Everything John Cena Does in a Day | Vanity Fair


  1. Waldo Sanabria

    Waldo Sanabria21 hour ago

    Does this guy EAT besides protein shakes and dinner?!?

  2. poiewhfopiewhf

    poiewhfopiewhf2 days ago

    I can’t see anything

  3. There Is Two Of Me

    There Is Two Of Me3 days ago

    Why are you showering and putting on a suit before your workout Cena? I dig it

  4. Valy0o7

    Valy0o73 days ago

    i don't know what John Cena is doing everyday because i can't see him

  5. Roxas Uzumaki

    Roxas Uzumaki3 days ago

    Hi I'm John Cena

  6. Monkey.D Anis

    Monkey.D Anis4 days ago

    Dislike Clicked on this video to see John, but i cant See him anywhere, stoopid clickbaiter

  7. Salad Ass

    Salad Ass4 days ago

    Who is talking? I don’t see anybody

  8. Faris ali

    Faris ali5 days ago

    what website they are using?

  9. A131

    A1315 days ago

    Elon musk please

  10. Jason Voorhees

    Jason Voorhees5 days ago

    He’s reading it lol

  11. Dejoin

    Dejoin6 days ago

    Vanity make a playlist with all of your what I do in a day video !!!

  12. christine

    christine7 days ago

    Snoop Dogg’s episode please!

  13. xX_GaM3RDuD36942069 _xX

    xX_GaM3RDuD36942069 _xX10 days ago

    Bro I can hear him but can’t see him

  14. Akif Hossain

    Akif Hossain12 days ago

    Jeep Wrangler? Fits seamlessly

  15. Renaldo Aggrey

    Renaldo Aggrey12 days ago

    What is the programme they were showing for learning languages when he said he learnt Mandarin ?

  16. Amr 01

    Amr 0114 days ago

    What a joke, can’t even see him in the video

  17. MurryCoolz

    MurryCoolz14 days ago

    Its sad that john cena and nikki bella broke up

  18. Losangeles Harvey

    Losangeles Harvey15 days ago

    nice plug for NPR!

  19. naghmama mazhar

    naghmama mazhar17 days ago

    People I tell you my day: Somehow wake up, get some food, try to learn, get distracted by youtube, TRY to learn, get some food again, want to go to gym but then I don't, watch more youtube, shower, bed.

  20. Erick Cabrera

    Erick Cabrera17 days ago

    Why is there just a white screen?

  21. HellFighterz

    HellFighterz18 days ago

    I'm surprised most of this video wasnt just about working out

  22. toutouwail

    toutouwail19 days ago

    Yo this is clickbait, I don't see John Cena in the video. Just a voiceover.

  23. Apex Player

    Apex Player19 days ago

    Where is he? I can't see him

  24. Ayaz Hossain

    Ayaz Hossain20 days ago

    The right side thing in the video is annoying

  25. JaredGraves

    JaredGraves20 days ago

    What clock do they use?

  26. Mark Woldin

    Mark Woldin20 days ago

    Snooze ... but likeable.

  27. Mil A

    Mil A26 days ago

    This is quite a bit contrast to Terry Crew's...

  28. Primoz the Gamer

    Primoz the Gamer28 days ago

    I wonder how many clocks did they break at the all intros of videos

  29. Kōji Kabuto

    Kōji Kabuto29 days ago

    This guy is an eficient killer machine

  30. Ethan Williams

    Ethan WilliamsMonth ago

    Grace disappear evaluation planning his cluster paint lab overall.

  31. Justin Ngeny

    Justin NgenyMonth ago

    What software or app is that?

  32. I’m Bored Bro

    I’m Bored BroMonth ago

    I Don’t See Anyone ?

  33. BOMBON187

    BOMBON187Month ago

    1:41 Hey I like to workout a snatch too

  34. Tucker Clark

    Tucker ClarkMonth ago

    nice to hear that cena played Where Is My Mind

  35. Bailey Greenwood

    Bailey GreenwoodMonth ago

    Why is no-one there?

  36. Wyatt McLean

    Wyatt McLeanMonth ago

    What is that app he’s using

  37. Therealjaykidd

    TherealjaykiddMonth ago

    Who is that talking?? Cause I can’t see him


    STAGNET xBaLLeRMonth ago

    I love these because it shows you that every successful person doesn’t become successful by accident.. it takes a lot of planning and a lot of scheduling

  39. Angry British Chap

    Angry British ChapMonth ago

    still confuses me how they got shaggy to give them their camera to see John Cena

  40. Gsauce 29

    Gsauce 29Month ago

    Memory is actually at it's peak, mid to late afternoon (2pm- 5pm)

  41. XXDabMasterXX yo

    XXDabMasterXX yoMonth ago

    I can't see him

  42. Govind Bains

    Govind BainsMonth ago

    Do cristiano next plz

  43. Lauren Pangilinan

    Lauren PangilinanMonth ago

    Whats the schedule website or app they use???

  44. Jooh Pack

    Jooh PackMonth ago

    Word life! this is basic thuganomics!

  45. Eric Tzogas

    Eric TzogasMonth ago

    I don’t know if it’s a real program but does anyone know what they make the schedule on. Is it just a phone alarm thing or an actual program.

  46. kyle the keen

    kyle the keenMonth ago

    Why is the left box empty

  47. bullsharts

    bullshartsMonth ago

    What app do they use for the calendar

  48. FabuiLOL

    FabuiLOLMonth ago


  49. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis RodriguezMonth ago

    He'd be a great audiobook narrator!

  50. ExcORiFic E

    ExcORiFic EMonth ago

    What app do they use for this?

  51. migo

    migoMonth ago

    i dont know this video, i cant see anybody in it, why.

