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  1. Michele Bogdan Craciun

    Michele Bogdan Craciun9 days ago

    Mr. HEY

  2. TmanFromYT

    TmanFromYT19 days ago

    The rare Team player

  3. Jallenps7

    Jallenps74 months ago

    KD was just quiet

  4. 홍길동

    홍길동6 months ago

    green is real leader

  5. Raymond Prado

    Raymond Prado6 months ago

    Pakyu warriors

  6. Oppo Smart

    Oppo Smart7 months ago

    he is the leader

  7. Triple M With One J

    Triple M With One J7 months ago

    Was he talking about jordan bell off the backboard dunk at the last clip?

  8. King Paul

    King Paul7 months ago

    defensive anchor

  9. Ashley Belling

    Ashley Belling7 months ago

    He’s a great teammate

  10. Christopher Yoon Kim

    Christopher Yoon Kim7 months ago

    DG the fucking best at anticipating plays and moves by the opponents. He plays chess--always trying to be a step ahead. Excellent verbal communication in instructing teammates where to go, positioning, movement, etc. Without DG barking instructions, order, and doing all the grunt work, this squad is nothing 😂 jp they still be raw but DG the fucking man!

  11. Ron George

    Ron George7 months ago

    Mind of The gsw

  12. Big Worm

    Big Worm8 months ago

    This guy can be an excellent head coach one day.

  13. JR Prod.

    JR Prod.8 months ago

    I cant stand the warriors, but somehow i like this guy.

  14. spida45 Mitchell

    spida45 Mitchell8 months ago

    The best

  15. Chirayu Desai

    Chirayu Desai8 months ago

    Underrated af, id rather they get rid of Klay if they cant pay everyone. You need Dray iq anf leadership, klay doesnt have that.

  16. Cris Baliling

    Cris Baliling8 months ago

    He is the reason why the warriors are the best.. Defense win Championships!

  17. triodesrbetter

    triodesrbetter9 months ago

    Being a savvy cerebral player is not the same as being a leader that your teammates listen to. Not only does Draymond command respect from his teammates, but also from his coach and front office. This dude is not only a leader on the court, but he's involved in the scouting, draft, and GM duties. Guys like Rondo and Marcus Smart ain't got nothing on Draymond.

  18. SuperRip7

    SuperRip79 months ago

    That is just okay them. 08-03-18.

  19. Jimboy

    Jimboy9 months ago

    Haters gonna hate...

  20. Bankroll Deebo _ Ramirez

    Bankroll Deebo _ Ramirez10 months ago

    Literally the best defender in the league 🔥

  21. Chengren Peng

    Chengren Peng10 months ago

    I love draymond hhah

  22. Syeikha El Fatih

    Syeikha El Fatih10 months ago


  23. Dwayne Mckenzie

    Dwayne Mckenzie10 months ago

    real motivater

  24. Eric Thompson

    Eric Thompson10 months ago

    Saginaw pride 23

  25. Raptors Nation

    Raptors Nation11 months ago

    Draymond Green is literally a Warrior when it comes to defense... I love how he keeps motivating his team and communicating. #2018Champs👑

  26. Ernest Cheung

    Ernest Cheung11 months ago


  27. Pedro Manzanares Romero

    Pedro Manzanares Romero11 months ago

    Such a leader

  28. Michael Oquendo

    Michael Oquendo11 months ago

    Draymond Green IS an important player to the Warriors. Of course, he's not perfect, and I don't think he's the best of all time in defense. But... he's a good defensive player nevertheless. He is part of the reason why the Warriors are so good, as a team.

  29. surajsuresh9

    surajsuresh911 months ago

    Donkey got a lot of lip on him

  30. Big Mohammed

    Big Mohammed11 months ago

    The heart and soul Of the time

  31. traceyedits

    traceyedits11 months ago

    idk why but kd's single 'yeah' to draymond's question cracks me up

  32. i am legend

    i am legend11 months ago

    I love his energy💥💥💥

  33. strongforu

    strongforu11 months ago

    I love Crazy Cousin Draymond!

  34. Rafael Feliciano

    Rafael Feliciano11 months ago

    His Leadership is so great

  35. sahil Garg

    sahil Garg11 months ago

    He could be best coach in future

  36. ARMY of VIPBlinkNics

    ARMY of VIPBlinkNics11 months ago

    A loud fucking genius!!

  37. Dandy

    Dandy11 months ago

    Take there slim 😂

  38. VMiguel Gonzales

    VMiguel Gonzales11 months ago


  39. Rudy Jose Hidalgo

    Rudy Jose Hidalgo11 months ago

    VMiguel Gonzales HAHAHAHAHAHHA

  40. Lazuardi MR

    Lazuardi MR11 months ago

    Damn, he is really important to build the spirit of this team

  41. Bat Vigilante

    Bat Vigilante11 months ago

    The real coach of the warriors lol

  42. Nohj Mich

    Nohj Mich11 months ago

    Mostly they hate green because he oftenly teasing opponents but they don't how important green to warriors not just as a teammate but also a leader, but also the heart and soul of the warriors.

