Everything Wrong With Black Panther In 17 Minutes Or Less


  1. Henry Statitovski

    Henry Statitovski2 hours ago

    CinemaSin Sin Tally: CinemaSin 6: Ignorantly adding a sin without knowing that Wakanda is protected by a cloaking shield made to look like hilly country. Unless you know that it's not a hill, flying into a hill is a very bad idea. CinemaSin 8: If you looked closely enough, you'll see the black hair and absence of wrinkles. People don't change much from 30 to 60, except on the inside and in the hair and skin. It's not like he was 15 when that hologram was taken. CinemaSin 11: Don't diss BBC News. CinemaSin 19: That's because she is, as well as the princess, the leading technician and scientist in the country. And for Wakanda, that's saying something. CinemaSin 55: A lot of people don't know this, but the first thing anyone does without special training in a firefight situation is piss their pants. Even veterans are going to be a little panicky and forget to shoot away from the bulletproof suitcase that is two centimetres away from their gun. CinemaSin 68: A third-world country that they've just been told is super-rich and super-advanced, and from which they've seen bulletproof Back-To-The-Future suits, retractable indestructible spears and glowing blue healing tech? CinemaSin 69: Their secret has been spilled to the CIA already. They know, CinemaSins. THEY KNOW. CinemaSin 74: Again, there's no point keeping it a secret, and Ross will see some sh*t that will tell an ultra-aggressive, ultra-powerful, resource-hoarding superpower like America to STAY AWAY. CinemaSin 77: Obviously, Killmonger's not talking about the claws themselves, you idiot, he's talking about the distinctive and unmistakable holes they left behind. CinemaSin 86: She's going to plant the flower, not mash it up. CinemaSin 87: Don't diss that shot. CinemaSin 88: The Jabari Tribe aren't on the best of terms with the throne. They probably wanted to keep T'Challa to see what they could get out of him, and the arrival of the royal family with the news that Killmonger was taking it all to the dogs was enough to sway him. CinemaSin 93: It's not hard to distribute a bunch of weapons you're already mass-producing for your army. You don't need technicians to move stuff around, you need logistics experts. So... Only 13, I do need some practice.

  2. Aqaue K

    Aqaue K8 hours ago

    I feel like the only person who didn't care about this movie

  3. Chef Dean

    Chef Dean9 hours ago

    (Ahem) . . . "Stop Taking These Sins Off."

  4. TheGod Of Yt

    TheGod Of Yt9 hours ago

    This movie was the most ridiculous movie I have seen in my life... And whenever I tell my friends that, they automatically call me a fucking racist! LOL!

  5. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon8 hours ago

    TheGod Of Yt The fact that you felt the need to answer in 2 separate comments is just hilariously petty. Now I’m even more convinced you’re just trolling and either lied about the whole thing with your friends or exaggerated what could just be a joke. “Oh my gosh people aren’t falling for fake posts which victims of the actual assault in the pics reached out to claim that’s not them, clearly this is fake news” or whatever you sjw’s say. And then of course you don’t have any proof for these other allegations you made up so I can’t really take your comments seriously I’m very sure there are idiots that claimed people who hate the movie are racists. Just as how there are idiots going around faking assaults for “being White in the movies”. I don’t really consider either the majority You make it way too serious. And unless you really are that dumb to stay with friends that “insult” you that sounds like you got abandonment issues dude. Nevertheless it’s a personal problem

  6. TheGod Of Yt

    TheGod Of Yt8 hours ago

    +I Identify as a Dragon And by the way, I guess my friends are serious, and when they called me racist they had a serious and offended tone... I wish they were joking, but they weren't... I am sorry your feelings were hurt when you read my comment... Guess you were too much of a snowflake to handle the truth... Which is claiming things that aren't true...

  7. TheGod Of Yt

    TheGod Of Yt8 hours ago

    +I Identify as a Dragon Lol, thank you for showing how biased you are... Inside Edition? You consider that news? Lol, go watch some BuzzFeed you snowflake, since that is all you know how to do... How am I a snowflake for stating a fact? I am exaggerating? My friends calling me racist for having a different opinion is an exaggeration? Do you know what the meaning of exaggeration is? Better yet, do you know the meaning of humor?

