Everything Wrong With Black Panther In 17 Minutes Or Less


  1. Michael S.

    Michael S.Hour ago

    Holycrap!!! I love this vids!!! I really don’t need to watch any more movies. Seems like everything is crap anyway. Oh!! & I hate CGI why not just film on location.

  2. Angela Caldwell The Random

    Angela Caldwell The Random2 hours ago

    The real question is, WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE

  3. M.C.arrowtime

    M.C.arrowtime2 hours ago

    This dude doesn’t look into the lore AT ALL does he?

  4. Indie Games

    Indie Games2 hours ago

    Everything wrong with Mrs doubt Fire

  5. Austin Allen

    Austin Allen2 hours ago

    Well said

  6. Rainbow Opal

    Rainbow Opal2 hours ago

    “panther goddess bast” ain’t she supposed to be a cat though

  7. Knockout Animations

    Knockout Animations4 hours ago

    It deserves 100 more sins for the entire plot and everything else making no sense. They have the best defence and medical in the world, and yet they prefer shooty spears and swords to rapid fire machine guns

  8. Akwolf06

    Akwolf065 hours ago


  9. Jordan Davis

    Jordan Davis5 hours ago

    this was a pretty bad cinemasins... why ask the movie why you keep having to add sins for stupidity then say "you're better than this movie"... it is obviously NOT better than that... it IS that

  10. Mark Ant

    Mark Ant5 hours ago

    This movie looks crap!

  11. Sakhile Hlongwa

    Sakhile Hlongwa6 hours ago

    Of course there were assholes who discovered Wakanda. The reason why no one found out about it till later, is cause they didn't live to tell about it. Klaue even said in the trailer, He's the only one whose seen it and made it out alive.

  12. epicgoldenfreddy stahn

    epicgoldenfreddy stahn6 hours ago

    that is funny at 6:25 though 6:29. just funny

  13. The JZA of Jiguzillionaire

    The JZA of Jiguzillionaire7 hours ago

    ayyyyyy ghost dog

  14. RamiRulz

    RamiRulz8 hours ago

    12:44 GOP logic

  15. TeamKhronicZer0

    TeamKhronicZer010 hours ago

    Very happy to see that Jeremy learned how to pronounce Themycira! Love you cinemasins

  16. KetchupPuppy 12

    KetchupPuppy 1210 hours ago

    Panther goddess Bast? Well, Bast is the name the Greeks adopted. Her Egyptian name is Bastet, I believe. And I’m not sure she’s actually a panther goddesses. I know she’s a goddess of felines and not just domesticated cats, so I guess that makes sense. But right now, Bast is living with Carter and Sadie Kane in Brooklyn House.

  17. Michael McCreary

    Michael McCreary10 hours ago

    No "what are those" is cringey

  18. William Roe

    William Roe14 hours ago

    Half your sins are because you don’t understand the flow of speech, all your killmonger sins are because you don’t understand cultural complexity and the fact that he’s psychotic and dogmatic of his views of the world. And most your other sins are because of a lack of cinematography

  19. Jason Roberts

    Jason Roberts14 hours ago

    Movie sin 73 talks about how Ross is the first character not to touch anything when told not to touch anything shouldn’t that be a positive instead of a sin

  20. sumit dalal

    sumit dalal15 hours ago

    Hanuman is hindu god.

  21. Catsinabanana

    Catsinabanana16 hours ago

    Omg I love the Black Panther ❤️❤️

  22. Jensi

    Jensi16 hours ago

    I hate it when actors try to do South African English accents , also South African actors trying to do SA English accents . I love Andy .

  23. Mark Ant

    Mark Ant5 hours ago

    What has South Africa got to do with Wakanda?

  24. ThJakotsu

    ThJakotsu16 hours ago

    The post-credits scene reaction: "F*cking Bucky." Was probably the most relatable thing I have witnessed in ages.

  25. Wayne Johnson

    Wayne Johnson16 hours ago

    FUCK YOU and your video!!! WAKANDA FOREVER!!!!

