Eugene Ranks Every Girl Scout Cookie


  1. Jaden Fox

    Jaden Fox6 hours ago

    The Trefoil box being backwards the whole video was a test of my patience sent from the gods

  2. Blue The dog

    Blue The dog7 hours ago

    “It has holes with stuff coming out of it.” *cough cough* *cough* that’s what she *cough* said

  3. Hobbit Girly

    Hobbit Girly8 hours ago

    The girl on the right is Eugine's spirit animal

  4. TigerLily

    TigerLilyDay ago

    Olivia is kinda being such a leo. I kinda hate it

  5. TigerLily

    TigerLilyDay ago

    5:16 can we replace the try guys?

  6. BuckBucktheWookie33

    BuckBucktheWookie33Day ago

    “ I’ll tell you about it later.” I need to see those outtakes!

  7. Lilbluedolphin

    LilbluedolphinDay ago

    *People seeing gluten free on foods:* ew *me:* it's fine (mentally crying because it's the only thing I've eaten for the past eight years of my life and I'm extremely biased)

  8. kpop_ ko

    kpop_ koDay ago

    11:31 I keep laughing at how Eugene says "See?"

  9. Pikamander 98

    Pikamander 982 days ago

    “Ugh that’s a lot of calories. “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  10. Aifoscookie

    Aifoscookie2 days ago

    I think Eugene loves kids but is scared to screw things up or kill them

  11. King RyBread

    King RyBread4 days ago

    17 minutes and eight seconds of Eugene being so pure

  12. Ms. Fudgicle Sticks

    Ms. Fudgicle Sticks4 days ago

    Eugene was right. The caramel delights are the best girl scout cookie.

  13. Michelina

    Michelina5 days ago

    As a former Georgia myself, seeing the way Eugene included her and made her feel equally as important as Olivia made my heart so happy ❤️❤️

  14. Avocado Cookie

    Avocado Cookie6 days ago

    These girls hurt me physically and mentally.... That *gurl* needs to not be so *picky* and not act like *brat*

  15. Ian Margol

    Ian Margol6 days ago

    I may or may not buy like 8 boxes of Tagalongs in one shot and freeze them so I can enjoy them for months...

  16. Random Cat Person

    Random Cat Person7 days ago

    I love powdered donuts... :c

  17. Daniela Navarro

    Daniela Navarro7 days ago

    The first shorts were soooo tight

  18. GreenbloodLady

    GreenbloodLady8 days ago

    Eugene trying desperately to relate to two 8-year-olds is the best part of the video. XD

  19. Arthur Motoyama

    Arthur Motoyama8 days ago


  20. Esteban Hernandez

    Esteban Hernandez8 days ago

    I honestly like tagalongs instead of samoas

  21. Susie English

    Susie English9 days ago

    Girl scouts and the WI - stuff feminism join these 2

  22. LazIsme

    LazIsme9 days ago

    Im a kid who's just laughing at eugene whenever he tries to have a conversation with another kid but they wont get it.. Techinically im the person who will laugh at you of ypur being cringey

  23. Fresca Alexandre

    Fresca Alexandre11 days ago

    Eugene is kinda somewhat like Deadpool... Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  24. Demon Link

    Demon Link11 days ago

    Eugene looked like Scarce when he came out otf the tent 0:00

  25. Chocopie

    Chocopie11 days ago

    6:12 "It's like holes with stuff coming about of it".... we know what you're thinking Eugene ;P

  26. lindsey denisse

    lindsey denisse11 days ago

    this is the most pure video on the internet 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  27. White Noise

    White Noise11 days ago

    The intro is epic Edit: Signs Up. Ready... two

  28. Lanoira13

    Lanoira1311 days ago

    This is so iconic. lol

  29. GD Gunner

    GD Gunner12 days ago

    The entire video is Eugene saying I’ll tell you later

  30. Hannah Deleon

    Hannah Deleon12 days ago

    I have thin mints from a year ago still in my freezer

  31. K D

    K D13 days ago


  32. Sophia Tran

    Sophia Tran13 days ago

    Let's all agree that Eugene is a future dad here, and that he learned A LOT from babysitting Wesley...

  33. Shelby clarke

    Shelby clarke13 days ago

    This is so pure

  34. Potahto Queso

    Potahto Queso14 days ago

    Eugene, admit it you love children

  35. Cameron Minty

    Cameron Minty14 days ago

    You should do try and join the Girl Scouts for a day. Do some stuff with the troop.

