Everything Wrong With Ferdinand In 16 Minutes Or Less


  1. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name3 hours ago

    124 sins have Uno Dos and Quatro

  2. The Lawrence

    The Lawrence12 hours ago

    Blue sky aka furry land

  3. _ _

    _ _Day ago

    You saying “penis emoji” is extraordinary

  4. Jaxson Allen dude

    Jaxson Allen dudeDay ago

    I live this movie

  5. katherine espedido

    katherine espedido2 days ago

    in tagalaog(filipino) guapo means handsome

  6. Infamous Master

    Infamous Master3 days ago

    Ypu should've added 10 sins for the fact that they didn't tie up the bulls nuts, and they let the bull live, two of the most unrealistic things ever

  7. Margot Rosenthal

    Margot Rosenthal3 days ago

    As an actual ranch hand, I feel like it's important to point out all the flagrant errors I see from that perspective. On the other hand, I don't feel like writing a dissertation's worth of information... I would subtract the sin for the bee sting, though. Horses and cattle alike will freak out and bolt from far less; I personally ended up getting thrown by a stung pony one time...

  8. Lasnight

    Lasnight3 days ago

    Why does the ranch owner whose name I dont know look like the guy from Big Hero 6 whose name I cant remember? ... Callahan? I think his name was Callahan. ... or Callaghan. ... I think it was something like that...

  9. CyberKitten Warrior

    CyberKitten Warrior4 days ago

    “Where’s the beef?” With the cows

  10. SplatterCakeBatter

    SplatterCakeBatter4 days ago

    My cousin wanted to see it and my Aunty asked me if I wanted to see it too and I said no (bc it looked really bad) after they watched it she told me it was really bad

  11. Quagamerwii ShyGuyz

    Quagamerwii ShyGuyz5 hours ago

    SplatterCakeBatter You and your Aunty are stupid because this movie was good.

  12. They True Captain

    They True Captain5 days ago

    If you look at some of the road signs the movie takes place in France, Poland, Ukraine, Portugal & Spain.

  13. Isabella Williams

    Isabella Williams7 days ago

    Do one on rise of the guardians

  14. KittenAnimation

    KittenAnimation7 days ago

    12:15 night to day while switching scene

  15. Mela Avery

    Mela Avery10 days ago

    Most horse are inbred for breeding and character proposes soo yee

  16. Crazy Nerd

    Crazy Nerd10 days ago

    so i take it this movie has a lot of bull?.... ill see myself out

  17. Apple 06

    Apple 0611 days ago

    So what I don’t get is you sin for maquina not being the exact machina. Then when maquina is the ex machina, you also sin. make up your damn mind boi.

  18. Matticus Madness

    Matticus Madness11 days ago

    12:25 😂

  19. pancakes4life papi

    pancakes4life papi11 days ago

    Who here read the Ferdinand original book?

  20. Keep Potato alive

    Keep Potato alive12 days ago

    At the end fucking tres came back

  21. Keep Potato alive

    Keep Potato alive12 days ago

    That’s all I seem to care about

  22. Anne Horner

    Anne Horner12 days ago


  23. Anne Horner

    Anne Horner12 days ago

    The bee is like the one thing that goes with the story

  24. Mr Hamburger

    Mr Hamburger13 days ago

    I was eating a hamburger

  25. Forenhel Drimt

    Forenhel Drimt14 days ago

    I actually really loved this movie! Lol but I was glad you made this

  26. tach239 11

    tach239 1114 days ago

    Algun español?🇪🇸

  27. Mariek1975

    Mariek197514 days ago

    24:00:00 wait it’s still going?

  28. Kai Zeher-Becker

    Kai Zeher-Becker14 days ago

    hey on the bull chophouse it goes 123458? +1 sin

  29. dragon ball King2808

    dragon ball King280814 days ago

    124 stands for uno dos and Quattro but no tres

  30. tominator plays

    tominator plays15 days ago


  31. Nocopy Tenda

    Nocopy Tenda16 days ago


  32. Damion Gonzalo

    Damion Gonzalo16 days ago


  33. Aiko Webb

    Aiko Webb17 days ago

    12:46 I think they forgot what a seat belt is, because if they put their seat belt on, that wouldn't happen.

  34. meme man

    meme man17 days ago

    after all the cinemasins episodes i really feel i could make a movie with less than 5 sins

  35. Quagamerwii ShyGuyz

    Quagamerwii ShyGuyz5 hours ago

    meme man Good luck with that.

  36. Jimmyd Cricket

    Jimmyd Cricket17 days ago

    How much money does he spend on movies and popcorn

  37. Dank Dylan

    Dank Dylan17 days ago


  38. Norwegian Forest Cat Girl

    Norwegian Forest Cat Girl18 days ago

    They dabbed. Yes I watched the movie. The horses dabbed and I lost date in all humanity.