  43. Schnider Mutia

    Schnider Mutia11 months ago

    if only everyone sees his worth, he definitely brings the best out of every player. nice words of encouragement whenever they're down. so much love for draymond 💗

  44. Info Info

    Info Info11 months ago

    Dude, he plays like on-court coach! Good job!

  45. borat smagadijev

    borat smagadijevYear ago


  46. sneijder023

    sneijder023Year ago

    Arrogant donkeh

  47. Danny Lee

    Danny LeeYear ago

    Him and Kevin 'BANDWAGON' Durant ONLY HAVE A ring cause CURRY

  48. Kelly Jocelyn

    Kelly Jocelyn11 months ago

    Danny Lee the heart and soul of the warriors defense and back to back FMVP yet you pull this sentence of them. Smh.... I bet you'll love them on lebron team

  49. Danny Lee

    Danny LeeYear ago

    Put Draymond in Miami and you'd NEVER hear his name mentioned again

  50. Mugen

    Mugen8 months ago

    Why would you put him in Miami ? he's playing for the team that drafted him ! you got to be pretty desperate to comment shit like dat... tell LeGone to stay in cleveland instead of leaving for Miami and you know the rest

  51. Amboy Philippines

    Amboy Philippines11 months ago

    Danny Lee i doubt it...he would make them better

  52. Danny Lee

    Danny LeeYear ago


  53. Vinmoonsu

    VinmoonsuYear ago

    I have a deep hatred for this guy. I never hate a player so much in the nba.

  54. Amboy Philippines

    Amboy Philippines11 months ago

    Thats good...he is doing something right against your team

  55. Nuno

    NunoYear ago

    dont waste your time hating a guy that doesnt think about you at all

  56. Waheed Khan

    Waheed KhanYear ago

    A warrior and a leader on the court

  57. Frederick Brain

    Frederick BrainYear ago

    For Basketball Fans Young and Old. The Millennial N.B.A. is a timeline playlist of the greatest players of all time.

  58. zach coates

    zach coatesYear ago

    He is the main coach!

  59. Joshua Akhigbe

    Joshua AkhigbeYear ago

    He’s not the DPOY for nothing

  60. Leonardo Diniz

    Leonardo DinizYear ago

    Y'all can hate him, but there's no doubt that he's the leader of the team and push them to a high competitiveness level

  61. Timmy D

    Timmy DYear ago

    I think Shaun Livingston is clearly the leader of the warriors

  62. Ricus Alzona

    Ricus AlzonaYear ago


  63. Notvishal keerthi

    Notvishal keerthiYear ago

    Wireless? Shouldn't it be wired?

  64. Mario Romano

    Mario RomanoYear ago

    As much as I dislike him, I still have a lot of respect for him

  65. Labcabinsandiego

    LabcabinsandiegoYear ago

    Dislike the vid if you think Draymond is annoying

  66. Marvin Schmid

    Marvin SchmidYear ago

    His defensive IQ is exorbitantly high. You may not like him for some things he does on the court (me too), but he's already one of the best defenders of all time. He coordinates the whole team defensively and everybody on the Warriors knows he's got their back. If someone blows by Steph or someone else, 9/10 times Dray's there to save the day or at least contest the shots well. He defends almost every player on the opposing team every single possession.

  67. PoopyDoopy39

    PoopyDoopy3911 months ago

    Lin Chris he’s easily one of the greatest defenders of all time, no one said he was the BEST. Stop hating.

  68. StreetviewFilmsHD

    StreetviewFilmsHD11 months ago

    Lin Chris well on top of that, he got 3 rings to shut u up.

  69. darealEffJayVee

    darealEffJayVee11 months ago

    Marvin Schmid I love draymond idc what no one say

  70. Lin Chris

    Lin Chris11 months ago

    some bull shit one of the best defenders of ALL TIME? that's too big of a statement

  71. Kevin Reagan

    Kevin ReaganYear ago

    He’s a combination of Rodman, artest, and Ben Wallace put into one person

  72. Mugen

    MugenYear ago

    It must give you so much Energy and Focus to know you have a guy like him in your team !

  73. Chipo Chips

    Chipo ChipsYear ago

    That guy is such an ass, guys like him make me miss even more the old school basketball.

  74. Brian mutwiri

    Brian mutwiriYear ago

    I'm a draymond green fan..and i love his aggression. ..I'd definitely put him on my team🔥🔥

  75. deiondre0

    deiondre0Year ago

    2:34 i wonder how many people call KD by "Slim"

  76. Paul F.

    Paul F.Year ago

    deiondre0 Idk they probably do but you just havent heard it

  77. deiondre0

    deiondre0Year ago

    Paul F. i know but thats more of a nickname made by his fans, i never really heard any of his teammates call him by that

  78. Paul F.

    Paul F.Year ago

    deiondre0 In OKC he was called the “Slim Reaper”.

  79. Could be

    Could beYear ago

    I'm a GSW fan but I legitimately don't like Draymond lol. He's a great player but I don't like him. It's easy to pump your chest and act tough when we're winning, but when Draymond plays poorly he complains, gets technicals, and makes dumb fouls.

