1. Ronisham

    Ronisham15 minutes ago

    Why is Smosh so anti dads??? Why the hate? No need.

  2. antonina

    antoninaDay ago

    russian santa claus is called “grandpa frost” or Ded Moroz and he always travels with his granddaughter Snegurochka or “the snow girl”

  3. Ben Bertram

    Ben Bertram3 days ago

    Amish still doesn’t know he isn’t real huh? Sad...

  4. Amir Mirza Khan

    Amir Mirza Khan3 days ago


  5. Tomas Ira

    Tomas Ira4 days ago

    Santa doesn't eat only milk and cookies. We give him pizza and beer

  6. Lion of Jah

    Lion of Jah6 days ago

    You stole my story I made called The Broken Reindeer TM

  7. Declan Corey

    Declan Corey6 days ago

    I got an ad for something called Snow before this video OOF

  8. Aidan paulo356

    Aidan paulo3569 days ago

    So your saying there is more than one santa

  9. Katabellion

    Katabellion10 days ago

    It's better than Darth Maul santa

  10. Y o u n g C h e e s e

    Y o u n g C h e e s e12 days ago

    There’s only 1 Santa 😅😅😅

  11. Willis Games

    Willis Games12 days ago

    Every bar ever?

  12. Dark Void

    Dark Void14 days ago

    The poor dad lmfaoo

  13. green waluigi

    green waluigi18 days ago

    2:27 best joke ever that smosh maked

  14. Nils Huges

    Nils Huges18 days ago

    He sees you when you’re sleeping he knows when you’re awake

  15. Pew .mp7

    Pew .mp719 days ago

    Man , f*ck Christmas


    SXCARR GAMING SXCARR 게임19 days ago


  17. Lol Lamas

    Lol Lamas19 days ago


  18. Lol Lamas

    Lol Lamas19 days ago


  19. Lol Lamas

    Lol Lamas19 days ago


  20. Anna Roberts

    Anna Roberts19 days ago

    Mermanta (merman santa) yayyyyyyy!!!

  21. Футбольный Alex

    Футбольный Alex19 days ago


  22. Picture Pace Podcasts & More!

    Picture Pace Podcasts & More!20 days ago

    The best Santa Clause I’ve seen on the screen is Tim Allen. He brought some kind of charm & fun to the character.😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Mar Grace McCarthy

    Mar Grace McCarthy20 days ago

    Well this took a dark turn

  24. Gaming Dman

    Gaming Dman21 day ago

    0:07 bleh X_X

  25. GibbyBree

    GibbyBree21 day ago

    Holy sh!t, Russia. What is up with your Santa. He's cooler than ours.

  26. Lone Saber Man

    Lone Saber Man21 day ago

    Korflor? What the "F" guys, that's racist. I am from Russia and yes we have different Santa Claus, he is called Grandpa Frost but have some respect.

  27. jj the gamer

    jj the gamer22 days ago

    hey smosh why did you lie in this video santa IS NOT REAL so don't lie next time you make a every blank ever

  28. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy22 days ago


  29. southmilfreaks

    southmilfreaks24 days ago

    Every driving test ever?

  30. Gabriel Hurtado

    Gabriel Hurtado25 days ago

    Ho ho

  31. Acire Art

    Acire Art25 days ago

    Every Halloween ever

  32. Steve Daniels

    Steve Daniels27 days ago

    W E S T A Y O U !

  33. anna busch

    anna busch27 days ago

    the russian santa s name is djed maros

  34. CriSis SpyroJabber

    CriSis SpyroJabber28 days ago

    You guys are running out of ideas lol

  35. Santa Claus

    Santa Claus28 days ago

    Thanks for making a video just about me

  36. Bespackled Sephalapod

    Bespackled Sephalapod20 days ago

    Did you like your own comment?

  37. bryan lundin

    bryan lundinMonth ago

    poor ian

  38. jennifer bouchard

    jennifer bouchardMonth ago

    Fanta Santa

  39. Ignasius Andre Tan

    Ignasius Andre TanMonth ago


  40. WaffleTube :D

    WaffleTube :DMonth ago

    Every every blank ever ever.

  41. Kanna Kamui

    Kanna KamuiMonth ago

    kobayashi said I wasn't allowed to make a chimney

  42. lol kyle

    lol kyleMonth ago

    Guys I have an idea for a video Every Santa ever

  43. Michael Course

    Michael CourseMonth ago

    Can you do every satan ever?

  44. Michael Course

    Michael Course19 days ago

    He's not hearing us!!!

  45. Michael Course

    Michael CourseMonth ago

    Right now!!!

  46. Michael Course

    Michael CourseMonth ago

    Come on! Say something!!!

  47. H Dog

    H DogMonth ago

    Every cinema ever

  48. Акустейша Младшая

    Акустейша МладшаяMonth ago

    That awkward moment when you are russian...

  49. Courier Six

    Courier SixMonth ago

    I was just inspired to live a healthy life somehow anyone else?

  50. Golden Gun

    Golden GunMonth ago

    Hohohohoho oh wait this milk is sour

  51. raimond busch

    raimond busch2 months ago

    you do know that russia has their own santa, right?

