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Ellen Finds Out Who's the Smartest Audience Member


  1. Ruby Heil

    Ruby Heil9 hours ago

    My birthday is in june! Love you keep up the good work!

  2. Gabby Preston

    Gabby Preston10 hours ago

    Ellen: June gets to 65 degrees, that’s really cold Me: If you’re in Texas than 65 degrees feel nice

  3. Lord Flacko

    Lord Flacko17 hours ago

    What is with the abundance of white females in all of Ellen's shows?

  4. Heather Brown

    Heather Brown17 hours ago

    What bugs me more about the cheating is how the last lady standing didn't even look excited that she got won and that ELLEN gave her a TV. Even if I didn't want a TV or didn't have a way of taking it home I'd still be so excited that Ellen looked right at me

  5. Benedikt Riegler

    Benedikt Riegler19 hours ago

    So many cheaters

  6. Elizabeth Smith

    Elizabeth SmithDay ago

    "It is really cold at 65 degrees" Like that is warm where I live

  7. Keith Jackson

    Keith Jackson2 days ago

    5:39 that woman looks like the girl on bunk'd HMMMMM SUSPICIOUS!

  8. Peyton Kerchner

    Peyton Kerchner2 days ago

    My birthday is June 30th

  9. Jordan’s Vlog’s

    Jordan’s Vlog’s2 days ago

    I’m only 12 and I only got 2 questions wrong 😂

  10. Jenna Mary

    Jenna Mary2 days ago

    3:45 the people that voted 1 and 3 🤦🏼‍♀️

  11. Sarvjeet Aulakh

    Sarvjeet Aulakh3 days ago

    💝💝i always watch your vedio it help me to learn english thanks

  12. Kitty Fart

    Kitty Fart3 days ago

    Why are there only women in the audience?

  13. Claire Lankford

    Claire Lankford3 days ago

    Hello I want to be on your show Make it rain and my nam is teagan

  14. Breeze Gaming

    Breeze Gaming3 days ago

    Some people were cheating because u can see some people loooking over there shoulder

  15. Tamoghna Bhattacharya

    Tamoghna Bhattacharya4 days ago

    Clearly some people were cheating.

  16. 2curious Danielle

    2curious Danielle4 days ago

    I got all of them right hahahah I am a GENIUS loll

  17. John William

    John William4 days ago

    You've got to be shitting me, I can't believe adults can't answer those questions. I honestly didn't know the answer to the first question but just knew the rest.

  18. Sam Mullen

    Sam Mullen4 days ago

    I got second

  19. sarahvids

    sarahvids5 days ago

    my birthday is in june

  20. Mira Goh

    Mira Goh5 days ago

    I'm smart

  21. Shirley Galvan

    Shirley Galvan5 days ago

    Becuze i love to meet u

  22. Shirley Galvan

    Shirley Galvan5 days ago

    I love u ellen ilove when suprise people with things and love you shows becuse i wach u evry single day becuse my dream is to meet u

  23. Simmy Chilla

    Simmy Chilla5 days ago

    Ellen can you call me on to the stage I like to sing

  24. Isabel With the bell

    Isabel With the bell6 days ago

    65 degrees is cold omgggg no!!! The hottest it gets in the North of Britain is like 20-25 degrees in a heat wave. In June it is like -3 or something

  25. Pedro Ruiz

    Pedro Ruiz6 days ago

    Wow mona lisa.....PEOPLE HOW DARE YOU NOT KNOW

  26. Hawaa Sarwary

    Hawaa Sarwary6 days ago

    It would really suck if you didn’t know the first one but know the rest

  27. Karlee Foryciarz

    Karlee Foryciarz6 days ago

    For the Jason question who else thought of that vine

  28. Tad Tranclere

    Tad Tranclere7 days ago

    Darn, I lost on the MReporter question.

  29. Tori Kenton

    Tori Kenton7 days ago

    i got all of them right bless up

  30. Heather jane bell

    Heather jane bell7 days ago

    I got all of tgem besides mandrin and apple

  31. Betsy Castellanos

    Betsy Castellanos7 days ago

    the women at 6:09 go karma she did not win and probobly thought she would

  32. FeesFace

    FeesFace7 days ago

    Ellen: Happy June everyone, it is June. Audience: *woooaaAAAAAAAAAAAAH*

  33. three rockstars

    three rockstars8 days ago

    I born in june,7,2008

  34. Ginni Imamgarh

    Ginni Imamgarh8 days ago

    One second, 3:43 it was 107 people left and on 4:14 119 people got their answer right! Ellen ur audience cheated;D 👦 👧 👕 👗 👖 👢.....

