Eating With My DAD!


  1. Mark Wiens

    Mark Wiens3 months ago

    Big thank you to 23andMe for sponsoring this video. Check them out here: More Ghana food videos coming next!

  2. Hugo Gamaliel

    Hugo Gamaliel5 days ago

    Your dad???. Guest wath i'm feo el salvador homboy i'm your dad too. Remenber the spit jajajaja

  3. maria dominguez

    maria dominguez16 days ago

    Mark wiens I never hear you talking about you mother.

  4. esther wairimu

    esther wairimu19 days ago

    Mark Wiens to

  5. Teffany Lucas

    Teffany Lucas20 days ago

    I can always tell wen u really like something I would love to eat with u one time

  6. hamzat ola

    hamzat ola24 days ago

    Hi, i'm a Nigerian base in South Africa pls when are u visithing Nigeria. cant wait for ur responce

  7. BAT-TALK!

    BAT-TALK!4 hours ago

    Wow your dad looks nothing like you

  8. T II

    T II8 hours ago

    This was absolutely one of your best videos! Loved your time with your Father. Great video and great looking food! TII

  9. Laila Leile

    Laila Leile16 hours ago

    Mark can you please change that t-shirt and wear a different color of one. You can keep your logos if want on your bag or cap or some of your color t-shirts. You need some changes as your food.👌👌👌😀😀😀

  10. ktor oyans

    ktor oyansDay ago

    TO MUCH EATING!!! ))))))))

  11. P. consuela banana H.

    P. consuela banana H.Day ago

    You should take you dad on a food tour of Mexico.

  12. C4ketown Polska

    C4ketown PolskaDay ago

    The unibrow bit cracked me up

  13. Dyana Perches

    Dyana PerchesDay ago

    Mark - I watch your videos how you eat different foods you don’t get the food all over yourself or your mouth you don’t even need napkins! I would have already gone thru a million napkins. That is amazing that Mark is an ART!!👍

  14. Mie MI

    Mie MIDay ago

    Omg, your video is dangerous! I watch it in the evening and makes me hungry. 😆

  15. Shana W

    Shana WDay ago

    Your dads looks like you

  16. khanlie

    khanlieDay ago

    U certainly get your looks from your dad.

  17. Mansi Biswas

    Mansi Biswas2 days ago

    Dad and Son both are smart enjoy this food's

  18. ruidie mengue

    ruidie mengue2 days ago

    I am currently studying Tourism Management, and I really like trying news things especially food, I am kind of an adventurous person as well, I wish one day could travel everywhere like you do by the Grace of Jesus.

  19. oyeniyi ojo

    oyeniyi ojo2 days ago

    I hope you also visit Nigeria

  20. Mohammed Jabeer

    Mohammed Jabeer2 days ago

    I wish to see u with James Trevor

  21. Sardar Sons shahid

    Sardar Sons shahid2 days ago

    ur Appa(dad) is handsome mark and look like a cool grandpa for mica😉👍👌👌

  22. debbie w.w

    debbie w.w2 days ago

    I love all your video's. I'm so hungery! I'm cooking better ! Using more spices and simmering longer! You speak your mom's dialect and you speak your wife's language also?

  23. Abb Abb

    Abb Abb3 days ago

    yes we have nice coffe Ethiopa

  24. Kortney Tackett

    Kortney Tackett3 days ago

    Meeting my dad, correction, it's meeting. 😋

  25. Jey

    Jey3 days ago


  26. Donald Richards

    Donald Richards3 days ago

    I really enjoyed the Kenya tour. I spent almost a year in Kenya, especially in Mombasa. Enjoyed the food!

  27. EndlessStamina

    EndlessStamina3 days ago

    this guys eyes are always bugging out of his head

  28. abla kugblenu

    abla kugblenu4 days ago

    True kenyan tea is some of the best. I learnt how to enjoy different types of flavoured tea from my keyan friends and now am hooked.

  29. Anti Ahmadiya

    Anti Ahmadiya4 days ago

    Nigerian, ghanians food stinks! Trust me.

  30. Ntukky ntukza

    Ntukky ntukza4 days ago

    Same meals in Zimbabwe

  31. jabin jayaram

    jabin jayaram4 days ago

    Mark man.. how heavy is ur passport ?

  32. jabin jayaram

    jabin jayaram4 days ago

    wow.. Mark's dad :-). Im convinced now that you and ur dad have the same workout regimen :-)

  33. peter Beatrice

    peter Beatrice4 days ago

    Wow u,r dad e,,s sooh cool proud 2b a kenyan

  34. Leo y

    Leo y5 days ago

    Meating your dad? Sounds awkward to me.