  8. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon8 hours ago

    TheGod Of Yt Now if you snowflakes can just quit exaggerating that would be nice Cause if you really are dumb enough to hang around “friends” that accuse of being racist, either they were clearly not serious or you just are that dumb

  9. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon8 hours ago

    TheGod Of Yt mreporter.net/v/video-7oT5SwiuT5E.html

  10. Radhika Nighoskar

    Radhika Nighoskar9 hours ago

    Hanuman is an indian god who resembles a monkey

  11. Abraham Posadas

    Abraham Posadas10 hours ago

    I feel like nothings wrong with black panther really?

  12. DreamyDragonyx

    DreamyDragonyx10 hours ago

    Soooo many Lion King rip off moments in this movie, I died laughing. Even the music sometimes. And I AGREE! Im a cgi/animatronic nerd, and the cgi in this was shameful. They used darkness as a way to hide the blemishes. Conceal, dont feel (the consequences), am I right?

  13. overjoyedleaf

    overjoyedleaf10 hours ago

    To sin a sin, yes i call my sisters little or big sister a lot even when its just the 2 of us

  14. Mallory Kong

    Mallory Kong10 hours ago

    Rewatched the movie recently and its weird how Shuri had the time to go get T'Challa's suit necklace but didn't bother to take the other one so Killmonger couldn't use it and even if she left it, he shouldn't be able to use it because we saw that Shuri clear linked T'Challa with his suit and no one did it for KM since it seems like Shuri was the only girl who knows anything in the lab. Or Black Panther crash landing out of nowhere in the end.

  15. Iron Crafters

    Iron Crafters11 hours ago

    "One of our fishermen found him." Wait, you guys have fishermen? Just a few minutes ago, you said your tribe was made up of vegetarians!

  16. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon9 hours ago

    Iron Crafters Vegetarians eat fish You’re thinking of vegans who don’t eat any sort of animal product including milk and honey

  17. buckwindow

    buckwindow11 hours ago

    I never understood why people think this is the best MCU movie it’s not that good

  18. Yuri

    Yuri11 hours ago

    6:14 No sin for that flimsy ass excuse for a rhino enclosure?

  19. Jonny B

    Jonny B11 hours ago

    Sometimes the most obvious shit just goes right over your head, haha. I'm pretty certain the old king didn't leave the claws IN the guy he killed. He surely was referring to the very unique wound. You know of like 5-6 claw mark in his body.

  20. dogoboy

    dogoboy12 hours ago

    Geez this movie sucks

  21. artistwithouttalent

    artistwithouttalent13 hours ago

    > "Up, general. This is no place to die." > *Fucking dies*

  22. game domination

    game domination14 hours ago

    shit video wasnt good, really weak arguments

  23. Riche Bright

    Riche Bright14 hours ago

    Purple Drank? Thaaaaat's racist. *Ding*

  24. Frameus

    Frameus15 hours ago

    this is truly a site were the amber guyers of this world can join their racism together without using the N word. Fascinating! No, well second thought...it's the same kind of crap you folks do at work. Maybe you pather-ess heroine( no N needed), Heroin Becky, will show you children the real way..to go..to Hell..with a vibratum...up their homogenized rectums...and a needle in their nostrils.

  25. Elisa Sharkey

    Elisa Sharkey15 hours ago


  26. Kimberly Klaus

    Kimberly Klaus16 hours ago

    Roll kitties :-D :-D

  27. NotFunny ButFunny

    NotFunny ButFunny16 hours ago

    record scraaatch


    FINN WALLACE16 hours ago

    Wtf is wrong with bbc news

  29. Alex Chantre

    Alex Chantre16 hours ago

    He should’ve sang Toto’s Africa

  30. Eli Alexander

    Eli Alexander18 hours ago

    Eat my nuts you doodie headed Bastard

  31. Jae KiDd

    Jae KiDd18 hours ago

    I was going to say do you guys do comic book movies cuz there meant to be unrealistic ...I don't get why he said he could heal killmonger but then let's him die SMH ... I feel like you guys took a long break I haven't been seeing you guys as much

  32. vincent salt

    vincent salt18 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂 vibranium fixes everything lol nbfrt

  33. macro deth

    macro deth21 hour ago

    Lol, purple drank.

  34. The Question

    The Question22 hours ago

    Wakandan technology is more convenient than Batman’s utility belt

  35. The Tiny Midgit

    The Tiny MidgitDay ago

    Did anybody see anwhere at 2:35

  36. El Centinela Atómico

    El Centinela AtómicoDay ago

    I realized something: if T'Challa is the one narrating the history of Wakanda to his son, this mean that a) he will live long enough to have children and b) he survives the snap.

