Everything Terry Crews Does in a Day | Vanity Fair


  1. ZKRYH -

    ZKRYH -6 hours ago

    have him as my discord pic. true king

  2. Bob

    Bob6 hours ago

    Not enough advertisements

  3. pleasedtown

    pleasedtown6 hours ago

    0:50 "you're fired" LMAOOOO

  4. Jonah Barbara

    Jonah Barbara22 hours ago

    This dudes laugh makes me happy haha contagious

  5. Jeff Terrian

    Jeff TerrianDay ago

    Terry knows how to use a marketing opportunity

  6. Andrew J

    Andrew JDay ago

    Imagine the movers who show up to lift heavy furniture and Terry Crews opens the door.

  7. Alex F

    Alex F2 days ago

    lol i dont even wake up until 1pm

  8. Alex F

    Alex F2 days ago

    Would happily oil him up

  9. Hakuna Matata

    Hakuna Matata3 days ago

    Here's what Terry Crews doesn't do in a day: Legs.

  10. PumpUpHighlights HD

    PumpUpHighlights HD3 days ago

    This was an ad for Old Spice as well as Lugg

  11. Jasper van den Assem

    Jasper van den Assem3 days ago

    You cant hate this guy

  12. explicit

    explicit4 days ago

    what app is that?

  13. RichInWisdom

    RichInWisdom4 days ago

    Hope he doesn’t get pulled over with those vitamins in his pocket lol



    S BOOKED : NOT NICE : Imagine if he said steroids

  15. Athos Feijo Luiz

    Athos Feijo Luiz4 days ago

    Which app is that??

  16. Luke Brautigam

    Luke Brautigam4 days ago

    He such a sweet heart

  17. Tyler Solomon

    Tyler Solomon4 days ago

    I love that the Old spice Guy uses Old spice xD

  18. Jenna Hollocks

    Jenna Hollocks5 days ago

    Terry is such a pure soul

  19. Kidus Mulugeta

    Kidus Mulugeta5 days ago

    I wish I knew about the oil, I’m covered with stretch marks all over

  20. Fusing Phil Music

    Fusing Phil Music7 days ago

    I totally understand rewatching Brooklyn 99 several times

  21. Mika Lind

    Mika Lind7 days ago

    Love Terry, such a genuine fella

  22. Shiraz Smith

    Shiraz Smith7 days ago

    low key ad

  23. Emerald

    Emerald7 days ago

    0:31 lets be real with it, that's not vitamins. It's drugs lmao

  24. WCKD

    WCKD8 days ago

    Anyone else notice that at 3:47 they misspelt Boyles name? Just me?

  25. Vasanth Kumaralingam

    Vasanth Kumaralingam8 days ago

    Cacao NIBSSSS

  26. Subscribe to me for no Reason —Grinder

    Subscribe to me for no Reason —Grinder8 days ago

    *Why y’all niggas tryna be like him?*

  27. Callum White

    Callum White8 days ago

    What is the app that they make these videos on

  28. RanBelGaming

    RanBelGaming9 days ago

    The goat 🐐 himself

  29. Ya'll Finished Or Ya'll Done?

    Ya'll Finished Or Ya'll Done?9 days ago

    I can't take anything this guy says seriously after he cried about a dude grabbing his balls

  30. Kitty Cat

    Kitty Cat9 days ago

    It would be weird to see him mad so cheerful you wouldn’t expect it

  31. Katie M

    Katie M9 days ago

    3:47 *Doyle*

  32. Cao Tuan Vo

    Cao Tuan Vo9 days ago

    Taking vitamins don't have any significant postive effects on your body. Fact

  33. xmeerzx

    xmeerzx9 days ago

    this one is my favorite

  34. musa yavan

    musa yavan10 days ago

    i guess u forget to live

  35. Kasandra Perez

    Kasandra Perez10 days ago

    This was motivating my God

  36. David the gamer

    David the gamer11 days ago

    Joey dislike this

  37. CTfitt

    CTfitt11 days ago

    Vitamins... More like steroids

  38. arr0w45

    arr0w4511 days ago

    is that task thing an app? what app is that?

  39. mugensamurai

    mugensamurai12 days ago

    Little do people know Terry havn't showered yet. He's not in his usual attire of just a bath towel around the waist.

  40. Sir. RR

    Sir. RR12 days ago

    What is this app or website??

  41. Peter Traulsen

    Peter Traulsen13 days ago

    What is the program they are using to create the list?

  42. Erik Iacopelli

    Erik Iacopelli14 days ago

    Why get up at 4 in the morning?

  43. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey14 days ago

    lmao thought he was mayweatger

  44. aaronmays21

    aaronmays2114 days ago

    Any anabolic steriods involved hmmmm

  45. Liam Hanley

    Liam Hanley15 days ago

    Terry has such good vibes!

  46. edmond lee

    edmond lee16 days ago

    Great energy with this guy. Wish him the best.

  47. Harry Gill

    Harry Gill16 days ago

    He pretty much has the same exercise days as me

  48. Jermaine

    Jermaine17 days ago

    This guy listens to a whole book each workout what a beast

  49. mannelshah

    mannelshah17 days ago

    gosh I love him♥ and I still watch everybody hates chris too! lol

  50. Chance Williams

    Chance Williams18 days ago

    I can see why he got grabbed. He lowkey zesty ..lol

  51. Anon Anon

    Anon Anon18 days ago

    When he said he has dessert low-key hope he shouts TERRY LOVES HIS YOGHURT ):

  52. Jack Isn't Daniel's

    Jack Isn't Daniel's18 days ago

    I thought this guy had a two jobs

  53. Christian Lovejoy

    Christian Lovejoy18 days ago

    I agree with him on this. If you fulfilled your dream becoming a star in TV and movies. Than might as well do it because I would be watching and living my dream. Who else agrees on this?

