Exciting iPhone 11 Leaks & Round Apple Watch!


  1. adamsik

    adamsikMonth ago

    Don’t do the round watch don’t do it apple 🍎 don’t 🍏 don’t

  2. voteDC

    voteDCMonth ago

    I confess what has always put me off about getting an Apple Watch is that it looks like someone shrunk a phone and put a strap on it. Apple Watches might very well be the best smart device to wear on the wrist but it isn't the best looking watch. So my go to has been the Gear S3 from Samsung, doesn't have all the features of the Apple Watch but it by far beats it in looks. That being said if Apple did release a round watch then they could very well tempt me away.

  3. Bryss FN

    Bryss FNMonth ago

    Yo apple is really trying to become Samsung

  4. Waider Group,inck™

    Waider Group,inck™2 months ago

    Apple have big problems apple vs china RIP APPLE

  5. Lol I’m weird

    Lol I’m weird2 months ago

    Photography is my dream career, so I would love to have a phone with a large, portrait camera. But I can’t afford it 😂

  6. Emma Gross

    Emma Gross2 months ago

    it’s called a 10 max not plus!😂

  7. Nike Aka E

    Nike Aka E3 months ago

    Okay so should I wait for iPhone 11 or get the XS Max

  8. Monsur

    Monsur3 months ago

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  9. Niya

    Niya3 months ago

    Keep the Apple Watch square *Period*

  10. AerioC

    AerioC3 months ago

    Se2 = XR

  11. Raquel Barren

    Raquel Barren3 months ago

    Soo there is just not going to be a IPhone 9? Ok🤦🏽‍♀️

  12. Lela Labartkava

    Lela Labartkava3 months ago

    Not everyone who doesn't know a lot about technology is uneducated I like the channel but this was a stupid statement

  13. moxzilla6

    moxzilla64 months ago

    a round Apple Watch I might get

  14. Mystical Josh

    Mystical Josh4 months ago

    I have the IPhone XR

  15. Matthew Perkins

    Matthew Perkins4 months ago

    Any people watching October 2018

  16. 萨米 sM!

    萨米 sM!4 months ago

    Well guess who is lying for views

  17. LotsOfLogan49

    LotsOfLogan494 months ago

    iPhone from 2045: Nine rear cameras, two flashlights, zero bezels, Face ID has since been replaced with Grip ID, four front-facing cameras, and the cameras can make holograms if placed facedown.

  18. LotsOfLogan49

    LotsOfLogan494 months ago

    Anyone watching this after the Apple event? Triple lens cameras? No rename? iPhone X Plus? Weather above the time and date on the lock screen in iOS 12? iPhone 11?

  19. Julio Rosas

    Julio Rosas5 months ago

    thumbs up for round watch

  20. Turtle boi

    Turtle boi5 months ago

    I have the iPhone Xs

  21. Deepak Raj

    Deepak Raj5 months ago

    Kab aayega iPhone 11

  22. Arkin Enzo Lichauco

    Arkin Enzo Lichauco5 months ago

    iPhone X sE and X sE Plus

  23. Arkin Enzo Lichauco

    Arkin Enzo Lichauco5 months ago

    🍎WATCH thinkQ

  24. Arkin Enzo Lichauco

    Arkin Enzo Lichauco5 months ago

    🍎WATCH SERIES 5 and iPhone X + and iPhone X2 and X2 Plus and X pixel iPad Air 5 iPad Mini 5 iPad Pro X iMac Noob MacBook Noob

  25. snckrr

    snckrr5 months ago

    apple is so stealing al of that from huawei

  26. WyzardiTemps NBW

    WyzardiTemps NBW5 months ago

    They gonna add the og swipe to open

  27. Jake Loeb

    Jake Loeb5 months ago

    This all fake #october2018

  28. SamsungCreation

    SamsungCreation5 months ago

    It's so awkward when you watch the video after the xs max and the apple watch series 4 are realesed

  29. John Andrei22

    John Andrei225 months ago

    That’s just an animation 3D

  30. John Andrei22

    John Andrei225 months ago

    Every thing apple pro is always requesting to Apple . Uhhh it’s making me confuse pls stop adding new it’s ok on iPhone Xr Xs x max

  31. Glayster Rodriguez

    Glayster Rodriguez5 months ago

    Watching this after, well you know, it's been announced & yeah I hate the fact that for an uneducated tech human, the Xr will look sooo damn similar 🤦🏻‍♂️

  32. Guus VGC

    Guus VGC6 months ago

    Funny to see the old leaks

  33. Dana W

    Dana W6 months ago

    The round Apple watch is NOT happening.

  34. Raymond Peter D'Souza

    Raymond Peter D'Souza6 months ago

    Wast of time.

