1. TSM_ Cruz

    TSM_ Cruz4 hours ago

    0:41 Ian didn’t even have any gun

  2. Sim Thang

    Sim Thang13 hours ago

    1:49 seriously, take it back...

  3. Mysterious Portal

    Mysterious Portal17 hours ago

    “You can’t make a career out of gaming” *That’s where you’re wrong kiddo*

  4. Javi Dulay

    Javi DulayDay ago

    0:41 charges at someone who has weapon and he has only pick axe and you can’t speak to opponents on the mic

  5. DylanGaming46

    DylanGaming46Day ago

    When you say everything is unoriginal Me: Ye tru dat Then when you skip past Undertale Me: NOOO WAIT GO BAACCKKK!!!!!

  6. George Emeney

    George EmeneyDay ago

    *I W A N N A B E W I N S T O N*

  7. Dcads

    DcadsDay ago

    0:22 😭😭😭😭so sad he don't have Friends😭😭😭

  8. Adam Rizqy Abu Johari

    Adam Rizqy Abu JohariDay ago

    wait what you think of the most smosh things Ever

  9. Extra Richards

    Extra Richards2 days ago

    nice i didn't know that ps4 controllers lights turn of and are completey black oh and if your in solo on fortnite you cant voice chat so you can't talk to to dark Rider 57

  10. Backbreaker Bendy

    Backbreaker Bendy2 days ago

    Who saw the lamp flick

  11. Krystal Ashbrook

    Krystal Ashbrook2 days ago


  12. Krystal Ashbrook

    Krystal Ashbrook2 days ago

    Elder scrolls is better

  13. Zslays YT

    Zslays YT2 days ago

    The bloopers are cringe but funny at the same time 😂😂🤷‍♂️

  14. TheGhost Gamer Yt

    TheGhost Gamer Yt2 days ago

    I still play snake and fallout is better then scrolls :p

  15. CedricDragon78

    CedricDragon782 days ago

    Playing on Xbox controls *Proceeds to play on a ps4 controller P.S if you use an Xbox you are hella gay

  16. Niklas Satosaari

    Niklas Satosaari2 days ago

    0:41 lol he have no guns and still he is total equals to player with ar make no sense lmao.😂😂😂😂

  17. Yolanda Rivera

    Yolanda Rivera2 days ago

    Every marvel ever

  18. Athan Carreos

    Athan Carreos3 days ago

    I miss anthony like if you agree

  19. Meh I gave up.

    Meh I gave up.3 days ago

    0:42 naNi?! He has no skin?! And has survived nearly the whole game?!

  20. Devin The Pro Gamer

    Devin The Pro Gamer3 days ago

    Fallout is still better than elder scrolls

  21. gavin 210

    gavin 2103 days ago

    That’s funny fortnight hasn’t been out since 20 years

  22. Ty Brody Jared Mills

    Ty Brody Jared Mills3 days ago

    Every online game ever

  23. ᴅʀɪғᴛ

    ᴅʀɪғᴛ3 days ago

    0:41 So he had 28 years of gameplay and he doesn’t even know any methods, didn’t collect mats or guns, and how the heck did he know that their user was darkrider57

  24. ᴅʀɪғᴛ

    ᴅʀɪғᴛ3 days ago

    0:41 is Ian still on KathyB8s account I wnna play against him

  25. Imthealoneuser2 Paul

    Imthealoneuser2 Paul4 days ago

    Wasn’t fortnite made in 2011

  26. Casandra Christian

    Casandra Christian4 days ago

    What about the I spammed the invite button

  27. little sara

    little sara4 days ago

    But that is true. Fallout *IS* better than Skyrim.

