1. Justin Bentley

    Justin Bentley4 minutes ago

    I have a headache now...

  2. rosie's really rad

    rosie's really rad2 hours ago

    shister thinks his nose his big *hyperventilating while snorting*

  3. Charlotte Schreurs

    Charlotte Schreurs2 hours ago

    Haha love ur vid but it looks like u have blush on ur hairline 😂❤️

  4. Ayah Kadri

    Ayah Kadri3 hours ago

    the thumbnail is so cute i’m-

  5. fun bun man

    fun bun man4 hours ago

    *B R E A T H E*

  6. Bloody Carol

    Bloody Carol5 hours ago

    Why did this make me feel so calm

  7. Emma Ubongen

    Emma Ubongen6 hours ago

    i love james charles so much he seems so free and so confident with out a care ab what anyone thinks💞

  8. royalblue stars

    royalblue stars7 hours ago


  9. Allan Youmaran

    Allan Youmaran8 hours ago

    Fix the title shistar: it’s “Followers’ “

  10. roary msp

    roary msp9 hours ago

    WOWWWW James you r so amazing I wish u can do my make up lol ❤️

  11. simone morris

    simone morris10 hours ago

    Bish know how to slay all day everyday

  12. Ruby Garrett

    Ruby Garrett11 hours ago

    2:58 big fat mood

  13. sophie reynolds

    sophie reynolds11 hours ago

    U sound like a computer u talk so fast

  14. XxReich GailxX

    XxReich GailxX12 hours ago

    0.75x you can understand:)

  15. Cathy Crittenden

    Cathy Crittenden13 hours ago

    Love your lashes!!!

  16. johnna Steinrich

    johnna Steinrich13 hours ago

    "I'm so funny I love me" 😂😂

  17. Melanie Gilbert

    Melanie Gilbert14 hours ago

    slay them nails

  18. Joshy Woshy Woo

    Joshy Woshy Woo14 hours ago


  19. peachykinz

    peachykinz14 hours ago

    this is a really creative video idea!! love you james!!

  20. Taylor Blake

    Taylor Blake14 hours ago

    What lashes are those? Their GORGEOUS!!

  21. Laura Miller

    Laura Miller15 hours ago

    How th fu

  22. MeTheAwesomeGymnast !

    MeTheAwesomeGymnast !15 hours ago

    Dear sister James, I love your brows,highlight and contour so freakin muchhhh. Just thought i should let you know that you slay my life. I hope i blessed your day

  23. LaMeemzee

    LaMeemzee16 hours ago

    Your lashes are literally everything! I can never get my lashes to sit like this :(

  24. Jocelyn Cox

    Jocelyn Cox17 hours ago


  25. Carson McCann

    Carson McCann17 hours ago

    This vid was............ sooo good.

  26. Nathalia Rosas

    Nathalia Rosas18 hours ago

    we love a face-tune shister❤

  27. Mason Wolfe

    Mason Wolfe18 hours ago

    hey waf

  28. Ellie Thomson

    Ellie Thomson19 hours ago

    What app is this? X

  29. Izzy Spinner

    Izzy Spinner19 hours ago

    Youre such a sweetheart

  30. Emily Moore

    Emily Moore19 hours ago

    He’s amazing at this, but he said he never adds makeup with tuning and yet he added contour and highlight to the first girl

  31. Ruby M

    Ruby M21 hour ago

    14:57 I felt bad to be the 14001 comment but it had to be done

  32. sandra cstr

    sandra cstr21 hour ago

    love ur videos and love u 💞💞

  33. potato

    potato21 hour ago

    you are really talented at doing makeup, but i think you'd look so much better you'd tone your forehead contour a littlebit down.

  34. Isabela Boscolo

    Isabela Boscolo22 hours ago

    I think the nose is so thin

  35. 김체스

    김체스22 hours ago


  36. Mahnoor Shakoor

    Mahnoor ShakoorDay ago

    Your hairline is perfect with or without editing.

