Everything John Cena Does in a Day | Vanity Fair



    ERILINA TOPIC4 hours ago

    wow johncena is pretty nice

  2. Supreme

    Supreme18 hours ago

    *if he goes to bed at 11 wake up around 7, how is he getting 1-4 hour sleep? math doesnt add up.*

  3. Fishy _73

    Fishy _73Day ago

    OMG my protein breakfast protein shake is almost exactly the same as yours! I just add 1 forth of a cup more milk and some natural sweetener

  4. Fishy _73

    Fishy _73Day ago

    Also on the day's I don't have that I also have eggs

  5. Evan Wong

    Evan Wong2 days ago

    So is John really with carmela or wassup

  6. Sgtviper Gaming

    Sgtviper Gaming2 days ago

    Great breakfast choice.

  7. nighttenjo12

    nighttenjo122 days ago

    Where is the part that he cleans his marble countertops?

  8. Zachery Abrams

    Zachery Abrams5 days ago

    John Cena seems like the type of dude to skip leg day

  9. Paul O'Loughlin

    Paul O'Loughlin5 days ago

    thought he was a wrestler.....hmmm

  10. Kyaw Zaw Linn

    Kyaw Zaw Linn5 days ago

    he forgot needle and cycle

  11. Christina Galeai

    Christina Galeai7 days ago

    No wonder she (Niki) is bored with him. Look how busy he is.

  12. The King Of Norway

    The King Of Norway8 days ago

    I thought he meant he puts 2 raw eggs and sausage in a protein shake

  13. Frenkie Fejzic

    Frenkie Fejzic8 days ago

    I really want to see what Jackie Chan does in a day

  14. John Smith

    John Smith9 days ago

    Celebrities lives are always so perfect


    PAJECTRA PAJECTRA10 days ago

    i couldn't see anyone...

  16. Nate Alls

    Nate Alls10 days ago

    Blank screen?

  17. Ching Booty

    Ching Booty11 days ago

    where is he?

  18. ryan g

    ryan g11 days ago

    Anyone know the name of the app there using ?

  19. Emily E. McGee

    Emily E. McGee6 days ago

    The calendar app is called Teamweek.

  20. C St. Peter

    C St. Peter11 days ago

    It's lowkey crazy how similar our schedules are.

  21. Cody Constantine

    Cody Constantine12 days ago

    Actual question: What is this wonderful scheduling program they're using?

  22. Emily E. McGee

    Emily E. McGee6 days ago

    It's a free app called Teamweek.

  23. Beatman100

    Beatman10012 days ago

    Do Batista next

  24. PLO 8

    PLO 812 days ago

    @ which time he takes Steroids?

  25. Chris Hansen

    Chris Hansen12 days ago

    PLO 8 Post workout.

  26. World Known

    World Known13 days ago

    John Cena listens to NPR. Not what I expected.

  27. Appolo

    Appolo13 days ago


  28. cheezit god

    cheezit god14 days ago

    Didn't cena say "You cant see me!" To a blind kid?

  29. 天照

    天照14 days ago

    NPR is bias you liberal

  30. Austin Marchand

    Austin Marchand14 days ago

    is this a legit app cause id totally use it

  31. Emily E. McGee

    Emily E. McGee6 days ago

    It is! It's called Teamweek, check it out!

  32. Damon Wilson

    Damon Wilson14 days ago

    Who are they talking to?

  33. Unseen Footage

    Unseen Footage16 days ago

    Why is half the screen blank?

  34. Samantha Colvin

    Samantha Colvin16 days ago

    That’s why we never see Fred’s dad around

  35. miguel rojas

    miguel rojas16 days ago

    This guys a fuckin dork man. The Steroids cant mask that fact.


    MMADE MUSIC16 days ago

    Wanna see Snoop Dogg's day.

  37. Alex Key

    Alex Key18 days ago

    I want John Cena to make my agenda

  38. jack markin

    jack markin19 days ago

    this wack

  39. Deina Mutta

    Deina Mutta19 days ago

    great guy, great discipline, but he forgot to mention when he puts the needle with steroids in his butt.

  40. A VB Content

    A VB Content19 days ago

    why not learnin italian its his ancestor's language afterall

  41. Allen Seol

    Allen Seol20 days ago

    John Cena loves NPR?!

