ELDERS REACT TO POST MALONE (Psycho, Rockstar, White Iverson)


  1. FBE

    FBEYear ago

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  2. Tay k-47

    Tay k-47Year ago

    FBE pls do Tyler the creator

  3. Mackenzie Gladden

    Mackenzie GladdenYear ago

    "Big rings, shampane, I like those things too, and confetti" -my idol

  4. Sirena Hart

    Sirena HartYear ago

    Please do Teens or Kids REACT to Miraculous Ladybug or Akidearest Or Another Try Not to Sing but with anime openings(include Inuyasha please)

  5. CQ 1205

    CQ 1205Year ago

    FBE ii

  6. John DoeBoy

    John DoeBoyYear ago

    FBE elders react to beerbongs and Bentley’s

  7. Chise Hatori

    Chise HatoriYear ago

    "Got enough tattoos?", oh you!

  8. Josh S

    Josh SYear ago

    Post with the dreamy grooves

  9. الله وما شابه

    الله وما شابهYear ago

    4:13 i like this one.

  10. ttes cs

    ttes csYear ago

    React to lil peep

  11. H3avy

    H3avyYear ago


  12. Sundar Rajan

    Sundar RajanYear ago

    I like post Malone songs but most of the time I won't understand the lyrics

  13. LR210

    LR210Year ago

    0:48 this lady is on to something. also I love how open they are to his music its beautiful to see

  14. AeipathyOfApril

    AeipathyOfAprilYear ago

    Josie is adorable omg

  15. lemøn lime

    lemøn limeYear ago

    AeipathyOfApril ikr 😂

  16. Joseph Johnson

    Joseph JohnsonYear ago

    "What a dreamy voice"

  17. lukiskok1

    lukiskok1Year ago

    Elders react to 6ix9ine

  18. Jordan

    JordanYear ago


  19. Dr Deckwaan

    Dr DeckwaanYear ago


  20. Jesus Vas

    Jesus VasYear ago


  21. Jaciel Alvarez

    Jaciel AlvarezYear ago

    Elders react to machine gun kelly

  22. Javier Delgado

    Javier DelgadoYear ago


  23. XV

    XVYear ago

    lil peep better off, white tee

  24. Daniel Ortega

    Daniel OrtegaYear ago

    Elders react to Phora 💙



    Elders react to 6ix9ine

  26. Sebastian Selwanes

    Sebastian SelwanesYear ago

    Elders react to higher brothers

  27. Meaty Burrito

    Meaty BurritoYear ago

    Psycho is my fav song now

  28. Mr. エllυѕιonzz

    Mr. エllυѕιonzzYear ago

    "Big Rings, Champagne i Like those things too" We Need More Elders Just like glorie😂😂

  29. Slighthunder45

    Slighthunder45Year ago

    Omfg when it got to the first add when he lights a cigarette in Congratulations the anti-smoking add came up and I died😂

  30. Logan Webb

    Logan WebbYear ago

    It isn’t post apocalyptic it’s Post Malone.

  31. wow what a moment

    wow what a momentYear ago

    Please do lil peep

  32. Tyler Montgomery

    Tyler MontgomeryYear ago

    Post Malone is awesome I also love his music

  33. Thanea Bobis

    Thanea BobisYear ago

    please react to bazzi!!!!!!!

  34. Lana Miaa

    Lana MiaaYear ago

    react to lil peep pls

  35. Kasu kasu

    Kasu kasuYear ago

    00:48 I kept thinking she was gonna say "Post Malone"

  36. Kasu kasu

    Kasu kasuYear ago

    Josie so cute 😂😂😭

  37. Nicholas Riley

    Nicholas RileyYear ago

    Elders React to Lil Peep

  38. Henrique Silva

    Henrique SilvaYear ago

    How you wouldn't do IMAGINE DRAGONS yet?!! Pleaaaase... UP IT!

  39. Bonsairipper

    BonsairipperYear ago

    Post apocalyptic post modern post malone?

  40. ramadhan bin usman

    ramadhan bin usmanYear ago

    Shiloh pls

  41. Dae Rodriguez

    Dae RodriguezYear ago

    Lil Peep..it’d be interesting to hear their perspectives

  42. San Pav

    San PavYear ago

    „Or they hear a kis yodeling at a department store“ 😂😂😂😂 im done

  43. Muffin Man

    Muffin ManYear ago

    0:48 no it’s Post Malone

  44. abbie.

    abbie.Year ago

    *well that’s a little graphic*

  45. Ryan 6290

    Ryan 6290Year ago

    I thought postie was in his 40’s 😂😂

  46. Xavier Daniswara

    Xavier DaniswaraYear ago

    Elders react to Rich Brian pleasee

  47. Guillaume Pépin-Larivière

    Guillaume Pépin-LarivièreYear ago

    Xavier Daniswara rich chigga you mean?

  48. taryn Alexis

    taryn AlexisYear ago

    lolllll the old lady with the red and blue shirt was just like kris Jenner

  49. Antonia Prince

    Antonia PrinceYear ago

    Glorie 😂😂

  50. adam fox

    adam foxYear ago

    And lots of confetti!

  51. Matt Beals

    Matt BealsYear ago

    Or you hear a kid yodeling at a department store...grandpa?

  52. Mario Campbell

    Mario CampbellYear ago


  53. Anya

    AnyaYear ago

    I love how the elders are so positive and open to everything!!

  54. Quinty V

    Quinty VYear ago

    0:50 "post modern" so close

  55. Rachel Riley

    Rachel RileyYear ago


  56. demboii

    demboiiYear ago

    0:48 nope its post malone

  57. Neil Dandekar

    Neil DandekarYear ago

    Jacksonnie lol

  58. Annalie Diaz

    Annalie DiazYear ago

    Do Elders react to Harry Styles

  59. honeytae

    honeytaeYear ago

    Omg yessss

  60. Eddy Phiri

    Eddy PhiriYear ago

    React to Lecrae

  61. Fab2cent

    Fab2centYear ago

    Eddy Phiri that would be awesome