1. JHRS Me

    JHRS Me3 hours ago

    Jesus James, ur hair thoooooooo, MINE IS LIKE A F***ing door mat, u know the ones that HURT. Oh gaaddddd help me

  2. JHRS Me

    JHRS Me3 hours ago

    James, JAMES,JAMES,JAMES,JAMES adopt me plz NOW

  3. Gymnastics Life

    Gymnastics Life5 hours ago

    Make kids merch for girls!!!!!! Plz

  4. Jackson Ambler

    Jackson Ambler12 hours ago

    I loooooove editing

  5. Elliot Harpner

    Elliot Harpner18 hours ago

    Does he always talk like that😱doesn’t he get tired ufff

  6. sadiya mohammed

    sadiya mohammed19 hours ago

    Ethan got got coffee spilt on him 😭

  7. eddie S

    eddie SDay ago

    Wtf I felt that was kinda rude😘🥺

  8. TheGirl NoOneKnows

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  9. TheGirl NoOneKnows

    TheGirl NoOneKnowsDay ago


  10. TheGirl NoOneKnows

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  11. TheGirl NoOneKnows

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  12. TheGirl NoOneKnows

    TheGirl NoOneKnowsDay ago


  13. Lowkey Regina

    Lowkey ReginaDay ago

    15:43 (James has Ethan’s Twitter notifs on ;)

  14. Africa Vila

    Africa VilaDay ago

    She's literally staring into my soul. Love that 😂😂😂

  15. cat mccormick

    cat mccormick2 days ago

    for editing out acne i use a clone tool on the editing app i have. so my skin is still skin texture i just cover my blemishes

  16. Ona Blesive lea

    Ona Blesive lea2 days ago

    Your makeup is so good 😊

  17. Ona Blesive lea

    Ona Blesive lea2 days ago

    Hi sisters 👯

  18. Nightcore's Station

    Nightcore's Station2 days ago

    with the title we could have believe he would have facetuned 14M people

  19. Savanna Sousa

    Savanna Sousa2 days ago

    the first girl in the after pic has no curve above the nostril. Wtf James?

  20. it’s me Amrit

    it’s me Amrit2 days ago

    10:53 there was literally no difference


    BYN.ANGIE2 days ago

    You looked like a villain with that laser focus on facetuning your picture. I would have died if you had sticked your tongue out🤣

  22. Tanya Thind

    Tanya Thind3 days ago

    Omg James’s makeup this video had me gagging 😍

  23. Diy life D i y

    Diy life D i y3 days ago

    Hi sister ❤️💋😄🥰😂

  24. Megan Clane

    Megan Clane3 days ago

    2:46 is when the face tuning starts

  25. sister syrin

    sister syrin3 days ago

    12:58 give your back a good sister scratch for a real one sis

  26. Haba Haha

    Haba Haha3 days ago

    which app?

  27. Kenzie Leonard

    Kenzie Leonard3 days ago

    Okay this is just really toxic for everyone involved and I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about it. Everyone talks about having “unfair” beauty standards and you’re literally creating them right here.

  28. Brenda Vazquez

    Brenda Vazquez4 days ago

    The fact that he's genuinely trying to make everything look good is something you don't see with other MReporterrs.

  29. tigerlilly050504

    tigerlilly0505044 days ago

    Heyyyy I know this an old video but idrc but anyways your lips always just bother me idk why but they do (i'm not a hater I love Sister James)

  30. tigerlilly050504

    tigerlilly0505043 days ago

    +Hannah Daniels idk why it bothers me so much

  31. Hannah Daniels

    Hannah Daniels4 days ago

    If you love him why are you coming on his channel and telling him something that's so incredibly rude.