  80. McSherubs

    McSherubsYear ago

    Bruh if you were a real fan you would know how he integrated into this team and into the first team lineup. He worked insanely hard to even get a chance and is now the heart of the team. Watch the video, every single defensive play he's calling out everything and making sure people know what to do.

  81. Paul F.

    Paul F.Year ago

    Just delete this comment dumbass

  82. Big Fella

    Big FellaYear ago

    The Lawl not a fan boy lol

  83. Could be

    Could beYear ago

    SMH. Like I said, he's a great player I just don't like him. I'm not some biased fan that can't separate an individuals personality from their profession. Kinda like you butthurt fanboys who think that just because I don't like Draymond, I said he can't play...I called him GREAT. I never said I hate him, I just don't like him...

  84. CH TH

    CH THYear ago

    You might want to delete this cuz

  85. Ssa1nt

    Ssa1ntYear ago

    Compilation of technical fouls

  86. Emanuel AD

    Emanuel ADYear ago

    1:00-1:05 LOL

  87. deiondre0

    deiondre0Year ago

    basically what everyone was expecting when they clicked the video lol

  88. pushkaraj kalkar

    pushkaraj kalkarYear ago

    UNDER RATED for the amount of work he puts in!

  89. Yang Sam

    Yang SamYear ago

    Golden State's defense without Draymond would probably go from 1st to 15th.

  90. Chirayu Desai

    Chirayu Desai8 months ago


  91. k Idontknow

    k IdontknowYear ago

    Prince Nitro Lmao Dray does more than just defend. He directs traffic and shadows his teammates (mostly Curry). Looney doesn't even talk.

  92. Prince Nitro

    Prince NitroYear ago

    Yang Sam Well apart from the fact that there 3rd defensively, I somewhat agree. Without Dray they would have Looney so that's a solid 10th defense

  93. nerf bros

    nerf brosYear ago

    Yang Sam can you sub bro my channel ill sub back

  94. Obsidian Chill

    Obsidian ChillYear ago


  95. Nick Foles

    Nick FolesYear ago

    Whatever nba... Show more LeBron highlights, nobody cares about draymond

  96. Blythe

    Blythe11 months ago

    Typical Bronsexual

  97. Nick Foles

    Nick FolesYear ago

    nerf bros Ok sure

  98. nerf bros

    nerf brosYear ago

    Nick Foles #GOAT #FATHERFIGURE #MANOFGOD can you sub to my channel ill sub back to yours

  99. Luka Maisuradze

    Luka MaisuradzeYear ago

    he's the heart of the team

  100. the king of cool

    the king of coolYear ago

    A modern dirty player.

  101. Nick Foles

    Nick FolesYear ago

    Draymond is a bum

  102. Roman Oliva

    Roman OlivaYear ago

    Ben Wallace of this generation... but louder

  103. Kendrell Ellison

    Kendrell Ellison7 months ago

    Naw we aint doin that ben was crazy on defense 😂😂

  104. Chang Wai

    Chang Wai8 months ago

    Dennis Rodman in the new age

  105. Paul F.

    Paul F.Year ago

    Nick Foles #GOAT #FATHERFIGURE #MANOFGOD Shoulda, coulda, woulda 😂. Draymond better and does more for his team.

  106. MrSatdal

    MrSatdalYear ago


  107. Nick Foles

    Nick FolesYear ago

    Paul F. You're smoking if you think he's even remotely close defensively to Ben.. Draymond shouldn't have even gotten defensive player of the year, it should've been kawhi that year

  108. Carlos Herrera

    Carlos HerreraYear ago

    Fuck Draymond

  109. f l o w e r b o y

    f l o w e r b o y11 months ago

    Fuck Janet Jokic

  110. Vigilante

    VigilanteYear ago

    shut yo bitchass up while hes out there making millions ur commenting on a youtube video fucking hating on a person u dont even know. end your sorry life lmao.

  111. zeynep mungan

    zeynep munganYear ago


  112. Imp

    ImpYear ago

    Nothing easy

  113. Angelo Clarke

    Angelo ClarkeYear ago

    A guy who every team needs

  114. Vigilante

    VigilanteYear ago

    the heart of the team. i really dont get why haters say shit like he wouldnt be good on other teams. i mean the fact that the haters say that shows how angry they are towards his skill and dominance and versatility on the floor lmao. the way hes been guarding capela this series has been pretty amazing to watch and thats not something that just a team allows u to do

  115. Chris Oropeza

    Chris OropezaYear ago

    Nick Foles #GOAT #FATHERFIGURE #MANOFGOD Draymond is not a true 6’7” and Capela is 7 foot and then some and Dray is preventing the lob. He should have 3 DPOYs at this point. Overrated defender my ass, he has guarded literally everybody in the league and forced them into a difficult shot. Even if they make it he wears them down so their ineffective later in the game.

  116. Nick Foles

    Nick FolesYear ago

    NBA Players Guarding cappella? That's not such a difficult thing to do since cappella isn't an offensive player what so ever.. Dray is an overrated defender and they'd be champions regardless of him

  117. C Smith

    C SmithYear ago