  37. Pavlina Efth

    Pavlina EfthDay ago

    Your lipstick in this video is AWESOME! What products did you use? Ily💕

  38. Georgie Perry

    Georgie PerryDay ago

    R u trans or just feminine coz I thought u were a guy but u said 'queen' I'm so confused 😂 idk lol

  39. Eli Rose

    Eli Rose16 hours ago

    Georgie Perry he’s a guy who’s a makeup artist and calls his fans “sisters”😂

  40. Sky Shanti

    Sky ShantiDay ago


  41. Little Creature

    Little CreatureDay ago

    2:59 so cute 😂😂😍

  42. cupcakecats0599

    cupcakecats0599Day ago

    Your highlight is POPPING! 😍😍💝

  43. Steppydoodle

    SteppydoodleDay ago


  44. Cadence Lynnmarie

    Cadence LynnmarieDay ago

    Ok I am not going to lie at first when people talked about James I would talk about hom much I dislike him but since I have been watching more of him I CANT STOP WATCHING HIM!!Like he is a GODDESS. So happy to be a sister!

  45. xXs3dat3d S0rr0wXx

    xXs3dat3d S0rr0wXxDay ago


  46. Bucky The Winter Soldier

    Bucky The Winter SoldierDay ago

    ¢αи ωє тαℓк αвσυт тнє ρι¢тυяє вєℓσω zσє'ѕ fιχιиg нєя иσѕє ℓмασ

  47. Glam with Georgia

    Glam with GeorgiaDay ago

    Omg in this video sister james is slaying!!! I think this is the BEST look or well a tinder picture XD and your thumnail GIRL you are SLAYYING!!! when I saw it I was like .O.

  48. Mariel Dominguez

    Mariel DominguezDay ago

    2018 legend!! Sephora ,Mac and morphe WHO ??😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  49. Imperfect Perfection

    Imperfect PerfectionDay ago

    How does he always look so damn good?!😂❤️

  50. Erin Macleod

    Erin MacleodDay ago

    photo tuning isnt an art unless.. you consider scamming people/lying an art

  51. Ozi Gold

    Ozi GoldDay ago

    James moves his hands like he got a fresh set of acrylics every day. Yes sis!

  52. Disliked Persona

    Disliked PersonaDay ago

    My favorite technique that you taught me was how to make a krabby patty.

  53. Liyah and friends love

    Liyah and friends loveDay ago

    Love you

  54. Trinity Jane'

    Trinity Jane'Day ago

    I love James but this isn't special. People have been doing this forever.

  55. B

    BDay ago

    Let's just Face tune this French fri

  56. Savannah Crain

    Savannah CrainDay ago

    who else thinks james' nose is literally the perfect size and is confused as to why he's self conscious about it? haha

  57. McKenzie Collins

    McKenzie CollinsDay ago

    What lashes are you wearing

  58. Caleigh Martin

    Caleigh MartinDay ago

    i actually had to turn down the brightness on my laptop because this video is so white and bright

  59. arianna c

    arianna cDay ago

    Ooof ur contour looks tragic

  60. Kellsey O'Brien

    Kellsey O'BrienDay ago

    Your nose really isn't big, it's beautiful💕

  61. Toys gaming And fun

    Toys gaming And funDay ago

    Sisters we need this power lol xoxo

  62. N Stands for nobody

    N Stands for nobodyDay ago

    James looks so adorable in the thumbnail 😊😊

  63. UnderTone x

    UnderTone xDay ago

    Sister James I love you can you follow me on Twitter @Http_areesa

  64. Gabriela Martinez

    Gabriela MartinezDay ago

    I love this

  65. Haylee Henschel

    Haylee HenschelDay ago

    OMG love your eyelashes!!!

