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Don't miss the Greatest Royal Rumble event from Saudi Arabia this Friday


  1. SnowDog0

    SnowDog024 days ago

    The business dealing behind this event fascinates me. $20 million up front, no woman wrestlers.

  2. Wolves_kwt !

    Wolves_kwt !24 days ago

    ❤😍 undertaker

  3. Orange McGuy

    Orange McGuy24 days ago

    I have school......

  4. John Hess

    John Hess24 days ago

    Can't wait for the women's greatest royal rumble. It's going to steal the show.

  5. Mitchell A

    Mitchell A24 days ago


  6. Jeremiah Lopez

    Jeremiah Lopez25 days ago

    But why on Friday? I'll miss the whole pay per view cuz I have school!!!!!!!! And we parcc test that day, why WWE,whyyyyyyy! Should've been on Saturday better !!!! Ht why on Friday, and in the morning!

  7. Occupied Dread

    Occupied Dread25 days ago

    Undertaker vs rusev? Man if someone retires let them retire. Don't keep putting them in matches to see which one's going to kill them.

  8. Virgil N

    Virgil N25 days ago

    What does the Greatest Royal Rumber winner receive after eliminating 49 other people?

  9. thala mohan

    thala mohan25 days ago

    undertaker vs rusev casket match sure undertaker going to bury rusev

  10. Roman Reigns

    Roman Reigns26 days ago

    Finally I will be the champ !!

  11. A.K. Faiz

    A.K. Faiz26 days ago

    Winner of that 50 mens RR will get what ... ? I mean , it unnecessary if winner get nothing like title shot , but , big PPV is far away , plus , MITB is around the conner already

  12. steve blum

    steve blum26 days ago

    For the 1st time ever 50 men royal rumble match 50 men + one ring = one winner i hope the ring can hold so many everyone this fridayplace your bets!

  13. Edgar Onofre

    Edgar Onofre26 days ago

    It's going to be during school days because I'm still at school

  14. English Guy

    English Guy26 days ago

    All tickets were sold

  15. Samuel Hetharia

    Samuel Hetharia26 days ago

    What time is it for USA East

  16. علي الربعي

    علي الربعي26 days ago

    والله خربها تركي ال الشيخ يعطيه العافية والله شكله بيصير عرض تاريخي 50 مصارع رويال رمبل !!!!! wooow 😉 والاندرتيكر و تريبل ايتش وجون سينا .. قهر انا من الرياض لو أني في جدة كان من أول الحاضرين 😔😊

  17. Abdullah Ali

    Abdullah Ali24 days ago

    علي الربعي اخر مره شفته في المستشفى طلع ولا باقي

  18. sketch artist

    sketch artist26 days ago

    In dubai greatest royal rumble ri8... Then which country host greatest wrestlemania for chmpionship??

  19. Gabriella Ashworth

    Gabriella Ashworth26 days ago

    I will be watching it!

  20. Reckless

    Reckless26 days ago

    Damn Saudi Arabia just became tilted towers

  21. Reckless

    Reckless23 days ago

    XDgamer like half the roster in one spot in one match

  22. XDgamer

    XDgamer23 days ago

    Klutch G.F.L how?

  23. Vickram Singh

    Vickram Singh26 days ago

    12pm eastern time. 9am pacific time. This show will obviously be long. Watch on wwe network.

  24. Travis Kirkaldy

    Travis Kirkaldy26 days ago

    What the winner gets when he wins the royal rumble

  25. Dynamite300

    Dynamite30026 days ago

    How many times are you going to upload this video?

  26. Joe Isaac

    Joe Isaac26 days ago

    What happens when you win the Royal Rumble? Do you main event SummerSlam?

  27. Mike Henry

    Mike Henry26 days ago

    Joe Isaac can’t tell


    MONSTER GAMES26 days ago

    It will be a great show!

