ELDERS REACT TO POST MALONE (Psycho, Rockstar, White Iverson)


  1. FBE

    FBE4 months ago

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  2. Jake Skager

    Jake Skager3 months ago

    FBE pls do Tyler the creator

  3. Mackenzie Gladden

    Mackenzie Gladden3 months ago

    "Big rings, shampane, I like those things too, and confetti" -my idol

  4. Sirena Hart

    Sirena Hart3 months ago

    Please do Teens or Kids REACT to Miraculous Ladybug or Akidearest Or Another Try Not to Sing but with anime openings(include Inuyasha please)

  5. CQ 1205

    CQ 12054 months ago

    FBE ii

  6. John DoeBoy

    John DoeBoy4 months ago

    FBE elders react to beerbongs and Bentley’s

  7. Chise Hatori

    Chise Hatori3 months ago

    "Got enough tattoos?", oh you!

  8. Josh S

    Josh S3 months ago

    Post with the dreamy grooves

  9. toast

    toast3 months ago

    4:13 i like this one.

  10. ttes cs

    ttes cs3 months ago

    React to lil peep

  11. H3avyPlayz

    H3avyPlayz3 months ago


  12. Sundar Rajan

    Sundar Rajan3 months ago

    I like post Malone songs but most of the time I won't understand the lyrics

  13. LR210

    LR2103 months ago

    0:48 this lady is on to something. also I love how open they are to his music its beautiful to see

  14. AeipathyOfApril

    AeipathyOfApril3 months ago

    Josie is adorable omg

  15. lemøn lime

    lemøn lime3 months ago

    AeipathyOfApril ikr 😂

  16. Joseph Johnson

    Joseph Johnson3 months ago

    "What a dreamy voice"

  17. lukiskok1

    lukiskok13 months ago

    Elders react to 6ix9ine

  18. Greecing

    Greecing3 months ago


  19. Dr Deckwaan

    Dr Deckwaan3 months ago


  20. son of a gun

    son of a gun3 months ago


  21. Jaciel Alvarez

    Jaciel Alvarez3 months ago

    Elders react to machine gun kelly

  22. Javier Delgado

    Javier Delgado3 months ago


  23. XV

    XV3 months ago

    lil peep better off, white tee

  24. Daniel Ortega

    Daniel Ortega3 months ago

    Elders react to Phora 💙


    XZIBIT KILLZZ3 months ago

    Elders react to 6ix9ine

  26. Sebastian Selwanes

    Sebastian Selwanes3 months ago

    Elders react to higher brothers

  27. dragon mamba21

    dragon mamba213 months ago

    Psycho is my fav song now

  28. Mr. エllυѕιonzz

    Mr. エllυѕιonzz3 months ago

    "Big Rings, Champagne i Like those things too" We Need More Elders Just like glorie😂😂

  29. Slighthunder45

    Slighthunder453 months ago

    Omfg when it got to the first add when he lights a cigarette in Congratulations the anti-smoking add came up and I died😂

  30. Logan Webb

    Logan Webb3 months ago

    It isn’t post apocalyptic it’s Post Malone.

  31. Thot Tagger

    Thot Tagger3 months ago

    Logan Webb Post apocalyptic Post Malone

  32. Dasha m

    Dasha m3 months ago

    Please do lil peep

  33. SonOfABudda 13

    SonOfABudda 133 months ago

    Post Malone is awesome I also love his music

  34. Thanea Bobis

    Thanea Bobis3 months ago

    please react to bazzi!!!!!!!

  35. Lana Miaa

    Lana Miaa3 months ago

    react to lil peep pls

  36. Kasu kasu

    Kasu kasu3 months ago

    00:48 I kept thinking she was gonna say "Post Malone"

  37. Kasu kasu

    Kasu kasu3 months ago

    Josie so cute 😂😂😭

  38. Nicholas Riley

    Nicholas Riley3 months ago

    Elders React to Lil Peep

  39. Henrique Silva

    Henrique Silva3 months ago

    How you wouldn't do IMAGINE DRAGONS yet?!! Pleaaaase... UP IT!

