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  2. Jake Ny

    Jake NyYear ago


  3. It’s Andy

    It’s AndyYear ago

    REACT male teen react to lana del rey (ps 3 time asking)

  4. cristiane ferreira

    cristiane ferreiraYear ago

    elders react to Cyndi Lauper

  5. Ten-G

    Ten-GYear ago

    make a lana del rey part two reaction or at least lust for life reaction

  6. Janine Baxter

    Janine BaxterYear ago

    elders react to florence and the machine

  7. JustJack

    JustJackYear ago

    Please react to PRAYING BY KESHA!!!

  8. 0nionbooty

    0nionbootyYear ago

    elders react to daniel is the real bully in the karate kid pls.

  9. Electra Dolan

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  10. Turtle Friend :D

    Turtle Friend :DYear ago

    Do panic! At the disco!!!!

  11. GordonB Man

    GordonB ManYear ago

    I remember my 50year old german teacher (im also german) walking into the classroom, the radio was on, started playing " videogames", he just sat on his chair and listened to it the whole length , not moving an inch ... he was really touched, not knowing the lyrics, just the way lana sings :o

  12. Lauren Zama

    Lauren ZamaYear ago

    Mark is delicious. Im very young Mark but I bet I could teach you a few things

  13. Lauren S

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  14. wanderlust

    wanderlustYear ago

    Elders react to blink-182

  15. Cláudio Júnior

    Cláudio JúniorYear ago

    where in this world could Alex be an elder?!

  16. Kady Bower

    Kady BowerYear ago

    Me emocioné al ver esto😍

  17. alejandra Barona

    alejandra BaronaYear ago

    yo igual, ellos tienen el mismo sentimiento que yo cuando conocí la música de ♥♥♥♥ lana ♥♥♥♥

  18. CheesecakeLasagna

    CheesecakeLasagnaYear ago

    Ruby and I share the same fascination for lyrics, I love it!

  19. King

    KingYear ago

    loltia makes me go crazy!

  20. I can't help falling in love with TØP and Lana

    I can't help falling in love with TØP and LanaYear ago

    im 14 n i love lana so much...shes my favorite...i love her songs so much...SUMMERTIME SADNESS 😚

  21. Huếly Phạm

    Huếly PhạmYear ago

    pls translate in french 😢

  22. Best4rm TheWest

    Best4rm TheWestYear ago

    Elders react to tupac 🙏🏼

  23. Lorena Tapia

    Lorena TapiaYear ago

    React to Cardi B !!!!!!!!!

  24. Elle

    ElleYear ago

    I was ready to fight these old people but they were all pretty chill

  25. ellie

    ellieYear ago

    Elders react to Tame Impala

  26. Gbe Guwop

    Gbe GuwopYear ago

    Elders react to trailer park boys

  27. Gbe Guwop

    Gbe GuwopYear ago

    Elders react to the Eric Andre show

  28. Gbe Guwop

    Gbe GuwopYear ago

    Elders react to 21savage

  29. Cooper Hingst

    Cooper HingstYear ago

    React to Frank Ocean!!

  30. TheAtomicBang

    TheAtomicBangYear ago

    Do Florence Welch pls

  31. RocketDuck

    RocketDuckYear ago

    Please make "Elders react to: Everyday bro" I need to hear them talk about the glorius line "England is my city"!

  32. Poison Ivy

    Poison IvyYear ago

    sud spañihs?:(

  33. MadisonH2112

    MadisonH2112Year ago

    I suggested this format before Christmas time last year and I'm glad they are finally doing it this way!

  34. PhantomMatrix

    PhantomMatrixYear ago

    They never play any other Lana songs on radio stations except remix summer time. wonder why?

  35. Arthur morgan

    Arthur morganYear ago

    PhantomMatrix ikr its so rare

  36. Chloe Harmony

    Chloe HarmonyYear ago

    Breakdown Strangers by Halsey

  37. cache

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  38. Isaiah Lara

    Isaiah LaraYear ago

    Do a teens lyric breakdown on the song wild thoughts

  39. Sr Argentino

    Sr ArgentinoYear ago

    La primera vez que escuché Cola no entendí nada y quedé impactado 😂

  40. Skodwarde

    SkodwardeYear ago

    oh man what's gonna happen when they listen to Lust for Life? it's way different than any of this

  41. felipe_ ssilva

    felipe_ ssilvaYear ago

    muito decepcionada! a descrição do vídeo está em português, mas não tem legenda...

