DON'T Push the Wrong MYSTERY BOX into the ICY POOL!! (you choose)


  1. MyLifeAsJas P

    MyLifeAsJas P10 hours ago

    I dont like how the mom told chanel

  2. Lissbett Rodriguez Reyes

    Lissbett Rodriguez Reyes12 hours ago

    Mama thought she was drowning lol

  3. Alexios Mamalakis

    Alexios Mamalakis12 hours ago


  4. Tommy Cline

    Tommy ClineDay ago

    Good vis

  5. madd maxx19_yt

    madd maxx19_yt2 days ago

    12:15 wwooww

  6. Zizi Shah

    Zizi Shah2 days ago


  7. Zizi Shah

    Zizi Shah2 days ago

    I have a youtube chanel

  8. Zizi Shah

    Zizi Shah2 days ago

    Faze rug mumma rug cheated and told that u were in the middle

  9. Duaa Gulzar

    Duaa Gulzar2 days ago

    Rebecca Zamolo i'm a big fan

  10. Tanmay Singh

    Tanmay Singh3 days ago

    Bro nobody likes cheaters im gonna stop watching if this happens again

  11. VC-War Robots

    VC-War Robots3 days ago

    Shanell is shit

  12. shyann& Alivia

    shyann& Alivia4 days ago

    I'm so jealous to the point I will unsubscribe if I see Molly

  13. Roblox Louise

    Roblox Louise5 days ago

    U can see there footprints after they got wet

  14. Kameron Thomas

    Kameron Thomas6 days ago

    Mamma rug told her

  15. Marc Ramirez

    Marc Ramirez7 days ago

    Ich bin Deutscher, aber ich kann Englisch immer noch ein bisschen verstehen und Sie sind wirklich lustig

  16. Aniket Lokare

    Aniket Lokare7 days ago

    Rug..... actually you went wrong at the intro.... Hi guyzzz, fazerug here and today....

  17. Karsen Klein

    Karsen Klein8 days ago

    Momma rug cheated

  18. Chris Carbajo

    Chris Carbajo9 days ago

    Why did your mom did that😒😋✌✌

  19. Wynn Sweeney

    Wynn Sweeney10 days ago

    You can just see wet foot print outside the boxes so you can always tell which one they’re in😂👏

  20. Cristian Romero

    Cristian Romero11 days ago

    2019 anyone

  21. Lil Trappz

    Lil Trappz11 days ago

    Rlp XXXTENTACION That month he will die

  22. Kaylena Maynard

    Kaylena Maynard12 days ago

    lmfao mama rug cheated

  23. Jenson Sharpley

    Jenson Sharpley12 days ago

    Anyone supposed to be doing homework but watching rugs video instead 😂

  24. JeremiahGarciaSR

    JeremiahGarciaSR12 days ago

    Rug you should’ve pushed ya mom 3:08

  25. Roxy Roxbury

    Roxy Roxbury14 days ago

    Amazing video Rug. Your body looks so beautiful. I love it bro. Thanks for all the good videos. It's raining here in L.A. and I'm watching your videos right now. You are so amazing I love seeing you and watching you everyday. I love you Rug.

  26. Jefferson Feliz

    Jefferson Feliz15 days ago

    Chester fuck

  27. Jefferson Feliz

    Jefferson Feliz15 days ago

    Lets go

  28. Bison Bear

    Bison Bear16 days ago

    Your mom made me like

  29. Whiley Wimberly

    Whiley Wimberly16 days ago

    i love Rebecca Zamolo

  30. Tomasz Marczyk

    Tomasz Marczyk18 days ago

    The wet foot steps

  31. jojo a.

    jojo a.18 days ago

    box 1

  32. Lance Kuster

    Lance Kuster19 days ago

    Still your so amazing

  33. Nancy Rushing

    Nancy Rushing19 days ago

    Any one watching in 2019

  34. Bella Luna

    Bella Luna19 days ago

    I love Rebecca videos too

  35. Breanna Cheatham

    Breanna Cheatham22 days ago


  36. Country Life

    Country Life22 days ago

    She cheated bro ur mom told her what one u where in

  37. Tyion Webb

    Tyion Webb23 days ago

    1, right, A

  38. Randeep Sangha

    Randeep Sangha23 days ago


  39. AnnieRose X_X

    AnnieRose X_X23 days ago

    “It’s all fun and games” pulls out knifes - “right?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. ꍟᎢꍟᖇꈤᎪᏞ _ᎠᎯᎡꀘɴEss

    ꍟᎢꍟᖇꈤᎪᏞ _ᎠᎯᎡꀘɴEss24 days ago

    ᴊᴜsᴛ ғᴏʀ ᴠɪᴇᴠs

  41. It’s Katie Maloney

    It’s Katie Maloney24 days ago

    "its all fun and games, right chanel" *picks up knife* MEEE

  42. Leo Messi Martinez

    Leo Messi Martinez24 days ago

    Let play fortnite me and you 1v1

  43. Kumar Sharma - Clark Boulevard PS (1408)

    Kumar Sharma - Clark Boulevard PS (1408)25 days ago

    your mom tick you

  44. BKBK 33

    BKBK 3325 days ago

    That was so dramatic

  45. BKBK 33

    BKBK 3325 days ago

    Welcome to the Ice family

  46. Grace Toledo

    Grace Toledo25 days ago

    I love this

  47. John Wick

    John Wick25 days ago

    Agree it was boring when they cheated so get lost mum

  48. Chloe Vandal

    Chloe Vandal25 days ago

    they freaking cheated...…..

