Exploring Closed WATERPARK For Lost Treasure!! (Water Slide)


  1. Josephine de Guzman

    Josephine de Guzman16 days ago

    Yey! New video 😍😍 i love you both 💕❤

  2. Nathaniel Glaser

    Nathaniel GlaserDay ago

    Josephine de Guzman hhdd

  3. Maddy Walker

    Maddy Walker5 days ago

    Josephine de Guzman yo

  4. Carter content

    Carter content6 days ago

    Josephine de Guzman almost 1 mill

  5. MoistBoys

    MoistBoys11 days ago

    Great video, seeing kids reaction to what you do for your channel was the best, keep it up!

  6. G Dietz

    G Dietz11 days ago

    Wut lake r u I’m at lake Martin

  7. XxSLYC3RxX

    XxSLYC3RxX15 hours ago

    That slide looks awfully familiar

  8. Jake. paul fan cole long

    Jake. paul fan cole long19 hours ago

    I love your videos MReporter channel jake paul fan Cole long

  9. Kosta Thrasivoulou

    Kosta ThrasivoulouDay ago

    My name is actually kosta lol😂

  10. iTz ReekiTz

    iTz ReekiTzDay ago

    they werent fans of you though which is hilarious, the go pro got them over dumbass

  11. Unicorn slimes

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  12. Wild Will

    Wild WillDay ago

    I saw u. Yaaaaaaa

  13. Richard Todd

    Richard ToddDay ago

    has tristian decided what wrap he wants for his jetski yet? :)

  14. Fermin Rodriguez

    Fermin RodriguezDay ago

    00:04 kids with abs these days.

  15. Viktor Forsberg

    Viktor ForsbergDay ago

    why dont you guys use metal detectors your missing so much treasure!!!!?????

  16. Stijn Beeckman

    Stijn Beeckman2 days ago

    Honestly these video's always make me feel like I'm on a holiday for some reason and it's great.

  17. DollarSnow1

    DollarSnow12 days ago


  18. Snipes Legit

    Snipes Legit2 days ago

    How much do you want for the under armor shades

  19. Hadean Vibbert

    Hadean Vibbert2 days ago

    I Loved it

  20. Your Refrigerator is Broken!

    Your Refrigerator is Broken!2 days ago

    C I feel bad for the person who lost their walet B.

  21. Michaela Johnson

    Michaela Johnson2 days ago

    i'm pretty sure that's Lake Lanier island waterpark! Love that place

  22. Daniel Sisler

    Daniel Sisler2 days ago

    Would you send me a pair of open framed Oakleys please I lost mine in a house fire a year or two ago just haven't been able to replace them due to short of funds

  23. Candace Wilson

    Candace Wilson2 days ago


  24. Cool one 27 Bru

    Cool one 27 Bru3 days ago

    Can you give me the under armor please

  25. Gabriel K.

    Gabriel K.3 days ago

    It's awesome to see you guys inspire young people like that too

  26. Sierra Lunsford

    Sierra Lunsford3 days ago

    Wow so 🆒

  27. Nathan Branch

    Nathan Branch3 days ago

    Did you find more fans or more sunglasses

  28. that moment when you want food f

    that moment when you want food f3 days ago

    *rip headphone users* ☹️

  29. Nickloveslizards

    Nickloveslizards4 days ago

    Whos elses ears were bleading at the beginning bc there headphones were at full volume

  30. Tourish 04

    Tourish 044 days ago


  31. Kristen Lee

    Kristen Lee4 days ago

    You didn't find the umbrella

  32. DINAMO

    DINAMO4 days ago

    It’s Brandon the tomato 🍅

  33. davidmartin192

    davidmartin1924 days ago

    I went down that slide last week, and one of the guys working thr slide lost his phone in that pool.

