1. Pianomaster Dany

    Pianomaster Dany14 hours ago

    1:54 Не нашить мороз голубой и он тоже очень хороший человек

  2. Max Arebalo

    Max Arebalo2 days ago

    This is how you prove Santa’s not real 1. You remember he sees you while your sleeping and knows when your awake? Good. 2. Do bad stuff behind your parents back 3.get presents or not

  3. Zahid Zia

    Zahid Zia4 days ago

    3:16 hahahhahahhahahah

  4. exotic dot

    exotic dot5 days ago

    Love it

  5. great lj w

    great lj w7 days ago

    Shut up!,!

  6. Jacob Gaming

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  7. kam brooke

    kam brooke12 days ago

    Yesterday i got told the truth and i think christmas is roend for me a little

  8. Fortnite Gamer

    Fortnite Gamer13 days ago

    BTW at 2:00 russian santa is Ded Moroz so yeah...

  9. Zane Pagano

    Zane Pagano14 days ago

    It's not even thanksgiving

  10. Jose Valadez

    Jose Valadez16 days ago

    Every bully ever I want the real person

  11. KiaTheGreat Miracle

    KiaTheGreat Miracle18 days ago

    1:00 hahahahhaha

  12. AKIN BAT

    AKIN BAT19 days ago

    I do not get the second one

  13. The Central

    The Central20 days ago

    Every every ever ever

  14. Raging Charizard

    Raging Charizard23 days ago

    Plz do a every seller ever

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    Mello/ Walker24 days ago

    🎅 👗 👢

  16. Segal central

    Segal central25 days ago

    Every tooth fairy ever

  17. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler26 days ago

    Wait didn't they said every Santa ever so does it mean there is more Santa???

  18. john ian dimaandal

    john ian dimaandal26 days ago

    santa is russian

  19. Garns Gaming

    Garns Gaming27 days ago

    1:30 *Wait a Minute* TF

  20. Fang

    Fang27 days ago

    The Russian Santa was the funniest

  21. Brittney Hettinger

    Brittney Hettinger27 days ago


  22. Justin Anderson

    Justin AndersonMonth ago

    My birthday is on Dec 2

  23. darrie darrie

    darrie darrieMonth ago

    Hello from Russia :D

  24. thestyffenbalife1801

    thestyffenbalife1801Month ago

    Anyone else just seeing yhis 9 months later

  25. Sahil Ahmed

    Sahil AhmedMonth ago

    I love smosh

  26. Lucas’s Cricket TV

    Lucas’s Cricket TVMonth ago

    Every child ever, Every baby ever, Every animal ever and Every pet ever?

  27. sorin savu

    sorin savuMonth ago

    it's not xmas

  28. XxekcriptxX 666

    XxekcriptxX 666Month ago

    Every ian ever

  29. Holli C

    Holli CMonth ago

    Every bully ever

  30. JF the LOLZOR

    JF the LOLZORMonth ago

    2/10 russian santa doesn’t sound like alec baldwin

  31. Мiron Vitushka

    Мiron VitushkaMonth ago

    Wtf? Russian Santa is called Ded Moroz (Дед Мороз, "Grandad Frost", if you translate it)

  32. Ignasius Andre Tan

    Ignasius Andre TanMonth ago


  33. Дуся Шингысова

    Дуся ШингысоваMonth ago

    We in Russia do not have Santa and Christmas for the new year and Santa Claus! Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ and in the new year they celebrate the beginning of a new year, in Russia the birth of Christ is celebrated for Easter and Easter is also very different, but this is another story ...

  34. Wicked Wickster

    Wicked WicksterMonth ago

    Every meme ever?

  35. gamerchaukhanghy chaugamer

    gamerchaukhanghy chaugamerMonth ago

    please dont kill our dad

  36. Gamer girl 219

    Gamer girl 219Month ago

    Back in my hole

  37. HomieRobotGURL

    HomieRobotGURLMonth ago

    Every meta joke ever

  38. syrup

    syrup2 months ago

    MAMA NOO 2:21

  39. Ali Ceylan

    Ali Ceylan2 months ago


  40. Lucas Africa

    Lucas Africa2 months ago

    maul santa

  41. woof meep

    woof meep2 months ago

    XD OOF

  42. Gavin Jombunud

    Gavin Jombunud2 months ago

    Ian cry 2017 3:18

  43. Awkward_LilPotato ._.

    Awkward_LilPotato ._.2 months ago

    Santa Has Diabetes.

