey Siste Sisters

  8. Athena Lopez

    Athena Lopez8 hours ago

    Fix jojos hairline

  9. Minty Leaf

    Minty Leaf8 hours ago

    I would live for you to do this to me even if I’m not that old and I don’t have twitter or insta only Snapchat 😭😂

  10. Lola Rao

    Lola Rao9 hours ago

    Ur annoying, your not freaking good @ facetoon

  11. ScootalooPlays

    ScootalooPlaysMinute ago

    I'd like to see you try and use Face tune, buddy -sips tea-

  12. Katlyn Kearney

    Katlyn Kearney10 hours ago

    okay honestly sister james is so smart,idk like Albert Einstein who?

  13. Jocelyne Cruz

    Jocelyne Cruz10 hours ago

    this is literally talent. please edit all my pics...

  14. Equestrian Girl

    Equestrian Girl12 hours ago

    I wanna see James try ASMR lol 💗

  15. Alisia Roldan sjöholm

    Alisia Roldan sjöholm13 hours ago

    Larray has already done this

  16. boba ducky

    boba ducky15 hours ago

    James looks so adorbale in the thumbnail. He just looks so bright and happy

  17. Margaret Brantley

    Margaret BrantleyDay ago

    I wondered how you always looked so sister snatched😊❤❤ loved it

  18. Jade Rose

    Jade RoseDay ago

    There are a lot of number one no no's to face tune.

  19. Latisha Anongu

    Latisha AnonguDay ago

    I love how honest you are about editing your images. Far too many are not!

  20. Cora Ellison 2024

    Cora Ellison 20242 days ago

    I'm so lazy I haven't posted on my Insta in like two months cause i dont wanna edit it

  21. Grace Rinks

    Grace Rinks2 days ago

    he looks so cute in the thumbnail-

  22. Cirsten Bonilla

    Cirsten Bonilla2 days ago

    Your hand look so big in the one where your hand in the fries!

  23. Emily Vick

    Emily Vick2 days ago

    OMG this video was soooo creative and I absolutely agree that facetuning is an art!!! Love you Sister James!!!!

  24. Halle The Dino

    Halle The Dino2 days ago

    I have no idea what is happening but ok

  25. that one girl

    that one girl2 days ago

    baby boy needs to know his forehead is cute and perfect. what a babe.

  26. Keya Dholiya

    Keya Dholiya2 days ago

    JAMES I sent you a photo on insta about this foundation and it has a horrible shade range. Look at it my insta is @keyadholiya

  27. josephine emilia

    josephine emilia2 days ago

    james is so cuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  28. Marie Preston

    Marie Preston2 days ago

    Thank you for the app. I'm loving it so far.

  29. Gucci Gang

    Gucci Gang2 days ago

    “i try and them look as natural as possible” *facetunes french fry*

  30. Marie Preston

    Marie Preston2 days ago

    I'm dying for your lashes right now 😍

  31. gaynoodles uwu

    gaynoodles uwu2 days ago

    the thumbnail is honestly the cutest thing ever

  32. Hadiye Aslan

    Hadiye Aslan2 days ago

    Bluhhh...is Jame Charles a girl or bo🤢🤮

  33. Hailey Delaney

    Hailey Delaney3 days ago

    Do you ever just watch James videos and smile the whole time because James is seriously so adorable! I feel like he'd be a great friend irl. Love you sister!!!

  34. Kylie Reyes

    Kylie Reyes3 days ago

    He should make a video of him putting makeup on with face tune

  35. Mel Mirns

    Mel Mirns3 days ago

    Is it me? Or you look really cute in the thumnail like you look so adorable💕

  36. Sabrina Birch

    Sabrina Birch3 days ago

    James u are so c o o l

  37. Paricia Montoto

    Paricia Montoto3 days ago

    Why are your eyes blue in one video and brown in the other?? Colored contacts

  38. Kayla Peddle

    Kayla Peddle3 days ago

    james would be a good rapper...i dont know anyone who talks that fast lmao

  39. Happy Haley

    Happy Haley3 days ago

    Good job sister James

  40. Margaret Burns

    Margaret Burns3 days ago

    Not that he doesn’t look the best in each video, but he looks so pretty in this picture!!!