  52. Jacqueline HV

    Jacqueline HVMonth ago

    *Joana Cedida is JOHN CENAAAAAAAAAA*

  53. Allen Hogan

    Allen HoganMonth ago

    This guy only eats protein jesus

  54. Lilly Cassandra twin

    Lilly Cassandra twinMonth ago

    Sounds boring.lol

  55. Josh R

    Josh RMonth ago

    What's up with only a voice over? No one's there.

  56. JT F

    JT FMonth ago

    Tom Segura and Joey Diaz have a story about watching John Cena play Candy Crush on a plane for 5 STRAIGHT HOURS. Sorry - what were you saying about your leisure time? Language learning? Yeah right.

  57. [BEMC] Machine

    [BEMC] MachineMonth ago

    I cant believe all these celebrities sleep 4 hours a day, for me if I get 7 hours or less I would be really tried through out the morning up until 12pm. I would constantly fall asleep in class if I do not get my 8 hours full.

  58. Morgan Cuthbert

    Morgan CuthbertMonth ago

    I love his voice

  59. Olli Helantera

    Olli HelanteraMonth ago

    Why can I just hear a someone talking with a white wall in the back?

  60. Captain Candycorn

    Captain CandycornMonth ago

    Dude you need to sleep more

  61. Tom

    TomMonth ago

    Should get the rock and his secret twin to do this.. it needs to be explained how he gets it all done ahah

  62. Ed Hernandez

    Ed HernandezMonth ago

    I dont understand, Where are the hours you spend playing candy crush?

  63. Superman Dat

    Superman DatMonth ago

    his "protein" dumps must be ridiculous.

  64. Alois Melichar

    Alois MelicharMonth ago

    What's the song name?

  65. KingCairo_PS4

    KingCairo_PS4Month ago

    So basically he gyms and eats alot ok cool

  66. Daniel Whyte

    Daniel WhyteMonth ago

    He lives on protein powder

  67. just gaming entertainment

    just gaming entertainmentMonth ago


  68. iElucidate 18

    iElucidate 18Month ago

    what are they using to plan this

  69. Austhetix

    AusthetixMonth ago

    Wait why are we all staring at a white wall tell us their morning routine for 5 minutes?

  70. Mr. Gravedigger

    Mr. GravediggerMonth ago

    1. Get visible so people can see me.

  71. NDXD

    NDXDMonth ago

    Dude looks like a Fortnite character

  72. Patrick Henderson

    Patrick HendersonMonth ago

    Makes a video about John Cena and don’t even include him?? Wtf???

  73. Adhvik Aiyer

    Adhvik AiyerMonth ago

    He is honestly pretty boring.

  74. Phantom

    PhantomMonth ago

    Where is John Cena in this Video? Clickbait

  75. Alejandro MarvEL

    Alejandro MarvELMonth ago

    anyone knows what kind of journal or apps on this video for scheduling and planning ?

  76. Luuk Bayfield

    Luuk BayfieldMonth ago

    Weird. He wasnt even in the vid

  77. luiscornejo

    luiscornejoMonth ago


  78. Director Lunchie

    Director LunchieMonth ago

    whats going on with John cena? Why is he promoting for Vanity fair now? Mid life crisis?

  79. Lucky

    LuckyMonth ago

    It would be helpful if john cena would be in the video, and not just his voice

  80. beau fitzpatrick

    beau fitzpatrickMonth ago

    That is a nuts sleep cycle

  81. Frederik Folkvardsen

    Frederik FolkvardsenMonth ago

    Which app do they use to schedule his day?

  82. Dustin Tyler

    Dustin TylerMonth ago

    Everything Jocko Willink does in a day.

  83. Some Guy

    Some GuyMonth ago

    Now he just cry all day because hes alone

  84. Rachel Frumkin

    Rachel FrumkinMonth ago

    He is the most ordinary man ever. I mean he sounds like any body else. Except he like goes to the gym alot. That's nice to see.

  85. JD

    JDMonth ago

    What a weird floating suit.

  86. Gabe Jones

    Gabe JonesMonth ago

    It would be nice to actually have John Cena in the video, instead of just a voice recording :\

  87. Yahia Hassan

    Yahia HassanMonth ago

    Where is he? I can’t find him..


    DEL FUSIONMonth ago

    What is the name of that shcedule programe?

  89. I’m retired

    I’m retiredMonth ago

    Notice he doesn’t flex his “exotic car”

  90. Fitness as Philanthropy

    Fitness as PhilanthropyMonth ago

    I love that he plays the piano.

  91. Kumud kenedy

    Kumud kenedy2 months ago

    so when does he go to wwe and wrestle?

  92. mechfeeney

    mechfeeney2 months ago

    straight up boss

  93. Gary Whitehead

    Gary Whitehead2 months ago

    In bed by 11pm, up between 6-7am. Get around 1-4 hours of sleep. What else are you doing in bed that takes hours upon hours?

  94. Thomas Cogger

    Thomas Cogger2 months ago

    He forgot to mention 4 hours of angry birds. Edit: only true Joe Rogan fans will get this reference

  95. Mayen XD

    Mayen XD2 months ago

    My man bro everyone be sleeping on NPR News Bro

  96. Mr. Potato Chip

    Mr. Potato Chip2 months ago

    it would be soooo much cooler if you actually took a video of him explaining all of this and not just a white wall

  97. Cecilia Grande

    Cecilia Grande2 months ago

    John cena alle sette

  98. Ritwick Hota

    Ritwick Hota2 months ago

    Which is the calendar app being used here?

  99. •Emo Child•

    •Emo Child•2 months ago

    I feel like John Cena a should narrate A Series Of Unfortunate Events 😂

  100. IssaMario

    IssaMario2 months ago

    what do they use to write all of the things down