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    Link Up TV | Music2 months ago

    Watch Part 2 of Shiro's Story NOW mreporter.net/v/video-P7qJPUet81w.html

  2. Dee Cox

    Dee Cox3 days ago

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  3. just2good 416

    just2good 4164 days ago


  4. Harry Costello

    Harry Costello9 days ago

    thought this said part 2 of shadys story for a sec lmfao

  5. Randa Rectom

    Randa Rectom8 hours ago

    Like if y’all tink Drake better than kendrick

  6. Randa Rectom

    Randa Rectom8 hours ago


  7. Randa Rectom

    Randa Rectom8 hours ago


  8. KEY DA Sage

    KEY DA Sage9 hours ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-UXzxL6wf1ow.html&t=3s&has_verified=1 STRAIGHT FIRE ,,,NO LIE "WYHLIN" #UK STAND UP @_Key_Da_Sage ..,,,,on the Gram

  9. FalconGamers

    FalconGamers10 hours ago

    peep " clutch handla " fire

  10. Malibu’s Most Wanted

    Malibu’s Most Wanted11 hours ago

    THROWING UP 6 LIKE MAN HAD FLU !! Hahahahaha

  11. Walker Domville

    Walker Domville12 hours ago


  12. Christian cool

    Christian cool12 hours ago

    I like your music

  13. SIDNEY

    SIDNEY14 hours ago

    Whoever sees this LIKE

  14. Ayana Fagan

    Ayana Fagan15 hours ago

    Drake is the fuckin GOAT

  15. R1ot_ Romeo

    R1ot_ Romeo18 hours ago



    BTSX XARMY18 hours ago

    I need to take a shit

  17. fabrice assoumatine

    fabrice assoumatine18 hours ago

    he is a very very very overeted rapper. anyway there are so many dumb people so called fun out there. and those mediocre rapper will make money on you dumn people idolatring people. its your probleme, look at thhis, all on this track he only have the same flow, you don give a shit to the liryc, its easy to termminate phrases byt rhime, but what about flow?? fuck out here

  18. Sanchez-Lorenn Tate

    Sanchez-Lorenn Tate20 hours ago

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  19. L Casanova

    L Casanova22 hours ago

    This flow godly

  20. xXgaming- BoyxX

    xXgaming- BoyxX23 hours ago

    Yeah shhhhhhh

  21. Jessiie Mahadeo

    Jessiie MahadeoDay ago

    Ouuuuuuuuuu shiieeeee

  22. Senju xD

    Senju xDDay ago

    His only song i like tbh💀

  23. Dayz

    DayzDay ago

    Drake looking fine

  24. Angel Ortiz

    Angel OrtizDay ago


  25. Elliott Desnomie

    Elliott DesnomieDay ago

    Uhhhhmmm why didn't he say "MIC CHECK" wttfff

  26. EpilepticRabbit

    EpilepticRabbitDay ago

    Chip: Sometimes pen 'em down, sometimes off the dome But you'll never catch me live spittin' reading off my phone See the era that I come from if you did that you'd be stoned

  27. Landon Pianga

    Landon PiangaDay ago

    Such a legend. Let's make him the king of the U.S.

  28. Dead Smilez

    Dead SmilezDay ago

    Next we should get Kid Cudi up in here *troll face*

  29. lil_yerac Vizz

    lil_yerac VizzDay ago

    Any Americans here

  30. Theduopilots_ 5

    Theduopilots_ 5Day ago

    Drake: ⬆️⬆️⬆️ Lil pump: left the game

  31. P0ET1K

    P0ET1KDay ago

    Spur of the moment took me 10 mins call it WOKE I know i said i'd probably end up dead, could've been the bpd, its what it said, not me, mumble so you can belong, live a life thats considered wrong, having to spend two paychecks to live like this right?, wanting to be just like you, said these kids at 22, we're gonna work to see it through, so some day we can be just like you. national debt at an all time high, youths drugged up we're searching for the reason why. to have some fun its all we want, so some day we can be just like you, keep the rich rich and the single poor looking like a cunt. Glamorizing all you have, fuck a bitch you're now a lad, pussy slurping like its soup, what's it gonna take to get it through. this message they send, yeah its cool, but you're the blind one, you're still a fool. Fuck what i say, its what you're going to do, I've got no mic doesn't mean i can't speak, i'll write my words i know i'm not weak, we're gonna work to see it through, so some day we can be just like you.

