1. weresharks

    weresharks9 hours ago


  2. Olivia Beaty

    Olivia BeatyDay ago

    I couldn't watch this with a straight face XD

  3. Lizandro Hernandez

    Lizandro Hernandez2 days ago

    whatever this wasnt woth it

  4. Sidharth kudva

    Sidharth kudva2 days ago

    DID DEFY MEDIA DO THIS???!?!?!??

  5. Timothy fripont

    Timothy fripont2 days ago

    This vid sucks

  6. Simarpreet Issar

    Simarpreet Issar3 days ago

    1:26 when will this stop

  7. Simarpreet Issar

    Simarpreet Issar3 days ago

    Can you make a fart vid Like make a every fart ever Like in 2019

  8. zoomom

    zoomom5 days ago

    That's what our content has become.

  9. ValiZumD4sh 2003

    ValiZumD4sh 20037 days ago

    Literally half the comments on every video since 2017 is “i miss the old smosh”

  10. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff7 days ago

    1:24 OMG LOL

  11. winterAmpharosIII

    winterAmpharosIII9 days ago

    While my sense of humor is completely mature and not at all infantile, I must begrudgingly admit, this sh*t gets me rolling as it were.

  12. GumTato

    GumTato9 days ago

    I clicked this cuz I'm just desperate to find a smosh video that I haven't watched

  13. Magda Asrail

    Magda Asrail12 days ago


  14. Mineiculas Gaming

    Mineiculas Gaming14 days ago

    I farted during the fart noises I been saw this video the day it came out just watched again

  15. The waking Dead

    The waking Dead14 days ago

    Ya I fink you guy or dumb

  16. iamerrer

    iamerrer23 days ago

    Farts=old smosh=better

  17. Jarek Janner Veldre

    Jarek Janner VeldreMonth ago

    ahahahahahahahhahahaha 0:40

  18. Patrick krumland Patrick krumland

    Patrick krumland Patrick krumlandMonth ago

    I thought you were and then I was like really so you told me you weren’t going to do it but then you make a stupid fart joke

  19. Dino Master

    Dino MasterMonth ago


  20. Christy Zipperer

    Christy ZippererMonth ago

    don't care who ya are... everyone knows that farts are freakin hilarious

  21. Robert Fitzsimmons

    Robert FitzsimmonsMonth ago

    Was the "Comedy" in the categories an April Fools joke too?

  22. LucarioFanGirl 2.0's Backup Channel

    LucarioFanGirl 2.0's Backup ChannelMonth ago

    Ah c'mon!😫

  23. Floof and Dizzy

    Floof and DizzyMonth ago

    **Farting intensifies**

  24. Grace Joseph

    Grace Joseph2 months ago

    This video sucks

  25. Rolling In my grave

    Rolling In my grave2 months ago

    I’m *offended*

  26. Purple Potato 42

    Purple Potato 422 months ago

    My new favorite Smosh video.

  27. Bibo

    Bibo2 months ago

    this was on your every blank ever playlist an it autoplay

  28. Triplet Squad

    Triplet Squad2 months ago

    Do every dress code ever

  29. Homie Playtpus

    Homie Playtpus2 months ago

    0:52 that wasn't just a fart...

  30. emma4331 emma4331

    emma4331 emma43312 months ago


  31. Not Telling you my Name

    Not Telling you my Name2 months ago

    Arprill fools

  32. under the table

    under the table2 months ago


  33. Lily Hey love grillby

    Lily Hey love grillby3 months ago

    Vidoe start Me:okay Later Me:What were u saying

  34. Brenyatta

    Brenyatta3 months ago

    This isn't the first time they did a video about farts. Anybody remember a little video called "Gas Buster"?

  35. ODT

    ODT3 months ago

    Remeber there was No hate

  36. Patricia Gandara

    Patricia Gandara3 months ago

    What happened to smosh

  37. SoulFire19K

    SoulFire19K3 months ago

    Disliked! D:

  38. 只有更skr沒有最skr

    只有更skr沒有最skr3 months ago


  39. coloring 101

    coloring 1013 months ago

    i knew it

  40. Project Zorgo

    Project Zorgo3 months ago

    I thought that you had no more ideas

  41. Anita IzadiAmoli

    Anita IzadiAmoli3 months ago


  42. h

    h3 months ago


  43. Giana the Pineapple

    Giana the Pineapple3 months ago

    Every fart ever would've actually been a good video

  44. IntellectualUsername

    IntellectualUsername3 months ago

    I honestly clicked this video because I’m on a quest to watch every ‘every blank ever’ video.

  45. ExtremeCringe TV

    ExtremeCringe TV3 months ago

    Forehead looking a bit big.

  46. Ethan Price

    Ethan Price3 months ago

    That was just a bad prank.

