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Drake - Nice For What


  1. mpho Ledwaba

    mpho LedwabaHour ago

    Did drake just sample Lauryn Hill and make a dope hitt out of that easy song?? damnnnn!!!

  2. Random Acts

    Random Acts2 hours ago

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  3. Catman draw

    Catman draw2 hours ago

    I'm a walker leaving like

  4. Duval Robinson

    Duval Robinson3 hours ago

    2019 listening still

  5. Duval Robinson

    Duval Robinson3 hours ago

    This prescottacam0922 still

  6. Clout Bunny

    Clout Bunny3 hours ago

    Fernando Lugo?

  7. Rose L.

    Rose L.3 hours ago

    Those are the days I truly MISS. I had plans for my sisters for their birthday. But those plans are over

  8. try batman

    try batman4 hours ago

    I want jimmy

  9. Scott Doherty

    Scott Doherty11 hours ago

    Tiffany haddish is a bad ass bitch whoever gets that is a lucky man. SHE READY

  10. Asia Boyd

    Asia Boyd13 hours ago

    my sister arii said can she get 10

  11. Vance Sloan

    Vance Sloan14 hours ago

    Fuck it. Thanks drake for not editing all of the cuss words out of yur MReporter videos. Everyones shit is all watered down on here.

  12. Ajani Campbell

    Ajani Campbell16 hours ago

    When the weed shop dosent ask for your ID

  13. Hazel McNeill

    Hazel McNeill17 hours ago

    Black women are not playing,their beautiful gorgeous and fine oh drake know white boys know so stop fronting yeah👌 👍💞👅😋😘😍


    OCEAN BEATS19 hours ago

    wish my videos got this many views

  15. ツKãtachį

    ツKãtachį20 hours ago

    2:19 wakanda for ever

  16. Will Plymon

    Will Plymon20 hours ago

    Don't let this distract you from the solid fact that Red Lobsters Ultimate Feast price went up $4 and the portions got noticeably smaller and you only get 4 biscuits instead of 5 for a table of 3!!! Not fooling me!!

  17. Richard Botello

    Richard Botello19 hours ago


  18. mohammad ismael

    mohammad ismael20 hours ago

    My mom acting like she the bomb in public🤣

  19. Nyera Williams

    Nyera Williams22 hours ago

    Drake you a thieving ass murdering ass broke ugly pussy ass dumb cannaidian nigga. And BTW, XXX is way better than you 😈😈😈😠😆😜

  20. Jared Aclan

    Jared AclanDay ago

    🔥This song slaps harder then my dad’s🔥

  21. Deborah Ibrahim

    Deborah IbrahimDay ago


  22. bill pfohl

    bill pfohlDay ago

    Shuolda won music video of the year

  23. Jean-Daniel Jovet

    Jean-Daniel JovetDay ago

    Le filme kikoqe an francé

  24. Nairek NAIREK

    Nairek NAIREKDay ago

    WHY DOES MReporter NOT HAVE REPEAT BUTTON????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Ben Phillips

    Ben PhillipsDay ago

    Subscribe to appleman101

  26. Farman Jatt

    Farman JattDay ago

    After a long time i have hear a nice song

  27. asaadeh 023

    asaadeh 023Day ago

    this the type of song i jam to going into the weekend

  28. Pheonixx Identity V And CD

    Pheonixx Identity V And CDDay ago


  29. Rich Healey

    Rich HealeyDay ago


  30. KR S

    KR SDay ago


  31. Kia McCartney

    Kia McCartneyDay ago

    00:15 yooo is he roller blading or summat?? 🤣🤣🤣

  32. The Jahf Reach Show

    The Jahf Reach ShowDay ago

    I’d appreciate if you took 2 minutes to listen my song and tell me if you like it:

  33. Noellia S

    Noellia SDay ago

    Ive been listening to this song a lot lately, I love the whole vibe!! 😎

  34. J Delaleu

    J Delaleu2 days ago

    Can we just let Drake live off his residuals? I mean he WILL be fine. I like the music but just not down for a man who doesn't claim HIS KID whether or not he has a bad or unwanted relationship with the mom. Let's not keep feeding this trope that women "catch" men with babies....

