Everything John Cena Does in a Day | Vanity Fair


  1. Lake Hart

    Lake Hart23 hours ago

    would be a good video if he was actually there

  2. Ethan Bolandwhite

    Ethan BolandwhiteDay ago

    1 and 4 hours how

  3. Biniyam Asnake

    Biniyam AsnakeDay ago

    These celebrities who claim to live off off 4 hours of sleep every night. You're either superhuman or lying in the face of science.

  4. ItsBioDroidd Gaming & More!

    ItsBioDroidd Gaming & More!2 days ago

    You guys should fix this video man. I can’t even see him.

  5. Omar Nabulsi

    Omar Nabulsi2 days ago

    i knew that u cant have this musles without protine shaker eat normaly

  6. Adam V4L

    Adam V4L3 days ago

    dislike, blank screen i dont see anyone

  7. Lil Smoke Detector

    Lil Smoke Detector3 days ago

    He lives such a monotonous life. He should do more imo

  8. Vera Vera

    Vera Vera3 days ago

    What is the app used?

  9. Alex'sLife

    Alex'sLife3 days ago

    1-4 hours of sleep that's madness

  10. Taylor Tanner

    Taylor Tanner3 days ago

    These celebs do not sleep enough

  11. Jay Chea

    Jay CheaDay ago

    5-6 hours of sleep is good enough

  12. adam mac

    adam mac5 days ago

    Well, idk about you, but I'm exhausted.

  13. brandon0109

    brandon01095 days ago

    That suit is a dream

  14. Anthony Vela

    Anthony Vela6 days ago

    John was right when I eat with my family and we get out at 12:00 am sometimes when there drinking

  15. Jonathan Milchling

    Jonathan Milchling8 days ago

    John cena is a real model man

  16. Luke Faulkner

    Luke Faulkner8 days ago

    Cool that he plays the piano. (Song: Maxence Cyrin's cover of Where is my mind)

  17. Luís Flávio

    Luís Flávio8 days ago

    Please , be the next Captain America

  18. Gonçalo Gelo

    Gonçalo Gelo10 days ago

    He only drinks protein?

  19. Khannan Little

    Khannan Little13 days ago

    yall see sum?

  20. Wil Dasovich

    Wil Dasovich16 days ago

    i don't get it...It seems like all successful people do not sleep lol

  21. Nytmare 559

    Nytmare 55917 days ago

    Clickbait its Just a voice

  22. Strange W A V E

    Strange W A V E17 days ago

    Wake up in the morning, collab with vince mcmahon to ruin wrestling.

  23. Tyler Prestwich

    Tyler Prestwich17 days ago

    Wait, I when do you take your steroids

  24. Simeone Favazza

    Simeone Favazza18 days ago

    i cant see him

  25. mkphilly

    mkphilly19 days ago

    That's "the Savage breast"....

  26. Alexus Harris

    Alexus Harris21 day ago

    Can we get the rock aka mr Johnson

  27. Noe Velez

    Noe Velez23 days ago

    His life sound so boring

  28. abbas hyder naqvi

    abbas hyder naqvi23 days ago

    Why is the camera showing a white wall?

  29. Tauris Shingler

    Tauris Shingler23 days ago

    Im surprise he doesn't workout 3 - 4 times a day

  30. Gustavo Ortiz

    Gustavo Ortiz24 days ago

    Who does this everyday??

  31. Christopher Neville

    Christopher Neville24 days ago

    That sleep routine is shocking

  32. King Rozay

    King Rozay24 days ago

    Hi i’m... JOHN CE.... oh wait it is lol

  33. Kiya

    Kiya25 days ago

    this is clickbait john cena is not even in the video

  34. Pipe Vargas

    Pipe Vargas25 days ago

    What is that app name pls?? Thanks:))

  35. Prod. Tonio

    Prod. Tonio26 days ago

    The greatest man on this earth god bless America

  36. pavan gudi

    pavan gudi27 days ago


  37. Shaiyan Azam

    Shaiyan Azam28 days ago

    what is the website he uses?

  38. Olatoye Gureje

    Olatoye Gureje28 days ago

    What app does John use to learn mandarin?

  39. Master Koi

    Master Koi29 days ago

    I always wished John was my dad. He just defines what a man is and should be.

  40. samurai boi

    samurai boi29 days ago

    what website are they using to do this

  41. PandasAndPens

    PandasAndPens29 days ago

    He's so disciplined! No wonder he's so successful.

  42. Melak Aldujaili

    Melak Aldujaili29 days ago

    he talks like he was forced to do this😂

  43. RGkong

    RGkongMonth ago

    Is John Cena attractive :,)

  44. roccodastick

    roccodastickMonth ago

    why is he always wearing these dumbass suits 💀

  45. MrNinjaGaming

    MrNinjaGamingMonth ago

    What's with all these celebs sleeping with no clothes on

  46. alan cooper

    alan cooperMonth ago

    so,where can iget this task app

  47. lukonawesome

    lukonawesomeMonth ago

    Goes through a tub of protein a day

  48. Do The Roar Kid

    Do The Roar KidMonth ago

    What’s his Job? Is he still wrestling

  49. Tadashi 10

    Tadashi 10Month ago

    We have one car but you (HAVE 3)

  50. Freaky Gelston

    Freaky GelstonMonth ago

    Outside of wrestling John cena acts like a robot smh

  51. Vivek Kumar

    Vivek KumarMonth ago

    .....and his name is john ceeennnnaaaaaaaa

  52. Sanjay Kulkarni

    Sanjay KulkarniMonth ago

    it is same 24 hours for everybody. when you sleep there is no rich n poor. that is how good god made it all. it is all equal! money may buy fame and fortune. but does it really buy peace?

