Everything Wrong With Ferdinand In 16 Minutes Or Less


  1. Tay Tay Hoodje

    Tay Tay Hoodje2 days ago

    Yeah the guy should have known the problem so sin shit. But my issue is that he missed the freaking joke... It was a cow-lick, IT WAS A FUCKING COWLICK!!!!!! And yes I know they're bull's but it's still stupidly funny for an inaccurate joke

  2. Mike Le Suèdois

    Mike Le Suèdois3 days ago

    a bull and a human cant be married

  3. Ben Abad

    Ben Abad3 days ago

    1:57 Deja Vu.

  4. FluffyLilEspurr

    FluffyLilEspurr3 days ago

    I haven't seen this movie yet :(

  5. Hunter Sanchez

    Hunter Sanchez4 days ago

    * cough * the bee sting was in the book * cough * remove sin * cough *

  6. Michelle Ortiz

    Michelle Ortiz4 days ago

    Wait did that bull say “so long FUCKERS”??? WHAT KIND OF CHILDREN’S MOVIE IS THIS

  7. Drizzled Cake

    Drizzled Cake5 days ago

    "Go eat a schnitzel, you pasty- faced gluestick" is my new target insult

  8. Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan Garcia6 days ago

    Discount The Lion King or Discount Simba. Take your pick.

  9. Abusora Saukae

    Abusora Saukae7 days ago

    A cow lick XD

  10. The Fortnite Cameron

    The Fortnite Cameron8 days ago

    They should have had the dog be a Pitbull. So they could have a Pitbull and a pet bull

  11. May Smith

    May Smith8 days ago

    "I'm a bull not a Doctor." Yeah I would go for the low hanging apple too. Apple get it. I'll just leave.

  12. hardily harhar dargar

    hardily harhar dargar8 days ago

    Despacito but movie

  13. Elen Seary

    Elen Seary9 days ago

    Movie sin timer 00:07:59 #1 it's a film #2 deal with it

  14. Ducky LPS

    Ducky LPS9 days ago

    I hate dee squirrel

  15. Sarah Bentley

    Sarah Bentley9 days ago

    omg perfect lip sink 4:46

  16. Shirlohka

    Shirlohka10 days ago

    #125 a movie called Ferdinand that isn't about the start of world war one.

  17. Patrick Miholič

    Patrick Miholič10 days ago


  18. Mister Godzilla

    Mister Godzilla10 days ago


  19. For3st Spirit

    For3st Spirit11 days ago

    Take a sin off for every time David talked. I got all nostalgic over his Gobber voice.

  20. Tricia Aura Uy

    Tricia Aura Uy13 days ago

    Fucking your mean and fat

  21. m0cha

    m0cha13 days ago

    Stop being immature. People are allowed to have their opinions about movies.

  22. Alex Glikman

    Alex Glikman14 days ago

    Why didn't you made any jokes about bullshit

  23. Budder Stulle

    Budder Stulle14 days ago

    It isnt racist to tell a german to go eat a schnitzel.... And im a german i know th sturggles

  24. RFJ Pizzo

    RFJ Pizzo14 days ago

    Sonic lol

  25. Saige Cox

    Saige Cox15 days ago

    Har har 124 sins the hedgehogs were named unos dos quatro

  26. Peter Malloy

    Peter Malloy15 days ago

    So we are gonna ignore the fact that Ferdinand has a fucking orgasm every time he sniffs a flower?

  27. Pamela Mays

    Pamela Mays16 days ago

    I read the original book. They took a lot of liberties with the source material.

  28. junjia lim

    junjia lim17 days ago

    Does he even fucking know bitch(sorry)

  29. junjia lim

    junjia lim17 days ago

    Have liao in movie

  30. VunderGuy

    VunderGuy18 days ago


  31. CGI Future

    CGI Future18 days ago

    10million subs = face reveal

  32. Eclipse _X3

    Eclipse _X318 days ago

    9:11 Damn, I was really expecting him to say ‘Neighcist’

  33. Jacob Burden

    Jacob Burden19 days ago

    14:26 you had the Harambe joke just waiting there for you

  34. Jacob Burden

    Jacob Burden19 days ago

    6:42 The disk I was watching had a scratch on it (it was rented) and it stopped right before he said "buttocks" I looked at my brother, who was also watching and said "he's going to say butt" and I was pretty close to right.

  35. Me, myself and I like to be alone.

    Me, myself and I like to be alone.20 days ago

    Isn't this based on a short children's book?