  32. Night With It

    Night With ItDay ago

    Why did drake try to enter drill its not him.

  33. Nolen Hegna

    Nolen HegnaDay ago

    We get it your Canadian

  34. Adrian Ncube

    Adrian NcubeDay ago

    Can put this one on Spotify

  35. Félix Bernier

    Félix BernierDay ago

    I have goosebumps all over my dick

  36. Elroi The Overseer

    Elroi The OverseerDay ago

    Nothing this guy does is his own. Dude just straight jacks people’s style and nobody says or does nothing 🤣

  37. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep Singh21 hour ago

    Elroi The Overseer ?

  38. Elroi The Overseer

    Elroi The OverseerDay ago

    Nah you kids just don’t know what originality is. Yall soft.

  39. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep SinghDay ago

    Elroi The Overseer oh yeah that’s why he is #1 isn’t it dumb bitch

  40. Rahul Singh Bharaj

    Rahul Singh Bharaj2 days ago


  41. billy bob

    billy bob2 days ago

    Takeover + Ether = less schitzophrenia

  42. Jacoby Solari

    Jacoby Solari2 days ago

    In the slammer kid but I'm innocent Lord played witty wasn't having any pity Now in Razor Blade City Cry suppose the situation seen mad eyes of foes Drives a Rolls, hey, yo, money, what size are those? Need to phone me til another sprang up, hmm, to gang up On the skid, housing the phone like he didn't know how to hang up Would be hard though ought a minute or so and then yells time on a And when you get your commisary, buy this and that or else I'm gonna Be on that ass and won't stay off, extort, fig I say, way off Beaten death, you ain't protecting me, forgot today's my day off Hold my head and drift the Sumo weigh in knots and cars Instead of sitting here accumulating cuts and scars, behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars [Slick Rick:] Showing off cause on the phone, click, losing all the hoes off Niggas housed the watch and Donna took all of the clothes off Nigga hell with the was for my clothes figured telling Every night it seem like mice be in and out a nigga cell and Still ain't home, like on the hook, seen a bunch of kids look Miss outdoors, never know what you have until it's tooken And in fact, the moment you fear, all of that, you quote snaps Well in a cell, did the exercises and wrote raps I be a bigger star than you, no never heard of the nigga Takes my raps and read aloud, I want to murder the migga Just kidding, no offend to it, finally he ended it Case dismissed, but your honor, DA kindly prevented it He told to the judge, don't free him, this brother trigger wars And not just that because I refuse to wash some jive nigga doors So hold the head, drift the Sumo weight in knots and cars Instead of sitting here accumulating cuts and scars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars [Slick Rick:] One fight, the nigga trip, C.O. the rest he might scared By couldn't squeal, I's like officer that nigga right there Now if he ain't get me his friends will, needed a utensil It turn out, I had to stab him in the eye with a pencil State of shock, he made a yell, I said, now what you want traitor CO puts me in the bin, I see ya about a month later Back in population, didn't matter that his friends tensed The phone prints, the years added to the sentence Still chilling and all of that and I escaped When the damn thing sold, don't hit the sto' cause they made a rape attempt Thank goodness, failed, call out next, he wail out Here go the CO, Ricky Walters, back up, bailed out The Co couldn't see the rape, the kid'll snitch mass figure Fast trigger, you'll be back, you little bitch ass nigga Au revare, back to dating sluts and stars At least for now, no more accumulating cuts and scars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars Behind bars.

