1. Adia Best

    Adia Best5 days ago

    This is so accurate!! Like a little too accurate!!😂😂❤

  2. TeamDomination

    TeamDomination5 days ago

    Every presidential meeting ever

  3. a creative name

    a creative name6 days ago

    beef n go!!!!!

  4. astras18 95

    astras18 959 days ago

    _ Trevor_ _Noah_

  5. Ikuto Shinoda

    Ikuto Shinoda13 days ago

    reply if you havea opinion


    BTS ARMY16 days ago

    Lol Noah was making out with a wolf

  7. Sharon Lapham

    Sharon Lapham23 days ago

    Every time I click on this straight away EVER


    NOSCAM24 days ago


  9. Official_JoeJoe

    Official_JoeJoe25 days ago

    *CSISVUNCISNYPD* seems legit

  10. EnderGaming

    EnderGaming28 days ago


  11. CRAZY HID!

    CRAZY HID!29 days ago

    This is so accurate good job smosh!

  12. Paper Tiger

    Paper TigerMonth ago

    Really well written sketch. True as hell

  13. Icecreamlover forever24

    Icecreamlover forever24Month ago

    Omg this was om. Day before my bday

  14. Kiki the Freaky

    Kiki the FreakyMonth ago

    "Let me tell you a funny story that your producers and PR team agreed on"

  15. Mike Man 2005

    Mike Man 2005Month ago


  16. one of those kids

    one of those kidsMonth ago

    I remember beef and go!!

  17. Owen W

    Owen WMonth ago

    Trevor Noah isn’t white

  18. Brock MacArthur

    Brock MacArthurMonth ago

    Beef and go I remember that video

  19. Abdal Alfawaqa

    Abdal AlfawaqaMonth ago

    The best part was when the person changed the channel and the producer was called Penis Coyote but the actual person is called Dick Wolf

  20. Hi Me

    Hi MeMonth ago

    This was too true

  21. Charzoul X

    Charzoul XMonth ago

    You should've also put the fact the when they clap the clap for like 5 min straight and the host just smiles

  22. ImQuiteWeird *

    ImQuiteWeird *Month ago

    Lol my brother has a really funny stereotypical white guy name Whitey Johnson

  23. ClannadKyoko

    ClannadKyokoMonth ago

    Penis Coyote Dick Wolf

  24. Ibot 6175

    Ibot 6175Month ago

    Welcome back to smosh is running out of ideas

  25. Thomas Cremens

    Thomas CremensMonth ago

    Beef N' go llc Stevie’s production

  26. Chip

    ChipMonth ago

    this is a good quality content

  27. Pranit Shinde

    Pranit ShindeMonth ago

    Executive producer: penis coyote lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣



    Haha cause self-awareness jokes for a year straight is reeeaaalllyyy funny

  29. BluekrabsDomino

    BluekrabsDominoMonth ago

    The applause wasn’t as loud as it actually is

  30. Ana Franta

    Ana FrantaMonth ago

    i'm not american and i think i didn'y understand one reference due to that detail. oh well

  31. Nukekiller11752

    Nukekiller11752Month ago

    James *cough* Corden *cough*

  32. i am too much of a fanatic

    i am too much of a fanaticMonth ago


  33. Colin forever

    Colin foreverMonth ago

    Too be honest, Jimmy Kimmel does have a fake laugh

  34. Super C

    Super CMonth ago

    The accuracy is so real

  35. Prince Luckie

    Prince LuckieMonth ago

    Well that was a long intro

  36. PluTWOnium

    PluTWOniumMonth ago

    4:25 BEEF N GO NO WAY

  37. Vighnesh Bilgi

    Vighnesh BilgiMonth ago

    Smosh has ups and downs, but my god they hit the hammer on the nail on this one! ,1.8 MIL only ! god this is underrated.

  38. Mark Velazquez

    Mark VelazquezMonth ago

    The laughing scene was definitely Jimmy Fallon


    EMC QUACKMonth ago

    Spot on

  40. Theomega Gamer

    Theomega GamerMonth ago

    Jimmy kimmel must be furious

  41. Sir Animator

    Sir AnimatorMonth ago

    I mean yeah but some it doesn't really apply like conan

  42. Salvador Nevarez

    Salvador NevarezMonth ago

    The Every Prom Ever Band:0

  43. TheInfernapeKing Battletube

    TheInfernapeKing BattletubeMonth ago

    Gandang Gabi Vice!

  44. Moff Joff

    Moff JoffMonth ago


  45. JaggedTooth

    JaggedToothMonth ago

    This is why communism was created to kill the people who wear suits and ties

  46. Natrix Natrix

    Natrix NatrixMonth ago


  47. Natrix Natrix

    Natrix NatrixMonth ago

    SlappyHei At the end

  48. SlappyHei

    SlappyHeiMonth ago

    Natrix Natrix Where in the video is it?

  49. Diego Sanchez

    Diego SanchezMonth ago

    4:19 hahahahaha

  50. Wert Gamer

    Wert GamerMonth ago

    This is so accurate!!!!😂

  51. YouCube26 The OK Cuber

    YouCube26 The OK CuberMonth ago

    Holy flip they did that "Shut up" again :D

  52. Isaac Kidner

    Isaac KidnerMonth ago

    *jimmy white guy is now a god*

  53. Send Helppls

    Send HelpplsMonth ago


  54. Petros

    PetrosMonth ago

    Shoutouts to Beef ‘N Go.

  55. Austin Daniels

    Austin DanielsMonth ago

    Ok this video is actually really accurate, but to make it simple, it was very annoying.

