1. Sara Cestero

    Sara Cestero2 hours ago

    One time when I went to Target the cashier tried to hire me to model for their company. I was only 11 and it was a very awkward conversation.

  2. Alfredo Cervantes

    Alfredo Cervantes2 days ago

    “ I don’t actually work here dipshit “ i know that pissnuts” cracked me up

  3. Mehdhi Hassan

    Mehdhi Hassan2 days ago

    can you do an episode of every Best Buy ever

  4. Shoogary Gaming

    Shoogary Gaming2 days ago

    I like the fact that they used the same store for this and the Walmart video

  5. Flamos Chan

    Flamos Chan2 days ago

    Im confused with the alex from target

  6. Sarenna Wood

    Sarenna Wood2 days ago

    This target looks a lot like a Walmart

  7. Joseph Marylander

    Joseph Marylander3 days ago

    thats not even target

  8. Daniel Lantz

    Daniel Lantz4 days ago

    Why does the Target look exactly like Walmart?

  9. Fortnite Clips

    Fortnite Clips4 days ago

    Me neither

  10. PR0METHEUS 4224

    PR0METHEUS 42244 days ago

    I actually really like Target, they sell Razer products there


    N7 CARTMAN GH5 days ago

    Every redneck ever

  12. Dave Vidito

    Dave Vidito5 days ago

    idea: every ikea ever

  13. max

    max6 days ago

    The dog still is their mascot lol

  14. TheRobloxMobileGamer

    TheRobloxMobileGamer6 days ago

    Target is the same set as Walmart on Smosh lol

  15. BC PA

    BC PA7 days ago

    Us with the cart bs every time lol

  16. Ryan En Diego

    Ryan En Diego7 days ago

    Where is anthony

  17. Haddy Sarkis

    Haddy Sarkis8 days ago

    Where’s Anthony

  18. Luxuree

    Luxuree8 days ago

    Can I go to my grandma's funeral... I missed it *last time*

  19. Santiago Cifuentes

    Santiago Cifuentes8 days ago


  20. Sarunas Liktoravicius

    Sarunas Liktoravicius9 days ago

    Whats a target?

  21. Stratilex

    Stratilex9 days ago

    Remember it used to smell like popcorn

  22. Ish Lianne

    Ish Lianne9 days ago

    I'm Alex from Target!

  23. Myles Is crazy

    Myles Is crazy9 days ago

    I don't think they should film a target vid in a 99 cents store

  24. just Doodle

    just Doodle10 days ago


  25. MinionStudios

    MinionStudios11 days ago


  26. TheRealBPG

    TheRealBPG11 days ago

    To everyone on computer, spam the 7 key...

  27. A Wandering Gypsy

    A Wandering Gypsy11 days ago

    The Ellen last name switch was fantastic

  28. Greencreeper

    Greencreeper12 days ago

    This video was posted on my birthday

  29. Wild Tiger

    Wild Tiger12 days ago

    why is cortney so hot

  30. My favorite song Yay a

    My favorite song Yay a12 days ago

    You shade stop Making these video is dad and I was Shopping then i got bored so I watching a video that I saw you guys Cursing so I got to Texas sorry about the things I said but you guys should stop making Bad words so bye

  31. Ebin Neilson

    Ebin Neilson13 days ago

    Every Maryland Stereotype Ever. No one pays attention to us.

  32. Erik Allen

    Erik Allen13 days ago

    I’m wearing a red shirt right now

  33. Zachary Moppin

    Zachary Moppin13 days ago

    So are you sponsored by target or what

  34. Coolicejeremiah

    Coolicejeremiah14 days ago

    Do every H E B ever

  35. bobtheblob akaslime

    bobtheblob akaslime15 days ago

    He said can I get next Friday off I need to make it to my grandmoms funeral I missed it last time so I need to make this time

  36. robeduardoyfreak

    robeduardoyfreak16 days ago

    Can someone explain this?

  37. Explosive Pineapples

    Explosive Pineapples16 days ago

    Is damien nick eh 30????

  38. Abby Cork

    Abby Cork16 days ago

    lol the people who work at target in my town dont wear red shirts XD

  39. splix

    splix16 days ago

    Is it just me or does that target look like reeeeaallly small..?

  40. Sabrina D

    Sabrina D17 days ago

    I’m Canadian and targets are gone in Canada.

  41. Team Eclipse Lucas Gabriel

    Team Eclipse Lucas Gabriel18 days ago

    Don’t wear a red shirt at target or it will get viral

  42. Julie Boldin

    Julie Boldin18 days ago

    Uggghhh I keep getting first purge ads

  43. Michael Darlak

    Michael Darlak18 days ago

    He said pissnuts...... CONFIRMED. PEE IS STORED IN THE BALLS

  44. Arhaan Warsi

    Arhaan Warsi19 days ago

    The guy in the first one in the red shirt looks like winter soldier

  45. Nathaniel Yu

    Nathaniel Yu19 days ago

    They used this same place for the Wall Mart one.

  46. Asriel Dreemur

    Asriel Dreemur19 days ago

    Bullseye is alive

  47. LanceDaPsycho

    LanceDaPsycho19 days ago

    That one guy with the muscles is really cute... and hot.

  48. Rachael Davis

    Rachael Davis21 day ago

    Next do every pet store ever

  49. Josh The Hipster

    Josh The Hipster22 days ago

    What store did they actually use for that? It looks like Dollar Tree and a cay care center had a kid...

  50. Juvenile Aetosaur

    Juvenile Aetosaur22 days ago

    Thr reason Target's mascot died is because it is an Inbred Bull Terrier. All pure breed are inbred, they're parents are related like siblings.

