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  1. Link Up TV

    Link Up TV4 months ago

    Giggs Vs Fan | #InTheBag First Episode Live NOW mreporter.net/v/video-yPmId1hdF_s.html

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  3. Justin Ross

    Justin Ross16 days ago

    Follow my Instagram if yu wit the New Wave 🌊 @jus_quatro_merci #HighSurface📡 u won’t be disappointed 🙏🏿


    THE WATCHER22 days ago

    What camera you used to shoot this?

  5. Dayden Pimentel

    Dayden Pimentel22 days ago

    b_woww13 XO no

  6. Nathaniel Shashane

    Nathaniel Shashane4 hours ago

    I need to stop watching this...

  7. John McManus

    John McManus8 hours ago

    Drake a wannabe drill rapper

  8. Sylar

    Sylar8 hours ago

    Say what you want about drake but he's been consistently putting out "hard" music for over ten years and he's still going strong.

  9. Kaif 342

    Kaif 34212 hours ago

    On behalf of the UK I would like to exchange all the members of NSG for Drake

  10. Sukk MyDiszik

    Sukk MyDiszik18 hours ago


  11. George Coppola

    George Coppola20 hours ago





  13. DemDoolies

    DemDoolies21 hour ago

    goddamn bruv this vid was a bloody mental ting

  14. TAH X

    TAH X21 hour ago


  15. TR

    TR21 hour ago


  16. Kill3R _ MAMBA

    Kill3R _ MAMBADay ago

    my man said pagans and wasteman!! he is certified usa roadman

  17. Andrea Siegenthaler

    Andrea SiegenthalerDay ago

    Xxx bro wtf yu speak on the xxx no puls

  18. Olerato Sekudu

    Olerato SekuduDay ago

    🔥🔥🔥I come from a city that they never touch You’re man is a goofy and he can get brushed I can’t ever rap a girl that I trust I dream about turning yutes into dust🔥🔥

  19. louie martin

    louie martinDay ago


  20. Queen K

    Queen KDay ago

    Why isn’t this on Spotify

  21. Hugo mantero

    Hugo mantero2 days ago

    Put it on spotify

  22. otsile simon

    otsile simon2 days ago

    i could do this with my eyes closed

  23. fortniteboy 1234

    fortniteboy 12342 days ago

    the part where he said phone broken whip get scratched and good thing there wasn't no cameras no poles he means that he robbed someone and that he's glad there were no cameras because it would show him on the camera he got X killed u know why because X phone got broken and there were cameras there they didn't get Drake told the killers of X that X had a loowie bag and the killers of X are in jail because of Drake this all Drake fault he got X killed.

  24. Thommas

    Thommas2 days ago

    Big up drake doing the sign language thing for the deaf donnys

  25. Chad Mentor

    Chad Mentor2 days ago

    Loski wrote this don’t @ me

  26. FR

    FR2 days ago

    Why isn't this on iTunes anymore?

  27. YungTony Music

    YungTony Music2 days ago

    He ran this hoe 🏆

  28. Vlsibby

    Vlsibby2 days ago

    This is 1 of his tunes I can listen to without wanting to turn off my phone

  29. Ivan Diaz

    Ivan Diaz2 days ago

    “Throwing up 6ix like man got flu” 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  30. Dylan Snirh

    Dylan Snirh3 days ago

    Everytime I watch this it makes me laugh

  31. Ocean F1

    Ocean F13 days ago

    damn nice how he memorized all that

  32. Krish John

    Krish John3 days ago

    What the fuck is this! Eminem is 100% better.

  33. Jesus Martinez

    Jesus Martinez3 days ago


  34. ausdhqo

    ausdhqo3 days ago

    Big up man,, like,,-- sounds so gay comin from drake🤣🤣good verse doe

  35. kris_otter

    kris_otter3 days ago

    This as hole is talented

  36. Jay Pierre

    Jay Pierre3 days ago

    2:04 kanye shot lol

  37. kaseem burr

    kaseem burr3 days ago

    Er one keep saying he sound like he from London but he's most def speaking with a Canadian accent which is similar to French...

  38. Roberto Rivera

    Roberto Rivera3 days ago


  39. Jaymee Ashall-Conroy

    Jaymee Ashall-Conroy4 days ago

    Why does 21 savage have to be the British one we want drake!

  40. Lino Ortiz

    Lino Ortiz4 days ago


  41. CocaineJayy

    CocaineJayy4 days ago


  42. Chief._.ezekiel 14

    Chief._.ezekiel 144 days ago

    Why are people hating on drake because he's from Canada. like Canada is under the queen is rule so I mean Canada is kinda part of the UK

  43. 31k

    31k4 days ago

    Ahhhh why he saying certain british words

  44. Xuly Grapez

    Xuly Grapez4 days ago

    21 savage is more British than u and he ain’t been on link up yet what’s going on

  45. AFROKI 03

    AFROKI 035 days ago

    I got hoes On hold Passed some to my bro

  46. CezaMVO

    CezaMVO5 days ago

    On another level

  47. Gjjvf Hghjj

    Gjjvf Hghjj5 days ago

    This guys the biggest satanist, y’all sleep

  48. I selk

    I selk4 days ago


  49. Ross Thompson

    Ross Thompson5 days ago

    Dreaming about turning yutes into dust,grow up your a man, come fight me no weopeon like a man

