1. Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna Pansino9 months ago

    I had so much fun eating my Diamond Play Button! Thank you all for 10 million subscribers! What was the first video of mine that you watched? 😊💕

  2. McKinley Churchill

    McKinley Churchill27 days ago

    It was one of the nerdy nummies videos

  3. Ashley Valeriano

    Ashley Valeriano2 months ago

    The Oreo challenge with your sister molly

  4. RCgames_101

    RCgames_1014 months ago

    OM-gosh!! This is so cool!! You should try to make a giant gummy in your roaming play button mould!!

  5. Riley Boelens

    Riley Boelens4 months ago

    I’ve watched so many don’t even remember I think it was the nerdy nummies cookies..🤗🤗🤗

  6. Nancy Almaguel

    Nancy Almaguel4 months ago

    I think I just saw an adorable cake i don’t remember which one but it was adorible

  7. Mythical Mewbie TV

    Mythical Mewbie TV3 hours ago

    I think dark chocolate is way too bitter and I think it sucks

  8. Ella Bischoff

    Ella Bischoff3 hours ago

    I like milk and dark chocolate

  9. Zara Baramy

    Zara Baramy5 hours ago


  10. Logan L

    Logan L7 hours ago

    You’re little cute cute assistant shef👩‍🍳🐶

  11. ZAX Vlogs

    ZAX Vlogs7 hours ago

    i like milk chocolate better

  12. Julia Larson

    Julia LarsonDay ago

    I agree I think u should make a jello playbutton

  13. Julia Larson

    Julia LarsonDay ago

    I prefer milk chocolate

  14. Nebrass Mussa

    Nebrass MussaDay ago

    I like the one that you made with choclate

  15. Vani Kania

    Vani KaniaDay ago

    Is it she is so small ND cute or her fridge is just gigantic? She looks so small when she's standing in front of the fridge door

  16. Yasmin Baseball

    Yasmin Baseball2 days ago

    When you made an Elsa cake

  17. -Starlight Wolf Gacha-

    -Starlight Wolf Gacha-2 days ago

    I like semisweet chocolate 🍫😋

  18. Umaiza Kashif

    Umaiza Kashif3 days ago

    And now you’re at 11 million Rosanna! :) ❤️

  19. Abubakkar Siddiq

    Abubakkar Siddiq4 days ago

    Milk chocolate is the best and white is the runner up 4 meh😊

  20. ItzAngelic Playz

    ItzAngelic Playz4 days ago

    Ro: Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Me: White chocolate? If that is a choice, if not, Milk. I'm just not a dark chocolate fan but I respect you dark chocolate lovers choice!

  21. WolfPup 87

    WolfPup 876 days ago

    Neither! I love white chocolate!

  22. Jasveen Poonia

    Jasveen Poonia6 days ago

    I love milk chocolate

  23. Leilani Martinez

    Leilani Martinez7 days ago

    I HATE dark chocolate😷😣

  24. Jannatul Munni

    Jannatul Munni7 days ago

    You should’ve made jello

  25. Relaxed _Maryam

    Relaxed _Maryam7 days ago

    Why do I have to watch this while fasting?

  26. StreamerBTW

    StreamerBTW7 days ago

    Dark Chocolate and White chocolate is the best

  27. quoral

    quoral7 days ago

    look at her bite in the cake compared to the cake no shame Ro you have a HUGE advantage it life

  28. quoral

    quoral7 days ago

    I'm here at midnight don't judge me!

  29. sara Mohammed

    sara Mohammed8 days ago

    Dark chocolate

  30. Steveluvscows

    Steveluvscows8 days ago

    Cursed minecraft images IRL

  31. Ramisa Maliyat

    Ramisa Maliyat8 days ago

    Please make a mint chocolate chip cake🎋🍫

  32. the PandaPowerGirl

    the PandaPowerGirl8 days ago

    I like milk chocolate

  33. Tia Taylor

    Tia Taylor8 days ago

    Milk chocolate

  34. Tia Taylor

    Tia Taylor8 days ago

    You can also make a diamond playbuttom mirror cake . That would be so cool

  35. Shaylyn Ariana Elizabeth Crain

    Shaylyn Ariana Elizabeth Crain10 days ago

    Jello in that would be cool

  36. Sofia Sundance

    Sofia Sundance10 days ago

    Answering most searched questions, and I like milk chocolate 😋

  37. Snow Leopard

    Snow Leopard11 days ago

    Oh wow, Ro! You know you could have made half the quantity and would have had a more edible result? And with the chocolate, you could have put a thinner layer and crushed nuts of choice on top, so you could break off cool shapes and have a nut layer on the bottom 😋

  38. Rose 3114

    Rose 311411 days ago

    🤗 I love all kinds of chocolate!

