1. raimond busch

    raimond busch4 days ago

    you do know that russia has their own santa, right?


    DDOG THE DOG6 days ago

    This was on my birthday lol

  3. Chris Pacheco

    Chris Pacheco9 days ago

    Harsh just harsh

  4. Raphiel Stavros Villalobos

    Raphiel Stavros Villalobos12 days ago


  5. What Is Up Guys It’s Scarce Here

    What Is Up Guys It’s Scarce Here13 days ago

    Do a every ~every ever~ ever

  6. Demonish

    Demonish14 days ago

    Russian santas are usually blue or green.

  7. Reyhan Hylmi

    Reyhan Hylmi15 days ago

    Every game night ever

  8. Reyhan Hylmi

    Reyhan Hylmi15 days ago

    Every streamer ever

  9. Reyhan Hylmi

    Reyhan Hylmi15 days ago

    Every toilet ever

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    Jeremiah Ali Hopkins19 days ago

    Do Every Art Ever

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    Maria Eva Cimafranca23 days ago

    Do every k pop singer ever

  12. xSwoogityx - Roblox & more!

    xSwoogityx - Roblox & more!26 days ago

    *Hoe hoe hoe* Why do u have to be a hoe :(

  13. Gacha Kaylee

    Gacha Kaylee26 days ago


  14. Myint Tin

    Myint TinMonth ago

    Santa doesn't drink coka cola

  15. baby duck

    baby duckMonth ago

    He doesn't exist

  16. LPS Random Productions

    LPS Random ProductionsMonth ago

    There is no Russian Santa. I should know bc I’m Russian but ik it’s just a joke

  17. Emrald Embrace

    Emrald EmbraceMonth ago

    Santa Shane: Blep

  18. HoangLam Do

    HoangLam DoMonth ago

    any dad out there , remember that if your kids hate you , just put on a red suit and wear a beard

  19. Paladin Headquarters

    Paladin HeadquartersMonth ago

    If Santa were...... REAL! “Ow I am on fire”

  20. Stupid pikachu Idiot

    Stupid pikachu IdiotMonth ago

    Every memes ever

  21. Uncultured Swine

    Uncultured SwineMonth ago

    Multiple Santa's???

  22. Phil Stuart

    Phil StuartMonth ago

    Santa’s not real

  23. Yaseen Qashou

    Yaseen QashouMonth ago


  24. Family Guy Fan Channel

    Family Guy Fan ChannelMonth ago

    What's up with the title "EVERYANTA EVER S"

  25. I'm da games boi

    I'm da games boiMonth ago

    Climate change suckss

  26. Lilla Whittaker

    Lilla WhittakerMonth ago

    I watch this add just to give you money

  27. Doggo Loved

    Doggo LovedMonth ago

    Lol, I live in a Russian family...

  28. TimeForTeletubbies

    TimeForTeletubbiesMonth ago

    Who else is watching this in june

  29. Rainer

    RainerMonth ago

    Vid idea: every [every blank ever] ever

  30. Aran Dias

    Aran DiasMonth ago

    Do every jokester ever

  31. William Solving

    William SolvingMonth ago

    do every pokemon ever

  32. Hype Playz

    Hype PlayzMonth ago

    You mean dad*

  33. Crazy 101

    Crazy 101Month ago

    Can you do every fan ever?!?!?!

  34. Bowie

    BowieMonth ago

    back in my hole

  35. Jerry harry

    Jerry harryMonth ago

    theres only one Santa

  36. Devan Roos

    Devan Roos2 months ago

    Every mother's Day ever

  37. Nether Party

    Nether Party2 months ago

    Every fandom santa

  38. JackaTrOniC

    JackaTrOniC2 months ago

    Santa has anorexia nervosa

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    CrazyKzokTV2 months ago

    Do every first kiss ever

  40. SpookySkeletor

    SpookySkeletor2 months ago

    Do every War ever


    DDOG THE DOG2 months ago

    This was on my birthday lol

  42. Bad Ass Bros

    Bad Ass Bros2 months ago

    To day I just found out that Santa is fake

  43. MegaPreston07

    MegaPreston072 months ago

    Every pizza place ever

  44. Meat Cider

    Meat Cider2 months ago

    Drink Coca-Cola! *dies*

  45. JenRen

    JenRen2 months ago

    Am I the only one who always loves Shayne's "Blegh"-Deaths? XD

  46. Tiny Pup

    Tiny Pup2 months ago

    Every kid ever every lol doll ever

  47. Wolf Reed

    Wolf Reed2 months ago

    Every baby ever?

  48. SofiaSketches

    SofiaSketches2 months ago

    The part about the kids hating their dad is twisted. I was like WTF

  49. Running Tight

    Running Tight3 months ago

    Every advertisement ever, like if you agree.