  39. Technophiles MC

    Technophiles MC19 days ago

    I like when he does the ist things One of them is here 2:54

  40. A Random YouTuber

    A Random YouTuber19 days ago

    THAT FACE 13:42

  41. red bear 2018

    red bear 201819 days ago

    Like this if I get you Read more

  42. Angelina Mendonca

    Angelina Mendonca19 days ago

    Penis emoji!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  43. Aynur El-Gamal

    Aynur El-Gamal20 days ago

    Why sin Maquina ex machina? Explain!?!

  44. Znow

    Znow21 day ago

    everything wrong with ferdinand. talking animals.

  45. Catm Fan

    Catm Fan21 day ago

    Wait a minute the title says 16 minutes but the video says 15 minutes

  46. Kichiparu

    Kichiparu22 days ago

    Nobody questiones how the horses dabbed during the dance battle?

  47. Goldenheart !

    Goldenheart !22 days ago

    CinemaSins sins the bee sting being the reason why the bull freaked out when it was in the book, clearly showing that CinemaSins did not do their homework? +1 Sin for CinemaSins

  48. DOG

    DOG22 days ago

    Yep. This is a good movie for teaching kids that Bulls are only used for breading, Rodeo/Animal Abuse/Being sent to the slaughter house

  49. Super Flame

    Super Flame22 days ago

    This movie was ment to be based on the original Ferdinand book.

  50. Nick hernandez

    Nick hernandez22 days ago

    The bull in red paint somehow didn't got chase from the anthers bulls chase him lucky him 5:05

  51. Nick hernandez

    Nick hernandez22 days ago

    Bullyees btw

  52. Jolynn Elgersma

    Jolynn Elgersma22 days ago

    3:49 and this is where I clicked off the video and looked at 16 others right below it,or right beside it.

  53. IEatYumYums

    IEatYumYums22 days ago

    vegans made this movie 1098765434567897654356789 sins

  54. Miss Muffet

    Miss Muffet22 days ago

    0:50 sans 9:40 sans So much puns. Despicable. Despicable! DESPICABLE!

  55. Dyami Borden

    Dyami Borden23 days ago

    9:15 Im dying... right a ferdinand started dancing, BIG BANK came on on the radio and he danced in PERFECT tempo with the song

  56. Dyami Borden

    Dyami Borden23 days ago


  57. Brandon von Gedda

    Brandon von Gedda23 days ago

    12:03- Guapo would be amazing at CinemaSins.

  58. YeetusYeetus

    YeetusYeetus24 days ago

    Damn! He said my name!😂

  59. Cosmetic Stealing Mann

    Cosmetic Stealing Mann24 days ago

    I'm learning new words today that's amazing but the best word is brotherist

  60. TheLazyOne

    TheLazyOne24 days ago

    3:50 oohhhhh sexy

  61. theRoyalVariety

    theRoyalVariety24 days ago

    I just need to point out the thing that bugs me: Bulls DO win against the matador! It is rare and most of the time the matador kills the bull, but the bull winning DOES sometimes happen. If the bull kills or gores the matador to the point that he can no longer fight, the bull wins. On the rare occasion the bull DOES win, he is retired and bred in order to father more suitable fighting bulls. Thusly, Ferdinand's father should have already won and should be spending the rest of his life as a stud.

  62. Cheriable

    Cheriable24 days ago

    You know after all my years of watching cinema sins I never realized that sentence was supposed mean like, the crime sentence. I just thought it was a random relating sentence

  63. ScarfFox and Friends

    ScarfFox and Friends24 days ago

    They also stab the bull before the match o3o so there is no surviving even if you don't attack.

  64. ScarfFox and Friends

    ScarfFox and Friends24 days ago

    This is a remake of a Disney short, I actually have it on VHS =b the bee thing comes from that

  65. Roblox FunPlayer

    Roblox FunPlayer24 days ago

    You should of given the "I've fallen and I can't get up" reference ∞ sins because it's a dead meme

  66. Fan Endey

    Fan Endey24 days ago

    We do weird things in Spain, like let Toros chase us and probably get us killed. And then proceed to kill the Toro. Bulls are cows with long horns, the fuck. Why we do this?

  67. Boba Chiu

    Boba Chiu24 days ago

    “In 15 minutes or less” said the video...16:24...REALLY!? LIFE IS A LIE

  68. Moltres, Zapdos , and Articuno

    Moltres, Zapdos , and Articuno25 days ago

    DO THE CAPITAIN UNDERPANTS MOVIE NEXT! Recommend giving it 15 to 25 sins

  69. Something Cool

    Something Cool25 days ago

    How did he call his own style of joke a sin

  70. Melblueyes

    Melblueyes25 days ago

    Ok for the bull in the china shop sin asking "What shop owner would display their glassware like this?" I sadly know a shop owner who has their dishware and show and has all their items like this. So it is a realistic, STUPID but realistic type of shop. And its in South Carolina. That is all.

