1. Kid phaze

    Kid phaze4 hours ago

    I got adhd and I didn't understand the part where he fell someone explain

  2. Flishy Fish

    Flishy Fish5 hours ago

    Drinking game: Take a drink at every comment talking about how Smosh used to be better.

  3. Dead City

    Dead City7 hours ago

    I got my first summer job this summer and today I did arts and crafts with seniors from a Korean-American senior center. It was adorable. I wish I got paid more, though. I get paid $8.25 an hour and I work four hours a day on a lot of art stuff.

  4. Montgomery

    Montgomery7 hours ago

    every robbery ever. cuz im bored

  5. Jedi Army

    Jedi Army8 hours ago

    the summer job as a life guard was the funniest thing I've seen all week ;D

  6. Terry

    Terry9 hours ago

    getting fcked by university the whole semester & then getting fcked by your summer job during your ”holidays”

  7. AFG_ #Killa

    AFG_ #Killa10 hours ago

    Make every gamer ever

  8. Cal Mccormick

    Cal Mccormick10 hours ago

    Is that the old team 10 house

  9. Fun Āsîan Kangaroo Entertāînment

    Fun Āsîan Kangaroo Entertāînment12 hours ago

    Any thoughts about ant-man & the wasp? 🐜

  10. Fun Āsîan Kangaroo Entertāînment

    Fun Āsîan Kangaroo Entertāînment12 hours ago

    *Any thoughts about Avengers: Infinity War?*

  11. Abby Lynn

    Abby Lynn15 hours ago

    lifeguarding is hell & that’s that on that

  12. Chris the gaming 10

    Chris the gaming 1017 hours ago

    Every cheerleader ever

  13. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrDay ago


  14. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrDay ago


  15. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrDay ago


  16. Dennis DeSanctis

    Dennis DeSanctisDay ago

    I literally just saw a Dwayne the rock Johnson movie today

  17. Gravity Falls Fan01

    Gravity Falls Fan01Day ago

    Right In The Blow Hole

  18. Keys60Datman

    Keys60DatmanDay ago

    Every fandom ever

  19. Avril L.T.

    Avril L.T.Day ago

    Every telenovela ever

  20. Rust 010 HELLO FLAMINGO

    Rust 010 HELLO FLAMINGODay ago

    Silly hucksus lmao 😂

  21. Артур Маркарян

    Артур МаркарянDay ago

    You should probably do, Every Truck Driver Ever.

  22. Geo Belmont

    Geo BelmontDay ago

    Cool, smosh supports children in need! Best night in november...

  23. Deana Marko

    Deana MarkoDay ago

    Just stop with this crap and cancel it already...

  24. PC Guy

    PC GuyDay ago

    I feel sorry for Courtney, I realise this is a parody of Janice (without balls) and the production company felt it was important. However men don't just get spat in the face, personally if anyone did this I'd break their face and call the delivery job as a hoax, yes crucify me as a troll "rolls eyes".

  25. allmyideaswheretaken

    allmyideaswheretakenDay ago

    I wish I was old enough to have a summer job this summer, because someone in my family stole all my money I was saving

  26. Nina Liu

    Nina LiuDay ago

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  27. Justice Served

    Justice Served2 days ago

    Shayne can’t do proper resuscitate

  28. bob george

    bob george2 days ago

    if your going to the trouble of changing candy wrappers then just come up with some fake candy

  29. Angeline Tran

    Angeline Tran2 days ago

    Every doctor appointment ever

  30. Angeline Tran

    Angeline Tran2 days ago

    Every joke ever

  31. Angeline Tran

    Angeline Tran2 days ago

    Every mall ever

  32. daninho

    daninho2 days ago

    They filmed at the team 10 house😂 at least I think so

  33. JJ

    JJ2 days ago

    Slavery has no respect of persons

  34. Im Sam

    Im Sam2 days ago


  35. Anthony Jacob

    Anthony Jacob2 days ago

    He has ADHD that’s not cool! Lmfaoo

  36. hanson Feng

    hanson Feng2 days ago

    Me at work during the summer trying to remind myself I should be grateful

  37. Duckz 0381

    Duckz 03812 days ago

    My parents stop getting me a babysitter when I was 11

  38. gibberish ed

    gibberish ed2 days ago

    yay Norbit refrence in the bloopers

  39. I like my cat

    I like my cat2 days ago

    Noah’s hair looks like rainbow sherbet

  40. The CCG

    The CCG2 days ago

    This was posted on my bday

  41. illusion master

    illusion master2 days ago

    dat Jake Paul ps4 house

  42. Maddy Bennett

    Maddy Bennett2 days ago

    I live for the bloopers at the end

  43. MrHustler

    MrHustler2 days ago

    The end was the best! LOL!

  44. Zee

    Zee2 days ago


  45. Bethany Smith

    Bethany Smith2 days ago

    My summer job is working in a nursing home. Its greattttt. 👌🙃

  46. SSJ8K Reyes

    SSJ8K Reyes2 days ago

    That was Jake Paul's house

  47. hunter bonnett

    hunter bonnett2 days ago

    What happened to Smosh Summer Games

  48. Criss Lane

    Criss Lane2 days ago

    Trending this week

  49. IvanGamingHD

    IvanGamingHD2 days ago

    that was so funny

  50. Oukei Music

    Oukei Music2 days ago

    Wait where's the shut up intro?

