Everything Wrong With Ferdinand In 16 Minutes Or Less


  1. Televisión Hisperiana

    Televisión HisperianaHour ago

    I'm kindly asking you to take a sin off because I'm Andalusian and I absolutely guarantee the separation of the aisles in the china shop is on the kind side compared to what is usual in rural areas such as the one that scene takes place in. And yes, human customers DO have trouble walking through the store. I've only been to similar shops twice and several piles of clay plates were almost smashed.

  2. Johny Corporations

    Johny Corporations7 hours ago

    i think he brought a full sized water bucket because he knows its going to be spilled in the first place because if he doesn't have full bucket in the first place there would be no water for the plant at all witch in common sense having water is better than having no water at all. still love ur vids even though it has slight flaws

  3. Matthew Matias

    Matthew Matias10 hours ago


  4. GINA

    GINA12 hours ago

    0:39 maybe because he knew it would get poured all over the place while he walked?

  5. TheMindCraft DrawingMaster

    TheMindCraft DrawingMaster14 hours ago

    Guapo in Philippines and Spanish is handsome

  6. BaconBear!

    BaconBear!16 hours ago

    where's the beef?

  7. PewDiePie m

    PewDiePie m18 hours ago


  8. U.S. Boi

    U.S. Boi18 hours ago

    The movie is more of an Awful mess than the Nazis Ferdinand Tank Destroyer

  9. jo momma

    jo momma19 hours ago

    To be fair the bee freaks him out for the book movie ties

  10. Pouyan Shokraie

    Pouyan Shokraie19 hours ago

    excuse me, sir, the penguins of Madagascar were actually interesting

  11. Fun is Life

    Fun is Life22 hours ago

    13:15 six bulls were able to get in the bus but Ferdinand himself couldn't get in the car

  12. Bebela

    BebelaDay ago

    Have you ever heard of poison

  13. Deranged Crouton

    Deranged CroutonDay ago

    You didn't sin the horses dabbing? Seriously

  14. Jacob Bugenhagen

    Jacob BugenhagenDay ago

    Hey it says 15 min s or less but it’s 16 sixteen min

  15. craftnut

    craftnutDay ago


  16. Red Raven Trolololo

    Red Raven Trolololo2 days ago

    weird thing is i just watch this movie a week a ago and thought that nobody had even heard f it

  17. Stacy Yamashita

    Stacy Yamashita2 days ago

    14:35 You know those walking canes at the hunting store that are made out of bull penises

  18. Darius Perlado

    Darius Perlado2 days ago

    124? What happend to 3?

  19. Nathan Jerfey

    Nathan Jerfey2 days ago

    So is it 16 or 15 minutes long

  20. Lucy Stein

    Lucy Stein2 days ago

    Have you ever read the book? This is basically the the entire book

  21. Crazy Bulb

    Crazy Bulb2 days ago

    U got reported

  22. Aidynplaysroblox

    Aidynplaysroblox3 days ago

    ok that life alert was kinda great to be honest

  23. Dalek Emperor

    Dalek Emperor3 days ago


  24. squid kid

    squid kid3 days ago

    I did kinda want to see some of them die in that meat thing

  25. Nic 2751

    Nic 27513 days ago

    Penis emoji priceless 😂

  26. Fluffy Gamer

    Fluffy Gamer3 days ago

    So, I need to say this. Bulls are treated like kings. They're raised in open pastures and only experience human contact every year for shots and a checkup. And the bullfight was wrong, too. First the matador comes out and sways the cape around, normally a pink cape, to show the grace and beauty of the bull. (A bullfight symbolizes a dance sometimes) Then the picadores come out on horses, to tire the bull, trying to get him to tip the horses, then pricking him. Next, the banderillas. The matador is giving barbed sticks to stab into the bull to tire him more, and when the time is right, the matador will switch to a red cape and finish the fight. After the bull is so tired, it stands with it's head down, the matador inserts a long sword in the right position down it's back, eventually killing the bull. (Also, the bull is put into the ring a day before the bullfight so it can get used to the area)

  27. Panzer Krieg

    Panzer Krieg3 days ago

    Being pretty much tortured in a ring and eventually stabbed to death with a sword isn't exactly how one treats a king....

  28. Shala A.

    Shala A.3 days ago

    WOYO i jumped up when you mentioned Gabriel hes my comedy hero xD

  29. Il XIHill

    Il XIHill3 days ago

    its a childen's fantasy movie ...

  30. Lucky Block

    Lucky Block4 days ago

    The dabbing horses made me want to actually throw up

  31. Squirtel Drogarihuana

    Squirtel Drogarihuana5 days ago

    España no es diferente

  32. Conor Breen

    Conor Breen5 days ago

    Nothing Ferdinand is perfect

  33. Donc06 C

    Donc06 C5 days ago

    5:06 kinda sounds like scrooge mc. duck.