  66. Calico Cat

    Calico CatDay ago

    Wake me up with that smile and i will love you forever We loge a legend

  67. Cheyenne Meyer

    Cheyenne MeyerDay ago


  68. Alejandra Cordoba

    Alejandra CordobaDay ago

    6:10 lol

  69. Cheyenne Meyer

    Cheyenne MeyerDay ago

    Heyyyyy guuuuurrrlll luv u always u do u no matter what ur amazing sista 4 life 😍

  70. dogluver 06

    dogluver 06Day ago

    Yesssssss slayyyyyyyyyy

  71. Laura Vivian

    Laura VivianDay ago

    Talking way too fast sister.

  72. Clenice Mincey

    Clenice MinceyDay ago

    Anyone else thinking that the sound of James' nails hitting the phone is satisfying? BTW I love the way you do you're makeup shister!

  73. Jadyn Stauffer

    Jadyn StaufferDay ago

    Your makeup is so flawless and it makes me mad because I can’t get mine that flawless😂😂 but you’re so beautiful James!!

  74. diana

    dianaDay ago

    Why is he prettier than me

  75. K'la R.

    K'la R.Day ago

    He’s so cute😁❤️

  76. Shawana Mirza

    Shawana MirzaDay ago

    2:58 ❤️👏😂

  77. Shelby Homberger

    Shelby HombergerDay ago

    I swear this is not hate but your forehead contour is a little pink it looks a little warmer then you normally do

  78. ven

    venDay ago

    i watch his videos in .75 speed lmao

  79. Jazmin floress

    Jazmin floressDay ago

    James I love you sooooo much but your contour is a little to bright

  80. Edwin Payne

    Edwin PayneDay ago

    At 3:58 look at the twitter notification haha 😂

  81. Sly Foxx

    Sly FoxxDay ago

    Sisterrrrrrr 😘😘

  82. Anna Pilon

    Anna PilonDay ago

    We love a talented shishter

  83. Alyssa Bivens

    Alyssa BivensDay ago

    Love you sister James 💙💜💖💗💕💞💟p.s you are soooooooooo good at makeup 💄

  84. tess greco

    tess greco2 days ago

    u should print out a pic of ur face with no makeup then draw on it w makeup to put some on it

  85. Beth Sands

    Beth Sands2 days ago

    yesssss awesome idea

  86. Ale Iza

    Ale Iza2 days ago

    He looks so damn cute in the thumbnail what the f-

  87. Tesstan_ Edits

    Tesstan_ Edits2 days ago


  88. 오 오

    오 오2 days ago

    아진짜 개잘생겼네


    KING GEORGE THE III2 days ago

    Wow James Is AMAZING at makeup

  90. Inevitable Em

    Inevitable Em2 days ago

    Come on saying woman of color 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  91. Lexxi Stillson

    Lexxi Stillson2 days ago

    Why are you so fucking Perfect? 😍😍😍i mean honestly slay sister 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  92. Angie slime and unicorn world #vlogs

    Angie slime and unicorn world #vlogs2 days ago

    Why is ur intro so long

  93. Lou Lou

    Lou Lou2 days ago

    I feel like telling someone they look more beautiful when Facetuned is really going to crush their self confidence

  94. Yeet

    Yeet2 days ago

    17:08 what is that fukin dog lmfao

  95. aya mouakkil

    aya mouakkil2 days ago

    charity work?

  96. Kathryn Saywell

    Kathryn Saywell2 days ago

    JAMES CHARLES I LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL. you look sister snatched in every video

  97. Michelle Stabile

    Michelle Stabile2 days ago

    Hey sister can u go to my Instagram its:michellestabile. Can u please try to help me lol xoxox sister michelle

  98. hi li

    hi li2 days ago

    you've got to do a video. as Carmen Miranda

  99. Christina Dinh

    Christina Dinh2 days ago

    This is why I have trust issues

  100. Sedra Taleb

    Sedra Taleb2 days ago

    I love u sisterrrrr

  101. Sedra Taleb

    Sedra Taleb2 days ago

    James I freakin love uuuuu

  102. Zayvin Joy

    Zayvin Joy2 days ago

    Sisterrrrrr.... Ur brows are actual goals