1. Belanca Rosier

    Belanca RosierDay ago

    This is why I love The Graham Norton Show, it follows an algorithm like this too but it’s just that much more unique

  2. mr jones

    mr jones2 days ago

    Well that was a brilliant representation of The Jimmy Kimmel show.

  3. Nadav835

    Nadav8353 days ago

    2:41 the high five lol

  4. Blue Games82203

    Blue Games822034 days ago

    Penis coyote was my favorite part that made me cry

  5. Darksnake 87

    Darksnake 874 days ago

    They brought back the shut up here's the time 4:34

  6. Adrian DumbAss Lowery

    Adrian DumbAss Lowery5 days ago

    Conan and Stephen Colbert are the only hosts worth watching

  7. 6Untr01

    6Untr019 days ago

    AWWWW the shut up at the end...ㅠㅠ ㅇㅁㅎ @ 4:35

  8. bek flood

    bek flood10 days ago

    They should stop using the title ‘every - ever’ because this was actually an original and good sketch but by using that title they made it seem like the repetitive, less interesting normal stuff

  9. Thanh Le

    Thanh Le11 days ago

    Why do all talk show hosts names start with the letter j

  10. MS Gaming

    MS Gaming11 days ago

    Every airplane ever

  11. What ???

    What ???12 days ago


  12. Dylan Talks

    Dylan Talks12 days ago

    *M o o d*

  13. rainyseason

    rainyseason13 days ago

    Dick Wolf = Penis Coyote

  14. Sinisa Brankovic

    Sinisa Brankovic15 days ago

    This is so spot on!!!

  15. Sheikh

    Sheikh15 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel intro.

  16. Mike Barnes

    Mike Barnes18 days ago

    The best part is when Ian looks at his coffee.

  17. Ibteda Ali Swianto

    Ibteda Ali Swianto19 days ago

    I like this new format!

  18. Adam Mahmoud

    Adam Mahmoud20 days ago

    Why is the Guy in cloverfield om smash

  19. saikanth

    saikanth22 days ago

    It'll be pretty awkward when they actually get invited to a talk show

  20. TheLameOneAway

    TheLameOneAway22 days ago

    Sadly, I live in the sad Topeka

  21. Sybil King Shafer

    Sybil King Shafer24 days ago

    Lol. 😂😊😜 that is how I feel & why I avoid them! Unless I have to be in an ER waiting room - & even then, Nope!! Lol I wish they would come up with something unique & funny - but no originality....

  22. Eye Bleach

    Eye Bleach24 days ago

    Conan O White Guy

  23. Ikuto Shinoda

    Ikuto Shinoda26 days ago

    So is Jimmy white guy Kimmel or Fallon?

  24. OfficialCODTeam

    OfficialCODTeam27 days ago

    3:45 not gonna lie that sounds like an amazing beat

  25. Payton Robertson

    Payton Robertson27 days ago

    This is so much like the Eric Andre show

  26. Zara Sharif

    Zara Sharif27 days ago

    Did I just watch Jimmy Fallon??!

  27. Dragon Gamer vlogs and stuff

    Dragon Gamer vlogs and stuff28 days ago

    Look at Olivia at 1:16 ha lamo

  28. jgsregrate

    jgsregrate29 days ago


  29. prince logang 777

    prince logang 777Month ago

    I love that you guys roast channels 😂 👕 👖 👟👟

  30. Mattia molica colella

    Mattia molica colellaMonth ago

    It looks like an LG TV remote...

  31. Mallorie Louann

    Mallorie LouannMonth ago

    This is the most accurate "every blank ever" I have seen.

  32. Alex Judd

    Alex JuddMonth ago

    God is this accurate

  33. FoodieEmi 10

    FoodieEmi 10Month ago


  34. BountyNothing yep

    BountyNothing yepMonth ago

    I wish Olivia was an actual actress. I would watch every single movie/TV show she's in because 1. She is beautiful as hell 2. She is super funny 3. Listen to 1 and 2

  35. Pancake . blush

    Pancake . blushMonth ago

    Penis Coyote 😂

  36. Muhammad Mustafa

    Muhammad MustafaMonth ago

    every jimmy kimmel show ever😂😂😂

  37. Lord Ender

    Lord EnderMonth ago

    "so I got an allergy test" "NnnnnNnnNNNOOOOHOHOH

  38. pritchard741

    pritchard741Month ago

    the your dumb bit.. so true.

  39. Helen Asanovic

    Helen AsanovicMonth ago


  40. Mississippi Rubst

    Mississippi RubstMonth ago

    "...Jerry? Fucking _move._ "

  41. BayoM8 ™

    BayoM8 ™Month ago

    Have you noticed that in the credits at the end of the show there’s “Beef ‘n Go”, which is one of Smosh’s oldest and most popular video?

  42. Osqui Romero

    Osqui RomeroMonth ago

    Jimmy Fallon basically

  43. Super Hero

    Super HeroMonth ago

    нι нσ

  44. Dylan_MRey

    Dylan_MReyMonth ago

    Oh look! It’s a MReporter channel trying to stay relevant in 2018 making fun of something way more entertaining.

  45. 空Nathan

    空NathanMonth ago

    Reminds me of Eric Andre 😂

  46. NADIR

    NADIRMonth ago

    Kieth kinda looked like prince

  47. osbely morales

    osbely moralesMonth ago

    That SNL announcer voice is perfect.

  48. NiclaInABox

    NiclaInABoxMonth ago

    This was posted on my birthday!

  49. ‹Lucy_ _Rossy›

    ‹Lucy_ _Rossy›Month ago

    Whf race have to do with this?