  29. BlueBeast

    BlueBeast26 days ago

    *WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Card* 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 *WWE Universal Title/Cage Match* Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns *WWE World Title* AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura *WWE Intercontinental Title/Ladder Match* Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor vs. The Miz vs. Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley *WWE U.S. Title* Jeff Hardy vs. Jinder Mahal *WWE RAW Tag Titles* The Bar vs. Matt Hardy/Bray Wyatt *WWE Smackdown Live Tag Titles* The Bludgeon Brothers vs. The Usos *WWE Cruiserweight Title* Cedric Alexander vs. ???? *Casket Match* Undertaker vs. Rusev John Cena vs. Triple H *50-Man Royal Rumble* Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio Jr., Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, Big Show, Kane, The New Day, Baron Corbin, Apollo Crews, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Sin Cara, Elias, Chad Gable, Goldust, Titus O'Neil, Mojo Rawley, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler & more!

  30. Emma Weckler

    Emma Weckler26 days ago

    Pretty sure Alexander is facing Mustafa Ali

  31. Prince Devitt

    Prince Devitt26 days ago

    how many hours the show will take ?

  32. Mario Is da boss

    Mario Is da boss26 days ago

    Prince Devitt probably 4 or 5

  33. Serkz

    Serkz26 days ago

    No title shot or title when u win the royal rumble ever??

  34. Mario Is da boss

    Mario Is da boss26 days ago

    Konnen Thompson they main event summerslam

  35. Konnen Thompson

    Konnen Thompson26 days ago

    They get a trophy lol kinda worthless prize for a big event if you ask me...

  36. Charlot Magro

    Charlot Magro26 days ago

    The winner should main event summerslam for world title

  37. AntePro Gamer

    AntePro Gamer26 days ago

    50th man is .... Omg cm punk cm punk

  38. WWE Deadman killer

    WWE Deadman killer26 days ago


  39. Tajhae Scott-Walls

    Tajhae Scott-Walls26 days ago

    I’m super hyped for this to happen

  40. Arros

    Arros26 days ago

    Lol, what a cash grab! Tell me more about being progressive about women's wrestling wwe.

  41. Migi Big

    Migi Big26 days ago

    So what will be the reward for the one winning the 50 men royal rumble?

  42. Mushroomman733

    Mushroomman73326 days ago

    Happy Birthday John Cena!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  43. Bruno Hert

    Bruno Hert26 days ago

    Dont mess it with script.

  44. womens wrestling

    womens wrestling26 days ago

    What about the raw and smackdown womens champion

  45. Mushroomman733

    Mushroomman73326 days ago

    sexy smart powerful ikr Saudi Arabia is the worst

  46. womens wrestling

    womens wrestling26 days ago

    Mushroomman733 this country is very sexist the womens deserve better

  47. womens wrestling

    womens wrestling26 days ago

    Mushroomman733 really?

  48. Mushroomman733

    Mushroomman73326 days ago

    sexy smart powerful they can’t have women compete in Saudi Arabia In Saudi Arabia there’s laws that women’s have no rights Only men have rights

  49. Honest Dix

    Honest Dix26 days ago

    I wish everyone will make biggest history in royal rumble as longest time survival like more than ten minutes or 20 minutes.

  50. Putu Suriawan Forever

    Putu Suriawan Forever26 days ago

    Brock vs Romantis Gonna Boring Match Like you see everytime, i don't care who will win one of them, just take my money.

  51. Putu Suriawan Forever

    Putu Suriawan Forever26 days ago

    If Braun Strowman win this so predictable, i mean how you interesting watching something which you already know the winner.

  52. Mario Is da boss

    Mario Is da boss26 days ago

    Putu Suriawan Forever doubt it the rumble is actually unpredictable

  53. PG ERA

    PG ERA26 days ago

    Love u from India &Dubai....

  54. TheTwistedTuxedo

    TheTwistedTuxedo26 days ago


  55. محمد علي

    محمد علي26 days ago

    حاولت اشتري تذكرة من النت يقول لي سيكون متاح لاحقاً ! لي اسبوعين احاول اشتري ما قدرت

  56. Abdullah Ali

    Abdullah Ali24 days ago

    محمد علي يقولون خلصت بالكامل

  57. Fazle Rabbe

    Fazle Rabbe26 days ago

    Saudi Arabia give 20 Million dollar to WWE for this event

  58. Danny H

    Danny H26 days ago

    Anybody but Roman Reigns please


    SLAYER OF SLAYERS26 days ago

    Happy birthday Cena!!

