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Ellen Finds Out Who's the Smartest Audience Member


  1. lunaticpoetry

    lunaticpoetry2 hours ago

    I would have gotten all of them right as well

  2. Random Girl

    Random Girl4 hours ago

    The removets should've switched off after they got it wrong because MANY cheated :/

  3. Icyy Bri

    Icyy Bri4 hours ago

    If I was there I would have rocked this game😭

  4. The Yodelers

    The Yodelers4 hours ago

    A Fedex or UPS delivery driver might have chunked that TV at her

  5. Solana Mia Oronia

    Solana Mia Oronia6 hours ago

    You know June is the month for the gays

  6. Essence Woodruff

    Essence Woodruff9 hours ago

    Pablo Picasso obviously painted abstract art and the mona lisa isn't abstract im 11 and know that

  7. Bob Duncan

    Bob Duncan14 hours ago

    Ik this is easy, but I felt proud bc i got them all right 😅

  8. Ordinary Basic Trash

    Ordinary Basic Trash15 hours ago

    ellen should have the boys of queer on this show!!!

  9. sunshine

    sunshine17 hours ago


  10. I pxychopath

    I pxychopath19 hours ago

    Anyone else get the answer jason from the vine? Lol

  11. Somebody Faraway

    Somebody FarawayDay ago

    the only one I didn't know was the first one though....

  12. Husky Cutie

    Husky CutieDay ago

    Who got the second one wrong

  13. Cookie Monster

    Cookie MonsterDay ago


  14. League Moments

    League MomentsDay ago

    how did 107 are left in the months question but then 119 people answer in the next one ?

  15. Popping Candy

    Popping CandyDay ago

    I lost in the first question 😂

  16. Sally

    SallyDay ago

    Love this game

  17. Jessica MacDonald

    Jessica MacDonaldDay ago

    MReporter started in 2006

  18. Rahul Nanwani

    Rahul NanwaniDay ago

    Such easy questions I got them all right

  19. Nathan Stein

    Nathan SteinDay ago

    I got all of them and I didn't win a TV :(

  20. Stella Walker

    Stella WalkerDay ago

    that lady dancing was so annoying. glad she didn't win

  21. Wilson Garciaguirre

    Wilson GarciaguirreDay ago

    This is exactly my birthday

  22. Celeste Zuniga

    Celeste ZunigaDay ago

    0:10 it’s the truth... I was born that month

  23. Lozza1996

    Lozza1996Day ago

    The only question i got wrong was the last one

  24. *AyHerAim IsGettingBetter*

    *AyHerAim IsGettingBetter*Day ago

    Update: Most likely ellen lol.. ,-,

  25. *AyHerAim IsGettingBetter*

    *AyHerAim IsGettingBetter*Day ago

    6:55 we will never know what she is looking at. Could be a lemon, a waterMELOOONN! WHOS KNOWS!

  26. Pancakes

    PancakesDay ago

    At 6:09 the one in the dress was from bunk’d just sayin.

  27. 2005 Amelia

    2005 AmeliaDay ago

    Please invite Why Don’t We on your show!

  28. therandom

    therandomDay ago

    is it just me that was playing along? I got one wrong😂

  29. Fun Games

    Fun Games2 days ago

    Lets play who’s the dummest! I WON!

  30. Steph H

    Steph H2 days ago

    Is it bad that I’m in high school and knew all of these answers?! 😂

  31. I Always Slay

    I Always Slay2 days ago

    Swear I got all these right

  32. Gadas

    Gadas2 days ago

    Got them all right 😂 got pretty lucky on some of them although it was an educational guess. Process of elimination and going for what it's mostly be.

  33. NNelson

    NNelson2 days ago

    That youtube question was some bullshit tho...

  34. Fire Dan

    Fire Dan2 days ago

    It said 107 people left then 119. I think we have some cheaters

  35. Gemma x x

    Gemma x x2 days ago

    Lol so many cheaters

  36. Squigz Barnes

    Squigz Barnes2 days ago

    3:36 I knew that one cause my uncles name is Jason....

