1. Suryansh Rastogi

    Suryansh Rastogi8 hours ago

    He definitely was Jimmy Kimmel 😂

  2. Danny Davey

    Danny Davey10 hours ago

    They brought the shut up back

  3. Ic3N00bBl0x

    Ic3N00bBl0x14 hours ago

    yes.. the shut up noise. i miss it..

  4. Manav

    Manav17 hours ago

    This was mainly baised on James Corden and Jimmy

  5. José Daniel Diaz

    José Daniel Diaz17 hours ago

    Loved the end

  6. Madilyn Monroe

    Madilyn Monroe17 hours ago

    I love CSISVUNYPD its my favorite show

  7. 4thHorsemanRides

    4thHorsemanRides18 hours ago

    At no time was Jimmy Fallon's fake laughter mocked.

  8. 4thHorsemanRides

    4thHorsemanRides18 hours ago

    Every MReporter video ever.

  9. Julian Lopez

    Julian Lopez20 hours ago

    Promotional consideration provided by BEEF ‘N’ GO

  10. Jonschge

    Jonschge20 hours ago

    seeing smosh having turned into this piece of racebaiting garbage honestly breaks my heart

  11. Vysair

    Vysair23 hours ago

    Conan's show is better

  12. Eddie G

    Eddie GDay ago


  13. SoloJohan

    SoloJohanDay ago

    Too real

  14. SoloJohan

    SoloJohanDay ago

    I thought that was a clip from an actual talk show

  15. Richard Drake

    Richard DrakeDay ago

    Daily show black host

  16. Endermen Vlogs

    Endermen VlogsDay ago

    Your dumb to

  17. Mighty Coffee Productions

    Mighty Coffee ProductionsDay ago

    *james corden*

  18. vince han

    vince hanDay ago

    Miss Ian and Anthony together

  19. Sonu Hapani

    Sonu Hapani2 days ago

    Wooh Hooo

  20. Old Zephyr

    Old Zephyr2 days ago

    I miss Anthony tho.

  21. Mortal Kombat 11hype

    Mortal Kombat 11hype2 days ago

    I haven’t heard a SHUT UP!! In ages

  22. Simrah Q

    Simrah Q2 days ago

    l m f a o

  23. ImSoLament

    ImSoLament2 days ago

    This is how I imagine every “Every Blank Ever” to go. Running through the supposed plots without the breaks in between. Works very well!

  24. a real nigga

    a real nigga3 days ago

    the Asian girl is fr thicc just realized

  25. David Ramirez

    David Ramirez3 days ago

    Shosh should make every gamer every

  26. Vivotic

    Vivotic3 days ago

    Anyone got the beef 'n go reference at the end?

  27. Momin Mansoor

    Momin Mansoor3 days ago

    Okay this is surprisingly really funny

  28. Shania Davis

    Shania Davis3 days ago

    This was incredible 😂 Also the Smosh logo at the end 👌🏻

  29. ff2lee

    ff2lee3 days ago

    The mic is not even plugged in....

  30. Tracey Marie

    Tracey Marie3 days ago


  31. Leland Nguyen

    Leland Nguyen3 days ago

    Umm... 😐


    DANK MEMES3 days ago

    Its sad how smosh has changed compaird to afew years ago

  33. Angelina Farruggio

    Angelina Farruggio3 days ago

    shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Christian chan

    Christian chan3 days ago


  35. Harry Archer

    Harry Archer4 days ago

    Did at least see the beef and go reference

  36. LordGrym

    LordGrym4 days ago

    Smosh has become College Humor


    KAMATES4 days ago

    SHUT UP? Haven't heard that for a long time

  38. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr4 days ago


  39. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr4 days ago

    MReporter will probably think this is a real talk show!

  40. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr4 days ago


  41. OP Topi

    OP Topi4 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel Fodder

  42. friendly911 OS

    friendly911 OS4 days ago

    That was awesome and accurate.

  43. Joe Cruz

    Joe Cruz4 days ago

    Ok smosh is just sad without the other half of the duo.

  44. The voices in your head _

    The voices in your head _4 days ago

    I would actually watch if this was a real show

  45. Savannah Rogers

    Savannah Rogers4 days ago

    You guys should do every smosh idea ever

  46. WringlePringle

    WringlePringle4 days ago

    Anyone see Beef n go?

  47. Itz Adoon / Aldø

    Itz Adoon / Aldø4 days ago

    *VERSE CHORUS VERSE* ...smells like teen spirit...

  48. Shane Reichel

    Shane Reichel4 days ago

    Thanks for the “Shut Up!”

  49. Shane Reichel

    Shane Reichel2 days ago

    They did, at the end.

  50. Benawesome BW

    Benawesome BW2 days ago

    Shane Reichel Oh, I thought they used the shut up thing lol

  51. Shane Reichel

    Shane Reichel2 days ago

    What do you mean?

  52. Benawesome BW

    Benawesome BW3 days ago

    Shane Reichel were?

  53. Wesley Collister

    Wesley Collister4 days ago

    Its pronounced Tuh-peek-uh not toe-peek-uh.

