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  2. imablink

    imablinkMonth ago

    elders react to blackpink pls!

  3. Madi Church

    Madi ChurchMonth ago


  4. Gorethe Sousa

    Gorethe SousaMonth ago

    FBE react "Medicina" - anitta

  5. IG; OnikaMonster

    IG; OnikaMonsterMonth ago

    Please do Elders react to FEFE by 6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj !!

  6. Real Kidd

    Real KiddMonth ago

    Do teens react to Billie Eilish

  7. Zage

    ZageMonth ago

    Don is a blessing

  8. Kassandra Hanuku

    Kassandra HanukuMonth ago

    Who else sing while they are reacting xD Me

  9. Grande Reaction

    Grande ReactionMonth ago

    He doesn’t like that Ariana said god is a woman but if she respect your beliefs you need to respect hers 💛✨

  10. Grande Reaction

    Grande ReactionMonth ago

    Dont ever call Ariana Grande inexperienced ✨💛😂

  11. kaonashi

    kaonashiMonth ago

    as if she directed, the only thing she did was co-write the song and sang it.

  12. Betsy Gebhard

    Betsy GebhardMonth ago

    this choked me up because of how many of them were in support that's really amazing

  13. earthlingjay

    earthlingjayMonth ago


  14. Pimkia

    PimkiaMonth ago

    "It gets a little blasphemous" I'm laughing alone lol

  15. whome

    whomeMonth ago

    i laughed too.

  16. Wizardly 9

    Wizardly 9Month ago

    *OH YEAH! Break that glass!*

  17. Dans Twin brother

    Dans Twin brotherMonth ago

    I always thought god was either both or neither gender

  18. Julian Felix

    Julian FelixMonth ago

    BTS is the cause of my euphoria lol true, for me now I’m really just spiritual

  19. Louis' third testicle

    Louis' third testicleMonth ago

    The whole concept is binaural, it can’t be named in one way really.

  20. BTS is the cause of my euphoria

    BTS is the cause of my euphoriaMonth ago

    That's exactly what is believed in hinduism. God is formless and genderless. God is supreme consciousness. So nothing to argue about here for us hindus 😂

  21. Julian Felix

    Julian FelixMonth ago

    Dans Twin brother that’s what I was raised being told we also used to go to church like I really believe that god is just a higher entity that is masculine and feminine and god doesn’t look like what we know

  22. Ida L

    Ida LMonth ago

    3:08, 5:30 I absolutely love him!❤️

  23. Jessica. A

    Jessica. AMonth ago

    Ida L not to mention 9:40

  24. Brai G

    Brai GMonth ago

    "Sucking the teets"

  25. Soft Blue

    Soft BlueMonth ago

    It shows God’s wisdom in the proverbs with female pronouns, but in the New Testament Jesus is personified as God’s wisdom so it uses male pronouns. As well in Genesis chapter one it says both men and women were created in God’s image. So really... it’s kind of as if God could be both male and female. I mean, if God is omnipotent then why not be both genders?

  26. Soft Blue

    Soft BlueMonth ago

    Abigail Manning Really? So you think God isn’t powerful enough to be a man or a woman or both? Who are you to say what God is?

  27. Abigail Manning

    Abigail ManningMonth ago

    And i saw your other comment when God made Adam and Eve yes they were naked but that wasnt a problem at that time but since Adam Eve ate the apple nudity began as something that should be private and when the angel banned them from the garden of eaden they had to be clothed.

  28. Abigail Manning

    Abigail ManningMonth ago

    Nora Hancuff Its Gods our father not mother

  29. Aura Capriel

    Aura CaprielMonth ago


  30. xio 23

    xio 23Month ago

    Aura Capriel me neither.

  31. Даня Таргарян

    Даня ТаргарянMonth ago

    Misogynist jumped out

  32. fussyrodah

    fussyrodahMonth ago

    Then LEAVE

  33. Jessica. A

    Jessica. AMonth ago

    Then why are you watching this video?

  34. baby x

    baby xMonth ago

    the only ones that didn’t agree that god is a woman are guys..... guys aren’t better than women. we are the same. with women none of us would be here. think about that.

