Exciting iPhone 11 Leaks & Round Apple Watch!


  1. jonah vlogs

    jonah vlogs3 days ago


  2. Agreasycat101

    Agreasycat1015 days ago

    You sound a lot like Justdestiny.. hmm I wonder if you're him

  3. Db76 Legos7

    Db76 Legos75 days ago

    I think the se 2 is my future phone!

  4. KoreanRobloxProYT {KRRPG} Music&Tunes

    KoreanRobloxProYT {KRRPG} Music&Tunes6 days ago

    🖥 💻 ⌚️ 📱🖱⌨️📅📁📋 Ok that’s all the apple stuffs on emoji

  5. KoreanRobloxProYT {KRRPG} Music&Tunes

    KoreanRobloxProYT {KRRPG} Music&Tunes6 days ago

    And I love the circle Apple Watch ⌚️

  6. KoreanRobloxProYT {KRRPG} Music&Tunes

    KoreanRobloxProYT {KRRPG} Music&Tunes6 days ago

    Lol you use MacOS Mojave 10.14 how I figured out: look at status bar at top. It’s dark. MacOS Mojave Features Dark Mode RIP iOS 12

  7. George McFarland

    George McFarland10 days ago

    What do you use to create the renders?

  8. tkale_ 935

    tkale_ 93511 days ago

    Curved edges would be illegal because of Samsung’s infinity screen.

  9. John Deer

    John Deer13 days ago

    SE was canceled?

  10. Papi Papi

    Papi Papi14 days ago


  11. Mary Lagueruela

    Mary Lagueruela14 days ago

    I'm literally just waiting for apple to release a round watch!! Then I'll buy it.

  12. Hazael Magino

    Hazael Magino18 days ago

    0:55 isnt that ur Audi r8 v10 plus comfort seat?!?!

  13. Karlo Josip Kardum

    Karlo Josip Kardum19 days ago

    can anyone make watchmaker watch face from 0:05 for wear OS, it looks very cool.

  14. StrikerCertified

    StrikerCertified21 day ago

    You should make a crack in one of the rendered screens to make the video unsatisfying

  15. Aqilla AMI

    Aqilla AMI22 days ago

    why nobody talk about iphone 9 or 8s

  16. Zach H

    Zach H22 days ago

    4:50 0.50th world problems

  17. jadon jenner

    jadon jenner23 days ago

    apple should put the touch id on the on/off button like the razer gaming phone

  18. Sierra Lee

    Sierra Lee23 days ago

    2030  apple make a car lol

  19. Sam Adams

    Sam Adams25 days ago

    Man I would love to have that sick ombré blue lavender iPhone. But I guess I could just do whatever I want colour-wise with a case cause I’ll be putting a case on it anyway. 😂

  20. Nick A

    Nick A26 days ago

    what you think about new iphone 11

  21. King Seth

    King Seth27 days ago

    Can I get one free ?

  22. 00000

    0000028 days ago

    5:47 That color needs to exist

  23. whoopsitsbethenee

    whoopsitsbethenee29 days ago

    One day, the whole back of the phone is going to be a camera

  24. ProEvanGamez

    ProEvanGamezMonth ago

    Wait so other iPhones will have Face ID??!!!?!!??

  25. The_Thomas_Jarvis

    The_Thomas_JarvisMonth ago

    SE 2 has to have face ID. I would definitely buy it if it was anywhere between 600 and 800 bucks.

  26. HowBe channel

    HowBe channelMonth ago

    Nooooooooo! Hey guys, for the Apple watch I think Jony Ive would not want a round design. Forget the round designs for the Watch

  27. sourcescience

    sourcescienceMonth ago

    Round watch is never going to happen.

  28. Vincen Cohan

    Vincen CohanMonth ago

    I got three or four times adv appearing here

  29. Jenny Uay

    Jenny UayMonth ago

    They are making the round watch my friends uncle works at Apple and she has the round one it is coming out in September

  30. Cool stuff

    Cool stuffMonth ago

    Dislike like your video because all the dumb adds

  31. Eska

    EskaMonth ago

    I wanted to buy Apple Watch 4, but If it’s round ... I’d buy 3LTE

  32. MrTr4gic - Magic: The Gathering Fun!

    MrTr4gic - Magic: The Gathering Fun!Month ago

    the entire face id problem boils down to first world problems

  33. J D

    J DMonth ago

    All the shit is goanna be ugly asf

  34. Fayaz12 Gaming

    Fayaz12 GamingMonth ago

    I went with the Huawei watch over Apple watch solely because of the roundness, would be cool if Apple Watch went round

  35. TheDiamondB21

    TheDiamondB21Month ago

    What program do you use

  36. Nannerchan

    NannerchanMonth ago

    Do you have any idea about the price? I switched to a Samsung S8 about six months ago. I thought that the X was too pricey and the iPhone 8 was not as advanced. I would switch back to iPhone if the price does not exceed $1000 . My phone has wireless charging, no bezels and no notch. If Apple can give me something comparable under $1000, I will switch.