  42. Blake Ritter

    Blake Ritter20 days ago

    Npr is awesome

  43. Law Gaming

    Law Gaming21 day ago

    It was all cool till the 1-4 hours of sleep, Jesús.

  44. Moshe Bloorian

    Moshe Bloorian21 day ago

    How is vanity making that schedule? It looks so good? Anyone have any good apps?

  45. Emily E. McGee

    Emily E. McGee20 days ago

    It's a real app called Teamweek! You can download it or use it on desktop and it's free.

  46. DeeJayDee7

    DeeJayDee721 day ago

    I wish they at least put John cena in the interview..

  47. MrOmar270

    MrOmar27022 days ago

    Did he say 1 hour sleep 💤 😱

  48. Marco C

    Marco C22 days ago

    At what time does he buy those suits???

  49. Parker Hero

    Parker Hero22 days ago

    Snatch... LOOOOOOL

  50. nim shetty

    nim shetty22 days ago

    respect and no haters please

  51. BantaSaurus139

    BantaSaurus13922 days ago

    He didn't leave time for fortnite

  52. maybeDOS

    maybeDOS22 days ago

    I wake up, beat me meat and go back to sleep.

  53. Harvey Hooke - Get Him Hooked!

    Harvey Hooke - Get Him Hooked!23 days ago

    Plz do Kevin Hart next!

  54. Charlie Cray

    Charlie Cray23 days ago

    No way is that all he eats!!!

  55. Dave Ryan

    Dave Ryan24 days ago

    Was hoping he'd let us know where he shops for clothes so I could avoid bumping into any suits as ugly as this one again

  56. Albert B George

    Albert B George24 days ago

    Whats the app used here?

  57. Emily E. McGee

    Emily E. McGee20 days ago

    The planning app is called Teamweek --> teamweek.com

  58. Alejandro Gonzalez

    Alejandro Gonzalez24 days ago

    This guy is made out of protein shakes

  59. Callum Whiteford

    Callum Whiteford24 days ago

    What is the name of the app they use in this video??

  60. Jakolby Jackson

    Jakolby Jackson21 day ago

    Callum Whiteford teamweek

  61. destroyer48a

    destroyer48a24 days ago

    No ones in the video...cant see anyone ??

  62. Darnell Vlogs

    Darnell Vlogs24 days ago

    After watching this I’m convinced that John Cena Is A Robot

  63. Lloyd T

    Lloyd T25 days ago

    What time does he inject the tren at?

  64. DrewSports

    DrewSports25 days ago

    Is there an actual website they make these on?

  65. Emily E. McGee

    Emily E. McGee20 days ago

    Do you mean the schedule part? If so, the website is called Teamweek.

  66. Brabus 76

    Brabus 7625 days ago

    Warm up... hit the sauna 5-10mins

  67. Noobie WatcherZ

    Noobie WatcherZ25 days ago

    3:18 i truly enjoy messing around with a piano. it's something I started about a year and a half ago and i'm not very good but i get better everyday and its very important to me.

  68. Yuh

    Yuh26 days ago

    Okay but why is he not in the video he's just narrating it

  69. Alejandro Jose Dominguez marquez

    Alejandro Jose Dominguez marquez26 days ago

    I honestly can’t see anyone talking. 🙃🙃😂

  70. Mykamania

    Mykamania26 days ago

    Between 8am and 12am You Suck!

  71. Frankie B

    Frankie B27 days ago

    say what you will,but the man knows how to fill up a suit

  72. manzilla48

    manzilla4827 days ago

    What a boring video just a blank screen


    DUSKIE STUDIOS27 days ago

    *Are you sure about that.*

  74. William Ruiz

    William Ruiz27 days ago

    Try to get Drake on there

  75. Fernando Martinez

    Fernando Martinez27 days ago


  76. Rey Cabrera

    Rey Cabrera28 days ago

    I'm a mental health nurse my day starts 6 am then 12 hours later after a day of passing out meds and restraining violent patients then....I pay bills. The End.

  77. moose mooser

    moose mooser28 days ago

    who is this dude?

  78. kakokapolei123

    kakokapolei12328 days ago

    Talking tuxedo

  79. Ulises Vazquez

    Ulises Vazquez28 days ago

    what schedule app are they using?

