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Drake - Nice For What


  1. Che'Nelle Edwards

    Che'Nelle Edwards50 minutes ago

    Yasss woman power MEN


    GAME-MONSTER85Hour ago

    Check me out on GAME-MONSTER85 - let's play FORTNITE

  3. Koala Family

    Koala FamilyHour ago

    lol 3 black•ish people on here from the show

  4. Oscar Aquino

    Oscar AquinoHour ago

    Best song

  5. Diana Thewolf

    Diana ThewolfHour ago

    I noticed he used half of lauren hills music Its good tho

  6. Abdo

    Abdo2 hours ago


  7. Janie Mcgee

    Janie Mcgee4 hours ago

    Watch the break down.........

  8. Karyme Delgado

    Karyme Delgado5 hours ago

    They started playing his song in he cafeteria and it said mother fucker out loud lmao 5th grade doesn’t need to now those words. I still say them

  9. Lodxx_ 10

    Lodxx_ 105 hours ago

    The girl at 2:18 she is sister of black panther in the movie sorry for my language I’m french lol

  10. Paige G

    Paige G6 hours ago

    1:06 that position ....... Equestrians be cringing 😂

  11. tsunaiyoshi10th

    tsunaiyoshi10th6 hours ago

    I love half naked women twerking. I like to show myself off. Show off!

  12. Kadedra Grandison

    Kadedra Grandison6 hours ago

    V. Y. I

  13. BenIsTricky aka priv8m8

    BenIsTricky aka priv8m87 hours ago

    It’s so amazing how u can get tricked even after reading this right now Read more...

  14. Helena Monique Clarke

    Helena Monique Clarke8 hours ago

    Drake is the most vocally supportive rapper women have.

  15. Adjwell Monko

    Adjwell Monko9 hours ago

    Olivia Wilde is so pretty


    EL MAPACHE10 hours ago

    Tu mataste a X🖕🖕😣

  17. john bravo

    john bravo11 hours ago

    who is she 1:20

  18. Mohamadou Sagna

    Mohamadou Sagna11 hours ago

    *Black-ish cameos*

  19. Mohamadou Sagna

    Mohamadou Sagna11 hours ago

    Yara Shahidi😍😍

  20. kind i sing kind

    kind i sing kind10 hours ago

    yeah i love her in this so well looking

  21. goddess cutie

    goddess cutie12 hours ago

    Eveybody get your mother fukn roll on.

  22. Yaya Sansone

    Yaya Sansone12 hours ago

    There is not enough words that can explain how much I love this Guy he is amazing 👑I pray one day I can really meet him after I have been catfished someone pretending to be Him smh

  23. Itz Anna

    Itz Anna12 hours ago

    Feels like I can do hip hop which I can

  24. Ana Ludymila

    Ana Ludymila13 hours ago


  25. insane insanity Oj

    insane insanity Oj14 hours ago

    Say yah if you like this song

  26. ελλιπή HALF-WAY

    ελλιπή HALF-WAY17 hours ago

    Vcs sabem pq o nome da música ta em português?

  27. Com PriscilaTrindade

    Com PriscilaTrindade19 hours ago

    I my from Brazil Rio de Janeiro. Veryvery god music! 👏👏👏

  28. jennie samantha

    jennie samantha20 hours ago

    finally i already found it.

  29. zuperduperboi

    zuperduperboi21 hour ago

    tampax ad megacut

  30. Picando O alho

    Picando O alho22 hours ago

    É serio isso que o Drake colocou legenda em portugues meu Deus cara valheu Drakeeee nossa nao to acreditando

  31. monarch serenity

    monarch serenity22 hours ago

    could listen to this allll nighttttt

  32. monarch serenity

    monarch serenity22 hours ago


  33. Salvatori Basevi

    Salvatori Basevi22 hours ago

    hell yeah!!!

  34. xAden

    xAden23 hours ago

    damn murda

  35. Diamond Roses

    Diamond Roses23 hours ago

    Loved how he showed more mature women in this video whom have worked hard and preserved their beauty and class through out their years! Goals!

  36. Tineisha Murray

    Tineisha Murray23 hours ago

    Go Go go Drake go go go Drake yesss he. Did this joint I don't know if he has a daughter or not but this should be dedicated to her 😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  37. Tony Hernandez

    Tony Hernandez23 hours ago


  38. Maria Santiago

    Maria Santiago23 hours ago

    The song’s name tho🔥

  39. Samantha Chandler

    Samantha ChandlerDay ago

    You know dark days you know dark times doing overtime for the last month 💥

  40. Hott four

    Hott fourDay ago


  41. Jacques Dixon

    Jacques DixonDay ago

    They got most of the black women in Hollywood, but they missing Oprah and Wendy Williams

  42. ελλιπή HALF-WAY

    ελλιπή HALF-WAYDay ago

    Pq o nome da música ta em português?

  43. Jhirrica Ware

    Jhirrica WareDay ago

    These HOES/ MY MAN!