  37. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon9 hours ago

    El Centinela Atómico I think the one telling the story is Killmonger’s dad

  38. Mr Sheep

    Mr SheepDay ago

    no questions about how hes like i'd rather die than be imprisoned despite the fact hes in africa and not the america hes speaking of?

  39. Mr Sheep

    Mr SheepDay ago

    A rare material that is in a specific area and there was no war? Wth that is literally impossible. the Battle for supremacy would definitely happen to gain hold of the technological vibranium.

  40. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon9 hours ago

    Mr Sheep Did....did you watch the movie?

  41. Brian

    BrianDay ago


  42. Zrin

    ZrinDay ago

    Killmonger: straight up just another comic book character with daddy issues.

  43. Beast Boì

    Beast BoìDay ago

    only thing wrong with the movie was Michael B Jordan's terrible acting

  44. ‘-‘

    ‘-‘Day ago

    16:06 uh his ancestors were from Wakanda, and they were in isolation. Which means that they wouldn’t have been taken as slaves...

  45. Marius Ninjai

    Marius Ninjai9 minutes ago

    i am white btw i was just pointing out the mindset

  46. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon8 hours ago

    ‘-‘ The director confirmed it. In the beginning killmonger’s dad was making plans to break his wife out of jail. She was one of the reasons he became radicalized because he felt guilty that his people have this tech yet people like him are suffering

  47. ‘-‘

    ‘-‘9 hours ago

    Ohhhhh my bad I didn’t know that. Did they say that in the movie or was it somewhere else?

  48. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon9 hours ago

    ‘-‘ You do know his mother is African American right? Not Wakandan?

  49. ‘-‘

    ‘-‘12 hours ago

    Marius Ninjai lol that’s pretty fucken racist dude

  50. Dark Vibe

    Dark VibeDay ago

    The dumbass probably didn’t watch the goddam movie

  51. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon9 hours ago

    Dark Vibe He did. He’s always like this. There’s a Everything Great about Black Panther video too

  52. Joey Couch

    Joey CouchDay ago

    Are you saying Black Panther is not the greatest movie ever made? CinemaSins is now racist.

  53. Tanker Mr

    Tanker MrDay ago

    Still A good movie

  54. kiñg 6ix9ine

    kiñg 6ix9ineDay ago

    Screw this channel black panther is great

  55. kiñg 6ix9ine

    kiñg 6ix9ine7 hours ago

    +I Identify as a Dragon true

  56. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon9 hours ago

    kiñg 6ix9ine Don’t get upset He does this for every movie. Even the best ones

  57. kod 5

    kod 5Day ago

    hanuman is a hindu god u dick

  58. arnesdemano

    arnesdemanoDay ago

    Movie so focused on slurring white people and americans it forgot to fix its plot holes.

  59. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon9 hours ago

    arnesdemano The only thing I got was “colonizer” and honestly that doesn’t sound like a big deal As long as you aren’t those snowflakes that got mad over “broken white boy” then whatever

  60. Connor MacLeod

    Connor MacLeodDay ago

    CinemaSins is just embarrassing. Self-indulgent mansplaining by know-it-all nerds who think nitpicking movies makes them look impressive.

  61. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose2 hours ago

    it's entertainment, you know? comedy? he's not being serious with most points

  62. Michael Wolf

    Michael WolfDay ago

    Killmonger taking the throne should've been the end of the movie and have a sequel where TChalla comes back without the suit or super juice. Once he gets it then he kicks major ass. Would've been more impactful if they gave the story more time. But you know, Marvel gotta infinity war.

  63. BenBen Vorlon

    BenBen VorlonDay ago

    Bogus Sins: Sins at @4:20-4:30 are bogus, they literally tell you later on in the movie that it's been centuries since they have seen eye to eye with the other tribes as Jabari Tribe are Ludites. Bogus sin at 5:03, TChallah WAS supposed to protect his father as his father represents Wakanda and he was the protector of Wakanda. Bogus sin @9:16 TChalla was NOT injured and his mask doesn't give him "supervision" the heart shaped herb does. @9:53 You can't give a SIN when a character in the movie literally says what you are thinking! You can't say "Excellent Point" for something literally in the script and then give the same script a SIN. Bogus Sin @12:51 Zuri literally inserted himself into the challenge and told Killmonger to kill him. ... There were tons of other Bogus sins, so the movie should have ended up with like 80-85 sins max.