  35. Mechelle F.

    Mechelle F.7 months ago

    Will Apple be releasing a Special Edition Product Red iPhone like the current iPhone 8 in an iPhone 10 or in one of the upcoming new Sep iPhone releases?

  36. TheRetroDudeAbides

    TheRetroDudeAbides7 months ago

    If I get a newer iPhone, I would not mind a vaporwave-colored one. Hell, a vaprowave colored iPad Pro would be win.

  37. Daniel Aguirre

    Daniel Aguirre7 months ago

    iPhone SE2 will have finger print on the side as a lock button. I got people.

  38. Nikolaj Bach

    Nikolaj Bach7 months ago

    Still wating for touch id on the digital Crown

  39. Velamuri arvin

    Velamuri arvin7 months ago

    How to have Rolex dial on Apple Watch 3

  40. Bystrík Dzíbela

    Bystrík Dzíbela7 months ago

    just bought sieres 3.

  41. ozzie the cockateil

    ozzie the cockateil7 months ago

    He says how will he unlock the se 2 why can’t u just fucking deal with a pin is it that hard

  42. lob lauren

    lob lauren7 months ago

    I think the X will be better, not to big but not to small at the same time, Face ID so if somebody steals it you can have face ID only and they can’t get in. The camera quality is great, my sister has the X and she says it’s great. The round apple watch is fugly too. 😫 The square is better because it’s straight and just better. You also have more room with the square. The big round apple watch is just stupid. Apple is a great company but they keep trying to make things better instead of staying the same for a while.

  43. Sid Karpe

    Sid Karpe7 months ago

    I ditched the iPhone X in 2017 cause everything is 1st gen, so I got the 8 Plus, I am part of the iPhone upgrade program, should I upgrade this year

  44. robbieg454

    robbieg4547 months ago

    I want the round watch

  45. Projector Studio

    Projector Studio7 months ago

    Hey everything Apple pro, ты яискы

  46. Projector Studio

    Projector Studio7 months ago

    Really exited about the future Apple Watch ⌚️ series 4 and 5

  47. Mohammed Ababneh

    Mohammed Ababneh7 months ago

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  48. Huy Nguyen

    Huy Nguyen7 months ago

    apple paid all these review to make hype on theirs new products. no wonder why apple have a really good advertising but not good as advertisers lol

  49. Tyler Kranwinkel

    Tyler Kranwinkel7 months ago

    Your rendering is sooo professional you could really foool someone who hasn’t read anything yet

  50. Lynn Hasbini

    Lynn Hasbini7 months ago

    Noooooooo exactly like huawaie p20 pro

  51. Lukas von Enzberg

    Lukas von Enzberg8 months ago

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  52. xHomer YT

    xHomer YT8 months ago

    Please keep the square screen it will be smaller for those types of people

  53. jonah Jakobs

    jonah Jakobs8 months ago


  54. Miss Keisha

    Miss Keisha8 months ago

    You sound a lot like Justdestiny.. hmm I wonder if you're him

  55. Db76 Legos7

    Db76 Legos78 months ago

    I think the se 2 is my future phone!

  56. JasonLee RBLX

    JasonLee RBLX8 months ago

    🖥 💻 ⌚️ 📱🖱⌨️📅📁📋 Ok that’s all the apple stuffs on emoji

  57. JasonLee RBLX

    JasonLee RBLX8 months ago

    And I love the circle Apple Watch ⌚️

  58. JasonLee RBLX

    JasonLee RBLX8 months ago

    Lol you use MacOS Mojave 10.14 how I figured out: look at status bar at top. It’s dark. MacOS Mojave Features Dark Mode RIP iOS 12

  59. George McFarland

    George McFarland8 months ago

    What do you use to create the renders?

  60. tkale_ 935

    tkale_ 9358 months ago

    Curved edges would be illegal because of Samsung’s infinity screen.

  61. John Deer

    John Deer8 months ago

    SE was canceled?

  62. Papi Papi

    Papi Papi8 months ago


  63. Mary Lagueruela

    Mary Lagueruela8 months ago

    I'm literally just waiting for apple to release a round watch!! Then I'll buy it.

  64. Hazael Magino

    Hazael Magino8 months ago

    0:55 isnt that ur Audi r8 v10 plus comfort seat?!?!

  65. Karlo Josip Kardum

    Karlo Josip Kardum8 months ago

    can anyone make watchmaker watch face from 0:05 for wear OS, it looks very cool.

  66. Marty Koegel

    Marty Koegel8 months ago

    You should make a crack in one of the rendered screens to make the video unsatisfying

  67. Aqilla AMI

    Aqilla AMI8 months ago

    why nobody talk about iphone 9 or 8s

  68. Zach H

    Zach H8 months ago

    4:50 0.50th world problems

  69. jadon jenner

    jadon jenner8 months ago

    apple should put the touch id on the on/off button like the razer gaming phone

  70. Sierra Lee

    Sierra Lee8 months ago

    2030  apple make a car lol

  71. Sam Adams

    Sam Adams9 months ago

    Man I would love to have that sick ombré blue lavender iPhone. But I guess I could just do whatever I want colour-wise with a case cause I’ll be putting a case on it anyway. 😂

  72. Nick A

    Nick A9 months ago

    what you think about new iphone 11

  73. King Seth

    King Seth9 months ago

    Can I get one free ?