  50. Aaban A

    Aaban A5 days ago


  51. HM TB

    HM TB5 days ago

    This needs to be on spotify

  52. M Y N A M E S F L A S H Y

    M Y N A M E S F L A S H Y5 days ago

    This shit was heat, British Drake> 21 Savage

  53. JJrulz for president

    JJrulz for president5 days ago


  54. Daniel Camacho

    Daniel Camacho6 days ago

    Fakest rapper of our generation

  55. Kahvi Peruna

    Kahvi Peruna6 days ago

    7.7.19 hes going to jail

  56. player nine

    player nine6 days ago

    This isn't even his final form

  57. AyeYahZee

    AyeYahZee6 days ago

    2019? i can do this rap

  58. Oliver Hopkins

    Oliver Hopkins7 days ago

    Smashed it for a yank

  59. Charge Snipez

    Charge Snipez7 days ago

    I beg some 1 just recruits him already 😂😂

  60. Vrex

    Vrex7 days ago

    “Big up link up tv behinds baaars

  61. Taj Craig

    Taj Craig7 days ago

    Peg nd chit chat "laughs on own"

  62. Anthony Gomez

    Anthony Gomez7 days ago

    Madddd tingggg

  63. m1

    m17 days ago

    Why is he rapping about pagans when he's not from UK

  64. V.C

    V.C7 days ago

    bro this shit soo fire still!!

  65. XOVO

    XOVO7 days ago

    great response to story of adidon

  66. Mxphz.z _

    Mxphz.z _7 days ago

    21 savages time now

  67. lynden Sanderson

    lynden Sanderson7 days ago

    put this on Spotify please

  68. Franty Gutierrez

    Franty Gutierrez7 days ago

    This man really said big scorpion

  69. Xans

    Xans7 days ago


  70. Armaan Shoan - West Credit SS (2582)

    Armaan Shoan - West Credit SS (2582)7 days ago


  71. Leopol Stevenson wide neck the 3rd

    Leopol Stevenson wide neck the 3rd7 days ago


  72. NBA_Ali shit

    NBA_Ali shit7 days ago

    Drake that type of guy to search personality on pornhub

  73. Jose Rodrigues

    Jose Rodrigues7 days ago

    The goat

  74. Seth Exodus

    Seth Exodus7 days ago

    Boi is in his zone 💪

  75. Serhat doldur Jk

    Serhat doldur Jk8 days ago

    The way he says waste man in his American accent 😂😂😂

  76. Its all Gucci Rahhh

    Its all Gucci Rahhh8 days ago

    Literal leech. He just leeches of different cultures in order to get popular. How many accents and dialects does he want to copy. Looks like an neeky asshole trying to mimic this shit.

  77. dannysgbb XD

    dannysgbb XD8 days ago

    Never heard a Canadian rapper say “waste man”

  78. ghost recon

    ghost recon8 days ago


  79. Keith Watson

    Keith Watson8 days ago

    Fire boy...Love from Baltimore city

  80. xGreenY600x

    xGreenY600x8 days ago

    Do people in the comments think south London is the only place they talk like that🤔😂

  81. Dallas Cowboys #1

    Dallas Cowboys #18 days ago

    How do I get to this on Spotify ?

  82. Maya Jean-Felix

    Maya Jean-Felix8 days ago

    This was fire 🔥🔥

  83. Pac

    Pac8 days ago

    “Big up man like rasheed, joey, tight ass. Yeah”

  84. Rony Hamed

    Rony Hamed8 days ago


  85. Noah Clancy

    Noah Clancy8 days ago

    When will this be on Spotify ffs

  86. Lino Ortiz

    Lino Ortiz8 days ago



    PLASTIC PILLS9 days ago

    Lmao state of him with the fucking accent he’s trying so hard

  88. Chief._.ezekiel 14

    Chief._.ezekiel 149 days ago

    Can't believe that I went to school with this guy now he is famous

  89. Rob Peezy

    Rob Peezy9 days ago

    I'ma just take my knots n cash they can never tie me down that's facts...all that bark but we know he's a cat I don't really like going tit for tat I'ma just come like tat tat tat I'ma just end that there that's that.... 🔥 🔥 🔥 someone get this man some water... For ever fucks wit Drake

  90. gerardo salinas

    gerardo salinas9 days ago

    My brother hear this song he's 11 he is sick from his heart is pumping 50 percent of blood they send him to the hospital please pray 😭😭😭

  91. The MJ Take

    The MJ Take9 days ago

    Damn Drake and 21 both UK citizens or what?

  92. Trump V Obama

    Trump V Obama9 days ago


  93. Liam Piasecki

    Liam Piasecki10 days ago

    why his hair look like the mic?

  94. OKOZE *

    OKOZE *10 days ago

    Every time I hear this nigga he has a different accent.

  95. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez10 days ago

    I love these nursery rhymes. 😀

  96. ArroWHeaD

    ArroWHeaD10 days ago

    Drake killed X

  97. K Dot

    K Dot10 days ago

    BE WHO *YOU* WANT TO BE. Haters jealous of success, stay blessed Drizzy the ting was lit brudda 🔥💯🐐

  98. Band Gate

    Band Gate11 days ago

    drake think he's grime/trap/drill what ever you call it

  99. dan d

    dan d11 days ago


  100. Laiba Khan

    Laiba Khan11 days ago

    He has a ghost writter

  101. K Jeezy

    K Jeezy11 days ago

    Throwing up 6ix like mans had flu’s 👌🏽

  102. Stanislas Bacchus

    Stanislas Bacchus11 days ago

    BOOM, Drake killed it

  103. Lordtee Shaw

    Lordtee Shaw11 days ago

    I know to much I can not expose ! I keep it onside & laugh on my own ! 👀👀👀

  104. Mr. Ph4ntom

    Mr. Ph4ntom11 days ago


  105. Vintagetheartist

    Vintagetheartist11 days ago

    This should be on Apple Music