Every Flagship iPhone Wallpaper!


  1. Funtime Freddy Plays

    Funtime Freddy Plays26 days ago


  2. M C

    M C29 days ago

    The most annoying thing is that apple delete wallpapers all the time and hardly added one or two new wallpapers like if they do us a fucking favour.

  3. Josie Force

    Josie ForceMonth ago

    I have an Android. Don't know why I'm watching this

  4. Jay

    Jay2 months ago

    I like the space mount wallpaper in iOS 8 and the iOS 9 stock wallpaper the iOS 10 wallpaper and iOS 11 stock wallpaper

  5. Toyota Prius

    Toyota Prius2 months ago

    Every iPhone I have still has the original wallpaper that came with the phone 😆 my favorite is the iOS 7 one...


    ILOVETECH4 months ago

    The bubble wallpaper is my favorite btw I didn’t know it was bubbles I thought I was raindrops

  7. Alekh's Funbox

    Alekh's Funbox4 months ago

    which arena in clash royale


    HACKSAW5 months ago

    Why is the website so shit

  9. Mark Burghouwt

    Mark Burghouwt6 months ago

    This guy doesnt know what he is talking about

  10. Nigel Penn

    Nigel Penn7 months ago

    How do you download the old iOS stock wallpaper to iPhone X as couldn’t get link to work. Please simply advise

  11. Vishal V

    Vishal V9 months ago

    Vishal V 8954704568

  12. MineatomTR GÖNÜLLÜLER

    MineatomTR GÖNÜLLÜLER9 months ago

    1:30 I just took a photo inside the car when it was raining with iPad mini retina I focused it to glass and it looked MUCH better than this (I also added it to the background. It looks awesome)

  13. I don't know what I'm going to do

    I don't know what I'm going to do9 months ago

    In my opinion. iOS 6-8 Default Wallpaper is the best

  14. Hampoon

    Hampoon9 months ago

    Dang girl, are you a software update? Because not now.

  15. Aden Clemente

    Aden Clemente9 months ago

    My favorite was always the wave wallpaper

  16. Cream Corn

    Cream Corn9 months ago

    whatIiphone are you using

  17. Yoga Kurniawan

    Yoga Kurniawan10 months ago

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  18. Filip Dragojlović

    Filip Dragojlović10 months ago

    The iOS9 beta 1 wallpaper was the best

  19. Snayeshwird

    Snayeshwird10 months ago

    The iOS 5 wallpaper is the one that I remember.

  20. me

    me10 months ago

    The water droplet is the true OG wallpaper

  21. KibbleUnited Airlines

    KibbleUnited Airlines10 months ago

    Yourfist vido was my borth day

  22. Infinite Gaming

    Infinite Gaming10 months ago

    IPhone sucks

  23. Devdut's channel

    Devdut's channel10 months ago

    all I phones r flagship.APPLE never creates budget devices

  24. Becky Staggs

    Becky Staggs10 months ago

    sorry but windows xp green Hill and blue sky is the most iconic

  25. PolygonFruits

    PolygonFruits9 months ago

    Becky Staggs it's called Bliss

  26. Dorq

    Dorq10 months ago

    3:14 i r8 that 4/20

  27. Carlo TV

    Carlo TV10 months ago


  28. Noel Negron

    Noel Negron10 months ago

    Omg these fucking Mercari ads with the girl with the bandana!!!

  29. Shadow Bolt

    Shadow Bolt10 months ago

    I bet they look awesome on Android

  30. kiwi potato

    kiwi potato10 months ago

    I like the bubble wallpapers for the 4 or 4s

  31. Jake S Mario5537

    Jake S Mario553710 months ago

    Why didn't they just keep them but just add more...

  32. Jacob W

    Jacob W10 months ago

    Did y'all notice that it was 420

  33. Aiman Gamer

    Aiman Gamer10 months ago


  34. Samuel Vassar

    Samuel Vassar10 months ago

    Pretty sure the "blue bubble" wallpaper was to signify the iPhone 7's water resistance feature

  35. Kn3sL

    Kn3sL10 months ago

    Death Grips

  36. Stephen Turnbach

    Stephen Turnbach10 months ago

    03:15 :)))))

  37. YouTube ED

    YouTube ED10 months ago

    Where's iPhone 5c wallpaper you dumbass

  38. Daniyal Awan

    Daniyal Awan10 months ago


  39. jack calow

    jack calow10 months ago

    MReporter ED geee settle

  40. ridzuanrush

    ridzuanrush10 months ago

    Finally,an important topic.

  41. Charlie S

    Charlie S10 months ago

    I liked the fish wallpapers. Lol I remember testing then all out at the store when they first came out

  42. FireSoul MLG

    FireSoul MLG10 months ago

    3:06 This is my favorite

  43. Don't Read My Name

    Don't Read My Name10 months ago

    thumbnail is looks cool

  44. Dildacorn

    Dildacorn10 months ago

    If the new Iphone will have an AMOLED display then won't you be seeing more people using black and small amounts of color backgrounds? It my save battery.

