1. Jaxon brown vlogs

    Jaxon brown vlogs13 hours ago

    Phones don't break on carpets

  2. Abdullah Aljanabi

    Abdullah Aljanabi14 hours ago

    NO SAUCE NO FLOSS! What do u mean

  3. Theodor Söderhäll

    Theodor Söderhäll16 hours ago

    i was bored so i did the math and in a month the hours would be 720 so it would be impossible to watch all that in a month it would actually take about a full year of non stop watching

  4. Rianna Serrano

    Rianna Serrano18 hours ago

    Every iPhone ever

  5. itz _dustyn12

    itz _dustyn12Day ago

    its my 11 birthday can i have 11 likes

  6. Khandar William

    Khandar William2 days ago

    we don't have summer jobs here

  7. Hypnotic TheBeast0503

    Hypnotic TheBeast05033 days ago

    Every LGBT Ever❤💛💚💙💜❤💛💚💙💜❤💛💚💙💜❤💛💚💙💜❤💛💚💙💜

  8. YOu'ReINsane!

    YOu'ReINsane!3 days ago

    I hope everyone still remembers Anthony

  9. CharlottePlays YT XD

    CharlottePlays YT XD3 days ago

    Don’t pin this comment.I D͟A͟R͟E͟ Y͟O͟U͟

  10. Xxtoxic Wolfiexx

    Xxtoxic Wolfiexx3 days ago

    The house looks like the one they shot that real life hit man in

  11. Yun Hin

    Yun Hin3 days ago

    Where's my sauce ?

  12. NerdBird

    NerdBird4 days ago

    4:33 why Samsung Galaxy is better than iPhone.

  13. Rubix

    Rubix4 days ago


  14. The galaxy Hunter

    The galaxy Hunter4 days ago

    Omg I love smosh

  15. Älä vittuile

    Älä vittuile4 days ago

    Pizza man said fuck work

  16. Link For Hire

    Link For Hire5 days ago

    Is that a Sponge Bob Refrence? 0:14 - 0:53

  17. Mauricio Serrano

    Mauricio Serrano5 days ago

    3: 29 is that the old jake Paul House??

  18. Sammy Bean

    Sammy Bean5 days ago

    Awesome! So funny!!

  19. Satisfying Slime Videos

    Satisfying Slime Videos5 days ago

    Oh boy i want to die 💀 , the summer break just ended wwaaaah

  20. TBone Louise

    TBone Louise6 days ago


  21. The Wacky World of Wyatt

    The Wacky World of Wyatt6 days ago

    First the broccoli in the subway vid now in the summer job

  22. HomiedinoboyRBLX

    HomiedinoboyRBLX7 days ago

    Why are most houses In this video are mansions

  23. Geremy Malone

    Geremy Malone7 days ago

    1:23 OMG some people need to keep it 😐

  24. UnrealMantis 789

    UnrealMantis 7897 days ago

    3:24 the old Team 10 house

  25. Hampoon

    Hampoon7 days ago

    im in need now

  26. Raivo Ozolins

    Raivo Ozolins8 days ago


  27. Large Soda

    Large Soda8 days ago

    You need sauce for pizza?

  28. Stupid Activity

    Stupid Activity8 days ago

    Every hair salon ever

  29. Gooblyful

    Gooblyful9 days ago

    Dude spitting on the pizza guy was a 10/10 gag for real

  30. Kenan Kordic 4B Østerbyskolen

    Kenan Kordic 4B Østerbyskolen9 days ago

    I hate my life

  31. Haasim underground

    Haasim underground10 days ago

    real life yaoi boy lol 0:27

  32. UchihaDestiny09

    UchihaDestiny0911 days ago

    Every Hospital Ever

  33. P90 Loli

    P90 Loli11 days ago

    Did any of you see Jake Paul’s old house in the video?

  34. wwepizzakid

    wwepizzakid11 days ago


  35. liposkie

    liposkie11 days ago

    I honestly think the bloopers were funnier.. "he has adhd thats not cool man"

  36. Terraria Guide

    Terraria Guide11 days ago

    Summer job? I got summer homework

  37. maili negretti

    maili negretti12 days ago

    Did anyone else realize they were filming at the old team 10 house?

  38. south3rnson

    south3rnson12 days ago

    My job (which is my first job) is at a moving company so while most 17year olds get a simple job for a summer job I'm lifting heavy crap all day

  39. Lola Hubbert

    Lola Hubbert12 days ago

    Broccoli cheddar day strikes again >:/

  40. Logan D

    Logan D12 days ago

    do every youtuber ever

  41. Doggy Lion

    Doggy Lion12 days ago

    If I had a babysitter like that, I would totally invite him/her and others to a party. ;)

  42. sasha 12

    sasha 1212 days ago

    I always have the same summer job: dog sitting. So whenever my bosses need someone to take care of their dogs they call me.... one of them lives one block away from me. Sometimes he would come to my house when I was sleeping and knock on my door until my brothers got annoyed

  43. Hannah Ware

    Hannah Ware12 days ago

    why is Mr.Jackson in like every blank ever????