  41. Margaret Burns

    Margaret Burns3 days ago

    Not picture, video! I’m so dumb

  42. sensei seini

    sensei seini3 days ago

    can you be my sister 😩

  43. Helen Dockstader

    Helen Dockstader3 days ago

    I wish someone would love me as much as James loves face tune

  44. spillthe tea

    spillthe tea3 days ago

    The thumbnail was so bad

  45. Kirsty.Dolan Xx

    Kirsty.Dolan Xx3 days ago

    I’ve got really bad acne and I don’t really care about it ❤️

  46. Kasey Roysdon

    Kasey Roysdon3 days ago

    I love you soo muchhh

  47. shooketh

    shooketh3 days ago

    i love you so much james, you're so sweet

  48. Emma Emma

    Emma Emma3 days ago

    I liked the video just because of how cute you looked in the thumbnail

  49. Lisa_ beauty

    Lisa_ beauty3 days ago

    This lashes looks so good on you

  50. ashhi

    ashhi4 days ago

    sister snatch that french fry

  51. Disappointment :/

    Disappointment :/4 days ago

    What app is he using for this

  52. taylor

    taylor4 days ago

    I I a I am I am a I am a s I am a si I am a sis I am a sist I am a siste I am a sister I am a sister a I am a sister ar I am a sister are I am a sister are y I am a sister are yo I am a sister are you I am a sister are you? I am a sister are you I am a sister are yo I am a sister are y I am a sister are I am a sister ar I am a sister a I am a sister I am a siste I am a sist I am a sis I am a si I am a s I am a I am I a I

  53. sam k

    sam k4 days ago

    *shishter shnoz*

  54. Allure’a T.

    Allure’a T.4 days ago

    U should do a real natural Q and A shishtar

  55. raven woodward

    raven woodward4 days ago

    I love to edit it is one of my passions

  56. kelly robinson

    kelly robinson4 days ago

    I love your forehead! Embrace it! Its part of you and you are absolute beautiful inside and out!

  57. Adriana Fernández

    Adriana Fernández4 days ago

    You look so excited in the thumbnail I swear😂😂😂😂😂

  58. Meera Albalooshi

    Meera Albalooshi4 days ago

    Do a vid where u do full face using makeup

  59. 22jna

    22jna4 days ago

    This is so good. You play with colour and light. So smart

  60. Everything Maya

    Everything Maya5 days ago

    Almost Everyone in the video looked amazing..... they just wanted James to see how good they are at makeup

  61. Brianna Lorenzo

    Brianna Lorenzo6 days ago

    I fucking love u, 😊

  62. samii cost

    samii cost6 days ago

    Doooo more of these pleeeaaassseeee sister

  63. Yung StarChild

    Yung StarChild6 days ago

    Your smile is so precious.

  64. Lux’s Life

    Lux’s Life6 days ago

    I have not watched the video yet but I’m already excited

  65. Dinora Perez

    Dinora Perez6 days ago

    I'd love to see what you'd do to mine💖💖💖💖

  66. MOMO

    MOMO6 days ago

    James are you wearing a gradient lip? James I want that lip look tho

  67. Anya Shyani

    Anya Shyani7 days ago

    he looks so cute in the thumbnail, and he is so excited throughout the video.. AWWWWW

  68. nikolina valentic

    nikolina valentic7 days ago

    i love your videos.

  69. nikolina valentic

    nikolina valentic7 days ago

    how can you speak so fast lol?

