Drake - Nice For What


  1. AK47

    AK473 hours ago

    We need more tunes like this to pump up the year! Spreading good vibes @drake Bless up!

  2. Karel Bílek

    Karel Bílek3 hours ago

    this Summer, these vibes !!! 2018 Drake like a King ...

  3. Zeer Labra13817

    Zeer Labra138173 hours ago


  4. yoshua herixdhyan

    yoshua herixdhyan3 hours ago

    kinda similar to cold - rich brian. aint it?

  5. Pranky

    Pranky3 hours ago

    2018 drake's year for real

  6. shreyam yadav

    shreyam yadav3 hours ago

    Watch the breakdown...!! 🔥🔥

  7. Hihellothere

    Hihellothere4 hours ago

    My mom listened to this song once then left my dad

  8. John Curtis

    John Curtis4 hours ago

    This became my repeat song the second I heard it... Drake stays Killin it, keep it up...

  9. Troddi Beatz Boomin

    Troddi Beatz Boomin4 hours ago

    Unbelievable talent 🤦🏽‍♂️🔥🐐 DRAKE IS THE MODERN DAY TUPAC

  10. Marcos

    Marcos4 hours ago

    Wack ass shit.

  11. Matt Corcoran

    Matt Corcoran4 hours ago

    Did not expect that the actors from black-ish would be in this

  12. Ella and my sisters Xoxo

    Ella and my sisters Xoxo4 hours ago


  13. 김상혁

    김상혁4 hours ago

    Wakanda Forever!

  14. Nazli Zeydvand

    Nazli Zeydvand4 hours ago

    I love him.

  15. Leznah Calderon

    Leznah Calderon4 hours ago

    Drake taking Ws like crazy💕😝

  16. A folding chair

    A folding chair4 hours ago


  17. Mark A

    Mark A4 hours ago

    Dedicated to all the bitches he fugged

  18. Symea Solomon

    Symea Solomon4 hours ago

    Yes Drake, yes. Thanks for the shout out. I love this NOLA bounce beat.

  19. pierre Sinzelet

    pierre Sinzelet4 hours ago

    love drake

  20. David Brandt

    David Brandt4 hours ago

    Rashida Jones >>>>

  21. Ping

    Ping4 hours ago


  22. Lauren The Llama

    Lauren The Llama4 hours ago

    It’s Zoe from Black-ish haha love it❤️😂


    RAдD TONNERRE THUNDER5 hours ago

    for fuck

  24. 0 Paragon is BAE / SO WHAT NOW EPIC/ theBEaST 1

    0 Paragon is BAE / SO WHAT NOW EPIC/ theBEaST 15 hours ago

    dat bass!

  25. rayonna boston

    rayonna boston5 hours ago


  26. Marta Focaccina

    Marta Focaccina5 hours ago


  27. Ukesh Gurunq

    Ukesh Gurunq5 hours ago

    Here before 50m¥

  28. usman rai

    usman rai5 hours ago

    Damn those bass drops

  29. dundada786

    dundada7865 hours ago

    Copied Lauren hill

  30. SkiJumpp

    SkiJumpp5 hours ago

    Murda Beatz killed it!

  31. Harvey Dale

    Harvey Dale5 hours ago

    Finally a banger from drizzy

  32. Devin McLoughlin

    Devin McLoughlin5 hours ago

    Best rapper in the game. Opinions?

  33. Suzy

    Suzy5 hours ago


  34. JJ Entertainment

    JJ Entertainment5 hours ago

    Bro the sister from black panther too 😱

  35. JJ Entertainment

    JJ Entertainment5 hours ago

    Blackish Collab 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. yessica peralta

    yessica peralta5 hours ago

    Same background music as Cardi B from her song Be careful with me! Eh wack !

  37. JAY & SYN

    JAY & SYN5 hours ago

    Song honestly gets boring after 4:22

  38. beats by dunkinalbin

    beats by dunkinalbin5 hours ago

    Murda killin this season

  39. Stas Orliuk

    Stas Orliuk5 hours ago

    Some crazy fat boy slim vibes at 2:40

  40. Kyra Le Roux

    Kyra Le Roux5 hours ago


  41. Roxanne Ferowitz

    Roxanne Ferowitz5 hours ago

    Lol this man just replaced himself on the charts with no promo. Respect ✊🏾

  42. Cali2FRESH

    Cali2FRESH5 hours ago

    For the Lauryn Hill memories

  43. Slick Rick

    Slick Rick5 hours ago


  44. NIKE_LIFE_55

    NIKE_LIFE_555 hours ago

    Im not hating but drake is overhype asf

  45. Cyberwrecker 97

    Cyberwrecker 975 hours ago

    It’s one of the songs that you love but you don’t know why

  46. Simran Patil

    Simran Patil6 hours ago


  47. itachi uchiwa

    itachi uchiwa6 hours ago

    Les français vous êtes la?

  48. Nerdy Nathan

    Nerdy Nathan6 hours ago

    The song is truly God’s Plan 🔥🔥🔥

  49. N Laura

    N Laura6 hours ago

    Wasn't a Drake fan..... till now.

  50. Swervo

    Swervo6 hours ago

    He’s 3 for 3 no one can’t do it like him .

  51. Flawless B

    Flawless B6 hours ago

    this give me cardi b vibes love this song😍😍🔥

  52. killacorle

    killacorle6 hours ago

    This track literally makes it egregious to hate on drake man! Personal feelings aside y’all know it’s fire!!! 416 here for sure.