  26. John Smith

    John Smith10 hours ago

    Wayne Johnson Dude it's a comedy channel, chill

  27. Hernandez 3202

    Hernandez 320216 hours ago

    This movies effects were so fucking bad it turned me off to it automatically. And this movie was “ehhh” at best🤷🏾‍♂️

  28. Subhojit Sengupta

    Subhojit Sengupta17 hours ago

    0:16 Actually N'Jobu narrated this not T'challa

  29. Daniel Geurin

    Daniel Geurin18 hours ago

    The only thing I didn’t really like about this movie, was the last line Killmonger says before he dies. It seemed a little forced. Had he just said, “Death is better than bondage,” it would have flown better and still gotten the point across. Other then that, one of the better Marvel movies.

  30. Timothy Rodowicz

    Timothy Rodowicz18 hours ago

    Glad I didn't bother with this movie. Looks lame

  31. Mr Robinson

    Mr Robinson18 hours ago

    Great review bro

  32. RisingStar

    RisingStar18 hours ago


  33. May Murphy

    May Murphy19 hours ago

    Seriously you gave BUCKY a sin,really Jeremy

  34. Rob Merrell

    Rob Merrell19 hours ago

    I actually liked the movie, but I haven't seen anyone mention the biggest sin. T'Challa is usurper to the throne. To be king you have to win the fight without the magic plant. He got his ass kicked. He would have died unless his mom and sister saved him. He still would have died if he didn't get the magic plant juice that is only supposed to be given to the real king. Killmonger is an asshole, but by their rules he is the rightful king. Just saying...

  35. Iustina Alagoz

    Iustina Alagoz19 hours ago

    🤔🤔 y just y did u have to do this

  36. - StarCodBattleOps

    - StarCodBattleOps21 hour ago

    How dare you sin this movie you racist! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  37. Aniekan Nelson

    Aniekan Nelson21 hour ago

    1:56 They’re not just human traffickers, they’re boko fucking haram And as a Nigerian I’d appreciate it if you’d get your facts straight. If you can pay such close attention to the most minuscule of errors in a movie, then why couldn’t you look into the name of the terrorist group that’s ravaging my country. That being said l, Funny video🤣🤣🤣

  38. R.K.S said

    R.K.S said21 hour ago

    That purple thing is steroids

  39. Diego Vargas

    Diego Vargas22 hours ago

    Now I don't need to watch the movie

  40. Claudia Barillas

    Claudia Barillas22 hours ago

    Wow, I've never seen so many sins get removed. Also I'm glad you had the same response to Bucky that I did.

  41. Douglas Kurtz

    Douglas Kurtz23 hours ago

    no your not the only one thinking of it, Sargon of Akkad made a good video about how their government makes no sense...

  42. Steven Potter

    Steven PotterDay ago

    when the only people that disliked this are black :/

  43. Bryan Ayertey

    Bryan AyerteyDay ago

    There were at least 5 sins that were wrong The black panther king confusion The claws in killmongers dad The tribe showing up later Shuri showing the finger to tchalla The rhino attack Etc Good sins otherwise but these pissed me off

  44. Fluffyhowl24 AJ

    Fluffyhowl24 AJDay ago

    Why would you hurt my baby Black Panther

  45. Kyūseishu

    KyūseishuDay ago


  46. mikayla sanders

    mikayla sandersDay ago

    You got me MESSED UP talking bout bp

  47. Arrun Rashidi

    Arrun RashidiDay ago

    hanuman is a hindu monkey god

  48. Gaby Barrow

    Gaby BarrowDay ago

    This movie had an agenda and it sure drove it home

  49. Dana Moore

    Dana MooreDay ago

    I think you missed a sin. He only had Klau to give to Wakanda because he stole him out from under T'challa. Otherwise T'challa would have brought him back.

  50. Ryan Hill

    Ryan HillDay ago

    How does Killmonger, who has not lived or trained as a Wakandan warrior, defeat a warrior who has spent his whole life training to fight Wakanda style for his role as the next Black Panther? You shpuld add 50 sins for that plot hole alone.

  51. Jannik Thünemann

    Jannik ThünemannDay ago

    i think with the claws Erik found in his dads chest he meant he wounds

  52. Chronocide

    ChronocideDay ago

    It's hilarious that a fake African country is more celebrated than any of the real ones.



