Everything Terry Crews Does in a Day | Vanity Fair


  1. greg shahanahan

    greg shahanahan21 hour ago

    after dinner gets his balls grabbed by a hollywood executive.

  2. call it Zuniga

    call it ZunigaDay ago

    what's the name of that app

  3. Rex Inferos

    Rex Inferos2 days ago

    Brooklyn 99 "doyle"

  4. Jonathan Hawthorne

    Jonathan Hawthorne2 days ago

    Can y’all do everything idris Elba does in the day

  5. M J

    M J3 days ago

    He got those high quality Mexican supplements haha

  6. j n

    j n4 days ago

    People have different schedules, it's all based on what you do to serve society.

  7. Emir Setiawan

    Emir Setiawan4 days ago

    Why don't terry crews eat breakfast?

  8. Curtis

    Curtis4 days ago

    He keeps omelets in his fridge?

  9. Davis Turner

    Davis Turner5 days ago

    Lol your fired

  10. warrrupp tv

    warrrupp tv5 days ago

    where is yoghurt time :D

  11. Oscar Svensson

    Oscar Svensson5 days ago

    Charlie Sheen used the same routine to reach the top.

  12. Amogh Mangal

    Amogh Mangal5 days ago

    I have seen b99 at least 10 times and I love it

  13. Michael Mackenzie

    Michael Mackenzie5 days ago

    Please no cake for ff sake t real

  14. •김정은

    •김정은6 days ago

    Waited for him to say *PA PA PA PA PA PA POWER*

  15. ThaBlackCobra

    ThaBlackCobra7 days ago

    Thanks Terry and thanks Vanity Fair for the inspiration I needed today. Love Terry’s energy and his enthusiasm for life. I’m also energetic and have been told I’m a little over the top. When I see Terry, I think, No I’m just the right bit of Crazy and Energetic...See it works for him so I don’t have to change how I am.

  16. Geined858

    Geined8587 days ago

    Terry loves vitamins and oils

  17. Kyle Heck

    Kyle Heck7 days ago

    This just made me feel bad about myself

  18. Caitlyn Xo

    Caitlyn Xo8 days ago

    *omg I love terry wtf*

  19. Jolianna Popelka

    Jolianna Popelka8 days ago

    Tiny Terry

  20. Julie Terres

    Julie Terres8 days ago

    The actor with the nicest personality in Hollywood :)

  21. Tanvi Kejriwal

    Tanvi Kejriwal8 days ago

    Wow! His calorie intake is surprisingly low for someone that big....

  22. WorldTopReviews 2K

    WorldTopReviews 2K8 days ago

    He pulled out vitamin weed😂

  23. Glubz the frog

    Glubz the frog8 days ago

    4:25 I don’t blame him he’s in some goood tv shows!!

  24. spagetolli jųanaldo

    spagetolli jųanaldo8 days ago

    He lowkey looks like Steve Harvey

  25. Justin Symons

    Justin Symons9 days ago

    His name is saitama

  26. Fox

    Fox10 days ago

    Me: 10. Wake up 10:15 get up 11: play video games 4. Go to sleep

  27. דניאל טויטו

    דניאל טויטו11 days ago

    wow, he is like the king of bro science

  28. Kendal Nguyen

    Kendal Nguyen11 days ago

    What app they use for daily routine?

  29. Karan Rana

    Karan Rana11 days ago

    lowkey ads

  30. Karl Cruz

    Karl Cruz12 days ago

    No yogurt?!

  31. SharpieSniffer663

    SharpieSniffer66312 days ago

    Dear god.

  32. Sam Gadj

    Sam Gadj13 days ago


  33. Randizle Peregoy

    Randizle Peregoy13 days ago

    He’s a legit dude

  34. Cheese

    Cheese15 days ago

    On Jah?

  35. Evan James

    Evan James15 days ago

    How can he get anymore likable?!?!?!? hahahahaha!!!!! He's the man!

  36. Stephen Price

    Stephen Price17 days ago

    I like how he snuck in all of those advertisements

  37. naghmama mazhar

    naghmama mazhar17 days ago

    he takes vitamins. still dump.

  38. Matthew McLean

    Matthew McLean18 days ago

    This is intense aha

  39. Don Duv

    Don Duv18 days ago

    If getting grabbed by his deek isn't one of them this list is trash

  40. Sangheli Squanch

    Sangheli Squanch18 days ago

    Wut about Tiny Terry's yogurt. Damn,,,,I'm one to talk,,

  41. Vile Begger

    Vile Begger18 days ago

    so he gets less than five hours of sleep and does all this. how??????

  42. Kyrie Hubbard

    Kyrie Hubbard18 days ago

    All that sounds great and inspirational...EXCEPT- if he would eat better, those vitamins could be thrown away!!!

  43. ricandadd1

    ricandadd118 days ago

    Just came across this video, seems like 922 people are racist😂😂😂

  44. Jesperado

    Jesperado19 days ago

    I'll never wake up at 5 AM lol

  45. Malte Jennervall

    Malte Jennervall19 days ago

    Terry Crews workout routine?

  46. Harry James Potter

    Harry James Potter19 days ago

    4.45 without snooze, and Im 5.30 still snooze

  47. Rita Alsina

    Rita Alsina19 days ago

    Saw Every Single Everybody Hates Chris 😭😭❤️

  48. The One Man Who Beat You

    The One Man Who Beat You19 days ago

    3:46 Never heard of the B99 character Doyle before...

  49. Lizzie Holmes

    Lizzie Holmes15 days ago

    The One Man Who Beat You Thats what I was thinking 😂

  50. Maurice Schmeißer

    Maurice Schmeißer20 days ago

    I just love this man

  51. Kate DeGonia

    Kate DeGonia21 day ago

    I want to give Terry Crews a hug.