  53. Paul Augustine

    Paul Augustine6 hours ago

    This guy made a nationwide hit to BounceMusic!! Crown the man because that's never been done!!!

  54. Tahmid Chowdhury

    Tahmid Chowdhury6 hours ago

    What we gonn do without drizzy??

  55. Destiny Holliday

    Destiny Holliday6 hours ago

    Drake, Big Freedia, && Lauryn!!🔥🔥🔥🙌🏿 Issa is my baby man!!

  56. lola Egbenoma

    lola Egbenoma6 hours ago

    Yara tho😍💗

  57. Abdimalik Ahmed

    Abdimalik Ahmed6 hours ago


  58. Waani Waaani

    Waani Waaani6 hours ago

    Kendrick killed 2017 and drake is killing 2018! The two greatest of this generation!

  59. Carlos Arriaga

    Carlos Arriaga6 hours ago

    Here before a billion views!

  60. jesse rivera

    jesse rivera6 hours ago

    King of toronto always killing it droppin fire year after year!!

  61. Dre Dotcom

    Dre Dotcom6 hours ago

    Ok n*gga... 1st Draft-day... now this...

  62. by the ocean

    by the ocean7 hours ago


  63. Ann Carter

    Ann Carter7 hours ago

    Loooooove it

  64. bãbŷ_ñëìçêý

    bãbŷ_ñëìçêý7 hours ago

    This song makes me feel happy to be a woman. This the 12th time i played this. Thanks Drraaaakeee❤

  65. Tiana Coleman

    Tiana Coleman7 hours ago

    Who’s here from Lauren hills “ex factor “

  66. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith7 hours ago

    Disrespectful to women and vulgar language. Don't let your kids watch this.

  67. Instant Viral

    Instant Viral7 hours ago


  68. Richshard Parnell

    Richshard Parnell7 hours ago

    Who saw shuri.

  69. Mogul Money

    Mogul Money7 hours ago


  70. kelvin arasa

    kelvin arasa7 hours ago


  71. 2 Cute a Charm

    2 Cute a Charm7 hours ago

    Who's here for all the beautiful famous actresses feature and not Drake

  72. 田中ロドリゲス

    田中ロドリゲス7 hours ago


  73. Naomi Acosta

    Naomi Acosta7 hours ago

    I wish Lauryn was in it. But this was a pretty awesome video.

  74. thandinkosi simakade

    thandinkosi simakade7 hours ago


  75. thandinkosi simakade

    thandinkosi simakade7 hours ago

    drake is A MUSIC GOD

  76. Di M

    Di M7 hours ago


  77. Bahun Brahmin

    Bahun Brahmin7 hours ago

    who tells him to dance

  78. Ellis X

    Ellis X7 hours ago

    Does this Guy make anything that people dont Feel

  79. Paris Newsome

    Paris Newsome7 hours ago

    Who Else Peeped The Part When The Beat Sounded Like Give Me My Gotss 😂

  80. Brittany Rothwell

    Brittany Rothwell7 hours ago

    This my shit but why isn't Freeda in here tho he woulda had the video lit

  81. Tyra J

    Tyra J7 hours ago

    Drake. 😍😍

  82. Meek Mill

    Meek Mill7 hours ago

    Producer of the fucking year!!!!

  83. NuffSaidTV

    NuffSaidTV7 hours ago

    Artist work so hard to get what they deserve please like and sub.Support the next movement. Stay blessed get lost in the music.

  84. ambioris Reynoso

    ambioris Reynoso7 hours ago

    el mejor jjj ,a puesto y pagó al doble el mio

  85. lucas sena

    lucas sena8 hours ago

    Essa música é a única q me consola ( RIP AVICII )

  86. Marcos López

    Marcos López8 hours ago


  87. C L

    C L8 hours ago

    This video should have a billion views, this song should be platinum. Mannn, I just want good music like this now a days we just hear crap

  88. Avery Peterson

    Avery Peterson8 hours ago

    😍😍 🔥 🔥 🔥 👏🏽 #NOLA

  89. I Like Ocelots

    I Like Ocelots8 hours ago

    Syd the Kyd!!! 3:02

  90. I Like Ocelots

    I Like Ocelots8 hours ago

    Big Freeda in the intro tho...

  91. Jaipreet Singh

    Jaipreet Singh8 hours ago

    Love from INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  92. Kingsavage 2

    Kingsavage 28 hours ago

    Tell me the beat is AWESOME

  93. Elaine Ma

    Elaine Ma8 hours ago


  94. LIL Cl00rox

    LIL Cl00rox8 hours ago

    Is Drake ever gon stop realesing such good ass songs? This guy brings lyricism and beats that are unheard of and i love that

  95. Can Gunduz

    Can Gunduz8 hours ago

    When drake lowkey has 12 mil subs on youtube

  96. Alexis Cariddi

    Alexis Cariddi8 hours ago

    Love the old-school vibes of this. What a boppp

  97. Darion Duncan

    Darion Duncan8 hours ago


  98. NICKY green eyez da bandit SANTOS.

    NICKY green eyez da bandit SANTOS.8 hours ago

    NICE for WHAT..uuuuooo??

  99. diamond Martinez

    diamond Martinez8 hours ago

    I fuck wit it😘😘😘

  100. Jaylene Espinal

    Jaylene Espinal8 hours ago