Dragon Fruit Snack Taste Test


  1. Shawn Khounphithack

    Shawn Khounphithack6 hours ago

    Rhett is the evolved form of yung gravy

  2. MeowgicalCatt

    MeowgicalCattDay ago

    Pitahaya ❤️

  3. Paul Enriquez-Goehring

    Paul Enriquez-GoehringDay ago

    The Bai Dragonfruit isn't as good as Vitamin Water's one in my opinion

  4. Ethan Roghaar

    Ethan Roghaar2 days ago

    Petition to have Mr. Pickles come on the show

  5. John Hurley

    John Hurley2 days ago

    Where can you buy the dragon fruit chips

  6. Demyx1x

    Demyx1x2 days ago

    ... why'd I JUST NOW get a notification for this?? ...

  7. SquidgyBard94

    SquidgyBard942 days ago

    Right after he said bless you I sneezed

  8. Otis Horne

    Otis Horne3 days ago

    love me some hi chu

  9. Pitten0625 _playz

    Pitten0625 _playz3 days ago

    I love dragon fruit

  10. The Hufflepuff Hermione

    The Hufflepuff Hermione3 days ago

    They are supposed to shake the drink before opening.

  11. Matthew Koller

    Matthew Koller3 days ago

    Lies! That is clearly FSM in aquatic form, Inked instead of Marinara. Praise be to its Noodly Goodness!

  12. Capn Smashem

    Capn Smashem4 days ago

    Fruity Candy Andy and Cotton Candy Andy need to do a collab...

  13. Julie Martin

    Julie Martin4 days ago

    Because “why not” can be because “reasons” ;)

  14. Nix C

    Nix C4 days ago

    The watt link pours things on the table makes me so mad 😭

  15. Justin R

    Justin R4 days ago

    “why you gotta put everything on the table?” “ I WANT THEM TO SEE IT!”

  16. Randall Sunderland

    Randall Sunderland4 days ago

    Erythritol is a natural sweetener btw. Stevia is gross though.

  17. Elijah Cruzada

    Elijah Cruzada4 days ago

    Instead of “Will It?”, the show would be called “Why’d it?”

  18. Privacy Valued

    Privacy Valued4 days ago

    "Makes it taste like cleaner. Like a bad type of cleaner!" Aaaaaaand how exactly do you know what cleaner tastes like? That probably explains a few things.

  19. TKOV TheKingOfVidoes

    TKOV TheKingOfVidoes5 days ago

    The pink inside dragonfruits way more sweet

  20. Ashley Godfrey

    Ashley Godfrey5 days ago

    Rhett's description of dragon fruit is spot on.

  21. AKA KHavens

    AKA KHavens5 days ago

    I love dragonfruit chips

  22. Rhonnie

    Rhonnie5 days ago

    Loving Rhett's hair.

  23. Karla P Santos

    Karla P Santos5 days ago

    I’m almost 22 and I freaking love candy 🍭

  24. Roberto Medina

    Roberto Medina5 days ago

    Dragon fruit doesn’t have flavor

  25. Tony Price

    Tony Price5 days ago

    A show that is hosted and run by giant children this is why I love watching you guys.

  26. R'lyeh the Dead

    R'lyeh the Dead5 days ago

    I bought dragonfruit once. It tasted like dirt. I must've done something wrong.

  27. KeraHero

    KeraHero5 days ago

    Awe the lifesavers it was the purple on that was dragon fruit. The red was Fiji apple

  28. Xiaver Lucio

    Xiaver Lucio6 days ago

    so were not gonna mention links yearning for a harem

  29. roselia1231

    roselia12316 days ago

    5:49, i'm 20 lying on my bed, alternating between gobstoppers and icebreakers while watching, yes rhett HAHAHHA

  30. Nunya Beeswax

    Nunya Beeswax6 days ago

    Rhett, that is an awesome Hoodie!

