Donald Glover on This is America Music Video


  1. Anthony Tn

    Anthony Tn2 hours ago

    This man doesn't deserve to be hated. He is a genius showing truth about what's going on. People should thank him for showing how stupid people are nowadays letting themselves distracted from all of bad things.

  2. anon amous

    anon amous5 hours ago

    Basically whiteys fault

  3. jay hugg

    jay hugg6 hours ago

    Don't wanna be in the mix about a video you made calling America racist and violent but yet you want to get mad when someone tries to criticize you ???

  4. O O

    O O7 hours ago

    Luckily he didnt killed anyone

  5. Pube83

    Pube837 hours ago

    Jews be propping this niggas up

  6. biro csongor

    biro csongor7 hours ago


  7. Khalid Holmes

    Khalid Holmes8 hours ago

    Where can I watch season 2 of Atlanta? Hulu only has the first season

  8. Tiana Leguillow

    Tiana Leguillow9 hours ago

    I love how he laughs with Jimmy when he says that his video has more views than the cat video. You can see all on his face he like "yeah it went over his head too"

  9. Rocko's Tacos

    Rocko's Tacos9 hours ago

    I like how this has nothing to do with the vid but views

  10. Aidan Delruss

    Aidan Delruss9 hours ago

    Y'all who disliked are both Trump supporters and racist. The words are literally synonymous

  11. ppPRINCEpp

    ppPRINCEpp10 hours ago


  12. GreatMow

    GreatMow10 hours ago

    How dare you speak of the keyboard cat in such ill light

  13. BrotherHuffnPuff SonofahoeCracker

    BrotherHuffnPuff SonofahoeCracker11 hours ago

    Crap bait.

  14. Makeup G

    Makeup G14 hours ago

    I love him so much

  15. Keshia Claude

    Keshia Claude14 hours ago


  16. Jen Lucille

    Jen Lucille14 hours ago

    Get off MReporter Jimmy Kimmel

  17. K Ali

    K Ali15 hours ago

    Is it just me or does he act kinda weird at the start of the interview. Like he says “on fire” twice the first really excited but then super depressed and he also repeats what Jimmy says and the way he sits seems really awkward. Idk just putting it out there no hate on him tho

  18. Akira Ahu Maipi

    Akira Ahu Maipi15 hours ago

    Black prick annoys me lmao

  19. tfranc347

    tfranc34716 hours ago

    lol you can tell he's just like "can we cut the charade"

  20. Hazyj peepme

    Hazyj peepme20 hours ago

    Is this donald glovers son? I wouldn't be shocked thats the only people who get famous their own dam family.

  21. JeyMichael

    JeyMichael20 hours ago

    Title doesnt really fit whats in the video...

  22. Vanessa Ndema

    Vanessa Ndema20 hours ago

    I like his level of petty 😂😂

  23. atol sporsho

    atol sporsho21 hour ago

    in my opinion gambino shouldnt come in this type of show. no depth only mockery if everything.

  24. digiswitch

    digiswitch21 hour ago

    Jimmy is a retarded monkey...

  25. A lin

    A lin21 hour ago

    Abed was right. Troy is famous now.

  26. Iseewhat Youdid

    Iseewhat Youdid22 hours ago

    Surprised Jimmy wasn't wearing lipstick for this interview.

  27. ANNA İnci

    ANNA İnciDay ago

    Just in case anyone wanted confirmation, his video has indeed surpassed the keyboard cat video. Yes i checked.

  28. ANNA İnci

    ANNA İnciDay ago

    Click bait

  29. ANNA İnci

    ANNA İnciDay ago

    I have never seen clickbait on a talk show until this moment. SUBSCRİBE MEEEE

  30. ANNA İnci

    ANNA İnciDay ago

    I'm kind of relieved to see his comedic side pop out again. Love him either way SUBSCRİBE MNEEEEEEE

  31. tpl

    tpl17 hours ago

    Blow me and I SUBSCRIIIBE YOU

  32. EDP’s 20 dollar stealin’ scallywag

    EDP’s 20 dollar stealin’ scallywagDay ago

    Obviously he’s interested about the analysis of that video if he made it that detailed...

  33. Nathan Siva

    Nathan SivaDay ago

    Kimmel scared

  34. John Terrino

    John TerrinoDay ago

    talk shows sure have gone downhill over the years.

  35. Olga Pea

    Olga PeaDay ago

    Anyone here remember him YEARS ago from Derrick Comedy? Can’t believe he’s famous now!