  42. Artur Beal

    Artur BealYear ago

    conteúdo de qualidade

  43. Artur Beal

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  44. Getoffmychannel

    GetoffmychannelYear ago

    I love these people 😂😂

  45. Zan

    ZanYear ago

    Lana is a global treasure

  46. Ben Smith

    Ben SmithYear ago

    oh what a long, full, overrated career she has had

  47. emma

    emmaYear ago

    The man who said he was chocked up made me feel like crying, this video made my whole day better.

  48. Char Lotte

    Char LotteYear ago

    How abt melanie marti

  49. Frank Henrique

    Frank HenriqueYear ago


  50. Thiago Muniz

    Thiago MunizYear ago

    lyrics in portuguese***

  51. Brenda R.

    Brenda R.Year ago

    Please we need an elders react to arctic monkeys!!!!!

  52. Jeremy Ely

    Jeremy ElyYear ago

    This warms my heart.

  53. ChristinaDelRey

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  54. Donnie Fulcrest

    Donnie FulcrestYear ago

    Elders react to lil pump

  55. Grace Martin

    Grace MartinYear ago

    I love these old people lol

  56. Charlyjaja

    CharlyjajaYear ago


  57. Stephen Riordan

    Stephen RiordanYear ago

    There's something very special about hearing older people connect with lyrics from contemporary songs. It's amazing to see them being brought back to the past through Lana's music.

  58. Елена Потехина

    Елена ПотехинаYear ago

    react to London Grammar)

  59. MrHunter9511

    MrHunter9511Year ago

    Love her

  60. ChristinaDelRey

    ChristinaDelReyYear ago

    she's awesome

  61. Ellis

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  62. John Jacob

    John JacobYear ago

    listen up kids these alte cockers they're basically saying that this chick is out of the past much wiser than her years. after listening to them comment on the songs I have no doubt that this woman has a very strong career ahead of her.

  63. IUphanatic1

    IUphanatic1Year ago

    elders react to tame impala

  64. iraida

    iraidaYear ago

    elders react to HALSEY please, that would be the dream!

  65. iraida

    iraidaYear ago

    "younger people are listening to that?" *yes, very sad and young people listen to that. like crazy young like 14+ young*

  66. alina h

    alina hYear ago

    "how the hell do you top this" hahahaha you dont its lana del rey

  67. Karine Pierre

    Karine PierreYear ago

    I am so happy that they liked it because I am such a huge fan I know all the songs and ever word of it

  68. I'm the fking sun from the Teletubbies

    I'm the fking sun from the TeletubbiesYear ago

    Hi Please do a react video of The Neighbourhood ❤❤❤

  69. Mariela Martinez

    Mariela MartinezYear ago

    I love how all of them close their eyes not my choice but by instinct just taking in her voice and Melody

  70. haley baade

    haley baadeYear ago

    elders reacting to frank ocean would be cool

  71. Carti

    CartiYear ago

    haley baade strawberry swing

  72. Rollin Love

    Rollin LoveYear ago

    Elders React to Melodrama (album)

  73. jonthology

    jonthologyYear ago

    Oh man I wish they'd done young and beautiful. Have them react to that & gatsby!

  74. S R

    S RYear ago

    jonthology oh man , yes !

  75. Cat Videos yay!

    Cat Videos yay!Year ago

    Lana is AMAZING at lyrics the way she writes is just it makes you melt with nostalgia.

  76. Esther Salomé

    Esther SaloméYear ago

    You're the greatest Lana ! Love you and you're voice .... ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  77. Lexie Falla

    Lexie FallaYear ago

    it was refreshing to see the elders react crew respond positively to some current music!

