1. Cadis Tan

    Cadis Tan25 minutes ago

    No one wants to be my Friend and I don’t know why!

  2. sans papy

    sans papy3 hours ago

    UNDERTALE: Mindless and repetitive bruh

  3. Pay Moneo

    Pay Moneo3 hours ago

    Fortnite wasnt made 28 years ago

  4. Danny Gamino

    Danny Gamino3 hours ago

    In the first part Shawn is using an xbox headset

  5. Omar Cortez

    Omar Cortez5 hours ago


  6. Marianna Sol

    Marianna Sol6 hours ago

    0:41 on Xbox hes playing on a ps controller

  7. Cris Ramirez

    Cris Ramirez7 hours ago

    The controller is of what are you playing the dark game

  8. cute min yoongi

    cute min yoongi8 hours ago

    I need friends4 lol

  9. name

    name11 hours ago

    0:41 Xbox One gameplay 0:44 Ps4 controler

  10. lorenzo TV

    lorenzo TV17 hours ago

    same headset lol

  11. RiZ

    RiZ20 hours ago

    To be honest the last one is so relatable

  12. armando's channel

    armando's channelDay ago

    Probably already died

  13. Electroma 5050

    Electroma 5050Day ago


  14. The war guy

    The war guyDay ago

    When your favorite game is on a disc and it got scratched YYYYYAAAARRRRGGGGGGEEEEE

  15. Agent 4W

    Agent 4WDay ago


  16. Georgie Gamer

    Georgie GamerDay ago

    Why does the fortnite dude not have any weapons?

  17. F.G.A. Olvera

    F.G.A. OlveraDay ago

    you forgot about league of legends gamers/roblox players/pc players

  18. 1,000 subs with No vids

    1,000 subs with No vidsDay ago

    Those fuckin headsets

  19. Ingoings GT

    Ingoings GTDay ago

    20 years released 2011

  20. 楊洋

    楊洋Day ago

    00:42 where the hell is ian's weapon

  21. charlietonyh

    charlietonyhDay ago

    0:24 Poor Kid

  22. Burrito Playz

    Burrito PlayzDay ago

    Every baby ever!

  23. Warlord_Warlock

    Warlord_WarlockDay ago

    *After 28 years of gameplay* So, he's been playing since 1990?

  24. thomas bowley

    thomas bowley2 days ago


  25. Simple Animator

    Simple Animator2 days ago

    how many days is 2.000 hours

  26. JamalDoesStuff

    JamalDoesStuff2 days ago

    Make Every Streamer Ever.

  27. Y4 B01 W33LIS

    Y4 B01 W33LIS2 days ago

    After 28 years of gameplay Bruh u playin fortnite

  28. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight2 days ago

    Those are only the problems on SHIT Station

  29. Jamie Nulph

    Jamie Nulph2 days ago


  30. Hector Hernandez

    Hector Hernandez2 days ago

    PS3 doesn’t have fortnite

  31. HH-Chan

    HH-Chan2 days ago

    When you mom says,”pause the game.” Me: CAN’T MOM ITS MULTIPLAYER Mom: PAUSE IT! Me: I CAN’T PAUSE A HUMAN BEING!

  32. RayS M

    RayS M2 days ago

    Xd i stll play snake

  33. Freddy Fazbear64

    Freddy Fazbear642 days ago

    Every sport ever

  34. Deep Web Hitman

    Deep Web Hitman2 days ago

    I like how he passed undertale and said “is there no more original shit

  35. nathan bissell

    nathan bissell2 days ago

    1:36 that is my dad he is on level 1600 or something close to that

  36. Xeleb

    Xeleb2 days ago

    This was uploaded when X died Have a great day!

  37. Tyler Schiavone

    Tyler Schiavone2 days ago

    white boy rick

  38. Ice Kingdom

    Ice Kingdom2 days ago

    Shayne has a Xbox headset and every one else has PlayStation headset

  39. Brainsfordaiz PAX

    Brainsfordaiz PAX2 days ago

    Fortnite has only been out for 1. 2 you can’t talk to other players wonder your enemie

  40. Xavier

    Xavier2 days ago

    EVERY sport ever

  41. william quinder

    william quinder2 days ago

    4:49 5:30 thats us gamers when your the best at a game you feel empty

  42. PandaFighter 111

    PandaFighter 1112 days ago

    I only have one complaint about thie video, you cant do every skyrim side quest, it always creates new ones

  43. The Strikeouts YT

    The Strikeouts YT2 days ago


  44. Mike Ross

    Mike Ross2 days ago

    That's me in skyrim

  45. Luigi Barison Vechiatto

    Luigi Barison Vechiatto2 days ago

    2:09 that is me

  46. Ghulam Mohammad

    Ghulam Mohammad2 days ago

    3:01 That's A Bit Sad One Cause Like If Ur Rich Or Something Or Like U Get A Lot Of Salary So It Doesn't Mean U Have To Spend It On Expensive Things And Be The Richest Man In The World U Have To Be Kind A Good Guy Help The Poor,Donate Money,Help The Cancer!

  47. JamesAnimated

    JamesAnimated2 days ago

    4:17 then play the online version

  48. Macaron

    Macaron2 days ago

    The last one was me after I finished Breath of the Wild

  49. JamesAnimated

    JamesAnimated2 days ago

    0:07 sounds like playtime on baldis basics

  50. prankstar321

    prankstar3212 days ago

    Who else has those turtle beach headphones just me ok

  51. Crystal Sorcerer

    Crystal Sorcerer2 days ago

    1:21 Passes by Undertale. "Jesus, all these Triple A titles are so mindless and repetitive. Can anyone make anything original anymore?" But... but... Undertale was right there. D':

  52. Tania Raymond

    Tania Raymond2 days ago


  53. Bramy Biantoro

    Bramy Biantoro2 days ago

    Dit Courtney kill Paarthurnax?