  74. Dylan

    Dylan9 months ago

    5:47 That color needs to exist

  75. bettt

    bettt9 months ago

    One day, the whole back of the phone is going to be a camera

  76. ProEvanGamez

    ProEvanGamez9 months ago

    Wait so other iPhones will have Face ID??!!!?!!??

  77. Silvedoge

    Silvedoge9 months ago

    SE 2 has to have face ID. I would definitely buy it if it was anywhere between 600 and 800 bucks.

  78. Apple China

    Apple China9 months ago

    Nooooooooo! Hey guys, for the Apple watch I think Jony Ive would not want a round design. Forget the round designs for the Watch

  79. sourcescience

    sourcescience9 months ago

    Round watch is never going to happen.

  80. Vincen Cohan

    Vincen Cohan9 months ago

    I got three or four times adv appearing here

  81. Jenny Uay

    Jenny Uay9 months ago

    They are making the round watch my friends uncle works at Apple and she has the round one it is coming out in September

  82. Cool stuff

    Cool stuff9 months ago

    Dislike like your video because all the dumb adds

  83. Eska

    Eska9 months ago

    I wanted to buy Apple Watch 4, but If it’s round ... I’d buy 3LTE

  84. MrTr4gic - Magic: The Gathering Fun!

    MrTr4gic - Magic: The Gathering Fun!9 months ago

    the entire face id problem boils down to first world problems

  85. J D

    J D9 months ago

    All the shit is goanna be ugly asf

  86. Fayaz12 Gaming

    Fayaz12 Gaming9 months ago

    I went with the Huawei watch over Apple watch solely because of the roundness, would be cool if Apple Watch went round

  87. TheDiamondB21

    TheDiamondB219 months ago

    What program do you use

  88. Nannerchan

    Nannerchan9 months ago

    Do you have any idea about the price? I switched to a Samsung S8 about six months ago. I thought that the X was too pricey and the iPhone 8 was not as advanced. I would switch back to iPhone if the price does not exceed $1000 . My phone has wireless charging, no bezels and no notch. If Apple can give me something comparable under $1000, I will switch.

  89. Big Dawg

    Big Dawg9 months ago

    When is it dropping? I'm looking to buy a new phone for father's day but I want the bigger screen. Trying to see how long I would have to wait.

  90. Andrea Pyne

    Andrea Pyne9 months ago

    Circle ⭕️ Watch is ugly 😑

  91. Andrea Pyne

    Andrea Pyne9 months ago

    I hope they come out with more colors for the 10 😁

  92. Alexander Price

    Alexander Price9 months ago

    Were any new iphone announced at WWDC??

  93. Tushar Grewal

    Tushar Grewal9 months ago

    when iphone x plus will be launch

  94. Aishwarya Net

    Aishwarya Net9 months ago

    So they are going to call this year's iPhone the "2018 iPhone X" or what???

  95. melissa Marshall

    melissa MarshallMonth ago

    No they call it a iPhone XS and for the plus model iPhone XS Max

  96. 박민미

    박민미8 months ago

    Aishwarya Net IPhone Xl

  97. Kalah Guthrie

    Kalah Guthrie9 months ago

    Tbh I would love a round Apple Watch ⌚️

  98. iJesse

    iJesse9 months ago

    so Apple are going to completely Ripoff Samsung with the Curved edge display, yet a few weeks back Apple had the Nerve to Force Samsung to pay them loads for trying to use some of the iOS features for their Samsung Phones.. that's a little Hypocritical coming from Apple Ain't it...

  99. Bella D.

    Bella D.9 months ago

    Having to watch commercials every TWO minutes? Insane.

  100. sonia Dalva

    sonia Dalva9 months ago

    I’m saving for iPhone 11 when it comes out. It’s going to be my first iPhone ever.. Apart from my Mac and my 2 ipads,I refused to use iPhone coz they were just too tiny for me,that’s why I’ve been with Galaxy s Edge ever since,but ima try this one this time.. I just can’t work with any phone that’s less than 5’5 inch’s ugh,so this is going to be my favorite and I might stick to IPhones after this,that is if I’ll love it.

  101. Laesha Ramos

    Laesha Ramos9 months ago

    iLoveYou ❤️😘😍

  102. james hood

    james hood9 months ago

    I want to buy an iphone, but i dont know if i should buy the 8 plus or wait for the iphone x plus. Which one should I buy?