  35. Ojoe Max

    Ojoe MaxMonth ago

    Bruh if there is a god then there aint a gender also men are needed as well

  36. •C•

    •C•Month ago

    karen alvarez Isn't there a new science that allows woman to reproduce asexually by bone marrow or something like that?

  37. karen alvarez

    karen alvarezMonth ago

    without men neather! both are needed to bring life!

  38. Periwinkle Sloth

    Periwinkle SlothMonth ago

    Do elders react to Khalid plzz!!!

  39. ICU-I4CU

    ICU-I4CUMonth ago

    Currently, they have been releasing songs related to blasphemy. Like the light is coming then god is a woman. It's a bit obvious that they are members of... These elders are pretty smart and open.

  40. sammie jo

    sammie joMonth ago

    libby and jennifer are icons !!

  41. Valintina Broken

    Valintina BrokenMonth ago

    I’m just putting out a thought.. all babies start of as female .. that should say something does it not?

  42. Nikias Publius

    Nikias PubliusMonth ago

    Omg that was the cringiest music video ever lololol

  43. Hebgewoonwisk. inzicht

    Hebgewoonwisk. inzichtMonth ago

    God isn't woman or man. God isn't even a person. God is a force or pressence. Come at me

  44. Даня Таргарян

    Даня ТаргарянMonth ago

    Maddie_ Unicorn god is our MOTHER

  45. Emily Young

    Emily YoungMonth ago

    Hebgewoonwisk. inzicht. Amen🙏

  46. Kayla Marshall

    Kayla MarshallMonth ago

    NNT Flow if you actually read the bible you would now that it clarifies God is a man......so come at me with YOUR lack of knowledge

  47. Kayla Marshall

    Kayla MarshallMonth ago

    Sd D he because I'm the bible it says God the FATHER.....therfore God is a man

  48. NNT Flow

    NNT FlowMonth ago

    In Hinduism or Buddhism and many other religions. There is both Female, Male and Gender less God. Come at Me with your lack of Knowledge.

  49. Dyl -

    Dyl -Month ago

    The Texan is a snowflake.

  50. Erik Nyberg

    Erik NybergMonth ago

    Fun fact: Ariana Grande needed three men and a male producer to write a song about how "God" is a woman.

  51. Zage

    ZageMonth ago

    We get it your sexist

  52. Даня Таргарян

    Даня ТаргарянMonth ago

    Thanks for disregarding Ariana

  53. NNT Flow

    NNT FlowMonth ago

    Fun fact: in Buddhism and Hinduism there are Female God.

  54. Katt 02

    Katt 02Month ago

    I understand her point of the video, it's talking about her being good in bed, but on the point of God being a woman. Women are made in the image of man. Women were made from Adams rib, so man is made in the image of God. Therefore God is a man.

  55. Katt 02

    Katt 02Month ago

    BTS is the cause of my euphoria You do understand that not all science is right. Right?

  56. BTS is the cause of my euphoria

    BTS is the cause of my euphoriaMonth ago

    You talk as if that is a scientific fact lmao😂

  57. Даня Таргарян

    Даня ТаргарянMonth ago

    Women give life. Why men don't do that huh. Women are true heroes who survive huge pain while God do nothing.

  58. Peachy Bluu

    Peachy BluuMonth ago

    Shane Durnion PREACH!

  59. Shane Durnion

    Shane DurnionMonth ago

    Women give life, man only had a rib to give.

  60. Jaquin Donn

    Jaquin DonnMonth ago

    Rocky is my spirit animal

  61. Chloe Lewis

    Chloe LewisMonth ago

    The elders that respect ariana and this song are iconic

  62. Xander  Vin Collin Lie

    Xander Vin Collin LieMonth ago

    It's for woman's right, she knew that god is a man😂😂😂

  63. flint flurry

    flint flurryMonth ago

    Yeah but she could have framed it in a different way. She got a lot of backlads. The graphic designer is quite good but she did nt pay him/her well cause quality was quite low.

