Eugene Ranks Every Girl Scout Cookie


  1. CRAZY People Films

    CRAZY People Films2 hours ago

    OK the prices in Ohio are a lot better than the prices that you guys have

  2. bdavies1993

    bdavies19932 hours ago

    So Eugene has that outfit already right? He didn’t have to go out and get one?

  3. Sabel Rose

    Sabel Rose3 hours ago

    Eugene hates kids/babies but he's so good with them

  4. sakshi jadhav

    sakshi jadhav4 hours ago

    13:32 cutest ❤️

  5. lilly bee

    lilly bee4 hours ago

    “You’ve never seen titanic” as if theyre not eight year olds, its not like a three hour movie and theirs not a sex scene in it.

  6. Brooklyn C

    Brooklyn C5 hours ago

    Samoas are legit the best

  7. Georgie Higgins

    Georgie Higgins5 hours ago

    Alternate title: Eugene panics about influencing little girls for 17 minutes

  8. IzzyKawaiichi

    IzzyKawaiichi7 hours ago

    I hate coconut so I disagree on the Samoas. Thin Mints will always be #1 in my book.

  9. Ahnaf Samin

    Ahnaf Samin7 hours ago

    olivia is having her mood swings

  10. Livy Koehne

    Livy Koehne10 hours ago

    Bruh my names Olivia and I sware that Olivia and myself are the exact same except for the donut and Leonard DiCaprio, as I hate coconut.

  11. Zachary M

    Zachary M10 hours ago

    tagalongs fucking suck and those girl scouts crushed it

  12. Nikki Christine

    Nikki Christine11 hours ago

    Samoas are my favorite. When he ranked them #1 I got happy 😂

  13. LovelyDumplings~

    LovelyDumplings~11 hours ago

    11:25 Sassy Eugene came through

  14. Cassidy Noelle

    Cassidy Noelle11 hours ago

    the little girl to the right is LITERALLY MY FAVORITE CHILD

  15. brewcha

    brewcha11 hours ago


  16. DatSav_Kendall

    DatSav_Kendall11 hours ago

    You can’t even lie, samoas S M A C C

  17. Allison Petty

    Allison Petty12 hours ago

    I want to see a quote shirt for the saying in this show

  18. DivaDShawty

    DivaDShawty13 hours ago

    He’s amazing with kids!!!

  19. Lizzie Me

    Lizzie Me13 hours ago

    I love this

  20. Rae

    Rae13 hours ago


  21. Coco Wei

    Coco Wei13 hours ago

    The most spoken word... oH My GosH

  22. Southside Serpent

    Southside Serpent13 hours ago

    Samoas are the best tbh, thin mints are nasty af

  23. Arika Aki

    Arika Aki13 hours ago

    waaaaaaoowwww WAAAAAOOWWW *waaaaaaoowww* *WAAAAAOOOWWW* Olivia: Yes. Wait no no. wait yaa. NO! STAAAAP. NO YASSS. STOOOOOZOOOOOOoooopp Maybe Im right. Maybe your wrong. Lets all get along. (Except for Robbers)...(shut up) IM RIGHT YOUR WRONG SHUT UP

  24. Jaime Zeng

    Jaime Zeng13 hours ago

    Do rank king with Ben and Jerry's Ice cream flavors please!

  25. Hermione Granger

    Hermione Granger14 hours ago

    We have different names Trefoils=Shortbreads Tagalongs=peanut butter patties Toffee-Tastic=wtf is that Do-is-dos=peanut butter patties Sahvannah smiles=again wtf is this Samosas= caramel delights

  26. anthony stockman

    anthony stockman14 hours ago

    Samoas are fuckin nasty change my mind

  27. twitchy mist

    twitchy mist15 hours ago

    I like Eugene's Ranking cuz I like the 1st cookie as my well 1st cookie

  28. Ellie on Thrall

    Ellie on Thrall15 hours ago

    I am FEELING Olivia lmao

  29. Water Drop

    Water Drop15 hours ago

    My grandma actually does only ever have toffee tactics at her house.. legit she won't have any sweets except toffee tastic cookies, or something low fat.

  30. Lupita Ceniceros

    Lupita Ceniceros16 hours ago

    I loved when Eugene said "Gracias"

  31. Savannah Montgomery

    Savannah Montgomery16 hours ago

    LMAO my name is Savannah and savannah smiles are my favorite cookies 😂

  32. Sarah Householder

    Sarah Householder16 hours ago

    Eugene: I'm right, you're wrong, Shut up. Kid friendly: maybe i'm right, maybe you're wrong, Let's all get along!! lmbo!!!🤣 *Dead*

  33. Phoenix 5089

    Phoenix 508917 hours ago

    15:41 Eugene your dead to me

  34. Phoenix 5089

    Phoenix 508917 hours ago

    First try 0:21

  35. Naerwyn

    Naerwyn17 hours ago

    Yes Eugene, those horts were /very/ tight. XD I'm dying.

