Ethan Hawke Knows To Seek Knowledge From Masters


  1. Monika Mylonopoyloy

    Monika MylonopoyloyDay ago

    Intelligent , funny , articulate , sensitive. Thank you Mr Hawke for contributing to the beauty of cinema!

  2. David Gentry

    David Gentry12 days ago

    Actually, "Now I am alone" begins his SECOND soliloquy ("O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I..."). This soliloquy actually does begin with "To be or not to be." But cool story anyway...

  3. Chester Sykes

    Chester Sykes20 days ago

    I met Ethan at Victory Studios back in 2006. He was great. I loved his now famous party trick where he slams 4 shots of bourbon, bang the shiz out of his pet corgi Duicey, and then strips naked before dropping a steaming log on the spot. Mastery of the party piece for sure.

  4. Karen Durant

    Karen DurantMonth ago

    Just love that man!

  5. Carlos Santana

    Carlos Santana2 months ago

    The priest in first reform reminded me of Travis Bickle.

  6. Jami Reed

    Jami Reed2 months ago

    I can listen to him all day... so deep, inspiring, and talented.

  7. John Gaudi

    John Gaudi2 months ago

    nice video review to First Reformed here:

  8. 🍒

    🍒3 months ago

    Can’t wait for First Reformed to come out on digital and bluray

  9. Charles Scott

    Charles Scott3 months ago

    Great interview, but there's one significant error. When Mark Rylance tells Ethan that the first line of the "To be or not to be" soliloquy is "Now I am alone," this is wrong. It is the first line of the "O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!" soliloquy. Either Ethan has not remembered the conversation accurately or Mark got it wrong. Puzzling that one or both of two greats in the acting world could get such a well-known fact wrong.

  10. Noora Blossom

    Noora Blossom3 months ago

    Is it only me or does Ethan look like Dr StrAnge 😱

  11. Michael Maldy

    Michael Maldy3 months ago

    What an amazing interview.!!! Very Moving.. You are a Master Ethan, as far as when I first found you as one of my favorite 10, Training Day, A long time ago, along with another Master, Denzel.. Keep doing your work, it means more than you know to people everywhere, especially America, you cause a vibration of "Hope", "Kindness with purposeful understanding which teaches compassion along with knowledge.... Please Keep your energy and zealous commitment.. You are famous to me and human, never feel humiliated.. Ever!!! The best interview ever!!!

  12. Jamie Shaughnessy

    Jamie Shaughnessy3 months ago


  13. Christanita Lily Karinda

    Christanita Lily Karinda3 months ago

    I love it that Ethan Hawke is as deep as the characters & the movies he played in, esp The Befores.

  14. Sasuke Sarutobi

    Sasuke Sarutobi4 months ago

    I knew Ethan Hawke was a good actor, but hearing him speak on this, I have gained an immense amount of respect for him as an actor, an artist, a master of his craft, and a human being in general.

  15. S. Bucay

    S. Bucay4 months ago

    "Now I am alone"...precedes "O what a rogue and peasant slave am I!"...Sorry!

  16. David Mann

    David Mann4 months ago

    That people is why acting takes talent.

  17. Labor Days

    Labor Days4 months ago

    Hawke is amazing. That was wonderful.

  18. Redresseny

    Redresseny4 months ago

    great interview..i like Ethan. He seems like an interesting guy to talk to.

  19. beefknuckles

    beefknuckles4 months ago

    Ethan Hawke is a truly great mind in Hollywood, free of pretension and elitism. He's just a great guy. So down to earth and intelligent!

  20. Waffle Robot

    Waffle Robot4 months ago

    "A good movie articulates a question..."

  21. Gordon Meadows

    Gordon Meadows4 months ago

    It's also true about music, painting, poetry, literature, sculpture, and architecture. Very wonderful way to put it.

  22. Gonkosan Roberto

    Gonkosan Roberto4 months ago

    That Ethan guy is something.

  23. Michael Marhal

    Michael Marhal4 months ago

    is he wearing a wig?