  51. The Gamer Kid

    The Gamer Kid23 days ago


  52. The Gamer Kid

    The Gamer Kid23 days ago


  53. Aurora Hernandez

    Aurora Hernandez24 days ago

    Alex from Target😂😂

  54. Partymangle 2018

    Partymangle 201824 days ago

    Man I miss Alex :(

  55. Finlay Maloney

    Finlay Maloney24 days ago

    Remember when smosh was actually funny? I miss Anthony😔

  56. CHIPOTLE _

    CHIPOTLE _24 days ago

    If they all get the same shirt then go get Gucci or supremes off white

  57. Irina Cordos

    Irina Cordos24 days ago

    Like all the examples given

  58. Irina Cordos

    Irina Cordos24 days ago

    This is so true it's insane

  59. Bulletcore

    Bulletcore24 days ago

    That Target looks like a dollar store.

  60. Beastly Vlogs_YT

    Beastly Vlogs_YT24 days ago

    Do every meme ever

  61. DeVine GAMING

    DeVine GAMING24 days ago

    Are you guys going to hire an Asian dude anytime soon? Steven Yuan, Daniel Henney, John Cho, Harry Shum Jr, Michael Bow, Rice Gum, Timothy Delaghetto etc. cuz it's totally hard to find an Asian male comedian out there. (Ex. Ryan Higa --- Took me like one whole second to come up with this name.)

  62. Tim Enaje

    Tim Enaje24 days ago

    Good thing there was no moaning

  63. Ashley Lopez

    Ashley Lopez25 days ago

    Courtney where did you get that jacket!!!

  64. pepperrgirl

    pepperrgirl25 days ago

    "..so we can't get distracted this time.." after they walked into a 99 cents store/Dollar Tree.

  65. steve parker

    steve parker25 days ago

    Maybe You Should Do Every Bo On The Go Ever

  66. Noah Mikael Ahmad Izuddin

    Noah Mikael Ahmad Izuddin25 days ago


  67. Josh S5

    Josh S526 days ago

    Every restaurant ever

  68. Nusozru

    Nusozru26 days ago


  69. saad soomro

    saad soomro26 days ago

    your a shithead from target

  70. Wrecker Modz 43

    Wrecker Modz 4326 days ago

    I want a red polo and sew a target on it.

  71. Awesome Bananas37

    Awesome Bananas3727 days ago

    My mom works in target and she said the red shirt scene is true

  72. Chief

    Chief27 days ago

    I almost became a model at a target store. My hair was dyed red.

  73. Ray19Ph

    Ray19Ph28 days ago

    can you have Damien in more sketches please... :3

  74. L!l lump!a ASMR

    L!l lump!a ASMR28 days ago

    Do every every blank ever ever

  75. Faze King

    Faze King29 days ago

    Aw sad dog

  76. Ruby Mortimer

    Ruby MortimerMonth ago

    Why is Damien on this?

  77. Jimmy雞翅

    Jimmy雞翅Month ago

    I want every costco ever!

  78. Dislike Please

    Dislike PleaseMonth ago

    Target 11889

  79. AshlierGaming13

    AshlierGaming13Month ago

    Smosh Edition Of Master Debaters

  80. Andrew Lee

    Andrew LeeMonth ago

    Funny video exept for the slight jab at gun owners.

  81. kate 123

    kate 123Month ago

    OMG I KNOW ALEX Edit: not personal tho

  82. Lisa Adler

    Lisa AdlerMonth ago

    I gotta go to my grandma's funeral because I missed it last time, sounds legit for an employee of Target

  83. MR. DuckNugt

    MR. DuckNugtMonth ago

    I love the camera angles in the training , it reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite

  84. Phúc Trịnh Hữu

    Phúc Trịnh HữuMonth ago

    where is anthony

  85. Joaquin Segovia

    Joaquin SegoviaMonth ago

    My brother used to work at the same target as alex from target

  86. Andrew Neel

    Andrew NeelMonth ago

    People complain about smash not being as good, but it is not their faults

  87. The Reaction Group

    The Reaction GroupMonth ago

    why are all Jurassic world ADS 12 seconds long and you can't skip? It Sucks

  88. Bella Anderson

    Bella AndersonMonth ago

    Alex from Target tho

  89. simon ilett

    simon ilettMonth ago


  90. John Meadows

    John MeadowsMonth ago

    Make season 2

  91. Kyle Dunlap

    Kyle DunlapMonth ago

    I seriously didnt know alex from target existed untill not that long ago, the only reason i know it exists is because i watched youtube for the whole day and ended up falling down the internet hole

  92. Kaylee Buescher

    Kaylee BuescherMonth ago

    I'm Alex from target

  93. eh man

    eh manMonth ago

    Who else keeps on seeing Burger King ads

  94. Christopher Aguilar

    Christopher AguilarMonth ago

    Make a video with boze PLEASE!

  95. ROBLOXxGOD433 X

    ROBLOXxGOD433 XMonth ago


  96. Pyneeapple

    PyneeappleMonth ago

    Since when were targets so small??

  97. Guest 900012

    Guest 900012Month ago

    Smash edition >>

  98. TheNinthGenerarion

    TheNinthGenerarionMonth ago

    I have to go to my grandma’s funeral and I missed it last time

  99. Liberal Patrol

    Liberal PatrolMonth ago

    I disliked because of the NRA joke f*ck you guys


    SMASH GAMESMonth ago

    do a every fortnite game ever

  101. king chickendude

    king chickendudeMonth ago

    I was permanently banned from target for shoplifting