  37. Chris Carter

    Chris Carter2 days ago

    That wasn’t even hard WHAT

  38. Sophia Pereda

    Sophia Pereda2 days ago

    It is so funny how they carry TVs so light le

  39. Evan Merical

    Evan Merical3 days ago

    If only I could have been lucky enough to been there. There would have been two left. Surprising how many people thought Facebook was invented in 2005.

  40. Zintik

    Zintik3 days ago

    I don't like a June... In my country summer is replaced with Rainy Season. What's worse 80% of my birthdays were raining. It's in June.

  41. SweetPea Games

    SweetPea Games3 days ago

    Wow the answer was MReporter and im 9 and i even know that

  42. Kaila Raye

    Kaila Raye3 days ago

    Ok so I like how Ellen said 107 people left but next round 119 were right... bunch of cheating cheaters

  43. Darla G

    Darla G3 days ago

    Ellen: *sneezes* Audience: *standing ovation* AHHHSBDHFJEIEKSKXJNEEJIDIFIRJEBFJDIWIDJFBEJE

  44. Isabelle clarke

    Isabelle clarke4 days ago

    On the MReporter one I knew it but people didn’t my only one right

  45. Aditya Mota

    Aditya Mota4 days ago

    Who else knew everything

  46. Daksh Kant

    Daksh Kant4 days ago

    3:46 what a savage😂😂😂

  47. Mia Pichardo

    Mia Pichardo4 days ago

    Who putted One Direction HAHAHAHAH

  48. TheDarkAmethyst OG

    TheDarkAmethyst OG4 days ago

    It is youtube 'half of the crowd sits down' LMAO

  49. Cayla Lynett.¿

    Cayla Lynett.¿4 days ago

    I got all right, and im 12. HA

  50. habiba king

    habiba king4 days ago

    Sandwiches are not here in belguim😎😎😎

  51. habiba king

    habiba king4 days ago

    I am from belguim😀😀😀😊😊😊☺☺

  52. Nova Biswas

    Nova Biswas4 days ago

    I got 3 wrong and I’m 11.

  53. •QueenChipp• Owo

    •QueenChipp• Owo5 days ago

    Who else got all of them right?

  54. Preston CSGO

    Preston CSGO5 days ago

    Lmao I got every one

  55. Aziz Alshatti

    Aziz Alshatti5 days ago

    im born on june 😎

  56. Stoned *

    Stoned *5 days ago

    In this show u get a tv if you’re smart In my house you get nothing

  57. Ida Sieger

    Ida Sieger5 days ago

    The questions are very easy...

  58. Kera Mo

    Kera Mo5 days ago

    Knowing pop culture doesn’t make you smart...

  59. Rexell Valencia

    Rexell Valencia5 days ago

    The fat lady:im si gona win yay Dr greys mom:ya im so smart

  60. Zeniya X

    Zeniya X5 days ago

    my bday is in June

  61. Spudi Spud

    Spudi Spud5 days ago

    I got an ad for algebra

  62. negative nancy

    negative nancy5 days ago

    I think the only one that did *not* cheat was the woman dancing with the floral dress.

  63. ABoredGamer

    ABoredGamer5 days ago


  64. Christopher Mania

    Christopher Mania6 days ago

    People are cheating because at 3:29 that question 107 got it right but for the next question 119 go it right

  65. George Walters

    George Walters6 days ago

    I got every single one except for the MReporter 2005 one I said Facebook

  66. Madness Jack

    Madness Jack6 days ago

    the test doesn’t work because most of the audience are women.

  67. Beth O

    Beth O7 days ago

    Your the smartest person here? Nice! Now go rot your brain with some Netflix and Amazon Prime videos.

  68. George Skinner

    George Skinner7 days ago

    Hmmmm 7 people got the Oregon question right but 9 people answered the Belgium question...

