Everything Terry Crews Does in a Day | Vanity Fair


  1. PresidentialWinner

    PresidentialWinnerHour ago

    You're Terry Crews and we look up to you!

  2. MemiestMemeLord

    MemiestMemeLord2 hours ago

    Wish someone had told me about Neutrogena before now

  3. lolhahalol2

    lolhahalol24 hours ago

    I'm very impressed

  4. Pillowhead Creations

    Pillowhead Creations8 hours ago

    terry crew's plan is my dream plan js lol

  5. Jesse James West

    Jesse James West2 days ago

    what app is this

  6. nemesisnick66

    nemesisnick662 days ago

    can neutrogina oil get rid of stretch marks if you already have em?

  7. Charlie Wright

    Charlie Wright2 days ago

    I wish I could be this dedicated but surely it would get boring

  8. Mohammed Jr

    Mohammed Jr3 days ago

    Not a bad routine

  9. Pagan D.

    Pagan D.4 days ago

    you dont eat until when

  10. hdizzle

    hdizzle4 days ago

    sad you cant get a complete sleep through the night.

  11. SaR D

    SaR D4 days ago

    how do you have so much energy... i have about 2-3 hours of productive energy a day.

  12. Ezra Nixon

    Ezra Nixon4 days ago

    This guy is the definition of winner. It's impossible not to like him.

  13. J Gmail

    J Gmail5 days ago

    30 mins to groom!! I'm done in 5

  14. Santiago Luque Ochoa

    Santiago Luque Ochoa5 days ago

    what is the name of that app? the one used to list all the activities he does

  15. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ5 days ago

    Good video, but so much product placement it makes it suspicious...

  16. Tanhu

    Tanhu6 days ago

    The amount of hidden sponsors jezzz

  17. Perp

    Perp6 days ago

    pretty normal life with all that money I like it :)

  18. Knychaus Knychaus

    Knychaus Knychaus7 days ago


  19. Aqualogical

    Aqualogical7 days ago

    Much love Terry!

  20. Subscribe to this channel for literally no reason

    Subscribe to this channel for literally no reason7 days ago

    Man this whole thing is an advertisement

  21. Danny Sullivan

    Danny Sullivan8 days ago

    Nice way to advertise

  22. Anonymous Hercules

    Anonymous Hercules8 days ago

    one kind of this video with Elon Musk plsssssss

  23. Edgar Quintero

    Edgar Quintero9 days ago

    I do everything he does, just over a span of a year or so.

  24. guitar antihero

    guitar antihero9 days ago

    i just love this guy...

  25. WhoIsCrisAlec

    WhoIsCrisAlec9 days ago

    3:25 disappointed he didn’t mention anything about yogurt

  26. jaime murillo

    jaime murillo9 days ago

    "I am beautiful and I will God dam watch myself if I want to" -TC.

  27. Alex Lima

    Alex Lima9 days ago

    I would love this man as my father. XD He just looks like a delightful human being.

  28. Fatality Shift

    Fatality Shift10 days ago

    Me: Wake up Eat Eat Lay in bed Sleep Yup I think I have a more complex daily routine than Terry Crews

  29. Tessa Maxwell

    Tessa Maxwell10 days ago

    What app do they use for the time planning?

  30. Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker10 days ago

    How can someone live like that? It's not living, it's the army.

  31. Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker10 days ago

    I wake up at 8, and I get up at 12. Then I eat, watch tv, eat, nap, watch tv then go to bed at 12. It's hard.

  32. bhogal97

    bhogal9710 days ago

    what about masturbation?

  33. Online Visually.com

    Online Visually.com11 days ago

    I don't even know who this guy is? I just know I like his positive attitude! :)

  34. CheesecakeLasagna

    CheesecakeLasagna11 days ago

    Well, sometimes I eat yogurt.

  35. Harvey Fuller

    Harvey Fuller11 days ago

    Not train legs being the main one

  36. Ryan D

    Ryan D12 days ago

    He gets his balls grabbed by Jewish Hollywood agents as well

  37. Ali-M

    Ali-M12 days ago

    what app is he using?

  38. ncognegro05

    ncognegro0512 days ago

    I LOVE this man.

  39. SinisterMinister

    SinisterMinister12 days ago

    i whish we had a gym too that was open at 6 am

  40. Nivek G

    Nivek G12 days ago

    Please put these series in a playlist called --- Everything X Does in a day or something easy to find.

  41. Mason S

    Mason S12 days ago

    I'd watch myself too if I was a famous actor. I'd be proud to see myself on the big screen.

  42. Johnathan Carman

    Johnathan Carman12 days ago

    wow I felt better just listening to this great person.

  43. DeadMeme

    DeadMeme13 days ago

    What a nice guy

  44. Charles Seagraves

    Charles Seagraves13 days ago

    I am such a fan of Terry Crews! I think he’s a great entertainer... I’d love to meet him and strike up a conversation with him.

  45. jaffar Zaidi

    jaffar Zaidi13 days ago

    1000th comment

  46. xxXpertNERDYxx

    xxXpertNERDYxx13 days ago

    He is such a big dude but he’s the warmest, sweetest soul

  47. Oh SHIT a Llama!

    Oh SHIT a Llama!14 days ago

    Surprisingly a verry similar schedule. Same sleep time, fasting time, aminos before workout, first meal at 2pm...............just..not a famous actor..

  48. Chiparibi

    Chiparibi14 days ago

    He's so perfect im love him ❤️❤️

  49. Quadraxis

    Quadraxis14 days ago

    Terry Crews giggling is the most precious thing ever.

  50. Kira Leah Cooper

    Kira Leah Cooper15 days ago

    If I had a £1 for every time B99 was mentioned, I'd be able to buy a ton of 30p Asda/Tesco chocolate bars.