  36. Sebastien Dean Ramos

    Sebastien Dean Ramos14 days ago

    titanic was the very first movie i watched in my whole life hahahahah

  37. Aaron Coreas

    Aaron Coreas14 days ago

    I’m lactose intolerant just get a lactose intolerant cake

  38. Nifty Narwhal

    Nifty Narwhal14 days ago

    Eugene hates children huh...

  39. Timberlinn

    Timberlinn14 days ago

    *You don't know what A CELINE DION IS??* 😂😂

  40. chris g

    chris g14 days ago

    The blonde haired girl is going to be like the bad preppy girl in high school.

  41. Leanne Kalonji

    Leanne Kalonji14 days ago

    I love how he interacts with the girls😍😍😍

  42. Yue Moonchild

    Yue Moonchild14 days ago

    i love eugene so much😂 best rank video ever

  43. Gena Castaneda

    Gena Castaneda15 days ago

    For eugene not liking kids,hes always surprisingly well with them 💀

  44. John Sandstrom

    John Sandstrom15 days ago

    Eugene mentions that y'all don't have a fact checker. How could someone apply for the position? I"m a librarian and I am affordable.

  45. ness em

    ness em15 days ago

    I hope my kids are not as miserable as "I dont like doughnuts"

  46. AzureHeartSong

    AzureHeartSong15 days ago

    Tag-A-Longs should be in the top 3 demmit 😂😂😂

  47. Papphase

    Papphase15 days ago

    Eugene is actually really good with kids

  48. Ella Fekete

    Ella Fekete16 days ago

    Eugene tries to be so tough and badass but hes just a little cinnamon bun and it's so funny

  49. Lazy Cat0829

    Lazy Cat082916 days ago

    Please add “I’m Right” “You’re Wrong” “Shut up” To a shirt

  50. P0ssessi0n X

    P0ssessi0n X16 days ago

    Eugene why does your head look so big lol I've never seen this before

  51. Sam Reyes

    Sam Reyes16 days ago

    Eugene is so good with kids it’s cute 🥺

  52. Sam Reyes

    Sam Reyes16 days ago

    @5:17 “can we replace the try guys?” 💀

  53. Alina Chase

    Alina Chase17 days ago

    The girl on the right of the video, or Eugene's left is super freaking annoying and I'm not exactly a big fan of her.

  54. Ben Reincke

    Ben Reincke17 days ago

    Eugene I commend you for not swearing in a video And stop saying your not good with kids this was adorable to watch

  55. Tyler Calender

    Tyler Calender17 days ago

    where did all these new cookies come from and he got too 4 right but tagalongs are best fight me bout it

  56. Sammi Graham

    Sammi Graham17 days ago

    1:04 Eugene looks to the crew like “we have actual fucking kids here? Y’all didn’t tell me that wtf?” But then he realizes that the kids are of an age where they’ll actually remember this and he doesn’t want to scar them for life 😂

  57. Isabelle Gomez

    Isabelle Gomez17 days ago

    i love eugene trying to entertain these kids its beautiful

  58. tyree wadsworth

    tyree wadsworth18 days ago

    What are some of these Cookies?

  59. Adi Belisha

    Adi Belisha18 days ago

    "Can you guess how old I am?" -"a grown-up" *KszijksszvsjsknsvzkskkzhcsK*

  60. Jess 1234

    Jess 123418 days ago

    Hes Russell from up. Just me? (I'll leave now)

  61. Halie Ch

    Halie Ch18 days ago

    Yes somoes are my favorite

  62. #Griffindorplays

    #Griffindorplays18 days ago

    Samoa and thin mints are my fav

  63. TexasEnJuillet

    TexasEnJuillet18 days ago

    A Ned shirt but it just says, blah blah my wife blah blah blah

  64. EVAN and friends

    EVAN and friends19 days ago

    Lemonades are my favorite girl scout cookies

  65. danielask

    danielask19 days ago

    Georgia is so cute and shy SKSKSKSKSK 🥺💗💞

  66. Victoria Douglass

    Victoria Douglass19 days ago

    New video idea "Eugine goes camping with the girl scouts"

  67. Emma Arnadottir

    Emma Arnadottir19 days ago

    I like giorga MUCH better than the other girl, she’s a bitch!

  68. Emma Arnadottir

    Emma Arnadottir16 days ago


  69. Emma Arnadottir

    Emma Arnadottir16 days ago

    aa sh Btw it's THEY are, not there are

  70. Emma Arnadottir

    Emma Arnadottir16 days ago

    aa sh I can call her whatever I want to

  71. aa sh

    aa sh17 days ago

    Bro there are just kids you idiot.Don't call her a bitch!