  37. Big Dawg

    Big DawgMonth ago

    When is it dropping? I'm looking to buy a new phone for father's day but I want the bigger screen. Trying to see how long I would have to wait.

  38. Andrea Pyne

    Andrea PyneMonth ago

    Circle ⭕️ Watch is ugly 😑

  39. Andrea Pyne

    Andrea PyneMonth ago

    I hope they come out with more colors for the 10 😁

  40. Alexander Price

    Alexander PriceMonth ago

    Were any new iphone announced at WWDC??

  41. Tushar Grewal

    Tushar GrewalMonth ago

    when iphone x plus will be launch

  42. Aishwarya Net

    Aishwarya NetMonth ago

    So they are going to call this year's iPhone the "2018 iPhone X" or what???

  43. 박민 내

    박민 내13 days ago

    Aishwarya Net IPhone Xl

  44. Swashig

    SwashigMonth ago

    I looked for iphone 11. And they were all fake.But i know that you are not fake.thanks

  45. Kalah Guthrie

    Kalah GuthrieMonth ago

    Tbh I would love a round Apple Watch ⌚️

  46. iJesse

    iJesseMonth ago

    so Apple are going to completely Ripoff Samsung with the Curved edge display, yet a few weeks back Apple had the Nerve to Force Samsung to pay them loads for trying to use some of the iOS features for their Samsung Phones.. that's a little Hypocritical coming from Apple Ain't it...

  47. Bella D.

    Bella D.Month ago

    Having to watch commercials every TWO minutes? Insane.

  48. Ethan Ackerman

    Ethan AckermanMonth ago

    Hi EverythingApplePro I have an iPhone x love it can't wait for the new ones and the series 4!!!!!!!!

  49. sonia Dalva

    sonia DalvaMonth ago

    I’m saving for iPhone 11 when it comes out. It’s going to be my first iPhone ever.. Apart from my Mac and my 2 ipads,I refused to use iPhone coz they were just too tiny for me,that’s why I’ve been with Galaxy s Edge ever since,but ima try this one this time.. I just can’t work with any phone that’s less than 5’5 inch’s ugh,so this is going to be my favorite and I might stick to IPhones after this,that is if I’ll love it.

  50. Laesha Ramos

    Laesha RamosMonth ago

    iLoveYou ❤️😘😍

  51. james hood

    james hoodMonth ago

    I want to buy an iphone, but i dont know if i should buy the 8 plus or wait for the iphone x plus. Which one should I buy?

  52. Abby C.

    Abby C.Month ago

    i cant wait for the iphone SE 2! when it comes out i have to get it!

  53. Dafin Bozhilov

    Dafin BozhilovMonth ago

    I think iPhone se2 is shut...

  54. Joker 102

    Joker 102Month ago

    And you and your stupid ads god people these days just want money

  55. Joker 102

    Joker 102Month ago

    There not gonna make the notch alright it’s shit it’s sucks dick and no one likes it so apple wants money not boo boo

  56. Slime Lifee

    Slime LifeeMonth ago

    это так здорово, что я не могу ждать!

  57. Top of top

    Top of topMonth ago

    Apple can blow me stuff this 8"

  58. Coco Couleê

    Coco CouleêMonth ago


  59. iOeffortlesS

    iOeffortlesSMonth ago

    Looking forward to the new devices!

  60. Sputz3

    Sputz3Month ago

    Does the IPhone X have a password option besides Face ID?

  61. Sputz3

    Sputz3Month ago

    No Touch ID....No buy.....they should have at least put a Touch ID on the back. People would have flocked to the IPhone X.

  62. Pieterrr58 58

    Pieterrr58 58Month ago

    It would be interesting to see that Apple copys Huawei.

  63. VOiD LSK SB

    VOiD LSK SBMonth ago

    Apple we need a iPad mini 5

  64. مهدي صلاح المعموري

    مهدي صلاح المعموريMonth ago

    ساعة ابل اذا كانت بشكل دائري ستكون اجمل بكثير من ذالك الشكل ⌚️

  65. acababie MSP

    acababie MSPMonth ago

    So, no one is gonna mention the fact that Apple has not yet made an iPhone 9.