  44. Ronisham

    Ronisham2 months ago

    Why is Smosh so anti dads??? Why the hate? No need.

  45. antonina

    antonina2 months ago

    russian santa claus is called “grandpa frost” or Ded Moroz and he always travels with his granddaughter Snegurochka or “the snow girl”

  46. Ben Bertram

    Ben Bertram2 months ago

    Amish still doesn’t know he isn’t real huh? Sad...

  47. Amir Mirza Khan

    Amir Mirza Khan2 months ago


  48. Tomas Ira

    Tomas Ira2 months ago

    Santa doesn't eat only milk and cookies. We give him pizza and beer

  49. Declan Corey

    Declan Corey2 months ago

    I got an ad for something called Snow before this video OOF

  50. Aidan paulo356

    Aidan paulo3562 months ago

    So your saying there is more than one santa

  51. Katabellion

    Katabellion2 months ago

    It's better than Darth Maul santa

  52. Y o u n g C h e e s e

    Y o u n g C h e e s e2 months ago

    There’s only 1 Santa 😅😅😅

  53. Willis Games

    Willis Games2 months ago

    Every bar ever?

  54. Dark Void

    Dark Void2 months ago

    The poor dad lmfaoo

  55. green waluigi

    green waluigi2 months ago

    2:27 best joke ever that smosh maked

  56. Nils Hughes

    Nils Hughes2 months ago

    He sees you when you’re sleeping he knows when you’re awake

  57. Pew .mp7

    Pew .mp72 months ago

    Man , f*ck Christmas


    SXCARR GAMING SXCARR 게임2 months ago


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  60. Lol Lamas

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  61. Lol Lamas

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  62. Anna Roberts

    Anna Roberts2 months ago

    Mermanta (merman santa) yayyyyyyy!!!

  63. Футбольный Alex

    Футбольный Alex2 months ago


  64. Convention Expedition

    Convention Expedition2 months ago

    The best Santa Clause I’ve seen on the screen is Tim Allen. He brought some kind of charm & fun to the character.😂😂😂😂😂

  65. Mar Grace McCarthy

    Mar Grace McCarthy2 months ago

    Well this took a dark turn

  66. Gaming Dman2005

    Gaming Dman20052 months ago

    0:07 bleh X_X

  67. GibbyBree

    GibbyBree2 months ago

    Holy sh!t, Russia. What is up with your Santa. He's cooler than ours.

  68. Lone Saber Man

    Lone Saber Man2 months ago

    Korflor? What the "F" guys, that's racist. I am from Russia and yes we have different Santa Claus, he is called Grandpa Frost but have some respect.

  69. jj the gamer

    jj the gamer2 months ago

    hey smosh why did you lie in this video santa IS NOT REAL so don't lie next time you make a every blank ever

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    Every driving test ever?

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    Ho ho

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    Every Halloween ever

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    Steve Daniels3 months ago

    W E S T A Y O U !

  75. anna busch

    anna busch3 months ago

    the russian santa s name is djed maros

  76. CriSis SpyroJabber

    CriSis SpyroJabber3 months ago

    You guys are running out of ideas lol

  77. Santa Claus

    Santa Claus3 months ago

    Thanks for making a video just about me

  78. Sergeant Woods

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    Did you like your own comment?

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    bryan lundin3 months ago

    poor ian

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    Fanta Santa

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    Every every blank ever ever.

  83. Kanna Kamui

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    kobayashi said I wasn't allowed to make a chimney

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    Guys I have an idea for a video Every Santa ever

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    Can you do every satan ever?

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    He's not hearing us!!!

  87. Eggnogs too much

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    Right now!!!

  88. Eggnogs too much

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    Come on! Say something!!!

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    Every cinema ever

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    That awkward moment when you are russian...

  91. Flossing Dart355

    Flossing Dart3554 months ago

    I was just inspired to live a healthy life somehow anyone else?

  92. Dire and royale bombers Channel

    Dire and royale bombers Channel4 months ago

    Hohohohoho oh wait this milk is sour

  93. raimond busch

    raimond busch4 months ago

    you do know that russia has their own santa, right?

  94. Ddog Darcy

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    This was on my birthday lol

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    Harsh just harsh

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    Do a every ~every ever~ ever

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