1. The Gacha Nerd

    The Gacha NerdHour ago

    Ummmm not to be *that* person but isn't that the 99 cent store?😅

  2. Leslie Feliciano

    Leslie Feliciano20 hours ago

    The dog treats are next to the tiars cus the mascot died in a car accident

  3. Reza

    Reza21 hour ago

    EVERY TARGET.. *ive been to dosent have Roblox Cards*

  4. Super PUBG Thomas

    Super PUBG ThomasDay ago


  5. S4mura1

    S4mura1Day ago

    Never heard “pissnuts” before

  6. Gamer 13005

    Gamer 130052 days ago

    Pissnuts ??????

  7. Jack Gold

    Jack Gold2 days ago

    4:01 I see Arizona cocktail in the background, which is by the way, very refreshing

  8. Faith Sharkey

    Faith Sharkey3 days ago

    Yeah... my dog died so that dog joke wasnt really funny...

  9. Publito2 YT

    Publito2 YT3 days ago

    Can u do a rap battle target vs Walmart

  10. Caroly Nigul

    Caroly Nigul3 days ago

    0.23 I really gotta go to my granmas funeral cause is missed it last time and i really wanna make it this time haha

  11. Bacardi Breezer47

    Bacardi Breezer473 days ago

    I want that shirt at 3:43

  12. Edvardas Zumbrickas

    Edvardas Zumbrickas4 days ago


  13. finn wren

    finn wren4 days ago

    Ian from Smosh looks very different

  14. [FPS] Zortex

    [FPS] Zortex4 days ago

    Grandma's HAVE TWO LIVES!

  15. sheree bratcher

    sheree bratcher4 days ago

    That girl is. Ugly

  16. mr rap

    mr rap5 days ago


  17. Life as Amira

    Life as Amira5 days ago


  18. Jay Manrique

    Jay Manrique5 days ago

    Wait, Target does have amiibos

  19. Aurora

    Aurora6 days ago

    Pissnuts that’s a new one

  20. Bailey Frank

    Bailey Frank6 days ago

    Umm. That’s not how u pronounce Ellen’s last name

  21. fortnut play

    fortnut play6 days ago

    U got the wrong dog normally it's a english bullterrier

  22. Declan Fenniak

    Declan Fenniak6 days ago

    How do you put one shoe in a bunch of boxes

  23. QofingYuri

    QofingYuri6 days ago


  24. Thomas Vong

    Thomas Vong7 days ago


  25. Magnesboom 105

    Magnesboom 1057 days ago


  26. Joel Bäck

    Joel Bäck7 days ago

    1:20 did they murder someone in their sleep and need to hurry to clean up the blood in the bed??

  27. RoseyRose

    RoseyRose7 days ago

    Target is target

  28. Amy Jackson

    Amy Jackson7 days ago

    I love you

  29. Burgerfries365 Gaming

    Burgerfries365 Gaming7 days ago


  30. Sombr a

    Sombr a7 days ago

    Baby: *wearing red shirt while being held by parents* Random person: Do you know where the cat food is? Baby: *in mind* wtf is this guy talking about

  31. Alice Caughell

    Alice Caughell8 days ago

    Canada has no target. But liked the video

  32. Karma Latte

    Karma Latte8 days ago

    I can confirm the show thing, from working there

  33. Juliana Bourguignon

    Juliana Bourguignon8 days ago

    0.45 I love him saying pissnuts


    PUGMAN232 SRUBE8 days ago


  35. Leila Granholm

    Leila Granholm8 days ago

    Who da fuq is Alex from target!?!!?

  36. Justin Portes

    Justin Portes9 days ago

    every corner store/bodega ever

  37. Bradley Chadburn-Adams

    Bradley Chadburn-Adams10 days ago

    20 wtf😂

  38. Lady Theorizer

    Lady Theorizer11 days ago

    A target in a 99 cents store ? :')

  39. lvideon

    lvideon11 days ago

    I was recently wondering what happened to Alex from Target.

  40. gamerturtle2008 vlogs

    gamerturtle2008 vlogs12 days ago

    That is nothing like target

  41. Omar Julio

    Omar Julio12 days ago

    49 there is a no sighn

  42. TheWalterClan

    TheWalterClan12 days ago

    this video was posted on my birthday last year

  43. Jellorax

    Jellorax12 days ago

    anyone else who hasnt been to target in years because you're canadian

  44. A fat Bird

    A fat Bird13 days ago

    You never “only get one item” at target

  45. Haley Grinnellnk

    Haley Grinnellnk13 days ago


  46. meme current

    meme current13 days ago

    Do every holiday ever

  47. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton13 days ago

    Target next Friday morning after school

  48. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton14 days ago

    Theater at 6 Pm

  49. Angelic

    Angelic14 days ago

    who is the guy at 2:50 never seen him before

  50. Darrell Palogan

    Darrell Palogan14 days ago

    Where is anthony?

