Eating With My DAD!


  1. Mark Wiens

    Mark Wiens5 months ago

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    please stop your offensive language. it is offensive to people who have mental issues around the world. very racist and insentive.

  3. Cool Kidd

    Cool Kidd16 days ago

    Nice joke on meating my dad meat get it

  4. Anna williams

    Anna williams24 days ago

    Excellent video. Subbed xx

  5. Peter Schmidt

    Peter SchmidtMonth ago

    Thank you babylicious. <3 :-)) I will try to do that. Did you stay there long? I was a little worried about Malaria in Africa, but I got all my shots and hope I will be okay. Mark didn't seem worried about mosquitos, I guess I shouldn't either! LOL

  6. diamond prince

    diamond prince50 minutes ago

    I really want to have a conversation with the 1.8k people who dislike this video.

  7. Layla Yousif

    Layla YousifHour ago

    your smayle is sam yore dad smayle mark

  8. June Rosa

    June Rosa5 hours ago

    Your dad is awesome.... Wow i have to say you are so comfortable all throughout it's amazing. Ty for showing us a different Africa compared to what we normally see.

  9. dicas e idéias

    dicas e idéias8 hours ago

    It gives to know where it comes from the simplicity, joy and sympathy of Mark, logically that is of its father. Congratulations, Mark, for the beautiful family that you have, and have a lot of success on your journey around the world.

  10. Jessie2litt -

    Jessie2litt -21 hour ago

    Jesus take the wheel when he ate the waakey my stomach started grumbling I’m so hungry I crave for this I miss the food so bad where my fellow Ghanaians at or should I say american Ghanaians

  11. G yaa wear

    G yaa wear22 hours ago

    I am from Ghana, and wakye is one of my favorite dishes.. Its delicious 👌🏾👍🏾

  12. Gladys Wavinya

    Gladys WavinyaDay ago

    Home sick!!!!!!!

  13. Reinalyn Saromo

    Reinalyn SaromoDay ago

    Hello Micah ur are so cute baby 👧

  14. Ennah Ennah

    Ennah EnnahDay ago

    Your Dad is soooo handsome😊

  15. Anik C. Gomes

    Anik C. GomesDay ago

    what do your Father do?

  16. Binwantie Ramkumar

    Binwantie RamkumarDay ago

    I love watching your food tour 😘

  17. Larisa Pearson

    Larisa PearsonDay ago

    Now I see where you get your outgoing personality from

  18. Mohan Ramaswami

    Mohan RamaswamiDay ago

    Nice you are doing a show in Ghana!! Normally Africa is overlooked as a food destination not sure why? The destination has great food, each country has its own tastes!!

  19. avdhesh patel

    avdhesh patelDay ago

    Me'a'ting my dad?? When food is on your mind 24 hours lol

  20. Dil Se Pakistani

    Dil Se PakistaniDay ago

    Did you not know who was born to you and who is your dad ...

  21. Sandya Sandya

    Sandya SandyaDay ago

    hi mark

  22. Shaheen Ali

    Shaheen Ali2 days ago

    👍👍👍top video mark

  23. key khm

    key khm2 days ago

    try Persian food

  24. Khawaja Farhan

    Khawaja Farhan2 days ago

    Heyy man you've got a wayyy handsome daddd!!

  25. Paulo Bernardo

    Paulo Bernardo2 days ago

    its nice to see a father and son having this kind of bonding, happy for both of you, great video, thanks mark for your adventures, helps me a lot being educated of other culture, hope to see you when you come back in the Philippines

  26. Kimani H

    Kimani H2 days ago

    Why is it that men who are tight with their dads always turn out good and seem to be happier and well adjusted in life?

  27. forestsprite

    forestsprite2 days ago

    How do you stay so slim tho you eat so much?

  28. Jekku

    Jekku2 days ago

    Mark you look like your dad for sure (and is where you got the "skinny"build you lucky thing, so you can eat all that food and not get fat!) It's great that your dad is also an adventurous eater too. Great to see where you "come from!"

  29. Jekku

    Jekku2 days ago

    "Meating" my dad. Is that a food pun??? :-)

  30. L. Genise Coleman

    L. Genise Coleman2 days ago

    That music is dope

  31. Giulliano Hermosa

    Giulliano Hermosa3 days ago

    Lo raro es que sirven la comida con cuchara y comen con la mano.

  32. Haya

    Haya3 days ago

    What is the name of the dish the dad was eating?

  33. Malu Basic

    Malu Basic3 days ago

    They look the same from nose down to their mouth, teeth and body.

