Everything John Cena Does in a Day | Vanity Fair


  1. brandon jarvis

    brandon jarvis10 hours ago

    Muscles and money are nice but ya need a personality and to not have rules to keep a woman John boy

  2. Navleen Deol - Huttonville PS (1530)

    Navleen Deol - Huttonville PS (1530)Day ago

    is this an ASMR video??

  3. Jaime Campos

    Jaime CamposDay ago

    Cena I am coming for U

  4. Phoebe Buitendag

    Phoebe Buitendag2 days ago

    are you John cena

  5. Blake Barlow

    Blake Barlow3 days ago

    John and I live similar lives! haha that's real interesting

  6. Bitcoin Baller!

    Bitcoin Baller!4 days ago

    If your girl can only make reservations, she is not marriage material. Lesson over.

  7. Tonto Epstein

    Tonto Epstein4 days ago

    He forgot to mention swallowing pills and injecting drugs in his rear end.

  8. Mark apple

    Mark apple4 days ago

    lol cena maps

  9. Matthias Rambally

    Matthias Rambally5 days ago

    Compare this to Terry Cruz one

  10. snackie matt

    snackie matt5 days ago

    Mr.Cena you’re the man that NEVER STOPS! A savage beast indeed!

  11. Richard Neal

    Richard Neal6 days ago

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  12. Aldo Vallier

    Aldo Vallier7 days ago

    Jeez John is a robot 😂

  13. Apollo

    Apollo8 days ago

    Whats the point of having you film him if we can't even see him like we hear his voice but all we see i a white wall,kind of a let down

  14. Carl Michael harrington

    Carl Michael harrington8 days ago

    John cena word life

  15. MalseMarcel

    MalseMarcel8 days ago

    John Cena looks like that buffed up game character like bj or duke nukem

  16. Pradipta

    Pradipta8 days ago

    What is the name of the scheduling app that they used?

  17. Mr11ESSE111

    Mr11ESSE1119 days ago

    he will be good for role in Wolfenstein if that will be movie ever

  18. Juho

    Juho10 days ago

    Why would anyone brush their teeth before eating breakfast? What on earth does that accomplish other than make your breakfast taste weird? This is assuming you brush your teeth before going to bed of course

  19. Dilshan Raja

    Dilshan Raja10 days ago

    this is the reason why Cena is my favourite👌👍

  20. M M

    M M11 days ago

    He has sas meal plan.

  21. Justaburgscuzzin

    Justaburgscuzzin12 days ago

    What does this “john cena” character even look like? We have never seen him... just hear his voice

  22. tuto torres

    tuto torres12 days ago

    Im in the middle

  23. Jp1878

    Jp187812 days ago

    Surely he eats more than what he says to get to that size.

  24. Aj

    Aj12 days ago

    Not sure if he has maximized discipline or he's just a robot, either way good for him.

  25. Picalbuck

    Picalbuck15 days ago

    His life is so boring and sad you can see it in his eyes

  26. Alejandro Jose Dominguez marquez

    Alejandro Jose Dominguez marquez15 days ago

    John cena is like a control freak

  27. MrGiggles

    MrGiggles16 days ago

    What a cushy lifestyle, and yet he pulls in millions a year. Here I am saving lives in the hospital and get paid 150k a year. Where are my millions at? God I have no respect for celebrities.

  28. August

    August16 days ago

    Google Calendar is the app they are using in this video. For those who are wondering.

  29. Y K

    Y K20 days ago

    Goes to bed at 11pm wakes up earliest 6am but averages 1-4hrs of sleep. Hmmm perhaps he don't sleep when he in bed

  30. damoni wheeler

    damoni wheeler20 days ago

    He’s a robot

  31. Arshia Tehrani

    Arshia Tehrani20 days ago

    What about his shitposts on instagram?


    HELPING NASHVILLE22 days ago

    He forgot the part where he played candy crush for a few hours on a commercial flight... lol #JoeRoganPodcast

  33. Alex Maltby

    Alex Maltby22 days ago

    The video was messed up. I couldnt see him and only hear his voice

  34. Jay Mata

    Jay Mata22 days ago

    Sounds like a wholesome dude, too bad I couldn't see him.

  35. Ben D

    Ben D23 days ago

    Can they make one of these for Post Malone??

  36. Gilthunder Blue

    Gilthunder Blue23 days ago

    My day is wake up brush my teeth shower then game eat game eat game eat game eat game eat game game game game game then brush my teeth and sleep

  37. muscles

    muscles23 days ago

    Have someone juice for u or own a juice bar . too much junk food eat real foods John like protien shakes with fruit n veggies lol thx for the insight of your busy life. You Rock

  38. CinnamonRoll

    CinnamonRoll23 days ago

    Why the fck he doesn't eat carbs? I guess that he needs 4-5k calories to maintain his weight.

  39. aasy jepale

    aasy jepale24 days ago

    i've watched the video halfway but haven't cena thing

  40. Darius Hanes

    Darius Hanes26 days ago

    is that an app where he adds everything he does in a day? Can someone answer this!!! :*

  41. Kovi San

    Kovi San27 days ago

    How doesn't sleep, how?

  42. Allam Vinod

    Allam Vinod28 days ago


  43. Amari Brown

    Amari Brown29 days ago

    I can't take John cena serious in a suit

  44. Jesse James West

    Jesse James WestMonth ago

    what app is this?

  45. Kevin

    KevinMonth ago

    He don't love nicole no more lol

  46. The Believer

    The BelieverMonth ago

    Click bait - where was cena ???