  64. joe leonardo

    joe leonardoDay ago

    Save us Melman! Save us! Save us! MELMAN!


    LUCKY DREAMDay ago

    2:33 yes, my girl calls her sister. " my sis" every time they talk.. I agree its annoying

  66. Sara/Sam Dixon

    Sara/Sam DixonDay ago

    This was brave of you, man. It was a great movie, but it had its sins like every movie.

  67. unholy ascension

    unholy ascensionDay ago

    2 black men fighting each other to sell out their people to the white man lol

  68. Saumya Cow

    Saumya Cow2 days ago

    You missed one very obvious sin. In the scene where they are fighting on a rail line and they are separated by a train.. A very, very fast train.. the train goes on forever! That's a looooong train :)

  69. King Sarathos

    King Sarathos2 days ago

    Did you actually not sin the fact that Klaue died, even though he was an infinitely more entertaining villain.

  70. pek pek kantotero

    pek pek kantotero2 days ago

    i was kinda waiting for gandolf to appear! discounted shmegel and bilbo bagins! discounted wayans as bad guy!

  71. Lalo Castellanos

    Lalo Castellanos2 days ago

    Am I crazy or is Wakandan spelled wrong in min 10:21 “Wadandan”

  72. ShadowAkatora

    ShadowAkatora2 days ago

    We wuz kangz, and we also had magic rocks..

  73. Brady Cook

    Brady Cook2 days ago


  74. big man on campus

    big man on campus2 days ago

    i would have added 5 sins for the what are those joke shit was really cringy

  75. obviously Me

    obviously Me2 days ago

    There's one thing you missed nakia loads the gun in the beginning and she doesn't shoot it once

  76. Tiana Hines

    Tiana Hines2 days ago

    The ethnocentrism leaped out in this.

  77. That GAME Channel

    That GAME Channel2 days ago

    T,CHAKA IS TACHANKA ( rainbow six siege )!!!?!????!!?!!!!?!!?!?!!

  78. Kristi Bushe

    Kristi Bushe2 days ago

    Overrated, boring movie

  79. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon9 hours ago

    Kristi Bushe Sure

  80. Caelan Denning

    Caelan Denning2 days ago

    Remove a sin because the one on 3:50 is wrong the old king was to old to be black panther

  81. Carsen McEdgeLord

    Carsen McEdgeLord2 days ago

    Um I think by “with panther claws in his chest” he meant like panther claw wounds which are probably a lot different then a normal stab wound

  82. Happy The cat

    Happy The cat2 days ago


  83. Shadow Clit

    Shadow Clit2 days ago

    This movie is a little racist

  84. Xxtoxic Wolfiexx

    Xxtoxic Wolfiexx2 days ago

    I great my sister by calling her dear sister ironically ?

  85. The Assult Creeper

    The Assult Creeper2 days ago

    U could make a lot of money if a director hired u and said to point out anything wrong with the movie before he/she produced it so it would be flawless

  86. Phandoholic On fire

    Phandoholic On fire2 days ago

    Did he just add a sin because he saw Bucky ??? How fucking dare you ?? :))))

  87. SourSoul

    SourSoul2 days ago

    okay.. but why add a sin for Bucky? :(

  88. Armando Montoya

    Armando Montoya2 days ago

    16:10 you know what's up

  89. Dannesh Bastani

    Dannesh Bastani2 days ago

    this movie made no sense.... this was the marvel version of "last jedi"

  90. Ze 'Lectrode

    Ze 'Lectrode2 days ago

    I'm sorry to those who liked this movie, I truly am, but I hate this movie. It's not the worst MCU film (refer to The Winter Soldier for that one), I just found it extremely boring.

  91. I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon9 hours ago

    Ze 'Lectrode If you say this all while knowing Thor and the Incredible Hulk exists then I’m just going to assume you’re using the same logic as the people who think Catwoman was a good movie

  92. I selled my wife for interned connecton

    I selled my wife for interned connecton2 days ago

    You should have added 100 sins because Klaue was killed so early!

  93. Glen tennis

    Glen tennis2 days ago

    He has to refer to his sibling as "My sibling" because if he said "My sister" people would have been like "Uhhh... his sister, or *sistah*?" Are they actually related oooorrrr....

  94. Jackson Taylor

    Jackson Taylor2 days ago

    The most overrated Marvel Movie, ever. It started off pretty good, but once they killed Klaue, it fell flat on its face. Also, the CGI was terrible.

