Eating With My DAD!


  1. Mark Wiens

    Mark Wiens25 days ago

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  2. Hasmukh Vekaria

    Hasmukh Vekaria8 hours ago

    Wish you come back kenya soon

  3. Hasmukh Vekaria

    Hasmukh Vekaria8 hours ago

    Mark Wiens hello when are you coming back to kenya

  4. Gary Klein

    Gary KleinDay ago

    genocidegrande meet to eat meat.. hahahaha!

  5. Don Ash

    Don AshDay ago

    Mark is the beautiful lady your wife

  6. vineeta negi

    vineeta negi6 minutes ago

    Dad is very happy man

  7. vineeta negi

    vineeta negi10 minutes ago

    She is your wife????? Sorry to say She is not at all beautiful.

  8. Cecil Vig

    Cecil VigHour ago

    I admire your openness to try out new things. A new subscriber here.

  9. Avril Kalungwah

    Avril Kalungwah2 hours ago

    I've enjoyed watching this cause all along you've got a smile on...happy soul,BLESS!!

  10. Lady Ghana

    Lady Ghana2 hours ago

    He kills me saying Pepey 😏is he not understanding they are saying pepper, just with a Ghanaian accent

  11. jacin 2 mart

    jacin 2 mart3 hours ago

    I'm watching your videos from KSA ofw FILIPINO.. so nice

  12. br549 Lyfld

    br549 Lyfld8 hours ago

    fathers day is june 17th in usa

  13. kezy kez

    kezy kez8 hours ago

    Omg my country kenya... I live in nairobi mark

  14. Royal Swaleh

    Royal Swaleh9 hours ago

    Mashaallaah u got it from U Big man DAD

  15. James Mcarton

    James Mcarton10 hours ago

    lul kenya is expinsive af

  16. hadja Diaby

    hadja Diaby11 hours ago

    All markets are like that in Africa

  17. John Cass

    John Cass12 hours ago


  18. Ririn Riskiani

    Ririn Riskiani12 hours ago

    Meating my dad? 😅

  19. Lucero2405

    Lucero240513 hours ago

    Are you for real always so happy and nice?

  20. Sofía Nvumba

    Sofía Nvumba14 hours ago

    Mark, me ha gustado veros a ti y tu padre comiendo. De tal padre tal hijo

  21. Ahly M. K

    Ahly M. K14 hours ago

    _I love Mark's passion for life, savoring all experiences!_

  22. ABCD XYZ

    ABCD XYZ15 hours ago

    Where is your mom

  23. ABCD XYZ

    ABCD XYZ15 hours ago

    Mica woow you grew

  24. Pavan

    Pavan18 hours ago

    You are smiling always and such vibrant energy !

  25. den m

    den m18 hours ago

    15:42 maharagwe.....hahaha. Very nice

  26. SoCal Rc Guy

    SoCal Rc Guy18 hours ago

    I really like it except for the planten

  27. Dear-Rhiannon

    Dear-Rhiannon18 hours ago

    Mark, you got your charming happy smile from your dad!

  28. stringybeanss

    stringybeanss19 hours ago

    Thank you so much for making these videos!

  29. mahandyaccerssories

    mahandyaccerssories19 hours ago

    very interesting and you are fun to watch

  30. x3sirix3

    x3sirix322 hours ago

    Wow, Micah can speak very well!

  31. Jackie AQ

    Jackie AQ23 hours ago

    You're Dad is epic. I see where you get your personality 👏👏👏

  32. Iphy's Kitchen

    Iphy's Kitchen23 hours ago

    Africa food is so yummy, full of flavours. I hope you try Nigerian food too

  33. rowell mendoza

    rowell mendoza23 hours ago

    Absolutely yes, I will give you a thumbs up, I love your videos mark ! I always watch your videos, 😊 so humble guy, may god bless you mark and your family ! To make more videos ! 😊 much love keep on doing what makes you happy .. 😊

  34. Afi B

    Afi BDay ago

    Goodafternoon Mark, thanks for sharing. Pls share Buye's tel and location

  35. Maanka Ali

    Maanka AliDay ago

    Kenya ❤️

  36. Louca Doida

    Louca DoidaDay ago

    Like father like son 😄

  37. Nongthombam Phulchand

    Nongthombam PhulchandDay ago

    Next up.... Mother's day!!