  80. Emily E. McGee

    Emily E. McGee26 days ago


  81. Andrew

    Andrew29 days ago

    Is there supposed to be a visual for him in this video?

  82. VANTA BLAk

    VANTA BLAk29 days ago

    No intermittent fasting...Waaaaa??

  83. thore v

    thore v29 days ago

    Which program is used to create the day plan?

  84. Emily E. McGee

    Emily E. McGee26 days ago

    The program is Teamweek.

  85. saovick biswas

    saovick biswasMonth ago

    The painful life of John cena.

  86. Nicholas Yamamoto

    Nicholas YamamotoMonth ago

    I FINALLY FOUND THE APP/PROGRAM THEY USE. It's called Teamweek. Half an hour of searching just the text in the prompts on the screen and I finally found it!

  87. Tania Juangorena

    Tania Juangorena17 days ago


  88. Pavlos Panteliadis

    Pavlos PanteliadisMonth ago

    I see this video, I hear a voice, but I can’t see anything

  89. DCeLL Official

    DCeLL OfficialMonth ago

    Everything Mark Wahlberg does in a day

  90. E M

    E MMonth ago

    Does anyone know what application they are using for the calendar?

  91. DJ Sunkisst

    DJ SunkisstMonth ago

    E M please let me know when you find it. It would be veryyyy useful for me. I schedule out everything I do in a day to stay focused and the way the app in this video lays it out is beautiful.

  92. Abraham Martin

    Abraham MartinMonth ago

    I like this series

  93. SuckUr Mum

    SuckUr MumMonth ago

    And here’s me waking up at 3pm

  94. buckbumble

    buckbumbleMonth ago

    I wish I could unsee that suit.

  95. strpwns800

    strpwns800Month ago

    how do you survive only on protein shakes.

  96. Master K

    Master KMonth ago

    1:52 and we all know that car DEFINITELY aint a overpriced, blue, smart-car like interior, f150 engine borrowing, Found On Road Dead (aka FORD) GT! 😁

  97. Zack Excell

    Zack ExcellMonth ago

    Can we get Dwayne Johnson to do this?!

  98. Airwane

    AirwaneMonth ago

    what app are they using on the side

  99. Emily E. McGee

    Emily E. McGee26 days ago

    That one is Teamweek.

  100. Damon Alfero

    Damon AlferoMonth ago

    someone should do the average mans day in the life schedule. it would be a lot different than these celebrities.

  101. Strahil Dimitrov

    Strahil DimitrovMonth ago

    What is the organization program/app called.

  102. DJ Sunkisst

    DJ SunkisstMonth ago

    Strahil Dimitrov I need to know too

  103. FrontForge

    FrontForgeMonth ago

    There's no way he just has protein shakes and no food

  104. Nerwest

    NerwestMonth ago

    It would be great with Michael B Jordan

  105. MINOR0132

    MINOR0132Month ago

    Why am I watching a video of a clock and a wall?

  106. Emilio Arceo

    Emilio ArceoMonth ago

    This videos are really good, you should continue doing them with more stars 👍👍👍

  107. Otto Schele

    Otto ScheleMonth ago

    These videos are just ads for apps.

  108. missagaga

    missagagaMonth ago

    This is sad since they broke up😭😭

  109. Aaron Schuyler

    Aaron SchuylerMonth ago

    What app did they use for this?

  110. AK

    AK5 days ago

    Teamweek enjoy ;)

  111. DJ Sunkisst

    DJ SunkisstMonth ago

    Aaron Schuyler I gotta know too. I’ve been looking for an app like that forever

  112. Dioo B.

    Dioo B.Month ago

    john cena take a bath twice in the morning.. even i'am just taking a bath once a day..

  113. FadedTv

    FadedTvMonth ago


  114. Emily E. McGee

    Emily E. McGee26 days ago

    It's free planning software called Teamweek.

  115. James Smith

    James SmithMonth ago

    John cena should voice batman.

  116. FinalTouchAR

    FinalTouchARMonth ago

    I can’t see anybody

  117. mkloven101

    mkloven101Month ago

    3:55 *OUCHHHHH*

  118. Anonymous 98

    Anonymous 98Month ago

    45 - 1 hour warm-up? how does he have the energy to do all that omg, i do 5 minute warm up and i'm already tired (im pretty unfit xd)