  54. Cole BlueTM

    Cole BlueTM4 days ago

    Wait what is Topeka?

  55. Gabriel Pia

    Gabriel Pia4 days ago

    Jimmy White Guy

  56. Daniel Serrano

    Daniel Serrano4 days ago

    Shut up!

  57. Ruben T

    Ruben T4 days ago

    To anybody who thinks Smosh doesn't have it anymore, let me direct your attention to this masterpiece.

  58. The roblox player and no vlogs

    The roblox player and no vlogs4 days ago

    Is that a sign of Anthony coming back 0-0

  59. Underneath The Bottle

    Underneath The Bottle5 days ago

    Shut up is back!!! Anthony next? 😗

  60. Dr 4700

    Dr 47005 days ago

    Maybe real but man it feels like Smosh is attacking/calling out people. It maybe just me but yeah.

  61. Tess Feldman

    Tess Feldman5 days ago


  62. #lifeasenny

    #lifeasenny5 days ago

    That outfit on the guest looked good

  63. The Gamers

    The Gamers5 days ago

    every smosh ever

  64. Cyberwrecker 97

    Cyberwrecker 975 days ago

    The shut up is back

  65. Brendan Goosen

    Brendan Goosen5 days ago

    Shut up!!

  66. Brendan Goosen

    Brendan Goosen5 days ago

    Well done! Great work guys laughed my ass off! Subtle and polished!

  67. Ninja Q TV

    Ninja Q TV5 days ago


  68. Gaber Gee

    Gaber Gee5 days ago

    *10 days later* This video has been copyright striked by Saturday Night Live (10 days later from the video)

  69. Averon God of fire

    Averon God of fire5 days ago

    Oh my gods it’s the SHUT UP!

  70. ForwardAspect

    ForwardAspect5 days ago

    They are better than the modern smosh lmao

  71. LucasCAPS

    LucasCAPS5 days ago

    It's involuntarily funny how hung up they are on ethnicity.

  72. GhervinL

    GhervinL5 days ago

    I miss the intro...

  73. Simonium

    Simonium5 days ago

    I think Craig Fergurson was actually funny and entertaining.

  74. Saskia Miller

    Saskia Miller5 days ago

    Every Netflix ever

  75. Potatems

    Potatems5 days ago

    Every Every [Blank] Ever Ever

  76. Causal Man

    Causal Man5 days ago

    These every blank ever videos are getting better

  77. LPScleverTV

    LPScleverTV5 days ago

    Penis coyote

  78. Dalton Gerardy

    Dalton Gerardy5 days ago

    hood afternoon!

  79. Tortilla Boiii

    Tortilla Boiii5 days ago

    What we need is EVERY GAMER EVER. That would be awesome

  80. Magnificent 1

    Magnificent 15 days ago

    You should do a Every Meme ever video!!

  81. Apple Dela Cerna

    Apple Dela Cerna5 days ago



    GARRET NEWMAN5 days ago

    and I think they should do every video game ever


    GARRET NEWMAN5 days ago

    that shut up reminded me about anthony

  84. Cockatoo Luck fan

    Cockatoo Luck fan5 days ago


  85. Areguil

    Areguil5 days ago

    This is the best Smosh video I've seen in years. I still miss Anthony.

  86. Owen Driscoll

    Owen Driscoll5 days ago

    best one yet

  87. MegaOwy123

    MegaOwy1235 days ago

    Who else wants this to be a real show

  88. Tom7679

    Tom76795 days ago


  89. PeppermintTheAnimator

    PeppermintTheAnimator5 days ago

    This was really good, but I miss Anthony more than ever watching this. He would've been so good for this video!

  90. Stella Delgadillo

    Stella Delgadillo5 days ago

    do every cochella ever

  91. Aid -Kit

    Aid -Kit5 days ago

    You guys should do every tech channel ever

  92. Plob Productions

    Plob Productions5 days ago

    Do not feel bad about going to talk shows. Do not feel bad about getting a question wrong, either.

  93. Ian Louth

    Ian Louth5 days ago


  94. SuperDuperEan

    SuperDuperEan5 days ago

    Jimmy white guy

  95. Morgan Alexander.

    Morgan Alexander.5 days ago

    Every comic book ever

  96. Braden Murray

    Braden Murray6 days ago

    😭😭 the “shut up” is back... I miss Anthony ❤️

  97. Alyssa

    Alyssa6 days ago

    Do Every Fortnite Ever

  98. Sergi Cano TV

    Sergi Cano TV6 days ago


  99. Oldfreddyboi Mcgee22

    Oldfreddyboi Mcgee226 days ago

    Make every tragedy ever

  100. darkmagic666

    darkmagic6666 days ago

    Reminds me of eric andre

  101. Jake Bot

    Jake Bot6 days ago

    Who remembers beef n go

  102. Theheadcheese Cheese

    Theheadcheese Cheese6 days ago

    You should do every clickbait ever

  103. Mikayla Wiles

    Mikayla Wiles6 days ago

    Do Every Family Reunion Ever

  104. Mikey77 E

    Mikey77 E6 days ago

    They should make a ‘Every Every blank ever ever’