  50. Stupid pikachu Idiot

    Stupid pikachu Idiot3 months ago

    Every taxi ever

  51. Planet Awesomeness

    Planet Awesomeness3 months ago

    A moment of silence for Prancer

  52. lark elliot

    lark elliot3 months ago

    don’t you just hate when your kids drag you in front of you while you pretend to be santa claus?

  53. Holden Carter

    Holden Carter3 months ago

    I hate you and I want YOU to die.

  54. Holden Carter

    Holden Carter3 months ago

    Your jokes are as funny as if you had a dog that died.

  55. Logan C

    Logan C3 months ago

    Merry Christmas everyone

  56. Logan C

    Logan C3 months ago


  57. Amber Roblox

    Amber Roblox3 months ago

    Drinking Coca Cola right now!

  58. Lindsay Nunez

    Lindsay Nunez3 months ago

    Do every baby ever

  59. A person Who uses youtube

    A person Who uses youtube3 months ago

    Every twitter ever!!!

  60. bennyjjumpin

    bennyjjumpin3 months ago

    Yay this was published on my birthday!

  61. Steven Urena

    Steven Urena3 months ago

    Every smosh ever

  62. Jack Ramirez

    Jack Ramirez3 months ago

    Oh I love the Russian killer Santa

  63. Abraham Gamer

    Abraham Gamer3 months ago

    Good ol Russia

  64. Sean Clifford

    Sean Clifford3 months ago

    Nice video there

  65. Gio's Toys and stuff

    Gio's Toys and stuff3 months ago

    Fake. Santa is fake

  66. Charles Doyle

    Charles Doyle4 months ago

    Ho ho ho merry Christmas bla best intro ever

  67. S1D3K1LL gaming

    S1D3K1LL gaming4 months ago

    Every gamer ever

  68. Damon Lor

    Damon Lor4 months ago

    “Bleh” ***dies***

  69. Tobby To

    Tobby To4 months ago

    Idk why but i actually feel bad for the dad in the last one

  70. TeamBurst

    TeamBurst4 months ago

    Try every chips ever

  71. Mo and mango The only 1

    Mo and mango The only 14 months ago

    Bruh skinny Santa why kill the reighndeer

  72. Channel 821

    Channel 8214 months ago

    When I was a little kid, I saw a Santa at the mall, and he was drunk off his ass.

  73. Esther Lee Trimanez

    Esther Lee Trimanez4 months ago

    did Ian and cortney crazy kiss true

  74. Fides

    Fides4 months ago

    Every last day of school

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  76. Miss Katy

    Miss Katy4 months ago

    I hate you

  77. C F

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  78. C F

    C F4 months ago

    so awsome

  79. LittlemissRomy lol

    LittlemissRomy lol4 months ago

    You should do every hairdresser ever

  80. will uanserume

    will uanserume4 months ago

    Do every concert ever

  81. mbedros321

    mbedros3214 months ago

    Why did I get a bart baker had

  82. Natsuish Dragneel

    Natsuish Dragneel4 months ago

    Im russian but it was funny when ian said im santa and I have come to take ur teeth he was wrong but funny

  83. LouyiProductions 2

    LouyiProductions 24 months ago


  84. phuc tran

    phuc tran4 months ago

    Every gamer ever

  85. Mj Lane88

    Mj Lane884 months ago

    When Ian was crying it said it was music Wow

  86. TamTheMeerkat Geometry Dash

    TamTheMeerkat Geometry Dash4 months ago

    This cheered me up :)

  87. Huzaifa Rangwala

    Huzaifa Rangwala4 months ago

    Nice, it was unique for this series

  88. D.D.G.Gameplays

    D.D.G.Gameplays5 months ago

    I wonder if Ian or Anthony ever watch there really old videos and get upset to see how shitty smosh has gotten

  89. Dj Kirby

    Dj Kirby5 months ago

    *Hello. I am Karflog!*

  90. Mccoy Riz

    Mccoy Riz5 months ago

    Parents have lies

  91. Alec_ Time50

    Alec_ Time505 months ago

    Every war ever

  92. Tommysaurus Rex

    Tommysaurus Rex5 months ago

    When Santa becomes skinny he should shave (not all ) his beard

  93. Brys.io

    Brys.io5 months ago

    Keep up the good work guys

  94. I’m a Potato

    I’m a Potato5 months ago

    Not coke cocaine

  95. Аркан Пекпеев

    Аркан Пекпеев5 months ago

    Дед мороз, дед мороз борода из ваты. Ты, подарки нам принёс? Хуй, ты, горбатый!

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    Aboneye abone

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    Every Report Card Ever.

  99. Gud Spagett

    Gud Spagett5 months ago

    Santa was born in Modern Turkey

  100. OH, Hi Matt

    OH, Hi Matt5 months ago

    Got a notification for ANTHONY's channel, while watching this. 😐😞😣😢😭