Everything Is Stupid - America Has a Problem with Food | The Daily Show


  1. Paul N

    Paul N46 minutes ago

    You think smart water went to MIT ?!!!

  2. Phyoomz

    PhyoomzDay ago

    This guy is friggin funny!



    Everything is stupid. America has a problem with Trevors.

  4. Chantel

    ChantelDay ago

    "You're not ready for the jelly, uh!" 😂😂😂😂

  5. Sam Goodell

    Sam Goodell2 days ago

    Was that envelop made from real manila?

  6. Debra Turner

    Debra Turner2 days ago


  7. Anthony V.

    Anthony V.2 days ago

    Spot on. All these dumbass lawyers entertaining the ludacris of these alligations are not helping.

  8. Handyman and Yard Care

    Handyman and Yard Care2 days ago

    So funny!!! Keep it neutral!!!

  9. Rahmath Unnisa

    Rahmath Unnisa3 days ago

    Reading all comments about people sueing companies while sipping Dumb f*ck juice.

  10. Protocol Amazing

    Protocol Amazing4 days ago

    When I looked at the thumbnail I thought the hair was gonna be apart if a skit 😂😂😂

  11. Amaziah of Judah

    Amaziah of Judah4 days ago

    i'm pretty sure it's always a different asian man, just look at the hair.

  12. Chris Boukalis

    Chris Boukalis5 days ago

    America has a problem...with suing lol


    LAST OUTRIDER5 days ago

    The first thing the court will decide is you can't serve someone personally. Case dismissed, thank you that will be $5000 Trevor.

  14. Oh Zack

    Oh Zack5 days ago

    I love this guy😭😂

  15. Pr. MCP

    Pr. MCP5 days ago

    This is a JoJo reference 0:16

  16. Pr. MCP

    Pr. MCP5 days ago

    0:15 Josuke Joestar

  17. Steven Foster

    Steven Foster6 days ago

    Trump is suing himself for not locking her up

  18. McBottle Channel

    McBottle Channel6 days ago

    Ronnie is a mofo ... he is more like a hyperactive child argue..... than a host with a point there !

  19. McBottle Channel

    McBottle Channel6 days ago

    This guy sucks ! Springroll isnt the answer

  20. suladens Xiong

    suladens Xiong6 days ago

    Smartwater went to MIT lol

  21. Brett Azevedo

    Brett Azevedo6 days ago

    Americans sue less now than they did.. so.. disingenuous argument lol but who likes looking stuff up these days

  22. ޓކހރ-ލއއބޚ

    ޓކހރ-ލއއބޚ6 days ago

    I guess Ronnie's new barber thought he was a ten year old.

  23. muskatDR

    muskatDR7 days ago

    Something: Exist Americans:Ill sue you!

  24. Squange Flagion

    Squange Flagion8 days ago

    "Potato skins?" 😂

  25. MOHAMED ALI Khlifi

    MOHAMED ALI Khlifi8 days ago

    0:58 touché

  26. Annora

    Annora8 days ago

    Rewatching and this is kinda a classic already.

  27. Miossoty Johnson

    Miossoty Johnson9 days ago

    5 million? Really?

  28. Oh Jeh

    Oh Jeh9 days ago

    His accent when he said "yard sale" broke me up. His light Asian accent w/ the deep NewYork is friggin' awesome😂

  29. Scaitan

    Scaitan9 days ago

    Would people sue hotdogs because it contains no dog meat or because it isn't actually hot? But I suppose warmpork wouldn't sell so well.

  30. phuong nguyen

    phuong nguyen9 days ago

    I do care, pay for a luxury handbag and find out it was made in China but not Italy or French is a big disappointed!

  31. Andrew Essence

    Andrew Essence10 days ago

    Vote Republican

  32. chandra swaroop

    chandra swaroop10 days ago

    Lol 😜

  33. Test Test

    Test Test10 days ago


  34. Avinav Bhandari

    Avinav Bhandari10 days ago

    Ok .That was funny.

  35. sorasak somchai

    sorasak somchai11 days ago


  36. Metal Videos

    Metal Videos11 days ago

    Food in america is literally the worst quality food you can think off. processed chemical plastic food. Full of Chemicals Glyfosate GMOs and other bullshit. Americans literally eat and drink cancer lol. water is full with Fluoride and chromium 6. that is tap water. so they have to buy expensive water from bottles. which are owned by big corporations like coca cola and nestle. to name 2 companies. and so fort. americans are literally living in america to eat and drink pure toxic poison. glad i didnt grew up in that country. They pay for false flags and terrorist organizations. and they pay big companies that temper with their food. lol. why are you americans such ignorant idiots.

  37. Dan Dare

    Dan Dare12 days ago

    One of the best videos

  38. Thardod Rijiju

    Thardod Rijiju12 days ago

    I'll sue his accent

  39. fesoJ

    fesoJ14 days ago

    "Sues for fake potato skin snacks." wait till we introduce you to Pringles.

  40. Blinks Stay fresh

    Blinks Stay fresh14 days ago

    I came here for the hair.

  41. MonstersInsideMe

    MonstersInsideMe15 days ago

    True 👏👏

  42. Dennis Ogeto

    Dennis Ogeto15 days ago

    Ronny Ochieng

  43. Anthony Gonzales

    Anthony Gonzales15 days ago

    Now I agree why the world says that americans are idiots

  44. Muslima Walker

    Muslima Walker15 days ago

    Philadelphia cream cheese was actually made in NY

  45. Anthony Gonzales

    Anthony Gonzales15 days ago

    America is a shithole country coz the Americans are all idiots who voted for a rapist and a criminal for president and now I believe that when the world says America is going to hell 😂

  46. Jason Woodard

    Jason Woodard16 days ago

    Racial diversity at a ski lodge...?? Is everything about race to these idiots?

  47. Jason Woodard

    Jason Woodard16 days ago

    And then they shit on America and you laugh at it... truly pathetic

  48. Dark Gummo

    Dark Gummo16 days ago

    Ronny is more funny than trevor noah

  49. Nmn J

    Nmn J17 days ago

    No ronnie it does matter these things but exaggeration by these ppl is not needed.

  50. Tyrone Trinity

    Tyrone Trinity17 days ago

    Americans are so entitled

  51. Dominic Lee

    Dominic Lee18 days ago

    0:27 why doesn't racial diversity exist at a ski lodge?

  52. Blinks Stay fresh

    Blinks Stay fresh14 days ago

    cause it's a joke?