  49. Ripplylynx 87981

    Ripplylynx 8798125 days ago

    It's was so boring watching them cheat

  50. Edgar Edgar

    Edgar Edgar26 days ago


  51. Edgar Edgar

    Edgar Edgar26 days ago


  52. Enrique villanueva

    Enrique villanueva26 days ago

    You can see there foot prints near the box were they get in

  53. Arnesh Rudra

    Arnesh Rudra26 days ago

    Faze your cousin has got fatter

  54. log fams familogs

    log fams familogs26 days ago

    I hate when I see cheaters

  55. log fams familogs

    log fams familogs26 days ago

    The girl is cheater

  56. Koko World

    Koko World27 days ago

    When mama rug said *Get his ass*

  57. Rogelio Calderon

    Rogelio Calderon27 days ago

    Moma rug is a snich

  58. Kandii

    Kandii27 days ago

    retard told her

  59. crashes3221

    crashes322128 days ago

    i got scared when i saw you pull out that knife : 0 :()

  60. Bryson Crutcher

    Bryson Crutcher28 days ago

    I hate Chanel

  61. Eligardo Rodriguez

    Eligardo Rodriguez28 days ago

    Made me laugh lol

  62. Ham The Hammer

    Ham The Hammer29 days ago

    She cheated She was looking

  63. Billy John

    Billy John29 days ago

    I swear its planned

  64. Butterbro

    Butterbro29 days ago

    3:21, "This is why my cousins don't like making videos with me. But its all fun and games" casually holds up knife.

  65. Millie's life

    Millie's life29 days ago

    Omg this vid was posted 2 days after my birthday!!!!

  66. Jonathan Zegarra

    Jonathan Zegarra29 days ago

    Mamma rug u cheater hate that

  67. Jariya Hassan

    Jariya HassanMonth ago

    I loved how mama rug and channel cheated.

  68. justin foltz

    justin foltzMonth ago

    Jump in the hot tube

  69. just _me

    just _meMonth ago

    Lol it was a tie or I win by default

  70. jennie twicexonce

    jennie twicexonceMonth ago

    why’s everyone pressed with the two girls cheating it’s actually funny 😂

  71. itzsabrinaa xX

    itzsabrinaa xXMonth ago

    It’s all fun in games, right? *holds up knife*

  72. Expect Us

    Expect UsMonth ago


  73. S and C Fam

    S and C FamMonth ago

    its not fun and fair when ppl cheat but I still love you faze rug

  74. Gamer Yaasir

    Gamer YaasirMonth ago

    2019 anyone

  75. Xavier Browner

    Xavier BrownerMonth ago


  76. AlanPlayz

    AlanPlayzMonth ago

    Ok so VERY last round when they added a box: Rug: So now it’s this, B, and A. Why can’t he say C, B, and A This is just my opinion on this topic

  77. Steven Cobos Diaz

    Steven Cobos DiazMonth ago


  78. Dayana Almazan

    Dayana AlmazanMonth ago

    She cheded

  79. Vishal Dhodi

    Vishal DhodiMonth ago

    Dis is shit ....easy can clearly see shadow movement at floor through tiny cut at bottom of box

  80. uknown

    uknownMonth ago


  81. Rosie Sanchez

    Rosie SanchezMonth ago

    When A fell I died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣

  82. Lauryn Challenges

    Lauryn ChallengesMonth ago

    "ready michelle" casually holding a knife lol

  83. golden kook

    golden kookMonth ago

    What was the name of the music when they pushed the boxes?

  84. aspen clarke

    aspen clarkeMonth ago

    faz: ahhh my feet are getting frostbite me:I LIVE IN EDMONTON IN CANADA IT IS -24 RIGHT NOW DONT YOU COMPLAIN!!!!!

  85. Vivianna Antonio

    Vivianna AntonioMonth ago

    Mama rug told her they cheated

  86. Julian Rafael Ibarra

    Julian Rafael IbarraMonth ago

    She picked right

  87. Not Frail

    Not FrailMonth ago

    5:25 is when i knew FaZe rug is a cereal killer it makes it so much better because of how he smiles

  88. Rima El-Hassan

    Rima El-HassanMonth ago

    i didnt mind that they cheated it was pretty funny

  89. 80M Subs With No Vids Challenge

    80M Subs With No Vids ChallengeMonth ago

    It’s all fun in games! (As he’s holding a knife)

  90. JennyG McKenna

    JennyG McKennaMonth ago

    11k thumbs down 111k thumbs up WOW

  91. Undefeatable 503

    Undefeatable 503Month ago

    Peep 2:54💀😂

  92. aloha xvp

    aloha xvpMonth ago

    Does his other cousin Jessica have a MReporter channel if not she should start one !

  93. Diego Morales

    Diego MoralesMonth ago

    7:35 How many other lefties are pissed that people are so one sided

  94. Diego Morales

    Diego MoralesMonth ago

    Who else would check the poll before picking the box to hide in

  95. summer and spring with keira

    summer and spring with keiraMonth ago

    You just hit 11m!!!!!!! I am one of them I helped can i pls have a shout out

  96. Ash Hayes

    Ash HayesMonth ago

    So did lots of other people sooooo it wouldnt be fair if only you got a shout out

  97. Luke Newlin

    Luke NewlinMonth ago

    You Know Who Is The Best Read The First Word

  98. Mackenzie Korthals

    Mackenzie KorthalsMonth ago


  99. Aoki Williams

    Aoki WilliamsMonth ago

    I love that he says it’s all fun and games but then holds up a knife and says right Chanel

  100. Natalie world Hi

    Natalie world HiMonth ago


  101. Lindsay Hernandez

    Lindsay HernandezMonth ago