  38. Keruki.S.Lune-noire

    Keruki.S.Lune-noireDay ago

    I need these foods in my life o(≧∇≦)o

  39. Tina Belcher loves books

    Tina Belcher loves booksDay ago

    Ethiopian’s sure due respect their coffee

  40. Tafari 98

    Tafari 9823 hours ago

    Birthplace of coffee is a place called Kaffa in Ethiopia and they have about 3000 specie's of coffee! 😊

  41. Angela TraumaMama

    Angela TraumaMamaDay ago

    Loved the video but I'm not giving anybody my DNA.



    That building you ate with your dad is called Magharibi Place, opposite T-Mall. I live 10 minutes away, I wish I could have passed by to say hi... Keep up the good work Mark! #GreatVideos

  43. Tina Schäfer

    Tina SchäferDay ago

    @Mark Wiens I don´t get why you don´t visit Vienna/Wien. The South German and the Austrian DNA should be the same or almost similar. And the Austrian food is actually better. Schnitzel, Gulasch, Tafelspitz, vienna coffee houses and their sweet patisserie… watch Boardain in Vienna

  44. randheer kumar

    randheer kumarDay ago

    Im pretty sure he put "meeting" as "meating" on purpose

  45. Kristopher Langi

    Kristopher LangiDay ago

    Damn! Mark I'm full and its 4 am in the morning now I'm hungry all over again! U make it look so good!

  46. Tien Truong

    Tien TruongDay ago

    Mark has such a fake laugh and smile

  47. Abdullah Al Noman

    Abdullah Al NomanDay ago

    please ans me...if you come bangladesh i promises you enjoy it me..

  48. Abdullah Al Noman

    Abdullah Al NomanDay ago

    i saw your all videos.... and i invite you to visit Bangladesh and test Bangladeshi food and culture....

  49. Ike Tailleur

    Ike TailleurDay ago

    Ive been waiting for this moment🙊😳

  50. Carly Henton

    Carly HentonDay ago

    Mark!!! I love you guys!!!! & I love you Dad too! Y'all are awesome!!!! Life long subscriber!!!!

  51. Magy Tort

    Magy TortDay ago

    Wow did you enjoy Ghanaian food i really miss my country food i will like to be your friend since you know ghana and also you love everything about our country😘😘

  52. Ace Sandoval

    Ace SandovalDay ago

    Dad is a chill guy!

  53. TnWonderer

    TnWondererDay ago

    your face is shape like your dads.... i can sure see him in you....

  54. Almaz Freeborn

    Almaz FreebornDay ago

    You are great.....

  55. winnie njau

    winnie njauDay ago

    Karibu kenya, hakuna matata

  56. Jay Jay

    Jay JayDay ago

    Love your videos, keep enjoying your life👍

  57. winnie njau

    winnie njauDay ago

    Wow to traveling to my country kenya 🇰🇪

  58. saadia hijab

    saadia hijabDay ago

    Mark you already in Africa you need to stop at Morocco you will love the food

  59. Ahmed

    AhmedDay ago

    Wow my mouth is watering help

  60. Starry Eyed

    Starry EyedDay ago

    I LOVE Waakye 😍😍😂

  61. jmasenges

    jmasengesDay ago

    Nice ro bring colors of africa to the screen

  62. DK

    DKDay ago

    Well, now we know where you get that big fat non-stop smile from!!

  63. sagat4

    sagat4Day ago

    I love Mark's facial expressions when he is eating food..priceless lol

  64. nitsrah

    nitsrahDay ago

    I loved this. Wow just like dad.

  65. sagat4

    sagat4Day ago

    Welcome to Accra and hopefully to Lagos soon

  66. Livin That Life

    Livin That LifeDay ago

    Hehe I worked at that java house 😎 digital nomad style it was great. Vlogged around Kenya for a month. Can’t wait to vlog Africa again. These vlogs have been awesome well done nd making me miss Africa 🙏🙏🙏🔥

  67. Docas Yeboah

    Docas YeboahDay ago

    Livin That Life you should also visit Ghana 🇬🇭 my homeland to experience it

  68. misskanyared

    misskanyaredDay ago

    I'm so impressed with Mark's dad's understanding and mastery of our Kenyan food \0/

  69. Livin That Life

    Livin That LifeDay ago

    Yayyy I was vlogging in Nairobi last year - got so much love from the Kenyan fam - lovely ♥️

  70. winnie njau

    winnie njauDay ago

    Livin That Life Aww! Thank you we love you too

  71. Michelle Bennett

    Michelle BennettDay ago

    Micah is getting so big! Such a cute little man!