    16:05 even this scene got to James

  54. dorian vallier

    dorian vallierDay ago

    Okay. The only reason that it was a hit because it was an all black movie and I admit that. But honestly it was a good movie and if your going to go for movies like this...Make your own movie and ill rate it harshly

  55. Yves Brown

    Yves BrownDay ago

    No he tried to save his father you little piece of nitwit

  56. Michael De Greeve

    Michael De GreeveDay ago

    Shuri is just an obnoxious, arrogant cunt. I’m the only one that thought all the dots on Kill-monger was fucking stupid.

  57. kasda

    kasdaDay ago

    You know, I didn't really like this movie. The story was all over the place. The cgi was terrible. It had some really great characters, but some of them were just afterthoughts or used in few scenes. It had a good message in the end, but I don't think it did a good job of weaving the message into the story in a way that didn't make it seem forced.

  58. Thunder Wolf

    Thunder WolfDay ago

    kasda the movie was awesome

  59. Matt :D

    Matt :DDay ago

    Nothing is wrong with Wakanda

  60. FlameTheFaithful

    FlameTheFaithfulDay ago

    Btw, no, you weren’t the only one asking about the Black Panther powers thing at the fight XD I was very confused as well

  61. otiyo abila junior

    otiyo abila juniorDay ago

    i think u should make ur OWN movie so others can point EVERYTHING WRONG WITH YOUR it😈. its just fiction gosh plp

  62. Red panda adventures

    Red panda adventuresDay ago

    Oh so you do everything wrong with black panther the best movie of 2018 but you do everything great with justice league the worst movie of 2018

  63. scarlet night

    scarlet nightDay ago

    Red panda adventures that wasn't them, cinemawins is it's own independent channel inspired by cinemasins

  64. Erick Ferraz

    Erick FerrazDay ago

    Dude, it's not complicated at all, don't know why people get confused. 1. The king is the one who has the right to be drink purple-herb-juice and become Black Panther 2. When Kings get old, they can pass the mantle of Black Panther to their Heir because they are royal family and Wakanda needs a Black Panther to protect it. 3. When a king dies, there is ought to be the challenge ceremony, which should be fair, so no one is supposed to have Black Panther powers. 4. If the king dies young and is still Black Panther, then no one else has the power and the fight for the crown will already be fair, but if the king has already passed the mantle of black panther to his heir, then the prince has to have his powers removed, which is what we see in the movie.

  65. Abhay Kashinath

    Abhay KashinathDay ago

    You are funny but getting sloppy.. to many unwanted "Sins"... Also lookup "Hanuman" on Wikipedia and you'll understand the Monkey King reference.

  66. -ZakattacK-

    -ZakattacK-Day ago

    I saw this one on release and it's painfully average. Loved the concept, the design and technology of Wakanda, etc. Hated the ridiculous and absurd race pandering, overinflated hype that didn't deliver. The shitty writing, and the following absolutely illiterate and deranged extremist mindset that proclaims "You're a racist if you don't like this movie.". This is America and everyone has the right to express themselves and how they feel about everything.

  67. Thunder Wolf

    Thunder WolfDay ago

    -ZakattacK- average is an understatement

  68. Ryan Irving

    Ryan IrvingDay ago

    Actors performances were the only redeeming factor. Very racist movie toward black people. Kill monger grew up in a crime heavy community in a broken home and traumatic incident as a child and still managed to graduate from MIT and have a stellar military career and yet he still believes black people are oppressed. Even though he is a walking contradiction and is an example about how hardwork and determination can overcome all obstacles. He then goes on to group all black people together across the world not taking into account that skin color does not make people the same. What similarities does a black person from the sudan and america share other than a similar skin color....not a thing. He would know this as hes traveled the globe in the military. He then targets countries where blacks thrive while ignoring ones in africa where slavery still exists along mass slaughter and rule by warlords. He then references the slave trade, even though african tribes practiced slave trading long before euopeans arrived and the vast majority of slaves were aquired by trade with those europeans. Also every ethnicity has experienced slavery at some point it is not a black only experience and to practice righting wrongs for historical misdeeds on those who had nothing to do with it is idiotic and could literally be done against every ethinicity. This movie makes the vast majority of black people view the world through the view of skin color and completely disregards individuality, culture, beliefs, logic.