  35. Menen Dawit

    Menen Dawit5 days ago

    mark is so cool lol give this man a show

  36. Foful Guzu

    Foful Guzu5 days ago

    And a fucktard child. He looks like a starving jackal

  37. chococupcake82

    chococupcake825 days ago

    Are you Kenyan Mark?

  38. Nick Barunga

    Nick Barunga5 days ago

    This guy Mark laughs like Tommy Wiseau.

  39. Diosesgrande psalm119

    Diosesgrande psalm1196 days ago

    Very few of you exist Mark ur parents did an awesome job raising you 😎💯

  40. PC94

    PC946 days ago

    Whaaat? Was in Accra, and didn’t stop over in Lagos? Man....we have some amazing dishes time don’t fail man....and give me a shout, will take you to taste some out of this world food....cheers...keep it up Mark!

  41. Lonnie T.

    Lonnie T.6 days ago

    just great!

  42. Indycor Llc

    Indycor Llc6 days ago

    That dude aint your damn daddy!!! Just Stop!!!!!!!

  43. Indycor Llc

    Indycor Llc6 days ago

    That dude aint your damn daddy!!! Just Stop!!!!!!!

  44. kase yung

    kase yung6 days ago

    "Your eyes look droopy"😒 dont know how i feel bout that statement😂


    PEACE MAKER6 days ago

    Aw why didn't you guys go with Ancestry?! They have way more to offer and they are currently do more upgrades. You can even discover family members you didn't even know about. Anyways love this episode all the way through.

  46. papaK

    papaK6 days ago

    Family is so important to me

  47. Erlita Mengullo

    Erlita Mengullo7 days ago

    ur so funny i love all your videos and your family god bless you mark,

  48. Total Health TV

    Total Health TV7 days ago

    great concept and thank you for marketing Ghana and African to the world .....

  49. Ur Mum

    Ur Mum7 days ago

    His dad is left-handed?

  50. Rebertha Noel

    Rebertha Noel7 days ago

    Mica is so cute, this episode was wonderful. Nice to see dad,you have his smile 😊

  51. Fast Eddy Love

    Fast Eddy Love8 days ago

    I love your enthusiasm. It takes a certain spirit to do the type of travel that you do. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Alfredo Garcia

    Alfredo Garcia8 days ago

    The Bible says; " If you have seen the Son you have seen the Father" that is the same with Mark and his father. Great video!

  53. Nathan Nathan

    Nathan Nathan9 days ago

    I can make all this except japati....

  54. Vera Nchezor

    Vera Nchezor9 days ago

    Why u never visited Nigeria?

  55. jong ampatin

    jong ampatin9 days ago

    what is your mothers nationality

  56. Robyn Abadie

    Robyn Abadie9 days ago

    I love you I eat like you I'm a retired Chef and from Hawaii but now live in San Diego I love all food thank you for doing this it makes me so happy God bless you

  57. deddy alamsyah

    deddy alamsyah9 days ago

    where you from exactly mark?

  58. diddlydooha

    diddlydooha9 days ago

    Oh my goodness!!!! LUVVVVVEEEEELLY is the way Mark and his dad dug and chomped away at the food, AND at the RATE at digging and chomping. Especially dad though. Gee whiz. I love it!! Wish I somehow could do that with foods I love and yet still remain 'not fat in any way' like the two of you. lol

  59. michaeldeng1981

    michaeldeng19819 days ago

    Your dad is cool.

  60. Tiyya Daffii

    Tiyya Daffii9 days ago

    Good luck

  61. Amelia Jones

    Amelia Jones9 days ago

    Reminds me so much of ( Anthony Bourdain..RIP). Food best channel for now... Accra beautiful African city

  62. navin markam

    navin markam10 days ago

    I love the way mark respects foods of all culture. Happy meeting with dad.

  63. Anastasia Acero

    Anastasia Acero10 days ago

    Your channel is Great! I love it!

  64. B Humphries

    B Humphries10 days ago

    I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Kenya! It's one of my dream destinations. Beautiful culture and people! (I've read so much about it).

  65. Sabah Squared

    Sabah Squared10 days ago

    Lol the Kenyan is eating with a knife and fork.Cultural exchange ey

  66. triplexj

    triplexj10 days ago

    where in Kansas is your dad from?

  67. Jason Singidas

    Jason Singidas10 days ago

    Heart melting moments of a father and son,.. Godbless you're family mark,..