  32. Dolphins Are Awesome

    Dolphins Are Awesome4 days ago

    0:45 pause for thumbnail

  33. Chelsea Animations

    Chelsea Animations4 days ago


  34. Crystal Muntean

    Crystal Muntean4 days ago


  35. mendesismylife andsoisbtsandbillieeilish

    mendesismylife andsoisbtsandbillieeilish4 days ago

    If ur an army finish the chant KIM NAMJOON

  36. mendesismylife andsoisbtsandbillieeilish

    mendesismylife andsoisbtsandbillieeilish4 days ago

    +Kpop gurl Army, Atiny YASSS

  37. Kpop gurl Army, Atiny

    Kpop gurl Army, Atiny4 days ago


  38. Kenzie Ziegler

    Kenzie Ziegler4 days ago

    Omg thank you for putting me in your video

  39. Jovana Sretenovic

    Jovana Sretenovic4 days ago

    Im a teenager and im ok with pinpels cuz girl if someone say's a thing they dont have much long on this planet😁

  40. moon truther

    moon truther4 days ago

    jacksfilm’s fixpix is quaking

  41. Sarahí Reyna

    Sarahí Reyna5 days ago


  42. Virginia Kawa

    Virginia Kawa5 days ago

    "really really", "very very"

  43. Kalyssa

    Kalyssa5 days ago

    Oof this is problematic

  44. Anna vo

    Anna vo5 days ago

    say sister three times fast and james charles will appear and say it faster

  45. Holly Easton-Lankester

    Holly Easton-Lankester5 days ago

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  46. JOSSY L

    JOSSY L5 days ago

    15:44 that tweet from Ethan tho 😂

  47. Keren Jewel

    Keren Jewel5 days ago

    “Literally so good like she couldn’t even breathe..” had me dying😂😂😂

  48. Sarina Shoka

    Sarina Shoka5 days ago

    sister James to the top

  49. Lola&Eva Vlogs

    Lola&Eva Vlogs5 days ago

    My phone just fell on my face

  50. scinny jamaa

    scinny jamaa6 days ago

    Am I the only one that thought it was dua lipa on the thumbnail at first

  51. Isela Cervantes

    Isela Cervantes6 days ago

    James looks so good eating fries Yet I just look fat 😂

  52. Fatxi Dahir1234567890

    Fatxi Dahir12345678906 days ago

    شو هاد عنجد مو مصدقة

  53. Pistarima

    Pistarima7 days ago

    You’re so talented

  54. BellaBeautiful

    BellaBeautiful8 days ago

    OMG love your makeup in this vid!! ♥️♥️

  55. Asiah Primrose

    Asiah Primrose8 days ago

    I love this. Thank you 😝

  56. Kali McCloud

    Kali McCloud9 days ago

    Sister James looks so happy in the thumbnail!!!

  57. Madison Meyer

    Madison Meyer9 days ago

    who else is getting *asmr triggers from his nails hitting the screen*

  58. Funny Edits From Alexiosoo

    Funny Edits From Alexiosoo10 days ago

    I use ibis paint x to edit makeup on people for fun

  59. Janhavi Jadhav

    Janhavi Jadhav10 days ago

    happen in love with your content my god your are so humble ..*sisterlove*

  60. Avaa X

    Avaa X10 days ago

    15:44 Aha yes Ethan 😂

  61. xLillyx 0

    xLillyx 011 days ago

    20:06 *no context

  62. Kayla Pardo

    Kayla Pardo11 days ago

    So cute

  63. ellie louise

    ellie louise11 days ago

    February 2019 anyone??

  64. Tylar

    Tylar12 days ago

    If i had to do this to every photo before i posted it lol lifes to short.. But u are good at it

  65. TappingTime

    TappingTime12 days ago

    Aww that thumbnail is so pure and cute 🥰🥰

  66. Dariel Candelario

    Dariel Candelario12 days ago

    february 2019, wassup sisters!!!!

  67. sad sister

    sad sister13 days ago

    And finish the sister nose snatch -James Charles

  68. Oh yeah Yeah

    Oh yeah Yeah13 days ago

    ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, | | ( _________________

  69. Telianah Let's plays

    Telianah Let's plays13 days ago

    12:17 has anyone told this girl recently how freaking pretty her hair is?

  70. ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟ ғᴏʀᴅ

    ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟ ғᴏʀᴅ14 days ago

    2019. Here

  71. One in A million

    One in A million14 days ago

    Idc if ppl face tune like do what u want tune it all up GURLLL

  72. Ansley Jean

    Ansley Jean14 days ago

    omg this is a great video idea!

