Don't Open The Wrong Mystery Door!!


  1. Team Edge

    Team Edge20 days ago

    Hey guys! Where should the mystery door be next? What clues could we give the guys? Let us know down below! Check out the Prison Escape Challenge!!

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    Annette Gatlin3 days ago

    Team Edge i

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    Team Edge


    ANNA ASPRAS5 days ago

    Reagan Lonneman ooiikkiiiiiiii

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    Team Edge bb

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    Team Edge mm

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    I eat nacho cheese....

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    Elizabeth Hendricks13 hours ago

    My birthday is on June 26 and I will 12

  9. ItsMeDrKetchup I hate green

    ItsMeDrKetchup I hate green20 hours ago

    Bryan I hate you now because you moved and bobby is my favorite

  10. Jackson Stewart

    Jackson StewartDay ago

    1st round Disney land Pixar fest, wedding, game

  11. alpha squad gameing

    alpha squad gameingDay ago

    who see the doors and thinks about pbs go elmo

  12. samich of evilzz

    samich of evilzzDay ago

    the soon to be trademarked bobby ball shot makes yet another appearance I see

  13. KaraLondon Vaughn

    KaraLondon VaughnDay ago

    Joey and Mathias sounds a lot alike

  14. Isaiah Ventura

    Isaiah Ventura2 days ago

    Nice dude

  15. Dunbar Amir

    Dunbar Amir2 days ago

    What’s good wit yo hand bry

  16. Lea Jacklin-Thompson

    Lea Jacklin-Thompson2 days ago

    When Bobby said " U got me in the goodies" I'm dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. Cute Mocha

    Cute Mocha2 days ago

    Bees Chips and Cheese the new hit single by : Bryan

  18. Ka'mya Moore

    Ka'mya Moore2 days ago

    Brian's a cheater he was not supposed to move

  19. Mobuis BiltzYT

    Mobuis BiltzYT2 days ago

    Hey team edge great vid!

  20. Mavrick Ditinno

    Mavrick Ditinno2 days ago

    How did Bryan break his arm

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    Yin Toutai4 days ago

    Andy come

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    I love nacho cheese!

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    Ana Sinclair5 days ago

    I just had a loss and you guys have helped me soo much.

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    FUNNYLEMON isback5 days ago

    How did bryan broke his hand

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    Joe Alejandro Makhlouf5 days ago

    Gol de colombia. Colombia for life.


    ANNA ASPRAS5 days ago


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    Noah Sistrunk5 days ago

    You guys are the best Chanel Ever

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    Noah Sistrunk5 days ago

    Team edge is the best y’all should have 10 million subs

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    Damarcus Mitchell5 days ago

    Im sharp πŸ˜‰

  30. Rizaldi R6S

    Rizaldi R6S6 days ago

    What happen to bryans left hand

  31. Avery Williamson

    Avery Williamson6 days ago

    Try to make up a try not to get scared challenge

  32. Diana Chavez

    Diana Chavez6 days ago

    Imagine if team edge and dude perfect did a video together 😁😁😁

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    Christopher Peg6 days ago

    Gol de Colombia! Gol de Colombia! Gol de Colombia!

  34. GhostKiller

    GhostKiller6 days ago

    Green Screen Technology behind the door, Pure Genius

  35. Der Vang

    Der Vang7 days ago

    I hate Bryan now but I hated him since 2014

  36. Waak Videos

    Waak Videos7 days ago

    You’re a sap

  37. ThΓ nh Nguyα»…n Hα»―u

    ThΓ nh Nguyα»…n Hα»―u8 days ago

    This is so edgy

  38. ellie gerber

    ellie gerber8 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that joey chose door one and brian was in door two but joey got scared and got hit didnt he choose door 1?

  39. ellie gerber

    ellie gerber8 days ago

    what happened to your arm brian

  40. Ajiva Diva

    Ajiva Diva8 days ago

    I cannot with joey screaming

  41. Jaime Fry

    Jaime Fry8 days ago

    What happened to brains hand

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    Julia Rios8 days ago

    My birthday is June 1st !

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    Ty VanZanten8 days ago

    everybody forgot about Matthias like if you want him back

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    Dalvina Wagoner9 days ago

    What happens to Bryan’s arm?

  47. Jenny Paz

    Jenny Paz9 days ago

    I stopped watching for a while because they basically replaced Matthias with boby

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    Jr vlogs9 days ago

    Bryan moved wtf

  49. quanmaii

    quanmaii9 days ago

    High five me

  50. Mayghan Kemnitz

    Mayghan Kemnitz9 days ago

    If Bryan did get hit in the *no no zone* at least he already has 2-3 kids already

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    boss anti dab police boss9 days ago

    Gunner has Disneyworld World

  52. emporer Paws

    emporer Paws9 days ago

    Just went Disneyland

  53. ItsSummerTime

    ItsSummerTime9 days ago

    I like how he kept getting wedding ones. It's a sign!!!

  54. Savannah Bug

    Savannah Bug9 days ago

    I love joeys scream

  55. Sydney Cole

    Sydney Cole10 days ago

    Can y'all do another one this was an awesome challenge. I loved it!😊

  56. Spring Trap

    Spring Trap10 days ago

    Lol I love cold rice

  57. random eyeballs

    random eyeballs11 days ago

    What happens to Brian

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  59. Sky Panda

    Sky Panda11 days ago

    Thank you guys for making us laugh 😊 today’s been a little rough, but you all made it better.

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    Demarie Johnson11 days ago

    I like nacho cheese

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  63. Pixelice59-Roblox and more!

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    Wow that's normal u get rice thrown at u right when u open a door

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    Brian got was not your cheese very cheesy joke

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    Where's Matt?😒

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    I’m from GA we only have white cheese

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    U guys r cool 😍😍😍

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    xl bon soire

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    Plz do part 2

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    J Fred u r not the only Giraffe

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    Cosmo the Birb13 days ago

    Make a video of moment Bobby was hit on the no-no spot

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    TheLightNinja Boy13 days ago

    I hate natcho cheese to

  78. Scarlet Powers

    Scarlet Powers13 days ago

    What happened to Bryan's hand?

  79. Magdy Moawad

    Magdy Moawad13 days ago

    socer match nachos bees rice royal wedding engagement dinos / prehistoric theme park disneyland

  80. Siggy Dahlstrom

    Siggy Dahlstrom13 days ago

    I remember when you were at 1,000,000, they have come so far, GOOD JOB!

  81. Patty Mayo Is my Daddy

    Patty Mayo Is my Daddy13 days ago

    I guess I’m a sap...

  82. John Carter

    John Carter13 days ago

    Our friends wedding is actually tomorrow so Joey's place that he had to guess was actually convenient

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    Your so dumb I love nocho cheese

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    Its a football match****

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    That took J-Fred long Enough

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    Bryan moved

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    One of my cats died a few days ago and she was only a year old, can I have some likes to try to help me calm downπŸ˜₯😩😫

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    I haven’t watched u guys in 2 years :/

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    Im in disney land

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    Jake Paul is goat u can’t mess with him

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    yess xD

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    Last 😎

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    I love you guys I love all of your videos Lol XD hi guys

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    Was the places edited?

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    It's still trending

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    R.i.p Bobby’s chance of having children

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    Bryan used to be my favorite now he’s not

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    #48 on trending nice

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    what do you call cheese that's not yours : nacho cheese

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    Can you make giant skeeball2

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    This bores me