  34. Liberation

    Liberation3 days ago

    Another great video. Thank you

  35. Adrian Harith

    Adrian Harith3 days ago

    Like father like son 👨‍👦

  36. J M0204

    J M02043 days ago

    " Meating my dad"???!!!! what have you done, Mark haha... great vid!

  37. nishad kharkar

    nishad kharkar3 days ago

    Meating my dad? What's that supposed to mean 😲

  38. Hunter Cheun

    Hunter Cheun3 days ago

    so awesome, now i know where he gets his wow face haha!

  39. Patricia Diaz

    Patricia Diaz4 days ago

    Mark son identicos y se ve que heredastes el carisma de tu papa.Y la sonrisa tan amigable que tienes .

  40. devinitives

    devinitives4 days ago

    meating my dad

  41. Michelle Lauber

    Michelle Lauber4 days ago

    Loved this video glad to see your Dad enjoys different foods also.. My daughters are amerasian also . I learned to cook some of their Fathers dishes from his Aunt in Vietnam. Back In the day(80s) there where only Chinese cook books ,I had to hunt for a Vietnamese cook book and yep BOOK ,only one ,which my youngest daughter took .I wish I could do what you do except I'd want to learn how they make them .🤗😁 all the spices and ingredients they put in those wonderful dishes. Any suggestions how to get started? Keep up the great videos

  42. Dimo Sankara

    Dimo Sankara4 days ago

    Ghana our lovely Nebouring country, I heard my language in the video, all the way from Nigeria

  43. 4thWard E

    4thWard E4 days ago

    I love this guy hes always so happy and positive also hes got a beautiful wife

  44. manisha landge

    manisha landge4 days ago

    We too eat chapati here in India.

  45. Umutesi Vivian

    Umutesi Vivian4 days ago

    Mark's beautiful golden eyes

  46. will smith

    will smith4 days ago

    Your father is a pure american But you look like mongolian

  47. will smith

    will smith4 days ago

    Come to Nepal someday

  48. Kailas Nepal

    Kailas Nepal5 days ago

    sweet dad like u

  49. Kailas Nepal

    Kailas Nepal5 days ago

    Next tym bring ur dad nepal😊

  50. Mylifeasnellie

    Mylifeasnellie5 days ago

    I watch all of your videos mark ! You should do New Orleans creole food next and the New Orleans creole culture ! it’s such a beautiful city ❤️🤗.

  51. Natalie Soh

    Natalie Soh5 days ago

    Now I want to see his mom! Lol

  52. karina Navarro

    karina Navarro5 days ago

    Such a beautiful family

  53. Humppapuoskari

    Humppapuoskari6 days ago

    I just lost my dad two months ago. He was the cook in my family and I leaned much from him. Never again will I taste smoked salmon as good as that. Treasure your parents while you can. I did what I could and it wasn't as much as I wanted...

  54. Denise Nguimeya

    Denise Nguimeya6 days ago


  55. Mai Maitho

    Mai Maitho6 days ago

    Imagine after the DNA tests and you find out that your dad actually is not your dad. It would be the most crazy thing ever.

  56. paul muthoni

    paul muthoni5 days ago

    He can eat him

  57. Dilse Shah

    Dilse Shah6 days ago

    You are looking really happy and enjoying with your DAD

  58. bella Ynnaws

    bella Ynnaws6 days ago

    I just watched you in Onetrip and followed you immediately 😊 I saw you featured Manila Philippines 🇵🇭 and I’m glad and grateful you liked it you should also go to Cebu and Davao

  59. Anthony Joseph

    Anthony Joseph6 days ago

    Great video!

  60. Anthony Joseph

    Anthony Joseph6 days ago

    Chapati has migrated from North India to all over! Though in India a Chapati would be mostly dry (with a tiny smattering of oil or ghee). What Mark was eating was more of a Paratha which is Shallow fried or as in Delhi even Deep Fried.

  61. Bluegrass Penang Happy88

    Bluegrass Penang Happy886 days ago

    show you and your mum video we like to see Thank you.

  62. Nida Khan

    Nida Khan6 days ago

    Hi Mark your father is really good adorable. From Pakistan

  63. Lubna Imran

    Lubna Imran7 days ago

    Mark you have a pretty handsome family.

  64. baljinder singh

    baljinder singh7 days ago

    Mark nice to c ur dad

  65. H Keshi

    H Keshi7 days ago

    Now, it is easy to see where Mark got his smile, gregariousness and love of food and his adventurous spirit from - his dad. No doubt! They are two peas from the same pod.


    YAJEE'S WORLD7 days ago

    I hope to see a video featuring you and your mother Mark.

