Donald Glover on This is America Music Video


  1. Time Star

    Time Star7 hours ago

    00:07 Childish Gambino : On fire Donald Glover : on fire

  2. Rock Matt

    Rock Matt2 days ago

    nice teeth

  3. king of toads

    king of toads5 days ago


  4. Tee Perry

    Tee Perry5 days ago


  5. Andrew Carns

    Andrew Carns8 days ago

    That's it?

  6. Badass Mf-riah

    Badass Mf-riah16 days ago

    He's so cute😍😍😍

  7. Sidx_x

    Sidx_x24 days ago

    Keyboard caaaat... sarcasm ff

  8. Tyese Cooper

    Tyese Cooper28 days ago

    shiny teeth! big ups!

  9. Kristel Gaming Time

    Kristel Gaming Time28 days ago

    Why is there no videos in the bottom of the description?

  10. Troi Katzenberg

    Troi Katzenberg29 days ago

    Love how he is simply himself and is comfortable b n himself.

  11. Mel Rose

    Mel RoseMonth ago

    When he said "u have more views then the keyboard cat" watch glovers face change. Hes litterly trying to get a message across with his video. Not alot of people appreciate art in music anymore

  12. Chiz KNows dA biz yeet

    Chiz KNows dA biz yeetMonth ago

    Troy and Abed in the mooooorniingggg

  13. Obnoxend Roblox

    Obnoxend RobloxMonth ago

    He looked and sounded 39 in This Is America

  14. Large Soda

    Large SodaMonth ago

    He didn't even talk about this is america though. What's up with that?

  15. Azzahra Kantri

    Azzahra KantriMonth ago

    Oh he got the best answer

  16. Lenny

    LennyMonth ago

    Awww so cute.

  17. Justin Gillespie

    Justin GillespieMonth ago


  18. OctoberIleen

    OctoberIleenMonth ago

    I can't lie...he has got one sexy smile!

  19. Audrey Angle

    Audrey AngleMonth ago

    He’s so sweet

  20. darlene simmons

    darlene simmonsMonth ago

    One word for Donald G , Genius !!!

  21. Cnote

    CnoteMonth ago

    Masterful subject swerve. 10/10

  22. Deep fried meme

    Deep fried memeMonth ago

    **Childish flamingo**

  23. snaht1

    snaht1Month ago

    He is different

  24. Jesse A

    Jesse AMonth ago

    Boy, wait until he sees what the internet has done to your video.

  25. Ichijo Festival

    Ichijo FestivalMonth ago

    TF? This commercial is missing its video.

  26. Paulo Nideck - Inglês direto ao ponto

    Paulo Nideck - Inglês direto ao pontoMonth ago

    That baby is not so cute anyway hahahahaha

  27. Miss. Brittanie

    Miss. BrittanieMonth ago

    He’s so handsome to me. He has the prettiest smile.

  28. Timyra Vessel

    Timyra VesselMonth ago

    My baby sensitive😢😢😣😣

  29. And That’s the tea sis

    And That’s the tea sisMonth ago

    B A D L I T T L E B O Y

  30. thepostnihilist

    thepostnihilistMonth ago

    He is promoting faux wokeness. Don't let the afro fool you. Check out his 2018 Met Gala puppet outfit with the all-seeing eye of the devil on the back, and the hand signs he throws up for photographs.

  31. Ang  Jin Yong

    Ang Jin Yong2 months ago

    Courtney lee

  32. Masroor Hassan

    Masroor Hassan2 months ago

    He is a very talented guy .

  33. Car Gaming Enthusiast

    Car Gaming Enthusiast2 months ago

    Wtf bro?

  34. Rumz R

    Rumz R2 months ago

    He protecc He attacc But most importantly, he can acc

  35. Maarttiin

    Maarttiin2 months ago

    Funny how the tittle has nothing to do with the video.