  53. Joshua Gill

    Joshua GillMonth ago

    Impressive. Strict schedule and still has time for his hobbies and interests.

  54. monta ellis

    monta ellisMonth ago

    One thing i learned about thoses celebrities, they don't sleep over 4hours per day, thats not healthy

  55. Audrey O’connor

    Audrey O’connorMonth ago

    anyone know what the app is called in this video cause I need a schedule manager

  56. nithin nagaraj

    nithin nagarajMonth ago

    Does this guy not have anything but protein shake or bar????

  57. WhyNotEveryThing

    WhyNotEveryThingMonth ago

    What is that to do app

  58. Prachet Agarwal

    Prachet AgarwalMonth ago

    this guy is a machine

  59. TheReturnofStephan1

    TheReturnofStephan1Month ago

    FFS, get a decent tailor and shirtmaker!

  60. Chris Cordova

    Chris CordovaMonth ago

    What time does he take his steroids??

  61. Humanoidfreak

    HumanoidfreakMonth ago

    So he is a robot!!! Illuminati confirmed!!!!

  62. Anthony Childers

    Anthony ChildersMonth ago

    Ive always wondered what app theyre using.

  63. MJW

    MJWMonth ago

    Sheesh, this dudes warm up is 45 minutes to an hour. I'm usually at least half way through my workout or nearly done at that point.

  64. wajeeh west

    wajeeh westMonth ago

    more your head just as John cena

  65. Dallas

    DallasMonth ago

    Who da fook cares?~

  66. Si Rose

    Si RoseMonth ago

    Dress Badly.

  67. Under the Sea

    Under the SeaMonth ago

    Did he just call himself a savage beast?😂

  68. David Choi

    David ChoiMonth ago

    etc. etc.

  69. chinqalicious

    chinqaliciousMonth ago

    Why can’t I see him in the video ?

  70. MizardOfAwesomeness

    MizardOfAwesomenessMonth ago

    John cena is a hard worker i respect him a lot.

  71. lucas brook

    lucas brookMonth ago

    John Cena eat b***

  72. Brandon Kern

    Brandon KernMonth ago

    Man! I can't stand wrastlin' but that Cena character sure is a charismatic and intelligent dude.

  73. Mango Steel

    Mango SteelMonth ago

    Terry Crews mornings are way better!

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  75. Rhyas9

    Rhyas9Month ago

    I think concerning my usual day, I need an...attitude adjustment...

  76. Clement Wang

    Clement WangMonth ago

    It's a good thing he didn't have kids otherwise it would be a whole lot different.

  77. Richard Distefano

    Richard DistefanoMonth ago

    1-4 hours of sleep for 5 days....

  78. Andrew Reed

    Andrew ReedMonth ago

    *sigh* “if I do dream, it’s not anything I remember...”

  79. Brandon Galdamez

    Brandon GaldamezMonth ago

    That suit looks fresh

  80. Ordonity

    OrdonityMonth ago

    I just watched a 5-minute video without seeing anyone but I did hear a voice

  81. Wait what do you mean this is my username

    Wait what do you mean this is my usernameMonth ago

    Everyone's focused on how epic John Cena's day is but all I'm trying to do is figure out what's the website or app they used to like put the things he does in a day. Trying to get my life together here people

  82. Broke Motorsport

    Broke MotorsportMonth ago

    5:16 yes he does repeat the cycle 😅💉

  83. Bobby James

    Bobby JamesMonth ago

    You'll never beat The Rock.

  84. Ijaz Ahmed

    Ijaz AhmedMonth ago

    Did the video not upload? Why is it a white screen

  85. Alex J Martinez Gonzalez

    Alex J Martinez GonzalezMonth ago

    Idk that sounded depressing af most of his meals are protein shakes and bars

  86. violin245

    violin245Month ago

    please do more of these vanity fair!!!

  87. Victi Picti Music

    Victi Picti MusicMonth ago


  88. Samflower

    SamflowerMonth ago


  89. The Hit List

    The Hit ListMonth ago

    What are you doing, no one has ever seen John cena, who is this imposter?

  90. Fantasy Worlds

    Fantasy WorldsMonth ago

    Sounds miserable no thanks !!!!!!!!!!

  91. Nick Kho

    Nick KhoMonth ago

    THere's a floating clock in the beginning

  92. Gerd Peeters

    Gerd PeetersMonth ago

    I want that floating clock that sounds like John Cena

  93. vinh nguyen

    vinh nguyenMonth ago

    1 hour of sleep, how the f?

  94. K B

    K BMonth ago

    Dang, wish I could make it enough to not do anything until after 11am

  95. Uriel Resendiz

    Uriel ResendizMonth ago

    what website are they using?

  96. Christopher Haines

    Christopher HainesMonth ago

    Who is talking? I hear a voice but...

  97. gotloveforall01

    gotloveforall01Month ago

    1 to 4 hours of sleep?!?

  98. Izumi Inoue

    Izumi InoueMonth ago

    I actually thought Cenamaps was a real thing, dum.


    HI-FI LUGGAGEMonth ago

    Are you a life addict? You'll miss out on a lot. Probably live longer than most, but you spend so much time avoiding


    HI-FI LUGGAGEMonth ago

    You're avoiding yourself and your thoughts.

  101. Tribes11

    Tribes11Month ago

    Ah Ok, so a man of his size eats nothing more than protein bars and shakes of whey all day long... OKAY, and skips lunch...