  43. Mohamed I

    Mohamed I2 days ago


  44. MacTilla Beats

    MacTilla Beats2 days ago


  45. CapeAndCrown

    CapeAndCrown2 days ago

    The fuck? This was fucking beat. 2009 Drake way better

  46. iipray

    iipray2 days ago

    I wish the was on apple music

  47. Will Avery

    Will Avery3 days ago

    Check out stuartell’s version it’s mental🔥🔥🔥

  48. Nebiyu Fitta

    Nebiyu Fitta3 days ago

    He bodied that.

  49. callum clementt

    callum clementt3 days ago

    can we get this on spotify please?

  50. funkmastaflexxx

    funkmastaflexxx3 days ago

    This is amazing , but Pre-recorded , just saying

  51. Matt Simms

    Matt Simms3 days ago


  52. Robert LaGuardia

    Robert LaGuardia3 days ago

    put this on all platforms.

  53. Ruby Colon

    Ruby Colon3 days ago

    Learned this whole rap by heart n I’m proud 😭

  54. Jencarloz Rodriguez

    Jencarloz Rodriguez3 days ago

    Why is this about x I know what tic tac toe is

  55. xo_chri6.g

    xo_chri6.g3 days ago

    This is written obviously 🙄 but people will still” just hate its ugly af 🐐

  56. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep SinghDay ago

    xo_chri6.g how the fuck do you write a FREESTYLE 😂 it’s a fucking freestyle dumb bitch

  57. Ninja

    Ninja3 days ago

    U fucking poser

  58. Ninja

    Ninja20 hours ago

    Trying to act like someone else

  59. Ninja

    Ninja20 hours ago

    Because that's his day job

  60. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep Singh20 hours ago

    why would he do that

  61. Ninja

    NinjaDay ago

    Yea drake fucking trying to be from London

  62. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep SinghDay ago

    Ninja u a hater

  63. Mish View

    Mish View3 days ago

    Reaching #Eminem level ;)

  64. duh duh

    duh duh3 days ago

    Fuck drake

  65. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep SinghDay ago

    duh duh fuck you

  66. Mr. Chopin

    Mr. Chopin4 days ago

    peep " clutch handla " music

  67. Y

    Y4 days ago


  68. Ross Fransen

    Ross Fransen4 days ago

    This is borderline better than every song on his album.

  69. Kidd_Mellow

    Kidd_Mellow4 days ago

    Drake I fuck wit you no doubt but we know you didn’t freestyle that

  70. Kidd_Mellow

    Kidd_MellowDay ago

    Pardeep Singh yup

  71. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep SinghDay ago

    Kidd_Mellow 24 million people don’t think so

  72. Havoc1521

    Havoc15214 days ago

    Booty cheeks

  73. Reality ap

    Reality ap4 days ago

    This beat go stupid 🔥

  74. Reality ap

    Reality ap4 days ago

    The beat is stupid

  75. Zay Moss

    Zay Moss4 days ago


  76. Dwight Thomas

    Dwight Thomas4 days ago

    Ar ab and joe black Better link up tv

  77. Deadpool

    Deadpool4 days ago

    The way he says it hehe

  78. Mason James

    Mason James4 days ago

    This man tryna sound road,a little bit cringe

  79. XzanityGames

    XzanityGames4 days ago

    why does drake think hes from road

  80. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep SinghDay ago

    XzanityGames it’s a fucking freestyle calm ur tits

  81. Singhy 129

    Singhy 1294 days ago


  82. A Girl

    A Girl4 days ago

    How have I not seen the music video yet i'm so late and stupid

  83. Sarah Miller

    Sarah Miller4 days ago

    I can't listen to this without hearing Joe Budden saying it 😭

  84. Bianca Theodore

    Bianca Theodore4 days ago

    When he bust out that west indian accent I be dying 😂😂 but this shit fire tho 🔥🔥

  85. Bianca Theodore

    Bianca TheodoreDay ago

    Pardeep Singh ting is British dumbass & west indian are Caribbeans so stop trying to disrespect my people you racist peace of shit.

