1. Stacy Lin

    Stacy Lin10 hours ago

    I missed this one since I was with Anthony watching his vid

  2. Jupiter

    Jupiter15 hours ago

    To be honest I didn’t know this video existed till 2018 July 22nd

  3. Maricel Zamora

    Maricel Zamora16 hours ago

    Yeah of course a sign says april fools haha... not fuuny

  4. Gizmo Dog45

    Gizmo Dog4517 hours ago

    Click bate

  5. FunnyTexter 123

    FunnyTexter 12320 hours ago

    I was wondering why it didn’t have the *Every* *Blank* *Ever* thing

  6. Mark X Gaming

    Mark X Gaming21 hour ago

    Aw man! This stinks! (Buddum tisss)

  7. Anh Solo

    Anh SoloDay ago

    😐 This is Tom 1 like = one year So how old can he get??

  8. Ahmad Osama

    Ahmad OsamaDay ago

    Best smosh video ever

  9. Dogfolt Gamez

    Dogfolt GamezDay ago

    did Ian shart

  10. geo arias

    geo ariasDay ago


  11. Spudzz

    SpudzzDay ago

    My god

  12. Wesley Martin

    Wesley MartinDay ago


  13. Mr, white tiger

    Mr, white tigerDay ago

    Like me and sub

  14. Evripidis Tsiolakis

    Evripidis TsiolakisDay ago

    Unlimited FRATS!!!!!!!!

  15. StuardnX18 CSGOD

    StuardnX18 CSGODDay ago

    Why The video has Man dislikes

  16. Morning  Soccer

    Morning SoccerDay ago


  17. N Sonny Laumea

    N Sonny LaumeaDay ago

    That β€œSTINKS” man

  18. guner

    gunerDay ago

    what the hell click bite

  19. roman makula

    roman makula2 days ago


  20. Lucian NISHISAKO [6D]

    Lucian NISHISAKO [6D]2 days ago

    Hey honey I think I pooped my pants again! She said For a joke he said ya she said ohh that’s a classic

  21. hamthers

    hamthers2 days ago

    πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜”πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­. I wanted to see ever y fart ever!

  22. endless ness

    endless ness2 days ago

    Unexpected FART at the beggining

  23. DarkBlue22

    DarkBlue222 days ago

    Well when you look at the type of content you create you can understand how we thought it was a legit video, when you sink to the bottom, maybe reconsider this idea.

  24. Gabriel Boychuk

    Gabriel Boychuk2 days ago

    Yeah you are

  25. BLUBBY 1

    BLUBBY 13 days ago

    They want the views

  26. Hi How are you jk

    Hi How are you jk4 days ago

    You got me

  27. The AV8ER

    The AV8ER5 days ago

    Dang. What a way to get 1.2 million views

  28. noah green

    noah green5 days ago

    hisss >:C

  29. Gazza_240604

    Gazza_2406045 days ago

    *about 52 farts* read subtitles

  30. Justin G

    Justin G6 days ago

    i hope you feel bad

  31. JoΓ£o Reis

    JoΓ£o Reis7 days ago

    Piece of art!

  32. fire vlogs

    fire vlogs7 days ago

    Well u guys would make something like this so yea we would think you'd make something like thisπŸ˜‚

  33. Fadi Fozberry

    Fadi Fozberry8 days ago

    Duck πŸ¦† me

  34. TheCynx

    TheCynx9 days ago


  35. Marty Kacin

    Marty Kacin9 days ago

    i just came

  36. Troy Tackett

    Troy Tackett10 days ago

    I saw this title and i thought β€œThey wouldn’t go that low” And a few weeks later i clicked on it and i said β€œI KNEW IT”

  37. Jechew

    Jechew13 days ago

    U forgot the phgbt fart

  38. Laura Berry

    Laura Berry13 days ago

    Maybe you could do every every blank ever ever

  39. Laura Berry

    Laura Berry13 days ago


  40. L Rich

    L Rich14 days ago

    Can you please actually do every fart ever

  41. Evan Mckenzie

    Evan Mckenzie14 days ago

    This is the only smosh video I've disliked, Anthony's absence is going to be the downfall of smosh

  42. K Sky

    K Sky16 days ago

    Love πŸ’• it

  43. rondom stuff

    rondom stuff17 days ago

    Scew u

  44. Slump Gotti

    Slump Gotti18 days ago

    Ew Gross oh It Aprill Fools

  45. Dalia Naiditch

    Dalia Naiditch19 days ago

    Usually I luv there content but this was just annoying

  46. Lauren the Penguin

    Lauren the Penguin19 days ago

    Did anyone else watch the whole video

  47. Lordcinnaroll

    Lordcinnaroll20 days ago

    Did this remind anyone else of their Gas Buster video?

  48. Camden O'neal

    Camden O'neal20 days ago

    I watched this vid while making cereal....it was weird

  49. Nash gaming And more crap

    Nash gaming And more crap21 day ago

    Me:what the hell IT WAS TRUE IAN FARTED

  50. TSM_ BendyStudio

    TSM_ BendyStudio22 days ago

    I hate you (not really) why did you do this

  51. Gabe Likes Noodles

    Gabe Likes Noodles24 days ago

    Who else farted during this?