  72. Prince_ TheSims

    Prince_ TheSims19 days ago

    He’s dressed like Russel from Up

  73. MrFiller360

    MrFiller36020 days ago

    That girl with blonde hair is the biggest bitch tf who are her parents 😂

  74. jhennicide

    jhennicide20 days ago

    beginning of video: he's russell from up! end of video: oh.... lol :P

  75. Forrest Pendley

    Forrest Pendley20 days ago

    Eugene hates kids. Then becomes the best uncle to every kid he’s around. Love it!

  76. Ayato

    Ayato20 days ago

    Why do I watch this? We dont even have girl scouts in my country... xD

  77. Izzie

    Izzie20 days ago

    Eugene:You know Celine dion? Olivia:no... (Eugene looks at her like he’s shocked that she never heard of Celine dion before) I mean,you don’t expect an eight year old to know Celine dion,titanic,Leonardo DiCaprio Ammi right? No? Ok

  78. Lauren Hofer

    Lauren Hofer21 day ago

    Olivia is such a MOOD😂

  79. Sameer Kulkarni

    Sameer Kulkarni21 day ago


  80. Kenz

    Kenz21 day ago

    I would pay to see a Scout Leader Eugene series.

  81. A Piot

    A Piot21 day ago

    my uncle married an American and when her parents came to visit they brought tagalongs and thin mints and the tagalongs were the best thing I've ever tasted don't @ me

  82. dream love gacha life

    dream love gacha life22 days ago

    First time GoOd JaB

  83. taso bitadze

    taso bitadze22 days ago

    honestly i wish i Could find a hate comment about how they disagree I’d say he’s right you’re wrong shut up

  84. Beastzoll _

    Beastzoll _22 days ago

    Why are girls allowed in boy scouts but boys aren't allowed in girl scouts

  85. Emile Kimber

    Emile Kimber22 days ago

    I'm crying Eugene is actually amazing with kids when they're older than like 4

  86. zoinks scoob

    zoinks scoob23 days ago

    it’s so sweet that eugene is trying to involve georgia more

  87. Gacha and roblox

    Gacha and roblox23 days ago

    Sad thing is most of these I can’t have because I can’t have peanut butter

  88. Gacha and roblox

    Gacha and roblox23 days ago

    My favorite Girl Scout cookies r thin mints. Literally the only Girl Scout cookies I’ve ever had

  89. Gacha and roblox

    Gacha and roblox23 days ago

    Eugene: “I’m coming out of the...” Me: “ur coming out of the closet.” Eugene: “tent.” Me: “ugh I wanted it to be a coming out joke wait it kinda is XD”

  90. sheridan hagen

    sheridan hagen23 days ago

    Eugene: "you remind me of a young me" Little girl: "*elbow*"

  91. lilachann12

    lilachann1223 days ago

    That’s the cutest thing I”ve seen today

  92. TryinaD

    TryinaD23 days ago

    Olivia is a whole mood

  93. Azula Chan

    Azula Chan23 days ago

    The real question is.... Are girl scout cookies made out of girl scout.......

  94. Duncan Van Norden

    Duncan Van Norden24 days ago

    Eugene would make a great dad

  95. Cesar Ruiz

    Cesar Ruiz24 days ago

    I was so mad throughout the whole video until Eugene moved Samoa’s to #1 🤤🤤🤤

  96. amelia kraus

    amelia kraus24 days ago

    i was a girl scout when i was in elementary school and i was miserable bc it sucked

  97. Snow Off White

    Snow Off White24 days ago

    Ik it's literally not deep at all lmao but not gonna lie i got a little heated when they put do si does and tagalongs in the last place👀😤

  98. Snow Off White

    Snow Off White24 days ago

    This is the day I decided to unsubscribe from the try guys for not appreciating tagalongs like a true girl scout and putting trefoils in first place 😤😤

  99. Emalee Peck

    Emalee Peck24 days ago

    The Eugene debate team. I’m right. You’re wrong. Debate over.

  100. Lacy Custer

    Lacy Custer25 days ago

    Eugene turns into an 8 year old girl with the knowledge of a 30 year old man for 17 minutes

  101. Old Cheese

    Old Cheese25 days ago

    Eugene=the kid from up You see it, right?

  102. Slime

    Slime25 days ago

    Does Eugene realize that the jacket he is wearing is from the Boy Scouts.

  103. SunshineHobi TxT

    SunshineHobi TxT25 days ago

    Ugh Olivia is such a fucking brat 😑

  104. AmberWolfo •

    AmberWolfo •25 days ago

    Eugene: I hate kids. They are kinda annoying Eugene in this video : **makes kids laugh** “Shut up! Awww I just told a kid to shut up” “Exactly elbow” **friendly and bonds with kids* **heart ache because the kids are so nice to him**