  35. crystal gaming

    crystal gaming8 days ago

    June the 11th is my bday!! Same as the day u posted this

  36. Elena MSP

    Elena MSP8 days ago

    Ok who doesn’t know who painted the and I mean the Mona Lisa. Also, let’s get it started obviously has boys and...girl singing in it so black eyed peas. I am 5th grade so some of the audience are kinda living under rocks.

  37. Swiffer Cat Jet

    Swiffer Cat Jet9 days ago

    Wasn’t MReporter founded in 2006

  38. Aiden Keene

    Aiden Keene9 days ago

    Ellen said June is the best month but Xxxtentacion died in June so it’s the worst month

  39. Yaëlle

    Yaëlle9 days ago

    Lol i got the last one wrong.. 😐😂😂

  40. Mckenzie Chase

    Mckenzie Chase10 days ago

    The lady who was dancing in the floral dress plays on season 3 of bunk,d

  41. KingJamezTheAWSM

    KingJamezTheAWSM10 days ago

    French fries were not made in Belgium, they were made on a diner on new york

  42. Eva Strzalka

    Eva Strzalka10 days ago

    T Th The TheE TheEl TheEll TheElle TheEllen TheEllenS TheEllenSh TheEllenSho TheEllenShow TheEllenSho TheEllenSh TheEllenS TheEllen TheElle TheEll TheEl TheE The Th T

  43. Ava Eickholt

    Ava Eickholt10 days ago

    I knew the Jason one because I watch riverdale and there is a bunch of memes of it😂

  44. Ugly

    Ugly10 days ago

    Ellen: Happy june! Audience: WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!

  45. MiaYikes _17

    MiaYikes _1711 days ago

    I’m 9 and I even know who painted the Mona Lisa and I got lots of other questions right!

  46. Demir Betsa

    Demir Betsa11 days ago

    I think there is a flaw/ way to hack this. if you dont answer you can still stand. the numbers would sometimes be more then the previous. i wouldnt be surprised if people did that.

  47. Lili S

    Lili S11 days ago

    Yall no lie if I were there I would have won cuz I got everything correct!!! :))))))

  48. Meadow Mindziak

    Meadow Mindziak11 days ago

    June 22 is my bday love you ellen!!

  49. CharChar Animations

    CharChar Animations11 days ago


  50. Just Kyle

    Just Kyle11 days ago

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  51. Carlos Miguel Pérez-Reyes

    Carlos Miguel Pérez-Reyes12 days ago

    Ellen you have a fan club in Cuba. Incredible right!!!? You are awesome!!! Hope one day you can say hello to us.

  52. awesome boss

    awesome boss12 days ago

    June is my birthday week june 2

  53. Luis Valdez

    Luis Valdez12 days ago

    I pressed " send " 😅😅😅😅

  54. DanDare02

    DanDare0213 days ago

    The month question came before the iq question yet. There was 116 total answers for the month and 145 for the iq question...

  55. Estee Edwards

    Estee Edwards13 days ago

    I thought French was the second most popular language

  56. Adia Best

    Adia Best13 days ago

    Actually, it's September Ellen.

  57. sanဗမာေတြအကုန္သတ္ပစ္လိုက္ nor

    sanဗမာေတြအကုန္သတ္ပစ္လိုက္ nor13 days ago

    I love you ellen

  58. Slithering Snakes

    Slithering Snakes14 days ago

    65 degrees is shorts weather where I live lolololol

  59. Anabelle Games

    Anabelle Games15 days ago

    It was so hot here in June where I live

  60. gigi Howe

    gigi Howe15 days ago

    What if a child was the smartest 😋

  61. ForeverElla. 492

    ForeverElla. 49215 days ago

    I lost the last question I’m so lone,y...

  62. Mangas 4 ever

    Mangas 4 ever16 days ago

    Actually MReporter was grounded in 2004 and in 2005 it was bought by Google.

  63. Vartoug Arouch

    Vartoug Arouch16 days ago

    I knew it was aaple

  64. Vartoug Arouch

    Vartoug Arouch16 days ago

    Zane the iq

  65. Vartoug Arouch

    Vartoug Arouch16 days ago

    Zi knew it it was Vinci

  66. Jlo Zone

    Jlo Zone16 days ago

    I got every single one so I wish I was there

  67. _ ɐuɐᴉɹq _

    _ ɐuɐᴉɹq _16 days ago

    The girl in the floral dress was the camp examiner from bunkd? Or am I seeing things

  68. NotStealthy

    NotStealthy17 days ago

    General knowledge does not make someone smart

  69. Yanick Lehmann

    Yanick Lehmann17 days ago

    i wanna marry the one which choosing bob ross

  70. Jonas Stoma

    Jonas Stoma17 days ago

    I am kinda late but Facebook was created in 2005, just like youtube.

