Don't Open The Wrong Mystery Door!!


  1. Team Edge

    Team Edge4 months ago

    Hey guys! Where should the mystery door be next? What clues could we give the guys? Let us know down below! Check out the Prison Escape Challenge!!

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    Game Central2 days ago

    Team Edge

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  4. Bruce Boss

    Bruce Boss11 days ago

    You guys are cool

  5. Bruce Boss

    Bruce Boss11 days ago

    Happy Birthday to Khi cuz October's 18th is my B-day

  6. Petty BusOperator

    Petty BusOperator27 days ago

    Team EdgxavierH

  7. N00B GT

    N00B GT3 hours ago

    every fun video bobby gets hit in the goodies

  8. Wyatt Kungfoomaster14

    Wyatt Kungfoomaster1416 hours ago

    Q 13 a

  9. gprokaung the Lord of cringe

    gprokaung the Lord of cringe2 days ago

    They should make a whole vid of bobby geting hit in the ball from other vids

  10. Sean Muller

    Sean Muller4 days ago

    Like that one minigame in wii party

  11. Ballet Dancer

    Ballet Dancer4 days ago

    How does this match the title

  12. Caleb Bozeman

    Caleb Bozeman4 days ago

    Bobby is a doofus

  13. Nicholas Bailey

    Nicholas Bailey4 days ago

    You’re a sap

  14. animator/meme boi

    animator/meme boi5 days ago

    🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅 👕👙👔👗🎽 Santa is coming!

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    Greets from Germany

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    Phinos And frob10 days ago

    Gah what. They have to pick each others noses

  18. Brice Roblox

    Brice Roblox10 days ago

    Brice or rice???

  19. Bruce Boss

    Bruce Boss11 days ago

    It was funny Win J-fred put The chip on bryan

  20. lorraine k

    lorraine k12 days ago

    New favourites

  21. Juice Lime

    Juice Lime12 days ago

    I am eating a hotdog

  22. Marcela Flores

    Marcela Flores12 days ago

    But I love noucho cheese

  23. Briony Oldham

    Briony Oldham12 days ago

    Anyone notice that the x,s one the door are one there private parts

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    F Bryan

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    Anybody watching in 2019

  26. Hope Beagley

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    B but I like Nacho cheese

  27. Overwatch_ Gaming

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    Bryan the sound was a vuvuzela

  28. Mohammad Ahsan Khan

    Mohammad Ahsan Khan17 days ago

    I love jfred

  29. Isaiah Ceja

    Isaiah Ceja19 days ago

    3:55 when you wait for someone to open the door and blast em with the pump

  30. Noobie PlayzGames

    Noobie PlayzGames20 days ago

    DISNEY LAAANNNNNDDD* :D right when i saw the first picture i knew it XD

  31. Furris Thiccus

    Furris Thiccus20 days ago

    4:56 Bobby

  32. D Mc

    D Mc21 day ago

    I want to know that movie

  33. D Mc

    D Mc21 day ago

    Wait what that doesn't make any sense

  34. D Mc

    D Mc21 day ago

    I'm very scared kind of not really

  35. D Mc

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  36. Crisp Nugget13

    Crisp Nugget1323 days ago

    Jfred - I got a little ding ding ding

  37. ClickFor Rax

    ClickFor Rax23 days ago

    J-Fred: You can marry me! Me: In your dreams! LOL Sorry J-Fred your forever alone😝

  38. An Chau

    An ChauMonth ago

    Cheddar not nacho

  39. M&M Family

    M&M FamilyMonth ago

    A BIG place for soccer

  40. M&M Family

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  41. M&M Family

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    I am at Columbia Bogota

  42. buddy6584

    buddy6584Month ago

    J-Fred: "I shall open to my destiny" *Opens to a wedding scene*

  43. Unlike Strawberry

    Unlike StrawberryMonth ago

    It’s a green screen hahaha u can see it some time I would put the time but I don’t wonna

  44. Ethan Littlewood

    Ethan LittlewoodMonth ago

    Cwc has a hacker

  45. Nat N

    Nat NMonth ago

    Super cool

  46. Twin/Minecraft Minecraft is the best

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    Sais you joe

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    I like it

  48. Adnan Yaseen

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    Tahgaguawufjgh Hmfumf Hjghjcthjhghhf