  69. Ryan Irving

    Ryan IrvingDay ago

    Thunder Wolf no, kill monger specifically refers to black people around the world. He says black people around the world are oppressed and must rise up, he then targets western countries where black people flourish and have equal rights versus neighboring african nations where black people are enslaved and slaughtered by other black people. Hes even a walking contradiction as he was raised in one of those oppressive nations but somehow graduated from MIT and had a sucessful military career.....but he was oppressed... Killmongers father identifies with black people in america even though they come from different cultures, beliefs and upbringings. Even tchalla the old out, in the end opens a outreach program in oakland in a predominantly black community. Which again pushes the narrative that skin color makes them all one people. If he really wanted to reach out to other countries he would go to their leaders not inner city black communities with no other reason than those people also have black skin. The inability for these highly educated people to not see people as individuals and that skin color does not make people the same people is racist.

  70. Thunder Wolf

    Thunder WolfDay ago

    Ryan Irving he isn't really just talking about black people He's talking about every race

  71. Ryan Irving

    Ryan IrvingDay ago

    Thunder Wolf if you read what i wrote it makes it very clear that it paints the picture that all black people see through the lense on skin color and that all black people around the world are one people because of their skin color. That is extremely racist, especially for highly educated black people to not be able to see that skin color does not make people the same. A black person from the sudan would have incredibly different culture, beliefs, ideology, values. To group those people together just because they share similar skin color is racist.

  72. Thunder Wolf

    Thunder WolfDay ago

    Ryan Irving how is this movie racist

  73. Bernard Henry

    Bernard HenryDay ago

    My dude, if they jumped off the ship and drowned they aren't your ancestors :3

  74. Bibaswan Majumdar

    Bibaswan MajumdarDay ago

    I thought it was illegal to criticize black panther now

  75. jared kobar

    jared kobarDay ago

    How does one take a common Native American surname "Waconda" and make it in to an African nation? Yes, it is spelled differently but I am not fooled. It is obviously cultural appropriation.

  76. Fungus

    FungusDay ago

    really? you missed going for the "look at me, i am the captain now" joke at the end? thats a sin for you CinemaSins.

  77. King Elthibar Dunbroch

    King Elthibar DunbrochDay ago


  78. Himanshu Panchal

    Himanshu PanchalDay ago

    5:12 Indian here, Hanuman is our Hindu god. Also "He symbolizes the human excellences of inner self-control, faith and service to a cause, hidden behind the first impressions of a being who looks like a monkey" (Wikipedia's words not mine) Don't worry I am not offended or anything. Also just so you know, this line was censored in our country by our censor board so that people do not get offended for some reason.

  79. Lawrence Badass

    Lawrence BadassDay ago

    Why the fuck do you have 7mil sub maybe so they can mute ur shit and wach free movie

  80. HesiDion

    HesiDionDay ago

    can i get a racist in the chat

  81. Lenney Carrel

    Lenney CarrelDay ago

    Shuri is the fucking best 😂😂😂

  82. JaQuezstarr16

    JaQuezstarr16Day ago

    This movie had more Rhino action than the blue balls ending in The Amazing Spiderman 2.

  83. Death Stranding

    Death StrandingDay ago

    Opening sequence alone is worth removing all of the sins

  84. hUGH mUNGUS

    hUGH mUNGUSDay ago

    This movie was a goddamn snore fest. 97% my ass, more like 59% with a few extra % to not hurt your wittle feewings.

  85. Taiki Mori

    Taiki MoriDay ago

    16:13 A sin quietly removed LOL

  86. Ourim Sahle

    Ourim SahleDay ago

    This guy be making a lot of jokes about Jesus and people beliefs which in my opinion i find pretty rude and insensitive.

  87. SammySalSaSucker92

    SammySalSaSucker92Day ago

    Weak and pathetic movie.