  69. Evelyn Brown

    Evelyn Brown7 days ago

    I love Ellen sossss MUCH😘😘😘😘

  70. Satchin Joseph

    Satchin Joseph7 days ago

    Only 16 people answered correctly for which company was founded in 2005, yet 17 people answer the next question correctly. Wtf

  71. Kayla Abernathy

    Kayla Abernathy7 days ago

    I would have won

  72. Casey McNulty

    Casey McNulty7 days ago


  73. Geoff Wigington

    Geoff Wigington8 days ago

    I knew the month one because of the Jason Derulo vine

  74. sarah

    sarah8 days ago

    I got all of those correct fairly easily....

  75. almost fruit

    almost fruit8 days ago

    Those questions truly do not show how smart you are. And why in dear God would anyone think that the Q in IQ stands for quiz.

  76. Pug lover girl 321

    Pug lover girl 3218 days ago

    Me duhhh

  77. Tia Pitman

    Tia Pitman8 days ago

    how do ppl not know that mandarin is one of the most used language 😂 china has so many ppl

  78. Unicorn LIFE

    Unicorn LIFE9 days ago

    Wow even I know it was Leonardo de Vinci

  79. Ger Costello

    Ger Costello9 days ago

    I guess we already know who it is because of the thumbnail

  80. Yash Patel

    Yash Patel9 days ago

    Again Intelligence makes money. Dumbasses just be greedy.

  81. BaoNgoc Pham

    BaoNgoc Pham9 days ago

    0:08 *juuuuune*

  82. Ephesian Morris

    Ephesian Morris9 days ago

    My b day is innnn june

  83. Estee Loo

    Estee Loo9 days ago

    I got 2 wrong

  84. Derek Mizumoto

    Derek Mizumoto9 days ago

    so if someone got all of them right, would that imply that they were smarter than the entire audience at an ellen show? o.O personally i missed a few, but i don't put much weight in trivia.

  85. yourdad

    yourdad9 days ago

    go sit on the Ellen jail for stealing a free hat

  86. ShaIeh

    ShaIeh9 days ago

    I like how in 5:34 seven people advances and in 6:03 there’s 9 people that were in the next question. Cool. I found some cheaters

  87. bulletyour journal

    bulletyour journal9 days ago

    i’m literally 12 i got all of these right and i don’t even live in america bhaha

  88. Kiki K

    Kiki K10 days ago

    Let's be honest half of them cheated and the other half guessed. And btw the questions were really easy, you don't have to be smart to know this it's common knowledge.

  89. Phebe Bekker

    Phebe Bekker10 days ago

    I got all of those right!!!!!!!

  90. Ellie Marston

    Ellie Marston10 days ago

    "Mona Lisa was created by Bob Ross" -Audience Member 2018

  91. Yelena Rivera

    Yelena Rivera10 days ago

    The lady at 6:10 in the pink and blue dress was in a episode of Bunk’d when she was judging the camp

  92. Ana Maria

    Ana Maria10 days ago

    did Anyone realise that Ellen said 107 left and there were 119 right ar the next question

  93. Mary Anne

    Mary Anne10 days ago

    Ellen gives away big gifts. Audience comes to get gifts. Ellen humiliates her audience. Audience comes back for more intimidation. Ellen gets paid millions. get it yet?

  94. Grace May

    Grace May10 days ago

    Boi they should have done kahoot

  95. kimaya panash

    kimaya panash10 days ago

    see now this seems fair

  96. Amalate 123

    Amalate 12310 days ago

    In June is my birth day

  97. god is a woman

    god is a woman10 days ago

    u mean *why are americans too dumb to answer those questions

  98. initialz MLG

    initialz MLG10 days ago

    @ 4:42 it says the total people who voted where 96 instead of 86

  99. Fullmetal Shenron

    Fullmetal Shenron10 days ago

    0:00 I’m waiting for the reaction on September

  100. Natalie Abesdris

    Natalie Abesdris10 days ago

    i could have been the 2nd smartest audience member if i were at that show