  54. eleven eleven

    eleven eleven19 days ago

    does intermittent fasting but breaks his fast using bcaas

  55. Mia Sanchez

    Mia Sanchez20 days ago

    Terry Crews is the best, he's seriously like the most positive, genuinely happy person. I love watching him!

  56. byron summersville

    byron summersville20 days ago

    Vitamins= HGH lol

  57. Mr. Loowiz

    Mr. Loowiz20 days ago

    What a big AD this video is.

  58. Gizmoriderful Ye

    Gizmoriderful Ye21 day ago

    Surprising how many commercials can be in one story. And not like even subtle ads...

  59. S Molta

    S Molta21 day ago

    He breaks his day into halves . That is another smart thing I have tried that works . Looking at the day in terms of halves ..

  60. S Molta

    S Molta21 day ago

    Smart dude . All successful people , seem to get up early and have positive routines . Listening to books while he works out is one I’m taking advice to do , I like listening to music but think it will be beneficial to listen to books I keep procrastinating to listen to or actually read , listening to audiobooks sounds like a better way to obtain information in a quicker way ,

  61. Alpha marquestaut

    Alpha marquestaut22 days ago

    After watching this video.I've come to the conclusion that I love Terry Crews

  62. Christopher Solano

    Christopher Solano23 days ago

    Dude Terry is so nice in some of his movies I watched (white Chicks) I thought he was mean and tough but boy I was wrong

  63. Mitch Wow

    Mitch Wow23 days ago

    Terry crews seems like an awesome guy! His movies are great too! XD

  64. abdelrahman khaled

    abdelrahman khaled23 days ago

    Vitamins 3 times a day! You must have very expensive pee

  65. stickmandaninacan

    stickmandaninacan24 days ago

    Terry LOVES a well balanced daily routine!

  66. Nautilus1972

    Nautilus197224 days ago

    Taking vitamins 3 times a day is ridiculous.

  67. D k

    D k24 days ago

    Everything i do in a day: Procrastinate

  68. The Majestic Ragnar

    The Majestic Ragnar25 days ago

    Is this the guy who allowed himself to be sexually assaulted by a dude?

  69. Swan Man

    Swan Man25 days ago

    Terry seems fun to hangout with fr fr

  70. Ozzy Mehmet

    Ozzy Mehmet25 days ago

    who else has seen every episode of brooklyn nine nine 100 quintillion times.

  71. Catarina F

    Catarina F26 days ago

    Terry, you wake up AT NIGHT 💀

  72. Stephen Sunday

    Stephen Sunday26 days ago

    This man is an animal.

  73. Uh oh its hell

    Uh oh its hell27 days ago

    That man gave a hold tutorial

  74. David Smith

    David Smith27 days ago

    That’s $4.37 worth of vitamins a day😂

  75. tyrel ramnarine

    tyrel ramnarine27 days ago

    Does video on Micheal B. Jordan Me: How could a person get more healthy and fit than this Terry Crews: Hold my Vitamins

  76. tyrel ramnarine

    tyrel ramnarine27 days ago

    Does video on Micheal B. Jordan Me: How could a person get more healthy and fit than this Terry Crews: Hold my Vitamins

  77. Animus Spero

    Animus Spero28 days ago

    Terry is absolutely great. He's hilarious and motivating.



    Everybody hates Chris =🐐

  79. Butter kuchenyummyumm

    Butter kuchenyummyumm29 days ago

    Yo that man is precious ive always liked him since i was little i wish he was my uncle or sth really awesome guy 🙏😁

  80. Adri Abiyanto

    Adri Abiyanto29 days ago

    No Yoghurt?? Terry love his Yoghurt!!!

  81. Thomas Bailey

    Thomas Bailey29 days ago

    Who else wants to live like Terry crews?

  82. Steve Dhi

    Steve Dhi29 days ago


  83. Steve Dhi

    Steve Dhi29 days ago

    no way I'm going through all that. ....

  84. CSGO Editor

    CSGO EditorMonth ago

    rich life, i cant do that.

  85. Doom Retro Game Fan

    Doom Retro Game FanMonth ago

    I can't take him seriously sometimes YEAH he sung in White chicks . 😂😀👌

  86. The 5th Drifter

    The 5th DrifterMonth ago

    3:47 says Doyle instead of Boyle

  87. Vjeko G

    Vjeko GMonth ago

    What an advertising video ... Terry gj

  88. Cameron Gacheru

    Cameron GacheruMonth ago

    What app is that?

  89. theflashisstrongest

    theflashisstrongestMonth ago

    What app does Vanity Fair use for this daily planner

  90. Dildo Baggins

    Dildo BagginsMonth ago

    what time does he inject steroids?

  91. Cameron Dees

    Cameron DeesMonth ago

    The was dam near an infomercial

  92. Vcannibal Valdes

    Vcannibal ValdesMonth ago

    Take Care.

  93. Qwifinn The Awesome

    Qwifinn The AwesomeMonth ago

    yo does he eat yogurt

  94. Birdman PB

    Birdman PBMonth ago

    I really like the fact that he loves acting so much that he watches himself, just to re-live the dream. Think about all of us, what would we do if we were going to be on the news? Tell literally everyone

  95. RadFellas

    RadFellasMonth ago

    This is just a long advertisement.

  96. SuperJohn12354

    SuperJohn12354Month ago

    I watch youtube vids

  97. Abbey Baby

    Abbey BabyMonth ago

    This was like cringe but yeah 😂

  98. Abbey Baby

    Abbey BabyMonth ago


  99. OhhKillem

    OhhKillemMonth ago


  100. Mattix

    MattixMonth ago

    Men take notes