Everything Wrong With Ferdinand In 16 Minutes Or Less


  1. France Henry

    France HenryHour ago

    If this movie took place in New Orleans, 12:39 would have made a lot more sense. Yet, alas, it cannot be.

  2. *** ***

    *** ***Hour ago

    Less worried about the wedding than the wedding night

  3. Random Boy 3 m

    Random Boy 3 m5 hours ago


  4. Cartoon Nerd

    Cartoon Nerd10 hours ago

    As a spanish person this movie just makes me uncomfortable. Their accents and all the stereotypes are just... ugh. Also I really don’t get why some of them have “spanish” accents and others don’t.

  5. Lucas Howley

    Lucas Howley19 hours ago

    8:40 Donald Trump should've voiced him.

  6. Mr.derpyturtle

    Mr.derpyturtle22 hours ago

    add a sin for quatro being the fat hedgehog, but he's in correct proportion to one, my sister has one, trust me they always look fat

  7. RageKill

    RageKillDay ago

    How did you miss the perfect opportunity to use John Cena's theme at any point at the end?

  8. Sahara Vixen

    Sahara VixenDay ago

    The only thing I loved in this movie is uno. The rest was annoying, cliche, and anticlimactic unfortunately

  9. KILLER Kyogre

    KILLER KyogreDay ago


  10. Wildwy5

    Wildwy5Day ago

    I didn't even know Gabriel Iglesias played in this, I only want to watch this now because of that

  11. Lisa Seal

    Lisa Seal2 days ago

    you never saw the book

  12. Captain Coliflower

    Captain Coliflower2 days ago

    me and my friend watched this and got twice as many sins

  13. BE NDY

    BE NDY2 days ago

    Me: (running) hay look a very good place rock I could jump on it and and escape Bad guy: JERRY WUT THE FUCK WHY DID YOU PLACE THAT THERE!!!!!!

  14. boxby tistan

    boxby tistan2 days ago

    the dance off was the best part of the movie

  15. PikaDragonGirl

    PikaDragonGirl3 days ago

    I actually have the original book that still that they.based the movie on and the book is just the scene of the bull farm with Ferdinand sitting at his tree getting tricked into looking tough by the bee sting and the arena scene

  16. CreatureCanyon

    CreatureCanyon3 days ago

    "we do not speak of Tres"

  17. Jakob Stubbs

    Jakob Stubbs3 days ago

    Why do you keep saying that the bull is sentient and self aware? What do you think animals aren't sentient or something? I mean I've heard that one before but it's still retarded.

  18. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer3 days ago

    what about that part in the dance off when the horses dab?

  19. Emma Hunt

    Emma Hunt3 days ago

    Reaction:Porcupines doing Macarena Me:aaawwwwwwww

  20. Technomancer00

    Technomancer004 days ago

    16:56 - Is that from Rocky 4?


    GodSTEVE GAMING4 days ago

    I loved the sonic the hedgehog reference in the credits it was fun

  22. Team Trick Shots

    Team Trick Shots4 days ago

    2:41 another sin The roof falls and Nina's doesn't get hurt at all

  23. WRATH2501

    WRATH25014 days ago

    This whole damn thing and not ONE John Cena joke!? EPIC FAIL!

  24. Project

    Project4 days ago

    The "flower bull did it" part. It's just to good. Is there anything else to say?

  25. Aniya Francisco

    Aniya Francisco4 days ago

    "wHeRes tHe bEeF???????"

  26. Twilight Glimmer

    Twilight Glimmer4 days ago

    the goat's pupils are wrong

  27. ThelVadame1

    ThelVadame14 days ago

    My bull Po, got stung by a bee and went berserk. Nearly destroying the fence and killing my dad. Minus one sin.

  28. Valencia !

    Valencia !5 days ago

    The original flower loving bull story, which was nothing like this movie, had a bull in a flower field, getting stung by a bee, which led him to flail around, which caused humans to take notice. Then, at the bull fight, he just sits and smells the flowers, making for no interesting fight, leading to him being let go. No farm family. No dead father figure. No self awareness, festival, or anything. Just a boring bull that liked flowers, who was saved from death by being boring

  29. aloysius autagavaia

    aloysius autagavaia5 days ago

    can there be a cinemasins movie??

  30. Firdibirdy FH

    Firdibirdy FH5 days ago

    My name is Ferdinand... it was kinda awkward to watch this movie 🎥😑

  31. YourAverageGamer

    YourAverageGamer5 days ago

    Why didn't you sin the fact that there are freaking German horses in this ridiculous film ( I'm not being offensive to Germans but their voices made me leave the cinema).