  50. SkyTangerine :D

    SkyTangerine :DMonth ago

    Penis Coyote = Dick Wolf xD

  51. Jojo siwas Hair line

    Jojo siwas Hair lineMonth ago

    Jimmy fallen is shook right now

  52. DatMercGuy

    DatMercGuyMonth ago

    This feels like deja vu....

  53. Dan Nicholson

    Dan NicholsonMonth ago

    This is so accurate.

  54. Savannah’s Weird Vlogs

    Savannah’s Weird VlogsMonth ago

    🗿💛😂:) @3

  55. Gambit771

    Gambit771Month ago

    That band isn't racially diverse. It has a white male on it. Smosh should know the sjw rules now that they are 'woke'.

  56. Vanessa Hillhouse

    Vanessa HillhouseMonth ago

    Accurate and why is their so much jimmys

  57. CannibalBurger

    CannibalBurgerMonth ago


  58. Gustavo Aguilar

    Gustavo AguilarMonth ago

    Executive Producer “ Penis Coyote”😂

  59. Vicious Vipertooth

    Vicious VipertoothMonth ago

    Why is this ao dang accurate 😂😂😂

  60. zackiszack

    zackiszackMonth ago


  61. Emre Kılıç

    Emre KılıçMonth ago

    That‘ll be my go to joke now; „So I got an allergy test!“ hahahahahahah

  62. Bombiss_

    Bombiss_Month ago

    A Smosh video that I actually laughed at, I haven’t done that in years

  63. Yana

    YanaMonth ago

    That's why Conan is the best right now!

  64. RingzTV Official Channel

    RingzTV Official ChannelMonth ago

    Gotta have a JIMMY in a talk show!

  65. Dutch Minecraft Guys

    Dutch Minecraft GuysMonth ago

    The ran out of time thing is whith Jimmy kimmel and Matt Damon

  66. TimeCurrent

    TimeCurrentMonth ago

    lmao didn't even say Topeka right.

  67. alex fritzsche

    alex fritzscheMonth ago

    Oddly similar to college humors “honest ______” series still awesome though

  68. Abdullah Özen

    Abdullah ÖzenMonth ago

    Where is Anthony?

  69. Anything but good content

    Anything but good content2 months ago

    British talk shows are so much better, like Saturday night takeaway or Michael Mccyntyre

  70. I love America

    I love America2 months ago

    Is it bad that I thought Courtney was Noah

  71. Kevin Rodgers

    Kevin Rodgers2 months ago

    This should be its own shoe

  72. ImmortalTimm19

    ImmortalTimm192 months ago

    *PART 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  73. emily eisenheim

    emily eisenheim2 months ago

    Incredibly accurate

  74. TheSmuelGuy

    TheSmuelGuy2 months ago

    We need a full season

  75. Ninja Gamez

    Ninja Gamez2 months ago

    Smosh is the stereotype royal family

  76. Nusion HD

    Nusion HD2 months ago

    jimmy da white guy

  77. Suky Chopra

    Suky Chopra2 months ago


  78. thedearnoman

    thedearnoman2 months ago

    Kimmel sucks.

  79. Trinity Lee

    Trinity Lee2 months ago

    KANSAS🌾🌾((that’s where I’m from))

  80. MD

    MD2 months ago

    Cringe af

  81. Roman

    Roman2 months ago

    They got a lot of things pretty accurately, apart from there hypocrisy. They complain about guns and how they’re not safe and are dangerous, but have armed personnel follow them everywhere they go. Complains about not being able to have free healthcare when they sure as hell have enough money to not b*tch about it. Claim to love the Constitution and Amendments unless used against them. Jimmy Kimmel: “I’m pretty sure the Founding Fathers didn’t want people having Ak’s and machine guns.”Puts on a crying act* When Andrew Jackson stated himself that “No foreign power will ever dare attempt to conquer the free nation that has all of its people armed.” So yea, they’re full of sh*t.

  82. Bob Philips

    Bob Philips2 months ago

    Penis Coyote

  83. Daniel Pullella

    Daniel Pullella2 months ago

    Bring back the "SHUT UP!". Im glad it's at the end of this video

  84. Brooklyn Bullard

    Brooklyn Bullard2 months ago

    I love Courtney’s haircut so much.

  85. Vicky Machin

    Vicky Machin2 months ago

    That blockbuster movie actress looks a lot like the drummer...

  86. Driifty

    Driifty2 months ago

    This was the CRINGIEST thing I've ever seen: (I know it's meant to be cringy and that's what I meant)

  87. Sergio Raya

    Sergio Raya2 months ago

    This is so meta

  88. Ray Datsun

    Ray Datsun2 months ago

    Why did I get a Spanish sprint commercial

  89. moaiad Aljamal

    moaiad Aljamal2 months ago

    I kinda hate the idea that he mocked jimmy kimmel alone Sill funny though, gotta give you that

  90. sebo641

    sebo6412 months ago

    oof. Did someone cross u guys' path? that was brutally true

  91. blurry face

    blurry face2 months ago

    These talk shows are more entertaining that anything smosh puts out anyway.

  92. Lizzie15

    Lizzie152 months ago

    Everyone of these vidoes are so true 👌😂

  93. Lizzie15

    Lizzie152 months ago

    Where's the lie tho

  94. Kainine

    Kainine2 months ago

    Fucking penis coyote 😂

  95. Rebecca Coleman

    Rebecca Coleman2 months ago

    I feel like I've seen this talk show before 🤔??? Lol

  96. Edith McClure

    Edith McClure2 months ago


  97. Dog Dog

    Dog Dog2 months ago

    Hilarious and accurate 😂

  98. everydaydreamer1

    everydaydreamer12 months ago

    Executive producer: Penis Coyote

  99. ItsSadie TV

    ItsSadie TV2 months ago

    *cousin sal!*

  100. Shovely Joe

    Shovely Joe2 months ago

    Wait, where is Topica?