Everything Terry Crews Does in a Day | Vanity Fair


  1. Ray Antonio

    Ray AntonioHour ago

    What a guy 🤣.. Love him lol

  2. Third High Productions

    Third High Productions2 hours ago

    Stoners! Peep Out The Dank Content! :D

  3. MMA Business

    MMA Business6 hours ago

    So what he does everyday Wake up super early Eat vitamin Workout Eat Stone Repeat

  4. Fancy Gaming

    Fancy Gaming7 hours ago

    So many product plugs

  5. Andrew Quinn

    Andrew Quinn7 hours ago

    Strange that he's unaware that those BCAA drinks break your fast in the morning, so technically, you're not fasting dude.

  6. Emma' De JR.

    Emma' De JR.7 hours ago

    I need that pillow

  7. Yash Tiwari

    Yash Tiwari9 hours ago

    Vitamins is just code name for steroids

  8. CJ

    CJ14 hours ago

    Wake up at 445? Sometime I sleep at that time lmao

  9. Austin A

    Austin A18 hours ago

    I didnt think people *chose* to be bald

  10. N Singh

    N Singh18 hours ago

    God bless Terry Crews I love this guy !

  11. Christopher Mango

    Christopher Mango20 hours ago

    You simply can't not like Terry Crews.

  12. Vince Haylem

    Vince HaylemDay ago

    he's also a huge gamer too

  13. kronzprinz

    kronzprinzDay ago

    Only Cena and Terry mentioned food... everybody else’s just starves to death.

  14. Mark Sneddon

    Mark SneddonDay ago

    5 Minute warm up. John Cena must be jelous AF O_O

  15. Tee W

    Tee WDay ago

    He is so pure! I love his little giggle

  16. nyiwin thant1499

    nyiwin thant1499Day ago

    Love you Terry

  17. Element Gaming

    Element Gaming2 days ago

    I don’t know how anyone can hate him. Such a pure person

  18. Daenerys

    Daenerys2 days ago

    He's like the nicest guy

  19. JDMusic

    JDMusic2 days ago

    what kinda vitamins? dianabol? lol

  20. jayden puckett

    jayden puckett2 days ago

    What app do they use?

  21. Vinay Vipparthi

    Vinay Vipparthi3 days ago

    What app are they using for the tasks?

  22. Temi Amon

    Temi Amon3 days ago

    I have so much respect for this guy man.

  23. zNeverGoof_

    zNeverGoof_3 days ago

    "I am not actually bald, I shave daily." I knew bald people trade hair for power...


    NICKMHARRISON3 days ago

    Much Dank we need you here

  25. Pianist Prodigy

    Pianist Prodigy3 days ago

    Seem like all actors wake up 4am-6am

  26. Liam Thomas

    Liam Thomas3 days ago

    Terry would look good with hair

  27. DigitalRagdoll

    DigitalRagdoll4 days ago

    I wish this app was real

  28. ©Джигит

    ©Джигит4 days ago

    What a lovely man

  29. NerdLP

    NerdLP4 days ago

    what is this application called?

  30. Virginsuicde

    Virginsuicde4 days ago

    hes so healthy

  31. ROBERT DAVis2271

    ROBERT DAVis22714 days ago

    This is one of my celebrity role models #hugefan

  32. John Blessed

    John Blessed4 days ago

    I love this guy, he is so funny and down to earth, what a guy and actor.

  33. Jayden Marvel

    Jayden Marvel4 days ago

    He sure can tell stories - literally about anything

  34. Harrison Ryan

    Harrison Ryan4 days ago

    Why aren’t there more of these

  35. Lucian Todesc

    Lucian Todesc5 days ago

    “Vitamins” 😏

  36. Amani Wanyoike

    Amani Wanyoike5 days ago

    Why do I care so much

  37. John Mambo

    John Mambo5 days ago

    You don’t need vitamins

  38. Will

    Will5 days ago

    This is just a 5 minute ad.

  39. Leon Funchess

    Leon Funchess5 days ago

    got the audible, dollar shave club, and old spice advert all in one video. sheesh lol

  40. HighOnLife

    HighOnLife5 days ago

    I instantly smile when i see Terry Crews. You simply cant hate on this guy

  41. Nicholas Selden

    Nicholas Selden6 days ago

    This is just one huge ad

  42. endothermix

    endothermix6 days ago


  43. Adrianne Lee

    Adrianne Lee6 days ago

    Terry Crews is a national treasure omg

  44. Alifah Kizzy Barrie

    Alifah Kizzy Barrie6 days ago

    He is so sweeeeeet

  45. Sumra Khan

    Sumra Khan6 days ago

    HES SO CUTE!!! And happy and cool 😭 goals

  46. Cole Evans

    Cole Evans6 days ago

    Terry Crews is a plug

  47. Viral OGK

    Viral OGK6 days ago

    the legend says , he be building gaming pcs up today

  48. Revelation Luke

    Revelation Luke6 days ago


  49. Undergroundkid

    Undergroundkid6 days ago


  50. Mjuhu Bbko

    Mjuhu Bbko6 days ago

    He’s so neat and cares about his health

  51. Mjuhu Bbko

    Mjuhu Bbko6 days ago

    I liked this series

  52. Ben Wilson

    Ben Wilson6 days ago

    3:47 How's Doyle?

