1. Wyatt/Wystia Campbell

    Wyatt/Wystia CampbellHour ago

    That completionist chick wasted 83.33 days of her life.

  2. Quinn Yokoyama

    Quinn YokoyamaHour ago

    Gamers rise up

  3. The singer

    The singer8 hours ago

    1:27 Same dude i agree

  4. Pham Pop M

    Pham Pop M8 hours ago

    I have the same mic as them

  5. Idriz Ameti

    Idriz Ameti13 hours ago

    the controlerbisnt on

  6. Naz Palacios

    Naz Palacios14 hours ago

    I feel a bit bad for the kid

  7. ApexGaming

    ApexGaming15 hours ago


  8. xxAndresss Esketit

    xxAndresss Esketit21 hour ago

    Anyone know why their was electrical tape on the controller’s

  9. TobuCubing

    TobuCubing22 hours ago

    0:08 *Russian has entered the party*

  10. Marisol Mcquiston

    Marisol Mcquiston23 hours ago

    Yo hi Ian!!!!!!!!! I love smosh!!!!!!!!

  11. Sanjukta Kar

    Sanjukta KarDay ago

    People who play fortain are not gaemers

  12. GamingFrom Brother

    GamingFrom BrotherDay ago

    My friend is screaming and i get free battle pass

  13. Ann Rojas

    Ann RojasDay ago

    I just jealous that’s what a bully him

  14. {Wolf _Gamer}

    {Wolf _Gamer}Day ago

    I feel so sorry at 0:28 😭😭

  15. Joshua Ray

    Joshua RayDay ago


  16. Joshua Ray

    Joshua RayDay ago

    Fortnight is not even 28 years old

  17. Boys Magno

    Boys MagnoDay ago

    I saw undertale like if you saw undertale

  18. Dalton Leach

    Dalton LeachDay ago

    How does ian have a screen hes playing on xbox but have a ps4 conteler. LAW AND ORDER

  19. Ghost_ Wolf

    Ghost_ WolfDay ago

    Just mute him

  20. Ice ,

    Ice ,2 days ago

    Can anyone make something original anymore? *passes undertale* Me:NANI!?

  21. Galaxy Wolf_02

    Galaxy Wolf_022 days ago


  22. Mr. Life

    Mr. Life2 days ago

    Lol just 😹😹

  23. Ethan Weaver

    Ethan Weaver2 days ago


  24. Shinx boy

    Shinx boy2 days ago

    They forgot Corrin in the Smash Bros bit

  25. Charlie Hemsley

    Charlie Hemsley2 days ago

    Every thicc boi ever

  26. Udilko Udilko

    Udilko Udilko2 days ago

    4:10 i did that with only 8000h wtf

  27. Kenyon Oliveira

    Kenyon Oliveira2 days ago

    I don’t get how Ian says that the player meets his skill when he had nothing in his inventory.

  28. Frodo Synthesis

    Frodo Synthesis2 days ago

    It takes more than 2000 hours to completely beat Skyrim... just saying...

  29. Potato ·_·

    Potato ·_·2 days ago


  30. Cal Zh

    Cal Zh2 days ago

    Wait if this was recorded in 2017 how did you play Fortnite

  31. Cooper Pha

    Cooper Pha2 days ago

    Shes a boy??? He says his but she is a girl????!!! 1:01 1:09

  32. Joshua Hendon

    Joshua Hendon2 days ago


  33. K Bye

    K Bye3 days ago

    Pls do every gay ever

  34. Its_lilSTINK

    Its_lilSTINK3 days ago

    At 3:55 that's me when I finally defeated bacon boss on Roblox 6th bloxys

  35. The fabulous !

    The fabulous !3 days ago

    Where the FORTNITE squad at ...? 👇like plz

  36. Venom Eddie

    Venom Eddie3 days ago

    My main man is super smash is THE MAIN MAN KIRBY

  37. Leslie Rowell

    Leslie Rowell3 days ago


  38. Shirley Bell

    Shirley Bell3 days ago

    I have that black and blue mic

  39. KingJ_ 75

    KingJ_ 753 days ago

    PS4 F0R EVER

  40. SmootherCross

    SmootherCross3 days ago

    4:22 DLC time!

  41. C00L K1D

    C00L K1D3 days ago


  42. Bongie361

    Bongie3613 days ago

    Ian says he been playing for 28 years Yet he is playing fortnite

  43. Gina White

    Gina White3 days ago

    When he gets kicked it made me cry that happened to me befor

  44. Unspeakable Fortnite

    Unspeakable Fortnite4 days ago

    Undertale in PS4

  45. Dalton Wagley

    Dalton Wagley4 days ago

    0:08 look at the name😂😂

  46. Nojusgamer Tv

    Nojusgamer Tv4 days ago

    Who else is a big fan on Skyrim And if you are... Stormcloaks or imperials?

  47. The Loop

    The Loop4 days ago

    “Can anyone make anything original anymore?” *scrolls past Rocket League*

  48. Noa Navula

    Noa Navula4 days ago

    2 clip How does Ian know the enimes name in Fortnite

  49. K Bro

    K Bro4 days ago

    3:50 speech 100

  50. NitroGaming

    NitroGaming4 days ago

    Sad thing is I played Skyrim for about 2,000 hours. Every weapon/Skill point, but it was on my BROKEN PS3. I gotta restart on my xbox one now :(

  51. roman haynes

    roman haynes4 days ago

    Can’t she jere

  52. roman haynes

    roman haynes4 days ago

    They made candy crush seem boring but during the sponsor they act like it was so fun

  53. Slushykid

    Slushykid5 days ago

    0:07 that guys me my mic is garbage

  54. Psycho_Arsonist7

    Psycho_Arsonist75 days ago

    I hate buying kick ps4 party

  55. Criskent Cacho

    Criskent Cacho5 days ago

    Ian's and Olivia's controller weren't even on and on the screen was xbox

  56. Hugo Soto

    Hugo Soto5 days ago

    Ian:I've finally met a player that's my total equal *continues to rush a tower with a pickaxe*

  57. Withered Charizard

    Withered Charizard5 days ago

    They said they where playing smash bros but they where playing with ps controller....