    " all these AAA titles are boring and repetitive, can't somebody make something original"? He asks just after scrolling past undertale

  55. Itz_Syntax Fan Boi

    Itz_Syntax Fan Boi2 days ago

    1:23 isn't the Rocket league free

  56. Itz_Syntax Fan Boi

    Itz_Syntax Fan Boi2 days ago


  57. a wild temmie has appeared

    a wild temmie has appeared2 days ago

    Dude there was undertale

  58. shaian Anvari

    shaian Anvari3 days ago

    He sucks at fortnite

  59. Amy studio

    Amy studio3 days ago

    4:46 MOM!! MOM!!! YOU'RE MY FAVORITE PIZZAPLACE!!!! MOM!!! ok sorry I couldn't resist.

  60. DeathsTacoIsHere

    DeathsTacoIsHere3 days ago

    Remember when smash was still good ?

  61. Fakidsareus

    Fakidsareus3 days ago

    Some times

  62. MarioMasta

    MarioMasta3 days ago

    why was he raging at the smash bros scene???? he was at the select character screen

  63. ØsharkTailØ Aj

    ØsharkTailØ Aj3 days ago

    every tsa every

  64. PassThe Sugar[]:

    PassThe Sugar[]:3 days ago

    Omg I just realized I'm wearing the same exact shirt as the earrape kid

  65. Vashuni 129

    Vashuni 1293 days ago

    But seriously Fallout is better :p

  66. Derpy Potter

    Derpy Potter3 days ago

    Ian is wearing the same glasses i have this makes me feel special 🙂

  67. Roberlan Fernandez

    Roberlan Fernandez3 days ago


  68. Ben's Animations

    Ben's Animations3 days ago

    Lol undertale isnt mindless and repetitive

  69. Jovy Bensurto

    Jovy Bensurto3 days ago

    I Lo Lov Love L Lo Lov Love

  70. Sub Zero

    Sub Zero3 days ago

    You can't talk to enemies in fortnite.

  71. JM VLOGS

    JM VLOGS3 days ago

    0:02 why r the game controllers of

  72. uku moomoo

    uku moomoo3 days ago

    Made a match made a match made a match made a.....maaa.......(falls down)


    CMD STUDIOS3 days ago

    No book. 1:12 and then suddenly bam! 1:17

  74. TheSonicPlushyZone

    TheSonicPlushyZone3 days ago

    Spa girl spent 120,000 minutes playing Skyrim

  75. Dr.Mantis Toboggan

    Dr.Mantis Toboggan3 days ago


  76. Jack Mordon

    Jack Mordon3 days ago

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  77. Jack Mordon

    Jack Mordon3 days ago

    In the last end of video the girl shirt just go off

  78. Gog Ogle

    Gog Ogle3 days ago

    Dude i have those headphones

  79. jasmine yeo

    jasmine yeo4 days ago

    i can’t believe there is undertale!! plz do every undertale ever plz if you know

  80. The sqashy grape

    The sqashy grape4 days ago


  81. lukey4mayor

    lukey4mayor4 days ago

    1:38 is how I feel about this channel

  82. Dion Vale

    Dion Vale4 days ago

    0:24 I felt bad for him :(


    JAM PERIAL4 days ago

    "I finally found a player, who is my total equal." *Running towards the enemy without weapons/shield and get shot*

  84. mr chicken

    mr chicken4 days ago

    I fell bad for first one

  85. Leo Kan

    Leo Kan4 days ago

    2nd game only pickaxe looks impressive

  86. Icy Hot

    Icy Hot4 days ago

    0:08 this video already has accurate facts in the first 8 seconds.

  87. ISRAPH3L

    ISRAPH3L4 days ago

    Why did they beep out shield

  88. Felix Nascimento

    Felix Nascimento4 days ago

    I will never forget Dreamcast! Thank you Smosh! ;)

  89. Tony Is An Edater

    Tony Is An Edater4 days ago

    On the next episode of: There ain’t no way anybody actually finds this shit funny

  90. Angel Vazquez

    Angel Vazquez4 days ago

    I'm the first one that gets bullied and kicked out

  91. NewSeries543 GT

    NewSeries543 GT4 days ago

    😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😊😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😊😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😊😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 Find the three different ones

  92. NewSeries543 GT

    NewSeries543 GT4 days ago

    💬❗❕❗ 😮 🎽 👖 👟👟 This is Bob he needs food one like equals one piece of pizza

  93. Brytonnguyen Nguyen

    Brytonnguyen Nguyen4 days ago

    1:10 I loved it when she said this

  94. the gaming raven

    the gaming raven4 days ago

    I Read more

  95. Infinity tails goku 666

    Infinity tails goku 6664 days ago

    You should ply some games

  96. Infinity tails goku 666

    Infinity tails goku 6664 days ago


  97. Hammie Does hamster

    Hammie Does hamster4 days ago

    I got a fortnite ad

  98. Mctoasty Mcboi

    Mctoasty Mcboi4 days ago

    Yes I doo

  99. Nick Mick

    Nick Mick4 days ago

    0:42 plays Fortnite on Xbox, uses ps4 Controller.

  100. The cat Guy

    The cat Guy4 days ago

    I like that the Play station controller are off tho

  101. Daddy m3rk’s sex slave

    Daddy m3rk’s sex slave3 days ago

    The cat Guy they taped it

  102. COOl kiddd

    COOl kiddd4 days ago

    Haha funny