  64. Xander  Vin Collin Lie

    Xander Vin Collin LieMonth ago

    Maddie_ Unicorn i was just telling the old people and sorry if I offended anyone😊😊😊

  65. Maddie_ Unicorn

    Maddie_ UnicornMonth ago

    Xander Vin Collin Lie no... that’s not what the song is about at all... pay attention to the lyrics

  66. Angela Stein

    Angela SteinMonth ago

    Hahaha this is so good! Thanks for the video idea!

  67. Charli Hasler

    Charli HaslerMonth ago

    Don is so incredibly sweet!

  68. Craftsandclayxox

    CraftsandclayxoxMonth ago

    She’s not even making a political point she is literally saying how she’s so good in bed that the man she’s with thinks she’s god.

  69. Rawr

    RawrMonth ago

    Craftsandclayxox it's like Side to Side all over again. I still remember when everyone suddenly realized that song was about her getting railed so hard she couldnt walk straight. Just a matter of time before people come to the same realization about this one, lol.

  70. Jennifer Park

    Jennifer ParkMonth ago

    Finally someone who understands the lyrics 😂

  71. Maddie_ Unicorn

    Maddie_ UnicornMonth ago

    Anıl Tankut Dilaver it’s true... it’s not an opinion. It’s a fact! Listen to the lyrics

  72. Maddie_ Unicorn

    Maddie_ UnicornMonth ago

    Craftsandclayxox exactly 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  73. Zak

    ZakMonth ago


  74. Dixon D

    Dixon DMonth ago

    0:08 god honest truth

  75. Jon Targaryen

    Jon TargaryenMonth ago

    Is it just me, or am i the only one who can't barely understand what Ariana sings? The only thing I can make out is "god is a woman" and I don't understand anything else. annunciation isn't really her strong suit.

  76. Bonnet Reactions

    Bonnet ReactionsMonth ago

    Jon Targaryen no she aunnicates pretty well you just can't understand her, lol.

  77. K H

    K HMonth ago

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE DON 👏🏽👏🏽 he just gets it x

  78. SlightlyUnderAverage

    SlightlyUnderAverageMonth ago

    Probably the MOST talented pop artist around now. And the song is banging btw

  79. SlightlyUnderAverage

    SlightlyUnderAverageMonth ago

    G that’s cruel but he has a nutty vocal range

  80. SlightlyUnderAverage

    SlightlyUnderAverageMonth ago

    G that’s cruel I prefer Panics! music, seen them live at Reading festival but I got to give it to Ariana

  81. G that’s cruel

    G that’s cruelMonth ago

    SlightlyUnderAverage *Cough cough* Brendon Urie *cough cough*

  82. Beautiful Love

    Beautiful LoveMonth ago

    Ok people need to keep I mind that this is is a song and “God is a woman” is a metaphor.

  83. hazz on fire

    hazz on fireMonth ago

    Don is now my favorite male on this show

  84. raxotube

    raxotubeMonth ago

    09:52 shoutout to Hannah Baker??? Did she request that in one of her tapes??

  85. EXO LOVE

    EXO LOVEMonth ago

    raxotube lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂

  86. Maddie_ Unicorn

    Maddie_ UnicornMonth ago

    raxotube LOL that made me really confused

  87. Andrea Salazar

    Andrea SalazarMonth ago

    Literally every man in this video but one was finding any reason not to like it just because she said gods a woman

  88. Maddie_ Unicorn

    Maddie_ UnicornMonth ago

    Andrea Salazar it’s not because they were men it’s because they were religious and offended by the song. But I don’t think they understand that the song isn’t literally about how god is a woman. But I understand why they were offended, god is a man.

  89. Kudotokimi Sakura

    Kudotokimi SakuraMonth ago

    "And their bouncing right of her"😆😆😆

  90. anniebananie

    anniebananieMonth ago

    Kudotokimi Sakura mood

  91. TheStepmonkey

    TheStepmonkeyMonth ago

    That video is an offence to the catholic church...

  92. Elyse G

    Elyse GMonth ago

    I’m Catholic It doesn’t offend me I actually love this song and the meaning behind it So instead of assuming that every catholic is offended, speak for yourself and only yourself!👍

  93. Perspers piri piri

    Perspers piri piriMonth ago

    the catholic church is an offence to love and humanity in many ways and they have actual power

  94. Shades of Midnight

    Shades of MidnightMonth ago

    TheStepmonkey The whole song and video is a metaphor for female empowerment!. People have taken offence to this song and video way too seriously, I think the video is stunning and portrayed beautifully and sends an extremely powerful message.