  34. Blu truth

    Blu truth5 days ago

    Wait... it’s in Spain, right? Wait, so everyone knows English? What?!?

  35. Diego Méndez Álvarez-Touchard

    Diego Méndez Álvarez-Touchard5 days ago

    Its sad that in reality they kill them

  36. I’m_A_Weirdo_That_Likes_Anime_And_Gay_Shit _

    I’m_A_Weirdo_That_Likes_Anime_And_Gay_Shit _6 days ago

    My friend puked while watching this and left, I envy her, she didn’t have to watch this shīt.

  37. Bowen Liu

    Bowen Liu6 days ago


  38. MEME GOD

    MEME GOD6 days ago

    F*ck this movie for not including DeSaCiTo

  39. Hawkman Gohawks

    Hawkman Gohawks6 days ago

    Man they dragged Payton Manning into this, didn’t they?

  40. King Lightbulb

    King Lightbulb7 days ago

    Makes a bad joke *sins movie

  41. Bobby Crevelli

    Bobby Crevelli8 days ago

    This is an actual spanish story and the bee is a key feature of the story and their is a play

  42. Salty King

    Salty King8 days ago

    You Forgot the dab

  43. Salty King

    Salty King8 days ago

    You Forget the dab

  44. The octopus gamer /TOG

    The octopus gamer /TOG10 days ago

    14:56 Stupify! Oh yeah! I hit him

  45. Natalie Moenning

    Natalie Moenning10 days ago

    I bet it got a lot of money because John Cena voice acted in it...I think... **ding**

  46. AnnoyingOrange&SMG4Fan57 YT

    AnnoyingOrange&SMG4Fan57 YT10 days ago

    Yeah idk why I saw this movie BECAUSE OF DABBING

  47. Adrian Böhm

    Adrian Böhm10 days ago

    I remember a very old animation about Ferdinand. Tbh never liked it, but the movie didn’t do it credit

  48. Benjamin Heslop

    Benjamin Heslop11 days ago

    14:33 her legs clipped through her dress, they dint animated the dress around the leg, instead they let the leg cut through it. cause its gonna be like a 2 second clip. except i have no life and a keen sense of eyesight for random shit

  49. Iman Verdi Nejad

    Iman Verdi Nejad11 days ago

    1:55 the bull has become deviant

  50. Keelimepi !

    Keelimepi !11 days ago

    Actually, in the book, Ferdinand did get stung by a bee to cause this

  51. Jennelle Aboagye

    Jennelle Aboagye11 days ago

    this acually 4th movie with animals driving cars.He didn't count over the hedge!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Jaxson Grigsby

    Jaxson Grigsby11 days ago

    Want to know what this movie should have been? A documentary-type film starring a famed matador who, over the course of the film, realizes the pure cruelty of this sport, then purchases the bulls in the stadium to live on a ranch he buys to live the rest of their lives in peace

  53. Maximum Security

    Maximum Security11 days ago

    Looks at time Sees 16:24 GETS TRIGGERED

  54. Nilu Srivastava

    Nilu Srivastava11 days ago

    And his name is Ferdinand Cena.

  55. natasha fletcher

    natasha fletcher12 days ago

    They gave the doctor line to the Scottish bull cause he was voiced by David tennant. It was a doctor who reference. You’re welcome

  56. RedDragoon24

    RedDragoon2412 days ago

    you forgot the obviose sin. 8:37 Also Cow lick

  57. Yarny Productions

    Yarny Productions12 days ago

    Um this is is actually more than 15 minutes

  58. Marx and Peanut Butter

    Marx and Peanut Butter12 days ago

    *Esperanza Rising*

  59. Skeleton3713

    Skeleton371312 days ago

    That’s racist and egg winest

  60. Jacqueline Wright

    Jacqueline Wright14 days ago

    Sose bones not know that he is a cow and the Scottish cow he ain't a bull

  61. XMania Rock

    XMania Rock14 days ago

    Most of the comments he made was the same I said in my Spanish class when we watched this movie

  62. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry Thomas15 days ago

    Belize shout out I see your knowledgeable

  63. makel blix

    makel blix16 days ago

    15:00 sooo...tres was alive after all

  64. UltraDeath2u

    UltraDeath2u16 days ago

    The incest joke isnt that bad because purebreds are a thing

  65. Hazel Beeson

    Hazel Beeson17 days ago

    The movie is based off of a children's book that is possibly one of the best children's book ever and this movie brought me to tears of disappointment, and brought the book to shame

  66. Ultron

    Ultron18 days ago

    Don’t forget Madagascar 3 it also shows animals driving

  67. Karl Ferdinand

    Karl Ferdinand19 days ago

    9:39 if only he had life alert

  68. Iron Site

    Iron Site19 days ago

    You know what pissed me off more than anything? He never mentioned that bulls N-E-V-E-R EVER SIT LIKE FUCKING DOGS! THEY ARENT DOGS THEY WILL NEVER BE DOGS THEY ARE BULLS GET THE FUCK OVER URSELF MOVIES