  24. L CT

    L CT4 months ago

    Ppl think hes some grungy hick but Ive always LOVED Ethan Hawke.

  25. Morgan the Love Organ

    Morgan the Love Organ4 months ago

    why is this video in such horrible quality? 480p disguised as 1080p

  26. Saul Rodriguez

    Saul Rodriguez4 months ago

    ... My Nigga

  27. Gary Priestley

    Gary Priestley4 months ago

    I am increasingly impressed with what Ethan has to say during his interviews. Quite a profound individual without coming across as arrogant.

  28. Da Hawk

    Da Hawk4 months ago

    And his choice of projects.

  29. R. Castillo

    R. Castillo4 months ago

    Why Ethan Hawke doesnt fix his teeth?

  30. Alexander Skrypka

    Alexander Skrypka4 months ago

    this was amazing

  31. Katrina Aune

    Katrina Aune4 months ago


  32. Katrina Aune

    Katrina Aune4 months ago


  33. Lidiane Silva

    Lidiane Silva4 months ago

    I love this man.

  34. Jose Anguiano

    Jose Anguiano4 months ago

    How is this trending?? Not even 400k views in 5 days??

  35. Bigheadtf

    Bigheadtf4 months ago

    Whoops! Wrong Again!

  36. Justin Brady

    Justin Brady4 months ago

    Honestly “Good Kill” may be one of the most underrated and eye opening movies of his career and he really doesn’t even say much but the movie will have you really questioning things afterward. It’s one of those movies that somehow nobody saw or ever talks about but is too real in its subject matter and his performance is subtle but stellar if you guys are E hawks fans it is a must see I can’t believe nobody has made one comment about it

  37. Ethan Hawke fan ❤

    Ethan Hawke fan ❤4 months ago

    Ethan is such an inspirational man❤️

  38. Ai Fan

    Ai Fan4 months ago

    What a great quote ♡ I'd say the same about a good book!

  39. Kenny Michael Alanya

    Kenny Michael Alanya4 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon sure has aged a lot😐

  40. Joe Bagadonus

    Joe Bagadonus4 months ago

    Broken link - []. Please include screenshot when possible. App Version:22

  41. Frank Bell

    Frank Bell4 months ago

    What a passionate dude!

  42. Zoey Tuzzo

    Zoey Tuzzo4 months ago

    Colbert is a nice enough guy but

  43. Timothy O'Brien

    Timothy O'Brien4 months ago

    Perhaps the most intelligent man in the movie industry.

  44. Smellzke 209

    Smellzke 2094 months ago

    Trending trash

  45. Egypt Son

    Egypt Son4 months ago

    ethan is stepping up to take his place at the big table now... especially after playing goodnight robicheaux...

  46. Justin

    Justin4 months ago

    Listening to Ethan Hawks is refreshing, he’s intelligent and passionate.

  47. Paola Bueso

    Paola Bueso4 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this!

  48. Clayton Brown

    Clayton Brown4 months ago

    ya sure b/c the british are raised to be for forward with their feelings in public (i.e. parliament) and if they laugh it's probably due to their fascination or excitement with seeing the "stars" live,. they are giddy with excitement. I bet ethan hawke could do a dissertation on tobacco and smoking and the types of cigarettes and the countries they come from the and the best paper to use and with a filter no filter. He's a regular old sherlock holmes with his cigarette habit knowledge.

  49. Pedro Johnson

    Pedro Johnson4 months ago

    This is one of the best moments this show has ever seen. Mr. Hawke is so passionate, really moving.

  50. Lindeberg

    Lindeberg4 months ago

    He's spot on. How many times have we walked out of a theatre and felt nothing, just thinking about what to get to eat instead? I love movies and I try to watch as many as possible, but it's only one or perhaps two movies every year that really leaves a mark. The last one was Call Me By Your Name and I hope that we'll see more of those movies in the future instead of the bland (yet popular) movies that we've seen a hundred times before.