  44. 73genders 73

    73genders 7312 days ago

    At least u get paid

  45. __ nikolass_____

    __ nikolass_____12 days ago


  46. aspect gaming

    aspect gaming14 days ago

    why was you at jp old house

  47. Duck Sauce

    Duck Sauce14 days ago

    Is it bad that they were in algebra at 17 but im in pre-cal at 13 years old and yes ik this isnt real

  48. GamerGenji

    GamerGenji16 days ago

    Wax on wax off

  49. Luke Brower

    Luke Brower16 days ago

    Ok do you guys like own jake Paul’s old house or what

  50. Daniela frenkel

    Daniela frenkel17 days ago

    isn't that almost the exact same house as lee's from the kissing booth

  51. puppy Love

    puppy Love17 days ago

    Every parent ever

  52. JustRant

    JustRant19 days ago

    Don't click read more *Read More*

  53. DrewTube

    DrewTube19 days ago

    This house looks awesome! Does someone at smosh own it?

  54. Juanita Castillo

    Juanita Castillo20 days ago

    Jps house

  55. Official Vegeta

    Official Vegeta20 days ago

    3:24 just me or is that the old team 10 house???

  56. Theo Poon

    Theo Poon21 day ago

    Every Olympic ever

  57. Polar Bear18

    Polar Bear1821 day ago

    How did the phone break on carpet

  58. Night Blood

    Night Blood23 days ago

    60x24x31=44 640 minutes 44 640/5000=8.928 minutes You would need to change movie about every nine minutes to be able to see 5000 movies in one month. You wouldn't barley be able to finish the commercials before the movie even started.

  59. Izzyisdevd

    Izzyisdevd24 days ago

    "He has ADHD that's not cool" 😂

  60. kingger509

    kingger50924 days ago

    love the koroty cant spell thing XD

  61. Nellie Finch

    Nellie Finch24 days ago

    Tell me why Courtney as the pizza guy looks like hobo Johnson 😂💕

  62. John Kopf

    John Kopf24 days ago

    3:40 team 10 house ?

  63. Bear Scisci

    Bear Scisci24 days ago

    1:34 I found the missing Dwarf

  64. redhound73

    redhound7324 days ago

    3:10 in the USA it takes 5 days to form an official business.

  65. Mitch MC

    Mitch MC24 days ago

    i remember my sommer job..had sex

  66. tyler

    tyler24 days ago

    nice simpsons reference

  67. Aurellia Rhmaftri

    Aurellia Rhmaftri24 days ago

    I no how you fell

  68. rickyistidy

    rickyistidy25 days ago

    You could tell when he drops the phone, the phone didn’t break, there’s a another phone part that is broken.

  69. Sam

    Sam25 days ago

    1:48 hot body

  70. trailburst

    trailburst25 days ago

    that blooper where shayne dropped all the candy bars could’ve made it. it was a good scene imo haha

  71. Muntaziir korimkhan

    Muntaziir korimkhan26 days ago

    where is anthony man.

  72. muhammad hafizuddin

    muhammad hafizuddin26 days ago

    Shayne topp ❤❤❤

  73. imsohappy202 YT

    imsohappy202 YT27 days ago

    (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  74. Doo Doo Tyyppi

    Doo Doo Tyyppi27 days ago

    My friend: you said youre on diet Me in burger king: 3.16

  75. Adam A.

    Adam A.28 days ago

    *WHERE IS MY SAUCE?!?* 🌊🌊🌊

  76. Ally Romeo

    Ally Romeo28 days ago


  77. arjan fornite fornite

    arjan fornite fornite29 days ago

    3:24 jake Paul old house

  78. Magic Muffin

    Magic Muffin29 days ago

    3:25 that’s the team 10’s old house

  79. Arty Beats

    Arty Beats29 days ago

    wait a minute.. ive seen that house at 0:17 before

  80. JrexxTV23

    JrexxTV2329 days ago


  81. Dat Boi

    Dat BoiMonth ago


  82. Rasul Bokev

    Rasul BokevMonth ago

    That look like jack Paul old house


    PUGSLY GAMINGMonth ago

    Do a every taco bell ever

  84. Topi S

    Topi SMonth ago


  85. eljon9

    eljon9Month ago

    I’m 17 years old *poops in pants*

  86. Barney Castledine

    Barney CastledineMonth ago

    Do every waterpark ever

  87. greninjavids 2.0

    greninjavids 2.0Month ago

    Trust me I have ADHD I feel u bro

  88. Lucas Fontenot

    Lucas FontenotMonth ago

    *"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"* *"How ya doin on Mac and Cheese Margaret ya need more?"*

  89. Nicky Wear

    Nicky WearMonth ago

    I didn’t get a summer job but I have a fall weekend job working at a Renaissance Festival painting fake ears and gluing them to people

  90. Fortnite Loser

    Fortnite LoserMonth ago

    5:00 what the f emma

  91. Laura Reid

    Laura ReidMonth ago

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy what summer job what the f******k

  92. China Man

    China ManMonth ago

    2:37 killed me XD

  93. Jyotiraditya Satpathy

    Jyotiraditya SatpathyMonth ago

    I felt really bad for Shayne at the last one.

  94. Robin Stewart

    Robin StewartMonth ago

    We'll bang OK?

  95. Dimitra Skouik

    Dimitra SkouikMonth ago

    These guys aren't smosh...Smosh = Ian&Anthony ONLY...

  96. Job Bellamy

    Job BellamyMonth ago


  97. Untitled

    UntitledMonth ago

    My summer job is just mowing the lawn.

  98. MightyDan47

    MightyDan47Month ago

    Where my baby sitter

  99. MightyDan47

    MightyDan47Month ago

    I luv it

  100. rigoberto bailon

    rigoberto bailonMonth ago


  101. David Mercado

    David MercadoMonth ago

    What the F emma

  102. Zoe Collins

    Zoe CollinsMonth ago

    I attribute my success to this � I never gave or took any excuse.