  36. Jeremy Zapata_13

    Jeremy Zapata_132 months ago

    Didn’t see how he was cute until I saw Community

  37. Pouch

    Pouch2 months ago

    *This is america*

  38. Scott Blaze

    Scott Blaze2 months ago

    Damn I fell for this

  39. Chris's world aka 3j

    Chris's world aka 3j2 months ago

    Have all you guys that committed to hear notice that compared to this is America song he sounds different from there

  40. yuvin moon

    yuvin moon2 months ago

    omg its lando from starwars reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  41. Sam Land

    Sam Land2 months ago

    I miss Donald Glover. I love Childish Gambino, but I miss the “old” comedian Donald.

  42. alvaro morata

    alvaro morata2 months ago

    fake news fake as hell this jimmy kimmel guy is ... i dont know why he looks so fake ... or is he just playing fake ... and try to make you believe its not fake ...while its fake it a method of of messing with your mind of some sort .

  43. Eden Douglas

    Eden Douglas2 months ago

    he has the nicest smile

  44. Xakoro candy

    Xakoro candy2 months ago

    my cutie pie

  45. Vera Starr

    Vera Starr2 months ago

    The real truth behind America’s suffering is the stronghold the jew man has on our country. White anglo saxon protestants may have indeed played their part but the jew man is the puppeteer here!

  46. Recovery Road

    Recovery Road2 months ago

    Am I the only one who gets a sociopathic vibe from him?

  47. Janine Edmonds

    Janine Edmonds2 months ago

    Fans know you plagiarized “This is America” from Jase Harley’s “American Pharoah” you are a fake..a phony. You steal from other artists. You were speechless at the BET Awards because you were caught! Your camps twitter post was pulled because you all were caught in a lie. You are a joke dude.

  48. Copulaxoxi Ranbooi

    Copulaxoxi Ranbooi2 months ago

    This is not clickbait! Did you seriously expect him talk and decipher the video? It's not gonna happen. It's for us to talk about.

  49. TheRbruin10

    TheRbruin102 months ago

    I look at these late night "talkshows" of today and I miss Craig Ferguson, Jay Leno, Johnny Carson, the good ole days. Conan still does a good job and stays away from the political stuff that is annoying us all.

  50. Jj Gf

    Jj Gf2 months ago

    Modern genius

  51. Frost Plays

    Frost Plays2 months ago

    Wasn’t he in spider man

  52. Fiona’s Animations

    Fiona’s Animations2 months ago

    R.I.P. Keyboard Cat

  53. JLeon40

    JLeon403 months ago

    Kimmy Jimmel

  54. Ducky Studios

    Ducky Studios3 months ago

    Seems like he traveled ten years into the future to make the video then came back to his youth in today

  55. Elf Hat

    Elf Hat3 months ago

    This is a meme on Jimmy Kimmel Live XD

  56. Andrew Flood

    Andrew Flood3 months ago


  57. stewie griffin

    stewie griffin3 months ago

    Troy Barnes has come a long way since air conditioning repair school.

  58. Geheim !

    Geheim !3 months ago

    Why isnt he naked? Lmao

  59. Albelez Fart

    Albelez Fart3 months ago

    C L I C K. B A I T.

  60. Unusual Mind

    Unusual Mind3 months ago

    0:08 - 0:10 hello darkness my old friend?

  61. Cody  Delargy

    Cody Delargy3 months ago

    Wtf was the point of this video

  62. Thomas McCarthy

    Thomas McCarthy3 months ago

    When jimmy kimmel isn’t funny so he tries to get political for SJW’s praise

  63. la morena afryea

    la morena afryea3 months ago

    Legend !!!

  64. Blauqkween

    Blauqkween3 months ago

    I see they took the original vid down from SNL. 😧😧😧

  65. Bryce Castle

    Bryce Castle3 months ago

    John Lenon wrote I am the Walrus to mess with people. Andy Kauffman had a "fued" with that wrestler for years. Nirvana lyrics were sometimes just random lines taken out of various notebooks. I think you get my point.