  39. Mahnameis Monica

    Mahnameis Monica11 days ago


  40. kate Libron

    kate Libron13 days ago

    I love milk chocolate

  41. Moaz Khurram

    Moaz Khurram13 days ago

    Dark chocolate

  42. Linda Truong

    Linda Truong14 days ago

    Who thinks mo should have her own channel

  43. SaRAi VloGS

    SaRAi VloGS14 days ago

    Milk chocolate

  44. Shaju Mathew

    Shaju Mathew15 days ago

    Now, then - dark chocloate 🍫🍫🍫

  45. GamingEevee927

    GamingEevee92717 days ago

    ============================ I Like White And Dark Chocolate My Favorite Color Is Pink My Social Security Number Is 1 I Live In Earth I Cry On A Daily Basis I Suck ============================

  46. kaylee the gamer

    kaylee the gamer17 days ago

    dark chocolate tastes disgusting unless its a dark chocolate kit kat

  47. Liwiathan

    Liwiathan17 days ago

    Silver, gold, diamond, what happened to platinum?

  48. Summer O'Neill

    Summer O'Neill19 days ago

    the first video I watch was when you and Molly make Elsa and Anna princess cakes

  49. Bianca Escalante

    Bianca Escalante19 days ago


  50. Audra Jones

    Audra Jones19 days ago


  51. Mario Lopez

    Mario Lopez19 days ago

    Melt chocolate 😋❤️🍫

  52. Mario Lopez

    Mario Lopez19 days ago


  53. Courtney Campbell

    Courtney Campbell20 days ago


  54. Sophia vs Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael

    Sophia vs Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael21 day ago

    Milk chocolate

  55. Alizeh Anwer

    Alizeh Anwer22 days ago

    Your refrigerator is so big I could sit inside in summers 😂

  56. Jazmin Matt

    Jazmin Matt23 days ago

    Milk chocolate person

  57. PsychicSylveon

    PsychicSylveon24 days ago

    What you should have done was put a silver/grey mirror glaze

  58. Ghostfive Fun

    Ghostfive Fun25 days ago

    I was five when I discovered you I’m 15 now

  59. Hannah Gill468

    Hannah Gill46826 days ago

    Love it can I have a shout out I am your biggest fan I love all of your videos

  60. jose basumatary

    jose basumatary26 days ago

    Row you are in danger a group of people named quadrant. Please call Rabecca and take about these

  61. Monique Juste

    Monique Juste27 days ago

    I used to like milk chocolate

  62. Monique Juste

    Monique Juste27 days ago

    Dark chocolate

  63. VPR mizli

    VPR mizli27 days ago


  64. thecat ofdeath

    thecat ofdeath27 days ago

    I'm actually alergic to dark chocolate, but I like mint chocolate.

  65. people r weird

    people r weird28 days ago

    I like white chocolate well it's not really chocolate but u know

  66. Unicorn Morgan

    Unicorn Morgan28 days ago

    Dark chocolate!!!!!!!!!! love u! #8monthslate!

  67. Khaleel Khan

    Khaleel Khan28 days ago

    I love dark chocolate

  68. Taledzha Michelle Robinson-Togia

    Taledzha Michelle Robinson-Togia28 days ago

    *why is everyone eating literally EVERYTHING*

  69. StaryGamer

    StaryGamer28 days ago

    I like both milk chocolate and dark chocolate :3

  70. Lisa fairweather

    Lisa fairweather29 days ago

    I don't like light chocolates

  71. simeon freakouts

    simeon freakouts29 days ago

    The pug is watching her

  72. Lwandle Mbambo

    Lwandle Mbambo29 days ago


  73. Amanda Topel

    Amanda Topel29 days ago

    I like milk chocolate but I'm slowly liking dark chocolate.