  47. Grace Wingate

    Grace Wingate3 months ago

    Ok, I see in the comments loads of people talking shit about Smosh and how they "used to be funnier" well this may just be an opinion but whenever I feel sad I always just watch Smosh and I feel so much better it is a really great channel so stop talking smack 😀👍

  48. Rooster K

    Rooster K3 months ago

    Ha jokes on you I knew it was a joke

  49. ItsDOTaGOD

    ItsDOTaGOD3 months ago


  50. Milliee

    Milliee3 months ago

    Who is this guy? I'm looking for Anthony and Ian

  51. Aidan Gaffney

    Aidan Gaffney3 months ago

    Im so vulnerable

  52. Mr Hatman

    Mr Hatman3 months ago

    I like how the cast says Leonardo Dicaprio and Jennifer Lawrence

  53. blue thunder

    blue thunder3 months ago


  54. blue thunder

    blue thunder3 months ago


  55. blue thunder

    blue thunder3 months ago

    U mad at her self bro?

  56. My Apples are in love with Carmel

    My Apples are in love with Carmel4 months ago


  57. penguin gamer

    penguin gamer4 months ago

    Good April fools prank. Really fool me. Anyways hey smosh I've been watching alot of your videos and I think it's time for me to subscribe to you guys. Keep doing great things.

  58. penguin gamer

    penguin gamer4 months ago

    God dang it man😡 ....... good April fools prank thought.

  59. Samuel Su

    Samuel Su4 months ago

    GAS BUSTER!!!!!!!!

  60. Drak3YT

    Drak3YT4 months ago

    wow nice prank

  61. Car Car

    Car Car4 months ago

    Hey Ian i was just coming here to support your channel so don’t question me for being here 😂😂

  62. Mega_Killa

    Mega_Killa4 months ago

    In the desc. it says: CAST Ian Hecox Leonardo DiCaprio Jennifer Lawrence

  63. Stacy Lin

    Stacy Lin4 months ago

    I missed this one since I was with Anthony watching his vid


    HANSOPPENKROTCH4 months ago

    To be honest I didn’t know this video existed till 2018 July 22nd

  65. Maricel Zamora

    Maricel Zamora4 months ago

    Yeah of course a sign says april fools haha... not fuuny

  66. Gizmo Dog45

    Gizmo Dog454 months ago

    Click bate

  67. FunnyTexter 123

    FunnyTexter 1234 months ago

    I was wondering why it didn’t have the *Every* *Blank* *Ever* thing

  68. TDX Mark

    TDX Mark4 months ago

    Aw man! This stinks! (Buddum tisss)

  69. Anh Solo

    Anh Solo4 months ago

    😐 This is Tom 1 like = one year So how old can he get??

  70. Ahmad Osama

    Ahmad Osama4 months ago

    Best smosh video ever

  71. Dogfolt Gamez

    Dogfolt Gamez4 months ago

    did Ian shart

  72. geo arias

    geo arias4 months ago


  73. TropicalMew

    TropicalMew4 months ago

    My god

  74. Wesley Martin

    Wesley Martin4 months ago


  75. TBG Ninjarvis

    TBG Ninjarvis4 months ago

    Like me and sub

  76. Evripidis Tsiolakis

    Evripidis Tsiolakis4 months ago

    Unlimited FRATS!!!!!!!!

  77. StuardnX18

    StuardnX184 months ago

    Why The video has Man dislikes

  78. Morning  Soccer

    Morning Soccer4 months ago


  79. N Sonny Laumea

    N Sonny Laumea4 months ago

    That “STINKS” man

  80. guner

    guner4 months ago

    what the hell click bite

  81. roman makula

    roman makula4 months ago


  82. Lucian NISHISAKO [6D]

    Lucian NISHISAKO [6D]4 months ago

    Hey honey I think I pooped my pants again! She said For a joke he said ya she said ohh that’s a classic

  83. hamthers

    hamthers4 months ago

    😡😠😔😭😭😭😭😭. I wanted to see ever y fart ever!

  84. endless ness

    endless ness4 months ago

    Unexpected FART at the beggining

  85. DarkBlue22

    DarkBlue224 months ago

    Well when you look at the type of content you create you can understand how we thought it was a legit video, when you sink to the bottom, maybe reconsider this idea.

  86. Gabriel Boychuk

    Gabriel Boychuk4 months ago

    Yeah you are

  87. BLUBBY 1

    BLUBBY 14 months ago

    They want the views

  88. The Real ivy

    The Real ivy4 months ago

    You got me

  89. The AV8ER

    The AV8ER4 months ago

    Dang. What a way to get 1.2 million views

  90. noah green

    noah green4 months ago

    hisss >:C

  91. Gazza_240604

    Gazza_2406044 months ago

    *about 52 farts* read subtitles

  92. Justin G

    Justin G4 months ago

    i hope you feel bad

  93. João Reis

    João Reis4 months ago

    Piece of art!

  94. fire vlogs

    fire vlogs4 months ago

    Well u guys would make something like this so yea we would think you'd make something like this😂

  95. Fadi Fozberry

    Fadi Fozberry4 months ago

    Duck 🦆 me

  96. TheCynx

    TheCynx4 months ago


  97. Marty Kacin

    Marty Kacin4 months ago

    i just came

  98. Troy Tackett

    Troy Tackett4 months ago

    I saw this title and i thought “They wouldn’t go that low” And a few weeks later i clicked on it and i said “I KNEW IT”

  99. Jechew

    Jechew4 months ago

    U forgot the phgbt fart

  100. Lilac Squishies

    Lilac Squishies4 months ago

    Maybe you could do every every blank ever ever