  66. Bruce Rivers

    Bruce RiversMonth ago

    Apple needs to put a built in finger print scanner, usb-c ultra fast charging and needs to update their iOS to be super futuristic.

  67. ernie3nell

    ernie3nellMonth ago

    Build the round watch, beautiful rendering by the way.

  68. Felix Lissaker

    Felix LissakerMonth ago

    That apple watch looks so great

  69. Patato Loic

    Patato LoicMonth ago

    Aren’t you doing leaks ??? Wont you get attested?? 👀

  70. Shailym

    ShailymMonth ago

    Round apple watch. Disappointed.

  71. Wes Nichol

    Wes NicholMonth ago

    I'm wondering if maybe the SE2 may be using retina scanning for lock/unlock?

  72. LubiGee

    LubiGeeMonth ago

    Sad thing is people are actually going to buy them

  73. Ghastly Broom

    Ghastly BroomMonth ago

    Soooo pretttttyyyyyyyy



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  75. Anonymous Freak

    Anonymous FreakMonth ago

    My wife loves her Pebble Time Round, but the battery is starting to give out, and since the company Pebble went kaput, and the battery in it was 100% custom, there's no way to replace it. I hope the round Apple Watch appears soon!

  76. XXX Coolguy

    XXX CoolguyMonth ago


  77. Larry A

    Larry AMonth ago

    Do we care about leaks anymore ?

  78. YouTuber Dubs

    YouTuber DubsMonth ago

    The number of mid roll ads killed me

  79. Chris Romberg

    Chris RombergMonth ago

    Round Apple watch...instant buy!

  80. mbrandful

    mbrandfulMonth ago

    Interesting accent. Are you originally from Eastern Europe?

  81. Vikas Kalkandha

    Vikas KalkandhaMonth ago


  82. Ryan Carty

    Ryan CartyMonth ago

    After 10 years of iPhones I’m probably going Pixel 3 XL assuming they shrink the bezels from the Pixel 2 XL. Apple used to be revolutionary but everyone else has caught up and in many ways passed them. Siri is so beyond garbage it’s shocking. I love google and their software advancements are far beyond apple’s so I’m ready for that pure Google experience and AI.

  83. Ethan Almeida

    Ethan AlmeidaMonth ago

    That gucci shirt doe. My mans making racks off apple

  84. David Seeg

    David SeegMonth ago


  85. Galdoen Mansour

    Galdoen MansourMonth ago

    Your video's is verry Nice Apple Pro🔥🔥🔥🔥

  86. gamer pro

    gamer proMonth ago

    Change your shirt

  87. Trae Chancy

    Trae ChancyMonth ago

    I want a round Apple Watch so bad!

  88. Gm Visuals

    Gm VisualsMonth ago

    4k display and a processor thats REALLY faster in real life and not just on paper is all I want

  89. Gm Visuals

    Gm VisualsMonth ago

    apple running out of gimmicks

  90. Kaela D

    Kaela DMonth ago

    I am HERE for a round apple watch!!

  91. icon sting

    icon stingMonth ago

    Forget apple move to Samsung or huawei

  92. Maria Campos

    Maria CamposMonth ago

    Lol I was like the Apple Watch isn’t round 😂😂😂😂😂

  93. James Lawson

    James LawsonMonth ago

    Why so many ads

  94. Ryan Kelly

    Ryan KellyMonth ago

    Would definitely LOVE to have a round Apple Watch.. makes it more classic looking and less like a calculator watch.

  95. Chris Major

    Chris MajorMonth ago

    iOS 12 how about the ability to re order phone numbers within a contact. 12 os’s and god knows how many revisions and you can’t do the simplest thing

  96. hello there good guy!

    hello there good guy!Month ago

    SE2 should really happen

  97. Carter Schindel

    Carter SchindelMonth ago

    Looking forward to possibly getting a iPhone X Plus if it's good enough. Maybe Apple is making the SE2 with only a passcode as security? It would work but is that what they'd do who knows.. Apple.

  98. Mikaela Leandrou

    Mikaela LeandrouMonth ago

    Will it come out in September

  99. Jade Cooper

    Jade CooperMonth ago

    If you were to do another drop test, would you test more “designer” cases? Like Sonix, Castify, Case-Mate, Zero Gravity, ect? They promote protection but I’m shady about them. I love the designs, just not the thought of my phone shattering. (I have an Otterbox Symmetry for reference.)

  100. OhHannah

    OhHannahMonth ago

    Thank god i have the 8 plus now and I just fits in my school uniform pocket 😂

  101. Andrew P

    Andrew PMonth ago

    not looking forward to a triple lens iphone x. hate having to rebuy cases. Round apple watch would be neat. First can we get some more options for watch faces????