  95. Alosmolimin Robert

    Alosmolimin RobertMonth ago


  96. Taran’s Marshmallow

    Taran’s MarshmallowMonth ago

    I love how there all complementing her!She deserves it such an amazing song and the message was a bit confusing but the the second time i was like ahh...

  97. Alosmolimin Robert

    Alosmolimin RobertMonth ago


  98. Estelle Nuutinen

    Estelle NuutinenMonth ago

    Honestly if you think about it... Christians believe god created the world. But men wouldn't exist without women. Sooooo technically God should be a woman.

  99. lil' hitler

    lil' hitlerMonth ago

    Uuuuuhhhh it's more of God created the world then Adam to rule it and then he created eve out of Adams rib. Also I'm the Bible God is a Spirit but to recognize him we call him the Father and it states that in the Bible. So he was never a women.( Have anyone ever gone to Sunday school before??)

  100. Fanta Potato

    Fanta PotatoMonth ago

    Well technically, without man(Adam), women(Eve) won't exist.

  101. Maddie_ Unicorn

    Maddie_ UnicornMonth ago

    Estelle Nuutinen wroooong. The Bible says repeatedly that god is our FATHER. It also says “he”.

  102. Beautiful Love

    Beautiful LoveMonth ago

    Lil Toaster well I haven’t been to bible school in a long time, but I’m pretty sure that I remember god creating the world and stuff.......

  103. Ded Boi

    Ded BoiMonth ago

    *feminism intensifies*

  104. Jen Vincur

    Jen VincurMonth ago

    And Brianne of Tarth is back!

  105. Kimora Lee

    Kimora LeeMonth ago

    I love this song💕 REACT TO SZAAAAA

  106. Morvan Mitchell

    Morvan MitchellMonth ago

    Blasphemy my as*



    Ariana grande italian family

  108. Ashlee* Dawn

    Ashlee* DawnMonth ago

    I just absolutely love this video and the music video. To see a modern video like this that has this much meaning and imagery is amazing. I've never really been a fan of Ariana, but this is just so inspiring to see. Someone who has this much fame with this much substance in a music video is just amazing.

  109. Spadille

    SpadilleMonth ago

    I knew the historic references only because I’m very interested in art and history but the younger demographic won’t. It’s sad.

  110. Spadille

    SpadilleMonth ago

    even mothe and again, I said I only know because IM INTERESTED. so I’m not disagreeing. Bc it’s not taught in school. Thus, you’re proving my point that it’s sad that art history isn’t “out there” as much as it should be. Kids my age should be learning about this magnificent thing. Also, I just restated the statement that the elders said in the video at 5:44

  111. even mothe

    even motheMonth ago

    ...What are you talking about? There are TONS of younger folks who adore and are interesting in art history. I see teens at the downtown art museum everytime I'm there. There are huge communities of teenagers online who appreciate and share their knowledge and thoughts on art. It just that Art HISTORY isn't often taught in schools. It's not that they aren't INTERESTED, but more that they are UNAWARE. Not to mention, though, all the references in her video are pretty well-known, even among those that aren't necessarily into art history. Not that impressive.

  112. Jaden Plays Ravenfield

    Jaden Plays RavenfieldMonth ago

    Why does god have to be a person

  113. blue louise

    blue louiseMonth ago

    Who ever confirmed that women/men are 100% people? What if we’re celestial beings?

  114. Ivanna Rimac

    Ivanna RimacMonth ago

    It is just to understand what we cannot see

  115. Alosmolimin Robert

    Alosmolimin RobertMonth ago

    Why do we need a gender?

  116. OBREY _

    OBREY _Month ago

    We’re made in the image of God.

  117. Morgan Shempert

    Morgan ShempertMonth ago

    Love the positive responses of female positivity

  118. 리줄

    리줄Month ago

    GOD IS A WOMAN atura ou surta

  119. Layne Thomas

    Layne ThomasMonth ago

    Ta explicado pq o mundo é uma merda

  120. Karyn Boyd

    Karyn BoydMonth ago

    Elders react to Billie Eilish!