  53. 전정국

    전정국6 days ago

    what app is this

  54. alex gonzales

    alex gonzales6 days ago

    I don’t think these vitamins are actually vitamins... ❄️

  55. omarrr rrr

    omarrr rrr6 days ago

    this is the softest tough guy ive ever seen

  56. Kp S

    Kp S6 days ago

    I love this guy loll

  57. The Game Center

    The Game Center6 days ago

    what calendar are they using

  58. Huey Freeman

    Huey Freeman6 days ago

    Do Chris Pratt please

  59. Matheus Bondezan

    Matheus Bondezan6 days ago

    I wish every person in the world would be as happy as Mr. Crews is. He is very grateful about everything he has done and conquest

  60. Sayem Ali

    Sayem Ali7 days ago

    After Jake in Brooklyn nine nine Terry is my favourite character

  61. DoubleDuck

    DoubleDuck7 days ago

    Please God can I be best friends with Terry or can he be my father at least?

  62. Bianca Peoples

    Bianca Peoples7 days ago

    i actually love terry crews.

  63. Pooch Kk

    Pooch Kk7 days ago

    I hate ppl that aren't bald but still shave smh while the rest of us are out here fighting tooth and nail to keep our hairline

  64. Mohamed Mourad

    Mohamed Mourad7 days ago

    Days are stupid

  65. Phike

    Phike7 days ago

    Finally someone who watches their own movies/TV shows they are in... N like he said it's a dream of his so why not?

  66. YHBeats

    YHBeats7 days ago

    I love this guy!

  67. Crisp Whistle

    Crisp Whistle7 days ago

    Vitamins being steroids... xD

  68. Vinu Gunetilleke

    Vinu Gunetilleke7 days ago

    where can i find this background music? thanks youtube fam!

  69. Bob Ganskow

    Bob Ganskow7 days ago

    God, I love this guy!

  70. Mike

    Mike7 days ago

    0:37 I'd die

  71. mittens the house cat

    mittens the house cat7 days ago

    Who would blame him for watching his own stuff? I would! It’s actually great he has the concept still of living the dream and being able to embrace every time he watches it!

  72. Samuel Parker

    Samuel Parker7 days ago

    I remember watching on episode of 'Everybody Hates Chris' and he had hair, and I was so confused

  73. Unsia Ali

    Unsia Ali7 days ago

    I’m gnaa WATCHH THE DREAMMMMM yass love your best lifeee

  74. Sierra LaFaye

    Sierra LaFaye7 days ago

    I lowkey wanna know more about his vitamins and diet 🤔

  75. Mason Dixon

    Mason Dixon7 days ago

    I can’t believe this guy got sexually harassed by a Hollywood big wig

  76. Who Cares

    Who Cares8 days ago

    More of these videos

  77. NoRespect9

    NoRespect98 days ago

    Terry loves leg day

  78. Ye

    Ye8 days ago

    Everything Terry Crews advertises in a day

  79. DVG

    DVG8 days ago

    If he so rich, why can't he just build a gym in his house

  80. Tony Samuel

    Tony Samuel8 days ago

    “I’m living the dream!”

  81. Janette Bermea

    Janette Bermea8 days ago

    Ok but what task app is that

  82. Harry Sghendo

    Harry Sghendo8 days ago

    3:46 am i the only who noticed they spelled "Doyle" in stead of "Boyle" ?

  83. Lone Ranger

    Lone Ranger8 days ago

    and those vitsamins are called. stanazol, d bol, test e....

  84. David E

    David E8 days ago

    So you get fired everyday at 6am,nice one terry,lmaoo 0:49

  85. Ciro Torres

    Ciro Torres8 days ago

    This man is living like Larry

  86. Latasha Drake

    Latasha Drake8 days ago

    2pm sounds like brunch

  87. Katrin Spragg

    Katrin Spragg8 days ago


  88. Mike Strawson

    Mike Strawson9 days ago

    For a moment, I almost believed that this wasn't a massive advert.

  89. Desaraye Johnson

    Desaraye Johnson9 days ago

    Terry Cruz is the man!👍

  90. Deven Loomis

    Deven Loomis9 days ago

    I love Terry crews.

  91. Juan Miguel

    Juan Miguel9 days ago

    He seems so humble

  92. Jamila Sou-Belle

    Jamila Sou-Belle9 days ago

    i loved this so much and he ain’t even truly bald? WIG

  93. Dave Gilmore

    Dave Gilmore9 days ago

    Let men grab him by the balls, in front of his wife. Embarrassment...


    MYSTERIOUSasLOVE9 days ago

    I really like this guy. Much respect

  95. Joaquin Vaca MN

    Joaquin Vaca MN9 days ago

    he jump the 7 1;45

  96. TheVarpuli

    TheVarpuli10 days ago

    He is such a sweetheart!! Lovely man.

  97. TheGiantOfGreen

    TheGiantOfGreen10 days ago

    What task manager is he using?

  98. K Borgs

    K Borgs11 days ago

    Terry is a great artist and a great person !!! Thanks Terry !!!! You're fantastic people !

  99. Ultra T

    Ultra T11 days ago

    What a great man!

  100. Forsaken Knuckles

    Forsaken Knuckles11 days ago

    I'm confused, is this a Terry Crews routine video or a plug spot?