  45. Kevin Rivera

    Kevin Rivera10 months ago

    The wallpapers don't look as good because you are using a white iPhone

  46. Cokeanreeses

    Cokeanreeses10 months ago

    Totally agree with everything and iPhone 5 was the best most nostalgic iPhone for me!!!

  47. Attaxx

    Attaxx10 months ago

    3:15 look at the clock, your welcome

  48. John Prime

    John Prime10 months ago

    I still have the raindrop wallpaper In my first gen IPad lol

  49. Null

    Null10 months ago

    I swear is the iPhone 6 wallpaper anyone's not favourite?? It is definately my one!

  50. tdnosnhojtheaters

    tdnosnhojtheaters10 months ago

    My favorite was probably this one because it was the one I chose for my very first iPhone images.1iphone5wallpaper.com/Gallery/06_iOS7/1-iPhone-5-Wallpaper-iOS7-default-green-black-space.jpg

  51. Pipo Zizo

    Pipo Zizo10 months ago

    I think one of my favourites is the iOS 9 beta wallpaper, really looked cool.

  52. Corey

    Corey10 months ago

    This is my first video watched on your MReporter channel 😁

  53. BrechtXT

    BrechtXT10 months ago

    My favorite are the planet ones from the first iPad Pro

  54. blaise robert

    blaise robert10 months ago

    3:15 420 aye

  55. MemeMeme

    MemeMeme10 months ago

    iPhone 7 Plus(h)

  56. Vinayak Maraj

    Vinayak Maraj10 months ago

    I vividly remember the iPhone 5 water wallpaper. One of the best wallpapers

  57. Dr. Shook

    Dr. Shook10 months ago

    We all know us Android people wanted that purple flower wallpaper

  58. imgladiliveineurope

    imgladiliveineurope10 months ago

    They brought back the earth wallpaper in iOS 11 for the iPhone X

  59. Kerem

    Kerem10 months ago

    The Windows XP wallpaper is the most iconic to date.

  60. Jaden Corner

    Jaden Corner10 months ago

    The leaf one looks bad because there are a ton of apps in the way

  61. Official mr_Springtrap

    Official mr_Springtrap10 months ago

    Oh yes. I have an iPhone 6s. I still have the box. And on the box is the silver iPhone with the blue fish on it

  62. Njmcq

    Njmcq10 months ago

    I use the iPhone 6 space wallpaper on my Android.


    UNKNOWN GAMER10 months ago

    Nice content. Keep it up 😀

  64. ThinkCleverAndSmart

    ThinkCleverAndSmart10 months ago

    My favorite is the colored wave from the ios 10 beta that never made it to the final release. Still use it today!

  65. SuperSmashMaster43

    SuperSmashMaster4310 months ago

    You forgot to mention the dynamic wallpapers for iOS 7.

  66. FascinatingFacts

    FascinatingFacts10 months ago


  67. Tomek Tabaka

    Tomek Tabaka10 months ago

    The new iOS 11 wallpaper looks incredible on the iPad, really shocked me how good it looks.


    ANTMAN YT10 months ago

    Just subscribed! Personally I loved the flower wallpaper that went with the iPhone 6

  69. TheKenwolf

    TheKenwolf10 months ago

    ah i love meh a black screen

  70. Ovahlls

    Ovahlls10 months ago

    I hated the bubbles

  71. Mr Chicken

    Mr Chicken10 months ago

    Where's the iPhone SE's wallpaper? I came here to the SE's wallpaper.

  72. Universal King

    Universal King10 months ago

    My favorite wallpaper is the iOS 9 beta :)

  73. Lukas C.

    Lukas C.10 months ago

    3:17 😂😂 420

  74. 55shfiftyfive55

    55shfiftyfive5510 months ago

    Tech youtubers need to take a break from the word “flagship”....maybe like 3 months? Spend some time reading a thesaurus?

  75. Ivan The Average

    Ivan The Average10 months ago

    I know the 5c is the same as the 5 but it makes me sad that no one includes it

  76. J C

    J C10 months ago

    I was in 1st grade when the first iPhone came out. I remember seeing all of these wallpapers in real life.

  77. aben Flores

    aben Flores10 months ago

    iPod 4 what my first Apple device I always loved iOS 6!

  78. PaulMasterPro

    PaulMasterPro9 months ago

    aben Flores yeah? It's cool but iOS 6 is 10x faster with the iPhone 4s, I just got one and downgraded to iOS 6.1.3 from 9.3.5

  79. Delilah Harter

    Delilah Harter10 months ago

    My favorite is the iPhone 5s wallpaper on my iPhone 6s

  80. JuliusColes Reuploads

    JuliusColes Reuploads10 months ago

    And also, iOS 7 was the best release ever! I miss the days of iOS 7. By the way, what phone did you have before the 6s? Did you get the 6s when it was the latest phone?