  74. Ronald McCoon

    Ronald McCoon29 days ago

    I'm with you in the dark chocolate Ro.

  75. claire Vanleeuwen

    claire VanleeuwenMonth ago

    I prefer milk chocolate over dark. But if I had to choose between milk, dark, and white, I would choose white.

  76. Dani Black

    Dani BlackMonth ago

    U should have made a jelly one

  77. Lana Abdallah

    Lana AbdallahMonth ago

    Oh and why do you say Cody instead of cookie

  78. Lana Abdallah

    Lana AbdallahMonth ago

    Next time my parents say I can have one chocolate bar I’m gonna go look for one of those or make one and then be like this is my one chocolate bar so I’m going to eat this my parents would probably freak out i did that🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

  79. Ej Castle14

    Ej Castle14Month ago

    Who is this

  80. Family Account

    Family AccountMonth ago

    I love what hing your videos again and again

  81. Family Account

    Family AccountMonth ago

    I love watching you videos I can watch them all day long.

  82. Sweet_like_hunny_ xxx

    Sweet_like_hunny_ xxxMonth ago

    Milk chocolate

  83. Laila Almonte

    Laila AlmonteMonth ago

    I like dark and milk

  84. It’s Jeff/JJ None of your beeswax

    It’s Jeff/JJ None of your beeswaxMonth ago

    Let me tell you the only two things that eat with milk chocolate The Oreo chocolate bar. And Nutella but if I eat milk chocolate with nothing in it or on top of it even with nuts I cannot eat milk chocolate I get super sick and my head starts hurting so I hate milk chocolate

  85. Alex Chan 101

    Alex Chan 101Month ago

    Also, when you are making like a chocolate play button, I would suggest you to add a little bit of water because it will be too sweet since you used A LOT of chocolate.

  86. Alex Chan 101

    Alex Chan 101Month ago

    I like dark chocolate because it’s just that the milk chocolate is too creamy, but dark chocolate...JUST RIGHT!

  87. Lady Unicon

    Lady UniconMonth ago

    I like milk and dark chocolate 😋

  88. Mia Pincivero

    Mia PinciveroMonth ago

    #playbutton #diamondplaybutton #ropansino😉

  89. kawaii unicorn

    kawaii unicornMonth ago


  90. Lorbert Uy

    Lorbert UyMonth ago

    I Love chocolate so much

  91. Masood Yousuf

    Masood YousufMonth ago

    Please make a pudding in that mold🍮🍮🍮

  92. Donald Doerner

    Donald DoernerMonth ago

    Dark chocolate is the boom/best

  93. Maya Taylor

    Maya TaylorMonth ago

    I like both dark chocolate and milk chocolate

  94. Sarah Fulton

    Sarah FultonMonth ago

    milk chocolate

  95. Manuel Long

    Manuel LongMonth ago

    Dark chocolate is my favorite I don’t eat milk or white chocolate

  96. Unicorn Baby

    Unicorn BabyMonth ago

    I like milk chocolate 🍫.

  97. مصرع عل شيلتঁ عبود علي يزن سعود

    مصرع عل شيلتঁ عبود علي يزن سعودMonth ago

    I like milk chocolate 🍫🍫

  98. EmazingEthan31

    EmazingEthan31Month ago

    Cookie is staring at the food

  99. My life style 083 Navarro

    My life style 083 NavarroMonth ago

    You should make a Dimond play button out of mashmellows and then cover it with edible silver paint

  100. Isabella Denny

    Isabella DennyMonth ago

    I'm 11 and I've liked dark chocolate for years :)

  101. Halle Sanders

    Halle SandersMonth ago

    You’re dog is adorable

  102. Totally Random

    Totally RandomMonth ago

    i watched your first video first

  103. mostly reptiles

    mostly reptilesMonth ago

    I like dark chocolate more

  104. Marie Vilson

    Marie VilsonMonth ago

    i hate dark choclate it is nasty excusemy grammer

  105. Rachael Alyssa 111

    Rachael Alyssa 111Month ago

    I wanna see sssniper wolf and ro do a video together

  106. Azra Illias

    Azra IlliasMonth ago

    Milk chocolate