  121. Emily Olive

    Emily OliveMonth ago

    God is a man it’s a freakin song😒😐

  122. The Animated Mike

    The Animated MikeMonth ago

    God could be neither

  123. angel on earth

    angel on earthMonth ago

    Emily Olive nah god is a wOMAN

  124. Emma

    EmmaMonth ago

    Elders react to Billie Eilish

  125. Xshiomara Reyna

    Xshiomara ReynaMonth ago

    Emma omg yess please

  126. CatWolf Havlock

    CatWolf HavlockMonth ago

    Well there are both god and goddess.....

  127. Asterixy _YT

    Asterixy _YTMonth ago

    CatWolf Havlock grammar*

  128. Resh

    ReshMonth ago

    wait what? bible.exe stopped working

  129. Beautiful Love

    Beautiful LoveMonth ago

    CatWolf Havlock I always wonder if people still had that religion( I have no idea the proper term), that’s pretty cool. And you are pretty close about Christianity have something that is like having different gods and goddess, they’re angels, there is a lot of angels that are protectors of something or that represents something.

  130. CatWolf Havlock

    CatWolf HavlockMonth ago

    Alosmolimin Robert i used perfect grammer. Ofcourse mine is different religion. We have 3 million gods and goddesses and everyone is different. So "there are*" but even in christianity i have heard there are other things that represents goddesses.. Like ocean?

  131. Alosmolimin Robert

    Alosmolimin RobertMonth ago

    *they Oh my gosh why can't you people use proper grammar? (Sorry no offence")

  132. kacie alexandria

    kacie alexandriaMonth ago

    elders react to frank ocean

  133. Joshua C. Amanya

    Joshua C. AmanyaMonth ago

    Sorry I’m a huge fan

  134. Apselene

    ApseleneMonth ago

    Don is wonderful

  135. giana watson

    giana watsonMonth ago

    These old people are totally blind

  136. Asterixy _YT

    Asterixy _YTMonth ago

    giana watson and I will totally slap you

  137. Craftsandclayxox

    CraftsandclayxoxMonth ago

    They just grew up in a time that half of the studs happening now was not allowed or accepted.

  138. Alosmolimin Robert

    Alosmolimin RobertMonth ago

    What did you say?

  139. It's Meala's Life

    It's Meala's LifeMonth ago

    _lol wut_

  140. Sophisticated Sims

    Sophisticated SimsMonth ago

    “God is a woman” is a metaphor...

  141. megh voluntad

    megh voluntadMonth ago

    I'm a Christian but I discerned that this is just a metaphor as well. Idk about the others... Maybe they're too frozen with the idea of blasphemy or profanity.

  142. Celestial Foxx

    Celestial FoxxMonth ago

    People took it way too serious

  143. KidCris TheCloutGod

    KidCris TheCloutGodMonth ago

    Elders react to Frank Ocean?

  144. shomak

    shomakMonth ago


  145. Derp cookie124 mcfarlane

    Derp cookie124 mcfarlaneMonth ago

    Just realized the true meaning of the lyrics loooooooooooolll

  146. Manon Hesseling

    Manon HesselingMonth ago

    I love this. Even the people who didn't necessarily agree with the message of the song reacted in such a respectful manner towards Ariana as a person, but also towards her work as an artist. Such a good, honest video!

  147. Shmermi

    ShmermiMonth ago

    Basically all men in this vid seems offended and all women seems empowered ok, long way to go gender equality!

  148. Bastian Silva C

    Bastian Silva CMonth ago

    long way to go due to comments like this one, they were all very respectfull and no one got offended... idk what you're watching lol always exagerating things

  149. Sydney Carzola

    Sydney CarzolaMonth ago

    JSDGamer not as much as you think but ok ✌🏻

  150. JSDGamer

    JSDGamerMonth ago

    Shmermi ??? Lmao long way to go ??? We are already there idk what ur saying long way to go wtfff