  51. Stwayker

    Stwayker2 days ago


  52. Patrick Jenkins

    Patrick Jenkins2 days ago

    Do “Every Anime Fan Ever” next!

  53. Niamor Ueiv

    Niamor Ueiv2 days ago

    Every World Cup Ever ! ;)

  54. Chrissy Urz

    Chrissy Urz2 days ago


  55. Евгений Чмеленко

    Евгений Чмеленко2 days ago

    Жиза пздц)

  56. _ Hayzilla _

    _ Hayzilla _3 days ago

    Every Fortnite Ever

  57. Grant Haseloff

    Grant Haseloff3 days ago

    They flexin with this house

  58. Nick Balasco

    Nick Balasco3 days ago

    Do A every mommy vlogger ever

  59. ItsNebulaa Gaming

    ItsNebulaa Gaming3 days ago

    Every Boss Ever?????

  60. Fizzy Aura

    Fizzy Aura3 days ago

    Every Xbox Game Ever

  61. Evelyn Sanchez

    Evelyn Sanchez3 days ago

    Every College Ever!!!

  62. Jake Taller

    Jake Taller3 days ago


  63. Dalina Schwartz

    Dalina Schwartz3 days ago

    the bloopers are priceless😂😂

  64. TheSpeedDemon225

    TheSpeedDemon2253 days ago


  65. Jessica Reyes

    Jessica Reyes3 days ago

    Every school orientation ever ☺

  66. Salt And Pepper

    Salt And Pepper3 days ago

    When i was a kid i had a lemonade stand

  67. wilmau

    wilmau3 days ago

    Damn who's house is this the door is gigantic ! Must be my vagina's house

  68. Mr Sways

    Mr Sways3 days ago

    Every Microsoft Office ever Ever Sony Office ever Every Barbeque ever

  69. Инна Силивестру

    Инна Силивестру3 days ago

    Do every movie bloopers ever

  70. BlindArtist 78

    BlindArtist 783 days ago

    Don’t you mean “every waste of summer ever”?

  71. Allen Friedrich

    Allen Friedrich3 days ago

    It seems off without Anthony. Still Amusing tho.

  72. Yannick Ray

    Yannick Ray3 days ago

    Why did Noah look like ninja with that bandana on?

  73. unicorn lover 14

    unicorn lover 143 days ago

    Yay I have just been watching so many of your vids

  74. colin puckle

    colin puckle4 days ago

    Every motel ever

  75. Cin3mattic

    Cin3mattic4 days ago

    Smosh is the happy Madison of youtube

  76. Aimn Saad

    Aimn Saad4 days ago

    Can u join anthony

  77. fire vlogs

    fire vlogs4 days ago

    Every neighbor ever

  78. Skooty Puff

    Skooty Puff4 days ago

    i sure do miss the old smosh

  79. santosh p

    santosh p4 days ago

    I don't know smosh still exists

  80. Super Moose

    Super Moose4 days ago

    My first summer job was baby sitting. One time these people had 7 kids and I just let them play outside until one of them cried. I HATED IT. At one point, they all cried at once.

  81. Winston Antiadill

    Winston Antiadill4 days ago

    Is Smosh still making videos? Just know that Smosh died when it got a fucking director, i miss the 2 old fellas that used to make videos for fun

  82. spartan gaming

    spartan gaming4 days ago

    Aaaaaa, I'm in need now!

  83. Bruce Buchan

    Bruce Buchan4 days ago

    Congrats to 100 every blank evers!!!!!!

  84. Lxrdz 03

    Lxrdz 034 days ago

    Good job guys, top 50 trending video

  85. Barnaby Scott

    Barnaby Scott4 days ago

    *Every Baby Gender Reveal Ever*

  86. Thinknoodles Jr

    Thinknoodles Jr4 days ago

    Every Body Builder Ever

  87. The McClellon

    The McClellon4 days ago

    Every cliche ever

  88. Mom K

    Mom K4 days ago

    I just got done with my summer job

  89. Meloetta Melodies

    Meloetta Melodies4 days ago

    For teens and under, summer? yay.

  90. nycbklynrmp

    nycbklynrmp4 days ago

    you need more episodes of this series. camp counselor for art and crafts at nusery school LOL

  91. Mahmudul Mohtasim Shezan

    Mahmudul Mohtasim Shezan4 days ago

    every netflix and chill ever

  92. Neon Jaden

    Neon Jaden4 days ago

    every talent show ever

  93. Game On!!

    Game On!!4 days ago

    I just about threw up my mouth when that guy is just the old girl

  94. Luke Holland

    Luke Holland4 days ago

    You should every beach ever


    AFSRP CEO4 days ago

    I wish they did the blooper

  96. Ryan Gonsior

    Ryan Gonsior4 days ago

    They should make every summer school ever because it's a big god dam waste of time

  97. Clash Central

    Clash Central4 days ago

    Do Every Basketball ever

  98. Draco Phoenix

    Draco Phoenix4 days ago

    Every I want anothny comment back ever!

  99. Bp Fillup

    Bp Fillup4 days ago

    I miss the old “SHUT UP” intro 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  100. Aaron Wood

    Aaron Wood4 days ago

    The bloopers are 10 times better than the actual video