  78. Lexie Falla

    Lexie FallaYear ago

    also, Mark certainly doesn't look like he belongs on Elders React

  79. Leilanie Alfaro

    Leilanie AlfaroYear ago

    I wanna slap the english bitch😡

  80. eunice anita

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  81. Dylan John

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  82. Simón Sarmiento

    Simón SarmientoYear ago

    Break down stan by eminem plisssss

  83. lαylα l

    lαylα lYear ago

    Simon x417 thats a type of song you would have to listen to the whole thing to get, not just a snippet like they do here 😏

  84. Ahren Smith

    Ahren SmithYear ago

    I love this videoooo

  85. ashton brown

    ashton brownYear ago

    Elders React to Greta Van Fleet!!

  86. Chandra Pourner

    Chandra PournerYear ago

    Could we get a breakdown of Kesha's Praying? Or maybe Twenty One Pilot's greatest hits?

  87. Iggy L.

    Iggy L.Year ago

    Elders react to Corey Taylor's songs!

  88. đông trịnh

    đông trịnhYear ago

    More Lana Del Rey plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  89. steven

    stevenYear ago

    It makes me so happy that they like lana. Make another video showing the music vids!!

  90. J K

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  91. mcdonald 1234

    mcdonald 1234Year ago

    J K no thanks

  92. Snehahaahaa

    SnehahaahaaYear ago

    Did they see the videos to it as well, or did they see Lana at all?

  93. MohaMmeDq8q

    MohaMmeDq8qYear ago

    That lady in pink really pissed me off

  94. w0wmarnz

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  95. leegoldberg

    leegoldbergYear ago

    That woman in the pink top definitely tastes like coca cola.

  96. Jared Duffee

    Jared DuffeeYear ago

    Do Florence + the Machine!

  97. sunsite15

    sunsite15Year ago

    Jared Duffee omg florence would be awesome

  98. Sanam attarha

    Sanam attarhaYear ago

    Her voice gives me chills

  99. Giulia Colangelo

    Giulia ColangeloYear ago

    the woman in pink just pissed me off through out the whole video

  100. dabbytabby

    dabbytabbyYear ago

    made me so happy 😭

  101. Rainbow Loser

    Rainbow LoserYear ago

    Please do Marina and The Diamonds and Halsey

  102. lifeisabeautiful.d.i.s.a.s.t.e.r

    lifeisabeautiful.d.i.s.a.s.t.e.rYear ago

    Now I got to listen to Lana del Rey :D

  103. Mystique

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  104. Sara Scar

    Sara ScarYear ago

    *this video made me so happy I can't believe it!* ❤😍

  105. Lexie Pepe

    Lexie PepeYear ago

    I cant believe that i forgot about lana del rey

  106. Michael Martin

    Michael MartinYear ago

    Ruby is my favorite

  107. hie huniie i-

    hie huniie i-Year ago

    last lana del ray video brought me here

  108. Shakshyam

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  109. ClusterNation

    ClusterNationYear ago

    Please do this with Hozier!!

  110. Pia Kristiina

    Pia KristiinaYear ago

    I love how they get all excited once they hear the music style, especially the comment "and you mean that younger people are listening that?" like a positive surprise, awh.

  111. Lorey Mae Nangit

    Lorey Mae NangitYear ago

    Pia Kristiina yes so touching though 😢

  112. Cameron Sena

    Cameron SenaYear ago

    The woman in the pink shirt is deaf as hell

  113. ̇ ͜ʟ ̇

    ̇ ͜ʟ ̇Year ago

    She probably grew up with a different variety of music, so of course she'd prefer different music

  114. Prigoxin

    PrigoxinYear ago

    Cameron Sena Just because she has a different opinion to you? Pathetic.

  115. Angel Tang

    Angel TangYear ago

    don , catherine , and rock are my favorite elder ppl

  116. Nora -_-

    Nora -_-Year ago

    please do marina and the diamonds next

  117. Iga Sienkiewicz

    Iga SienkiewiczYear ago

    react to Florence!!

  118. Ji Hwan Kim

    Ji Hwan KimYear ago

    Where the fk is young and beautiful?

  119. Daniel the blasphemer

    Daniel the blasphemerYear ago

    the elders should react to the band GostTown

  120. YoureboiDylan

    YoureboiDylanYear ago

    why haven't I seen logic at least 1800

  121. Xox Xox

    Xox XoxYear ago

    I really enjoyed this, they remind me of English teachers reading poems 😂

  122. Syl

    SylYear ago

    Hannah Dopper honestly 😂