  34. Bigmoose65

    Bigmoose654 days ago

    I love how you guy interact with your MReporter fans wish i could get down your way to meet you guys , it great when you gave them some of your finds that was great

  35. Bugatti

    Bugatti4 days ago

    You might of found my glasses

  36. Tate Ritchey

    Tate Ritchey4 days ago

    Please come to New Jersey I have a lake house and there is a huge lake you can find stuff in

  37. TravusFenwick IT'S FINE!!!

    TravusFenwick IT'S FINE!!!5 days ago


  38. Tina hogan

    Tina hogan5 days ago

    Go to Ireland

  39. Selin Foxworld

    Selin Foxworld5 days ago

    😍love your vıdıos

  40. Rylan Ackerman

    Rylan Ackerman5 days ago

    i'm the kid in the white Adidas shirt at the end of the video

  41. Austin Jarrell

    Austin Jarrell5 days ago

    I want the white under armor sunglasses

  42. Zain Keerti

    Zain Keerti5 days ago

    I think you found one of my sunglasses

  43. Nicolas Altomare

    Nicolas Altomare5 days ago

    Come to Philadelphia to see what you can find.

  44. Caitlin Eychner

    Caitlin Eychner5 days ago


  45. TightLineAdventures

    TightLineAdventures5 days ago

    What kind of under water camera do you use for your filming besides gopro cause I have the 5th and 6th. I dive out here in alot of rivers and have found awesome things. Also what googles do you love using you found to be best while diving.

  46. Stella Rasmussen

    Stella Rasmussen6 days ago

    Popularity organic smart ingredient theoretical peer criticism astronomer.


    THEUNSEENAIRSOFTER20056 days ago

    3.02 RIP MY EARS

  48. Naya Nicole Janoura

    Naya Nicole Janoura6 days ago

    Y’all saw that shirtless life gaurd 🤤

  49. cameron maschmeier

    cameron maschmeier6 days ago

    can I have the under amour glasses

  50. Kyle Davis

    Kyle Davis6 days ago

    Should have gone there for the fourth

  51. Alan LaMunyon

    Alan LaMunyon6 days ago

    You always have words cause you never shut up

  52. Alan LaMunyon

    Alan LaMunyon6 days ago

    You are still talking why

  53. Alan LaMunyon

    Alan LaMunyon6 days ago

    You should not talk so much really don't talk

  54. Aaliyah gardner

    Aaliyah gardner6 days ago

    Please do another video here!!🙏😀

  55. angelo Cazzaro

    angelo Cazzaro6 days ago

    Can i get the under amour shades lol i need em for baseball and watch most vids when i can

  56. Cody Rucker

    Cody Rucker6 days ago

    Send me some ray bans!!!!

  57. Donna Kriner

    Donna Kriner6 days ago

    At the beginning R.I.P. headphone users

  58. Theresa Noel Jones

    Theresa Noel Jones6 days ago


  59. Lil Łöłö

    Lil Łöłö6 days ago

    Is it just me or I saw a person in the water 6:57

  60. Aidan Johnson

    Aidan Johnson6 days ago

    Damn I was just there on July 2nd😭😭

  61. niklas Brandt 57637964

    niklas Brandt 576379646 days ago

    9:33 handschake fail 😂

  62. Pink dolphin

    Pink dolphin7 days ago

    Lol the umbrella ⛱

  63. blurryface x guard

    blurryface x guard7 days ago

    I was there two days after you uploaded this. Shook. We were going to go on Sunday but the rain deterred us. If only... Lol

  64. Blaze Patterson

    Blaze Patterson7 days ago

    those kids made erse hurt

  65. Cheyenne Mcvay

    Cheyenne Mcvay7 days ago

    Go to texas

  66. Striker

    Striker7 days ago

    Why do Americans look like pork when they go outside?