  36. Christian Crockem

    Christian Crockem17 hours ago

    A grown man in a tight girl scout outfit eating cookies with 2 eight year old girls......... just think about it

  37. Athena AguirreConnelly

    Athena AguirreConnelly17 hours ago

    i only got 5 activity badges when I was a brownie

  38. Athena AguirreConnelly

    Athena AguirreConnelly17 hours ago

    The gluten-free chocolate chip are available in my region but hard to get your hands on like I've only seen them once for someone who has been a girl scout most of their life

  39. Dante Ferrise

    Dante Ferrise17 hours ago

    Olivia is a super picky eater..who doesn’t like peanut butter and chocolate, donuts, or s’mores? Lol

  40. Milana Calabria

    Milana Calabria17 hours ago

    I always wanted to be a Girl Scout. But I wasn’t allowed to be one, not sure why. But the kids were adorable, and I haven’t even heard half these cookies! Will try some of them though!

  41. śĥŏŕť qŭãŗţž

    śĥŏŕť qŭãŗţž18 hours ago

    *trefoils suck fight me*

  42. Dawn Melissa

    Dawn Melissa18 hours ago

    Please God will someone tell me where the opening music is from??? Its driving me insane!

  43. Auri Grgich

    Auri Grgich18 hours ago

    An Amber alert went off right when ugeen was asking if he was good with kids... what does this tell us 🤔

  44. Dante Ferrise

    Dante Ferrise18 hours ago

    +The Try Guys WHY AM I SOOOOOO ATTRACTED TO EUGENE IN HIS BOY SCOUT UNIFORM??! IT IS VERY “PITCHING A TENT WITH SCOUT LEADER #12” know the super respected award winning drama series....often found on Pornhub.

  45. Sophie Lps

    Sophie Lps18 hours ago

    “ I’m right , your wrong , shut up “ Eugene 2019

  46. Deathlox DragonGirl

    Deathlox DragonGirl18 hours ago

    Samoas are my favorite to

  47. lnoths

    lnoths18 hours ago

    Does anyone miss Thank You Berry Munch? No? Just me?

  48. wvcowgirl15

    wvcowgirl1518 hours ago

    Olivia's voice sounds like a little Marcel the Shell with the shoes on!!

  49. Cyena Ulloa

    Cyena Ulloa18 hours ago


  50. Georgia Hensley

    Georgia Hensley18 hours ago


  51. Katie-Jo Blyth

    Katie-Jo Blyth18 hours ago

    Olivia had me pissing myself laughing 😂

  52. Just Lisa

    Just Lisa18 hours ago

    You’re lucky, you have Little Brownie Bakers for your cookies! My council got the other one and I’m sad. Samoas and Tagalongs are definitely better than the other versions.

  53. exclipse;

    exclipse;18 hours ago

    Georgia is so friggin adorable omfg❤

  54. Emily Duque

    Emily Duque18 hours ago

    caramel delites are with milk chocolate whereas samoas are dark chocolate. smh wheres my factual information

  55. Heather McFarland

    Heather McFarland19 hours ago

    This was the cutest video I’ve ever seen in my entire life. 🥰🥰🥰🥰


    KRISTINA GRECO19 hours ago

    As soon as they said toffee -tastic I grabbed the box out of the cabinet

  57. Sophie's Things!

    Sophie's Things!19 hours ago

    I'm right your wrong shut up.

  58. Kenna Wilson

    Kenna Wilson19 hours ago

    Umm tell me why he reminds me of Russell off of up? haha

  59. Molly Johnson

    Molly Johnson20 hours ago

    eugene should rank cereals

  60. Amy Louise

    Amy Louise20 hours ago

    Wow did Eugene get a little teary when they said he was kind? T_T

  61. Kirby Lover

    Kirby Lover20 hours ago

    I have not watched the video yet but if somoas aren't the best then I'm leaving

  62. sam bab

    sam bab20 hours ago

    Also, was it just me or did Olivia seem like a huge bitch.

  63. sam bab

    sam bab20 hours ago

    "I'm right. You're wrong. Shut up."