  28. Xx Clan

    Xx Clan4 days ago

    At like 1:00 he said with my 28 years of gameplay fortnite has been out for a year

  29. Shashwat Lamba

    Shashwat Lamba4 days ago

    OMG!! How come he have xbox controls and play with a ps controller 0:41 Edit:- either the controller is off or its a ps 3 controller

  30. Pokeboy skyzu

    Pokeboy skyzu5 days ago

    I beat fox

  31. Game master Killer

    Game master Killer5 days ago

    Fallout 4 and fallout76 are goooooooooood

  32. SaltyProjectZorgo PZ65

    SaltyProjectZorgo PZ655 days ago

    *Were Coming Smosh.. Project Zorgo Is Coming..*

  33. Tor Lindvig

    Tor Lindvig5 days ago

    playing xbox on ps4 controller


    0FFICIAL TK6 days ago

    HE SCROLLED PAST UNO AND SAID “All These Triple Tittle Games Are So mindless And competitive” WHAT TO YOU MEAN (Dankquan Plays)

  35. Lee Hong Jin

    Lee Hong Jin6 days ago

    Play World of Tanks! You csn find an invite code easily and get free goodies!

  36. that one guy

    that one guy6 days ago

    0:05 xd

  37. Meh Person

    Meh Person6 days ago

    That face tho 2:10

  38. ItsYoBoiSasuke

    ItsYoBoiSasuke6 days ago

    I like how like none of the controllers were on

  39. N00B Slayer

    N00B Slayer6 days ago

    Lol super mash bros rager

  40. RageGamer

    RageGamer6 days ago

    1.32 love how the PS4 controllers isn’t even turned on lol

  41. Garrett Herrington

    Garrett Herrington6 days ago

    That is true fallout is better like if you agree

  42. Defiant Music

    Defiant Music6 days ago

    I so relate to the last one

  43. Bossatron 166

    Bossatron 1667 days ago

    "I completed Skyrim!" Have you killed the ebony warrior? I'm lvl 92 and I haven't killed him

  44. Loafsiis Animal Jam

    Loafsiis Animal Jam7 days ago

    Does anyone remember Minecraft?

  45. e m m a

    e m m a7 days ago

    3:02 Keith looks like Arthur

  46. Coastliner700

    Coastliner7007 days ago

    Fortnite is stupid

  47. Genuine Genuis

    Genuine Genuis7 days ago

    0:41 He doesn't a have a gun

  48. Nova Kremers

    Nova Kremers7 days ago

    3:54 But did you also take an arrow to the knee?

  49. Chainsmoking Raptor

    Chainsmoking Raptor7 days ago

    Ok, this is epic.

  50. SuperGamer 99

    SuperGamer 998 days ago

    *I wanna be Tracer*

  51. Ireelyenjoy Bread

    Ireelyenjoy Bread8 days ago

    28 years of playing fortnite wut

  52. jackie estep

    jackie estep8 days ago

    1:00 that is not how fortnite works

  53. Gabby Peake

    Gabby Peake8 days ago

    Shayne:Back to candy crush I guess Then falls asleep.😂

  54. Ryde Mk

    Ryde Mk8 days ago

    How could darkrider57 hear him

  55. qiaolian lei

    qiaolian lei8 days ago

    1st your a default and 2th there is only 6 seasons 0:42

  56. Yes my Young lord

    Yes my Young lord9 days ago

    Turn on your controller!

  57. xd dynoforce

    xd dynoforce9 days ago

    Why is the controller not on?


    BOYSC GAMEPLAYER9 days ago

    where is Anthony

  59. Oo Ty

    Oo Ty9 days ago



    DOINKMCMUFFIN9 days ago

    How did he reach top 7 with just a pickaxe in 0:42?

  61. TheRealDeal is COOL

    TheRealDeal is COOL9 days ago

    0:55 fortnight is one year old

  62. Wild Wolf

    Wild Wolf9 days ago

    You forgot smart gamers and educational video games

  63. Maks Kuskovski

    Maks Kuskovski10 days ago

    Dear Skyrim fans, if you have completed ALL THE QUESTS wich is ridiculous, let this be a reminder to you, THERES ALWAYS MODS

  64. XANDER X

    XANDER X10 days ago

    I don’t play games

  65. Jorge Reyes

    Jorge Reyes10 days ago


  66. Off to Venus

    Off to Venus11 days ago

    The first one. Tyler1 (Luls in the chat boys)

  67. Tabatha Hernandez

    Tabatha Hernandez11 days ago

    full default and no weapons totaly fair fight and equal level of skill

  68. actionman 132

    actionman 13211 days ago

    Did I know u actually have to turn the controller on to play!!!!!!!!