  35. Blue1091

    Blue10912 days ago

    Love Rashida Jones!

  36. db entertainment tv

    db entertainment tv2 days ago

    Check out this song

  37. Jonas Natho

    Jonas Natho2 days ago

    Murda absolutly killed it..

  38. César  Lima

    César Lima2 days ago

    Mrs Lauryn Hill is present ✌

  39. Squirrel Hallowino

    Squirrel Hallowino2 days ago

    So this is what thirteen been up to...

  40. Mister Point/مستر نقطة

    Mister Point/مستر نقطة2 days ago


  41. Betus Uran

    Betus Uran2 days ago


  42. Mr. Quacks

    Mr. Quacks2 days ago

    Was black panther sister in this vid

  43. Bigzy

    Bigzy2 days ago

    Uno drake deffo been watching blackish

  44. Alyssa Plays

    Alyssa Plays2 days ago

    The girl wit curls from black-ish

  45. daisy shorty ddc13 Natasha george

    daisy shorty ddc13 Natasha george2 days ago

    Nice beautiful strong woman. That's how I roll....

  46. Siera ahmed

    Siera ahmed2 days ago


  47. M. W.

    M. W.3 days ago


  48. PEPE1337

    PEPE13373 days ago

    2:30 I got really scared becouse I tought or war alarm in Sweden started....

  49. elle'ya mathers

    elle'ya mathers3 days ago

    0:43 keira Knightley is that you ??

  50. Epic Gaming21

    Epic Gaming213 days ago

    Producer: what king of thing u want in the song Drake: yes

  51. Muhammad Elias Melad

    Muhammad Elias Melad3 days ago

    What is thirteen doing here?

  52. Denis Pepic

    Denis Pepic3 days ago

    How to make women beautiful withouth exposing skin

  53. Isaiah Parran

    Isaiah Parran3 days ago

    I was born April 22 and my mothers name is april

  54. James Baird

    James Baird3 days ago

    I love your new

  55. Polson

    Polson3 days ago

    2:17 Girls 2 minutes before an exam.

  56. Lona K.

    Lona K.3 days ago

    Gemischtes hack bestes hack. #gemischteshack

  57. Freddy C

    Freddy C3 days ago

    Damn this shit is so star struck.

  58. legalizeranch

    legalizeranch3 days ago

    Rashida Jones ❤️

  59. Samuel Elma

    Samuel Elma3 days ago

    Big L is better than him!!!!???? Goat 🐐 Goat

  60. Saira Urbina

    Saira Urbina3 days ago

    I love this song. Meaningful to my life. I hear it all the time.

  61. Zyzer

    Zyzer3 days ago

    I think Drake is awake

  62. Akosii Muffin

    Akosii Muffin3 days ago

    Gemischtes Hack! 😁

  63. OnlySage

    OnlySage3 days ago

    Lowkey this song made me happy and still does

  64. Aidan Mercurio

    Aidan Mercurio3 days ago

    vary nice

  65. Stereo

    Stereo3 days ago

    I know your so pretty you use Drake which means Male duck as your name.

  66. Stereo

    Stereo3 days ago

    You're evil

  67. Stereo

    Stereo3 days ago

    I don't spent all my nice up.

  68. Stereo

    Stereo3 days ago

    Fat Black broad nose oprah who cant even twerk. Her pussy must be so lame. Stedman clearly got a skinny dick

  69. Stereo

    Stereo3 days ago

    I'm being electronically harassed for being nice and trying to make oprah feel beautiful.