  40. Bonsairipper

    Bonsairipper3 months ago

    Post apocalyptic post modern post malone?

  41. ramadhan bin usman

    ramadhan bin usman3 months ago

    Shiloh pls

  42. Dae Rodriguez

    Dae Rodriguez3 months ago

    Lil Peep..it’d be interesting to hear their perspectives

  43. San Pav

    San Pav3 months ago

    „Or they hear a kis yodeling at a department store“ 😂😂😂😂 im done

  44. Muffin Man

    Muffin Man3 months ago

    0:48 no it’s Post Malone

  45. abbiecheers

    abbiecheers3 months ago

    *well that’s a little graphic*

  46. Ryan 6290

    Ryan 62903 months ago

    I thought postie was in his 40’s 😂😂

  47. Xavier Daniswara

    Xavier Daniswara3 months ago

    Elders react to Rich Brian pleasee

  48. Guillaume Pépin-Larivière

    Guillaume Pépin-Larivière3 months ago

    Xavier Daniswara rich chigga you mean?

  49. Hanna Baker

    Hanna Baker3 months ago

    lolllll the old lady with the red and blue shirt was just like kris Jenner

  50. Antonia Prince

    Antonia Prince3 months ago

    Glorie 😂😂

  51. adam fox

    adam fox3 months ago

    And lots of confetti!

  52. Matt Beals

    Matt Beals3 months ago

    Or you hear a kid yodeling at a department store...grandpa?

  53. Mario Campbell

    Mario Campbell3 months ago


  54. Anya

    Anya3 months ago

    I love how the elders are so positive and open to everything!!

  55. Quinty V

    Quinty V3 months ago

    0:50 "post modern" so close

  56. Rachel Riley

    Rachel Riley3 months ago


  57. demboii

    demboii3 months ago

    0:48 nope its post malone

  58. FYRE

    FYRE3 months ago

    Jacksonnie lol

  59. Annalie Diaz

    Annalie Diaz3 months ago

    Do Elders react to Harry Styles

  60. honeytae

    honeytae3 months ago

    Omg yessss

  61. Eddy Phiri

    Eddy Phiri3 months ago

    React to Lecrae

  62. Fab2cent

    Fab2cent3 months ago

    Eddy Phiri that would be awesome

  63. The LonelyWolf

    The LonelyWolf3 months ago

    Glorie: '' is this a post apocalyptic post modern kind of mad max world?''. Me : NO, ITS POST MALONE HEHEHE :D

  64. Logan Dunn

    Logan Dunn3 months ago

    Elders react to chevelle

  65. Atrian_Op

    Atrian_Op3 months ago

    Do elders react to Battlefield V trailer.

  66. Casey Khaleq

    Casey Khaleq3 months ago


  67. drizzy alexa

    drizzy alexa3 months ago

    What a dreeeamy grOoVe

  68. kawaii kleinie

    kawaii kleinie3 months ago

    Elders react to of mice and men

  69. deed fffe

    deed fffe3 months ago

    wHaT a DrEaMy Gr0oVe

  70. deed fffe

    deed fffe3 months ago

    elders react to 6ixnine

  71. Ariel Cruz

    Ariel Cruz3 months ago

    Elders react to NF

  72. Thomas krom

    Thomas krom3 months ago

    React to 69

  73. Gábor Tóth

    Gábor Tóth3 months ago

    Please react to $UICIDEBOY$

  74. poutipou

    poutipou3 months ago

    Post Malone is such a great artist! He brings something new to the industry and it's just the beginning 💛

  75. Emil Andersen

    Emil Andersen3 months ago

    Elders react to 21 savage pleaaaseeee!

  76. Trey Wagnon

    Trey Wagnon3 months ago

    What a dreamy groove

  77. poutipou

    poutipou3 months ago


  78. Denis

    Denis3 months ago

    "Big rings, champagne, i like those things too, and lots of confetti." LMAAAO, that lady is awesome..