  52. Ddog Darcy

    Ddog Darcy2 months ago

    This was on my birthday lol

  53. State your business

    State your business2 months ago

    Harsh just harsh

  54. Raven

    Raven2 months ago


  55. Monkeyz Flimz

    Monkeyz Flimz2 months ago

    Do a every ~every ever~ ever

  56. Reyhan Hylmi

    Reyhan Hylmi2 months ago

    Every game night ever

  57. Reyhan Hylmi

    Reyhan Hylmi2 months ago

    Every streamer ever

  58. Reyhan Hylmi

    Reyhan Hylmi2 months ago

    Every toilet ever

  59. Jeremiah Hopkins

    Jeremiah Hopkins2 months ago

    Do Every Art Ever

  60. Maria Eva Cimafranca

    Maria Eva Cimafranca2 months ago

    Do every k pop singer ever

  61. xSwoogityx - Roblox & more!

    xSwoogityx - Roblox & more!2 months ago

    *Hoe hoe hoe* Why do u have to be a hoe :(

  62. BTS TaeTae KayKay

    BTS TaeTae KayKay2 months ago


  63. Myint Tin

    Myint Tin3 months ago

    Santa doesn't drink coka cola

  64. death4014 games

    death4014 games3 months ago

    He doesn't exist

  65. CoolCrabSavesTheGoats- Gaming and stuff

    CoolCrabSavesTheGoats- Gaming and stuff3 months ago

    There is no Russian Santa. I should know bc I’m Russian but ik it’s just a joke

  66. Emrald Embrace

    Emrald Embrace3 months ago

    Santa Shane: Blep

  67. HoangLam Do

    HoangLam Do3 months ago

    any dad out there , remember that if your kids hate you , just put on a red suit and wear a beard

  68. Paladin Headquarters

    Paladin Headquarters3 months ago

    If Santa were...... REAL! “Ow I am on fire”

  69. Lord Damien

    Lord Damien3 months ago

    Every memes ever

  70. Uncultured Swine

    Uncultured Swine3 months ago

    Multiple Santa's???

  71. Phil Stuart

    Phil Stuart3 months ago

    Santa’s not real

  72. Yaseen Qashou

    Yaseen Qashou3 months ago


  73. Family Guy Fan Channel

    Family Guy Fan Channel3 months ago

    What's up with the title "EVERYANTA EVER S"

  74. I'm da games boi

    I'm da games boi3 months ago

    Climate change suckss

  75. Lil Fish

    Lil Fish3 months ago

    I watch this add just to give you money

  76. Doggo Loved

    Doggo Loved3 months ago

    Lol, I live in a Russian family...

  77. TimeForTeletubbies

    TimeForTeletubbies3 months ago

    Who else is watching this in june

  78. Rainer

    Rainer3 months ago

    Vid idea: every [every blank ever] ever

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    Aran Dias3 months ago

    Do every jokester ever

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    William Solving3 months ago

    do every pokemon ever

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    Hype Playz3 months ago

    You mean dad*

  82. Crazy 101

    Crazy 1013 months ago

    Can you do every fan ever?!?!?!

  83. wendigo

    wendigo3 months ago

    back in my hole

  84. Jerry harry

    Jerry harry4 months ago

    theres only one Santa

  85. Devan Roos

    Devan Roos4 months ago

    Every mother's Day ever

  86. Nether Party

    Nether Party4 months ago

    Every fandom santa

  87. Blue_Nøva

    Blue_Nøva4 months ago

    Santa has anorexia nervosa

  88. Mr.Siwan

    Mr.Siwan4 months ago

    Do every first kiss ever

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    SpookySkeletor4 months ago

    Do every War ever

  90. Ddog Darcy

    Ddog Darcy4 months ago

    This was on my birthday lol

  91. A dumb kid on the Internet

    A dumb kid on the Internet4 months ago

    To day I just found out that Santa is fake

  92. MegaPreston07

    MegaPreston074 months ago

    Every pizza place ever

  93. Meat Cider

    Meat Cider4 months ago

    Drink Coca-Cola! *dies*

  94. JenRen

    JenRen4 months ago

    Am I the only one who always loves Shayne's "Blegh"-Deaths? XD

  95. Tiny Pup

    Tiny Pup4 months ago

    Every kid ever every lol doll ever

  96. Wolf Reed

    Wolf Reed5 months ago

    Every baby ever?

  97. SofiaSketches

    SofiaSketches5 months ago

    The part about the kids hating their dad is twisted. I was like WTF

  98. Running Tight

    Running Tight5 months ago

    Every advertisement ever, like if you agree.

  99. Lord Damien

    Lord Damien5 months ago

    Every taxi ever

  100. P.A. Productions

    P.A. Productions5 months ago

    A moment of silence for Prancer

  101. lark elliot

    lark elliot5 months ago

    don’t you just hate when your kids drag you in front of you while you pretend to be santa claus?

  102. Holden Carter

    Holden Carter5 months ago

    I hate you and I want YOU to die.

  103. Holden Carter

    Holden Carter5 months ago

    Your jokes are as funny as if you had a dog that died.

  104. Logan C

    Logan C5 months ago

    Merry Christmas everyone