  69. 雪ディアナ

    雪ディアナ11 days ago

    1:22 that's why you don't get AAA titles XD. Play crystar, it's a really good

  70. Robo101

    Robo10111 days ago

    "I finally met a player who is my total equal" -Doesn't have a gun

  71. RealFlamingCubz

    RealFlamingCubz12 days ago

    1:22 me

  72. Stupid Mickle

    Stupid Mickle12 days ago

    0:01 might as well kill me.. *"Alright guys lEt'S dO tHiS!"*

  73. sacha simpson

    sacha simpson12 days ago

    E L D E R S C R O L L S I S B E T T E R

  74. RickAndMortyGoals 123

    RickAndMortyGoals 12313 days ago

    I’ll be Tracer

  75. Graysen Tweten

    Graysen Tweten13 days ago

    0:07 this is what you have to look out for everyyyy wwhheerree😥

  76. Zachary Eversmann

    Zachary Eversmann13 days ago

    1) I got a dig bick 3)you that read wrong 4)you read that wrong again 6)you checked and you smiled 7) but skipped I number 5) 8) your probably mad at your self 8) I made a spelling error 10) I made 2 eights 11) skipped I nine number 12) you noticed that you didn’t 13) yeah read again you DIDN’T 13) also I skipped number two 15) made 13 two times 16) I also skipped 14

  77. Gaming God

    Gaming God13 days ago

    I want to play movable Dot also want to beat it

  78. Armor abs Krabs

    Armor abs Krabs13 days ago

    It only took her 2000 hours to completely finish skyrim? Would of taken me about 8000

  79. Frankidou93

    Frankidou9313 days ago

    Anybody else noticed that Olivia’s juice box appears out of nowhere.

  80. Anonymous Open

    Anonymous Open14 days ago

    You forgot darksouls

  81. Izzy The Illusion

    Izzy The Illusion14 days ago

    You forgot: Oh no. Tons of health and mana. No more enemies. An empty room. A save point. The music got real deep. Fu-

  82. #weird4life 13

    #weird4life 1314 days ago

    2:20 My coNtROleR sMelLs!!!

  83. steg

    steg15 days ago

    2:33 no mans sky at launche basically

  84. eipidweP

    eipidweP15 days ago

    What about your parents saying ure to loud

  85. supreme benji

    supreme benji15 days ago

    Where can I buy the flag sweater??

  86. Knightwolf 248

    Knightwolf 24815 days ago

    Undertale is the best game ever!!!!

  87. Click Bait

    Click Bait11 days ago

    No league of legends

  88. Dan Benelisha

    Dan Benelisha15 days ago

    5:31 UNDERTALE!

  89. Anthony gamer

    Anthony gamer15 days ago

    The controller is not on

  90. Turtle Man

    Turtle Man15 days ago

    2:56 *GAEM OF DE YEER*

  91. Doom_Vate Team Doom

    Doom_Vate Team Doom15 days ago

    Is the black kid adopted

  92. Lenuta Oprean

    Lenuta Oprean15 days ago

    Made a match

  93. Ayman Bahatheq

    Ayman Bahatheq15 days ago

    Remember when smosh used to be funny?...............yeah me neither.


    UNIQUE GAMER15 days ago

    h hi h please like it took me almost a year

  95. KidBoranOnDaBeach KidASpawnTrapGod

    KidBoranOnDaBeach KidASpawnTrapGod15 days ago

    His gamer tag is IJustWantFriends

  96. Callum McDonnell

    Callum McDonnell16 days ago

    who wins an esports tournament ona nintendo switch


    QWERTY HD16 days ago

    0:42 wait he’s playing Fortnite with no mats no guns pickaxe out and still alive in top 7? And also I’m really sure that game chatting with other people that’s NOT on your team isn’t a thing. Come on guys put halo or call of duty and is he playing on ps4 while he’s on Xbox?

  98. Ana Santana

    Ana Santana16 days ago

    I wanna be winston

  99. Bryan Chheng

    Bryan Chheng16 days ago

    Fortnite was not even release 28 years ago

  100. Northmeister

    Northmeister16 days ago

    3:48 Says she 100% completed yet she doesn't have all the perks for the skills smh


    MIGUEL BANKS16 days ago

    I play snake 6 years ago