  79. Spyros Depountis

    Spyros Depountis3 months ago

    PLease do elders react to Public Enemy or NWA

  80. V Theady

    V Theady3 months ago

    Please do adults react to lil peep

  81. Kayla A

    Kayla A3 months ago

    Machine gun kelly

  82. NSL 3tch35

    NSL 3tch353 months ago

    React to lil tay 😂😂

  83. Bryant Mayes

    Bryant Mayes3 months ago

    Lil peep

  84. ary coleman

    ary coleman3 months ago

    Elders React To NAS!!!!!

  85. Malicious

    Malicious3 months ago

    react to lil uzi

  86. ImAsAvAgE23

    ImAsAvAgE233 months ago

    The one we’re they were wondering what it refers to (white iverson)is about basketball

  87. cj reims

    cj reims3 months ago

    Have the elders react to the austin post days like his dont think twice cover

  88. John Carlo

    John Carlo3 months ago

    React to IV of Spades!

  89. April Bee

    April Bee3 months ago

    Lady in the purple silk jacket who made the mad max reference, would you be my grandma?!

  90. thendo Ndou Malakate

    thendo Ndou Malakate3 months ago

    no you can't have her ...i want her to be my mimo

  91. Tiago Lopes

    Tiago Lopes3 months ago

    Do react to ASAP Rocky!!!

  92. Howling Wolfies

    Howling Wolfies3 months ago

    "ouh that was intense"

  93. Brandon Soto

    Brandon Soto3 months ago

    React to rich brian

  94. Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia3 months ago

    Elders react to infant annihilator

  95. Hel Heim

    Hel Heim3 months ago


  96. April Bee

    April Bee3 months ago

    I was thinking along the same lines. And Necrophagist please!

  97. Snagxvr

    Snagxvr3 months ago

    Elders react to Juice Wrld, lucid dreams, all girls are the same, my x was poison, moonlight, and maybe some other songs

  98. Soumak Nandi

    Soumak Nandi3 months ago

    His videos are... Beautiful!

  99. Soumak Nandi

    Soumak Nandi3 months ago

    *CONFETTI !!!!*

  100. XZXZ

    XZXZ3 months ago

    React to the white stripes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Colin Dugan

    Colin Dugan3 months ago

    He is a child of god

  102. Alberto Carbajal

    Alberto Carbajal3 months ago

    Jesus Christ am I not a child of god too

  103. Sean Kaneshiro

    Sean Kaneshiro3 months ago

    I'm buying it on the name alone 😂😂

  104. Arielle

    Arielle3 months ago


  105. McSackerstein ;p;

    McSackerstein ;p;3 months ago

    I like the beat.

  106. RunbowTM

    RunbowTM3 months ago

    C O N F E T T I E S

  107. Demaree Medina

    Demaree Medina3 months ago

    I love the lady in the red coat 😂😍

  108. Mark Millan

    Mark Millan3 months ago

    I like the beat.

  109. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob3 months ago

    Juice wrld

  110. Trent Thomas

    Trent Thomas3 months ago

    That lady in the blue and red lowkey a freak

  111. Jake Skager

    Jake Skager3 months ago

    Tyler the creator pls

  112. Albert Ho

    Albert Ho3 months ago

    Elders react to Danielle Bregoli’s debut on that show 😂😂😂😂💀

  113. jelaycia herrera

    jelaycia herrera3 months ago

    You go josie you're doing it right👏👏👏

  114. Blake Bolwin

    Blake Bolwin3 months ago

    0:48 no this is post Malone....

  115. LG Ad3pt

    LG Ad3pt3 months ago

    Blake Bolwin you know what she meant

  116. Josue lainez mejia

    Josue lainez mejia3 months ago

    Elders reacts to tekashi69

  117. Noah Daniel Bagby

    Noah Daniel Bagby3 months ago

    React to chun li