  36. Voch 123

    Voch 12321 day ago

    wait... so no sin for dabbing horses? by far worst part of movie

  37. Righteous Klaus

    Righteous Klaus21 day ago

    Also, I read through some comments, and everyone keeps asking about jhon cena puns... HE'S THE VOICE ACTOR OF FERDINAND

  38. Righteous Klaus

    Righteous Klaus21 day ago

    How bout 1 mil for the dabs?

  39. ihavewords ihavethebestwords

    ihavewords ihavethebestwords21 day ago


  40. Darky 82955

    Darky 8295521 day ago

    When he licked that cows hair I think they were trying to joke the cow lick is that another sin?

  41. IanBrian YT

    IanBrian YT22 days ago

    Well this ain't *BULL* crap Sorry I'll leave now

  42. Rusty the narrow engine

    Rusty the narrow engine22 days ago

    9:08 how does she know what a glue stick is

  43. Spanish Fries

    Spanish Fries22 days ago

    Me: Guesses the sentence is Food Nation Cinema sins: The sentence is Fast Food Nation Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  44. duck 0

    duck 024 days ago

    The 2 movie sin is a real thing in real life probably i didnt listen closly

  45. madmanmapper

    madmanmapper24 days ago

    The biggest miss in this movie was that the slaughterhouse went from actually being the grimdark place that it is to those bulls, to a stupid goofy action scene that the movie really didn't need.

  46. Kalhenwrath1

    Kalhenwrath124 days ago

    That bull looks like the one Bugs fought so many years ago.

  47. GhostyGengar

    GhostyGengar24 days ago

    Oh man they brought Peyton Manning into it. What did he do to deserve this

  48. Ce Ce

    Ce Ce25 days ago

    I don't get the joke at 6:31. Isn't what they said the opposite of incest?

  49. Victor Vasquez

    Victor Vasquez25 days ago

    If you guys were wondering what the third movie was that featured animals driving cars it was Over The Hedge

  50. ChrysOtaku

    ChrysOtaku25 days ago

    Cap and Thanos doing a disco murderteque would make the money fly out of my wallet man, don't tease me with sequel information!

  51. BobaMochi

    BobaMochi25 days ago


  52. Sprig Wave

    Sprig Wave25 days ago

    You should've add 10 sins for the water bucket

  53. ellie

    ellie25 days ago

    There is never too much Kate McKinnon

  54. Adam bomb Schmidt

    Adam bomb Schmidt26 days ago

    12:28 *night time* 12:32 and now it’s day time all of a sudden *ding*

  55. Egg Enthusiast

    Egg Enthusiast26 days ago

    5:45 what about Despacito?

  56. Angel Mandujano

    Angel Mandujano26 days ago


  57. Zara Masters

    Zara Masters26 days ago

    Just did a 10 fucking second google search. A bull reaches full height in a YEAR. Meaning if they bring HIM EVERY YEAR. That's a minimum of 2 years. So assuming we was like 2 months old when they found him and took him in. He was DEFIANTLY at max height the previous year. Meaning he shouldn't have been able to go the previous year. This issue could have easily been fixed by the dad mentioning that the previous year caused issues and were asked not to attend. Which would have made for a slightly more interesting reason for him wanting to come to the flower festival, wanting to prove that he could attend without causing issues that he could have caused the previous year. +5 sins for this idiotic failure.

  58. Alexander Huang

    Alexander Huang27 days ago

    Watching the commercial made me cringe every second or two. I don't like Ferdinand's facial expressions and movements; they look exaggerated and sometimes stupid to me.


    xXSKELLY BONExX28 days ago

    5:08 Thats what she said

  60. The Genius Gamer Cuh

    The Genius Gamer Cuh28 days ago

    11:32 It's electro wizard

  61. Bonzy Bunni

    Bonzy Bunni29 days ago

    I like 5:37 because its the closest thing to vore in this movie

  62. Planet Mars

    Planet Mars29 days ago

    Not a single John Cena joke? I'm adding a sin for this.

  63. Planet Mars

    Planet Mars29 days ago

    10 minutes in, and no jokes about Ferdinand being played by John Cena?

  64. Blank

    BlankMonth ago

    Ferdinand 2 : Black Bulls in the Hood

  65. BoredWolves

    BoredWolvesMonth ago

    I think the horses were there cus they are Spanish Andalucian horses.

  66. Jay's skits and gaming

    Jay's skits and gamingMonth ago

    i have a video sin! why did you put 1 sin on the caterpillar to butterfly one

  67. paula carmona

    paula carmonaMonth ago

    On sin 7, you truly don’t know how loyal and majestic bulls are. They are so peaceful actually.

  68. paula carmona

    paula carmonaMonth ago

    The way he said matadors took me off, “Malador” 😂😂

  69. Stultum Stulto

    Stultum StultoMonth ago

    Am I the only person who liked this movie? It's a sweet silly kid's movie. What it does, it does fine.