  52. Manuel Velazquez

    Manuel Velazquez24 days ago


  53. Ayden Projain

    Ayden Projain26 days ago

    this gave me cancer

  54. Sulsirxx

    Sulsirxx26 days ago

    I don’t know if anybody else knows what I’m talking about but remember when Nickelodeon was having trouble producing shows so they made NickStudio10 which was cancelled 1 after its release well Noah was on it and the song they do was β€œI want to fart in a jar” it could’ve been funnier if they showed a clip of that song

  55. NangaGD

    NangaGD26 days ago

    You made an entire every blank ever about birds. BIRDS.

  56. pro.tect

    pro.tect27 days ago

    kill me

  57. Jacek Kierpacz

    Jacek Kierpacz27 days ago

    Every Sex ever

  58. Pie So Serious?

    Pie So Serious?29 days ago

    Right now it's June and im just watching every video in order

  59. Gameirik

    Gameirik25 days ago

    Me to

  60. OhGod It'sDakaley

    OhGod It'sDakaleyMonth ago

    Animatedjames liked this video

  61. Art & Games YT

    Art & Games YTMonth ago

    The best jump fart ever

  62. Jeffy PlayZ

    Jeffy PlayZMonth ago


  63. TommyX

    TommyXMonth ago

    Ian has the same glasses as me

  64. Izuku Deku Midoriya

    Izuku Deku MidoriyaMonth ago

    I used that on my friends. They thought I had 5 tons of burritos πŸ˜‚


    RESTEKPMonth ago

    Dude I farted in sync with one of those.

  66. SomeAnimeNerd YT

    SomeAnimeNerd YTMonth ago

    "I can't believe you guys think that we'd make a video about farts. Is that our contents behave?" Eh...well..umm..y'know.

  67. Hung Pham

    Hung PhamMonth ago

    For some reason the april fools sign that took 3 minutes was intresting

  68. YU-LUN Cheng

    YU-LUN ChengMonth ago

    What did you eat!

  69. ItsYoBoi Joel 26

    ItsYoBoi Joel 26Month ago

    Im sad now

  70. Abdullah Muhammad

    Abdullah MuhammadMonth ago

    I loved those vids when it was just ian, anthony, ians mom and steve

  71. John Bart

    John BartMonth ago


  72. xXHALOWOLFXx 7

    xXHALOWOLFXx 7Month ago

    Ian looked really pretty

  73. xXHALOWOLFXx 7

    xXHALOWOLFXx 7Month ago

    Don’t be mistaken that’s not a heart it’s my sharp penis and number three shaped balls

  74. Flaming Heatwave

    Flaming HeatwaveMonth ago

    Quality video 10/10

  75. Cavad Tube

    Cavad TubeMonth ago


  76. Ramiro Gonzalez

    Ramiro GonzalezMonth ago

    YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy more fartsπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ˜‡πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‡πŸ™‚

  77. Nicole Chia Xin Dong *

    Nicole Chia Xin Dong *Month ago

    the music played for like... a WHOLE MINUTE lel

  78. IDanktheworld

    IDanktheworldMonth ago

    That f**king sucks

  79. Isais Morales

    Isais MoralesMonth ago

    2018 June??

  80. ZaneGamer Rameka

    ZaneGamer RamekaMonth ago


  81. super nerd S

    super nerd SMonth ago

    Soooo diarea

  82. The Silver Fangs Jam101

    The Silver Fangs Jam101Month ago


  83. Jacob Lynch

    Jacob LynchMonth ago


  84. JamieAB 17

    JamieAB 17Month ago

    Was it before 12pm tho

  85. Lamont Ervin

    Lamont ErvinMonth ago

    Who said thank god when Ian said we would never make a every fart ever

  86. Tyzanise Newman

    Tyzanise NewmanMonth ago


  87. Theblackflame 404

    Theblackflame 404Month ago


  88. Rui Yang Ooi

    Rui Yang OoiMonth ago

    That can NOT be a fart he definitely shitted himself

  89. Janro_BReezy

    Janro_BReezyMonth ago

    You got meπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  90. Nyan Potato

    Nyan PotatoMonth ago


  91. Marcela Valadez de Joffroy

    Marcela Valadez de JoffroyMonth ago


  92. David Mcginty

    David McgintyMonth ago

    anybody know the outro music that lasted about 2 minutes?

  93. Yaseen Qashou

    Yaseen QashouMonth ago

    How is he having that much farther

  94. The Cosmic Alien

    The Cosmic AlienMonth ago

    I was watching with subtitles lol about 52 farts

  95. Dalton Thunder

    Dalton ThunderMonth ago

    Yay bich

  96. E Gaming

    E GamingMonth ago


  97. Zeeshan Anwar

    Zeeshan AnwarMonth ago

    I hate Ian

  98. Bran-Imation Productions

    Bran-Imation ProductionsMonth ago

    why did u make one then XD

  99. Alfonso Cota

    Alfonso CotaMonth ago

    That is funny

  100. TJ Gregowicz

    TJ GregowiczMonth ago

    It sounds like he's taking a shit

  101. video channel

    video channelMonth ago

    πŸ‘¦πŸ’¨ πŸ‘§πŸ’¨ πŸ‘¨πŸ’¨ πŸ‘©πŸ’¨

  102. WeirdAnoozFriends

    WeirdAnoozFriends2 months ago

    Ian is not as funny as he was 2010-2014