  47. Exxcuse me ?

    Exxcuse me ?Month ago

    I cam see why he didn't want kids. They would affect his whole schedule

  48. jack the jobber

    jack the jobberMonth ago

    Why cant i see cena hes not on my screen

  49. drakey27

    drakey27Month ago

    So he goes to bed at 11, gets up at 6 or 7, but gets between 1 to 4 hours sleep 🤔

  50. Mad Progress

    Mad ProgressMonth ago

    What kind of agenda or extension do they use in this video?

  51. jaime murillo

    jaime murilloMonth ago

    Are they using a real app to keep track of the things done in the day? If so. Could someone share the nane?

  52. Beez Kneez

    Beez KneezMonth ago

    Legs for arms...

  53. jarri lurrio

    jarri lurrioMonth ago

    pixies - where is my mind. On the piano, am i right?

  54. Seattle City

    Seattle CityMonth ago

    One word he uses steroids

  55. Phoenix_ Is_A_Taco

    Phoenix_ Is_A_TacoMonth ago

    Uhm there’s nothing in the video????

  56. Christian Limpin-Barroga

    Christian Limpin-BarrogaMonth ago

    bro who they doin an interview on

  57. SuperStich123

    SuperStich123Month ago

    I'm sorry but I couldn't see anyone during the video can someone help?

  58. Optimus Prime

    Optimus PrimeMonth ago

    You'll just have to take his word for what he does everyday bc no one has ever been able to see him doing it

  59. Walter White

    Walter WhiteMonth ago

    What time does he inject needle in buttock

  60. Walter White

    Walter WhiteMonth ago

    Hes depressed like all celebrities

  61. BTD Smoky

    BTD SmokyMonth ago

    ? Why is it just an audio of him I wish he was in the video

  62. Mr. Λ

    Mr. ΛMonth ago

    Well that's a real motivational video. Not like one of the bs ones with feel good music. 👍

  63. BASSO

    BASSOMonth ago

    do everything supreme patty does in a day please

  64. Mike Texas904

    Mike Texas904Month ago

    " if we are hosting. . ." The good old Craigslist days.

  65. Meneertje MRT

    Meneertje MRTMonth ago

    Ha, John Cena uses Duolingo

  66. GrisGlobal MannaMedia

    GrisGlobal MannaMediaMonth ago

    Step up your sleep game bro!! seriously... your going to need that mental capacity later.

  67. Hanifah khanom

    Hanifah khanomMonth ago

    Wow he showers twice.

  68. Stealthy Cobra

    Stealthy CobraMonth ago

    more of these pls

  69. ssr

    ssrMonth ago

    Left out the steroid mixture in that protein shake

  70. Mohamed Ahmed

    Mohamed AhmedMonth ago

    ”In the shower i wash myself”.

  71. zlayson

    zlaysonMonth ago

    Why are the video and title blank?

  72. dysvanlist

    dysvanlistMonth ago

    What an incredibly boring ugly person

  73. Jacques Bichler

    Jacques BichlerMonth ago

    the time schedule of a couple without children … =)

  74. Richard Chaney

    Richard ChaneyMonth ago

    It's a fuckin white screen 😥😥

  75. MrPong

    MrPongMonth ago

    IT IS JOHN CENA! Pum pum pumpuuuum

  76. Stephen Dowdye

    Stephen DowdyeMonth ago

    John Cena is the man! I hope he finds love one day and everything clicks for him.

  77. Sarah Eaton

    Sarah EatonMonth ago

    This why they broke up

  78. Just Ready

    Just ReadyMonth ago

    I want to see Obama schedule

  79. Joco Oloc

    Joco OlocMonth ago

    i love this audio podcast

  80. 0 0

    0 0Month ago


  81. Shehaaz Saif

    Shehaaz Saif2 months ago

    The typing noise is soothing

  82. Mark K

    Mark K2 months ago

    The man is a machine. Much respect

  83. Behzey

    Behzey2 months ago

    Clean snatch ? lmfao

  84. shaun kilfoyle

    shaun kilfoyle2 months ago

    Who is talking can't see him

  85. Ashraf Abdillah

    Ashraf Abdillah2 months ago

    This is the least goofy I've heard him

  86. sean Tobin

    sean Tobin2 months ago

    "where is my mind"- the pixies on piano

  87. CRUX

    CRUX2 months ago

    Wow...This man's only diet intake is protein... Not even natural protein. Powdered Protein.

  88. John Ayala

    John Ayala2 months ago

    This is clickbait John cena ain’t in this video

  89. John Ayala

    John Ayala2 months ago

    Where is John cena at in this video ?

  90. Ardheshwar Singh

    Ardheshwar Singh2 months ago

    What app are they using

  91. Giancarlo Aloc

    Giancarlo Aloc2 months ago

    What’s the app that they’re using there?

  92. Sal Poutoa

    Sal Poutoa2 months ago

    i don’t understand why he voice acted this. i don’t see him anywhere.

  93. Olwethu Mavuso

    Olwethu Mavuso2 months ago

    What app is this?

  94. M_Firm

    M_Firm2 months ago

    John Cena sounds so posh

  95. Kelvin Cruz

    Kelvin Cruz2 months ago

    Thank you John.

  96. eustagoesout

    eustagoesout2 months ago

    12 hours of sleep?!

  97. Andy

    Andy2 months ago

    I can't seem to find Cena maps

  98. samercot

    samercot2 months ago

    Lol this guy is awesome

  99. Gucci Kingsnake

    Gucci Kingsnake2 months ago

    I was about to say he eats like a girl

  100. Shawn1

    Shawn12 months ago

    He eats very unhealthy.