  66. Leonardo Díaz

    Leonardo Díaz3 months ago

    01:19 Yeah, Todd won't stop talking about his stupid baby...(Bet you didn't got it)

  67. Kane L

    Kane L3 months ago

    Clickbait at it’s finest

  68. Thy V

    Thy V3 months ago

    Click Bait 101

  69. Imagine Rodriguez

    Imagine Rodriguez3 months ago

    stupid clickbait

  70. Donnie Brasco

    Donnie Brasco3 months ago

    He wants to leave a legacy like the novel Ulysses. Joyce wrote it and left it us to decode it.

  71. Yousuf Dinar

    Yousuf Dinar3 months ago

    best teeth i have ever seen

  72. The Engineer

    The Engineer3 months ago

    That was one of the most profound videos that I have seen in a long time. Thank you.

  73. Alexei Palumbo

    Alexei Palumbo3 months ago

    I’m FIRE... yeah I’m fire....

  74. Stephen D

    Stephen D3 months ago

    Waste of time

  75. Trendx3

    Trendx33 months ago

    Jimmy clickbait show

  76. Sonamor

    Sonamor3 months ago

    down with clickbait trash

  77. Hamizie Hazry

    Hamizie Hazry3 months ago

    Kaki kencing

  78. Goat Squad

    Goat Squad3 months ago

    The keyboard cat died this year a month or 2 ago

  79. Ritu Sehgal

    Ritu Sehgal3 months ago


  80. Joseph Omole

    Joseph Omole3 months ago

    This is Nigeria

  81. BrownGamesFTW

    BrownGamesFTW3 months ago

    ‘Aww... like... “That baby isn’t even that cute, like.”’

  82. Asphalt 8

    Asphalt 83 months ago

    I’d dare him to watch Kermit’s America.

  83. Lynzie Dawosn

    Lynzie Dawosn3 months ago

    Troy Barnesss

  84. pig st

    pig st3 months ago

    In case y'all were wondering the meaning of this is America is to say that the news and focus drags more terrible things away from our eyes he makes various hints at this in the video like saying I'm so pretty and dancing while there was violent things going on in the background

  85. Critters Bigfoot

    Critters Bigfoot3 months ago

    Check out the hidden meanings in my follow up video

  86. Ruben Jr Ramirez

    Ruben Jr Ramirez3 months ago

    This is wakanda

  87. Marcos Nunuzito

    Marcos Nunuzito3 months ago


  88. TheGodEmperorofMankind

    TheGodEmperorofMankind3 months ago

    I have a dream that all black people can stop complaining about racism they don't even experience in any way shape or form.

  89. Timothy Michael

    Timothy Michael3 months ago

    I just can't get passed the fact he plays Troy

  90. ThisIsStrange

    ThisIsStrange3 months ago

    Thank you for wasting a minute and thirty two seconds of my life...

  91. 𝘒𝘦𝘭𝘴

    𝘒𝘦𝘭𝘴3 months ago

    _im really sensitive_ Same Donald 😭😭

  92. Ray Ham

    Ray Ham3 months ago

    You know you're old when you quote Keyboard Cat as the most viewed video on youtube

  93. LA Bron

    LA Bron3 months ago

    He looks better with the james harden beard

  94. Voyevoda911

    Voyevoda9113 months ago

    This video explained nothing at all

  95. Brittany Loretta

    Brittany Loretta3 months ago

    you click baitin bastard

  96. T cli

    T cli3 months ago

    In tired of lyin azz titles

  97. Nikola Nedic

    Nikola Nedic3 months ago

    Am i the only one who doesn’t know who this guy is and why is his song so popular???

  98. DEROZAN.30

    DEROZAN.303 months ago

    Watch the music video and watch videos that break down the whole thing

  99. Blue Rosario

    Blue Rosario3 months ago

    Go watch it lol. Analyze it well too. Get woke. ;~;

  100. KATTY

    KATTY3 months ago

    give me 1.31 min back !!

  101. infires man

    infires man3 months ago

    i love him so much omg

  102. Tommyxp420

    Tommyxp4203 months ago

    This video didn't explain anything.