  67. mice poptsis

    mice poptsis7 days ago

    Very good and inspiring !

  68. Emeterio Ramirez

    Emeterio Ramirez8 days ago


  69. Aida Rivera

    Aida Rivera8 days ago

    Se parece mucho a su padre!😨

  70. hot stuff

    hot stuff8 days ago

    your great smile obviously come from your dad! he is cool same like you!

  71. Muhammad Satat

    Muhammad Satat8 days ago


  72. khymalee

    khymalee8 days ago

    I love you're channel. I love food.

  73. Naomi Musenga

    Naomi Musenga9 days ago

    U have to do one with mom now love it all

  74. laura flores

    laura flores9 days ago


  75. mohamed abdi

    mohamed abdi9 days ago

    Kenya has the best tea

  76. Farzana Khalid

    Farzana Khalid9 days ago


  77. Something to Say

    Something to Say9 days ago

    MARK WIENS ON NETFLIX!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  78. Santosh sapkota

    Santosh sapkota9 days ago

    hi mark i have been watching your contents for long time .ghana seems very yummy.watching from nepal.

  79. Rose Vargas

    Rose Vargas10 days ago

    We love your videos!!! It's like traveling with you and your family!

  80. Naomi Gikonyo

    Naomi Gikonyo10 days ago

    Your dad eats very healthy he knows his way with Kenyan food.. Can't help but find chips chicken and sukuma.... That your wife is taking 😂

  81. Maria Redekop

    Maria Redekop10 days ago

    Fingers can work as forks and spoons too eh lol

  82. Tracie Parker

    Tracie Parker11 days ago

    One word for AFRICA IS GORGEOUS 😀❤

  83. Titi Sikeu

    Titi Sikeu11 days ago

    OMG,I always love the smile on your face when you are testing the food.hunmnm so owesom

  84. Giselle Williams

    Giselle Williams11 days ago

    So nice to see your dad mark, God bless ....

  85. phantom Beast

    phantom Beast11 days ago

    So mark's dad is American and Mom is from Thailand!!

  86. Qwerty Qwertyu

    Qwerty Qwertyu11 days ago

    meating my dad for the first time

  87. Nasreen Ahmed

    Nasreen Ahmed12 days ago

    I love your show. Really so awesome. Thanks

  88. A Reha

    A Reha12 days ago

    Where is your mum?🌹🍁

  89. A Reha

    A Reha12 days ago

    Your father is a great man, he loves you very much. You are a Lucky guy.🌹🌹🍁🌺🌷

  90. Ekiti Young ProgressivesNA

    Ekiti Young ProgressivesNA12 days ago

    Ah! I see where the great taste for food comes from😀

  91. rohana abdrahman

    rohana abdrahman12 days ago

    I just want to say i really like your traveling videos. & your son is so cute boy..

  92. edwin mathenge

    edwin mathenge14 days ago

    you eat a lot and

  93. Sweet Manggo

    Sweet Manggo14 days ago

    OMG you so brave to eat any kind foods anywhere & you look healthy

  94. Alex Wallace

    Alex Wallace15 days ago

    I just curious about your ancestry on your mother's side.I think I heard you say 1/2 Chinesse,Waht is the other !/2?Could it be Fillipino?I love your videos so fun,interesting,educational,and exciting.

  95. Eddie Wyatt

    Eddie Wyatt15 days ago

    i'm one of the very first subscribers i feel so sorry for you that you are a bastard

  96. V Happy

    V Happy15 days ago

    *i wish my dad was still alive so I can meat 🥩 him*

  97. Ginny Erdmann

    Ginny Erdmann15 days ago

    Your Papa Bear is precious!! This is the content I needed in my life today. Makes me smile :)

  98. usman abbasi

    usman abbasi16 days ago

    Sir plz send me one cap orr T.shirt i am from Pakistan Lahore

  99. Vinh Dang

    Vinh Dang16 days ago

    love what you are doing. Keep on traveling!

  100. zayed haroon

    zayed haroon16 days ago

    Mark wiens how come ur skinny ?

  101. Marisada Ninlung

    Marisada Ninlung16 days ago

    Nice video Mark 😄😄😄

  102. Tay Aaron

    Tay Aaron17 days ago

    You have chinese bloood. Interesting

  103. antony mutie

    antony mutie17 days ago

    I believe i will travel soon. I mean on air. Is the ticket inclusive of the food or you pay for the food separately!? Don't laugh at me, keep me updated.

  104. Bea Dacut

    Bea Dacut17 days ago

    I wanna go to africa right now... :(

  105. Sian Pryce

    Sian Pryce17 days ago

    Purhaps the next time you can have your mother ?