  52. Ashim Gautam

    Ashim Gautam21 day ago

    only terry crews can hit legs on monday.

  53. Epicrafter 2002

    Epicrafter 200221 day ago


  54. Abram Bernal

    Abram Bernal21 day ago

    This is the point in time where most people seeing this seem like potatoes compared to terry

  55. Brady Macaulay

    Brady Macaulay21 day ago

    The most like able person ever

  56. 29th Ave

    29th Ave21 day ago


  57. nibba 84

    nibba 8422 days ago

    A black man with pills in a bag is not safe to walk the streets

  58. The Real SamSydney

    The Real SamSydney22 days ago

    This is very satisfying

  59. Carizzle

    Carizzle22 days ago

    3:48 Doyle? 🤔🤔🤔

  60. Tony Villca

    Tony Villca23 days ago

    It hurt when he said he was getting old :(

  61. Nicholas Bolgioni

    Nicholas Bolgioni25 days ago

    Doesn’t eat until 2pm? 8 hour fast every day??! How is this man so BIG???!

  62. Mark Norville

    Mark Norville26 days ago

    I honestly hate Terry Crews, he is as funny as your testicles being shot off. The only thing that I actually find him funny in, is Brooklyn 99. All else, I just do not find him remotely funny.

  63. Shankar Das

    Shankar Das26 days ago

    Maybe they are just faking

  64. Maurice Mallari

    Maurice Mallari26 days ago

    Terry likes his protein.

  65. Sir RR Edits

    Sir RR Edits27 days ago

    What that app called?

  66. CheekiBreeki Rocki

    CheekiBreeki Rocki27 days ago

    Terry Cruise wears a Bell&Ross Watch haha

  67. Scdx Afdghnee

    Scdx Afdghnee29 days ago

    Steve Harvey: "Black people dont do that"

  68. Emily L

    Emily L29 days ago

    Lol I also take daily vitamins: vitamin a, zinc, apple cider vinegar supplement and a probiotic also my birth control pill :)

  69. Jimmy Huynh

    Jimmy Huynh29 days ago

    Not gonna lie terry Cruz has an awesome laugh 2:40

  70. Ionny D.

    Ionny D.Month ago

    Terry is such an awesome person!

  71. Midia Mutsvangwa

    Midia MutsvangwaMonth ago

    hey this dude is soo fine lv him jooh

  72. Juan C.

    Juan C.Month ago

    he's not bald!

  73. Chris Turnbull

    Chris TurnbullMonth ago

    you can do this when you are rich and basically have no responsibilities lol

  74. Leon /Leon88991

    Leon /Leon88991Month ago

    I want him to smash into my house and shout “OLD SPICE IS HEREEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

  75. Samuel Smith

    Samuel SmithMonth ago

    How could you hate this dude

  76. Rain

    RainMonth ago

    Who else does know him because of 'Everybody hates Chris' ?

  77. Reuben Singh

    Reuben SinghMonth ago

    He is awesome

  78. Austin Tutor

    Austin TutorMonth ago

    He totally forgot to mention the steroid injections

  79. Mr_MANGO 31

    Mr_MANGO 31Month ago

    What a god

  80. Jimmy John

    Jimmy JohnMonth ago

    It is more of advertising apps

  81. Feevr Yeets

    Feevr YeetsMonth ago

    So......he doesn’t do leg days?

  82. sym

    symMonth ago

    But terry where’s the yogurt? Terry needs his yogurt!

  83. Yuh dog

    Yuh dogMonth ago


  84. Vizual Lover

    Vizual LoverMonth ago

    i love TC so humble and ambitious all in one

  85. GuaranaJones

    GuaranaJonesMonth ago

    so essentially he has done nothing but cared for himself for the first 5 hrs. wow. despite I like him, this kind of lifestyle of rich ppl is super unproductive.

  86. Peeping Juan

    Peeping JuanMonth ago

    So many subtle advertisements

  87. marie watson

    marie watsonMonth ago

    Was this one loooong commercial?

  88. string22

    string22Month ago

    Anyone know what his specific vitamin routine is?

  89. Juann Carlo Sor

    Juann Carlo SorMonth ago

    son me please! HAHAHAHA

  90. Master Dark Shadow

    Master Dark ShadowMonth ago

    Brooklyne nine nine fired terry😂😂at 0:51

  91. alex stokes

    alex stokesMonth ago

    Ik I can’t be the only one that busted out laughing about the vibrating pillow 😂😂😂😂 I’m about to go get one

  92. ajshim

    ajshimMonth ago

    I need to rethink my life schedule.

  93. alfredo walter gutierrez maldonado

    alfredo walter gutierrez maldonadoMonth ago

    Lugg app, not actually a part of his day, just a publicity in the middele of the video

  94. Manuel

    ManuelMonth ago

    Metrosexual AF

  95. Matias Almeida

    Matias AlmeidaMonth ago

    7 to 8 hours of sleep? He wakes up at 4:45 am, and is in bed at 9:30 pm... Does he live in 25-hours-a-day-land?

  96. Allison Scanlan

    Allison ScanlanMonth ago

    All plugging their products

  97. Aidan Davis

    Aidan DavisMonth ago

    Not a doctor, but if he does not have a vitamin deficiency then he should not be taking that many vitamin supplements.

  98. blockboyghani 99

    blockboyghani 99Month ago

    He cry at 5:30

  99. Vehicle Ranks

    Vehicle RanksMonth ago

    Play this at 2x speed

  100. alexfithero

    alexfitheroMonth ago

    Handsome white guy

  101. Soldierofreedom

    SoldierofreedomMonth ago

    I love his laugh