  95. Calibann Harld

    Calibann Harld2 days ago

    6:25 I expected you to add, like 1,000,000 sins! How did that make you laugh!

  96. Nathaniel Evans

    Nathaniel Evans3 days ago

    Nothing wrong with the BEST marvle movie (besides "Infinity war")

  97. Tik-Tok.

    Tik-Tok.3 days ago

    Goddamn, these comments are a shit-storm of race-baiting, replies to that race-baiting, miscellaneous hatred, and comments about the "what are those" bits. There was also one comment that recited a portion of the Bee Movie script and I dunno how I feel about that, either.

  98. Aidan Sword

    Aidan Sword3 days ago

    You are a fucking moron!! It's called fantasy for a reason. We can't even take you seriously. You're just someone that has a microphone and a computer and feels you have to "try" to say what's wrong with movies. Again, try to do movies that are actually bad because so far you've proven that you're a fucking moron

  99. Tony Boyd

    Tony Boyd3 days ago

    Just because something works, doesn't mean it can't be improved My Dick in a nutshell 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  100. Ninja Dust Publishing

    Ninja Dust Publishing3 days ago

    Considering how upset T'Challa was about what happened with his uncle, it doesn't make sense to me that he wouldn't try to reason with him before their big battle. And it also doesn't make sense that he wouldn't tell the council that Killmonger was the one that helped Klaue escape in the first place. The only reason why Killmonger got so far, is because everyone else in this movie acted like a bunch of morons.

  101. Dylan Pocevic

    Dylan Pocevic3 days ago

    He was risky with this one bc evryone loves black panther

  102. Ninja Is best streamer

    Ninja Is best streamer3 days ago


  103. TheAZchambers

    TheAZchambers3 days ago

    If hes from wakanda why is he talking about his ancestors being slaves?

  104. Phalse Demeise

    Phalse Demeise3 days ago

    when you give a movie only 104 sins, because giving more could be considered racist

  105. fivetwenty

    fivetwenty3 days ago

    I was wondering what would break first! XDDDDD

  106. ambulance girl

    ambulance girl3 days ago

    10:40, when she said, "don't touch anything" was I the only one expecting them to make the white guy ask to touch her hair? Seriously. I TOTALLY expected that to happen. When they didn't do it, I was surprised. I thought, they are TRYING to make a Black VS white movie here, MAJOR chance missed. If they had thought of it, they would have done it.

  107. CupcakeMafia

    CupcakeMafia3 days ago

    I'm not suprised that the sins video has more views than the wins video😴 it's just a wet dream for the "the movie was racist" and "it's overrated " mfs

  108. Ben McConkey

    Ben McConkey3 days ago

    i bet shuri did fucking bucky

  109. Tea Puff

    Tea Puff3 days ago

    6:23 Omg yass shuri

  110. 4shacks1house

    4shacks1house3 days ago

    Day wuz kangs n sheet in da movies... The real world.... not so much...

  111. Gopal Purohit

    Gopal Purohit3 days ago

    Man, the sentence for this movie did play out in the Infinity War for sure huh, if you know what I mean. DUSTED

  112. Dgust A

    Dgust A3 days ago

    There are a couple scenes of Okeye and W'kabi that would've made their relationship and the movie much better.

  113. vbzdragon

    vbzdragon3 days ago

    Hanuman is the god of wind

  114. Colton Meek

    Colton Meek3 days ago

    When M’Baku told the CIA agent one more word and he’d feed them to his children, he scoffed it off and said they were vegetarian. Is he laughing because he made him nervous or the fact he said they were vegetarian? Because we see black panther pulled from a fishing river, so which is it?

  115. Jon Mckinney

    Jon Mckinney3 days ago

    That whole thing about death being better than bondage, they wouldn't have been his ansestors if they jumped off the ships. Shouldn't have taken a sin off.

  116. Mirmisian

    Mirmisian3 days ago

    I want a vibrainium greatsword with the power stone fitted in it

  117. mattirzz mattimus

    mattirzz mattimus3 days ago

    I really did not like the movie because it was too short and rushed...ijs

  118. Cookie Manchkin

    Cookie Manchkin3 days ago

    The f

  119. Ashley WOLF

    Ashley WOLF3 days ago

    One of my favorite parts of the movie is the fact that the acter who plays Erik's dad was on supernatural

  120. mattirzz mattimus

    mattirzz mattimus3 days ago

    Do everything wrong with Avengers Infinity War already!