  71. Sabine P.

    Sabine P.18 days ago

    How she first said: You are the smartiest.... and then corrected herself to smartest audience member 😂😂 Who realized?

  72. Rainbow Unicorns

    Rainbow Unicorns18 days ago


  73. Ruby's World

    Ruby's World18 days ago

    Omg Mona Lisa so easy

  74. Emmarie Doolen

    Emmarie Doolen18 days ago

    I got all of these right 😂

  75. fast turtle

    fast turtle18 days ago

    something was wrong there

  76. Joe Sanders

    Joe Sanders19 days ago

    I got all of them correct except for the last one.. i guesse on sandwiche cause it sounded like a more universal food than the other two , and i had to reread the Jason one so i almost missed it in the proper amount of time

  77. Kenzy Nabeel

    Kenzy Nabeel19 days ago

    My birthday is in June

  78. Squishy time -

    Squishy time -20 days ago

    Ooo you love june that’s perfect because my birthday is June 15

  79. Cameron Lupton

    Cameron Lupton20 days ago

    Jesus im 13 and i got them all right

  80. Ella Farmer

    Ella Farmer20 days ago

    I'm 12 I got all but last right they weren't bright😂

  81. trancetunes

    trancetunes20 days ago

    that dancing woman in the flower dress was cheating. she waited to see until the LAST second to sit down watch again...she probably did that almost every question.. you can tell from her body language, face, and late timing on sitting down at the very end...she seemed very reluctant.

  82. Sofia Szykowny

    Sofia Szykowny21 day ago

    At 6:10 the girl that was dancing looks like the inspector Dinsmore from one of the episodes from Bunk'd!!!🙂🙂🙂

  83. DerpyTurtleY_T

    DerpyTurtleY_T21 day ago

    Is it bad that I'm 11 and I got all these right? Seriously, how can you not know who painted Mona Lisa -_-

  84. Elena MSP

    Elena MSP8 days ago

    I know I was so surprised.

  85. Izzy B.

    Izzy B.10 days ago

    I got the first one wrong, and the apple symbol wrong

  86. Jordyn Mahan

    Jordyn Mahan21 day ago

    I got all of them right too

  87. Michelle Varas

    Michelle Varas21 day ago

    These questions were easy.I thought the quiz would be about idk geometry or the name of a

  88. sk8rdad

    sk8rdad21 day ago

    Who else watching got them all right?

  89. Willie Jenkins

    Willie Jenkins21 day ago

    Smartest? Meh. Usually the thing that denotes intelligence is I.Q. not trivia. Trivia is knowledge, not intelligence. Smart could be a combination of intelligence, wisdom and knowledge I guess.... But there are nuclear scientists that will not be able to answer pop culture questions.

  90. Park Lee

    Park Lee22 days ago

    6:53 it looks like she doesn’t want the tv

  91. The Meh Guy

    The Meh Guy22 days ago

    It irritates me when people cheated on the game

  92. crazy time with Natasha Mrs D

    crazy time with Natasha Mrs D22 days ago

    Us in Botswana it's winter

  93. Hazza Shine

    Hazza Shine22 days ago

    Lol 1d wasn't even a band in 2003 who did vote for this

  94. What Is Up

    What Is Up22 days ago

    For all the people who answered IQ standing for intelligence quiz, it’s called an “IQ test”, so do you really think you’re saying “intelligence quiz test”?

  95. Bea Rhee

    Bea Rhee22 days ago

    i knew all the awnsers and i'm from spain

  96. FrediTV

    FrediTV23 days ago

    WTF😱 „Which of the following three are the largest in Land Area?“ Only 7 got it correct! Next question 9 people answered!! This is not FairPlay :(

  97. I KittensRool I

    I KittensRool I23 days ago

    Happy June every- wooOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAaaaa

  98. Sam

    Sam24 days ago

    easy questions, the hell?

  99. plz subscribe

    plz subscribe24 days ago


  100. Aesthetic Bi*ch

    Aesthetic Bi*ch24 days ago

    Now its not ur fav month bc x died

  101. Vlog Productions

    Vlog Productions24 days ago

    Ellen is so generous, like if you agree

  102. Antonella Andreazza

    Antonella Andreazza24 days ago

    so i guess im the smartest person in the audience too