  70. SamoanBongoRosé

    SamoanBongoRosé3 days ago

    3:12 I showed this to my older brother he punched me in the face because he thought the girl put 👌 on her knee

  71. Hollagrl0999

    Hollagrl09993 days ago

    my boyfriend just asked me to marry him while this song was playing.. I said YES!!! this is our song now. so special. we had a rough patch but we worked through it! he made a song about our past, and its deep. Personal secrets were publicly shared... I'm in the video too! Search for "Ry Lucky - Toxic" to watch his video. who else is here in March?


    XXXTENTATION3 days ago

    Murda on the beat

  73. Dami Daminhooo

    Dami Daminhooo4 days ago


  74. Collin Cushing

    Collin Cushing4 days ago

    Olivia Wilde is too nice

  75. Zzzoro

    Zzzoro4 days ago

    damn Olivia Wilde!!

  76. Smexy

    Smexy4 days ago

    Just realized that the avengers actors here

  77. elvis esau

    elvis esau4 days ago

    is that Olivia Wilde?

  78. MK Phasard

    MK Phasard4 days ago

    Lauryn Hill

  79. kakashit3

    kakashit34 days ago

    Would've been nice to have Brie Larson somewhere in the clip ... nice one though

  80. itzza light_skinned_key

    itzza light_skinned_key4 days ago

    I love how he has strong African American women playing the roles

  81. Kevin Adair

    Kevin Adair4 days ago

    I'm getting the feeling that drake is the side nigga of hollywood😂😂😂

  82. Marina Lima

    Marina Lima4 days ago


  83. Lebron Harden

    Lebron Harden4 days ago

  84. Marija Babic

    Marija Babic4 days ago

    I didn’t even notice Drake that much ‘cause of all these beautiful women

  85. G10spar001 M3M3S

    G10spar001 M3M3S4 days ago

    Drake goes hard on those angles

  86. Darren Hallett

    Darren Hallett4 days ago

    Yea I did say I cared ¿

  87. Darren Hallett

    Darren Hallett4 days ago

    Was on that bell for while ayy? 996

  88. helene otero

    helene otero5 days ago


  89. Rayshawn Jackson

    Rayshawn Jackson5 days ago

    Women power ❤

  90. Xspose Gawd

    Xspose Gawd5 days ago

    i showed this to my toilet now its a bucket

  91. Elara Sumrall

    Elara Sumrall5 days ago

    Lol 😂😂😂

  92. easyclout

    easyclout5 days ago

    X is still better

  93. Bread Loaf

    Bread Loaf4 days ago

    easyclout Better than this, or drake in general? No either way tbh

  94. Lil Car crash

    Lil Car crash5 days ago

    1 of the only drake song I like

  95. Loading Gaming

    Loading Gaming5 days ago


  96. XXGaMİng

    XXGaMİng5 days ago

    RIP X

  97. JrM Lackar

    JrM Lackar5 days ago

    Drake is one of the very few singers who still make good music as time passes

  98. Desegshow Club

    Desegshow Club6 days ago

    2019??? 🤩🤩🤩🤩


    DEZARNEZ SOULJA4 days ago


  100. godz13

    godz136 days ago

    someone tell dom i found letty

  101. ava wiley

    ava wiley6 days ago

    hey its that one lady from sisters - i love that show

  102. Michael Strong

    Michael Strong6 days ago

    When you go to your first school dance

  103. Mamadou Djigo

    Mamadou Djigo6 days ago

    Why blackpanther's sister in this.🤔🤔

  104. Hot Cumodity77

    Hot Cumodity772 days ago

    Mamadou Djigo because his sister is a major part in the movie & she is #Dope

  105. Lakendra Blakney

    Lakendra Blakney6 days ago

    They don't really be the same offline 😘😴🤞🏾💪🏾🤧💯🎯✍🏾‼️😎🤫😘🤧😴‼️✍🏾🎯

  106. maas1 dah plug

    maas1 dah plug6 days ago

    subscribe to me im from the uk