  64. leonyae hampton

    leonyae hampton20 hours ago

    I got the samoas

  65. Nancy E-W

    Nancy E-W20 hours ago

    Ned’s shirt idea should be “ My Wife”

  66. LiselleMade

    LiselleMade20 hours ago

    Possibly the most wholesome Try Guys video ever, and really adorable. ^_^

  67. Moose Morose

    Moose Morose21 hour ago

    As a girl scout, I hate every cookie that isn't thin mints. I'm weird lol Edit: and samoas and smores are good too Edit 2: Also wow, my troop does glamping(sadly).

  68. Rebecca

    Rebecca21 hour ago

    This was great

  69. itskatorah

    itskatorah21 hour ago


  70. poopity scoop

    poopity scoop21 hour ago

    yeah ofc all the girl scouts are g.i.r.l.s girls irls rls ls s

  71. Hunter

    Hunter21 hour ago

    Thin mints are soooooooooooo good

  72. WordWonder G

    WordWonder G21 hour ago

    And Eugene says he doesn't like kids. Yeah. Sure.

  73. Jordan Bush

    Jordan Bush22 hours ago

    Eugene moved the samoas in first and I literally fist pumped.


    SPAGGHETT22 hours ago

    the girl on the right seems mean, this is coming from a guy that makes sex jokes

  75. CGmomo

    CGmomo22 hours ago

    Try Guys try selling Girl Scout Cookies, or camping as a scout lol

  76. Queen Kymon

    Queen Kymon23 hours ago

    “Like an Ouija board” 💀💀

  77. It’s just Josephine

    It’s just Josephine23 hours ago

    “You remind me of a young me” “ELBOW!” “That’s right, elbow” lol

  78. Lauren Amy

    Lauren Amy23 hours ago

    4:24 and 10:17 is when Eugene embraces his inner Owen Wilson

  79. BloodyRoses2

    BloodyRoses223 hours ago

    “Do you think I could take care of a baby?” “You’re kind enough” Awww my heart! ❤️

  80. Cassandra Teal

    Cassandra Teal23 hours ago

    Eugene looking out for Georgia because she's a bit more quiet is SO FREAKIN CUTE

  81. Alba De Decker

    Alba De DeckerDay ago

    Eugene is good with these girls 😍

  82. Alba De Decker

    Alba De DeckerDay ago

    “Maybe I am right” “Maybe I am wrong” “Let’s all get along!” 😂

  83. Life Hurts

    Life HurtsDay ago

    Eugene: “Do you like donuts” Me: well I prefer Tim bits

  84. Kitty Carnivale

    Kitty CarnivaleDay ago

    I want to see Eugene ranks dog treats with the try guys dogs. Pesto and Emma are right. You're wrong. Shut up.

  85. Fluxx Termz

    Fluxx TermzDay ago

    Hes like ryan reynold

  86. IcyDeath

    IcyDeathDay ago

    0:58 what a pedo would say

  87. Rodney McCaskill

    Rodney McCaskillDay ago

    Basically just reverse what the girls ranked them and you've got the real ranking.

  88. Brooklin Garrett

    Brooklin GarrettDay ago

    Eugene is so cute with kids

  89. DIY GIRL

    DIY GIRLDay ago

    You could have said something like “I’m right, you’re wrong, be quiet

  90. Joelyner Montanez

    Joelyner MontanezDay ago

    I thought Eugene didn't like kids but looky here

  91. Chanely Lagos

    Chanely LagosDay ago

    I miss being a girl scout I only got up to being a Brownie but we did a lot of fun things.

  92. ::star girl::

    ::star girl::Day ago

    Oh my goooosh this was so adorable. I was giggling right along with the girls haha. The horrified “I just told a kid to shut up” had me dying that’s the cutest 😂

  93. Molli Grace

    Molli GraceDay ago

    Eugene and I must have the same taste because that’s where I would put them too

  94. Michigan: :Garnet

    Michigan: :GarnetDay ago

    Olivia was not very nice, lol. She was kind of a jerk

  95. Michigan: :Garnet

    Michigan: :GarnetDay ago

    Cool young uncle Eugene

  96. Amilya Nutter

    Amilya NutterDay ago

    I have thin mints in my freezer right now

  97. Evelyn Babbyyy

    Evelyn BabbyyyDay ago

    You can tell the type of girl Olivia is and is gonna be 😂😭

  98. Christy Rusk

    Christy RuskDay ago


  99. x.Kitsune Sakura.x

    x.Kitsune Sakura.xDay ago

    Damn Eugene has some good taste in cookies Samoas are defiantly the best, I'm right, You're wrong, Shut up

  100. Arika W

    Arika WDay ago

    I've never liked the taste of coconut so I found Eugene's number one disgusting. The lemonades are my favorite because all the others are mushy too me? ( Haven't tried the tinfoils though.)