  68. Mimi'sFashionLounge

    Mimi'sFashionLounge10 days ago

    You and your day are so alike

  69. saihan mahmud

    saihan mahmud11 days ago

    when mark make face like he made here in 3:25 you will have to believe ,this one is tasty

  70. ButacuP PucatuB

    ButacuP PucatuB11 days ago

    What a joy and a pleasure to meet your dad and see how he loves your family. And it’s great that you and your father could bond over food and over the 23 and me results. This was a heart touching vid and I hope we can see more of your parents.

  71. Donya Lane

    Donya Lane11 days ago

    Handsome dad! I can see where you get your good looks from, Mark. You have his smile!

  72. bruno miles

    bruno miles11 days ago

    The face mark makes whenever he taste food 😂🤣

  73. Your Neighbor Amos

    Your Neighbor Amos11 days ago

    Your parents are missionaries, right?

  74. Dynamic Dynamik

    Dynamic Dynamik12 days ago

    Your dad sounds EXACTLY like Randy Pobst who test drives cars on Head 2 Head.

  75. Remmi Maxwell

    Remmi Maxwell12 days ago

    So obsessed with your videos! Been binge watching all day😂

  76. Abdoul aziz Sene

    Abdoul aziz Sene12 days ago

    .quite interesting to do your DNA test in Kenya Africa knowing that we all come from this continent ultimately.And by the way great episode keep going dude

  77. manizha baia

    manizha baia12 days ago

    Go Afganistan and try there food they have very very nice food.

  78. Nhai elena

    Nhai elena13 days ago

    U look like the asian version of ur dad... because you literally have same smile eyes and head shape


    BLACK PHOENIX13 days ago

    hahahaha oh god that was classic when myca said banana insted of bye bye ghana from 9:15-9:20

  80. agber awa

    agber awa13 days ago

    My best Ghanian food.

  81. D.M.V Life

    D.M.V Life13 days ago

    You eat everywhere even on the plane 😂😂😂😎

  82. Janet Northam

    Janet Northam13 days ago

    my dad was born in kansas and his name was merle.he was german and swede

  83. Chris Irwin

    Chris Irwin13 days ago

    Mark Weins, you're awesome! I love your videos!

  84. Norita Agyei Peprah

    Norita Agyei Peprah13 days ago

    you seem to love Ghana

  85. Corn Dog

    Corn Dog13 days ago

    Wouldn't it be interesting if you took the 23 and Me test a couple times, and found that diet influences the country of origin results?

  86. Corn Dog

    Corn Dog13 days ago

    Micah! Go play with your food!

  87. Patricia Francis

    Patricia Francis13 days ago

    You are one of the most fun person to watch, you are so enthusiastic and love life so much, I just love watching you!

  88. Flower Child

    Flower Child13 days ago

    He makes me want to try this all. 🤗

  89. ananthoju sriharsha

    ananthoju sriharsha14 days ago

    i want to play with micah

  90. rawshop

    rawshop14 days ago

    Your dad resembles Anthony Bourdain.

  91. Purba Ghosh

    Purba Ghosh14 days ago

    Maika is travelling since his birth. He is the world's youngest traveller & going to be world's youngest foodie.

  92. Purba Ghosh

    Purba Ghosh14 days ago

    waiting for a dish which you will say bad,worse after eating. How can every dish be good whichever you eat????.

  93. Harry Pottery

    Harry Pottery14 days ago

    Dream job😍💓

  94. Shakarus Sanders

    Shakarus Sanders14 days ago

    Your Dad is cool dude!

  95. sudha vg

    sudha vg15 days ago

    Meating your dad 😅 MEETING!

  96. michael atencio

    michael atencio15 days ago

    I miss my dad. I feel the same way you feel about your father. This was great.

  97. smart world smart people

    smart world smart people15 days ago

    Watching your videos me become hungry

  98. sasiphat a

    sasiphat a15 days ago

    Hi dad

  99. Adelaide Hanson

    Adelaide Hanson15 days ago

    Was waiting for you to try waakye! Breakfast for champions!

  100. Coffee Hue

    Coffee Hue15 days ago

    Mark your dad tore up that ugali in true Kenyan style!

  101. Rae Clarke

    Rae Clarke15 days ago

    Here I am having a peanut butter sandwich 😢

  102. Natasha Coda

    Natasha Coda15 days ago

    Please go to Guyana in South America. We have incredible food.

  103. khanlie

    khanlieDay ago

    Hey yes we do..🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾

  104. yaw boadu

    yaw boadu15 days ago

    Mark how was the Ghanaian Waakye ...

  105. yaw boadu

    yaw boadu15 days ago

    welcome home Mark.

  106. Margeys Marvin

    Margeys Marvin15 days ago

    His dad must have been a serious eater in his youth... Hes amazing too, ur dad is fun Mark