  60. christo fantasia

    christo fantasia26 days ago

    claims woman have evolved and shoves them as equals holds show in saudi arabia

  61. The Negan Guy

    The Negan Guy26 days ago

    Do something bad you get stoned to death

  62. Ashraf Murishid

    Ashraf Murishid26 days ago

    27 2019

  63. Ashraf Murishid

    Ashraf Murishid26 days ago

    27 2019

  64. The Negan Guy

    The Negan Guy26 days ago

    Welcome to Saudi Arabia a country full of terrorist and sexist pigs

  65. Abdullah Ali

    Abdullah Ali24 days ago

    The Negan Guy i really feel sorry for how stupid you are . Keep going to school and do your homework kid so you can make your mama and papa proud

  66. Shark0Gamer

    Shark0Gamer26 days ago

    Tickets are already sold out. For the past 3 days I've seen the tickets for atleast 8 times and it's not available and they are sold out


    FIRE BLAZE GAMING26 days ago

    Oh I won't

  68. punjabi best song

    punjabi best song26 days ago


  69. Derrick Brown

    Derrick Brown26 days ago

    If the pre show starts 12 when does it actually start 1 or 2 forgot how long they said the pre show was lol

  70. Derrick Brown

    Derrick Brown26 days ago

    Dijon Cooper lol yea I know want to know how long the pre show was cause that the special start time and i am fine missing that.

  71. Dijon Cooper

    Dijon Cooper26 days ago

    Derrick Brown it's starts Early

  72. Fernando Lopez

    Fernando Lopez26 days ago

    Is Brock lesnar gonna be in the 50 man royal rumble????

  73. Fernando Lopez

    Fernando Lopez26 days ago

    I know but is he gonna be in the royal rumble match with 49 other people

  74. Dijon Cooper

    Dijon Cooper26 days ago

    Fernando Lopez no he facing Roman

  75. Fernando Lopez

    Fernando Lopez26 days ago


  76. 2TM18

    2TM1826 days ago

    Ok wwe

  77. Garv Anand

    Garv Anand26 days ago

    This is seen India

  78. Salih Sports

    Salih Sports26 days ago

    We miss Dean Ambrose

  79. TwistedMind

    TwistedMind26 days ago

    I think its great that WWE is making huge shows in my country , but the timing couldn't be more wrong .. It's the final exams 😂💙

  80. Muhammad Safi Abbasi

    Muhammad Safi Abbasi26 days ago

    I Am in jeddah

  81. Rich Abbott

    Rich Abbott26 days ago

    I think the Great Khali will be there after, all it is the *Great* est Royal Rumble see what I did there 😉

  82. Brandon Gaming Tv vlogs and stuff

    Brandon Gaming Tv vlogs and stuff26 days ago


  83. Amritanshu sharma

    Amritanshu sharma26 days ago

    I'm waiting

  84. Sucuk Gaming

    Sucuk Gaming26 days ago

    Please sub me

  85. haizad Jat

    haizad Jat26 days ago

    John Cena will have first ppv win for this year at Greatest Royal Rumble.

  86. Jason King 1381FromBKNY

    Jason King 1381FromBKNY26 days ago this gonna be every year or we just doing this as a one off? Either way should be fun to watch despite some of the matches being overly predictable Lol


    DAIMON DA LUZ26 days ago

    Two times

  88. Pushkar Arora

    Pushkar Arora26 days ago

    Is it going to be telecast on tv?

  89. Pushkar Arora

    Pushkar Arora26 days ago


  90. Gunny An

    Gunny An26 days ago

    yes it is going to be telecasted on tv if you are from India

  91. John J

    John J26 days ago

    Pushkar Arora In Saudi Arabia yes but in the USA beside the WWE Network, IDK.

  92. Jasmine Olivia

    Jasmine Olivia26 days ago