  71. wolf's grounds

    wolf's grounds25 days ago


  72. Earth

    Earth25 days ago

    john cena jumped his way to a train, thru plates, damn...damn john....


    XxTHE DRAGON SLAYERxX26 days ago

    8:37 cowlick

  74. Charleton Basham

    Charleton Basham26 days ago

    + 1 win cause I almost ate moldy bread while watching this.

  75. mgunter

    mgunter26 days ago

    Hay the Penguins were actually funny.

  76. Jowie Niel Dizon

    Jowie Niel Dizon26 days ago

    Nakakatawa na pangalan ni guapo ay guapo talaga guapo batalaga

  77. Лимончик

    Лимончик27 days ago

    3:26 that’s the guy from LILO AND STITCH

  78. Ryan Wright

    Ryan Wright27 days ago

    Extra sin (even though this movie has grown on me): Do animated movies not know how real bullfighting works. This and the Book of Life used it as a main point but never did any traditional bullfighting. I guess someone must have known but just didn't explain all of it for the sake of the audience. Seriously look up, it gruesome.

  79. Jamal Robinson

    Jamal Robinson28 days ago

    I watch the movie and thought 💭 they did NOT FULLY THINK THIS MOVIE THROUGH. So I came here to see if ppl saw what I saw, I agree with 90% of the sins.

  80. crazy_ant 007

    crazy_ant 00728 days ago

    Why I watch these vids Tiny free movie

  81. TheMentalGuy Y

    TheMentalGuy Y28 days ago

    I actually have the book that this movie is based on

  82. Daddy Long Potatolegs

    Daddy Long Potatolegs29 days ago

    i expected a sin on the fact that their nose and mouth looks like a face on its own

  83. beexter nibbus

    beexter nibbus29 days ago

    It makes no sense the machine that was supposed to kill the bull was stoped by a an iron rod that should have fallen beacause the maching smashes and then opens so when it opened it should have let the metal bar down and then squicshed again killing the bull

  84. The llama lord

    The llama lord29 days ago

    He lied, it’s 16 minutes long

  85. JustANormalGuy

    JustANormalGuy29 days ago

    Bulls in bullfighting are stabbed in the back to weaken their neck, and the bull will collapse from exhaustion and will be killed and fed to the poor.

  86. Jayce Quick

    Jayce Quick29 days ago

    Go die in a MOTHER F***ING HOLE YOU DICK!

  87. DejaVuu

    DejaVuu29 days ago


  88. donkeykong 64 2

    donkeykong 64 229 days ago

    2:23 and cinemasins the simpsons would say unbelievable!!!!

  89. Jacob Webber

    Jacob WebberMonth ago

    I can imagine one of those horses a a cavalry steed *HANZ GET ZE FAMMENWERFER!*

  90. Kraken Cat

    Kraken CatMonth ago

    Bull-ies hahahahaha ok

  91. Brandon GT

    Brandon GTMonth ago

    Did they remove the part where he got stabbed

  92. Sidney Biggs

    Sidney BiggsMonth ago


  93. JasonPlays

    JasonPlaysMonth ago

    Have you noticed that the numbers a the same as the porkypine names

  94. Quagamerwii ShyGuyz

    Quagamerwii ShyGuyz5 hours ago

    JasonPlays *Hedgehogs

  95. Josh DuPree

    Josh DuPreeMonth ago

    6:50 big hero 6 villian much?

  96. Dan Loren

    Dan LorenMonth ago

    how are bullies in a movie a sin?

  97. Allison Dawn

    Allison DawnMonth ago

    Wait the sin count is 124/Uno, Dos, Quatro

  98. Paige Twitchell

    Paige TwitchellMonth ago

    Doctor Who!!!!!!!!

  99. Wolf_ gaming

    Wolf_ gamingMonth ago


  100. Taster Bros

    Taster BrosMonth ago

    Everything wrong with infinity war.

  101. ResidentEvil302 rican215

    ResidentEvil302 rican215Month ago

    Any1 eating a apple in any movie is a asshole now wen i see any1 eatin a apple i think theyre assholes lol n now whrn i watch movies i try n find shit wrong wit it lol

  102. Aiden Lopez

    Aiden LopezMonth ago

    I love this movie

  103. Ninjay 42

    Ninjay 42Month ago

    The sonic the hedghog tunes tho

  104. Choas 480

    Choas 480Month ago

    Machina ex machina? Come on you had one job and you messed it up! Deus ex-Machina

  105. -300_- Læmp__

    -300_- Læmp__Month ago

    um excuse me, but that is *_B R O T H E R I S T_*