1. Sarah Simmons

    Sarah Simmons10 hours ago

    Poor Pranser

  2. mr rap

    mr rap22 hours ago

    What in the world

  3. Boom baby 1010

    Boom baby 10102 days ago

    2:06 ah just like the stories babushka used to tell me

  4. ZMG _

    ZMG _4 days ago

    Every time Shayne dies he says “BLEH!”

  5. FROST_BOYS2 Gaming 2

    FROST_BOYS2 Gaming 24 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  6. rolando bataycan

    rolando bataycan5 days ago

    Poor prancer

  7. Thomas Shotwell

    Thomas Shotwell5 days ago

    But if he kills the parents then wouldn’t he have to tho kill the grandparents because the mom sees him 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  8. Maria Korman

    Maria Korman7 days ago

    What are they insinuating with the Russian Santa thing? I take personal offense to that! (Not really, but still....)

  9. WhiteMist카이

    WhiteMist카이10 days ago

    MAMA NOOOOOOO!!! *meme alert.*

  10. iTzKraZy 123

    iTzKraZy 12313 days ago

    *we hate dad and want him to die* :)

  11. Abby Bishop

    Abby Bishop16 days ago

    i love shyne he is super funny and noah is funny too but not as funny as shyne though

  12. KatKorn 101

    KatKorn 10118 days ago

    Russian santa is "det marros" and he is VERY not homosidal He also apparently has a daughter called "sneegOOrrachka"

  13. TnGamerKid

    TnGamerKid19 days ago

    That kerflaulg guy is awsome

  14. TnGamerKid

    TnGamerKid19 days ago

    What memel santa?

  15. hamster gaming

    hamster gaming24 days ago

    Poor dad

  16. DeFaUlT Boy 77

    DeFaUlT Boy 7724 days ago

    3:22 WwwwwwwwAHHHH

  17. Angela's_ overwatch

    Angela's_ overwatch27 days ago

    Courtney:medic Me:hey that's me

  18. Aye Yo

    Aye Yo27 days ago


  19. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton28 days ago

    I sit down on Santa lap

  20. _Mr _ Hax_

    _Mr _ Hax_28 days ago

    Hohoho hold on this milk is sour

  21. charlie 210405

    charlie 210405Month ago

    I would want him to chaperone my field trips

  22. Baderq_8 Essa

    Baderq_8 EssaMonth ago

    Oh no no

  23. Wqsbeertje OnYt

    Wqsbeertje OnYtMonth ago

    Before watching this video i didnt no what santa even was

  24. Tank gang Boogie monster

    Tank gang Boogie monsterMonth ago

    Pepsi is better

  25. Adorable Axolotl

    Adorable AxolotlMonth ago

    Yay! Chrismosh is back!

  26. RandoVids 0

    RandoVids 0Month ago

    3:18 poor Ian.

  27. Funtime Freddy and BonBon

    Funtime Freddy and BonBonMonth ago


  28. Cheer4 Ever

    Cheer4 EverMonth ago

    Prancer died😭

  29. Kermit Memes

    Kermit MemesMonth ago

    Prance pranced pra u u AAAAGGGGHHHH

  30. Stephanie Schroeder

    Stephanie SchroederMonth ago

    Coca Cola

  31. Aurika Mizova

    Aurika MizovaMonth ago

    Russian santa is ded moroz

  32. N/\TFR0M YouTube

    N/\TFR0M YouTubeMonth ago

    Omg poor prancer

  33. Just Callie

    Just CallieMonth ago

    In my country of goat land we have popa pola the reason the pope is bald is because we put his hair in it

  34. Ege Özyagcilar

    Ege ÖzyagcilarMonth ago

    Every challenges ever?

  35. Kitty minty!

    Kitty minty!Month ago

    Every drinks ever??😅Or......every song ever??😅

  36. Antonio The German

    Antonio The GermanMonth ago

    Saint Nicholas or Saint Nicholas of Myra, is the real Santa he was born in 200 ad and died in 460. He was a catholic bishop

  37. MixaBuster3

    MixaBuster3Month ago

    Russian Santa Claus is called "Ded Morroz"

  38. Fireball_ 22998

    Fireball_ 22998Month ago

    Ho ho ho blep

  39. Funtime Freddy and BonBon

    Funtime Freddy and BonBonMonth ago


  40. Anon Danon

    Anon DanonMonth ago

    oe, i afraid Russian Santa all life @Russian

  41. Gatcha Kiwi!!!!!!!

    Gatcha Kiwi!!!!!!!Month ago

    Every bully ever Every chef ever Every girl ever Every boy ever Every perants ever Every family ever Every artist ever

  42. A N T Ï H U M A N

    A N T Ï H U M A NMonth ago

    Santa isn’t real come fight me 6 year olds

  43. Haylee Oasay

    Haylee OasayMonth ago

    Every hospital ever

  44. FnX Noob

    FnX NoobMonth ago

    This is me when someone comes to my house and sings chrismas songs 1:00

  45. Richard FP

    Richard FPMonth ago

    Дед Мороз не забирает зубы и не убивает родителей😂😂😂👌🏼

  46. XXXGACHAXXX ayye

    XXXGACHAXXX ayyeMonth ago

    Everyone try Sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer without Prancer

  47. Poppymcnuggets Da Youtuber

    Poppymcnuggets Da YoutuberMonth ago

    Is that Russian santa real

  48. Theunopenchest Gaming

    Theunopenchest GamingMonth ago

    2:00 In USA you get presents. In Soviet Russia Presents get you!