  44. Jhirrica Ware

    Jhirrica WareDay ago


  45. DeanBoyTv

    DeanBoyTvDay ago

    good job

  46. laquin ladytellem

    laquin ladytellemDay ago

    My favorite song of2018

  47. Jay Jay

    Jay JayDay ago


  48. yinyi mena

    yinyi menaDay ago


  49. vera9502

    vera9502Day ago

    Bad boy thieves rtrd gangs xperts in thiefing and useless music really just useless no others aren't capable of ddn same to y'all especially after your sht collapse

  50. vera9502

    vera9502Day ago

    After All the destruction n ppl y'all fkd with y'all got status with ppl family bloodlines

  51. vera9502

    vera9502Day ago

    The super powers going to go to war far your couple of stolen mostly billion dollars

  52. Ninja

    NinjaDay ago

    hi drake good song we should play again

  53. Kaylee' Johnson

    Kaylee' JohnsonDay ago

    muder on the beat



    love this one dog

  55. Mordexi Thompson vlogs

    Mordexi Thompson vlogsDay ago

    *How do I* _Express myself_

  56. ajamo campbell

    ajamo campbellDay ago

    Lauryn Hill is the only person missing she should of been in this video

  57. самир ахмкдов

    самир ахмкдовDay ago


  58. kind i sing kind

    kind i sing kind10 hours ago

    spider-man hate russian

  59. Jenifer Pellegrino

    Jenifer PellegrinoDay ago

    That girl with the red jacket it reminds me of philly or alphabet city. I’ve been there not talking visiting. Real life. ❤️

  60. Chelsea Marie

    Chelsea MarieDay ago

    Beautiful video...

  61. Giwrgos Tsimourtos

    Giwrgos TsimourtosDay ago

    Is that Thirteen in the beggining?

  62. la camerounaise

    la camerounaiseDay ago


  63. Мариана Рохова

    Мариана РоховаDay ago

  64. Elijah Yates

    Elijah YatesDay ago

    BOOTY BUTT CHEEKS!!! (Boondocks fans only

  65. Kevin Brown

    Kevin BrownDay ago

    This will be timeless

  66. Michael Eckhardt

    Michael EckhardtDay ago


  67. Anika Maurice

    Anika MauriceDay ago

    We are queens!!!

  68. deine mudda

    deine muddaDay ago

    fucking bad quality

  69. bunny love

    bunny loveDay ago

    I love Michelle Rodriguez she's so sexy

  70. Rassoua HMD

    Rassoua HMDDay ago

    Au niveau de l'orthographe C'est Pourquoi et non pour quoi ♥️ Je T'aime Drake

  71. Homo Vatnikus

    Homo VatnikusDay ago

    💙💙💙💙💙 💛💛💛💛💛

  72. Francisco Carvajal

    Francisco CarvajalDay ago

    murda en el beat? que sigue que diga la fecha

  73. Angela Du Lac

    Angela Du LacDay ago

    fckn banger

  74. DevinDaDingus 420

    DevinDaDingus 420Day ago

    Gotta hit them angles

  75. Andrew Flood

    Andrew FloodDay ago

    LUV THIS SONG !!!!

  76. Kai Morgan

    Kai MorganDay ago

    "High school pics you was even bad then" ummm.....

  77. Unicorn Shook

    Unicorn Shook2 days ago

    I keep lettin you back innnn

  78. vera9502

    vera95022 days ago

    Keep having call cas on you Jay-Z terrorist status taking over what couple billion here there

  79. Uzi Verdugo

    Uzi Verdugo2 days ago

    X is better fuck u

  80. Genesis samira humphrey David

    Genesis samira humphrey David2 days ago


  81. Dunneit05

    Dunneit052 days ago

    This beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  82. Christian Ramos

    Christian Ramos2 days ago

    Why is michelle Rodriguez at the end tho?

  83. Chess Gladue

    Chess Gladue2 days ago

    NBA did it better

  84. Leelee 101

    Leelee 1012 days ago

    Drake had all the bhadies in this video ayeee!

  85. Bryan Khayyam

    Bryan Khayyam2 days ago

    DRAKE I love your music

  86. Mouhamed mrc

    Mouhamed mrc2 days ago

    Nice pour quoi ? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  87. Setrag Sarafian

    Setrag Sarafian2 days ago

    saying the n word is bad

  88. Tamramsy

    Tamramsy2 days ago

    What song did he sample in the beginning of the song

  89. KingN8Boogie

    KingN8Boogie2 days ago

    Tamramsy lauryn hill X-Factor. I think the entire vocal sample comes from that song

  90. Tayyab Mehmood

    Tayyab Mehmood2 days ago

    Drake has got some really catchy vibes

  91. COOL C00L

    COOL C00L2 days ago


  92. Ashley Forrest

    Ashley Forrest2 days ago

    There is so many powerful women in this video I like it

  93. travelller

    travelller2 days ago

    What's the building at 1:37?

  94. Finntschèsteur

    Finntschèsteur2 days ago

    Ba maintenant c'est traduit en français cool il faut qu'il fase plus souvent

  95. Jacqueline Mapstone

    Jacqueline Mapstone2 days ago

    Ima on a mission. Dancing for 2 miles

  96. Jacqueline Mapstone

    Jacqueline Mapstone2 days ago

    Loving this

  97. stonethrow

    stonethrow2 days ago

    do i hear a "LL Cool J - Rock the bells" sample in the background?

  98. Derrica Cobbins

    Derrica Cobbins2 days ago

    Save the Music

  99. Lily Davis

    Lily Davis2 days ago

    I like how Emma Roberts randomly shows up 😂

  100. Jason X

    Jason X2 days ago

    This shit is too ill.

  101. coacoa Cutie

    coacoa Cutie2 days ago

    Draaaaake i loooove you my talanted baby your music

  102. Blackanese

    Blackanese2 days ago

    Drake plz why you got a white girl in the MReporter video