  51. Skullkiller 69

    Skullkiller 6914 days ago

    Every hospital ever

  52. Mark hamill Joker fan

    Mark hamill Joker fan15 days ago

    This is nothing like the target I know

  53. xxiStezzy

    xxiStezzy15 days ago

    Why is Damien never in videos anymore :(

  54. Don Hall

    Don Hall15 days ago

    Not to be racist but Olivia looks like Ryan Higa 3:29

  55. alii xoxo

    alii xoxo15 days ago

    3:58 blonde person by the wall "climiniate”

  56. Shotty770 Fortnite Entertainment and Random Stufff

    Shotty770 Fortnite Entertainment and Random Stufff16 days ago

    N n

  57. Jimmy Adelizzi V

    Jimmy Adelizzi V17 days ago


  58. Zara Sidhu

    Zara Sidhu17 days ago

    “How many cloths are you bringing into the changing room?” “ *55* “

  59. AlexTheBaiterYT

    AlexTheBaiterYT18 days ago

    0:50 My face when Thanos touches my friend

  60. Artsy

    Artsy19 days ago

    I once found a toothbrush in a shoebox at target

  61. Franco Ravendo

    Franco Ravendo19 days ago

    I like how nobody realizes that the target was on his face and not his stomach

  62. Brian Marquez

    Brian Marquez20 days ago

    In the back round it says 99 sentence store

  63. G Cube

    G Cube20 days ago

    Does anyone else realize this is filmed in a 99 cent store you even see a sign

  64. Crack shot Gameplays

    Crack shot Gameplays20 days ago

    That’s a 99 cents store

  65. Andrew Gonzales

    Andrew Gonzales20 days ago

    0:36 why my man so thicc tho?

  66. princess moni

    princess moni21 day ago

    4:38 xD

  67. CatCrys Plays

    CatCrys Plays21 day ago

    rest and pieace dog😢😢😥😢😥😢😪😓😪😪

  68. Gilberto Saenz

    Gilberto Saenz21 day ago

    2:36 her face 😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁

  69. Tech Lover

    Tech Lover22 days ago


  70. Preston Reber

    Preston Reber22 days ago


  71. Brena's musical.lys

    Brena's musical.lys23 days ago

    every dunkin ever

  72. Dylan Bishop

    Dylan Bishop23 days ago

    Can I get next Friday off? I missed it last time and I don’t want to miss it again

  73. OzzaO 12

    OzzaO 1223 days ago

    I love target! Idc what people gotta say.

  74. haya Farhan

    haya Farhan24 days ago


  75. Bob Kavinski

    Bob Kavinski24 days ago

    Dirhhea dump

  76. Kaleb Lewis

    Kaleb Lewis24 days ago


  77. Kaleb Lewis

    Kaleb Lewis24 days ago


  78. Kaleb Lewis

    Kaleb Lewis24 days ago


  79. Taprrax

    Taprrax24 days ago

    this was a five below not a target Lmaooo

  80. Max Markos

    Max Markos25 days ago

    It could be worse wearing a blue shirt at Walmart

  81. Craig Chambers

    Craig Chambers25 days ago


  82. Nina Filmz

    Nina Filmz25 days ago

    Pause at 2:27 it's weird

  83. Waluigi The Ultimate

    Waluigi The Ultimate25 days ago

    You should do every shoplifter ever

  84. Tom Tucker

    Tom Tucker26 days ago

    Every Costco ever

  85. Jakob Koep

    Jakob Koep26 days ago

    Target does do paper bags you uncultured swines

  86. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton26 days ago


  87. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton26 days ago

    stem family night on 24h

  88. Boom le a

    Boom le a27 days ago


  89. I'm a hufflepuff deal with it

    I'm a hufflepuff deal with it27 days ago

    0:38 where's the sign for the pharmacy!?!?!??!?!?!?!

  90. Jonas Kristensen

    Jonas Kristensen27 days ago

    Its Like Irl

  91. Jonas Kristensen

    Jonas Kristensen27 days ago

    Irl meens ( in Real life

  92. Elijah Lasquite

    Elijah Lasquite27 days ago

    I hate alex

  93. Ryder SoCal Life

    Ryder SoCal Life27 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  94. Jayla Mclaughlin

    Jayla Mclaughlin27 days ago

    Every kid ever

  95. Richard Lopez-Rios Official

    Richard Lopez-Rios Official28 days ago

    Why not make “Every Kmart Ever”

  96. sylphstarwind

    sylphstarwind28 days ago

    nobody cares alex! gawd!

  97. MrGamer8910

    MrGamer891028 days ago

    So, do you break him out to do Captchas?

  98. Boruto Uzomaki fights

    Boruto Uzomaki fights28 days ago

    Thats not target that’s the 99c stor

  99. Kaleigh Salam

    Kaleigh Salam28 days ago

    Do every nightmare ever Edit: if you didn't do it already

  100. Thomas Crew

    Thomas Crew28 days ago

    Smash what camera do you use

  101. Plushy PLAYS-Call of Duty and more

    Plushy PLAYS-Call of Duty and more28 days ago

    I need to make it to my grandmas funeral because i missed it last time so I’m trying to make it this time. Who the frick says that 😂😂