Exploring Closed WATERPARK For Lost Treasure!! (Water Slide)


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    Yey! New video 😍😍 i love you both 💕❤

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    dyosasiphine xox ii

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    +Ari !!!!!!!!!!!!! I was the 401 st

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    Is that Lake linear I was there

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    Headphone users earrape

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    Due perfect was there when you at the first place

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    So many fans


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    Its like no one acknowledges how cool aviators are

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    Lake Lanier?

  14. read more

    read more4 days ago

    What kind of moron wears sunglasses on a water slide, they deserve to lose them

  15. Amanda Nicole

    Amanda Nicole5 days ago

    But wait. You didn’t go look for the umbrella.

  16. Brinley Lefevre

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    Can you send me some Under armor sunglasses please

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    R.I.P headphone users 0:00

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    When gopros get soaked with water, they sound like there is water in my ears 😣

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    All those kids were funny! So hyped !!!

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    dang lake lanier island. love it!

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    so now we know that sunglasses grow underwater until they are ready to be harvested

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    Thoose kids were screaming

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    Super Awesome!!! Big Fan!

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    you need a net bag jajaja

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    even the fish were dead...

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    I live in Georgia and I’m like.It don’t look like there in my part

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    RIP headphones users at the start

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    Oml y does this channel have the gamers vibe

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    Tristan and Jake are cute hahahaha

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    i'm curious, how exactly do you guys stay warm while diving? some of these days look super cold and i don't always see a wetsuit (which can only stop so much).

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    You should wear dive tank... Much time in water. Also don't out of breath

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    Come to Colorado Horsetooth reservoir. They say there’s a town under there. And it’s so pretty.

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    To make money sell all the sunglasses

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    Do you want to know something funny my name is Georgia and I have never been there hahahaha and when I go there I will try to see if I can find you

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    If you still have the Oakley’s can I have them I love your videos you inspired me to film

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    Heck u probably talked to my father n law he is in charge down there

  39. Ernst van Loon

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    What about all the stuff lost previously and buried under the mud? You should bring a metal detector or a fishing magnet next time!

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    2:28 look at that 🍑

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    Los lagos de mexico vas a encontrar asta cuerpos humanos

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    Chingones videos lokos ..chingones

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    literally went there the weekend after this video was uploaded, i love margarita ville (where he is) bout to go there again

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    Bruh mangers name is my name

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    I luv watching ur channel...I saw u find the expensive sunglasses...I have never owned a pair of sunglasses that cost over $5.00...great job😘

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    Do not wear headphones at max volume at the begining of the video

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    Rip fish

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    Love Lake Lanier! Only an hour from me.

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    How are you not afraid of the.predator fish dkwn there?

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    Metal detector challenge in that spot with DAllMyty

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    next thing you know this becomes a matchmakers youtube channel

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    Can somebody tell me how people lose that many sunglasses and goggles just like wow

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    I I like I Ike to I like to snorkel!!


    SILVER.SLIFERMonth ago

    When I first saw him I thought he was patty mayo

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    I think dude perfect was he ones and Cody lost his wedding ring 💍

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    Okay when they all met up and we’re running around him, honestly my heart melted like that was adorable

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    Just gained yourself a new sub

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    We’re u in Louisiana

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    Do a race with all the JetSkis I bet Tristan will win

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    What is Tristan's channels name ? ( I need to know )

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    I like the white under armors

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    What for go pro mount do you use

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    Lol so funny

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    Cat 4 is so much fun

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    Those are a lot of sunglasses

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    at the start of the video the kids screaming killed my speakers :) :)

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    Why would people want to wear sunglasses 😎 going down that slides? They know they may loose them.

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    Pls come to Crosby Texas

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    Cool so many kids!!!!!!! 😸😸😸😸😸😸😸

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    Noon l❤ve very much

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    He has got the best vibe

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    Love the content and video quality 🤘🏼

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    great vid

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    One man's reybands are another man's treasure

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    Look at that idiot at 11:08

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    Jiggin with jordan u guys should come to devils lake lakes cuz a lot of ppl lose their things in there.

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    Rip my earpphones

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    Ear rape in the begging

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    My name is lucas

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    right side mines wrong and left side mines lost city

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    I’d love to lifeguard at a place like this. My pool is 4 ft at the deepest

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    8 pairs of sunglasses at once

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    yall got blenders those are so expeneseve

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    I used to live there with the jimmy buffet but thing but then I moved to newyork newyork is so much better???????!!!!!!'!'!¡¡¡!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  89. Sam Kunz

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    Gee, none of the objects found had any algae growth or coating of dirt from being under for so long........Those were tossed in then he "Found" them....Boring...

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    Am the only one wondering why they are wearing sunglasses 🕶 in grey whether

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    Will u go back to winter haven FL on lake summit

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    What's that thing in the water when there at the waterside

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    hey dude come and visit romania and do some scuba here

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    Yay! I live In Florida

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    I want some costas! Or something man! Love the videos! I wish you’d send me some

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    Did you ever dive back down to tried and find the umbrella????

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    Great video,Brandon. Wow you two did find a lot of sunglasses. Did you remember to get the pair of costas sunglasses that you said that you would get to him when you found a pair that were for men

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    Bro I want the white UnderArmer ones they look dope

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    Look to the left of the screen on 2:55 👌👏👏👏

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    "ganna freaking send it" uncle Elton is that u 😂

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    0:04 how the hell does that girl have a six pack

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    2:42 rip headphone users

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    Those under armour glasses are 150 bucks

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    Is it just me or are the yays in the beginning ear rape 😂 Is it just me or are the yays in the beginning ear rape 😂 Is it just me or are the yays in the beginning ear rape 😂 Is it just me or are the yays in the beginning ear rape 😂 Is it just me or are the yays in the beginning ear rape 😂 Is it just me or are the yays in the beginning ear rape 😂 Is it just me or are the yays in the beginning ear rape 😂 Is it just me or are the yays in the beginning ear rape 😂 Is it just me or are the yays in the beginning ear rape 😂 Is it just me or are the yays in the beginning ear rape 😂 Is it just me or are the yays in the beginning ear rape 😂 Is it just me or are the yays in the beginning ear rape 😂

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    i love ur vids they make me happy but then mad because i cant find anything give me advice where to find some stuff also can i be in a vid ?😂😂😂😂