  88. Tyrannosaurus Thunder

    Tyrannosaurus ThunderDay ago

    Chris from Get Out's support

  89. Braxton Sharp

    Braxton SharpDay ago


  90. Chris Pasco

    Chris PascoDay ago

    I'm using incredible technology to watch your bullshit or are you saying that this channel is a sin? ooooh...

  91. G-Unit1111

    G-Unit1111Day ago

    #68 - also they literally did this exact same thing in Thor: The Dark World. Asguard hadn't let any foreigners into its' realm in centuries. Yet somehow they let Jane in or she'll die? Cut to Black Panther, MCU recycles its' plotlines. **ding**

  92. Livy_lov1430

    Livy_lov1430Day ago

    Is Everything Wrong With Avengers: Infinity Wars going to happen?

  93. scarlet night

    scarlet nightDay ago

    Livy_lov1430 they probably won't do it until the week of captain Marvel's release, and they can't do it do it at the moment anyways since it isn't on DVD yet

  94. Savage_Corgi

    Savage_CorgiDay ago

    Sentence: I WAS BORN IN BUSAN FIRST! no... only ARMYS get it.. ill go now ._. k bye :)

  95. Kyle Jorgensen

    Kyle JorgensenDay ago

    This guy knows this is a fictional movie right?

  96. Kyle Jorgensen

    Kyle JorgensenDay ago

    RikoZerame I think you and this guy are misunderstanding the fact that fiction is completely made up and cannot be compared to real life in any way, as it is not real life. Characters behaving the way they do is a direct result of their fictional world influences, so saying it doesn't make sense when compared to decisions we would make is obvious as fuck and well known to the people who write it. However, to look at a work of fiction and say they " made it up wrong" is pure insanity. Pointing out what you like and don't like is one thing, but to say they did it wrong is childishly ignorant. It was imagined as is because that's what the creator wanted, if they wished it to adhere to all real life rules, they would have made it so. People don't pick apart dragonballz or pokemon because they are smart enough to know what fiction is. Obviously this guy doesn't.

  97. RikoZerame

    RikoZerameDay ago

    Eh, some people find it fun. I like to think of it as a lesson in writing: a lot of it is just silly, yes, but picking ANYTHING apart helps you see the good and the bad, and gives solid examples of what to do and what not to do. It's why I, personally, love beating up on *Twilight* and going through Shakespeare's works: the former isn't the worst thing ever written and the latter isn't the greatest, but they both provide some very good examples of what works and what doesn't, and there's always something more to pick up on. Take Klaue shooting the bulletproof case again: that kind of thing shows up a LOT in films and TV, which means the writers/choreographers/etc. either don't think about it, or they think people won't notice. This kind of video shows it to the audience (and, therefore, potential future writers et al) that it's there, it's noticeable, and there are easy ways to do better. The rapid-fire "sin count" style of it is just to differentiate it from the numerous other critics on this site and others; it also lightens the load a bit by being a bit tongue-in-cheek, rather than being a Cinema Snob or newspaper-type critique that turns a lot of people off because they can't separate their love of something from their personal worth. I'd say "silly", but I wouldn't say "childish", for the most part.

  98. Kyle Jorgensen

    Kyle JorgensenDay ago

    RikoZerame I just think the idea of saying what's wrong with a movie that's completely made up and holds no relevance is just kind of childish. It's hard to call anything a sin when there's nothing to compare it to.........

  99. RikoZerame

    RikoZerameDay ago

    It makes some people laugh; others, not so much. Still others just find it amusing, especially when it points out things they might not have noticed or thought about; contrariwise, I like seeing him point out things that I DID notice, but have a harder time articulating (i.e. T'Challa going through the ENTIRE fight in the Korean club without using his suit for some reason). It's entertaining enough, and unless you've got something beyond "I feel like a 10-year-old writes his lines"--and feel free to share, I'm interested--I would think it's doing well enough.

  100. Kyle Jorgensen

    Kyle JorgensenDay ago

    RikoZerame comedy? Was this supposed to make me laugh..... I feel like a 10 year old writes his lines.