  36. Mad Orange

    Mad OrangeDay ago

    when he was gone from community it wasn't the same ;; u ;; i love him and abed convo so much.. i didn't finished the season 6 of community.

  37. Professor_SnuteSPlaysMinecraft

    Professor_SnuteSPlaysMinecraftDay ago

    The keyboard cat is dead no. literally. it is deceased

  38. Red Ricky

    Red RickyDay ago

    wow he didnt say anything about the video. pretty sure this is clickbait

  39. maia !!!!

    maia !!!!Day ago

    He does the voice of marshall lee

  40. GKSULLY Vlogs and more

    GKSULLY Vlogs and moreDay ago

    Who remembers when he was in community?!

  41. Angry Brother

    Angry BrotherDay ago

    “U not so great” 😂

  42. Annunaki _AncientMesoporamian

    Annunaki _AncientMesoporamianDay ago


  43. HEALTHY MINDS Healthy minds

    HEALTHY MINDS Healthy mindsDay ago

    He's handsome tho.

  44. Thanh Duong

    Thanh DuongDay ago

    where's the black on asian crime reference?

  45. SnowTiger03

    SnowTiger03Day ago

    That's my nigga

  46. Sunflower X

    Sunflower XDay ago

    *Michael Jackson's They Don't Care About Us and Black or White are the original This Is America*

  47. depressed memes

    depressed memesDay ago

    Guessing that Jimmy had no ideas left but still needed them views

  48. Armandina white

    Armandina whiteDay ago

    Why not get to bottom line and interview video producer/ director about motivation/vision. Unless they're purposely encouraging speculation for whatever reasons ie publicity, conversation about race, etc

  49. Zoe

    ZoeDay ago

    It was trash.

  50. Boldly Go

    Boldly GoDay ago

    I struggle with what to say when people show me pictures of their ugly babies. "Oh, bless him!" Keeps me honest.

  51. Nayden

    NaydenDay ago

    He says nothing about the video. Clickbait BS.

  52. time is now

    time is nowDay ago

    Puppet . Smh ... where's the evidence. You just say stuff and think it's true

  53. Malice Mage

    Malice MageDay ago

    ... where did he talk about the music video? Wish I could give this two thumbs down. One will have to do.

  54. Lee Richardson

    Lee RichardsonDay ago

    *It's about black on black crime*

  55. Morten Høeberg

    Morten HøebergDay ago

    Just made my directorial debut - a music video for an upcoming Danish band. Anyone who'd want to check it out is more than welcome

  56. BennyHD

    BennyHD2 days ago

    Ohh so the the meaning is to get clickbaited?

  57. Azka Nadiya

    Azka Nadiya2 days ago

    0:18-0:19 his expression changes alot

  58. David

    David2 days ago


  59. LASSE

    LASSE2 days ago

    Donald Glover is gei


    LIONESS AOTEAROA2 days ago

    0:32 Pure Gold

  61. Gert Eckhart

    Gert Eckhart2 days ago

    Gum smile. eurgh

  62. Day Dreamer

    Day Dreamer2 days ago

    Kimmel is truly a moron. It is sad that people are still so brainwashed. Eventually the effects of repetition and suppression of people who know the TRUTH will wear off. Kimmel is a total flunky. He didn't even finish college. He couldn't. Wasn't smart enough.

  63. Anonymous

    Anonymous2 days ago

    Lol, he's so funny, i love him

  64. eab211

    eab2112 days ago

    Its Nothing but propaganda BS and hes making money off of it! sad

  65. Ivanna Mach

    Ivanna Mach2 days ago

    Yall notice how he had a gold necklace but wore it underneath his tshirt like a modest person unlike rappers and basketball players👏👏

  66. El Smurfo

    El Smurfo2 days ago

    Upon seeing all the dislikes of this video, I immediately thought that it was because of all the whiny people saying that the video was racist and all that. Nope, it's because of the click bait title. You're better than this, Kimmel.

  67. Robert Barbosa

    Robert Barbosa2 days ago

    Rip keyboard cat...

  68. Edward Boutwell

    Edward Boutwell2 days ago

    Yo Donald Glover looks like he doesn’t want to be there

  69. Shaik Annas

    Shaik Annas2 days ago

    Soooooooooooooooooooo Childish !!!!!!!!!

  70. Crimson Streek

    Crimson Streek2 days ago

    that was it

  71. jephunneh deniel santiago Radcliffe

    jephunneh deniel santiago Radcliffe2 days ago