  73. Lilly Elka

    Lilly Elka14 days ago

    Does james wear eye lenses? Like coloured ones ? If not, HIS. EYES. ARE. *PREEETTYYYYY* (* screams it *)

  74. Lilly Elka

    Lilly Elka14 days ago

    "Click the little * sound * x button right up here".. yeah call me weirdo but I feel like i'm not the only one who repeated that part multiple times 😂

  75. Kathleen Washburn

    Kathleen Washburn15 days ago

    James your so gorges you really don't need makeup or facetime your one of my idols that I think they think to little of themselves. I love your videos

  76. Kamryn Votaw

    Kamryn Votaw16 days ago

    JAMES GUESS WHAT!!! I just got your eye shadow palette!!!and omg I must say BEST THING I HAVE EVER HAD WITH MAKEUP!!!BRAVO❤

  77. Ian Riep

    Ian Riep16 days ago

    PART 2!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Lynnzy Blanton

    Lynnzy Blanton16 days ago

    I always brighten eyes and brighten teeth. It makes everyone look more awake. 😋

  79. Allison !

    Allison !16 days ago

    Remember when he Face-tuned a French fries 😂

  80. throwing facts

    throwing facts16 days ago

    Give Larry credits, he made that idea a thing.

  81. Hanna Lillthors

    Hanna Lillthors16 days ago

    ”I’m so funny, I love me” Mood

  82. Morgan Randall

    Morgan Randall17 days ago

    Part 2???

  83. isabella pellien

    isabella pellien18 days ago

    I love watching your videos and getting to try some of your looks and I hope I get a makeup pallet soon

  84. tired :0

    tired :018 days ago

    the girl he is facetuning goes to my school

  85. Bailey Evin

    Bailey Evin18 days ago

    This truly is art

  86. Lily S

    Lily S19 days ago

    February 2019?

  87. Slime Pup candylover

    Slime Pup candylover19 days ago

    You are BEAUTIFUL I use your makeup tips ALL THE TIME. Love you!😍

  88. Allie Jones

    Allie Jones19 days ago

    ok but what if I look like me

  89. Lola Aluko

    Lola Aluko19 days ago

    11:38-11:42 was literally my reaction

  90. Sheila Gruda

    Sheila Gruda19 days ago

    10:39 “hello shes literally staring into my soul, love that”

  91. Hannah Wright

    Hannah Wright19 days ago

    Part 2!part 2! Part2! Part 2!

  92. DocMc Stuffins

    DocMc Stuffins20 days ago

    His makeup is horrible.

  93. Jeremi111

    Jeremi11120 days ago

    i dont want to be rude but like, for real. answer me! is that a guy or a girl or other?

  94. Ruby Ruby

    Ruby Ruby20 days ago

    the thing about james’ insecurities is that i reallly don’t think his nose is at all big and nothings wrong with his hairline. i hope you see this sister james and know that you’re the worst critic to yourself

  95. Emma Engle

    Emma Engle20 days ago

    James charles your forehead is NOT big!!!

  96. Moody xoxo

    Moody xoxo21 day ago


  97. Grace__ Elsa

    Grace__ Elsa20 days ago

    Moody xoxo face tune

  98. Time-lapse Girl

    Time-lapse Girl21 day ago

    Everyone on my school makes fun of I but I love I sister James 😚

  99. Smithy Vlogs

    Smithy Vlogs21 day ago

    Omg now I know how to fix my nose, eyes and hilight guuuuurl thank you

  100. panda manda

    panda manda21 day ago

    I stg I love you Charles. You rid my anxiety!

  101. Alice K

    Alice K21 day ago

    Back to the times he had the right foundation colour...

  102. Madeline Beasley

    Madeline Beasley21 day ago

    Love you soo much I made a poster of you and brought it to school and could not stop hugging it and everyone was staring at me😂😂

  103. Kailee Knight

    Kailee Knight22 days ago

    i just watched james clink his nails on his phone for 5 min. Luv it

  104. Greegles Bee

    Greegles Bee22 days ago

    i love your videos so much and your a big insperaton to me

  105. Amanda Rosebud

    Amanda Rosebud22 days ago

    Can he talk any faster?