  151. fallenSlave

    fallenSlaveMonth ago

    They fired out all Christians. They may react that this is a blasphemy

  152. Sabrina Bunt

    Sabrina BuntMonth ago

    Make a video about people reacting to madison beer's music

  153. Irem Aydin

    Irem AydinMonth ago

    Sabrina Bunt ew

  154. Joshua C. Amanya

    Joshua C. AmanyaMonth ago

    This song is not good she is saying she is God

  155. Zak

    ZakMonth ago

    Read the lyrics lmaooo

  156. blue louise

    blue louiseMonth ago

    Imani Jones 1. Some religions believe God is a woman 2. Your religion isn’t the only religion that exists in the world and 3. It’s a METAPHOR for saying “it’ll feel so good, you’ll think God is me/a man/ a woman / a dog”. The saying has been around for centuries to explain something that feels so good that it is compared to a higher being. COMPARED. Not defined. Go to school PLEASE

  157. Alosmolimin Robert

    Alosmolimin RobertMonth ago

    :o That soo true

  158. Hwi Ai

    Hwi AiMonth ago

    No. You're wrong.

  159. Brooke Robert

    Brooke RobertMonth ago

    Joshua C. Amanya no she’s not lmaooooo

  160. Joshua C. Amanya

    Joshua C. AmanyaMonth ago

    God is a spirit he is not a man or a woman

  161. Kirkland_ yt

    Kirkland_ ytMonth ago

    Phoenix ArtGirl exposed😂

  162. Phoenix ArtGirl

    Phoenix ArtGirlMonth ago

    you just said he

  163. Imani Jones

    Imani JonesMonth ago

    Joshua C. Amanya that's not what the song is about

  164. spaceless idiot

    spaceless idiotMonth ago

    Honestly none if us were around back then. So we would never truly know if God was a women or not

  165. Andrew's closet

    Andrew's closetMonth ago

    I believe the premise is that you’re created in God’s image, then if you’re a woman, your God is a woman. So of course a man writing the Lord’s Prayer is going to say our father in heaven. His god is a man, just like my God is a trans man, I was created in God’s image.

  166. Jennifer Park

    Jennifer ParkMonth ago

    JSDGamer Being trans isn't a mental disoder wtf...

  167. Jennifer Park

    Jennifer ParkMonth ago

    That's actually a really beautiful way to think..wow...

  168. Andrew's closet

    Andrew's closetMonth ago

    JSDGamer it’s not a mental disorder, it’s found out on a psychological basis, but it’s not a mental disorder

  169. JSDGamer

    JSDGamerMonth ago

    Andrew's closet I disagree god is not a man nor woman. And there is only one god so your god doesn’t make sense everyone doesn’t have their own god and he is not trans. Cuz god is not a woman or man. And I’m pretty sure transgender is actually a mental disorder or something like that and it doesn’t really make much sense when you think about it

  170. Celestial Foxx

    Celestial FoxxMonth ago

    I like the way you think 👌

  171. arikdeer

    arikdeerMonth ago

    Cowboy Shirt man irritates me.... BUT! The women who watched are my favorites. So is Don. They're the best.

  172. Dee Dee

    Dee DeeMonth ago

    2:38 😂😂 i can rewatch this the whole time. Love her!

  173. •C•

    •C•Month ago

    Libby and Don are now my two favorite people on the whole react channel. Like yes open minded Queen and King.

  174. flyeon

    flyeonMonth ago

    I love all the references to Greek goddesses she portrays

  175. Phoebe Weiss

    Phoebe WeissMonth ago

    Omg you PEOPLE. This isn’t about “actual” god being a woman. She sings about being so good in bed that her partner believes she’s god because she is so good. Hence “you’ll believe god is a woman”

  176. Phoebe Weiss

    Phoebe WeissMonth ago

    Evelyn Cassady Obviously. Except this one is

  177. Evelyn Cassady

    Evelyn CassadyMonth ago

    You do know that not every single song is about that kind of stuff

  178. kunt pop

    kunt popMonth ago

    Omg literally. Like it's not that hard to grasp

  179. Drake Brown

    Drake BrownMonth ago

    It’s either god is a man , god is everything, or god doesn’t exist, there’s no inbetween.(to people thinking the song is actually about Ariana arguing that god is a woman)

  180. spaceless idiot

    spaceless idiotMonth ago

    Going with the third one

  181. Drake Brown

    Drake BrownMonth ago

    amara the unicorn yea me too

  182. amara the unicorn

    amara the unicornMonth ago

    Drake Brown I go with the third one. Don't @ me but I do

  183. Monica Guerra

    Monica GuerraMonth ago

    Men are so sensitive wow

  184. Galaxypox

    GalaxypoxMonth ago

    Men? Upset something isn't about them? Shocking.