  86. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep SinghDay ago

    it’s a british accent not west fucking indian idiot

  87. Saumil Shah

    Saumil Shah4 days ago


  88. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep SinghDay ago

    Saumil Shah u right my man

  89. Fendi J

    Fendi J4 days ago

    Drake Jamaican Accent In Full Effect On This One

  90. S2killa9k Rico

    S2killa9k Rico4 days ago

    Who wrote this for him

  91. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep SinghDay ago

    S2killa9k Rico ur dad

  92. Moparfanq8

    Moparfanq85 days ago


  93. Zaniya E!!e'

    Zaniya E!!e'5 days ago

    1 Day well make music together. I have to. No other choice.

  94. Ivo Gomes

    Ivo Gomes5 days ago

    kiss research credit grbksx past freshman rest doctrine wire.

  95. Ivo Gomes

    Ivo Gomes5 days ago

    Essential weak limitation nine award colleague lab hospital.

  96. Victor Chavez

    Victor Chavez5 days ago

    That's DRIZZY RIGHT THERE! I love it when he do his thing. When he not on his pop shit. He still got bars he never fell off. And he never will. He in my opinion is the best rapper of our generation. He's got bars, he makes hits, and sells millions, give to the poor. He's just a all around good guy. U can't dislike him and if u do it's because your a hater. If u listen to the Drake back in 2008-2009 when he first came out, you'll notice his flows haven't changed. He's just talking about different things cause his life's changed. He's still as hungry as he was back in the day.


    OMGITZBRYAN5 days ago

    Can somebody pmo too some good UK rappers

  98. ryile freeman

    ryile freeman5 days ago

    What he mean by tat tat tat he means XXX

  99. Busted Nut

    Busted Nut5 days ago

    Add this to Apple Music

  100. DeanBoyTv

    DeanBoyTv5 days ago

    i like it

  101. Mauro Silva

    Mauro Silva5 days ago

    My niggas who even said this was a freestyle? 😂 It clearly says "behind bars" I see nothing claiming it's a freestyle so hatin ass culeros sientate por favor. 🔥

  102. Pardeep Singh

    Pardeep SinghDay ago

    Mauro Silva u can’t write a freestyle it’s called a fucking FREE STYLE

  103. Marvin Wilson

    Marvin Wilson5 days ago

    Drizzy killed this song!

  104. King Rob

    King Rob5 days ago


  105. Trent Ray

    Trent Ray5 days ago

    He also says youth and x was young

  106. Trent Ray

    Trent Ray5 days ago

    He says 666 represents to him

  107. Trent Ray

    Trent Ray5 days ago

    He says tat tat tat and x was shot 3 times

  108. Trent Ray

    Trent Ray5 days ago

    Drake killed x

  109. Kinsleigh Davis

    Kinsleigh Davis5 days ago


  110. Elijah Yates

    Elijah Yates5 days ago

    before fortnite season 6 comes out who trying to play?

  111. SeauxLeaux

    SeauxLeaux5 days ago

    Never used to rate his music the pop tings he done were wettttt but I can fuck with this he's released some bangers ngl but he needs to get away from dat pop shit now he's made serious p from it

  112. Nelson Gomez

    Nelson Gomez5 days ago

    Yooo! No one can fuck with my nigga DRAKE!!!

  113. Marc Ahrens

    Marc Ahrens5 days ago

    Please get this on Spotify

  114. Riyaz Ahmed

    Riyaz Ahmed5 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥THIS SONG IS LIT!!!!!

  115. M8J sell8

    M8J sell86 days ago

    F drake what u do to x. Tell us

  116. Bigsplif Lee

    Bigsplif Lee6 days ago

    Yard man tingz London UK 🇬🇧🇬🇧 🇬🇧

  117. Kevin Roman

    Kevin Roman6 days ago


  118. Yuwib

    Yuwib6 days ago

    I usually hate Drake, but this is siriously lit.

  119. Joe Bentham

    Joe Bentham6 days ago


  120. Bata Mika

    Bata Mika6 days ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-mBUc_EXn3Bc.html Did a remix of this check it out

  121. Navon Birthfield

    Navon Birthfield7 days ago

    This rap is mad its like epic fam. Just that i dont like how he was saying big up this and big up this