  56. Clara Flos

    Clara FlosMonth ago

    Shayne looks so uncomfortable with the guitar lol

  57. Austin Griffeth

    Austin GriffethMonth ago

    “Promotional consideration provided by Beef ‘N’ Go” They referenced one of their first commercial parodies! My heart is happy

  58. Angel36930

    Angel36930Month ago

    Sooo ACCURATE!

  59. Flaninty

    FlanintyMonth ago

    Where's the "Hello Audience who will laugh at literally anything I say!"?

  60. Belanca Rosier

    Belanca Rosier2 months ago

    This is why I love The Graham Norton Show, it follows an algorithm like this too but it’s just that much more unique

  61. mr jones

    mr jones2 months ago

    Well that was a brilliant representation of The Jimmy Kimmel show.

  62. Nadav835

    Nadav8352 months ago

    2:41 the high five lol

  63. Blue Games82203

    Blue Games822032 months ago

    Penis coyote was my favorite part that made me cry

  64. Darksnake 87

    Darksnake 872 months ago

    They brought back the shut up here's the time 4:34

  65. Adrian DumbAss Lowery

    Adrian DumbAss Lowery2 months ago

    Conan and Stephen Colbert are the only hosts worth watching

  66. 6Untr01

    6Untr012 months ago

    AWWWW the shut up at the end...ㅠㅠ ㅇㅁㅎ @ 4:35

  67. bek flood

    bek flood2 months ago

    They should stop using the title ‘every - ever’ because this was actually an original and good sketch but by using that title they made it seem like the repetitive, less interesting normal stuff

  68. Thanh Le

    Thanh Le2 months ago

    Why do all talk show hosts names start with the letter j

  69. MS Gaming

    MS Gaming2 months ago

    Every airplane ever

  70. I am who I am

    I am who I am2 months ago


  71. Dylan Talks

    Dylan Talks2 months ago

    *M o o d*

  72. rainyseason

    rainyseason2 months ago

    Dick Wolf = Penis Coyote

  73. Sinisa Brankovic

    Sinisa Brankovic2 months ago

    This is so spot on!!!

  74. Sheikh

    Sheikh2 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel intro.

  75. Mike Barnes

    Mike Barnes2 months ago

    The best part is when Ian looks at his coffee.

  76. Ibteda Ali Swianto

    Ibteda Ali Swianto2 months ago

    I like this new format!

  77. Adam Mahmoud

    Adam Mahmoud2 months ago

    Why is the Guy in cloverfield om smash

  78. saikanth

    saikanth2 months ago

    It'll be pretty awkward when they actually get invited to a talk show

  79. TheLameOneAway

    TheLameOneAway2 months ago

    Sadly, I live in the sad Topeka

  80. Sybil King Shafer

    Sybil King Shafer2 months ago

    Lol. 😂😊😜 that is how I feel & why I avoid them! Unless I have to be in an ER waiting room - & even then, Nope!! Lol I wish they would come up with something unique & funny - but no originality....

  81. Ikuto Shinoda

    Ikuto Shinoda2 months ago

    So is Jimmy white guy Kimmel or Fallon?

  82. iiCookiezz

    iiCookiezz13 days ago

    Isnt jimmy kimmel kind of chill

  83. Zito07

    Zito0713 days ago

    Definetly Kimmel

  84. Zibin Z Random Ones

    Zibin Z Random OnesMonth ago


  85. OfficialCODTeam

    OfficialCODTeam2 months ago

    3:45 not gonna lie that sounds like an amazing beat

  86. Payton Robertz

    Payton Robertz2 months ago

    This is so much like the Eric Andre show

  87. Zara Sharif

    Zara Sharif2 months ago

    Did I just watch Jimmy Fallon??!

  88. Dragon Gamer vlogs and stuff

    Dragon Gamer vlogs and stuff2 months ago

    Look at Olivia at 1:16 ha lamo

  89. jgsregrate

    jgsregrate2 months ago


  90. prince logang 777

    prince logang 7772 months ago

    I love that you guys roast channels 😂 👕 👖 👟👟

  91. Mattia molica colella

    Mattia molica colella2 months ago

    It looks like an LG TV remote...

  92. Mallorie Louann

    Mallorie Louann3 months ago

    This is the most accurate "every blank ever" I have seen.

  93. Alex Judd

    Alex Judd3 months ago

    God is this accurate

  94. EmiEmin _

    EmiEmin _3 months ago


  95. A Pet Named Steve

    A Pet Named Steve3 months ago

    I wish Olivia was an actual actress. I would watch every single movie/TV show she's in because 1. She is beautiful as hell 2. She is super funny 3. Listen to 1 and 2

  96. Pancake . blush

    Pancake . blush3 months ago

    Penis Coyote 😂

  97. Muhammad Mustafa

    Muhammad Mustafa3 months ago

    every jimmy kimmel show ever😂😂😂

  98. Lord Ender

    Lord Ender3 months ago

    "so I got an allergy test" "NnnnnNnnNNNOOOOHOHOH

  99. pritchard741

    pritchard7413 months ago

    the your dumb bit.. so true.

  100. Helen Asanovic

    Helen Asanovic3 months ago


  101. Mississippi Rubst

    Mississippi Rubst3 months ago

    "...Jerry? Fucking _move._ "

  102. BayoM8 ™

    BayoM8 ™3 months ago

    Have you noticed that in the credits at the end of the show there’s “Beef ‘n Go”, which is one of Smosh’s oldest and most popular video?

  103. Osqui Romero

    Osqui Romero3 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon basically

  104. Super Hero

    Super Hero3 months ago

    нι нσ

  105. Dylan Reynolds

    Dylan Reynolds3 months ago

    Oh look! It’s a MReporter channel trying to stay relevant in 2018 making fun of something way more entertaining.