  70. Fay Vw

    Fay VwMonth ago

    Lol The best Kickboxer OF THE WORLD plays This Role 😹😹

  71. FIRETEAM 2121

    FIRETEAM 2121Month ago

    Sin 29- so u didn’t read the book?

  72. Nostalgia Kid - Retro Reviews and Gaming

    Nostalgia Kid - Retro Reviews and GamingMonth ago

    I like this movie. Screw you. (Puts on PJ's and grabs cereal) Now. Let's watch everything wrong with the good dinosaur.

  73. Nostalgia Kid - Retro Reviews and Gaming

    Nostalgia Kid - Retro Reviews and GamingMonth ago

    Also, "_______ Survives this."

  74. MADROVR k

    MADROVR kMonth ago

    I left the vid at 4:27 I’m commenting this after

  75. Matthias Mōttus

    Matthias MōttusMonth ago

    He said ,,so long fac....rs

  76. Phoenix Sunshine

    Phoenix SunshineMonth ago

    How could you not remove sins for JOHN CENA!!!!! Then again the meme is dead and John Cena hates it.


    SHRIMPSHOTMonth ago

    We have calming goats that actually work on cows

  78. Property of Lamb

    Property of LambMonth ago

    If it makes you feel any better, this is actually based on an 8 minute Disney short from the 1930s

  79. Cody S

    Cody SMonth ago

    Horrible movie, hilarious outro montage

  80. Jasper Tammesoo

    Jasper TammesooMonth ago

    Why is he’s head floating in 2:15?

  81. Dashing Samurai

    Dashing SamuraiMonth ago

    this reminded me of the max level double terra dragon emote from dragon city

  82. TheAdventuresOfLemonStreamAndCo

    TheAdventuresOfLemonStreamAndCoMonth ago

    “Why fill the pale up that much in the first place”.... its a bull. It probably drank the rest... or the others drank it. Ding

  83. gagaplex LPs

    gagaplex LPsMonth ago

    They're gonna fertilize the yard... so... either they'll shit themselves or they'll cum in excitement. Neither is particularly child-appropriate, methinks.

  84. Gresham Inc

    Gresham IncMonth ago

    I hate Lupei the goat, she’s annoying

  85. Aquilist

    AquilistMonth ago

    My steer and goat are best friends. Remove point 34.

  86. dragon mlp lover plus popularmmos

    dragon mlp lover plus popularmmosMonth ago

    Oh no

  87. Justin Eevee

    Justin EeveeMonth ago

    im glad i never actually watched this movie

  88. Ruby Gostovich

    Ruby GostovichMonth ago

    HOW DARE YOU INSULT DOS!!!!! (Salty Because loves Daveed Diggs and he voices Dos)

  89. chief pootis

    chief pootisMonth ago

    Francis archiduke ferdinand

  90. Lauren Chong

    Lauren ChongMonth ago

    I think we _ALL_ dance.

  91. just pawing around

    just pawing aroundMonth ago

    the book this was based on is for toddlers and is beautiful but this movie just uggghhhhh

  92. Talya TT

    Talya TTMonth ago

    Ferdinand was based off of a book

  93. Brendan Wolff

    Brendan WolffMonth ago

    I thought the Matador was a rocket launcher.

  94. Summit AJ

    Summit AJMonth ago

    In that seen at 11:49, they didn't understand that younger viewers are gonna watch this and ask "what is that?" That pour child..

  95. Maria Edits Jovanovic

    Maria Edits JovanovicMonth ago

    I watched this movie as a school trip.. I didn't see the stupid parts.

  96. GoryGlory0714

    GoryGlory0714Month ago


  97. Josef Stalin

    Josef StalinMonth ago

    I thought the fat hedgehog thing said he was scared of being killed by a chode

  98. oBerry

    oBerryMonth ago

    0:47 That's not sin-worthy my dude. "Bully" derives from "Bullish" which is an adjective used to describe someone acting like a bull. No shit there's "Bullies", they are BULLS.

  99. planet donby

    planet donbyMonth ago

    so now they re gonna make a side kick spinoff with the hedgehogs as leads right

  100. Red Grill

    Red GrillMonth ago

    I saw that movie with my class and everybody was so emotional like " HAHAHA-- *sobbing* "

  101. Makayla Gatcha S

    Makayla Gatcha SMonth ago

    I haven’t seen this movie yet but, when my sister saw the commercial she called it “ Ferdidand” and we laughed but, this movie is stupider than that. Edit: my sister is 11 and funny, not 4 and stupid.

  102. Luigi gaming

    Luigi gamingMonth ago

    Everything great about Ferdinand