  185. Lucy flowers

    Lucy flowersMonth ago

    * pretends to be shocked *

  186. Derp cookie124 mcfarlane

    Derp cookie124 mcfarlaneMonth ago

    Not all men

  187. Hymayra Chowdhury

    Hymayra ChowdhuryMonth ago

    there are women doing that as well, your point?

  188. Drake Brown

    Drake BrownMonth ago

    sweeteners ok , I’ll be sure to tell that to the men that are at an army base somewhere, protecting people in other countries.

  189. Ö

    ÖMonth ago

    shoutout to hannah baker

  190. Sophia Dike

    Sophia DikeMonth ago

    I think people need to stop focusing on the religion even though god is a woman😜but it’s about women empowerment

  191. Duhitzme 1011

    Duhitzme 1011Month ago

    I no one cares

  192. I

    IMonth ago

    So women don’t have 12 more rights... then men

  193. Vega_shane

    Vega_shaneMonth ago

    The creation of everything is energy and no one can deny that scientifically. And technically our creators walked among us at one point so there is no god just a creation of man because they didn't understand how to explain life and energy and so people followed those beliefs the people that created all the top popular religions today's bloodlines still control the world today and I love the women empowerment in this

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  201. Paige Wilson

    Paige WilsonMonth ago

    I think it's really telling that all of the women reacted positively and were cheering Ariana on while some of the men were arguing over the fact of God being a man/woman. WHOOOOSH

  202. You’re Not A Man Of Culture

    You’re Not A Man Of CultureMonth ago

    Paige Wilson I believe most men in the video do know it’s about women empowerment just the whole title and images could be considered controversial

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  205. Lark Badb

    Lark BadbMonth ago

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  206. superdre56

    superdre56Month ago

    As far as I'm concerned God is not a man or a woman. God is whatever people perceive it to be in their head and in their head only

  207. Lark Badb

    Lark BadbMonth ago

    Pretty much. But if we're being literal about it like the dude in the blue and everybody else in the comment section...?

  208. Devin Mindiya

    Devin MindiyaMonth ago

    Lark Badb dude she means everything in a metaphorical manner cause behind every man there’s a woman so basically, the way we’re treating women is wrong cause without women the world wouldn’t exist.

  209. Lark Badb

    Lark BadbMonth ago

    The notion that God is a man and that women (me) were created to serve men always made me uncomfortable when I was a little girl in church. What makes you uncomfortable is a music video. I kind of want to say "deal with it," but that comes off as insensitive and discourse is good.

  210. Captain America

    Captain AmericaMonth ago

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  221. Just Curious

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  222. superdre56

    superdre56Month ago

    It's not actually about God dummy

  223. Captain America

    Captain AmericaMonth ago

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  224. Lark Badb

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  225. Isaac Haring

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  226. hannah cc

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  227. opm !

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    Shiv-Shakti!🙏💕 our God is half Masculine Half Feminine. and supreme consciousness Narayan is no gender. 🙏

  228. Dan

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  235. Captain America

    Captain AmericaMonth ago

    It does not matter what statement she’s making. It’s still a weird lyric regardless.

  236. Elizabeth Kyr

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    Dan i'm just saying that it wasn't the point of the song. That man and a lot of other people misunderstood the meaning of it. I didn't say anything about religion

  237. Dan

    DanMonth ago

    Elizabeth Kyr Well the title of the song is “God is a woman“. Which is a pretty moronic phrase because an all powertful allmighty god wouldn’t be limited by gender, regardless male or female.

  238. Niki Harly

    Niki HarlyMonth ago

    God does not have a gender so....

  239. superdre56

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  240. superdre56

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  241. elyssa joelle

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  242. Just Curious

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    Yes HE does. End of story. Case closed.

  243. Dalibor Rosecký

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