  31. Nunya Beeswax

    Nunya Beeswax6 days ago

    Link! that is a cool coat!

  32. coleeg69

    coleeg696 days ago

    Bai is real good, but idk about drangon fruit falvor tho

  33. Zai Beauty

    Zai Beauty6 days ago

    I love link’s hair in this episode

  34. Devon Gavidia

    Devon Gavidia6 days ago

    It frustrates me how Rhett says “wite dragon fruit” and link says “hwite dragon fruit” yeah I know there’s an H

  35. colourswift

    colourswift6 days ago

    lets take bets on the date rhett first ties his hair back in either a pony tail or man bun

  36. Drewburt1138

    Drewburt11387 days ago

    "I WANT THEM TO SEE IT!" -Link Never change, Link.

  37. Katie McCall

    Katie McCall7 days ago

    Link’s side of the table looks like a kid on Halloween XD

  38. Katie McCall

    Katie McCall7 days ago

    How did GMM start? I feel like it was a bit on school radio that they just kept doing after leaving school.

  39. Melinda Luscomb

    Melinda Luscomb7 days ago

    You guys should do a gummy bears taste test. Taste Haribo, Albaneese, Trolli, and even Albanese Ultimate flavored gummy bears.



    🔥🔥🔥 1:38 🔥🖤🧡 👇👇👇👇👇

  41. Carol Robbins

    Carol Robbins7 days ago

    I LOVE HiChew. Grapefruit and grape are the best!

  42. Diana Newcomer

    Diana Newcomer7 days ago

    "Let's make a show about snacks!" That would be Unwrapped!! Already a show all about snacks and candy!!

  43. That Bright Gaming

    That Bright Gaming7 days ago

    Dragon Fruit is amazing

  44. Kevin McFadden

    Kevin McFadden7 days ago

    Whyn't????? Seriously that should be a word. Whyn't?

  45. Strawberry Milky

    Strawberry Milky7 days ago

    *insert something funny here* Haha am I right???

  46. Nathan Bilz

    Nathan Bilz7 days ago

    Where's Randy when you need him

  47. James Owens

    James Owens7 days ago

    dragonfruit is grown in mexico asia and parts of south america

  48. All about everything

    All about everything7 days ago

    thanks for the interesting video

  49. Corey B

    Corey B7 days ago

    i hated that i was so disappointed by dragonfruit.. life savers gummies = life

  50. NZ_MCG

    NZ_MCG7 days ago

    Oh yeah I prefer candy over chocolate

  51. Tylor Wendt

    Tylor Wendt7 days ago

    You guys are really bad at 10 word story. Just keep it simple.

  52. Grover Biggs

    Grover Biggs7 days ago

    nobody ever gave Link that lighter.

  53. Ingrid St Pierre

    Ingrid St Pierre7 days ago

    it made me squirm inside a little when they didn't shake the drink lol

  54. hadlewyrch

    hadlewyrch7 days ago

    Good Mythical More..usually much more relaxing and satisfying than the “main” episode itself.

  55. CalebTheNomad

    CalebTheNomad7 days ago

    Enough shilling

  56. Emily Cervera

    Emily Cervera7 days ago

    MANGO Mango is needed for snack test tast please try make an episode!🙏

  57. Wirth It Productions

    Wirth It Productions7 days ago

    seems like these guys just get on eachothers nerves now

  58. Avery Larsen

    Avery Larsen7 days ago

    rhetts hair is so luscious

  59. Eric Rivera Serrano

    Eric Rivera Serrano7 days ago

    You guys should have an episode of Rhett tasting some random food and then guessing if link will like it or not. At 9:10 Rhett actually said that he spend enough time with link to know if he's going to like a random food or candy. You guys should put this to the test 😂😂😂 I bet he will be right on everything. Rhett I believe in you.

  60. Mattie S

    Mattie S7 days ago

    Man I hope they sent one of those aprons to Julien Solomita