  32. Fluffle Chan

    Fluffle Chan5 days ago

    Summary: LOGIC

  33. •Extinction WTF•

    •Extinction WTF•5 days ago

    I guess you haven't been stung by a bee.... *dick*

  34. sakura

    sakura5 days ago

    hey look, its a dance battle

  35. Mathias Sandanger

    Mathias Sandanger5 days ago

    The bee part is in the original story. The just followed it

  36. coverandoacasa

    coverandoacasa6 days ago

    this film was wonderful

  37. Meg Carey

    Meg Carey6 days ago

    This movie is actually based off a book (it was much better in the book)

  38. Alec Rhodes

    Alec Rhodes6 days ago

    Really disappointed Peyton Manning wasn't allowed to say Omaha in this movie.

  39. Baran Orak

    Baran Orak6 days ago

    One thing I can't help but point out, 124 sins? What happened to 3? Ok I'll leave


    CAMDEN FLACK6 days ago


  41. Robogabriel

    Robogabriel7 days ago

    Referring to that bee sting plot point, if I remember, that was from the original book.

  42. Lopeo2324

    Lopeo23247 days ago

    13:23 the sign says "Avenida calle de Barcelona" or Bacelona street avenue.

  43. Chef Obi-Wan

    Chef Obi-Wan8 days ago

    Fun fact some guys actually let a real bull loose in a china shop... nothing broke

  44. FnafAddiction

    FnafAddiction8 days ago

    just watched it for the first time, time to ruin the great experience because i for some reason love it!

  45. Monica Valdez

    Monica Valdez8 days ago

    Yo you missed the book :am I the only one that remembers the book. This is so far off the book except for the bee and flower part :/

  46. SennaTheSenna

    SennaTheSenna9 days ago

    13:26 That's Spainist

  47. MasonParker

    MasonParker9 days ago

    0:59 / 1:51 I mean, come the fuck on. You could say that about literally any animal in any childrens movie ever.

  48. CKPK Plays

    CKPK Plays9 days ago

    Ok so don't sin the creates of this movie for the bee sting. The movie is about a book

  49. SuperMetalSonic

    SuperMetalSonic9 days ago

    Tres didint die... he just ran away to fight a fat man in a robot suit a million times over while meeting a mutant fox and echinda. Fight a robot version of himself. And live long enough to see his world plummet into broken physics (glitches) madness with a terrible "edgey" villain and meet his past self for the 2nd time!! And the hedgehog at the end of the movie is a fake made by said mutant fox to make tres's friends feel better. (I went way to far didint i?)

  50. Zeta Lewis

    Zeta Lewis9 days ago

    I’ve actually read the original Ferdinand book and this movie is NOTHING like it!

  51. Itstheplayer277

    Itstheplayer2779 days ago

    "Bulls in Belize......astonishing"

  52. Midnight Maniacs

    Midnight Maniacs9 days ago

    5:36 lupe the discount Rico from the penguins of madagascar

  53. iamtonyloya

    iamtonyloya10 days ago

    you need to retire these "everything wrongs with" these movie shits

  54. Jman 51

    Jman 5110 days ago

    Yea half the time there was nothing on the screen and almost all the characters are talking to nothing

  55. Dragon Lord

    Dragon Lord10 days ago

    I like how you said spoilers, when no one would care

  56. Stegowego

    Stegowego10 days ago

    how avengers infinty war is happening Star lord hey thanos dance off *starts dancing Thanos: what the heck *nebula stabs through back of his head P.S not how the movie actually happend

  57. Kevin Phillips

    Kevin Phillips10 days ago

    12:25 I did legitimately laugh when I seen this

  58. Juvepa Gamer

    Juvepa Gamer11 days ago

    I Have To Say One Thing You Missed: *DABBING HORSES!!!*

  59. Itstheplayer277

    Itstheplayer2779 days ago

    I think Germany paid him to not sin that 🤔

  60. Shawn Chua

    Shawn Chua11 days ago

    you know CinemaSins the caterpilars became a butterfly because Ferdinand kept on smelling flowers

  61. Priya Kochar

    Priya Kochar11 days ago

    the original cartoon is better then this movie crap

  62. Jay Rilley

    Jay Rilley11 days ago

    Cinema sins didn't realize it John Cena cause they can't hear him

  63. Chris Martinez

    Chris Martinez11 days ago

    John cena and Gabriel Iglesias was in this movie

  64. RagingDøggo YT

    RagingDøggo YT10 days ago

    Chris Martinez fluffy was in this? Didn’t know

  65. oheyitsclarence

    oheyitsclarence12 days ago

    6:01 I cant be the only one that heard "Death by Jew"

  66. wonderboy 689.980.076.

    wonderboy 689.980.076.12 days ago

    16 menits

  67. Grayson is Trash

    Grayson is Trash12 days ago

    This movie is a guckimg work of art you communist pog, how could you dis gods work?!?!???!?!

