Epic Rap Battles of History News - Season 6


  1. Meisterio

    Meisterio57 minutes ago

    Wilfrid Laurier vs Tecumseh (and then possibly with other famous Canadian political figures later)

  2. BlackIronHead121

    BlackIronHead12112 hours ago

    Damn he didn't say what's up bitches


    DOMEPEACE4202 days ago

    Erb is free of Disney. Long live nice Peter and epic lloyd. PS. Epic lloyd, you're my favorite.

  4. doublenickelbob

    doublenickelbob10 days ago

    Eric Cartman vs Bart Simpson

  5. Fireholder1

    Fireholder110 days ago

    Bob Barker vs Regis Philbin

  6. Dan Blair

    Dan Blair10 days ago

    It's July 2019, I can't wait anymore patiently for the next ERBH, to be released with Nice Peter and Epic Loyld with special guest Jackie Tohn! I hope it's the Red Baron Vs The White Death Ft. Amelia Harhalt or The Joker Vs. Pennywise Ft. Harley Quinn for number 75?

  7. Kiujk 11

    Kiujk 1112 days ago

    Hell ya

  8. Elijah Dimke

    Elijah Dimke12 days ago

    Y’all should do crocodile Dundee vs rambo

  9. Gooie9000

    Gooie900014 days ago

    Arya Stark vs. Hit Girl

  10. Kyle Etter

    Kyle Etter17 days ago

    Disappointed he didn't speak on whoopin Winston Churchill's ass in that Rap Battle

  11. Hehe Wtf

    Hehe Wtf18 days ago

    IT vs. The Joker

  12. IWasEdward Gt

    IWasEdward Gt20 days ago

    Saitanma onepunch man vs. Floyd Mayweather

  13. Sjakkert

    Sjakkert21 day ago

    *Theodore Roosevelt is such a host. GOOD DAY, SÍRE!*

  14. so va

    so va23 days ago

    😆....please.....just do it.....love all of Epik Rp Betls f Histry

  15. James Campbell

    James Campbell23 days ago

    Caveman vs. Neanderthal

  16. Clementin Brenelliere

    Clementin Brenelliere23 days ago

    Gengis Khan/Ogödei Khan versus Alexandre le Grand and Caïus Julius Caesar and Napoléon and all other emperor: The two Man who funded/gouverned the greatest empire of all time, who beat China, Russia, autrichia, Grec, Pologne, Lituania, Serbia, Hongria and all the lands of Asia, thé Templar Knights, the Ottomans, and the crusade launch by the pap Alexandre IV, has make angst at the emperor of roman orient Empire... versus knew emperors, but who have never a great and stable empire make.

  17. Theold Tree2

    Theold Tree223 days ago

    Thanks Teddy Brosevelt

  18. Alex Elliott

    Alex Elliott24 days ago

    0:08 me 1 day after season 5

  19. Moonlight Driver

    Moonlight Driver24 days ago

    I have rewatched this at least 30 times just to hear Roosevelt say YOU BITCHES and listen to hulk hogan

  20. Biorex18

    Biorex1824 days ago

    Plz think about at lest one iv seen all ur videos erb 1 and 2 and the new

  21. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Station from Bill & Ted first grut from Guardians of the Galaxy

  22. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Rick and Carl first The Last of Us Joel and Ellie

  23. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    The Venture Brothers verse Jonny Quest or Bill and Ted

  24. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    The thing from Fantastic Four versus the Hulk

  25. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Pablo Chacon verse Danny Trejo

  26. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Deadpool versus Wolverine

  27. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Mr. Miyagi verse Yoda

  28. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    The Punisher verse Deadshot

  29. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    My mom vs. Your mom

  30. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Rhett and Link versus Rick and Morty

  31. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Lord of the Rings vs. Game of Thrones

  32. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    SpongeBob verse Patrick

  33. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Harley Quinn versus Supergirl

  34. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    New Joker versus the old Joker

  35. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Batman versus Chuck Norris

  36. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Clint Eastwood vs. Clint Eastwood

  37. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Powerpuff girls vs. Totally Spies

  38. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Teen Titans versus the Justice League

  39. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Jay and Silent Bob verse Bill and Ted

  40. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Power Rangers verse Voltron

  41. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Heman vs Hercules

  42. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Hulk Hogan vs Mr Torge from Borderlands

  43. Biorex18

    Biorex1825 days ago

    Rick and morty vs Dexter and Dee Dee!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. John Castle

    John Castle26 days ago

    Skynet vs. GLaDOS, BITCHEZ!

  45. Jalon Glover

    Jalon Glover27 days ago

    Thank you for never giving up and being yourselves!

  46. G Rim

    G Rim28 days ago


  47. aka J P RODDY

    aka J P RODDY29 days ago

    🚨Rick Moranis vs Lou Diamond Phillips 🚨

  48. Jeffrey Flores

    Jeffrey Flores29 days ago

    If I had money I would give it to you

  49. mamoud vonfinkleheimerishteinberghooten

    mamoud vonfinkleheimerishteinberghooten29 days ago

    Kelly Ann Conway vs satan

  50. Nova ``

    Nova ``Month ago

    Götz von Berlichingen (Iron Hand) vs. Luke Skywalker

  51. ERIKA Pina

    ERIKA PinaMonth ago

    Thats awesome! Both lost there hands and got them replaced!!!;/