  58. Aurora Cramer

    Aurora Cramer5 days ago

    Every kid ever

  59. Jaden Pham

    Jaden Pham6 days ago

    When she had to redo sky rim she didn't need to she could have play fallout there kind of the same

  60. Jake Bunce

    Jake Bunce6 days ago

    Controller off lol

  61. OH NO NO Use code Noah’sNoah :3

    OH NO NO Use code Noah’sNoah :36 days ago

    “All of these games are mineless” what about Minecraft XD i hate myself ;-;

  62. CheeseMonster1672

    CheeseMonster16726 days ago

    You guys are to funny! ok you finished skyrim now to restart the game xD

  63. Ghost XXX

    Ghost XXX6 days ago

    0:40 why did Ian have a Xbox headset on with a PS4 controller in his hand

  64. Ande Gee

    Ande Gee6 days ago

    wad de fug are dem headpones

  65. Zayd Abdesselam

    Zayd Abdesselam6 days ago


  66. Cameron Ayuyu

    Cameron Ayuyu6 days ago

    O:41-0:44 why does he have a ps4 controller but the scene shows a xbox one controller buttons on it

  67. Strayo _PlayZ

    Strayo _PlayZ6 days ago

    Where did the book and the drink come from

  68. Chuck Farmer

    Chuck Farmer6 days ago

    Super smosh bros

  69. Gary Purcell

    Gary Purcell6 days ago


  70. InfinitE StorM

    InfinitE StorM7 days ago

    4:36 you guys should’ve used that for the original footage

  71. Some Person I dunno

    Some Person I dunno7 days ago

    No PC gaming?

  72. Rey Pelingon

    Rey Pelingon7 days ago

    Im pretty sure fortnite wasnt out for 28 years yet and you can't talk to your enemie in a public lobby

  73. Monte Tiberio

    Monte Tiberio7 days ago

    Hi person

  74. Fox the gamer

    Fox the gamer7 days ago

    The first clip it's on a PS4 but you have a Xbox headset what really you can't even do that right come on

  75. I'm Vhon

    I'm Vhon7 days ago

    But I wanna be Tracer :(

  76. bonus oba

    bonus oba7 days ago

    This was actually the funniest smosh video in quite a while now

  77. Fake Gyro

    Fake Gyro7 days ago

    I found little mac

  78. Bubba the Great

    Bubba the Great7 days ago


  79. Lennon Roberts

    Lennon Roberts7 days ago

    Fortnite haven't been out 28 years

  80. Barachel and Caleb

    Barachel and Caleb7 days ago

    Thus was bueatyful

  81. antrican

    antrican7 days ago

    This was published when XXXTentacion Died... :(

  82. Jdogg Gaming

    Jdogg Gaming7 days ago

    I would be friends with IJustWantFrends4

  83. Mr Gibbs JR

    Mr Gibbs JR7 days ago

    I’m a gamer I play ROBLOX and fortnite😁

  84. Gamer 99

    Gamer 998 days ago

    0:41 if you at button of building it is Xbox and the control is of ps4

  85. lps winter soldier

    lps winter soldier8 days ago

    The last one is so me!!! 😂

  86. ninja

    ninja8 days ago

    I miss old smosh

  87. Edgar Hernandez

    Edgar Hernandez8 days ago

    Who wears one set headphones I use two

  88. TheGamer ACER

    TheGamer ACER8 days ago

    Poor loud voice kid

  89. Zachary Goordhin

    Zachary Goordhin8 days ago

    Who talks to there friends before they join the party

  90. cameron gill

    cameron gill8 days ago


  91. 68State2-D

    68State2-D8 days ago

    The 1st one happens EVERY time.

  92. space cat

    space cat8 days ago

    1:50 what i do at fortnite with my brothers

  93. Mr Duckman

    Mr Duckman8 days ago

    In the Skyrim scene it would take about 6 years to do that

  94. the amazing Ken kaneki

    the amazing Ken kaneki8 days ago

    Fortnite is made from 2017

  95. space cat

    space cat8 days ago

    Nope like 2013 2017 when it came cool

  96. Eric Mendez

    Eric Mendez9 days ago

    There is only one question I have a stream better than you😂😂😂

  97. Wooliac

    Wooliac9 days ago

    I’m a gamer girl

  98. Ray19Ph

    Ray19Ph9 days ago

    my controller smells... X3

  99. Handsome AqUa MeN

    Handsome AqUa MeN9 days ago

    How were you fighting when he has High Ground, A Weapon And Knows How To Shoot And You Are Holding A Pickaxe With No Mats LoL I will Like my Own Comment Cuz no one DUZ

  100. Chi Nguyen

    Chi Nguyen9 days ago

    Is it just me or 1:00 is Ian using a Xbox gamer phone thing idk what it’s called and a PS4 it’s possible but unussual

  101. Pastel Rainbow

    Pastel Rainbow9 days ago

    *_made a match_*