  51. Michael Sanders

    Michael Sanders4 months ago

    Stephen Colbert aka the pedophile King

  52. Flannery Monaghan-Morrs

    Flannery Monaghan-Morrs4 months ago

    I hope that Ethan Hawke and Mark Rylance get to work together sometime!

  53. Linda Chapman

    Linda Chapman4 months ago

    Wow he appears to be an intact & loving human surviving in #Hollywood & working from heart center. How can we not see the beautiful miracles in our world & know how many more are unseen around us? Why do we have to lose the beauty so we can argue about politics all day as they wish? Hmmm...puppets or Masters? #LoveWins #MayTheSwartzBeWithYou

  54. Zak

    Zak4 months ago

    Guys a lesser known movie from ethan hawke is called Before Sunrise. Check it out its amazing and its a 3 part movies known as the before trilogy.

  55. Christopher Koertge

    Christopher Koertge4 months ago

    I could listen to that dudes thoughts for quite some time.

  56. TicketAirline

    TicketAirline4 months ago

    He speaks like a true master.

  57. ytubeanon

    ytubeanon4 months ago

    to be fair, what he's talking about extends to all art, a song written in the 1970's can rock your bell harder than anything coming out today

  58. Tsetsi

    Tsetsi4 months ago

    Ethan has aged quite a bit

  59. Tsetsi

    Tsetsi4 months ago

    Elvis has never been there

  60. john Acacio

    john Acacio4 months ago

    E.H.: King of THOUGHTS, ‘Smiles and Crys’

  61. Potato

    Potato4 months ago

    He's absolutely right. A film doesn't need to give answers and people need to understand that

  62. slidadog

    slidadog4 months ago

    In the Valley of Violence sucked dingle berries!

  63. Jackob Ez

    Jackob Ez4 months ago

    Woww always liked ethan as an actor but never knew him like this he is a really intresting guy and cares about his role and movies he decides to be a part of amazing ima watch his new movie for sure

  64. Ian Galbraith

    Ian Galbraith4 months ago

    White Fang was his seminal work.

  65. Don Wanderer

    Don Wanderer4 months ago

    Check him out in the role of Chet Baker. Powerful stuff...

  66. CrystalCritter

    CrystalCritter4 months ago

    I hate his entitled attitude concerning those free seats he wanted tho. That was so lame.

  67. Derogatory Name

    Derogatory Name4 months ago

    Officer Hoit

  68. Patty Kochenower

    Patty Kochenower4 months ago

    I absolutely love Ethan Hawke , I think he’s a brilliant actor and he is so insightful . Yet, he’s so humble. This was an awesome interview!!!! 👍👍 can’t wait to see the movie !

  69. Elliot Eastman

    Elliot Eastman4 months ago

    The title read ´EARTH AWAKE’ to me

  70. 78835

    788354 months ago

    Who is this guy😑

  71. BlueHen123

    BlueHen1234 months ago

    Ethan Hawk is the worst actor of our generation

  72. AZ Scapes

    AZ Scapes4 months ago

    God I love Ethan Hawke, one of my favorite actors since White Fang

  73. msdogooder

    msdogooder4 months ago

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  74. Julianna C

    Julianna C4 months ago

    He mentioned Mark Rylance!!!😍😩😩👌💯💯

  75. jon jaquez

    jon jaquez4 months ago

    I want to see that movie

  76. Al Gore Bot

    Al Gore Bot4 months ago

    Boring! But - That clandestine server in the Clintons basement is absolutely fabulous.

  77. Reznick

    Reznick4 months ago

    Highly respect that Hawke shreds the glits/glamour aspect of acting, and focuses on the craft. On being good. It must be difficult to keep that student mentality in such a ego-swelling occupation. He seems almost tormented by his desire to get better. Something I relate to and respect deeply. The fruits of his labor will pay off in new ways as he continues to grow. I have a feeling that Ethan Hawke will redefine his acting career really soon and will catapult himself to a new level. That kind of dedication doesn’t go unanswered.

  78. Karen Stark

    Karen Stark4 months ago

    This actor, amazing.