  49. pro editer

    pro editerMonth ago

    Ruby ruby

  50. bonfoxy

    bonfoxyMonth ago

    Prancer Was Never A Dancer ( T ʖ̯ T)

  51. Batoninis

    BatoninisMonth ago

    2:02 Russian Santa is good Santa dont be racist

  52. Batoninis

    BatoninisMonth ago

    0:07 i was drinking cola here in real life

  53. TheNic2004

    TheNic2004Month ago

    Every LEGO ever

  54. Trivyx

    TrivyxMonth ago

    Every light eve, one of them should be Noah and he smashes a light cause it doesn’t answer his question.

  55. Bemations

    BemationsMonth ago

    I remember the first Every Blank Ever I was so excited to see more of it

  56. Alexandr

    Alexandr2 months ago

    Russian Santa is Grandpa Ice(Ded Moroz). He is not less kind then Claus. That joke was ignorant.

  57. MajorChief5

    MajorChief52 months ago

    I’d rather have Russian Santa than normal Santa

  58. Jacob Henley

    Jacob Henley2 months ago

    You all really did this Idiots

  59. Stormi Fleming

    Stormi Fleming2 months ago

    Any one get the mamma no reference fresh prince of Bellaire

  60. Daniel Rempel

    Daniel Rempel2 months ago

    Back in my hole..! 😂

  61. WyattPlayzGaming

    WyattPlayzGaming2 months ago

    KarFlaug Is Bae

  62. Llama corns for life

    Llama corns for life2 months ago

    Who else is watching this on Christmas Eve!

  63. S N

    S N2 months ago


  64. Veronica Saywer

    Veronica Saywer2 months ago

    Every elf ever

  65. yoder.the.matt_23

    yoder.the.matt_232 months ago

    1:20 was so sad but funny at the same time

  66. Gacha T

    Gacha T2 months ago

    Love you smosh keep being funny

  67. Gacha T

    Gacha T2 months ago

    Haha lol so funny the russian santa got me

  68. Tanja Tuco

    Tanja Tuco2 months ago

    The rusian santa is granfather Frost lol

  69. samid

    samid2 months ago

    0:58 That Old Smosh Intro

  70. Julio the Foolio went to the Poolio

    Julio the Foolio went to the Poolio2 months ago

    What about Krampus?

  71. Korchoski Productions

    Korchoski Productions2 months ago

    More than a year ago

  72. Salma 96

    Salma 962 months ago

    who ever is scrolling in the comments just wanted to let you know that i wanna be tracer im already tracer every time ahm ahm hit or miss

  73. Ko roni

    Ko roni2 months ago

    Hoho bleh

  74. SpooKsY SpooKs

    SpooKsY SpooKs2 months ago

    Today’s my birthday

  75. Lyn Hosken

    Lyn Hosken2 months ago

    Santa died by COCA COLA

  76. IS IT FUNNY??

    IS IT FUNNY??2 months ago

    Once when my aunty took me, my cousin and my brother to see a mall santa he looked like noah. So my point is..... He was very skinny

  77. Setnothway

    Setnothway2 months ago

    LOL. Russian Santa is not Kornflog. He is called Ded Moroz. And he is not connected with teeth and killing parents. Just the same Santa, but he is not fat))))

  78. onlinegamer66

    onlinegamer662 months ago

    This video will be a year old tomorrow

  79. Mr Panda

    Mr Panda2 months ago

    Russian Santa’s name is Ded Moroz.......

  80. Jason Basile

    Jason Basile2 months ago

    3:18 press f to pay respects

  81. Vsevolod Akhunov

    Vsevolod Akhunov2 months ago

    Omg 3:20 captions every center ever

  82. Hoodboi Playz

    Hoodboi Playz2 months ago

    This was published on my birthday

  83. unicorn sprinkles

    unicorn sprinkles2 months ago

    Every zoo ever

  84. Mario Erard

    Mario Erard2 months ago

    Every Christmas Eve ever

  85. Stephen Hughes

    Stephen Hughes2 months ago

    Every god ever?

  86. PrestonDoesStuff

    PrestonDoesStuff2 months ago

    0:46 maul santa

  87. Suggels

    Suggels2 months ago

    Last Christmas I walked in on my mum and dad having a shag


    EZB_VLOGING2 months ago

    Prancer prancer prancer, ima go insane here. Santa don’t know we’re to go so let me take the reins dear.

  89. Draw• •Zilla

    Draw• •Zilla2 months ago

    Happy holidays I hope your doing good even though you went poor just saying.....

  90. matt time

    matt time2 months ago

    *grabs a pepdi and opens it* No thank you

  91. Ya Boi Diglett

    Ya Boi Diglett2 months ago

    Prancer, Prancer, Prancer, imma go insane here

  92. Tabby Carter

    Tabby Carter2 months ago

    Loving the danganronpa blood at 1:28

  93. Lucius Nye

    Lucius Nye2 months ago

    Oooh... rudolph the red nosed reindeer Had a very easy shot If you ever saw him You would've shot him in fall

  94. david lee

    david lee2 months ago

    Wait so there's multiple santas?

  95. Epic Email

    Epic Email2 months ago

    Well Russian Santa is actually Ded Moroz but it was great what you did with " Russian Santa"

  96. Zack

    Zack3 months ago


  97. Funnel Funnel vision

    Funnel Funnel vision3 months ago

    Every Single ever


    DELETE CHANNEL3 months ago

    Happy thanksgiving s m o s h

  99. Pianomaster Dany

    Pianomaster Dany3 months ago

    1:54 Не нашить мороз голубой и он тоже очень хороший человек

  100. Max Arebalo

    Max Arebalo3 months ago

    This is how you prove Santa’s not real 1. You remember he sees you while your sleeping and knows when your awake? Good. 2. Do bad stuff behind your parents back 3.get presents or not