  72. melliesworld01

    melliesworld012 days ago

    Great ep. Love how the local uses utensils while the tourists eat with their fingers.

  73. MUHRA Arts

    MUHRA Arts2 days ago

    you look so old for your dad lol

  74. Lauren Swanya

    Lauren Swanya2 days ago

    wow an american who doesnt exude from kenya and I must say all the ones i've met were pretty obnoxious

  75. Waithera Munyoro

    Waithera Munyoro2 days ago

    i am sure your father enjoyed the traditional food of kenya ugali

  76. Waithera Munyoro

    Waithera Munyoro2 days ago

    love this video because i live in kenya and i love food

  77. Margret John

    Margret John2 days ago

    wow.... uncountable variety of foods.Its look healthy , traditional and delicious too.your way of explaining is awesome.Gnana is really a blessed country by the nature.l love Gana.

  78. TR Dadzie

    TR Dadzie2 days ago

    I like the way you smile your eyes is so nice keep it on smile much as you can I can see you are happy and I'm happy for you

  79. TR Dadzie

    TR Dadzie2 days ago

    Do you like Ghana and how do you think about the people are they nice?

  80. Ph Huynh

    Ph Huynh2 days ago

    Hi Mark , have a good time with your familly!Salutations de France!

  81. Tobias Mwabili

    Tobias Mwabili2 days ago

    I love your videos...welcome Kenya

  82. One Two

    One Two2 days ago

    Yaaaaaaaay ghana yaaasaay 😍😍😍

  83. Murshedul Hasan

    Murshedul Hasan2 days ago

    At 18:22 that is not chapati, that is parata.

  84. Mizanur Hussain

    Mizanur Hussain2 days ago

    Imagine if marks on screen persona is far from his off screen?, like he’s some sadistic depressed evil guy 😂

  85. poyoman

    poyoman2 days ago

    your video title look likes you want to slay your dad, turn him into meat and eat him lol

  86. IHUFS

    IHUFS2 days ago

    You and your father eat in the same way! Unbelievable the way genes work! And both love food and stay slim.)))

  87. Goddy Richie

    Goddy Richie2 days ago

    Man u like good alot even for your size....u eat all that and still remain in happy for you u have to travel around with your family......great great enthusiasm from you

  88. khanbibi

    khanbibi2 days ago

    Your son is adorable mark happy Father's Day

  89. Musa DONZO

    Musa DONZO2 days ago

    Nice one father and son

  90. Tirth patel

    Tirth patel2 days ago

    Plz reply

  91. Tirth patel

    Tirth patel2 days ago

    Hoping to host you some day

  92. Tirth patel

    Tirth patel2 days ago

    I am also from Nairobi

  93. angel marte

    angel marte2 days ago

    What a moving scene, dad, father, grandson, daughter in-law and friend, the world would never go wrong by having people like you guys. Your dad is so much like you! (or is it backwards? lol)

  94. Lost Under the Sky

    Lost Under the Sky2 days ago

    Ghana 🇬🇭 >>> USA 🇺🇸



    Ya man , food wise Ghana is way ahead of USA

  96. OMB Pies

    OMB Pies2 days ago

    1:29 NOT! Chipotle's

  97. slugga06

    slugga062 days ago

    Love this type of video mark. Y'all look so much alike.

  98. Melissa Nieves

    Melissa Nieves2 days ago

    So nice to meet your father! You look like a happy little boy around him. Now we need to meet your mom.💖

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  100. Jenffry Colón

    Jenffry Colón2 days ago

    Those shorts are nice af

  101. Goddest son

    Goddest son2 days ago

    You may me cry after watching your video ..cos I miss my country.. Ghana...but I'm from to gh

  102. zunair zuhair

    zunair zuhair2 days ago

    Thay are ur blood dad?


    DELILAH SAMSON2 days ago

    Love your smile and such enthusiasm about your spirit !!!!

  104. Spot Q8

    Spot Q82 days ago

    “Meating my dad” ??

  105. Ur daily fat potato I’m a fatso potato

    Ur daily fat potato I’m a fatso potato2 days ago

    He spelled meeting wrong he spelled meating

  106. Meester Peabody

    Meester Peabody2 days ago

    OMG. This guy sounds just like Toby Radloff (American Splendor).

  107. Paul Williamson

    Paul Williamson2 days ago

    Kenya looks absolutely amazing!!!