  81. Delilah Harter

    Delilah Harter10 months ago

    JuliusColes Reuploads yes!

  82. JuliusColes Reuploads

    JuliusColes Reuploads10 months ago

    Delilah Harter iOS 7 wallpaper was and is the best wallpaper

  83. Hashim Emraan

    Hashim Emraan10 months ago

    These wallpapers bring a lot of memories...only an apple fan will understand!

  84. Boundless Atilier

    Boundless Atilier10 months ago

    Bring back the dock from iOS 6 plz apple! It was amazing

  85. hello wonders

    hello wonders9 months ago

    hell no

  86. i Apple

    i Apple10 months ago

    SmallBoy's Studios Right! 😍😍 I hate the blurred dock in the new updates 😤

  87. Danny D.

    Danny D.10 months ago

    When you are limited to a certain amount of wallpapers *laughs in android*

  88. Mani Breedlove

    Mani Breedlove10 months ago

    That’s cool

  89. Trans1000

    Trans100010 months ago

    iOS 7 wallpaper was my absolute favorite. I still remember the first time i ever used iOS 7 and it felt so modern. The space wallpaper truly complimented the new era of iOS, and the wallpaper sticks into my mind

  90. Nikolai Jones

    Nikolai Jones10 months ago

    What’s the point of watching the video when the thumbnail already displays what the video has to offer 😂

  91. Vacekeric

    Vacekeric10 months ago

    I love the Jupiter w/ the black background.

  92. Kelly

    Kelly6 months ago

    Vacekeric too bad they’ve removed it

  93. Archie Lee

    Archie Lee10 months ago

    Vacekeric same

  94. Ashton Friedrich-Wilhelm Macklin

    Ashton Friedrich-Wilhelm Macklin10 months ago

    Do MacOS X wallpapers!

  95. itswilliamohk

    itswilliamohk10 months ago

    Ashton Macklin YES YES YES!!!!

  96. Jorge Martinez

    Jorge Martinez10 months ago

    IPhone 5C, SE?

  97. Trans1000

    Trans100010 months ago

    iPhone 5c had the colored dots wallpaper of the iPods, and the se had it's own flower wallpapers

  98. Zin alabddin Mohieddin

    Zin alabddin Mohieddin10 months ago

    Mad world ❤️❤️

  99. Saim Kaan Yılmaz

    Saim Kaan Yılmaz10 months ago

    Best 2 wallpapers: iPhone 6 space wallpaper and iOS 11 wallpaper

  100. Affan Naufal

    Affan Naufal10 months ago

    iOS 7 is the best imo

  101. Damascus Storm

    Damascus Storm10 months ago

    Saim Kaan Yılmaz love the iPhone 6 wallpaper!

  102. JuliusColes Reuploads

    JuliusColes Reuploads10 months ago

    Saim Kaan Yılmaz iOS 11 has the worst wallpaper.

  103. Joseph Gericho

    Joseph Gericho10 months ago

    Ilove the older wall0apers more

  104. John

    John10 months ago

    can't thank u enough for this

  105. Rene The Tech Dude

    Rene The Tech Dude10 months ago

    U forgot the SE

  106. Daniyal Awan

    Daniyal Awan10 months ago

    not a flagship

  107. weirdo

    weirdo10 months ago

    I just like the iPod dot wallpaper lmao

  108. Iamsean

    Iamsean10 months ago

    SAME my favorite Is the space black one with the white and purple mountain

  109. A. M.

    A. M.10 months ago

    Make them once in the month

  110. 74ryanwolf

    74ryanwolf10 months ago

    Apple should have kept the backgrounds they used in the iOS 9 betas for the final iOS 9 & thus the iPhone 6S. It was very colorful compared to the boring generic feeling blues of the default iOS 9 background

  111. balderoine

    balderoine10 months ago

    The iOS 5 slayed my home screen

  112. Jordan

    Jordan10 months ago

    balderoine ii

  113. Mike Jacobsen

    Mike Jacobsen10 months ago

    Too bad apple takes them away 😠

  114. Jessie Hoset

    Jessie Hoset10 months ago

    Speaker Sex same

  115. Mark Davenport

    Mark Davenport10 months ago

    Them blue bubble wallpapers can't be beat

  116. Robert Papion

    Robert Papion10 months ago


  117. C.V.G Films

    C.V.G Films10 months ago

    It's crazy how time flies

  118. YanivK

    YanivK10 months ago

    Your S is triggering me

  119. Shovelware

    Shovelware10 months ago

    Wauw such important news.