  79. Min Lee

    Min Lee4 months ago

    Man, the end of that interview is so wonderful!

  80. James Dooling

    James Dooling4 months ago

    Wow... This guy should move into politics. I don't care his position, he's a damned genius compared to most of you.

  81. Jane Leelavathi

    Jane Leelavathi4 months ago

    Ethan’s a gem among actors who care only for celebrity.

  82. Reis World

    Reis World4 months ago

    Ethan has always been one of my favorites. Here he looks like Mark Mcgrath but without all that scary face lifts and injections.

  83. Kyle Hillinger

    Kyle Hillinger4 months ago

    His thoughtfulness has been a source of inspiration for years. I don't know this man personally, but I want to.

  84. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    s h a d ø w b a n n e d4 months ago

    Ethan Hawke's always been a normal-guy-actor. That's cool about him. Like Keanu Reeves.

  85. julie

    julie4 months ago

    He has Jake Roper's energy

  86. Ziv Viz

    Ziv Viz4 months ago

    Shut up Stephen Colbert and let the man finish his story!

  87. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla4 months ago

    8:27 Brilliant.

  88. Elanie Rodriguez Solis

    Elanie Rodriguez Solis4 months ago

    Love Ethan 💖

  89. Leila Anders

    Leila Anders4 months ago

    Ethan Hawke is magnetic & fiercely intelligent. The perfect dinner party guest. He is related to Tennessee Williams.

  90. Jay Vin99

    Jay Vin994 months ago

    You made Mr. Keating and Neil proud Todd:')

  91. Jay Vin99

    Jay Vin994 months ago

    This is a man who can move the masses with his words. The 10 minutes in this video were awe inspiring. I loved Ethan in Dead Poets Society, which was truly a masterpiece and the best film I have ever watched. It's such a pleasure to hear this man speak. Truly amazing.

  92. My Thoughts

    My Thoughts4 months ago

    The master has no comedic sense ............ He has performed that play hundreds of times and by pattern recognition he figured out that when he pauses after that line people laugh. The thing he doesn't see is that it is actually a joke and a really good one made by only a pause it doesn't even have any lines. You say "Now i am alone" in a serious play, nobody is supposed to laugh at that but you pause there, as to doubt yourself and everyone has an introspective thought together with him that he actually is not alone but in a theater full of people, so with that pause he is braking the forth , wall and I am not sure he knows it or just does it by instinct.

  93. Flashy Paws

    Flashy Paws4 months ago

    here's the problem with seeking knowledge from masters... eventually you become a master. and once you become a master, there's really nobody to seek knowledge from except beginners. "the man old in days will not hesitate to ask a small child seven days old about the place of life, and he will live. for many who are first will become last, and they will become one and the same." 😺

  94. Javier De La Mora

    Javier De La Mora4 months ago

    Tell me you don’t see it. Picture him singing 🎤 “All around world statues crumble for me!” Now you won’t see Ethan, or will you? 😆

  95. Jack Jammen

    Jack Jammen4 months ago

    Or the right answers to the issues 📣💰

  96. Goutham K.G

    Goutham K.G4 months ago

    Ethan Hawke looks exactly like James Franco.....

  97. Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson4 months ago

    Goutham K.G James Franco has dick sucking lips though, Ethan doesn't.

  98. justinutube

    justinutube4 months ago

    What a great, positive energy from Ethan. I'll have what he's having!

  99. Jose Jeffery Mendoza

    Jose Jeffery Mendoza4 months ago

    Holy shit.

  100. David Scott

    David Scott4 months ago

    Hey guys, I just started a MReporter channel and I’d appreciate it if you would go check it out and let me know how I am doing! Maybe even subscribe?

  101. Willy Lohman

    Willy Lohman4 months ago

    High as fuck or not. Great rant. Ethan Hawke plays me in the bio film of my life that's never made.

  102. lazyperfectionist1

    lazyperfectionist14 months ago

    Hang on. This fellow has done _Hamlet?_ I will have to look that up.