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  68. MudkipMan++

    MudkipMan++7 days ago

    Can U come to la plzzzzz

  69. Nick Lincoln

    Nick Lincoln7 days ago

    What’s the background song at the start called

  70. Hyper Sniper

    Hyper Sniper7 days ago

    U found my White under armour sunglasses

  71. Exin- YT

    Exin- YT7 days ago

    My ears

  72. JSnake 456

    JSnake 4567 days ago

    I found a working fitbit in a lake

  73. Adriano Stafford

    Adriano Stafford7 days ago

    So that's where they get all of those sunglasses they sell in the middle of the mall and Ross.

  74. death killer

    death killer7 days ago

    Those are my under armor glasses

  75. Matt Cooper1988

    Matt Cooper19887 days ago

    another awesome vid !! love it !! gotta watch the sunburn amigo :)

  76. KaiserXionTV

    KaiserXionTV8 days ago

    A penny lost is a penny found.

  77. Ithaca 44

    Ithaca 448 days ago

    What kind of Oakley’s are those?

  78. Ethan Hoffart

    Ethan Hoffart8 days ago

    Can I have the red and white under armour sun glasses

  79. TubbyRock Plays

    TubbyRock Plays8 days ago

    Did you get the umbrella

  80. Mike Spano

    Mike Spano8 days ago

    Bruh his video is only treasure hunting he make it seem like he makes other videos


    SERGIOS SARK8 days ago


  82. Beanie Boo Buds

    Beanie Boo Buds8 days ago

    That would be so creepy going swimming or u know what I mean, for treasure in a closed water park 😳

  83. Arthec

    Arthec8 days ago

    Shit men your channel is growing damnnnn😵😵

  84. Linda Hernandez Bury

    Linda Hernandez Bury8 days ago

    I’m way too scared to dive in a lake. I wish I could overcome that!

  85. Nick Clark

    Nick Clark8 days ago

    I don't get it.

  86. William Blake

    William Blake8 days ago


  87. Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson8 days ago

    Good job

  88. Toby Rodock

    Toby Rodock8 days ago

    What goggles and stuff ya use?

  89. Cupcake Gamer

    Cupcake Gamer8 days ago

    He should do a give away and give out some of those sun classes

  90. Gimberg Preval

    Gimberg Preval8 days ago

    Hey Ki- Kids: YAAAAAAYYYYYY Do you wan- Kids: YAAAAAAYYYYYY But I didn't finini- Kids: YAAAAAAYYYYYY

  91. Aiden Wilder

    Aiden Wilder9 days ago

    Yo Jordan

  92. Jescilla Godines

    Jescilla Godines9 days ago

    I have the same goggles

  93. Rylan Jeffreys

    Rylan Jeffreys9 days ago

    I love the under armor glass is the one with the colored lenses

  94. Shaheed nabid

    Shaheed nabid9 days ago

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  95. Sam Hall

    Sam Hall9 days ago

    That’s my water park Lanier World

  96. Randy carter

    Randy carter9 days ago

    One of those sun glasses were my perception

  97. Ahmad Hadid

    Ahmad Hadid9 days ago

    You talk too much s***

  98. Abe V

    Abe V9 days ago

    You should do a give away with the sunglasses

  99. Kathrine_x

    Kathrine_x9 days ago

    It honestly makes me so happy that he has cool fan experiences like this bc really he deserves this much love fr 💕💕

  100. Tristan Marcellana

    Tristan Marcellana2 days ago

    Kathrine_x yesss

  101. ерунда сэндвич

    ерунда сэндвич9 days ago

    White country, uh

  102. OG games

    OG games9 days ago

    You never have to buy glasses again

  103. Zackary Noll

    Zackary Noll9 days ago

    Risk it for the biscuit in this case risking it for the treasure

  104. Christopher Benson

    Christopher Benson9 days ago

    you look like you are reeealyyyy sunbrund

  105. Steve Worthington

    Steve Worthington9 days ago

    He's so sunburned😵

  106. Fishing With Carter

    Fishing With Carter9 days ago

    Can i have a pair ?