  51. Violet Blue

    Violet Blue15 days ago

    he is the one people who can talk about serious things in funny way... 😉

  52. English for BR

    English for BR15 days ago

    You don't need IT you have two Jobs.

  53. Plush Hunter

    Plush Hunter16 days ago

    Very sympathetic guy although his daily routine sounds weird. Who could last 8 hours until they have their first meal?

  54. Gunnhild Edwards

    Gunnhild Edwards16 days ago

    He's kinda adorable

  55. Ivan Rojas

    Ivan Rojas17 days ago

    Terry crews your living my life.well the one im close too lol

  56. Eren Can Şahin

    Eren Can Şahin17 days ago

    which gym opens at 6 AM ?

  57. Zedaso

    Zedaso13 days ago

    A lot of them. There are 24 hour gyms all over the world.

  58. CraciunAlexandruGh

    CraciunAlexandruGh17 days ago

    Yeah...this is what he does on a day off. If he is filming, everything after 8:00 AM is about that.

  59. Soul Reaver

    Soul Reaver17 days ago

    Terry Crews watches this video too, probably :D like my comment if its true

  60. Mike Texas904

    Mike Texas90417 days ago

    So he eats once a day?

  61. madlarkin8

    madlarkin817 days ago

    What a great american.

  62. Proxy Effect

    Proxy Effect18 days ago

    Came here for the fitness advice.

  63. Hanifah khanom

    Hanifah khanom19 days ago

    I need more of these. Would love to see the Rock

  64. Marco Titanic

    Marco Titanic19 days ago

    I'm really impressed by how he can lift heavy in the gym while fasted, I've tried fasted workout a few times and all of them went horrible.

  65. McCarrie

    McCarrie19 days ago

    Top 10 most interesting people I've ever come across.

  66. Sir Gobbledygook

    Sir Gobbledygook19 days ago

    Such a well done video!

  67. Ethan klein

    Ethan klein20 days ago

    Always for that old spice

  68. Angelfox Studio

    Angelfox Studio21 day ago

    I wan I could only do one meal a day but when I’m hungry my body hates me, and I’m in pain. But he is very inspiring.

  69. Dr. Awkward

    Dr. Awkward21 day ago

    If your drinking bcaa you're not technically fasting.....

  70. Erich B.

    Erich B.22 days ago

    That's not a lot of calories... How does he stay so big with that diet?

  71. arnold yo21

    arnold yo2122 days ago

    8 hour s without eating I would dead without eating that long

  72. Pintando y demas by EL

    Pintando y demas by EL22 days ago

    Im a conpletly fan on Terry crews

  73. Lee its a secret!

    Lee its a secret!23 days ago

    Love this guy!

  74. Zechariah Jacob

    Zechariah Jacob23 days ago

    Terry Crews for President 🙏🏾

  75. 04dram04

    04dram0424 days ago

    Why does getting sexually assaulted, get Terry so much publicity?

  76. canis lupus

    canis lupus25 days ago

    i love you man!!

  77. Dubberz

    Dubberz25 days ago

    Whats the app that sets up the schedule?

  78. Og Sluts1000

    Og Sluts100026 days ago

    I love Terry Crews .He's very humble

  79. Lavar Ball

    Lavar Ball26 days ago

    it's funny in real life he's a very nice dude but in the movies he always plays a hardcore role

  80. hardly gospel

    hardly gospel26 days ago

    Lost track of the product placement and marketing. Well played Vanity fair... not.

  81. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson26 days ago

    We need the rock to do this PLEASE!!

  82. Luis Vazquez

    Luis Vazquez26 days ago

    lol this was just a long ad

  83. Arnie Man

    Arnie Man26 days ago

    This guy is awesome, he deserves to be all the narcissist he wants!

  84. warlord Alguhani

    warlord Alguhani27 days ago

    i got tired just watching this video WTF

  85. Sam Thomas

    Sam Thomas27 days ago

    Hilarious and inspirational Legend!

  86. soniel Lund

    soniel Lund27 days ago

    everybody hates chris is the best

  87. Wrath Raven

    Wrath Raven27 days ago

    I wish I were 1/10th as successful as this man.

  88. That Guy

    That Guy28 days ago

    Terry is such a great guy but I think his constant energy would be overwhelming.

  89. 706 BigBrother

    706 BigBrother28 days ago

    Lol he threw that Lugg ad in there smooth af

  90. rushmanzero

    rushmanzero28 days ago

    Terry Crews is one of my all time favorite people! I love this guy

  91. Fil Pereira

    Fil Pereira28 days ago

    "Vitamins" :)

  92. How To Tech

    How To Tech28 days ago

    I get up at 2pm and sit around wishing I had the motivation to do something for the rest of the day.

  93. Luke Nance

    Luke Nance29 days ago

    Same here, first meal around 1-2pm. Awake between 3:30-4:00am Asleep by 9-10pm Love my routine! Lots of energy!

  94. Matt Ward

    Matt Ward29 days ago

    The moment I see Terry Crews I like the video. I like it at the 0.0001 mark

  95. SwedishSeabas

    SwedishSeabasMonth ago

    So he has 2 meals a day...

  96. Ras Putin

    Ras PutinMonth ago

    Proper sleep, exercise and good diet is the key to a good life!

  97. Rageboy J

    Rageboy JMonth ago

    What app is this organizer!!

  98. torbjorn1989

    torbjorn1989Month ago

    Challange: You who reads this: copy Terry.

  99. Michael Higgins

    Michael HigginsMonth ago

    Product placement is SSSSLICK

  100. Anuar Uribe

    Anuar UribeMonth ago

    are you just promoting terry

  101. Mathijs Frenken

    Mathijs FrenkenMonth ago

    Wait he isn't all that busy.