  101. Elizabeth Nahu

    Elizabeth NahuDay ago

    American aceents are pretty obvious mate

  102. Jake White

    Jake White2 days ago

    1:47 That's racist. *ding*

  103. Mysterious Randomer

    Mysterious Randomer2 days ago

    Eh, I think it’s safe to assume that if you’re in a Korean bar waiting to spy on American buyers then it’s pretty easy to identify them being American. Simply because they’re the only white people in a Korean bar. Especially that particular bar which seems exclusive and shady 💁🏽‍♀️

  104. Ryan

    Ryan2 days ago

    You know who never enters the "first black superhero in a film" conversation? How about SPAWN?! Point being, there have been plenty of black superheroes already. This is not even remotely the first.

  105. Humble

    Humble2 days ago

    You missed the part where M'baku says,"I'm just kidding we are vegetarians." but we see and here him say in the same scene something about their fisherman picking T'Challa up from the river.

  106. Olivia's Catastrophe

    Olivia's Catastrophe2 days ago

    Also this - Him: 'would you kill me, my love?' Her: for the kingdom, sure. Him: okay no worries i still love you let's not fight like this isn't an unhealthy relationship for me at all...

  107. Olivia's Catastrophe

    Olivia's Catastrophe2 days ago

    this video deserves a sin for not removing a sin for Okoye's self-snatched wig as a distraction -_('-')_- but no worries i still love u cinemasins

  108. Medina Gaming

    Medina Gaming2 days ago

    16:14 I’m so happy he took a sin off, respect ✊🏾

  109. Cloo Viewer

    Cloo Viewer2 days ago

    2:43 Flipping the bird in a DISNEY movie that CHILDREN MAY SEE! Yeah great message to send to kids. e_e

  110. Ambily Gopinathan

    Ambily Gopinathan2 days ago

    Cinema sins: time to take a good movie and slap it with bad stuff to give movies a terrible name for loads emone

  111. Tom Spiegel

    Tom SpiegelDay ago

    1. How can he possibly go too far? He's gone no further on Black Panther than _most_ of the movies he's sinned. 2. No, I would not. Because unlike you, I'm familiar with CinemaSins' brand of humor. Any director who gets bent outta shape over a CinemaSins video probably shouldn't be directing movies in the first place.

  112. Ambily Gopinathan

    Ambily GopinathanDay ago

    Tom Spiegel it was clearly a joke but this man goes too far on just one darned movie If YOU made a good movie and THIS man did a video on this, would you be upset? I would. ;-;

  113. Tom Spiegel

    Tom SpiegelDay ago

    That's what this channel is for. Would you rather Black Panther be the one and only MCU movie he avoid? Because he's doing all the rest.

  114. shelly common

    shelly common2 days ago

    Carping at its finest...

  115. Ali Conradie

    Ali Conradie2 days ago

    OK, so I'm super dissapointed. As an African, my first sin was that THERE ARE NO F*CKING PANTHERS IN AFRICA!!!

  116. RikoZerame

    RikoZerameDay ago

    I swore to myself I wouldn't mix up jaguars and leopards, and even made myself think of Tarzan (with Sabor) to keep the difference clear. Guess that didn't work so well; in any case, Oxford Dictionary mentions that leopards have been called "panthers", as well. en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/leopard So there's that. Honestly, though, the fact that they worship *Bast*--an Egyptian goddess--had me scratching my head as much as or more than the panther thing. I've never heard mention of the Egyptian pantheon having influence in Sub-Saharan Africa; in Greece, yes, but to the south.

  117. Ali Conradie

    Ali ConradieDay ago

    Jaguars are found in South America, those in Africa are a different species altogether and are called Leopards. The black ones are a result of a genetic mutation. Thus, we still do not have panthers.

  118. RikoZerame

    RikoZerameDay ago

    Black jaguars are called "panthers" historically, and are some of the first results you'll get if you search "black panther animal".

  119. Deagon G

    Deagon G2 days ago

    Hey umm, you should've added a sin for the fact that M'Baku said that a fisherman found T'Challa even though they're all vegetarians

  120. ReCogniZer

    ReCogniZer2 days ago

    10:20 anybody else pick up the spelling error "Wadandan".

  121. Mc Facebook

    Mc Facebook2 days ago

    Can't wait for Ant-man and the Wasp CinemaSins