  68. endergirl1421_YT

    endergirl1421_YT12 days ago

    now every time I see anything related to this movie I think of my best friend who moved away...

  69. Reytune Bz

    Reytune Bz13 days ago

    Yo mister prime minister we country get a shout out man! 0:51

  70. The gamer

    The gamer13 days ago

    Wait its then 15 or 16 minutes? Anyway a sin for that **ding**

  71. Fappyymeal 69

    Fappyymeal 6913 days ago

    Is that tres at the end????😱😱😱

  72. Vladimir Gonzalez

    Vladimir Gonzalez14 days ago

    I once saw the nose and mouth as a little face and I've never unseen it.

  73. grassroots

    grassroots14 days ago

    why did they let that bunny live for fucks sakes, those things are pests and shouldnt even exist

  74. agent8 octo

    agent8 octo15 days ago

    Or you could just call me Dory😂😂😂😂

  75. The Mantis Shrimp

    The Mantis Shrimp15 days ago

    Goddammit Blue Sky. Why did you have to ruin my favorite book from when I was a kid?

  76. creeps Langford

    creeps Langford15 days ago

    John Cena (DOO DO DO DO. DOO DO DO DO)

  77. Ryan Dreemurr

    Ryan Dreemurr15 days ago

    - 1 sin for the probably Sonic The Hedgehog reference.

  78. stickman studios

    stickman studios15 days ago

    Wait... when the goat says "HARD RIGHT!" they go left

  79. Flamingo Gamer

    Flamingo Gamer15 days ago

    This aint under 15 min

  80. William Fog von Qualen

    William Fog von Qualen15 days ago

    Ferdinand was one of my favorite stories as a kid! Should i watch the movie?

  81. Fish Phart

    Fish Phart15 days ago

    "That's brotherist." xD

  82. Fish Phart

    Fish Phart15 days ago

    2:42 assassin's creed

  83. Alina57 _eots

    Alina57 _eots16 days ago

    6:42 Discount Hanzo Shimada

  84. Juna Quill

    Juna Quill16 days ago

    Is a CG Animated movie... "The couch survives this" Were you expecting realism in this?

  85. Caspian Daniels

    Caspian Daniels16 days ago

    4:29 just playing devils advocate here, it still makes no sense. but that was bumble/honeybee and they have poison in there stingers that makes them hurt like absolute HELL.

  86. Jack Andy

    Jack Andy17 days ago

    I paid 20$ to see fast food nation

  87. KarlG

    KarlG17 days ago

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  88. ms. speedpaints

    ms. speedpaints18 days ago

    I watched this movie and was only impressed when I heard Gabriel Iglesias, how did they get Gabriel Iglesias!? The greatest comedian of all time! *Ding* Edit : forgot to add it

  89. pik fung Fu

    pik fung Fu18 days ago

    First thing is the movie is named after A WW2 tank

  90. Bill cipher

    Bill cipher19 days ago

    She name her ferdinand so is not a mistake

  91. Aîr Bendêr

    Aîr Bendêr19 days ago

    every thing wrong with blackpanther

  92. Damon Rosario

    Damon Rosario19 days ago

    Why a corvette stingray

  93. Darkheart Studios

    Darkheart Studios19 days ago

    12:32 ‘Hard Right’ Bus proceeds to turn left.

  94. brother dactyl

    brother dactyl19 days ago

    Did any one else notice the Harry Potter reference at 14:55 and the hedgehogs are pretty much named 1 2 and 4 and the sin tally is 124

  95. Salvador Ceja

    Salvador Ceja19 days ago

    The bee scene 3:52, was in the book. No sin rates for that

  96. Thug Sans

    Thug Sans20 days ago

    Ok ok so what is ur point I think this movie needs more attention and I think u being mean

  97. TheJadePitbull

    TheJadePitbull20 days ago

    6:24, discount gay germans

  98. Brooks Hawkins

    Brooks Hawkins20 days ago

    8:38 cowlick.

  99. Emiliano Ruiz Aspe

    Emiliano Ruiz Aspe21 day ago

    Everything With Wrong FERDINAND


    ZITMAIGAMER21 day ago

    Its a goddamn animated movie its for kids do u think they even understand or care??

  101. jac 1010

    jac 101021 day ago

    Brotherist. LOL

  102. Lakin Willson

    Lakin Willson22 days ago

    Most casual incest joke in any movie ever