  70. Benita Schuh

    Benita Schuh8 days ago

    Hey Girls! Is there any new youtubers who want to want to support each others channels? xx

  71. Lina

    Lina8 days ago

    Hello! I love how he says it :)

  72. Susan Sanborn

    Susan Sanborn8 days ago

    please do a part 2 omg

  73. bbyg. markayla

    bbyg. markayla8 days ago

    15:00 idk y i kind of took dat offensive no hating I love james

  74. yoogirl. mia

    yoogirl. mia8 days ago

    You should do a makeup collection I really want to see that

  75. Malak Alshukri

    Malak Alshukri8 days ago

    S So Sis Sist Siste Sister Sister s Sister sh Sister sho Sister shoo Sister shook Sister shooke Sister shooket Sister shooketh Sister shooket Sister shooke Sister shook Sister shoo Sister sho Sister sh Sister s Sister Siste Sist Sis Si S Acc took too long please like 👍love you💙

  76. Nofoah Indigo

    Nofoah Indigo8 days ago

    “Editing on makeup is bad” literally edits on makeup during the whole vid

  77. It's Britney, Bitch

    It's Britney, Bitch8 days ago

    WHAT app does he use

  78. Kasia Krahulic

    Kasia Krahulic9 days ago

    James is more girly than me

  79. Misssiss 906

    Misssiss 9069 days ago

    I suck at doing make up face tune me lloll

  80. Muki

    Muki9 days ago

    I love your nails so much

  81. Stevie Spark

    Stevie Spark9 days ago

    I love how chuffed james looks in the thumbnail

  82. Savannah Catherine

    Savannah Catherine9 days ago

    You should try meitu its an awesome app

  83. Clairey Tee

    Clairey Tee9 days ago

    Only make up influencer I even like right now 💯

  84. Jessica Arner

    Jessica Arner9 days ago

    you talk just as fast as I type which is faster than mojo aiwa talking, but I still can't understand that fifteen y/o

  85. Kamran Hussain

    Kamran Hussain9 days ago

    Man or woman?

  86. Amrah lol

    Amrah lol10 days ago

    "tek tek tek tek tek tek tek.............."fot 10 mins straight lol

  87. Amrah lol

    Amrah lol10 days ago

    u can definitely break the world record of holding your breath for the longest time lol XD

  88. BucketOnuggets BucketObacon

    BucketOnuggets BucketObacon10 days ago

    *Cheezus crust-- James your face in the thumbnail made me so freaking happy oh my gosh*

  89. Jenniifeer Ivettee

    Jenniifeer Ivettee10 days ago

    Hi sister ! ❤️ I fell in love with the lashes you’re wearing and I would like to know what lasher are

  90. cats and cats

    cats and cats10 days ago

    great, now im craving fries...

  91. Kiran Fatima

    Kiran Fatima10 days ago

    This is amazing 😍😍😍 please make a video on video tutorials editing and filming setup 😍

  92. berkley shannon

    berkley shannon10 days ago

    6:12 “she shed” lmao it’s a state farm commercial

  93. ElDaniGZ 18

    ElDaniGZ 1810 days ago

    Jotooo :v

  94. Estefany Nevarez

    Estefany Nevarez10 days ago

    Please make a tutorial on this look❤️❤️

  95. Eusa

    Eusa10 days ago


  96. lucyxequestrian

    lucyxequestrian11 days ago

    who else got annoyed when he was making hand movements, to every word he says 😂

  97. Melody The Meme

    Melody The Meme11 days ago

    I'm the wig snatcher. Anyone who comments will be SnAtChEd

  98. DemiWizardHuntr

    DemiWizardHuntr11 days ago

    I'm sister shooketh

  99. Skye’s Videos

    Skye’s Videos11 days ago

    17:16 umm sister James why do you have that pic of the dog in your camera roll😂😂

  100. Nora gregg

    Nora gregg11 days ago

    I think that editing everything can be unhealthy if you are doing it to look like how beauty standards say you should look but your editing it for art so you good :)))

  101. Sarah H

    Sarah H11 days ago

    𝐈 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐲

  102. Angii Garcia

    Angii Garcia11 days ago

    What is your eye color

  103. Mana ma

    Mana ma11 days ago

    Why does he say sister with everything...