  49. Adnan Yaseen

    Adnan YaseenMonth ago

    Sukshzkxywk yzkshsksgu Mispronounced

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  51. Sans The Skeleton

    Sans The SkeletonMonth ago

    i caught the flower *RUNS TO BOBBY* B O B B Y

  52. amber rayne

    amber rayneMonth ago

    What was that scream

  53. Rohan Zachary Casuco

    Rohan Zachary CasucoMonth ago

    3:54 what kind of music is this? it fits when im making an abadone battleship

  54. Dalite Luster

    Dalite LusterMonth ago

    Did that guy cuss at 4:30

  55. kitty love 4 ever

    kitty love 4 everMonth ago

    Can you guys do more where you guess where you are by the clues from the doors, cause I like them

  56. TrionTechGaming

    TrionTechGamingMonth ago

    "Prez bobby"

  57. Sanse

    SanseMonth ago

    no J-Fred not Brazil :D South African 2010 World Cup

  58. Alnjusa

    AlnjusaMonth ago

    My mom was born Brazil

  59. Jonathan LaBonte

    Jonathan LaBonteMonth ago

    SUB a nad muchindice

  60. Del Stanoffsky

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    what happened to bryans Arm

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  62. Erick Baltazar

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  63. Bueberry Sans

    Bueberry SansMonth ago

    Why did you move? And also that's cheating

  64. PAN Creeper PL

    PAN Creeper PLMonth ago

    Did you wanted to TRICK ME? I knew that was a Green-Screen, cuz the background.

  65. Memes 4 lyfe

    Memes 4 lyfe2 months ago

    Song at 4:00

  66. cole fisher

    cole fisher2 months ago

    It's just rice

  67. Tattoomama_11

    Tattoomama_112 months ago

    Why does he look like mat from dope or nope?!??

  68. Emmanuel Alamo

    Emmanuel Alamo2 months ago

    I see the reflection of the green screen at the beginning in the video

  69. Chris Ausbrooks

    Chris Ausbrooks2 months ago

    I like cheese so 😝

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    Bobby is just over reacting

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    Love this video keep up the good work man

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    Brazilll Oi oi oi

  74. blondachiever56

    blondachiever562 months ago

    I like how you can see the reflection of the green screen 0:14

  75. SereneWolf gacha studio

    SereneWolf gacha studio2 months ago

    Omg Bobby: uh... HEy HEy... J-Fred: did they knock Bryan: *dances like nothing is happening* XD OMG...

  76. Hnh Gaming

    Hnh Gaming2 months ago

    You should make a Minecraft styled door

  77. Nguyễn Lê Thành đạt

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  78. Gnome Child

    Gnome Child2 months ago

    does anyone else not get this

  79. Memeem _

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    More J-jokes?

  80. Wolfy The master

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    I'm from Brazil

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    Y’all need to hire some hot gay guys

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    Its just rise

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    I love you guys

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    did matthias leave team edge

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    I ain’t nice because my name is Bryce

  87. The Rains Down In Africa

    The Rains Down In Africa2 months ago

    The first one should have been a vid on its own

  88. Jason Moerman

    Jason Moerman2 months ago

    I Like it

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    You should make a team edge uncensored

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    You like jazz!

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    Hey like nacho cheese

  92. Cynthia Sleeman

    Cynthia Sleeman2 months ago

    What happened to Bryan's hand?

  93. Geisse boeckli-

    Geisse boeckli-2 months ago

    Bobby shoulndt feel pain in the balls since he gets shot every time in the balls

  94. Zachary Perkins

    Zachary Perkins2 months ago

    Bobby it’s just rice

  95. Goryan Productions

    Goryan Productions2 months ago

    Bobby what type of haircut is that cuz it looks cool

  96. Kade Kareko

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    I love the way Joey screams

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    Who likes nacho cheese

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    “Crotcha la vista” “it’s just rice”

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    How dare you I love nacho cheese!!

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    Pls more

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    im watching this at midnight

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  104. toy remix production

    toy remix production3 months ago

    what funny is that joey, at his last door, said something like, time to open my destiny. he wasn't wrong, or maybe he was.

  105. Gizelle Aboueid

    Gizelle Aboueid3 months ago

    Part 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Cameron Corbett

    Cameron Corbett3 months ago

    The "bees" were Vuvuzelas