  69. JusticeGraceful

    JusticeGraceful21 day ago

    Maquina Ex Machina! There IS hope in the world! *Ding*

  70. Little Blue Fox Artist

    Little Blue Fox Artist21 day ago

    According to CinemaSins, assholes eat apples

  71. ItzWolfie Gamer

    ItzWolfie Gamer23 days ago

    %95 of comments= You missed the horses dabbing!! %3 of comments= Their own sins %2 of comments = My unoriginal comments

  72. ItzWolfie Gamer

    ItzWolfie Gamer23 days ago

    Fact : Bulls are actually colorblind so im guessing the red is a color they see from their yes disturbing... Or their just trained...or this world is to stupid because when all else fails use a scottish accent or farts.

  73. Austyn Cross

    Austyn Cross23 days ago

    10:42 😂

  74. Jazzy is a Cinnamon Roll

    Jazzy is a Cinnamon Roll24 days ago

    I like the book better :/

  75. Gta ac solid dude

    Gta ac solid dude25 days ago

    You could say you couldn't see ferdinand Get it? John cena is ferdinand………one of his catchphrases? I'll leave

  76. CodyGamerBug

    CodyGamerBug26 days ago

    If I can remember watching this movie in the beginning there was no narration so why no sin removal especially because this is an animated children's movie


    KWAME HUDSON26 days ago


  78. Patricia MacLeod love's Steve Macleod

    Patricia MacLeod love's Steve Macleod27 days ago

    Plus ten sins that this got most of its money because of John cena

  79. KikiKingdom110 !

    KikiKingdom110 !27 days ago

    12:33 don't forget Madagascar 3

  80. its ya boi me

    its ya boi me27 days ago

    i googled how long does it take for a bull to be full grown, and it takes two years soooooo... yea

  81. Arthur-ities' Tea-bag

    Arthur-ities' Tea-bag28 days ago

    Apparently all Spaniards have hot arses

  82. Jamie Brumbaugh

    Jamie Brumbaugh28 days ago

    Teacher from big hero 6 gained some weight and got a tan then decided to sell bulls after being released from prison i assume

  83. Jammin Dragon

    Jammin DragonMonth ago

    To me this movie is a underrated gem

  84. Madelyn Stenmark

    Madelyn StenmarkMonth ago

    Is it sad that when I saw this movie I cried

  85. King Lightbulb

    King LightbulbMonth ago

    The book was better

  86. Giran 0

    Giran 0Month ago

    What was the point of Tres?

  87. Epic JJ01

    Epic JJ01Month ago

    takes 2 years to mature its pretty close in years but THEY ARE YEARS

  88. Paul Cooke

    Paul CookeMonth ago

    You said that apples and carrots are the only foods mentioned in the movie, but aren't the main characters all made of beef?

  89. noyrb11

    noyrb11Month ago

    Anyone here, I'm gonna show you some cool teqhniques. If you use the * thing when you say a word, *this* *happens.* and also, if you use the # thing before a word, it's a hashtag. #MReporter!

  90. Sofía Jiménez

    Sofía JiménezMonth ago

    This guy just butchered the Spanish language for a solid 16 minutes.

  91. Bena Lena

    Bena LenaMonth ago

    I remember reading the book with my grandpa when I was just learning to read, it sucks to see it transformed into this... dancing bull mess. Yeah. I don't like Ferdinand.

  92. Gogeto Creater

    Gogeto CreaterMonth ago

    My name is Trayse pronounced like Trace and a truck hit me but I'm not dead so stop movieing movie

  93. Ethan Jesse

    Ethan JesseMonth ago

    12:10 you missed your chance to say BULL-der

  94. frisk - Kris - chara dreemurr

    frisk - Kris - chara dreemurrMonth ago


  95. Mini Films Central

    Mini Films CentralMonth ago

    3:46 No, that’s because that’s what made him do that in the book.

  96. tistan boxby

    tistan boxbyMonth ago

    easily my favorite sinned movie so far

  97. Minthe Madnezz

    Minthe MadnezzMonth ago

    IvE fallEN and CanT gidDyUp

  98. The Greatest Huntress

    The Greatest HuntressMonth ago

    Can we just talk about how fucking dark this movie is?

  99. KɪdWɪthMemes

    KɪdWɪthMemesMonth ago

    He forgot the dabbing horses

  100. Whoop Dee-Doo

    Whoop Dee-DooMonth ago

    I have a real problem with this movie. I read the book a bunch of times and I hated this movie, they took a beautiful book and made it in to a unoriginal cliche movie.

  101. Dark Hood Entity

    Dark Hood EntityMonth ago

    Cinemasins trying not to make any bull puns up until 10:43.